Medway & Millis August 2018


Medway & Millis August 2018


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Vol. 9 No. 8 Free to Every Home and Business Every Month August 2018

“We Are Medway” Is Making

History Personal

Photo Blog Captures

Medway’s People at

a Moment in Time

By J.D. O’Gara

A woman with gray hair

and kind eyes who has lived

here 45 years; three generations

of men from a family that

serves; a long-distance runner

and survivor, a couple married

60 years; a couple about to get

married; town officials, police,

firefighters, business owners,

volunteers, the young, the old

– all with one thing in common


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Betty Ann Balboni, Medway

resident for 45 years, was the

first subject of photographer

Tim Rice’s new blog, “We Are

Medway,” which aims to be an

ongoing, living yearbook of all

who touch Medway.

The Voice of Your Community

Medway Resident

Goes the Distance to

Fight Breast Cancer

By J.D. O’Gara

She wanted to give people


Davina McNaney, a Medway

resident for three years, wanted

to show people that a diagnosis

of breast cancer doesn’t always

mean the end.

“It doesn’t have to be something

that taints your life. You

can look at your situation and figure

out what control you have to

make this a positive outcome. My

running has made people hope.

My running has made me having

cancer worthwhile; I’m translating

it into making a positive ripple,”

says McNaney.

It took her 12 days, but Davina

ran 390 miles, through four

states, from the Boston Harbor

Hotel, in Boston, to Sodus Point,

New York, her hometown, where

she arrived on Tuesday, July 3rd.

Along the way, she raised $24,732

for the Breast Cancer Research








This might sound like an

amazing feat, but what’s even

more amazing is that Davina,

had done it before. In 2015,

the mother of two decided to

run from Michigan to Sodus

Point, her first fundraiser for

BCRF. That run, “RunMI2NY,”

spanned 15 days, across 4

states for 470 solo miles to raise

$23,000. A year later, she was

raising more money, $5,000 for

the cause in several ultra-races.

“I’m passionate about it,” says

Davina, who found out she had

breast cancer at just 40 years

old, when she was living in Ann

Arbor, MI.

“I went for my very first

mammogram, and that’s when

they found it; a month later I

had a double mastectomy and

reconstruction. I did that, because

I had the option to have


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Page 2 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages August 2018

Jasper Hill Café and Bistro Comes to Millis

Landmark Building to Become Home

to Well-Known Restaurant

By Jane Lebak

Millis residents have noticed

the renovations taking place at

the historic building on 270 Exchange

Street. At the corner of

Union Street, Van Kleeck, and

Route 115, the former location

of Rossi’s Restaurant has been

repainted and repaired.

What’s going on? Sometime

in August, Jasper Hill Café is

moving from Holliston to Millis.

An award-winning café, and

a landmark building. It’s a match

made in heaven…or maybe a

match made in Millis.

First, the building. Formerly

known as Rocklawn, the building

was originally constructed

in 1887 by Lansing Millis (yes,

Millis’s founding father) as a

gift to his daughter Helen Van

Kleeck (yes, for whom the road

was named). The Cole family

purchased the property in 1920.

Many longtime Millis residents

remember taking music lessons

with Elinore Cole on the floor

above The Holiday Shop. For

a while it served as Rossi’s Restaurant,

and now the building is

owned by Tom Roche. But it’s

stood empty for several years.

Next, the restaurant. Jasper

Hill Café has its roots in Holliston,

where it was named for

Jasper Adams, one of Holliston’s

first settlers. When owners John

and Denise Tracy arrived in Holliston

after the sudden closure of

Pejamajo, one of their first actions

as a café was to honor the

gift certificates of their predecessor

because they felt it important

to serve the community. They

will carry that community spirit

into Millis as well.

It turns out that community

spirit is the reason Jasper Hill

is moving to Millis. “Our lease

was up here, and we thought

that would be the opportunity

to expand,” says co-owner John

Tracy. “Somebody who knew

Tom [Roche] was a customer

of ours, and one thing led to another.”

John Tracy was blown away

by the beauty of the building.

“It’s majestic and so beautiful.

Every time I go over there, I just

want to take it all in again.”

Jasper Hill Café featured

burgers, salads, and paninis, with

John Tracy as the head chef.

The menu will expand, however,

when they move to Millis. “We’re

turning from a café into a restaurant,”

Tracy clarifies. “Lunches

and dinners, but not opening for

breakfast.” Along with that shift

will come some new options:

Jasper Hill will be bringing in

a banquet manager in order to

host events, large functions, and

even weddings. Plus, over time

they plan to host a Sunday Blues


That is, after all, what Jasper

Hill Café and Bistro is best

known for: the live musical talent

they showcase every Wednesday

through Sunday. The Holliston

location featured Chris Fitz’s

Back Porch Acoustic Hoedown

every Thursday night and the

Empty No More

Shown is the newly renovated

historic building at the corner of

Union and Exchange Streets in

Millis, soon to be the new home of

Jasper Hill Café & Bistro.

Blues Jam with Pete Henderson

& Company on Sunday nights.

They feature the Young Performers

Open Mic on the last Sunday

of the month, plus a continuous

roster of blues and R&B musicians.

Tracy gets very animated

when talking about the musicians.

Millis is going to be blown

away with the talent level that we

have. We have Mark DeSmall,

who plays the Newport Blues

Fest--the guy is phenomenal.

Chris Fitz is one of the biggest

blues names in New England,

and he’s here every Wednesday


As of press time, the opening

date wasn’t certain due to licenses

and other state paperwork. “I’ve

opened four restaurants in my

life, including this. These things

move like snails,” Tracy says

with a laugh. But he wants to

do it right. “It’s about building

a team. I know a lot of people,

and people have reached out to

me. We’re putting the pieces together.”

The current hope is that Jasper

Hill will open its doors sometime

in August, but for up-to-date

information, check out their

Facebook page at https://www.

After Jasper Hill is settled

in their new location with everything

running smoothly, there

will be an opening celebration to

introduce Millis to all they have

to offer.

For more information, including

menu and hours, you can

visit the café’s website at www.


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August 2018 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 3


continued from page 1

– the town of Medway as a place

they live, or work, or somehow

define themselves.

“We Are Medway” is an

ongoing living yearbook of

Medway, Massachusetts. It was

started last month, on July 1,

2018, by Medway photographer

Tim Rice, who will take the project

where it wants to go.

“This has been in my head

for just under 20 years,” says

Medway native and well-known

photographer Tim Rice, who

began the “We Are Medway

photo blog at the beginning of

the month, featuring his neighbor

Betty Ann Balboni.

“She’s 89 years old, and used

to run the auction in town,” says

Rice, who knew her when he

owned a photo lab in town. Even

back then, he says, when he sold

his store and was trying to decide

what to do, he imagined a mobile

photo lab. “I had this concept to

just go out to people’s houses and

take pictures of them, and then

to go out to my van and print

them out for them,” says Rice.

Although that idea didn’t

come to fruition, says Rice, the

notion of taking glimpses of

Medway and its people never left

his mind.

“I love the history of Medway,”

says Rice, who as a teenager

in town read historical

books about the town written by

Francis Donovan, available to

read in the town’s library. “The

Revolutionary War is what it is,

but why Lincoln Street is named

Lincoln Street is (personal),” says

Rice, who envisioned “getting a

book next to this book.”

“What it comes down to is I’m

still that teenage kid,” says Rice,

who has a private photography

business and has recently come




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on board as the photographer for

the Town of Medway’s website.

His new blog, he says, documents

“just who we are, a living yearbook

of who we are right now. I

see all these photos around town

as being the history of Medway

– me capturing what we look like

now, so that 100 years from now

we can look back on it. ‘We Are

Medway’ is just an extension of

what I’m already doing by taking

pictures of the town—now

I’m taking pictures of the town’s


The project is open to everyone

and anyone that is connected

to Medway, as a resident, worker

or volunteer. “I wouldn’t shy

away from anybody,” says the

photographer. “I’m honored that

anyone wants to be part of it,”

says Rice, who already has built

a following for a daily project

he began on October 1, 2009,

his birthday, with his new Nikon

D80, the Daily Pic. He has now

amassed over 3200 daily photos,

without missing a day, much to

the delight of his audience on his

website and Facebook.

“I just start things and they

keep going,” says Rice. “It is

what it is,” he explains, of letting

each project come to life on

its own natural accord. “We Are

Medway” got “an overwhelming

response in the first few days,” he

says, and he knew, thanks to how



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many people got in touch with

him in the first 48 hours, that

“this is going to be such a great

project. I don’t know where it’s

going to go, but we can just see

it. I’m looking forward to seeing

where it’s going to go, and I’m

just doing it.”

Participants are asked to

come to Rice’s studio to sit for

the photo, although the artist will

make a few exceptions in certain

situations. The photo shoot, he

says, takes just a few minutes, and

a brief conversation leads to the

special shot.

“Honestly, what it comes

down to, is I talk to them. I take

one or two pictures and then get

one that gets their personality.”

There is no cost or payment

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involved in the project. All is voluntary.

Medway has always supported

my stuff. The community

has been nothing but supportive

of what I do,” says Rice. “This is

part of giving back.”

If you would like to follow

the project or be part of it,


wearemedway (you can also visit and find “We

Are Medway” in the menu to the

left of the home page.

Our Ad & Editorial Deadline

is the 15th of the month,

for the following month’s issue


Page 4 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages August 2018


continued from page 1

a lumpectomy and 36 radiation

treatments, and my youngest was

two and my oldest was five. Just

having to go to all the appointments

and second opinions when

I was diagnosed – I couldn’t and

didn’t want to go,” says Davina,

who also dreaded the side effects

of chemotherapy. She felt angry

about her situation, but appreciated

“that they gave me options.”

She wanted to put the experience

behind her and forget about

it, but she couldn’t.

“I literally woke up one morning,

and said ‘Steve, I want to run

home, from Michigan to New

York,’” says the runner. “He was

like, absolutely not.”

While her husband took some

convincing, Davina was determined,

and he turned into her

biggest supporter.

“I wanted it to be big, to mean

something, to get people’s attention.

I was thankful they found

my breast cancer early, thankful

for my outcome. They got it out,


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McNaney was welcomed and supported by her husband and two

daughters at the end of her trek. Photo by Tim Rice Photography.

and they got it all out. It wasn’t

in the lymph nodes … People

aren’t dying from breast cancer

so much (as before), because

they’ve done so much research,

and that’s what I wanted the

money to go toward.”

The Breast Cancer Research

Foundation (https://www.bcrf.

org) funds over 200 researchers

around the world.

“They do an amazing job,

with a bunch of them in Boston

and just all over the world.

Ninety-one cents of every dollar

donated goes to funding research,”

says McNaney, who also

has a master’s degree and works

in the disability resource office of

Mass Bay Community College.

Davina had done ultra-marathons

before, and she did some

research on long-distance runs.

“Basically, once I have my

mind made up, it’s done. I don’t

stop until I reach my goal,” she

says. “I looked at everything I

would need to do to be successful

and had a plan laid out,” says

McNaney. Her motivation was

complemented by her husband’s

ability to assess risks.

“He’s an insurance VP, a risk

assessor. He’s very safe and calculated

in the way he does things.

I’m calculated, but I like to take

calculated risks, and I won’t stop

until I reach my goal. We’re a

good team in that sense. We balance

each other out.”

No doubt Davina enjoys running.

Although she’s run marathons,

that distance, she says, is

not her favorite. She prefers and

has done several longer races,

including 100-mile, 50-mile, and

50K races. She’s part of a Medway

running group, The Medway

Momma Striders.

“For a 50K, it’s 32 miles.

Those are usually on trails, easier

on the joints, not on pavement,

and going through the woods is

a much more scenic and relaxed

feeling, like it being an experience,

a journey, rather than just

a race,” says the runner. When

asked what she enjoys about it,

the athlete answers, “The solitude.

The control. I have one job,

I need to move forward and get

to the finish line. It’s all under my

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Medway resident and breast cancer survivor Davina McNaney finished

a 390-mile run and raised $24,732 for the Breast Cancer Research

Foundation in early July, her second such run for the cause. She began

her run at the Boston Harbor Hotel. Photo by Tim Rice Photography

control. I’m aware of my body,

aware of my surroundings. It’s a

simple thing,” she says.

For this last trek, McNaney

credits local gym Training for

Warriors, also one of her sponsors.

“They whipped me into

even better shape,” she says.

“They had us pushing sleds,

using body weights, TRX stuff. I

couldn’t believe how much stronger

I was getting. It really helped

with running and not getting injured.

I feel it was a huge attribute

this time.”

Preparing to run hundreds of

miles isn’t easy.

“I worked out more than I

worked,” says Davina, would

go to the gym five times a week,

incorporating five or six runs

that included long runs (about

20 miles). “Some of it included

doing up to eight miles dragging

a tire,” she says. Later, she

says, she had a nightly routine of

stretching, Epsom salt-soaking,

drinking water, a muscle rub and

more stretching.

Starting on June 22nd, Davina

began her run home from

Boston, even running in 90-degree-heat

for four days straight.

“I didn’t collapse,” she says, “I

made it every day.” Her husband

and girls encouraged her. “They

were there with me four full days

through the Green Mountains.

I cried every single day – you’re

emotionally drained. You’re

physically drained.” The heat,

the mountains and the sleep deprivation

were the hardest parts,

she explains.

