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Latest News from Tai Tarian




Don’t get bitten

by a loan shark


End high

cost credit


New look community



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Don’t get bitten by a loan shark

Your privacy is important to us

Ending high cost credit

A day in the life of.... a Tenant

Liaison Officer

Copper Foundation success

New developments

Haven Housing

Universal Credit is here

New look for community


News in brief

Cold callers alert

Emergency repairs

On the Board

Who’s my Tenancy Relations


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Carrying out annual gas safety

checks is extremely important

and could save your life.



Earlier this year, we launched a campaign

aimed at raising awareness of the dangers

of illegal money lending and loan sharks.

Part of the campaign was a video which

was based on the real-life experiences

of a Tai Tarian tenant. The film focuses on

the misery, stress and dangers borrowing

money illegally can cause and the

downward spiral that can follow.

0300 123 3311 for advice or if you think there

may be a shark operating in your area. All

calls are completely confidential.

Whilst illegal money lending is a criminal

offence, borrowing from a loan shark is

not. No action will be taken against any

individual who has been lent money in this


Tenants who keep their annual gas safety check

appointment are entered into a monthly prize to

win a £50 gift card courtesy of Westward Energy


The latest winners are:

Mr Griffiths, Ynysmeudwy

Mrs Philpott, Ystalyfera

Mrs Powell, Abergwynfi

Miss Watkins, Pontardawe

This help often turns to intimidation and

threats of violence when re-payments are

missed. This can lead to borrowers fearing

for their safety and scared to leave their

house. It can be an awful experience for

anyone and can have a negative impact on

their health and well-being.

There are thought to be over 310,000 loan

shark victims across the UK, with many of

these likely to be living in social housing.

Illegal money lending or being a loan shark

is a criminal offence. Any Tai Tarian tenant

who has become a victim of illegal money

lending is urged to contact us for help and


You can also contact the Wales Illegal

Money Lending Unit on their 24 hour hotline

Our Illegal Money Lending campaign has

reached over 1 million people. You can

view our video by visiting

If you’re in financial difficulties, don’t

turn to a loan shark for help.

Contact our Financial Inclusion team on

01639 506623 or email financialinclusion@ for help and advice.

We can help you manage your money

and keep control of your finances. We

can also assist with budgeting and

help you claim any benefits you may be

entitled to.




New data protection legislation came into

effect on 25th May 2018 and we are required

to comply with the new rules, which give you

more power over your personal information.

More details on how we handle this information

and your rights can be found here

This privacy notice explains what personal data

we collect about you, how we use it and who

we share it with. If you’d like more information,

contact us at:

Data Protection Lead

Tai Tarian Ltd

Ty Gwyn

Brunel Way

Baglan Energy Park


SA11 2FP

Telephone 01639 505854 or email or

read the full version at


It is likely that we will need to update this privacy

notice over time. If there any significant changes

we will notify you and of course you’re welcome

to check back at any time for the latest version.

Why do we hold your personal information?

We process your personal information in

connection with managing your tenancy. This

would also include us dealing with any housing

applications that you might make, and things

such as antisocial behaviour, insurance claims,

complaints and appeals. We process this

information either because it’s necessary for us to

do so to manage your tenancy or because there

are laws that allow us, or require us, to process it.

If you didn’t give us this information, we wouldn’t

be able to manage your tenancy.

Sometimes we process your personal information

because we have a legitimate interest in doing

so. We only do this though, when we’re confident

that you would reasonably expect us to do so,

for example, the council to inform them that the

property has been let.

In some instances we may require your consent

to process your personal information. If we do,

we will make this clear to you and will not process

your information unless you consent to us doing

so. You will then be given the option to withdraw

your consent at any time.

We record all telephone calls to our repairs line

and customer service line for training purposes.

We always tell you if the call is going to be

recorded at the start of the call. For safety and

security CCTV operates in all of our public offices.

Who do we share your personal information


To ensure we manage your tenancy we

sometimes share your personal information with

other people or organisations.

This includes:

• contractors working for Tai Tarian;

• organisations like the council, to allow them to

process any claim for housing benefit that you

might make or to provide a service to you; or

• the police and other agencies for the purposes

of crime prevention or detection.

We only do this with your consent or if there are

laws which allow us to do so or when necessary

for us to manage your tenancy. We will not share

your information with third parties for marketing


What personal information do we process and

where do we get it from?

