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Hard Drive - Marc-Etienne Bussieres and Quadbridge

Hard Drive - Marc-Etienne Bussieres and

Hard Drive MARC-ÉTIENNE BUSSIÈRES My aunt and uncle Marjolaine and Michel introduced me to golf when I was 13 years old and their son Matt introduced me to Quadbridge, so you can say there is a real connection there. M arc-Étienne Bussières is everything you’d expect from a world-class golfer. He’s impressively elegant, composed and stylish as hell. Coming off his recent victory at the Desjardins Securities Master’s Tournament in June, where he played a stunning 65 in the final round, the rising star is now preparing for the PGA tour. There has never been a player from Quebec who has played consistently on the PGA tour. When I was young I wanted to be that star player. Now that I’m much closer to actually doing it, I have a completely different mentality about it. I’m really focused on being happy with where I am. If it goes further, then great. QUADBRIDGE | JULY 2018 1

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