Although her husband and

girls are very proud of what she’s

accomplished, Davina has promised

no ultra runs this year – but

she won’t stop running. “If I get

the itch to do something else, I

can always do a 10K, or 50K, or

a half marathon.”

If you’d like to learn more

about Davina McNaney and

her cause, or if you would like to

donate to BCRF, visit

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August 2018 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 5

The Bank on Campus

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Start a conversation with Millis’s personal banker, Steve Walls, at 781-247-6881 or You can also visit Steve at 857 Main Street in Millis.



Page 6 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages August 2018

Nipping Underage Drinking, and Littering, in the Bud

By Dave Pasquantonio

A bill making its way through

the state legislature proposes adding

a five-cent deposit fee to miniature

liquor bottles in an effort

to curb roadside litter.

The bill, if passed, would add

miniatures—bottles holding 100

milliliters or less of alcoholic

beverages—to the state’s beverage

deposit law. Enacted in 1982,

that law, more commonly known

as the bottle bill, adds a five-cent

surcharge to soda, beer, malt beverage,

and mineral and sparkling

water containers. Containers

brought to retailers or redemption

centers are worth a nickel

each to the consumer who takes

the time to redeem them.

The bill, designated H.3528,

was filed in January 2017 by

Randy Hunt, a Republican

member of the state House of

Representatives representing the

5th Barnstable district, and thirty


Both the House and Senate

referred the bill to the committee

on Telecommunications, Utilities

and Energy. A joint hearing on

the bill took place in June 2017.

In March 2018, the committee

reported favorably on the bill and

referred it to the House Ways

and Means Committee, where it

now sits with over 600 other bills

awaiting their fates.

In a June 2017 press release,

Representative Hunt said that

the primary objective of the bill

is to generate dialogue on littering

by proposing a policy prescription

to help reduce it. He

focused on miniatures, known

colloquially as “nips.”

“I hope that by wielding this

legislation, we can also kick-start

deeper conversation on the issues

of underage drinking and driving

under the influence,” said Rep.

Hunt, “as nips are frequently associated

with those societal concerns.”

The bill has broad support

from environmental groups

Take even a short walk around

Medway or Millis, and you’re

bound to come across at least

one discarded nip. Or, in some

places, many more. Residents

who’ve worked to clean up roadside

trash have snapped pictures

of trash bags holding dozens of

the tiny bottles. In fact, on Millis

Beautification Day, sponsored

by the Millis Lions Club and the

Millis Garden Club, so many

nip bottles were picked up that it

prompted Bill Lawson, organizer

of the event, to contact Rep.

Shawn Dooley about supporting

a 5-cent deposit to discourage litter.

At first blush, the idea of adding

miniatures to the bottle bill is

a sound one. After a few fits and

starts, the state’s bottle bill significantly

reduced litter and added a

new income stream to residents,

businesses, and states. Unclaimed

deposits go to the state’s general

fund, redemption centers get a

cut of each deposit, and residents

who take the time to collect and

redeem containers get a nickel

per bottle or can.

Peter Harkey of Harkey’s

Wine & Spirits in Millis had a

positive initial reaction when

learning about the bill. “A brilliant

idea at first glance,” he said,

“especially after any technological

and process challenges are


Harkey and a few of his customers

kicked around a few of

those potential challenges, which

could turn a seemingly simple

Millis Resident Dave O’Gara picked up so many nip bottles while

walking his dog on Millis Beautification Day that he snapped this

picture of them. Similar experiences by other residents that day

prompted Millis Lion Bill Lawson to reach out to Rep. Shawn Dooley

to inquire about putting a deposit on the small liquor bottles. Dooley

informed him such legislation, H.3528, was filed in January 2017 by

Randy Hunt, of the 5th Barnstable District.

idea into a complex one. Would

manufacturers have to provide

separate labels for containers sold

in the state? What about miniatures

purchased in other states

but redeemed in Massachusetts?

Can all of the current redemption

machines handle bottles the

size and weight of miniatures, or

read the tiny barcodes?

Messages to several liquor titans,

including Smirnoff, Crown

Royal, and Pernod Ricard, were

not returned.

Dave D’Amico, the head of

the Medway DPW, said, “I can’t

speak to the logistics of the deposits

or returns, but I’ve had several

interesting conversations about

roadside trash with residents.

The single most mentioned item

they find in the roadside gutter

is nip bottles. This is primarily

with people who live on the main

roads going through town. Some

of these inevitably wind up in the

storm drain system. Given that

we are a small, rural town, much

of our storm water and the trash

it collects goes directly to streams,

wetlands, and the Charles River.

So, these bottles are at a minimum

a nuisance and potentially

a broader ecological problem


Jim McKay, head of the Millis

DPW, agrees. “When we run

the town-wide cleanups each

year, the biggest complaint is the

number of nip bottles we find,”

he said. “Hundreds and hundreds

of them. When we mow,

they jam up the mowers. They’re


Richard Winslow, who runs

Winslow Spirits & Things in

Brewster, isn’t convinced that

attaching a redemption to miniatures

would decrease roadside

litter. “The people who throw

the empty miniatures out of their

car windows aren’t going to care

about the redemption. They’re

trying to not get caught with the

empties by the police, their parents,

or their husband or wife,”

he said.

Redemption rates have fallen

in recent years, perhaps due to

the increase in and ease of home

and municipal recycling. In 2010,

nearly 71 percent of bottles were

redeemed, but by 2017, that rate

had fallen to 56.8 percent. Consumers

may prefer the ease of

recycling their bottles and cans

over losing a nickel per container.

Every bottle and can recycled

or redeemed means one less bottle

or can that could end up in

a landfill or the side of the road.

Perhaps Representative Hunt is

right—that merely drawing attention

to the issue will have a

positive impact on litter, underage

drinking, or both.

“I wish doing the right thing

was incentive enough for people,”

said Dave D’Amico, “but

sometimes a little extra motivation

might be needed.”

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Call Lori Koller (508)934-9608

August 2018 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 7

A Family-Friendly Touch at Personal Best

By Marjorie Turner Hollman

Kyle Martinis, co-owner with

Chris Titcomb, of Personal Best

Physical Therapy, with offices in

Rehoboth, and now at 65 Holbrook

Street (Rt. 115) in Norfolk,

is no stranger to the Norfolk

area. Martinis grew up in nearby

Bellingham, and has extended

family still in the area. While

Martinis was in his clinical rotation,

one of his instructors was

Titcomb, and they quickly hit it

off. “We just bonded,” Martinis

said. “We always said we would

go into business together and

do it right. Chris was my mentor.

I worked for several years in

the Rehoboth office, and when

we wanted to open a second office,

I wanted to come back to

this area where I have so much


During a recent visit to the

bright, open, sunny clinic overlooking

Rt. 115 that were built

out to their specifications, Martinis

reflected on his journey to

becoming co-owner of the local

physical therapy clinic. “I was

a 3-sport athlete at Bellingham

High School,” Martinis said.

“I got a college scholarship to

Northeastern University, but

transferred to UMass, Amherst

to play baseball, and had hopes

and dreams in that direction,

but injured my shoulder while

pitching at college.”

The process of rehabbing his

shoulder opened his eyes to the

field of physical therapy. “I was

always interested in the medical

field,” Martinis explained.”

My shoulder never came back

enough to keep playing, so I really

focused on my studies and

my life went in a different direction.

My B.S. was in Kinesiology

from UMass, and I received

a doctorate in Physical Therapy

from American International

College in Springfield, MA. I

later did post-doctorate work at

Baylor Hospital in Texas.”

The co-owners run both clinics

using the same model. “We

have set ourselves apart from the

competition by being therapistowned,

using a patient-focused

model and always providing

1:1 treatment sessions with a

licensed physical therapist for

full treatment sessions of 45

minutes.“ Titcomb said. “We

found a model that works, so

we wanted to do the same thing

when we opened this clinic

here in Norfolk,” he continued.

“We’re a small business with no

assistants and no aides, and all

treatments are provided by licensed

physical therapists. Each

patient has hands-on treatment

and consistency of care.”

The clinic in Norfolk has

been built out to the therapists’

specifications, custom designed

to serve the needs of patients

with all types of injuries, health,

and fitness backgrounds. Private

treatment rooms and an open

gym concept help accommodate

each person’s needs. The

building and all facilities inside

are ADA handicapped-accessible.

Appointments are available

Monday-Thursday, 7-7; Fridays

from 7-5, and weekends by appointment


“We pride ourselves on our

manual therapy skills and incorporate

into each treatment

session, including soft tissue

massage, manipulation, and

myofascial release,” Martinis

said. “There is a lot you can do

to prevent future injuries. Physical

therapy is not just useful after

you have sustained an injury.

You can be proactive, not just

reactive. We can do a lot to help

manage pain and improve quality

of life.

Physical Therapist Emily

Heller is also on staff, so patients

can choose if they want to work

with a male or female therapist.

“Emily has ten years experience

as a therapist and has been a

friend for many years,” Martinis

noted. “When we first opened,

it was just me—I handled the

front desk, insurance, booking

appointments, and providing

therapy (which helped me learn

the foundation of our business).

But we now have Emily, and

Amanda Ingraham runs the

front desk. Amanda handles

all of our patients scheduling,

referral and insurance needs.

Amanda is always ahead of the

game, so all you have to worry

about is getting better. Fridays

are an especially popular day for

people to book appointments.

This is the day Martinis brings

his dog, Kona, into the office.

“She is on her way to becoming

a certified therapy dog,” Martinis

said. “She has been getting

trained since she was 9 weeks

old. The patients all love her,

and they bring in dog biscuits

for her. Friday time slots always

fill up first!”

And word of mouth is getting

out. Martinis explained,

“We know we’ve been successful

if a former patient, when having

a problem with another body

part, calls us before they even

call their doctor. They want to

get in as soon as they can because

of the level of comfort

patients have with our team .

We’ve created a family-friendly

atmosphere, and our patients

feel comfortable coming to

physical therapy at our clinic.

We’re a referral business—we

know that if people have a good

experience, they will tell others.”

For more information go to

their website

or call 508-530-4970.

Page 8 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages August 2018

Groundbreaking Ceremony at the

Future Home of the

Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School

The Benjamin Franklin Educational

Foundation on behalf

of the Benjamin Franklin Classical

Charter Public School (BFC-

CPS) is pleased to announce that

construction has begun in preparation

for the school’s upcoming

move to 500 Financial Park

Drive in Franklin.

The Benjamin Franklin Educational

Foundation hosted a

Groundbreaking Ceremony

at the new site on the morning

of June 27th. Special guests

included Massachusetts State

Representative Jeffrey Roy and

Franklin Town Administrator

Jeffrey Nutting.

Donald Tappin, President of

the Benjamin Franklin Educational

Foundation greeted attendees

to the ceremony stating “We

are very excited for the Benjamin

Franklin Classical Charter Public

School, after almost a quarter

century as one of the best performing

schools in the state, to

finally have a home of its own.

We look forward to having the

Shabtai Sapir, DMD - Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

Minda Sapir DMD - General Dentistry

High quality dentistry for the whole family in an

affordable caring manner at a state of the art office.

capacity to bring our academic

success and most importantly,

the culture of character development

and community service

to even more students and their

families. This project of ours has

been a long-time in the making

and would not have been possible

without the steadfast commitment

of many individuals.”

Massachusetts State Representative

Jeffrey Roy presented

the school with a special citation

on behalf of the House of

Representatives in the Commonwealth

of Massachusetts offering

the Benjamin Franklin Classical

Charter Public School a sincere

congratulations in recognition of

the next chapter in the school’s

educational journey.

Head of School Heather Zolnowski

closed the ceremony sharing

“I am honored to be able to

speak on behalf of the students,

faculty, staff and parents of BF-

CCPS to thank everyone who

worked so hard over the past 6

years to make this dream a reality.

This is an exciting time in the

history of the Benjamin Franklin

Classical Charter Public School.

The new facility and grounds will

provide the administration and

faculty with the opportunity to

enhance an already very successful

academic program, provide

a comfortable and safe environment

for students, faculty and

staff and secure the schools future

for decades to come. Our expanded

school facility will allow

us to address our historically

long waiting list for enrollment

and welcome more students

into our school community than

ever before. These opportunities

would not be possible without

the collaboration, hard work and

dedication of the people standing

before us today.”

Following the ”turning of the

soil” invited guests received a

tour to highlight progress at the

site. The building’s foundation

has been poured, and steel delivery

for the building’s frame has

commenced. The new 72,000

square foot facility will open for

the 2019-2020 school year.

The Benjamin Franklin Educational

Foundation secured

funding for the new school primarily

through a $24,550,000

tax-exempt bond issued by Mass-

Development and purchased by

Citizens Bank with participation

by HarborOne Bank, Websterfive

Bank and Radius Bank.

The bond financing was supplemented

with a $2,000,000 loan

provided by The Property and

Casualty Initiative.

The Benjamin Franklin Classical

Charter Public School

opened in 1995 and is one of

the original 13 Charter Schools

in the state of Massachusetts.