Most of the personal information that we process

is information that you’ve given us about you and

the people who live with you. This includes things

like your name, address, telephone numbers, date

of birth, national insurance number, gender and

bank account details. We also process special

categories of personal information such as your

race or ethnic origin, religion and information

concerning your health or orientation. We will only

do this where there is a lawful basis for us to do

so, for example, where you have consented to

us processing your information, where we need

to process your information to protect your vital

interests, or where there are laws that allow us,

or require us, to do so. In addition to the above,

when we deal with antisocial behaviour cases

we may process information relating to criminal

convictions or allegations.

Sometimes we process personal information

about you that we’ve been given by other

organisations such as the council or the police.

This could include, for example, information

relating to a housing application, housing benefit

claim or support package, or something like

antisocial behaviour. The other organisation would

only share this information with us where either

you’ve given them permission to do so or the law

allows them to do so.

Do we ever transfer your personal information

outside of the European Economic Area?

Much of the personal information that we process

is held electronically with our servers located


If personal information is transferred outside of

the European Economic Area we will take steps

to ensure that your privacy rights continue to be


How long do we hold your personal


We hold your personal information in line with

our data retention procedure. A copy of which

is available on request. Personal information is

always securely disposed of.

Protecting your personal data

We know how much data security matters to all

our tenants and leaseholders. With this in mind we

will treat your data with the utmost care and take

all appropriate steps to protect it.

We secure access to all transactional areas of

our websites and apps using ‘https’ technology.

Access to your personal data is password


We regularly monitor our system for possible

vulnerabilities and attacks, and we carry out

penetration testing to identify ways to further

strengthen security.

We use cookies to enhance performance of our

online platforms. Further information can be found

on our website.

What rights do you have?

You have a number of rights under the General

Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You have the right to access the personal

information that we process about you and, if you

believe that the personal information is incorrect

or incomplete, to have it corrected or deleted. You

have the right, in certain circumstances, to block

the processing of your data and the right to object

to some types of processing including automated

decision making.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint

to a supervisory authority - the Information

Commissioner’s Office for the UK.

If you wish to access the personal information

we hold on you please refer to our subject access

request process or contact us on the details


For more information on individual’s rights, you

may wish to visit the Information Commissioner’s



4 5



We recently teamed up with local actor and

activist, Michael Sheen to support a new

movement aimed at tackling the unfair targeting of

high cost credit at those who can least afford it.

We are one of the key members of an organisation

called The Alliance which aims to find ways to

make change happen.

The Alliance seeks to end the damage caused by

high cost credit by bringing together organisations

such as ourselves to help raise awareness, spark

a public debate and promote fairer ways of

borrowing money.

Research we’ve carried out shows that many

Neath Port Talbot residents are struggling to make

ends meet and are experiencing unmanageable


We, along with other

Alliance members, are

committed to working

with communities to

come up with solutions

to this problem and

are looking forward to

testing some of those

solutions locally in

Neath Port Talbot.

Speaking at the launch event, Michael Sheen


“From the very beginning of this initiative I sat

down with Tai Tarian to explore the challenges

and opportunities locally, and they have

been an integral part of the planning for the


The impact of the Alliance will be UK wide,

but Tai Tarian will play a lead role in helping to

test ideas.

“Our message is simple, credit is good but

not in a system where it is unfairly targeted

and maximised for profit. We need ideas, we

need solutions and most importantly we need

to act.”

For more information on the project visit





“Too many people in communities like Neath

Port Talbot have been getting an unfair deal

when it comes to a lot of things, but access

to credit when you need it is one of the most

important and widespread.

In setting up the Alliance I wanted to address

that. I wanted to try and create a fairer deal for


I’ve been working with Tai Tarian from the

very beginning of this project. They’ve been a

fundamental part in the planning of this, because

it’s about trying to get a much deeper connection

to the community that we’re a part of. I want

what happens on the streets of Sandfields,

Taibach, Margam and Baglan to influence what

is going on in offices in Westminster and all

over the country.

There needs to be a direct connection, so

instead of people just being asked what their

opinions are, they feel that they will actually

create change - that action will come of it.

I look forward to working with Tai Tarian to

create a fairer deal for our communities and

the entire country.”





With our major new fencing and boundary

programme getting into full swing, it’s a busy

time for our Tenant Liaison Officers.

These are the people you will see regularly,

whenever we have some major works underway

in or around your home. We have 13 officers

in the team and they are there to keep you

updated on the work and to answer any queries

you may have.

One of our Tenant Liaison Officers is Ria and

she is currently based in Gwaun Cae Gurwen.

