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Height Safety Catalogue 2018

Premium New Zealand Height Safety Equipment Catalogue for 2018 0800 37 37 76 Harness Accessories AirTech Breathable Padding System Our new padding material is perfectly suited to hot environments, with breathable foam and fabric to keep you cooler for longer. Available as an option in place of standard padding on all our padded harnesses including the SBE5, SBE7, SBEMT, SBETH and the entire ColourScopic range. Padding Colour Range Orange Navy Black AirMesh Polyester Outer Skin Open-Cell Foam Padding AirMesh Polyester Lining and through the Foam Padding X-Factor Shoulder Padding System SBEXFP X-Factor Shoulder Padding 108 0800 37 37 76 Custom Options Add Your Branding to QSI Height Safety Gear We understand the importance of brand recognition but unfortunately most height safety gear tends to cover up any branding you might have on your clothing. We÷ve found the solution. As a local manufacturer we have the unique ability to offer you custom branded harnesses and lanyards. These additions have been tested rigorously to ensure the equipment continues to comply with the appropriate safety standards, giving you brand recognition without compromising the safety of your team. Both monochrome and full colour options are available. Harness Custom Branding SETUP Artwork Setup Fee CUSTBRAND1 Harness Cross Piece CUSTBRAND2 Harness Label Wallet CUSTBRAND3 Branding Patch CUSTBRAND4 Block Label Block Label Your logo printed and sealed under the heat shrink plastic of your shock absorbing block. Harness Cross Piece A strong Cordura panel attached to both rear straps of the harness, screen printed with your logo. Harness Label Wallet Our standard Cordura label wallet printed with your logo. Branding Patch A simple length of Cordura printed with your logo and sewn onto the webbing of your harness or lanyard. 109

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