Priority in the school’s annual

enrollment lottery is given first

to siblings of current students,

then to residents of Bellingham,

Blackstone, Franklin, Holliston,

Hopedale, Medway, Mendon,

Milford, Millis, Milville, Norfolk,

Plainville, Upton, Walpole, and


The educational program at

BFCCPS offers a strategic partnership

with parents, rigorous

academic program, foreign language

instruction, commitment

to arts education, character education,

and community service


For the 2019-2020 academic

year, BFCCPS will increase enrollment

from 50 students to 92

students per grade in Grades

Kindergarten through Grade

Five resulting in a total of 290

new spaces. Applications for the

2019-2020 school year will go

live on November 1, 2018.

Over the next ten years, enrollment

will expand from the

current cap of 450 students to

a total of 900 students. Families

that are interested in enrollment

at BFCCPS can learn more at

and candidates for employment

are encouraged to follow

for ongoing information.

• Preventive and

restorative treatment

• Conscious Sedation/Laughing

Gas for children and adults

• Orthodontics – Braces and


• Laser Dentistry (gum therapy,

tongue ties, & Frenctomies)

• Cosmetic Dentistry

(veneers, crowns, whitening)

• Emergency Appointments

(including dental trauma)

• Wisdom Teeth

• Root Canals

• Implants

• Dentures



includes exam, 2 bitewings, cleaning and fluoride

(with coupon for uninsured only ($250 value)

EXPIRES 9/30/18

Finally a pediatric dentist that your children will be excited

to see. Our pediatric team accepts all children and adolescents

with the simplest to the most complex treatment including special

needs patients.

Our general dentistry team can help you achieve the smile of

your dreams.

Now offering Free consultation for implants

65 Holbrook St., Suite 210 • Norfolk, MA 02056


FREE orthodontic or

Invisalign consultation

EXPIRES 9/30/18


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repair center

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21E CharlEs strEEt, holliston, Ma 01746

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John ElhiloW, C.PED, o.s.t. (508) 429-2038

August 2018 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 9

August Events at the

Millis Public Library

Please join us!

On Thursday, August 9th at

6 p.m., join musical guest Craig

Harris as he brings his audience

on a journey from the roots of

bluegrass to modern day jazzinflected

“newgrass”. Craig is

the author of the book Bluegrass,

Newgrass, Old-Time, and Americana


Silver Screen Matinees are

held on Fridays at 1 p.m. in the

Roche Bros. Community Room.

Great movies—new and classic!

Free popcorn and snacks!

August films are:

AUGUST 3: (PG13); 102

MIN; 2002 Top attorney Lucy

clashes with her real-estatedeveloper

boss and decides to

resign. Romance develops after

her boss demands that Lucy find

a replacement.

AUGUST 10: (R); 113 MIN;

2017 Fraternal twin brothers try

to find their biological father during

a cross-country road trip.

AUGUST 17: (PG); 96 MIN;

1992 After witnessing her gangster

boyfriend commit a murder,

a lounge singer hides out in a

convent. While adjusting to her

new conditions, Deloris helps

transform the choir, thus attracting

a lot of attention.

AUGUST 24: (PG); 106

MIN; 1993 Sequel in which

Deloris reunites with her sisters

to teach music at an inner-city

school and save it from being

shut down.

AUGUST 31: (PG); 104

MIN; 2018 A country-music

star reconnects with an old flame

while visiting his hometown in


Please call the Library (located

at 961 Main St.) at (508)

376-8282 for more information.

Let Us Do the

Cleaning for You!

7th Annual Medway Town Wide

Yard Sale Saturday, Sept. 22

Event Will Benefit the Medway Christmas Parade

By J.D. O’Gara

Seven years ago, Christine

and Andy Parchesky had an idea

to bring a large-scale yard sale

into Medway. The couple had

enjoyed traveling to out-of-state

flea-market style events, and they

thought residents of the town

might enjoy participating.

“Everybody has such a good

time,” Chris Parchesky said last

year, “We bring a lot of people

to the town, including some customers

who’ve come for the last

five years from the Cape. We’ve

built up a little following.”

As of August 1, applications

for the town-wide yard sale will

be up on the town website, as well

• No Appointments Necessary

• Open 7 Days a Week


as at several business locations in

town. (Although not confirmed

at deadline time, in the past, applications

have been available

at Medway Town Hall, Charles

River Bank, Middlesex Bank,

Anne’s Market, Star Market, and

online at the town website, www.

For $10, Medway residents

who’d like to participate will have

their address placed on a map

that will be sold for $1 at Medway

Plaza (across from Burger

King), starting at 7 a.m. Out-oftowners

or organizations without

a location can rent a booth at

Medway Plaza for $25.

All of the proceeds from the

event, which originally benefitted

Pencils, books and

awesome looks

Medway 300, now benefit the

Medway Christmas Parade. According

to Richard Parrella, who

organizes the annual Medway

Christmas Parade that draws

6,000 each year, that contribution

translates to about $1,400 to

$1,500 each year for the 26-yearold

privately funded event.

“It’s a major fundraiser for our

parade,” says Parrella. “It supports

at least 15% of the cost.”

Parrella says about 93 Medway

households held a yard sale that

day as participants last year, with

an additional 14 booths at the

Medway Plaza.

If you have questions about the

yard sale, feel free to contact Chris

Parchesky at (508) 533-2774.

MEDWAY COMMONS 508-533-6800

67 Main St (Rt 109), Medway

ROCHE BROS CENTER 508-376-4555

4 Milliston Rd (Rt 109), Millis

SHAW’S PLAZA 508-881-1175

330 Pond St (Rte 126), Ashland

Molly Maid of Norwood, Foxboro, & Greater Norfolk County

343 Neponset St. Canton MA 02021


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Appointment recommended.


20 % OFF

All Major Brands

Excludes special packaging.

Valid with coupon.

Expires 8/31/18.




Page 10 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages August 2018

More Movies Planned for

August in Medway!

Medway Cable Access announces their 2018

Movies in the Park series, Wednesday evenings

at Choate Park on the grass behind the Thayer

Homestead. Free movie admission, concessions

for sale (popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, candy, soda,

water). Movie starts at dusk, bring a blanket, chair

and bug spray for your convenience.

***IN CASE OF RAIN, movie is shown inside

the Thayer House.***

The Medway Dance Authority

You’re Invited To Our Open House & Registration



Preschool • KinderDance • Ballet • Lyrical • Pointe • Tap

Jazz • Hip Hop • Flexibility • Leaps & Turns • So Much More


(You may also call or email to set up a private tour & register now!)

Saturday, August 25th • 10:00 a.m.-Noon

Monday, August 27th • 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Meet our staff & tour our studio!

Visit our tables to learn

about performance opportunities!

Visit & Register at Open House

to be entered for Door Prizes

*Receive a surprise upon registering


23 Jayar Road (P.O. Box 150), Medway, Ma 02053

Thank you to our local sponsors for supporting

Movies in the Park this season: J&L Catering,

Rodenhiser Plumbing, Heating, A/C & Electric,

Medway Lions Club, Medway Community Farm,

Team Rice, Tim Rice Photo, Medway Firefighters

Association, and Muffin House Cafe.

August 1 Black Panther

August 8 Toy Story

August 15 The Greatest Showman

August 22 The Incredibles

Disney • Christmas Show

In House Master Classes • Recital

Student Choreography Showcase

Conventions & More



Volunteers Sought to

Serve on Town of Medway

Design Review Committee

Interested in helping to guide

the aesthetics of development

in Medway? The Planning and

Economic Development Board

is looking for a Medway resident

to serve on the Town’s Design

Review Committee (DRC). The

Board seeks individuals with design

expertise who are motivated

to get involved in Town affairs by

serving on a Town committee. At

the present time, the DRC particularly

needs a member with

graphic design skills and experience.

The DRC advocates for the

preservation and enhancement

of Medway’s natural, scenic and

aesthetic qualities in order to

achieve the pleasing composition

of places within the context of

the Medway Master Plan. The

Committee works to maintain

and/or improve the quality of

life, value of property and viability

of commerce through the use

of thoughtful and communityappropriate

design practices as

represented by the Medway Design

Review Guidelines.

The DRC assists and advises

the Planning and Economic

Development Board, its applicants,

and other Town boards

and committees as may request

design assistance with regard to

the review of applications for

site plan approval, subdivisions,

special permits, scenic road work

permits, signs, and other development

proposals. The DRC’s

Our Roofs will weather the storm!

recommendations are advisory

and include suggestions for modifications

to proposed designs

and conditions for approval. The

Committee also reviews all proposed

signs in Medway and provides

design recommendations.

First established in 2003, the

DRC is comprised of at least

five and up to seven Medway

residents with experience and/or

training in community planning,

architecture, landscape and site

design, sign design, environmental

design, graphic design, urban

design or other design related

professions. The term of office is

two (2) years.

The DRC meets regularly on

the first and third Monday night

of each month, but is convened

more often if necessary to respond

quickly to various referrals.

Medway residents interested

in serving on the Design Review

Committee are asked to send or

email a letter of interest and a

brief resume to:

Medway Planning & Economic

Development Board

155 Village Street - Medway,

MA 02053

Any questions regarding

the DRC may be directed to

Planning and Economic Development

Coordinator Susy

Affleck-Childs at (508) 533-3291.



1st Choice!

Deal directly with the

owner Rob Chaille,

No outside salesman!

Roofing • Vinyl Siding • Windows

Residental & CommeRCial

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Labor & Material from 30 to 50 Years with


Chimney Repair & Rebuilt • Seamless Gutters

Over 26 years experience CS#69907 HIC#160483


508-NOR-EAST / 508-667-3278

Fully Insured Uxbridge, MA

August 2018 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 11

Skates & Helmets at the Pro Shop

Millis Garden Club Awards Scholarship

The Millis Garden Club recently awarded its

Ken Nichols Memorial Scholarship for $1,000 to

Bo Calais, a Millis resident who will be entering

his sophomore year at UMass-Amherst where he

is majoring in Biology. As a high school student,

Bo participated three times in Millis Beautification

Day, an annual community cleanup sponsored by

the Millis Lions and Millis Garden Club.

Bo has a strong interest in conservation and the

environment. His conservation projects include

helping his parents convert nine cabins on a Maine

island to run primarily on solar power as well as

installing solar panels on their Millis home. He says

he is looking forward this summer to helping his

mother with keeping a beehive box in an effort to

bolster the bee population and the environment. Bo

and his parents were guests at the Millis Garden

Club’s end-of- the-year gathering held at Primavera


This year is the first time MGC scholarship eligibility

requirements were extended to include students

attending accredited colleges and universities,

not just for high school seniors. For more information

on scholarship requirements, membership, and

educational programs visit www.milligardenclub.


All Seasons Roofing and Carpentry


All Types Of Roofing • Framing • Siding


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2 South Maple Street • Bellingham

1 Hastings Street • Mendon

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Equal Housing Lender

Page 12 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages August 2018

Town of Medway Releases Revised Draft Open Space

and Recreation Plan for Community Comment

The Medway Open Space

and Recreation Plan Update Task

Force has released a revised draft

of Medway’s new Open Space

and Recreation Plan (OSRP),

thus beginning a 30-day official



Presented by

Deborah Freeman MacDonald

and Brittany Kessel



Not only is it lots of fun to

plan a spa day with your best

friend(s), mother, or daughter,

but it can also be a chance to

spend special time with the man

in your life. Duet Services are

available for couples who enjoy

experiencing health and beauty

treatments that firm their

skin, soothe their muscles, and

bring out the best in their hair

and nails. Couples may want

to schedule a Duet Massage

(with or without a salt scrub)

that relieves stress and reduces

aches and pains in a quiet, intimate

setting. Duet Facials are

also available for exfoliating and

cleansing and hydrating skin,

while Duet Manicure/Pedicures

and Duet Hair Services put the

finishing touches on a relaxing



& MEDICAL, we offer several

duet services where couples, best

friends, or mother and daughters

can come in together, have

a cup of tea, receive simultaneous

treatments, and relax. To

schedule a consultation, please

call (508) 478-9888. We are located

at 127 East Main St. in

Milford. Our hair, nail, and skin

treatment professionals undergo

rigorous training and maintain

the latest techniques and certifications

in their fields.

P.S. Duet Services are the

perfect precursor to a night out

on the town.

public review period which will

conclude August 5th. The updated

OSRP is available for viewing

and downloading at https://



or at the OSRP Task

Susanne Odell Farber 508.954.8148

Force page at Newspaper: https://www.


An OSRP guides the Town

in how it should protect, maintain

and improve its open spaces,

parks and recreational facilities,

natural and conservation

areas, trails, farmland, natural

resources, and wildlife habitats.

With a current OSRP approved

by the Division of Conservation

Services within the Massachusetts

Executive Office of Energy


The local choice for personalized

quality care, delivered with warmth,

1.875” wide x 10” deep

Post-Acute & Long-Term Care

Physical, Occupational, & Speech Therapy

Joint Replacement / Surgical Rehabilitation

Hospice & Respite Care

dignity, and respect.

Private & Semi-Private Rooms

Call today to schedule a tour.

Air Conditioned for Your Comfort

Complimentary Wireless Internet Access






Space and

Mac Recreation Med Spa, Salon and Medical



Presented by


Deborah Freeman MacDonald

and Brittany Kessel


and Environmental Affairs, municipalities

are eligible to apply

for numerous state grants

to help fund open

space and recreation


and programs.