She can often be found visiting tenants who

are having their boundaries and garden fences

renewed. We spent the day with her to find out

exactly what her job entails:

Ria starts her day by reviewing the list of calls

she has to make. They typically range from

visiting tenants at various stages of the work to

on-site meetings with the contractors to discuss

any issues that come up.

The first call of the day is to a property where

the work is just coming to an end. First of all

Ria takes a quick look around the garden and

then speaks to the tenant to ask how the work

is going. He reports that he’s very happy with

the work and how much better his garden looks.

Ria tells the tenant that she’ll call again once the

work has been completed.

Next stop is a house where work has yet to

get started. Our team of surveyors are there,

measuring the garden and deciding what size

and style of fencing should be erected. Ria

explains to the tenant what is going on and what

the next steps will be.

We leave the surveyors to complete their work

and head to the next house on the list. On the

way there another tenant approaches Ria to

ask about the work that is about to begin in her

garden. She needs clarification on what work

is planned. Ria looks up the details on her ipad

and is able to put the tenant’s mind at rest by

confirming exactly what work will be carried out.

We arrive at the next house to chat with the

tenants, Mr and Mrs Turner. The surveyors have

already been there so the work of installing the

new fences is about to begin and Ria explains

the process to them. She also reminds them

that they can contact her if they have any

queries whilst the work is being carried out.

There are two more stops left this morning

- both to houses where the work has been

completed. At the first one, the tenant is happy

with the work that has been completed but

points out that some rubble from the work

has fallen into a drain and is causing a small

blockage. Ria phones the site manager to

discuss the issue and he immediately calls

round to take a look. After a quick inspection,

he arranges for the drain to be cleared as soon

as possible.

At the next property, we take a quick look at the

new fences before being invited in by the tenant,

Mrs John. With the work now complete, Ria

goes through a tenant satisfaction survey with

her. The form allows us to know what aspects

of the work went well and if there are any areas

where we could improve.

Before leaving Mrs John

thanks Ria for her

work and for her

new fencing:

“I’m overjoyed

with my new fences.

They have really improved

my garden and it means that

my granddaughter now has

somewhere safe to play. Everyone

who’s worked here has been really

friendly and professional. Ria in

particular has been wonderful and

has kept me informed of the

work at every stage.”

Mrs John

With the visits now complete, Ria heads back to

the office to catch up on paperwork. On the way

back to the office, Ria tells me what she likes

most about her role:

“I just love

being outdoors and

meeting people. I feel it’s

very important that we keep our

tenants informed about the work

we’re carrying out at their homes.

Inevitably, work like this can cause

some disruption and so speaking

regularly to tenants allows them to

be prepared and to quickly sort

out any issues that might

come up.”

Our external programme is scheduled to

continue for another five years, with properties

right across Neath Port Talbot due to be

assessed and have their garden walls and

fences replaced where necessary.

Hidden Treasure

Our Neighbourhood team never know what

they’re going to come across when they start

clearing vacant properties.

At one house in Gwaun Cae Gurwen, the team

came across a mound of coal in a bunker

in the back garden. It is believed the former

tenant was an ex-miner and was still receiving

an allowance from his former employers. With

the house converted to oil heating, the coal

went unused and had amassed to around two


Rather than dispose of this coal we’ve been

distributing it for free to local residents who still

use coal to heat their homes. This saves them

money whilst we ensure that the coal does not

go to waste.

For Lynn (pictured), helping to

clear the coal was like

turning back the clock

as he used to be a

miner himself.

8 9



Just a year after launching, our Copper

Foundation is already bearing fruit.

The project, which began last summer,

offers 12-month contracts to people who

are struggling to find work. The successful

applicants get the chance to spend a year

working alongside our experienced trades

people, learning the skills and gaining the

experience necessary to go on to secure

future opportunities.

They also receive mentoring from Tai Tarian

staff and advice on how to compile CVs, fill in

job application forms and interview technique


Now, as they come to the end of their initial

contracts, five staff have gone on to secure

new roles. Two of them are starting work with

our Neighbourhood team whilst the other

three are beginning careers with external


The Copper Foundation project is set to expand

further over the coming years with the latest intake

beginning their training recently. Over five years,

around 80 people will be given the opportunity to

join the Foundation.

“I’m really thrilled for the five of them. They’ve all

worked hard over the past year and it’s great to

see them go on to new roles. This is the reason

why the Copper Foundation was established

– to give opportunities to people who were

struggling to find work and providing them with

the skills, knowledge and experience they need

to go on to further opportunities. I wish them all

the best of luck in the future.”

