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Overall Procurement Process Efficiency Strategies

The Efficiency Strategies, the Procurement Objectives and the overview of the Efficiency Factors developed

for the Overall Procurement Process are described below.

Efficiency Strategy

Develop and implement an effective procurement strategy and develop and

continuously improve procurement planning for each Procurement Phase.

Procurement objective The procurement process is effective and is designed to ensure delivery of the Project objectives.

Summary of the efficiency

factors detailed in Attachment 4

Efficiency Strategy

Procurement objective

Summary of the efficiency

factors detailed in Attachment 4

Efficiency Strategy

Development, implementation and improvement of a robust plan throughout all Procurement Phases

is a key element of efficient procurement. The identified efficiency factors relate to:

fully understanding the project;

understanding and responding to the market capability and conditions, including considering

feedback from communications processes;

comprehensively coordinating and managing Government, stakeholder’s issues and interfaces,

including those within the Agency;

managing issues and risks which affect project outcomes, including interfaces, planning and


ensuring the appropriate capability and processes are employed by the Agency; and

providing consistency of approach within jurisdictions and with similar projects.

Communicate with stakeholders in respect of relevant aspects of the procurement

strategy and implement the procurement process in accordance

with the advised information.

All relevant parties (including potential participants and providers, Government agencies and the

sponsor Agency) clearly understand and can rely on the information provided relating to the project

and to the procurement process.

Accurate and reliable communications are necessary to enable potential participants to plan their

involvement in the procurement process and for Government agencies (including the sponsor

Agency) to align in respect of the project issues and processes.

The identified efficiency factors relate to:

developing and implementing an effective communications strategy;

doing all things necessary to undertake the procurement in accordance with the communicated

information; and

providing early and accurate advice in respect of any departures from the advised processes.

Identify, engage and maintain an appropriately skilled, resourced, structured

and managed team at all Procurement Phases.

Procurement objective All parties have confidence in the Procurement team capability and in the procurement process.

Summary of the efficiency

factors detailed in Attachment 4

An effective and experienced procurement team is necessary to ensure certainty of delivery of

procurement outcomes. The identified efficiency factors relate to:

relevant experience, expertise and capacity;

leadership and leadership support;

project management capability;

relationships and process management within Government;

appropriate committed management budgets; and

clear accountabilities and responsibilities.

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