508.533.9893 | medicare/insurance certified


I n making your choice, choose LONG-TERM wisely. CARE

Visit many to be sure you have found the right

one. One where you can continue living

with dignity - the life style • you PHYSICAL, most enjoy. OCCUPATION AL,

Chances are your choice will & lead SPEEC to us. H THERAPY

1.875” wide x 9” deep

draft plan offers another opportunity

for community review

and comment. Comments and

suggestions should be directed

to OSRP@

The seven


member OSRP

Task Force was

appointed by

the Planning and

Plan (OSRP)

Economic Development

was approved by

Board to

the State in 2010,

oversee the development

and is required to be

of the OSRP update with

updated every seven years. Since staff support from the Town’s

August 2017, Town staff and Community and Economic Development

Task Force members have undertaken

Department and the

the revision efforts Here necessary

are Department the two of Public Services.

for the update including color templates a Task Force Members represent

community opinion survey and the Town’s Open Space Committee,


in 9” and 10” lengths:

three community forums. The


Since 1976

Building • Remodeling • Additions

Kitchens • Baths • Replacement Windows • Decks • Garages

Licensed • Insured • Registered 508-376-5003










sion, Planning and Economic

Development Board, Board of

Selectmen, Board of Parks Commissioners,

School Committee,

and the Agricultural Committee.

Matthew Hayes, chairman

of the OSRP Task Force, notes

Medway residents are encouraged

to review the updated

OSRP and provide comments.

This is a plan that will be in place

for 7 years and we want to make

sure it is reflective of the community’s

aspirations for its open

space, conservation areas, and

recreational facilities.”

For more information – Please

contact Susan Affleck-Childs,

Medway Planning and Economic

Development Coordinator,

(508) 533-3291.

Call for Auditions for

The Odd Couple

Millis Theatre Group will

produce the classic comedy, The

Odd Couple, November 1st, 2nd,

and 3rd, 2018. The play, by

famed playwright Neil Simon,

has a total of 8 roles. Crossover

for roles are possible. The play

features two mismatched roommates,

the neat uptight Felix

Unger and the slovenly, easy

going, Oscar Madison.

Auditions are scheduled for

Wednesday, August 1st and

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 at

7 p.m. in Room 18 on the lower

level of the Millis Town Building

on Main Street (across from the

fire station.), Millis, Mass. Application

forms are provided at

auditions, and if you have a resume

and photo, please bring it

with you.

Auditions will be cold readings

from the script. Those selected to

the cast will have a participation

fee applied of $25 each. Scripts

may be purchased from Samuel

French Inc., Amazon or may be

available from your local library.

August 2018 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 13

Summer Eye Safety

By Roger M. Kaldawy, M.D.,

Milford Franklin Eye Center

We all use sunscreen to protect

our skin, but don’t forget to

protect your eyes as well. Summertime

means more time spent

outdoors, and studies show that

exposure to bright sunlight may

increase the risk of developing

cataracts and growths on the

eye, including cancer. The same

risk applies when using tanning

beds, so be sure to protect your

eyes from indoor UV light as

well. Sunlight reflected off sand

and water can cause photokeratitis,

the condition responsible for

snow blindness, so beach- and

pool-goers: Take note.

UV radiation, whether from

natural sunlight or indoor artificial

rays, can damage the eye’s

surface tissues as well as the

cornea and lens. Unfortunately,

many people are unaware of the

dangers UV light can pose. By

wearing UV-blocking sunglasses,

you can enjoy the summer safely

while lowering your risk for potentially

blinding eye diseases and

tumors. It is important to start

wearing proper eye protection at

an early age to protect your eyes

from years of ultraviolet exposure.

Everyone of any age and any

degree of skin pigmentation

is susceptible to UV damage.

Children are particularly susceptible

to UV damage. People

with light colored eyes may have

an increased risk of certain eye

diseases tied to UV exposure, including

eye cancer. Some studies

show that people with certain eye

diseases such as retinal dystrophy

may be at greater risk for UVrelated

sun damage.

The Ultraviolet (UV) Index,

developed in 1994 by the National

Weather Service (NWS)

and the U.S. Environmental

Protection Agency (EPA) helps

Americans plan outdoor activities

to avoid overexposure to UV

radiation and thereby lower their

risk of adverse health effects. A

high A UV Index reading of 6 to

7 means high risk of harm from

unprotected sun exposure. Protection

against skin and eye damage

is needed. Reduce time in the

sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Cataract is a clouding of the

eye’s lens. The lens must be clear

in order to focus light properly

onto the retina. Extensive exposure

to the sun is one of the

major reasons why we develop

cataracts. Cataract surgery is by

far the most common surgery

performed in the United States.

According to a national Sun

Safety Survey conducted by the

American Academy of Ophthalmology,

only about half of

people who wear sunglasses say

they check the UV rating before

buying. The good news is that

you can easily protect yourself.

In order to be eye smart in the

Living Healthy

sun, the American Academy of

Ophthalmology recommends

the following:

• Wear sunglasses labeled

“100% UV protection”: Use

only glasses that block both

UV-A and UV-B rays and

that are labeled either UV400

or 100% UV protection.

• Choose wraparound styles so

that the sun’s rays can’t enter

from the side.

• If you wear UV-blocking

contact lenses, you’ll still need


• Wear a hat along with your

sunglasses; broad-brimmed

hats are best.

• Remember the kids:It’s best

to keep children out of direct

sunlight during the middle of

the day. Make sure they wear

sunglasses and hats whenever

they are in the sun.

• Know that clouds don’t block

UV light: The sun’s rays can

pass through haze and clouds.

Sun damage to the eyes can

occur any time of year, not

just in summer.

• Be extra careful in UV-intense

conditions: Sunlight is

strongest mid-day to early afternoon,

at higher altitudes,

and when reflected off water,

ice or snow.

By embracing these simple tips,

you and your family can enjoy

the summer sun safely while

protecting your vision …And

if you have a cataract and it’s

time for surgery, remember

Become A Hospice Volunteer…

Because Kindness

Makes a Difference.

Hospice Volunteer Training

A comprehensive 20-hour training program is being offered:

Tuesdays & Thursdays

9 a.m. - Noon

September 6th - 27th, 2018

Community VNA

10 Emory Street

Attleboro, MA

Inquire by August 16th

by contacting:

Carolyn Woodruff,

Volunteer Coordinator

(508) 222-0118, ext. 1371

(800) 220-0110, ext. 1371




FALL Classes begin August 27th.


2 Franklin St. Medway, MA | 508-533-2353



John F. Hatch, M.D.

Roger M. Kaldawy, M.D.

Kameran Lashkari, M.D.

Excellent Eye Care for the Entire Family

that new technologies exist to

optimize vision and outcome:

Bladeless laser cataract surgery

is a major advancement

in cataract treatment, is FDA

approved and embraced by

top Ophthalmologists in the

US and around the world.

At Milford Franklin Eye

Center, we offer in-house optical

service with the best in UV

protection sun glasses. And if

you need cataract surgery, Dr.

Kaldawy is proud to have been

the first surgeon in the area and

among the first in Massachusetts

to offer bladeless laser assisted

cataract surgery. We are

happy to have been pioneers of

this technology in our communities.

We implant high quality

premium lenses, with correction

for distance, near and everything

in between. Many cases of astigmatism

are no longer a problem

as these implants can now be

offered even if you have astigmatism

thanks to bladeless laser

surgery. Our percentage of complications

is one of the lowest in

the Nation and is measured by

independent sources. We operate

in a state-of-the-art surgery center

close to home. 100% of the

surgeries are performed under

topical anesthesia, so only drops,

no need for shots and their risks

and no need for stitches. With 18

years of established experience

and thousands of procedures

performed, we are happy to offer

state-of-the-art medical and surgical

eye care and now closer to

home than ever before.

For more details, see our ad on

this page.

Help us celebrate 25 years of FUN & Fitness at

Flipside Gymnastics!

Flipside helps children

18 months to 18 years old

develop strength, coordination, & self-confidence.

Saturday &

After Hours



508-528-3344 YOUR EYES

391 East Central Street DESERVE

Franklin, MA 02038 THE BEST


160 South Main St (Rt 140)

Milford, MA 01757

Page 14 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages August 2018

August Programs for Adults at

Medway Public Library

Mosaic Art Workshop for

Adults, Monday Aug 20, 2018,

6:30-8:30 p.m.

Leslie from Ways of Color will

be here for a creative workshop

for adults! We will be making circular

sun catchers. Please sign up

in advance.

Thru Hiking the Appalachian

Trail with Sam Ducharme,

Wednesday Aug 22, 2018, 7-8:30


“Not all those who wander are

lost” – J.R.R.Tolkien

Those who attend this program

will be treated to a modernday

adventure. Sam Ducharme

set out on a 2180 mile, 14 state

backpacking trip from Springer

Mountain, Georgia to Mt. Katahdin

Maine. During his sixmonth

journey, he documented

the rugged beauty of the Appalachian

Mountains, the wildlife,

the hardships encountered on the

trail, as well as the people, culture

and humanity at its finest. Come

join him as he takes you through

the trail towns, over the mountaintops

and through the backcountry.

The images and stories

will leave you with a renewed

awe of the beauty of our country

and its people.

See his gear, how he cooked,

and hear what it is like sleeping

in a hammock for six months

through three seasons. You will

also hear how Sam returned to

the trail the following year, connecting

with aspiring Thru Hikers,

paying it forward, and his

return to the summit of Katahdin

one year later.


✻ Fridays:

Fish & Chips

Includes FREE Hot Coffee or Tea

✻ Early Bird Specials $ 4 99 2 Eggs, Homefries, and Toast.

(Mon-Fri, 6-9 am)

Wednesday is Senior Discount Day Receive 10% off.

Breakfast • Lunch • Daily Specials

320 Village Street, Medway • 508-533-4473 •

Full Service


Serving area homeowners and businesses for 64 years!

• Air Conditioning

Central or Ductless

• Equipment Installation

and Service

Have a question or

need information?

Give us a call, we’ll be

happy to assist you.

Sam Ducharme is a retired

K9 Officer and is a lifelong resident

of Connecticut. He has

two adult sons, both serving in

the United States Air Force. As

an avid outdoorsman, and finding

the empty-nest, Sam decided

to buy a backpack and a plane

ticket to Georgia. From there, he

started walking north. With no

prior backpacking experience,

he learned on the trail. Gear, trail

nutrition, enduring the elements,

and the logistics involved in a

long-distance backpacking trip

were hard lessons. After 20 years

working within Connecticut’s

prisons, the search for a positive

recharge resulted in a life changing


• Propane and Oil

Automatic Delivery

• Add Propane as 2nd

Fuel Source

• 24-365 Emergency


12th Annual Thanks

To Yanks 9/11 Tribute

Dinner Registration Open

Annual Tribute to Thank Our Active Duty

Military, Veterans and Their Families

The 12th Annual Thanks To

Yanks Tribute 9/11 Dinner is

now open for registration. This

free dinner on Tuesday, September

11, 2018, from 6 p.m. – 8:15

p.m. at the DoubleTree by Hilton

in Milford, MA is only open

to military members, veterans,

first responders, and families.

This non-political event is to

simply say “Thank You” for the

sacrifices they make to ensure

our freedoms and safety while

remembering the heroes and victims

of 9/11/01. The first tribute

dinner hosted 120 guests and

has continued to grow each year

with over 450 guests in 2017.

This special free tribute dinner

recognizes all military members,

veterans, first responders

and their families, including Blue

and Gold Star families. Registration

is required for the event as

seating will be limited and can be

done at

The dinner will also include:

• Flag Line with Patriot

Guard Riders

• Presentation of Colors

• Blessing of our Heroes





Extended thru


• Presentations

• Flag Tower

• Missing Man Table Ceremony

• Speakers

Thanks To Yanks, is a nonpolitical

501(c)(3) organization

whose mission is to support military

members, veterans and their

families. Founded in 2006 as a

onetime 9/11 Tribute Dinner

to recognize the sacrifices military

families endured in response

to the attacks. Now, as an allvolunteer

organization, Thanks

To Yanks provides resources,

connects the community with

programs and identifies gaps in

service to maximize support of

our military and veterans. For

more information or to donate,

please visit www.thankstoyanks.

org, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

and Instagram.

Thanks To Yanks president

and founder, Michael Shain said,

“We are planning on having a

Medal of Liberty ceremony to

our tribute dinner this year. The

medal is given to the family of a

fallen hero and acknowledges the

sacrifices, made for freedom.”

We sell & install

Above Ground Pools


Inground Pools



Pool & Spa Chemicals

Toys, Games & Floats

Extend your Swim Season!

Universal H-Series Heater


95 Mechanic Street Rte 140 • Bellingham


August 2018 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 15

Milford Federal Bank appoints Kim Anderson to SVP Chief Financial

Officer and promotes Donna Desjardin and Melissa Mestre

Milford Federal Bank is

pleased to announce the appointment

of Kim Anderson to Senior

Vice President- Chief Financial

Officer. Anderson joins Milford

Federal with extensive experience

in the banking industry, including

her most recent position

as Vice President- Director of

Finance at Unibank. Anderson

holds a Bachelor’s Degree from

Worcester State and a MBA

from Nichols College. Additionally,

Anderson graduated from

the Stonier Graduate School of

Banking and earned the Wharton

Leadership Certificate.