Aled Guy,

Copper Foundation Senior Operations Officer

“I’m over the moon to have landed this new

opportunity. I’ve learned a great deal over

the past year by being part of the Copper

Foundation project. I’ve worked with a great

bunch of boys and had fantastic support from

my supervisors and manager.

I love working outdoors and hope I can use

some of the skills I’ve learned with the Copper

Foundation in my new job.”

Lewis Jones

10 11



It’s been a busy time for our house building

programme with several developments

currently underway.

On the site of our former Cartref flats on

Burrows Road in Skewen, we are building

17 new homes, whilst Wembley in Melyn is

currently seeing the construction of four flats.

At Moorland Road in Sandfields, work recently

began on two new bungalows. The work is

being carried out as part of an innovative

scheme, supported by Welsh Government,

which will see a combination of our staff and

contractors working together to deliver the


Some of our apprentices have also been

working on this project, giving them important

practical experience.



Together with our partners from Hale

Construction, we recently visited Coedffranc

Primary School in Skewen.

The school is just a short distance from our

development on Burrows Road and so we took

the opportunity to talk to the children about site

safety and warn them of the dangers of playing

on building sites.

After watching a short film and trying on some

safety clothing, the children were given the task

of designing a poster to warn of the dangers of

playing on building sites. The winning design

will be displayed on all Hale Construction sites

across Wales.

Any questions?

If you live in the vicinity of any of our building

sites and have any queries or questions about

the work, then contact our team of Tenant

Liaison Officers. They’re on hand to keep you

up to date as work progresses so please get in

touch if you’d like to speak to them.

Burrows Road

Steve Grey, 07816 796318 or



Roxanne Collins, 07816 929291 or


Moorland Road

Stephen Bell, 07772 912057 or


Llys Wern

Gareth Davies 07972 179798 or


Elsewhere, construction has just started on

building eight new homes at Llys Wern in

Caewern whilst work will start later in the

summer to convert offices on Llansawel

Crescent, Briton Ferry into flats.

12 13

to the 1940’s Swansea Bay Museum, followed

by a visit to Mumbles pier and a Big Sunday


More events are planned over the coming

months, including days out, a Christmas

shopping trip and more lunches.

The Independent Living Officers for each

scheme are:

Tania Hearne

(Mozart Court and Tŷ Llansawel)

Kirk Davies

(Gwyn Court and Michaelstone Court)

As always, we are looking for new volunteers to

join the group and more people who live in the

community to get involved with the events.

Bethan Wallace

(Tŷ Gnoll Newydd)

Ellen Dargavel

(Cysgodfa and Maes Hir)

Chantelle Murphy

(Godrecoed and Llwynon)



Many of our Haven Housing schemes have

been undergoing extensive refurbishments over

the past couple of years to bring them up to

modern standards.

The work has included converting bedsits into

modern flats, equipping them with new kitchens

and installing wet rooms. Access in and around

the schemes has also been improved. Many of

the schemes also had their communal lounges

upgraded to turn them into bright, comfortable

areas where tenants can get together and


One of the biggest refurbishments took place

at Ty Gnoll Newydd in Neath. Tenants recently

moved back into the scheme following the work.

One of residents, Alwyn George said:

So far, refurbishment at ten schemes has been

completed, with work ongoing at Cysgodfa in

Tonna and Maeshir in Glynneath.

If you’re interested in moving into a Haven

Housing scheme then get in touch with our

Lettings team to see what availability we

have and to discuss your options. Contact

them by calling 0300 777 0000.


The Haven Social Group have been busy

recently, planning and organising social activities

for older tenants living in the community to help

combat isolation and loneliness.


We have 15 Haven Housing schemes dotted

around Neath Port Talbot. The schemes

are designed for tenants who wish to live

independently in a safe environment.

They also have access to the Life Line alarm

service which provides help 24 hours a day, 365

days a year. The service provides reassurance

that should an emergency happen such as

an accident or a tenant becoming unwell, the

appropriate help can be provided very quickly.

Each scheme also has an Independent

Living Officer who is there to oversee day to

day management and maintenance of the

accommodation and communal facilities.

Peter Williams

(MaesY Darren and Tŷ Maes Marchog)

David Thomas

(Riverside Court and Hafan Bryn Heulog)

Hayley Parry

(Llys Nant Fer and Pantyfedwen)

Lynda Morgan, Lynda Edwards

& Margaret Gaskins

(Mobile officers who provide cover at

any scheme as and when necessary)

If you would like to become a volunteer or

attend one of our events, please get in touch

with the Tenant Empowerment Team on 01639

508455 or email


done a wonderful

job, especially in the

communal lounge. It used

to be like a dark dungeon, but

now this area and the rest of

the building is lovely. We meet up

regularly for lunches and coffee

mornings and we have a wonderful

community spirit. It couldn’t be

better here. I’m really happy

to be back.”

