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How to Resolve Brother Error 52


Resolve Brother Error 52

Brother Error 52 or “Unable to Init 52”is a common

fax related error. There are multiple reasons behind

this error to appear. Brother Printer Support Number

offers the best kind of help to handle such problems.

They will help you Resolve Brother Error 52 and any

other such Brother Printer related issues.

When your printer faces a paper jam or struck while

printing, this error emerges from nowhere. A piece of

debris can ruin your entire printing experience.

Technical malfunction can also be the reason for this

error. If the system cannot communicate with the

system properly, printing becomes impossible.

Effective Solutions to Troubleshoot

Fix Brother Error 52:

• Transfer all the faxes before you start the

troubleshooting process. It is possible that you

may lose valuable data during that time.

• After the transfer completes, open the scanner

and thus remove the jam carefully.

• Look for any paper creating issue within the

printing path.

• Check if anything is jamming the printer head or


• Now open the Jam Clear Cover while keeping the

scanner open.

Look for foreign object and jammed paper from inside

After doing so, release the lock and shut the scanner


Next you need to unplug the cord from the wall outlet

and thus plus it back again.

Make sure to wait for 2 minutes before doing so.

Now finally when all is done, turn the printer again

and try to print again.

Grab 24*7 Support Services for

Handling Brother Error Code 52 Issues:

Whenever and wherever you face any such issues like

Brother Printer Error Code 52, don’t hesitate and

make a quick call at our helpline number. Brother

Printer Support is now available 24*7 serving every

distressed user. No matter how much time it takes to

tame this error, we are here to back you up. Hence

dial out the number and get complete assistance to

tackle printing blunders.

Get in touch with us:





Toll-Free 1800-213-8289

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