Milford Federal is also pleased

to announce the promotions of

Donna Desjardin and Melissa

Mestre. Desjardin was promoted

to the position of Senior Vice

President- Residential & Consumer

Lending. She first joined

Milford Federal in September

1986 as a data entry clerk and

has since held the positions of

Assistant Branch Manager in

Whitinsville, Assistant to the Loan

Officer, Lending/Sales Manager,

Assistant Vice President-Loans

and most recently Vice President-


Mestre was promoted to

the position of Vice President-

Finance. Mestre holds a Bachelor’s

Degree in Accounting

from Worcester State College.

She first joined Milford Federal

in June 1994 as a part time teller.

In 2000, she participated in the

Management Training Program

and has since held the positions

of Assistant to the Treasurer, Finance

Officer and most recently

Assistant Vice President- Finance.

Established in 1887, Milford

Federal Savings & Loan has been

assisting its neighbors and friends

for 131 years. Serving the greater

Milford and Blackstone Valley

areas in Massachusetts and

Northern RI, it has four conveniently

located offices in Milford

and Whitinsville, Massachusetts

and Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Milford Federal can also be found

online at and

on Facebook. Milford Federal is

an Equal Housing Lender and

Member FDIC.

Summer into Fall, Join Medway Community

Education for Pickleball and More

Pickleball has taken off in

Medway! After successful spring

and summer programs, we are

going to offer an early fall session

for adults. The program will

run on Monday evenings starting

September 17. Pickleball is

a combination of tennis, badminton

and ping-pong. It can be

played by just about anyone and

is a great way to exercise, be social

and have a blast. Join us and

find out why the pickleball craze

is sweeping the nation!

Numerous fun and exciting

programs for children are available

in August. Please visit our

website,, for

more information and to register.

Run Your Ads & Inserts With Us!

Call Lori Koller (508) 934-9608

Purchase or Refinance with a 3% Down

Fixed Rate Mortgage Program*

30 Year Fixed Rate

$150 Closing cost credit**

Reduced PMI coverage levels

Purchase and no cash out refinance

Loan Serviced by Milford Federal

Visit and apply

online today, or call 508.634.2500.

*Income guidelines apply. Maximum 97% LTV for 1 unit properties. 2 unit properties eligible to 95% LTV. Offer subject to

credit approval and property eligibility. PMI required. **Closing cost credit for first time home buyers and online purchase

applications only. Other conditions affecting APR may apply. Offer subject to change without notice. NMLS# 465956.

Milford | Whitinsville | Woonsocket

Page 16 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages August 2018

Former Dean College Athletic Director, John Jackson

to Be Inducted into NATYCAA Hall of Fame

Former Dean College Director

of Athletics John Jackson

joined two other athletic

administrators being inducted

into the National Alliance of

Two-Year College Athletic Administrators


of Fame in June.

Jackson, who was named the

Under Armour Athletic Director

of the Year on three separate occasions

(2002, 2010, 2014), was

inducted alongside Ron Case, the

former AD at Rowan College-

Gloucester County and Mary

Ellen Leicht, the former CEO of

the National Junior College Athletic

Association (NJCAA).

“John’s tireless work on behalf

of the student-athletes at Dean

and other institutions continues

to be noticed long after his retirement,”

said Dean College

President, Dr. Paula M. Rooney.

“That is a testament to his exemplary

work as an administrator,

instructor and coach, and we are

thrilled for him to receive such an

incredible honor.”

The honor for Jackson came

after he spent 37 years in various

roles at Dean College – including

27 as the Director of Athletics.

His tenure with the Bulldogs

began in 1980 when he took over

the men’s basketball program

and guided them to 120 wins in

ten seasons – the most in the history

of the program.

Jackson also served two separate

stints as the head softball

coach. His first run (2002-04)

produced a pair of 20+ win seasons

– including a school-record

23 in 2002 - as well as two Region

XXI Championships (2002,

2003). Five seasons later, Jackson

returned for five more seasons

(2010-14) culminating in an

18-win season in 2014 that saw

Dean finish second in the region.

As an administrator, Jackson

was instrumental in the construction

of baseball and softball dugouts,

the naming of Dale Lippert

Field, the synthetic turf installation

at Grant Field, and in the

process of moving the College’s

athletic program from NJCAA

affiliation towards full National

Collegiate Athletic Association

(NCAA) membership.

After stepping down as AD

on January 1, 2016, Jackson

moved into the role of Director

of NCAA Compliance, working

closely with head coaches and

student-athletes on issues of eligibility

and retention before retiring

in the spring of 2017.

Jackson’s work was not contained

to just Dean College as he

served on numerous regional and

national committees. He was the

Chair of the Standard and Ethics

Committee for the NJCAA,

while also serving on the NJCAA

Men’s Lacrosse Committee.

Additionally, he held the position

of women’s and men’s

regional director of the NJCAA

and was on the Executive Committee

for the National Association

of Collegiate Directors of

Athletics (NACDA).

The College itself has honored

Jackson’s commitment, renaming

the court inside of Pieri

Gymnasium after him in 2017

and then establishing the John A.

Jackson Sportsmanship Award,

given annually to the studentathlete

who best demonstrates

the qualities of sportsmanship.

The ceremony took place on

June 28 at the Gaylord National

Resort and Convention Center in

Oxon Hill, Md., just outside of

Washington, D.C.

For the latest information

on Dean College Athletics,



Fine Cherry Furniture

Made in Massachusetts


10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Come visit our Made FACTORY in Massachusetts


131 Morse Street | Foxboro | 508-543-9417 |

Hours: Monday - Thursday: 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Friday: 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Saturday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. CLOSED Sunday

August 2018 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 17

Why You Need Life

Insurance — Even with

No Dependents.

You may think you don’t need

to worry about life insurance

until, or if, you have children.

After all, there’s no one who relies

on you to feed, clothe, and

educate them. Remaining uninsured,

however, could prove to

be a big financial mistake, even

without dependents. Here’s why.

Life insurance can shield

your surviving loved ones from

financial hardships they may face

if you pass away unexpectedly.

This could apply to anyone who

relies on your ability to provide

for them financially, including

aging parents or a spouse who

doesn’t work outside the home.

Even if your spouse has a fullor

part-time job, consider what

would happen if the income

you bring in was permanently

lost. Would your spouse be able

to handle all living expensesincluding

large bills like mortgage

payments? Would he or she be

able to continue paying off any

debts you share?

Many partners would not be

able to cover the expenses of

their current lifestyles without

two incomes. So, considering life

insurance to protect each other is

a critical financial planning step.

If you decide to look into life

insurance, you will have to decide

how much you and your spouse

need to protect each other.

There are several ways to

determine how much coverage

you will need. One method is to

multiply your salary by five or 10.

This may make the most sense,

however, when you have minor

dependents who will need financial

help to see them through college

and early adulthood.

If you and your partner simply

want to protect each other,

you may need coverage that will

cover only one to two years of


Perhaps the most accurate

way to measure how much you

will require is to consider the

amount your surviving spouse

would need to handle his or her

actual financial needs, whether

it’s paying off the mortgage, satisfying

debts, or providing care to

aging parents.

Life insurance can provide

you with peace of mind and

the knowledge that your surviving

loves ones won’t face serious

financial hardship after you’re


This educational, third-party

article is provided as a courtesy

by Michael Damon, Agent, (CA

Ins. Lic. 0I60938) New York Life

Insurance Company. To learn

more about the information or

topics discussed, please contact

Michael Damon at (508) 321-



Michael Estrin, “7 Reasons to Buy

Life Insurance Now,” Bankrate, May



Karen Carr, “How to Avoid Lifestyle

Inflation,” Credit Karma, March

2016. https://www.creditkarma.

com/article/avoid-lifestyle- inflation-31416

Barbara Marquand, “How Much

Life Insurance Do I Need?” Nerd-

Wallet, August 2015. https://www.


August 25th

Registration: 7:30PM

Race Begins: 8:30PM

Medway High School


5k run

Kids fun run

Walk for fun

We encourage

glow in the dark

outfits for fun



Get a free tee shirt!


Sgt. Jason Brennan


The Medway Police Association is

hosting its first annual Medway

Police Chase, a 5K Road Race!

The race will take place on

August 25, 2018 at Medway High School

from 7:30PM to 11:30PM

The Medway Police Association is striving to give back to the community we care so much

about! We have organized the first annual Medway Police Chase 5K in order to raise

money to benefit local organizations. In the past we have donated to numerous groups

within the town of Medway, such as the Medway High School Football and Hockey teams,

Medway Youth Baseball, the Medway Amateur Basketball Association, the Medway Lions

Club and the Medway Boy Scouts. The Medway Police Association has organized an

extremely successful Christmas gift drive, “In Pursuit of Presents” for children in need.

We also have had the opportunity to sponsor Movie Nights at Thayer House through

Medway Cable Access.

We would love to continue our fundraising efforts, but cannot do it without the help of our

community! For that reason, the Medway Police Association invites you to participate in

the Medway Police Chase 5K!

Help us End Summer “On the Run”!





315 Village St, Medway, MA 02053 •

Run Your Ads & Inserts With Us! Call Lori Koller (508) 934-9608

Visit Us at Our

MILFORD location!

Commercial Accounts



235 E. Main St., Milford

We aren’t just

car batteries -

we have batteries

for all your needs.



for the month of August!*




Present this ad at time of purchase.




• Open Daily

• Bakery with Fresh Muffins/Pastries

• Breakfast and Lunch Sandwiches

• Best Blueberry Muffins Since Jordan Marsh


with a purchase of a muffin with this coupon



Expire 8-31-2018

Receive 10% off any cake

with this coupon

All our cakes are made from scratch on the premises

Expire 8-31-2018


116 Main Street, Medway

(508) 533-6655

32 Hasting Street, Rte 16. Mendon

(508) 381-0249

Page 18 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages August 2018

Dean College Welcomes Former NFL Standout Sammy

Morris to Coaching Staff

Sammy Morris, a 12-

year National Football League

(NFL) veteran who played for

four different organizations,

including four seasons with

the New England Patriots,

has been named the running

backs coach at Dean College

it was announced on Tuesday


A member of the Eastern

Collegiate Football Conference

(ECFC), Dean competes at the

NCAA Division III level and

in recent years has transitioned

from a junior college to a fouryear

institution in the process of

gaining NCAA membership.

Morris, who has been

an assistant strength and

conditioning coach with the

Patriots since the 2016 season and

an assistant coach at Attleboro

(Mass.) High since 2013, will take

over a ground game at Dean that

ran for more than 150 yards per

game and nine touchdowns a

season ago.

“We are extremely excited

to announce the hiring of

Sammy Morris to coach the

running backs and special

teams at Dean College,” said

head coach Steve Tirrell. “His

knowledge and experience will

make an immediate impact on

our coaching staff and student


Morris had a decorated

NFL career, rushing for more

than 3,000 yards and 26

touchdowns while playing for the

aforementioned Patriots, Buffalo

Bills, Miami Dolphins and the

Dallas Cowboys.

A fifth-round pick out of

Texas Tech by the Bills in the

2000 NFL Draft, Morris played

four seasons in Buffalo before

signing with Miami in 2004.

After spending three seasons

with the Dolphins - including

the 2004 season when he was

Miami’s leading rusher - Morris

signed with Patriots in time for

the historic 2007 campaign,

in which New England was

undefeated until a Super Bowl

loss to the New York Giants.

During New England’s

undefeated 16-0 regular season,

Morris had back-to-back 100-

yard rushing performances

against Cincinnati (21 carries,

117 yards, TD) and Cleveland

(21 carries, 102 yards). His

season was derailed one week

later, however, when he suffered

a season-ending injury against

the Cowboys.

The 2008 campaign proved

to be the best season of Morris’

career, rushing for a career-best

757 yards and seven touchdowns

on 4.7 yards per carry. He had a

monster performance against the

Broncos in October, running for

a career-high 138 yards on just

16 carries in a 41-7 New England


Morris spent two more

seasons in New England before

being released right before the

start of the 2011 season. He was

scooped up by the Cowboys late

in the season and ran for 98 yards

in three games.

He played two seasons of

college football at Texas Tech

and was an integral part (33

carries, 170 yards) of the Red

Raiders upset of No. 5 Texas

A&M back in 1999.

A 2000 graduate of Texas Tech

with a degree in communication

studies, Morris graduated from

the Harvard Business School’s

NFL Business Management

and Entrepreneurial Program in


Dean football student-athletes

are slated to return for preseason

practice beginning on August 10.

Their first game is a little more

than three weeks later when

they travel to Curry College on

Saturday, September 1.

For more information on

Dean College, visit www.dean.






Tree Service





1060 Pulaski Blvd., Bellingham, MA 02019

Junk Removal

& Light Demolition

- Great Service-

Reasonable Rates -













Third Annual Party For the Pantry

Raises $10K for Franklin Food Pantry

Just a little late to the party here

but here’s an overdue shout out

of gratitude to everyone involved

in this year’s Party For The Pantry

to benefit the Franklin Food

Pantry. Recently, myself, William

James and Deirdre Donovan

met with Erin Lynch from

the pantry to deliver a $10,000

check from money raised at the

event! We’d like to thank everyone

who came out to support

the cause. Thank you for selling

out the event and spending your

money on raffle items, 50/50

and that little extra at the end of

the night that evened us out at

$10,000! Thank you to the bands

who donated their talents for

the night... Charity Case, South

Street Six, Karate Show and Play

Dirty (Kev Dagle, Todd Boisvert,

Jim Lauzonis and myself).