John Thomas, a Haven Housing tenant is

the resident singer at the Big Sunday Lunch,

entertaining guests with their favourite 60’s hits

and calling the bingo.

June Brayley collects deposits, organises the

bingo and sells the raffle tickets.

Joy Chiverton, Mina Baker and Valerie Scavolo

promote the events, encourage tenants to

attend, collect deposits for their schemes and

volunteer for the bus journeys.

So far this year, the tenants have enjoyed a trip

14 15




Do you need help?

Unless you are already getting Housing Benefit,

you may need to claim Universal Credit.



Before you act - seek advice first!

Call for advice on 01639 315000

for a better off calculation.



You need to report a change of

circumstances on your online

journal. Tell UC your landlord is Tai

Tarian, your new address and rent

and service charge amounts.





For advice, call 01639 315000

If you delay, you miss out on getting help to pay your rent!

Universal Credit may not backdate the help they give, so if you need

to make a claim or there’s been a change in your circumstances, you

need to tell them straight away.

You can ask UC for an advance. This will help you pay your rent until

you get your first full UC payment.

NEED HELP? Call 01639 315000 and we will be happy to help!

We can give you advice on what to do, help with making claims and

updating your Universal Credit online journal.

Our annual Community Challenge is back, but

it’s taking a slightly different approach.

This year, the challenge will be concentrated on

areas where we are carrying out major works.

In these areas, our teams will be working with

volunteers and community groups to identify

potential land so that we can work together to

improve the local area’s open spaces.

In consultation with local groups, we will

transform disused and unsightly areas into a

more functional space and where possible turn

them back to nature.

The Community Challenge will also be

supporting BugLife, an initiative to develop land

to become more bug friendly environments to

halt the decline of our bees and butterflies.

As with all of our challenges, we are looking

for volunteers so if you are passionate about

your community, have ideas for improving

outdoor spaces or can help by clearing land

and painting, please get in touch with the Tenant

Empowerment Team on 01639 508455 or email

Baglan Community Challenge

The final Community Challenge under the old

system took place at Baglan Primary School

back in April.

Our staff, together with teachers from the

school and volunteers from our contractor,

Hale Construction, spent the day renovating

playground equipment, weeding the yard and

general grounds maintenance. A new outdoor

stage and wall panels will also be installed in

the next few weeks.

16 17


Blood Bikes Wales

Well done to residents at Llwynon in Crynant

who have raised £2020 for Blood Bikes Wales,

a charity which transports emergency blood

donations, breast milk, medical samples and

surgical items around the country. The money

was raised by a number of social events,

including concerts, raffles and table top sales.

“We have a very close knit community and

enjoy coming together for social events

and so use them as an opportunity to raise

money for good causes. We’re a very

generous bunch and we are proud that

we can help charities which often have a

personal connection with the residents.”

Hillary Blunden, Llwynon resident

Shaw Trust

Not to be outdone, residents at our Maeshir

scheme in Glynneath have also been raising

money for charity.

During refurbishment at their scheme, instead

of binning unwanted items, they were donated

to the Shaw Trust, a charity which supports over

50,000 people a year to live independent and

inclusive lives.

The items were then sold on,

resulting in £514 being

raised for the charity.

Hettie Celebrates

Happy Birthday to

Hettie of Riverside

Court in Pontardawe

who turned 103 earlier

this year.

Hettie celebrated the

occasion with a party

for family, friends and

fellow residents in the

scheme’s communal


Gwersi Cymraeg

Well done to a group of tenants who recently

completed a Welsh language course with us.

The group met every week at Ty Gwyn over 15

weeks and learnt some basic Welsh words and

phrases. The group continue to meet regularly

and practice their new found skills with each


Rent Increase Workshop

Prior to the recent rent increase earlier this year,

letters were sent out to tenants to inform them

of the change. These letters included the new

rent amount, a breakdown of other charges, a

document detailing rights and obligations, and

an explanation of why the rent was increased.

For us to ensure that the information was as

clear and understandable as possible, the Tenant

Empowerment team arranged workshops with

tenants to get their opinions.

