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When it comes to computer errors, it can even affect

the specific browser you are using. Likewise,

ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR is an error that is

computer generated. You must know how to fix

Chrome ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR before it’s too

late. Computers are a complex set of software and

hardware. When a system error takes place, it can

affect the other components as well. Be it the

browser or other hardware devices you are using. But

there is nothing to stress out. Computer-specific

browser errors tell you from where to start.

Elementary Solutions to Troubleshoot


Solution 1: Flush the Sockets

First, you need to navigate to the Google Chrome browser and thus

paste the below URL:


Click on the download arrow link after pressing the Enter button.

Now choose the option “Flush Sockets” and thus restart your Chrome to

check the error.

Solution 2: Flush the DNS and Renew the IP

To flush DNS, you need to first navigate to the Command Prompt.

Type ipconfig /flushdns followed by pressing the Enter button.

Now open Command Prompt again to renew the IP.

Type ipconfig /release followed by pressing the Enter button.

And thus finally type ipconfig /renew and thus press Enter to make this

error disappear.

Know More Facts About Google Chrome:

The ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR is solely Google Chrome centric.

Without having a clear about Chrome, you cannot get to the roots of

the error. Keeping an eye on the matter, we have jotted down some

useful facts about Chrome. It will help you better understand the


Here is a list of efficacious things about Google and Google Chrome

that you must know:

Google Chrome is the most popular and recognized browsing software.

Google launched Google Chrome 11 years after its inception.

During its inception, Google was named as Backrub.

When it comes to most visited site in the world, Chrome tops the


YouTube “leads” Android, Dropcam, Waze, Motorola, and Nest- all falls

under Google.

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