Thank you to all of our generous

Attention Homeowners

Add some CoLor to your Home!

We know colors!

Interior & Exterior Painting

Kitchen Cabinets Refinished


2 Old Fuddy Duddy Painters with 30+ years experience


Call for an Estimate • BILL 508-868-5226

sponsors... F&P Molla Inc., Middlesex

Savings Bank, The UPS

Store 0738, Dean Bank, The

Elemen-Tree House, Longobardi

Construction, Reardon

HVAC and Myfm 101.3. Thank

you to Tim Rice Photo for some

great photos... visit his page to

see them! Thank you to This Is

Just A Test for filming the show

for future segments on the show.

Thank you to all who volunteered

to make sure things ran

as smoothly as they did. Thank

you to all who donated some

amazing raffle items! Thank you

to Roger Bear Caissie for making

the bands sound so good. And

thank you to the THE BLACK

BOX Online for putting up with

the noise... haha. And thank you

to Erin Lynchfor all you do for

the community! See you next


-Ray Auger, MyFM 101.3



August 2018 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 19

Calendar of Events

August 1

Minuteman Network Library

Crawl, includes Millis and

Medway Public Libraries, get

your PASSPORT at your local

library, visit five participating library

sites and take a photo with

a featured item and win a prize.

(one per family or group). Visit


org/ for details.

Medway Cable Access 2018

Movies in the Park: Black

Panther, Choate Park behind

Thayer House, free admission,

concessions for sale, in case of

rain movie inside Thayer House

Millis Theatre Group auditions

for The Odd Couple (scheduled

November 1, 2 & 3), 7

p.m., Millis Town Hall, lower

level room 18, $25 participation

fee if chosen, scripts at Samuel

French, Inc., Amazon or may be

available from your local library.

August 2

Franklin Performing Arts

Company (FPAC) presents the

2018 Whatever Theater Festival,

featuring Shakespeare’s

Macbeth, 8 p.m., Franklin Town

Common, free, call (508) 528-

3370 or visit www.FPAConline.

com for more information.

Medway Farmers Market,

4-7 p.m., Medway VFW, 123

Holliston St., Medway

August 3

Silver Screen Matinee, 1

p.m., Millis Public Library, 961

Main St., Millis, PG13; 102

MIN; 2002 Top attorney Lucy

clashes with her real-estatedeveloper

boss and decides to

resign. Romance develops after

her boss demands that Lucy find

a replacement.

Franklin Performing Arts

Company (FPAC) presents the

2018 Whatever Theater Festival,

featuring Shakespeare’s

Macbeth, 8 p.m., Franklin

Town Common, free, call

(508) 528-3370 or visit www. for more information.

August 8

Medway Cable Access

2018 Movies in the Park: Toy

Story, Choate Park behind

Thayer House, free admission,

concessions for sale, in case

of rain movie inside Thayer


Millis Theatre Group auditions

for The Odd Couple (scheduled

November 1, 2 & 3), 7

p.m., Millis Town Hall, lower

level room 18, $25 participation

fee if chosen, scripts at Samuel

French, Inc., Amazon or may be

available from your local library.

August 9

Craig Harris, “newgrass”

music, Author of Bluegrass, Newgrass,

Old-Time, and Americana

Music, 6 p.m., Millis Public Library,

961 Main St., Millis

Medway Farmers Market,

4-7 p.m., Medway VFW, 123

Holliston St., Medway

August 10

Silver Screen Matinee, 1

p.m., Millis Public Library, 961

Main St., Millis, (R); 113 MIN;

2017 Fraternal twin brothers try

to find their biological father

during a cross-country road trip.

August 15

Medway Cable Access 2018

Movies in the Park: The Greatest

Showman, Choate Park

behind Thayer House, free ad-

Clip and save this coupon


50 OFF

Your next plumbing

or heating repair*

mission, concessions for sale, in

case of rain movie inside Thayer


August 16

Medway Farmers Market,

4-7 p.m., Medway VFW, 123

Holliston St., Medway

August 17

Silver Screen Matinee, 1

p.m., Millis Public Library, 961

Main St., Millis, (PG); 96 MIN;

1992 After witnessing her gangster

boyfriend commit a murder,

a lounge singer hides out in a

convent. While adjusting to her

new conditions, Deloris helps

transform the choir, thus attracting

a lot of attention.

August 18

COA Scrap Metal Day, 9

a.m. – 1 p.m., Veterans Memorial

Building, Millis, scrap

metal drive to benefit Millis

COA, metal donations, including

washing machines, dryers,

bicycles, metal shelving, aluminum

or steel, cans, metal desks,

filing cabinets, old plumbing, or

wiring, pickup available for $10

donation, computers, flat screen

monitors (only) and printers will

be accepted on site for a $15.

Call Millis COA at (508) 376-

7051 for more information.

August 20

Mosaic Art Workshop, with

Leslie from Ways of Color,

6:30-8:30 p.m., Medway Public

Library, 26 High St., Medway,

please sign up in advance

August 22

Medway Cable Access 2018

Movies in the Park: The Incredibles,

Choate Park behind

Thayer House, free admission,

concessions for sale, in case of

rain movie inside Thayer House

Thru Hiking the Appalachian

Trail with Sam Ducharme,

7-8:30 p.m., Medway

Public Library, 26 High St.,


August 23

Medway Farmers Market,

4-7 p.m., Medway VFW, 123

Holliston St., Medway

August 24

Silver Screen Matinee, 1

p.m., Millis Public Library,

961 Main St., Millis, (PG); 106

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system installations.


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MIN; 1993 Sequel in which

Deloris reunites with her sisters

to teach music at an inner-city

school and save it from being

shut down.

August 25

Medway Police Chase, 7:30

p.m. – 11:30 p.m., to benefit

local organizations through the

Medway Police Association, 315

Village St., Medway, Medway-,



August 30

Medway Farmers Market,

4-7 p.m., Medway VFW, 123

Holliston St., Medway

August 31

Silver Screen Matinee, 1

p.m., Millis Public Library, 961

Main St., Millis, (PG); 104 MIN;

2018 A country-music star reconnects

with an old flame while

visiting his hometown in Louisiana.

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Page 20 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages August 2018


Kraby Replaces Olson as New Millis Football Coach

By Ken Hamwey,

Staff Sports Writer

Brian Kraby is the new varsity

football coach at Millis High.

The 41-year-old Kraby, who

has a long and rich tradition

at Millis, played football and

baseball for the Mohawks, was a

member of the 1994 Super Bowl

championship squad, coached

as an assistant there for 15 years

and currently is in his eighth year

as a social studies teacher at the

high school.

Kraby replaces Dana Olson,

Your Vision;

Our Mission

Michael T. Damon

Financial Adviser*

Damon Financial, LLC**

45 Milford Street, Suite 3

Medway, MA 02053

(508) 321-2101

Registered Representative offering investments through

NYLIFE Securities LLC (member FINRA/SIPC),

A licensed Insurance Agency and wholly owned

subsidiary of New York Life Insurance and an agent

licensed to sell insurance through New York Life

Insurance Company and may be licensed to sell

insurance through various other independent

unaffiliated companies.

*Financial Adviser offering investment advisory Services

through Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment


** Damon Financial, LLC is not owned or operated by

NYLIFE Securities LLC or its affiliates.

who led the Mohawks to a pair

of Super Bowl crowns the last

two years. Olson will be working

on a bachelor’s degree in the future,

and he’ll also be returning

as an assistant coach. He’ll be the

defensive coordinator at Milford

High this fall.

“I’m honored and humbled to

be selected as the school’s football

coach,’’ Kraby said. “Millis

has a great tradition with winning

football, and its previous

coaches have built and sustained

a rich history with the program.’’

No stranger to the Millis

program, Kraby previously

spent eight years as an assistant

to Dave Sperandio from 1997-

2005 and his last stint with the

Mohawks was as their freshman

coach (2012-2014). He also

was an assistant at Framingham

High for two seasons. Kraby is

acutely aware that taking the

head-coaching reins after Olson

guided Millis to bowl victories

over Maynard and Hoosac Valley

the last two years will be a

Herculean task. But, he’s eager to

get started. Opening night for the

Mohawks will be Sept. 7 against

non-league Brighton.

“It’ll be a challenge to keep

the success going, but I know

we can sustain it,’’ Kraby emphasized.

“I’ve got confidence in

myself, and I know what’s needed

to get the job done. Coaching at

the lower levels is a plus, because

that’s where much of the teaching

goes on.’’

Kraby intends to work vigorously

with the youth program

and the middle school team to

ensure that Millis’ participation

numbers increase. “My goals are

to build a thriving culture from

the ground up and to make sure

the program feeds itself,’’ Kraby

noted. “And, we want to continue

with a winning tradition. I’ll

stress fundamentals, repetitions

and being in top-notch physical


Although most of the Mohawks’

skilled-position players

will be graduating, Kraby sees

strength in both lines and believes

his forces can contend for

another Tri Valley League Small

Division crown.

“We’ll need to replace 18 seniors

and a lot of players at the

skilled positions —he said. “But,

we’ll be good enough to compete

for the division title. Our nucleus

(about eight players) is solid,

and we’ll have some new faces.

Our kids are blue-collar types,

and they’re inspired and hungry

to excel. And, our captains

are quality leaders — seniors

Thomas Sallon (linebacker/tight

end) and Stephen Melia (fullback/linebacker.’’

Labeling his style as “intense,’’

Kraby, nevertheless, has

a keen knack for connecting with

youths. “The most important

aspect of my job is to teach our

kids to be young men with strong

character and good morality,’’

Kraby said. “Football is a way for

them to build a good foundation

for those attributes.’’

Chuck Grant, the athletic director

at Millis, is pleased Kraby

is on board, and he’s a big fan of

his style. “As a former captain of

the football program that won

a Super Bowl in 1994, Brian is

rich in Millis tradition’’ Grant

said. “He also was an assistant

coach when we won the 1999

Super Bowl. We’re excited to

have him lead our program and

to enhance its success in all the

key impact areas with his passion

and enthusiasm.’’

Kraby recalled the atmosphere

of that surrounded the

1994 squad. “We had gone 1-9

the year before,’’ Kraby said.

“But, there was a special energy

and a sense of brotherhood. We

weren’t big, but we worked hard

and we were fast. Our team

chemistry was phenomenal.’’

Kraby played guard, linebacker

and nose tackle at 5-8

and 190 pounds. He also was a

catcher in baseball. After graduation

in 1995, he enrolled at

UMass-Dartmouth, played linebacker

and center for two years

but later transferred to Framingham

State where he earned

a degree in history. He also has

master’s degrees from Cambridge

College and American

International College in education

and school leadership.

A native of Millis, Kraby and

his wife Mary have three sons

and a daughter.

Aware that he’s following outstanding

coaches like Ernie Richards,

Sperandio, Dale Olmsted

and Olson, Kraby mentions their

efforts in superlatives. “I played

for coach Sperandio and he was

a great motivator whose football

knowledge was so expansive,’’

Kraby said. “All of these coaches

were outstanding and excelled in

different ways.

Another coach Kraby admired

was his late father (Don-


continued on page 21

August 2018 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 21


Millis Girls Soccer Aims to Defend State Title

By Christopher Tremblay,

Staff Sports Writer

Prior to last fall, the Millis

girls’ soccer team had qualified

for the Division 4 South

Tournament three out of the

four years. Unfortunately during

that time frame, the Mohawks

were knocked out twice in the

Quarter Finals and once in the

Semi Finals. Last season was a

different story, and Millis was

able to exorcise all their demons.

After finishing the regular

season 12-2-2 the squad was

awarded a two seed in the

tournament where they quickly

showed that this year was going to

be different. Millis dispatched of

Rising Tide (8-0), Cohasset (3-1)

and Coyle and Cassidy (4-0) to

grab the Division 4 South Title.

Next up was uncharted waters

for these girls – the Division 4

State Tournament. Millis edged

Amesbury 2-1 and then Millbury

1-0 to grab their first State Title

in eight years.

Millis Coach Steve Bailen

knew last fall was going to be


“The year before we won

the State Title, the girls felt

strongly that they could have

gone further (Millis went 10-

4-4 in the regular season and

was eliminated in the Quarter

Finals), so leading up to tryouts

last season they were focused,”

the Coach said. “It was a team

that had athleticism, speed, skill,

persistence and aggression. We

started off roughly with a tie, a

loss and another tie before finally

pulling things together.”

Coming into this season, the

Mohawks will be without the

help of nine seniors from last

year’s squad. Bailen considers it

to be a rebuilding of the team

where he’ll have to do some

shuffling of players to find that

right consistency.

“I’m going to have to figure

out where everyone will play

and what they bring to the team.

That’s all part of being a coach,”

Bailen said. “I’ve already had a

group meeting with the team

setting the tone for the upcoming


The Millis Coach let his team

know that this was the time

to get start getting into soccer

shape and putting their heads in

the right frame of mind. While

winning a State Championship

was great, it’s now in the past, and

everything going forward should

be what they can contribute to

the team this upcoming season.

Looking to lead the team back

onto the field and in the right

direction will be the three senior

captains in Riley Donovan, Jess

Krauss and Caira Moynihan.

They all know what is needed

to not only get back into the

Sectionals but return to the State


“Coming into the season, we

need to prepare as much as we

did last year when we fell short,”

Krauss said. “This is a new team,

and we need to bond to become

successful. As captains, we are

pushing the conditioning, so that

we are fit to play in the TVL


With 12 girls returning to the

field, things shouldn’t be all that

bad as to knowing where to play

and what they bring to the team.

Bailen is hoping that the new girls

can come in right away and gel

while creating a chemistry with

the rest of the team. Moynihan

and the rest of the captains

already have the incoming girls

working out to get ready for the

season, but have been going to

camps and bonding.

Winning the States was a

team effort, and will once again,

everyone will have to be on the

same page if they want to defend

their title.

“We all showed determination

throughout the regular season,

but once we got into the

tournament we needed to raise

our game,” Donovan said. “In

order to be successful, we had

to work hard and everyone

gave 150% on the field; we

worked our butts off to get those


Capturing the State Title was

another success story for Millis

High School, the last time the

girls’ soccer team was in 2009.

In order for the Mohawks to

do that last fall the team found

themselves on the right pace

entering the tournament.

“Everyone was clicking, and

once there they were calm, cool

and collective and knew what

had to be done,” Bailen said. “If

it’s not broken don’t fix it. They

shook off the nerves and went on

the run.”

Millis Soccer Captains Riley Donovan, Jess Krauss and Caira Moynihan

are shown here with their team’s state championship plaque. This

year, having graduated nine seniors last year, the team is starting from

scratch defending the title.

While being a part of a team to

capture the State Championship

was a thrilling experience, the

squad wanted to win it for one of

their coaches.

“It was really emotional

winning the States, but we

wanted to win it for Coach

Olivia Zitoli, a member of the

2009 team,” Donovan said. “We

wanted to win it for her as well

as bringing it back to the school.”

When the season opens up,

Millis is hoping to avoid the start

they had last year and go out and

play Mohawk soccer.

“The Tri Valley League is

very tough and definitely makes

us better,” Moynihan said. “As

long as we play them tough, it

sets us up to be successful.”


continued from page 20

ald), who helped him coach the

2014 freshman team at Millis.

“My dad previously coached at

Xaverian,’’ Kraby noted. “He

showed me how to mold players

into responsible young men. He

was such a high-caliber mentor.’’

Kraby’s philosophy of

competing will be linked to

competing hard to win, to reach

one’s potential and to enjoy an

athletic experience. And, when

the moment is right, he’ll let his

players know that their sport is

a fertile venue to learn real life


“Life isn’t easy, and at times,

people have to deal with issues,’’

Kraby said. “Sports can teach

how to overcome adversity,

how to be responsible and

accountable, and how to be

a good teammate, no matter

whether it’s in business, education

or sports.’’

The new football coach at

Millis has exceptional perspective

on his new responsibilities.

For all your Automotive Needs Both Import & Domestic

1461 Main Street, Millis, MA 02054

508-376-2557 • 800-894-2557 •

Steve Bullock

Page 22 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages August 2018

Dean College Honored Among

National Colleges of Distinction

Dean College has been

recognized for its committed

implementation of High-Impact

Educational Practices, earning

its title as one of the nation’s

Colleges of Distinction. This is

the third consecutive year that

Dean College has earned this


“We are absolutely thrilled

to recognize Dean College as

a College of Distinction for its

effective dedication to student

success,” said Tyson Schritter,

Chief Operating Officer

for Colleges of Distinction.

“Colleges of Distinction is so

impressed with Dean College’s

curriculum, which is enriched

with the kind of High-Impact

Educational Practices that

are most crucial for student

development. Such innovative

engagement is preparing the

next generation of young adults

to thrive after college.”

Colleges of Distinction’s

selection process consists of

a review of each institution’s

freshman experience and

retention efforts alongside its

general education programs,

alumni success, strategic plan,

student satisfaction, and more.

Schools are accepted on the

basis that they adhere to the Four

Distinctions: Engaged Students,

Great Teaching, Vibrant

Community, and Successful


“Colleges of Distinction is

far more than a ranking list

of colleges and universities,”

said Schritter. “We seek out the

schools that are wholly focused

on the student experience,

constantly working to produce

graduates who are prepared for

a rapidly changing global society.

Now recognized as a College of

Distinction, Dean College stands

out in the way it strives to help

New England Steak & Seafood Restaurant

its students to learn, grow, and


Dean College has been

further recognized with a Field

of Study badge for its Business

Management program. This is

the second consecutive year that

Dean College has earned this

honor. College of Distinction’s

Field of Study badges were

created to recognize colleges and

universities like Dean College

for their innovative leadership

in higher education. Those who

have received this honor have

proven themselves for qualities

such as breadth of program and

track record for success.

To learn more about the

many awards, recognitions and

accomplishments that Dean

College continues to be honored

with, visit For

more information on Colleges

of Distinction, visit www.

Crafters Wanted for St.

Joseph Christmas Fair

St. Joseph Parish in Medway

will host its annual Christmas

Marketplace and Bake Shoppe

on Saturday, November 17th

from 9 – 3. Applications for table

space are now available. Table

space costs $60, $50 if you provide

your own table. Take $10 off

early bird registration if you register

by September 15th. Spaces

are assigned on a first come first

served basis.

We ask that you refrain from

bringing “attic treasures,” but

small businesses are welcome.

Our foot traffic last year was in

excess of 500 hundred attendees.

Volunteers will be available to

help you with your table set up!

The Fair is held at St. Joseph

Parish Center located at 145

Holliston Street in Medway.

Please call (508) 533-7771 for a

table space application.

Join the Library

Crawl August 1st!

On Wednesday, August 1st,

Millis Public Library is taking

part in a cross-community Library

Crawl. Spend a day visiting

local area libraries to discover

what is special about each! Start

at one of the participating libraries

and get your PASSPORT

with all relevant information.

Each library has one thing that

you must find and take a picture

with. If you visit at least five sites

and show your pictures to the librarians,

you’ll get a highly coveted

prize (one prize per family

or group). This is an event for all

ages - all you need is a love for

libraries and a mode of transportation!

Participating libraries

close to Millis include Medfield

Public Library, Medway Public

Library, and Sherborn Public

Library. For a list of all participating

libraries visit

BANQUET ROOMS for any size party.

Rehearsal Dinners & Bereavements

Route 16, Mendon • 508-473-5079

Yoga at the Ashram

First Class Free!

Student Summer Special

Unlimited Yoga Classes Only $30

Now Through August 31, 2018

Check it out Today:

368 Village St, Millis, MA


Marine Corps League

“Once a Marine, Always a Marine”

Norfolk County Detachment

Meetings held 3rd Tuesday of each month (except July and August)

7PM Norwood V.F.W., 193 Dean Street, Norwood, MA 02062

For Membership Info contact Bill Maguire


Millis Athletic Hall of Fame Created

Induction Ceremony to Be Held

November 24, 2018

The Millis Athletic Hall of

Fame (HOF) Committee is so

pleased to announce the creation

of an Athletic Hall of Fame for

Millis High School! The Committee

received many nominations

of outstanding athletes,

coaches, and teams and we are

honored to recognize the 2018

inaugural class:

Coach Ernie Richards


John Monaghan (Class of


Jim Caddell (Class of 1981)

Mickey Lipsett (Class of


1965 Football Team

The induction ceremony will

be held on Saturday, November

24, 2018 at the Medway VFW


The HOF Committee is hoping

to raise its awareness in the

local community and create a

place in Millis High School to

honor and commemorate our

athletes, coaches and contributors

for years to come. We are

asking for donations to help

defray the initial costs of installation,

purchasing plaques, the

Induction banquet and other logistical


Donations of any size are

greatly appreciated to help us

meet our first-year goals and give

the Hall of Fame a permanent

location in the halls of Millis

High School.

Here are ways you can make

a donation:

A check made out to Millis

Athletics Hall of Fame and mailed

to 208 Orchard Street, Millis,

MA 02054

• Donations can also be made

through PayPal to the email

address MohawkHOF@

Individual contributors will be

recognized in the event program

in one of the following categories:

Varsity: $1-$49

All-League: $50-$124

Superfan: $125-$199

Ultimate Mohawk: $200


Corporate sponsors will receive

an advertisement in the

event program and be recognized

in one of the following categories:

Bronze: $200-300

Silver: $300-$400

Gold: $400-$500

Platinum: $500 Plus

We thank you for your generosity!

Millis Athletic HOF Committee

August 2018 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 23

Medway Public Library August Youth Events


Tuesdays and Wednesdays at

11 a.m.

Newborns – 3 year-olds are

invited to this drop-in program

of stories, fingerplay and songs

accompanied by mountain dulcimer.

Children must be accompanied

by parent/caregiver.



Thursdays and Fridays at 11




Ages 10 months-5 years.* A

drop-in story time with songs,

stories, and craft. All children

must be accompanied by a caregiver.

* These ages are flexible! If

you think your children will enjoy

story time, please bring them.


Thursdays beginning July

26th. 4:30 p.m.

Join Miss Lucy at the Medway

Farmers’ Market for storytime

outside the Library! Books and

songs and fresh veggies go together

like peas in a pod. Located

at the VFW parking lot. See you


Summer Reading




Drop in to learn about the Libraries

Rock! Summer Reading

Program. Pick up your reading

log, bookmarks, and add your

name to the bulletin board. View

the prize packs that you can earn

tickets for by reading throughout

the summer. You can sign up for

Summer Reading activities anytime

this summer!


claimed anytime beginning August

20th. Every reader should

stop by Miss Lucy’s office to

choose a brand new book, sticker

sheet, and coupons for local fun!

PRIZE DRAWING for Kids will

be held after the Monday Movie

on August 20th at approximately


for Teens will be after their

movie night on August 27th, at

approximately 8:15 p.m. You do

not need to be present to win,

but make sure all your tickets are

turned in before the movie starts.

TUMBLEBUS: Tumblebus is

a fully padded converted school

bus that is filled with gymnastics

equipment to provide a safe and

fun environment for children.

August 10th and August 24th.

Please sign-up in advance for a

spot on the bus at 10:15 or 10:45.

Ages 2-5.

Monday Movie Madness:

Join us for an indoor movie, bring

your lunch, movies will be family

friendly. Weekly beginning July 2.

11:30 a.m. No sign-up required.

All Ages.

Lunch at the Library: Tuesdays,

Wednesdays, and Thursdays

beginning June 26, 11:45

a.m. Lunch will be served free

of charge for children and their

caregivers on a first come, first

served basis. In the Cole Room.

Read with a Teacher: Medway

teachers will be visiting the

public library this summer to

read stories and to hear you read

to them! Join us for lunch and

then get cozy in the Story Room.

Come to see your next year

teacher, your last year teacher,

or visit every week! Schedule is

posted inside the Library. Thursdays

at 12:30. All ages. Drop In.

Life Size PacMan: Experience

the rush of becoming one

of the most iconic video game

characters of all time by playing

Pac-Man in person. As you run

through this giant-size maze,

you’ll try to gather as many dots

as possible without running into

the Ghosts. Monday, August

6th. Ages 6-10 at 4 p.m. Ages 10

and up at 5:30 p.m. Register or

Drop In.

Parachute Adventures:

We will play parachute games,

learn new songs, strengthen our

muscles, sharpen our listening

skills and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!

These activities will be geared to

the older parachute enthusiast,

younger siblings are welcome to

attend Toddler Jam at the same

time or stay with a caregiver and

watch the big kids.

August 7th and August 21st.

11 a.m. Ages 4-8. Sign-up or


Parachute Playgroup: Enjoy

a story, parachute activities, and

a craft with Miss Lucy and Miss

Yvette from Walpole CFCE.

Ages 2-5. Registration preferred.

Monday, August 20th. 10:30 a.m.

These activities are sponsored

by the Medway Public Library

and Walpole CFCE Program

which is funded through the

Massachusetts Department of

Early Education and Care’s Coordinated

Family and Community

Engagement Grant.

Karaoke Coding: In this

workshop from the Rhode Island

Computer Museum, we’ll use

portable microphones and free

coding software to learn basic

sound design using simple programs

to record / modify our

voices and design your very own

beat box.

Friday, August 10th, 10:30

a.m. Ages 10 and up. Sign-up in


Teen Paint and Sip: Bring

your favorite summer cup, library

will provide cool summer

drinks and fruit garnish. Paint

along with acrylics and go home

with an original piece of art!

Monday, August 13th, 6 p.m.

Ages 12 and up. Sign-up in advance.

Mosaic Art Workshop: Leslie

from Ways of Color will be here

for a creative workshop!! We will

be making mosaic framed mirrors.

Brighten up your bedroom

or your new locker! Monday, August

20th, 4 p.m. Ages 12 and up.

Sign-up in advance.

Teen Summer Reading

Finale! Interactive Movie

Monday, August 27th, 6 p.m.

Teens will have the opportunity

to vote for our end-ofsummer

movie. Voting poster

will be on display in the YA area

beginning August 1st. Voting will

close on Tuesday, August 21st at

8 p.m. When you arrive at movie

night, you will receive a goody

bag of props and instructions

to enhance your entertainment

experience. And there will be

snacks. Ages 12 and up. Register

in advance. Movie may be rated

PG or PG-13.

For more information and to register

for events and programs visit

Contact Children’s Librarian, Lucy

Anderson, with any questions at

or (508) 533-3217.

Medway Democratic Town Committee

Awards Clorite Scholarship

The Robert and Evelyn Clorite

Book Scholarship Award is

named in honor of two of the

founding members of the Medway

Democratic Town Committee

(MDTC). Longtime residents

of Medway, Mr. and Mrs. Clorite

were active participants in local

and state electoral politics and

strongly believed in the importance

of education.

Any Medway High School senior

who resides in the Town of

Medway is eligible to apply. The

2018 Book Scholarship Award is

six hundred dollars ($600) and

will be awarded to the applicant

deemed by the MDTC to

have best met the task described.

Thank you to Bob, Jenn, Tracy

and Judy for their work selecting

the best essay.

This year’s winner is Jonathan

(Jack) Creonte. Jack is

heading to Roger Williams College,

and was appreciative of the

award. We wish him well!

Licensed & Insured

New England

Free Estimates


Ballistic Services

Instant cash paid for

your valuable firearms.

Call today for a confidential consultation

508-381-0230 •

Page 24 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages August 2018


Carl Kristen Ellie Adam

508 330 4535

Experience Real Estate As It Should Be


It has been our family’s home for 6 generations


Over 38 years of Real Estate Experience


We out sold all others for more than 14 years*

Find out how our



& successful

marketing has helped us to out sell

all others real estate agents & teams*

Let Our Award Winning Team Help You!





144 Village Street, Medway 99 Holliston Street, Medway

12 Shaw Street, Medway 14 Heritage Drive, Medway




11 Kings Lane, Medway

96 Prospect Street, Ashland 50 Silver Lake Road, Bellingham

*Based on MLS

Showcasing our Luxury Listings on the most visited

Real Estate franchise website

August 2018 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 25

Millis Senior Center August Programs

Please note that the regular

activities do change at

times. Please use the current

submitted Regular

events. Thank you!

The Millis Senior Center is located

at 900 Main Street on the ground floor

of the Veterans Memorial building. The

telephone number is (508) 376-7051.

The Center is open Monday- Wednesday,

8:30- 2 p.m. Thursday, 8:30-1

p.m. and Fridays, 8:30-12:30 p.m.

Programs and Events for


Karaoke with Lyn every Monday

in room 18 at 10:30 a.m.

Ice Cream Social every

Wednesday in August FREE

with lunch donation. $2 for ice

cream only.

Tasty Tuesday, cold cut platters

on odd Tuesdays, pizza on

even Tuesdays, call for reservations,


Strength Training DVD every

Tuesday and Thursday at 9 a.m.

Line Dancing with Jeanne

every Thursday at 10 a.m. This

is a free class and all are welcome

Computer Tutoring every

Tuesday with Bob Bryant from

10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Call for an appointment.

Wednesday, August 1

Podiatry~ Dr. Cooper will be

here from 9-11. Appointments

are on a first come, first served

basis. If you require a home visit,

please call the Center and we

will put you on his list. $30 at the


Wednesday, August 15

Friends Summer BBQ. Join

us for hamburgers and hot dogs

on Wednesday, August 15th at

12:00. Sign-ups and payment of

$3.00 are requested.

Friends Breakfast ~ Homemade

Quiches made by our own

team of cooks will be served on

Friday, August 24th at 10:00.

Please make your reservation

with a $3 payment by Monday,

August 20th so we may prepare


Saturday, August 18

COA Scrap Metal Day on

from 9-1 p.m. A dumpster will

be available for scrap metal in

the parking lot of town hall.

Help will be available to unload

items during this time. Donations

can be anything made primarily

of metal. This includes washing

machines, dryers, bicycles, metal

shelving, aluminum or steel cans,

metal desks, filing cabinets, old

plumbing, or wiring. Pick up is

available for these items if you

call the COA to schedule a pickup

and make a $10 donation.

Computers, flat screen monitors

(only) and printers will be accepted

on site for a $15 donation.

If you have any questions please

contact the COA @376-7051

Please do not drop off any

items outside of the stated time

Wednesday, August 29


NUTRIENT: At this presentation,

you will learn the importance

of water in the body, the

risks of not drinking enough

water to keep the body hydrated

and new ideas to measure and

increase water intake. Chandra

Ganapathy will be presenting at

11 a.m.



Lisa Shestack


cell (617) 828-6466

26 Franklin Street, Wrentham, MA 02093

• Free Home Inspection*

• Free Home Warranty*

• Free Bank Appraisal*

You choose.

*To be reimbursed at closing

(value up to $500)

More choice. More reason to call us.

Call 617-828-6466

Our Ad & Editorial Deadline is the 15th of each

month, for the following month’s issue.




Linda Dumouchel


Over $33 million in sales

#1 Medway Agent 2016 & 2017*

Call | Text: 508-254-7406


*per mlspin



10 30 Alexsandria, Stable Way, Medway |




37 Field Road, Medway | |



7 Goldenrod Drive, Medway | |



4 Olde Surrey Lane, Medway | |





1030 Alexsandria, Stable Way, Medway | | visit

10 Granite Street, Medway | |

1 Castle Road, Medway | |

Page 26 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages August 2018

Berkshire Hathaway

HomeServices Page Realty

We have been a market leader in the area

since we opened in 1963 and we closed

over $250 million sales in 2017 alone.


to find out what your home

is worth today!

82 Holliston St., Medway

(508) 533-5122

Crafters, Artists and

Antique Dealers

Invited to Participate in

Harvest Fair

Vendors are invited to submit

an application to the 38th Holliston

Historical Society Annual

Harvest Fair that will take place

on September 23 from 10 a.m.-4

p.m. (rain date September 30) at

547 Washington Street. This oldfashioned

country fair features

handmade items such as textiles,

bags, pottery, jewelry, cards, signs

and many more wonderful examples

of New England crafts.

Artists will display their works

and a fine variety of antiques

and collectibles will be offered

along Antiques Row.

In the barn, food and beverages

will be sold along with

baked goods and the Society’s famous

Pie Night Apple Pies. The

Silent Auction offers bargains on

goods and services donated by

members and local businesses.

Special children’s activities and

tours of the Asa Whiting House

make this an event to be enjoyed

by all age groups.

The fee is $60 for a 10’x10’

space if received before August

1, 2018. After that date, the fee

is $80. This well-attended country

harvest fair has become a

much-anticipated Holliston fall

tradition for local residents and

visitors from afar.

For more information and

an application, please contact

Pat Pereira at patpereira1106@ or visit

Envoy Mortgage

6 Main St

Franklin, MA, 02038

(508) 356-4741

Envoy Mortgage

6 Main St

Franklin, MA, 02038

(508) 356-4741

Envoy Mortgage

6 Main St

Franklin, MA, 02038

(508) 356-4741

Our valued team

L to R Processor Cheryl Burnham, Sr. LO Virna Brown,

Branch Manager Steve Boucher, Processor Karen DiTroia,

Sr. LO Nicole Kittredge

Envoy Mortgage is now open in downtown Franklin to serve all your residential lending needs!

Envoy Mortgage

6 Main St

Franklin, MA, 02038

(508) 356-4741

Obtaining your mortgage loan does not have to be a stressful process. We know

mortgage, and will make it a great experience and easy process for you! We pride

ourselves on our excellent customer service and closing your loans on time!

Benefits of working with your local Envoy mortgage expert:

• Highly competitive rates and closing costs.

Our valued team

• Available for you flexible hours. We work around your schedule.

L to R Processor







LO Virna Brown,

when shopping for your mortgage.

Branch Manager Steve Boucher, Processor Karen DiTroia,

• Processing and Underwriting in office.

Sr. LO Nicole Kittredge

• Explain the process in terms you can understand.

• Quick responses to your questions.

Envoy Mortgage is now open in downtown Franklin to serve all • your residential Purchase and lending Refinance needs! closes in under 30 days.

Contact us to experience the Envoy Difference!

Obtaining your mortgage loan does not have to be a stressful process. We know

mortgage, and will make it a great experience and easy process for you! We pride

ourselves on our excellent customer service and closing your loans on time!

Benefits Our valued of working team with your local Envoy mortgage expert:

L to R Processor • Cheryl Highly Burnham, competitive Sr. LO Virna rates Brown, and closing costs.

Branch Manager • Steve Available Boucher, for Processor you flexible Karen DiTroia, hours. We work around your schedule.

• Sr. Contact LO Nicole to Kittredge compare when shopping for your mortgage.

• Processing and Underwriting in office.

• Explain the process in terms you can understand.

Franklin to serve all • your Quick residential responses lending to your needs! questions.

“At Envoy Mortgage, our ultimate goal is to create lasting relationships with each of our clients so that we may continue

providing excellent service for many years to come. We recognize that our clients want a mortgage company that takes the

time to understand the unique needs of each borrower.”

All applications subject to credit approval. Program terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Some products may not be available in all states. Other restrictions

and limitations may apply. This is not a commitment to lend. Envoy Mortgage Ltd. #6666, 5100 Westheimer Road., #320, Houston, TX 77056, Phone #877-232-2461

August 2018 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 27







Jodi Johnson

Real Estate Group

Associate Broker

Non-Intrusive Staging


413 Union Street

Millis $319,900

8 Village Circle

Milford $389,900

10 Hummingbird Lane

Harwich $469,900

362 Village Street

Medway $350,000

54 Bow Street

Millis $445,000


FIND US ON Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube


Classic Properties Realtors ®

List or Buy Now - to close this Fall !

We can show you how ....

Carolyn Chodat, Patty Betro, Deb Costa,

Donna Durrance, Olga Guerrero,

Debbi Mosher, JoAn O’Rourke, Beth Rossi,

Cheryl Smith & Kathy Querusio

74 Main Street, Medway, MA 02053 • Direct: 508-533-6060 •

Looking to sell?

Call for your free

market analysis!

Dave Matthews

CPA, Realtor, Broker/Owner

Soundings Realty LLC

Cell/Text 617-699-0871

Ask about our special programs for


Run Your Ads & Inserts With Us!





Call Lori Koller

(508) 934-9608

342 Village Street

Millis - $425K


43 Rybury Hillway

Needham - $1.499 million


85 Indian Ridge

Sudbury - $890K


50 Railroad Ave

Millis - $499K




Millis/ Holliston line

36 Granite Street



98 Granite Street

Medfield - $574K

5 Pearl Street, Millis - $660K

New Construction

75 Norfolk Road

Millis - $440K


56 Metropolitan Avenue, Ashland $479K

62 Hamilton Road, Wrentham $330K

23 Skyline Drive, Medway $440K

4 Fieldstone Road, Medfield $590K

1 Pearly Lane, Franklin $750K

62 Emmons Street, Milford $275K

87 Purchase Street, Milford $210K

Call for a free market evaluation of your home.

192 Boston Post Road

Sudbury - $645K


222 Curve Street

Millis - $409K





Joleen Rose, Realtor®


Cell: (508) 951-5909



57 West Central Street

Natick - $684,900

94 Ridge Street

Millis - $375K

16 Kingsbury Drive

Hollistion - 1.2 mil

Let my 18 years experience of

selling homes help you with your next move.

15 Baltimore St, Millis & 10 Speen St, Framingham Offices

3 James Street

Medway - $419,900

Page 28 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages August 2018


(#1 in Total Homes Sold in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 Source MLSpin)

Robin Spangenberg

Realtor ® , ABR, Prof. Stager, SRS

DIRECT: 508-277-4144

Jennifer Colella McMahon

Realtor®, Broker, ABR, CBR,


DIRECT: 774-210-0898

Ana Gonzalez Salmeron

Realtor ® , Fluent Spanish, Pro. Stager

DIRECT: 508-314-4394

Laina Regan Kaplan

Realtor®, CBR

DIRECT: 508-577-3538



1 Olde Surrey Lane, Medway

Ana Salmeron Gonzalez


94 Acorn St, Millis

Robin Spangenberg $949,000

5 Clayton Street, Medfield

Laina Kaplan


150 Garden Street, Bellingham

Laina Kaplan


55 Forest Road, Millis

Robin Spangenberg


21 Causeway Street, Millis

Robin Spangenberg

1 Bogastow Circle, Millis

Jennifer McMahon


5 Carriage House Lane, Wrentham

Jennifer McMahon





159 Summer Street, Medway

Laina Kaplan


59 Meadow Cartway Millis

Robin Spangenberg


37 Lavender Sgtreet, Millis

Robin Spangenberg


27 Bogatow Cir, Millis

Jennifer McMahon


8 Ryan Road, Millis

Robin Spangenberg







23 Adams Street, Millis

Robin Spangenberg


20 Stable Way, Medway

Laina Kaplan


3 Pine House Road, Millis

Robin Spangenberg


190 Village Street, Millis

Robin Spangenberg


73 Orchard Street, Millis

Robin Spangenberg







46 Dover Road, Millis

Robin Spangenberg


429 Union Street, Millis

Robin Spangenberg


102 Dean Street, Norton

Laina Kaplan


131 Village St, Millis

Jennifer McMahon


316-318 Village Street, Millis

Robin Spangenberg

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