Using a co-design approach, the team and

tenants worked together to gather feedback on

the content, layout and language used in the

letters. The first session was held in March and

tenants were encouraged to tell staff how they

felt about the letter.

We received valuable feedback and suggestions

that resulted in the design of a new document

which clearly shows the rent charges and

ensures that tenants understand what they are

paying for.

More work will be done on this

over the coming months including

preparing advice to Universal Credit

claimants on how to update their

on-line journal.

Tenant Assessors

The Tenant Assessors are a group of tenants

who regularly monitor and check the internal

and exterior areas of their own blocks.

To widen the scheme, our current Tenant

Assessors will head out into the community to

roll out the project to other areas and to recruit

new assessors.

If you would like to become a tenant assessor

for your block, please get in touch with the

Tenant Empowerment Team on 01639 508455

or email

Women’s Centenary Project

To celebrate 100 years of the women’s vote, Tai

Tarian’s Tenant Empowerment team are inviting

women to come forward and tell their stories

inspired by the anniversary.

We welcome women from all walks of life to

share their stories of hardship and success.

If you have a story to tell please contact the

Tenant Empowerment Team on 01639 508436 or


Spectrum Project

The Spectrum Project is an all Wales programme

funded by the Welsh Government which aims to

promote the importance of healthy relationships

and raise awareness about the issues of

violence against women, domestic abuse

and sexual violence.

The project is mainly delivered through

workshops in schools ensuring young people

are taught to recognise and avoid abusive

relationships. They also receive information

about where they can access help and support,

both inside and outside of school.

It also delivers training for school

staff and governors, educating

them about understanding the

impact of domestic abuse on a

child and improving the school’s

ability to identify and support at

risk pupils.

For more information on the project, visit

18 19




We’ve received reports of people going from

door to door in the Sandfields area, offering

to carry out repairs on tenant’s properties.

Tenants who require any repairs carried out

on their homes should report them to us

directly by calling 0300 777 3000.

All our staff carry identification badges when

visiting properties, so please ask to see this

before allowing anyone into your home.

If you’re still unsure whether the caller

is from Tai Tarian, then please call our

customer contact centre on 0300 777

0000 to check they are authentic.




All tenants and leaseholders have access to

our repairs contact centre and out of hours

emergency line.

To report a repair to your property, call our

contact centre on 0300 777 3000 or e-mail

Repairs can be reported between 8am-6pm from

Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours (and

on public holidays), emergency repairs can be

reported by calling 0300 777 3000 and speaking

to one of our on-call team of experts.

You’ll need to provide as much information as you

can when reporting a repair, as the more details

you provide, the quicker we will be able

to respond. The time taken to deal with an

emergency will depend on the exact nature of the

problem and could take up to 24 hours.

Please only report genuine emergencies out of

hours. Repairs reported out of hours and found

not to be an emergency will result in a charge

being made for the cost of the call out.

Details of what constitutes an emergency can

be found in the repairs section of our website:

It’s been a busy time for our Board with a

number of departures and a new face to


Councillor Annette Wingrave and one of our

tenant members, Daniel Smith have decided to

step down. I’d like to thank them both for the

time, commitment and hard work they have put

into their roles.

Annette’s place on the Board will be taken

by Sonia Reynolds, Councillor for Gwaun

Cae Gurwen. Daniel’s replacement will be

announced in due course.

We had our first Development Committee

meeting which looked at our aim of increasing

our housing stock, whilst we also approved

the first of our new storyboards, which have

been developed by our tenants and show

our performance in creating sustainable


Elsewhere, we were delighted to receive our

Regulatory Judgement from Welsh Government

back in March. The judgement assessed how

we had been performing over the previous

12 months and if we had met the required

standards. Well, I’m pleased to report that

we were judged to be Standard – the highest

possible rating.

The assessment looked at our financial

performance to ensure that we are financially

sound and delivering value for money in all areas

of the business. Needless to say, we were very

pleased with the outcome which is a testament

to the hard work of our staff and the support of

our tenants.

20 21

Who is my

Tenancy Relations Officer?

Port Talbot

Donna Davies

Pencaerau and

Sandfields West 2

Kacy Clark

Sandfields East 1 and

Sandfields Little


Su Morgan

Aberavon, Baglan,

Goytre, Margam, Port

Talbot and Taibach

01639 506601

01639 505999

01639 506044

Kathleen Roberts

Sandfields East 2

and Sandfields West


Andrew Osborne

Cymmer, Dyffryn

Rhondda, Glyncorrwg

and Gwynfi

Grant Williams

Bryn, Cwmavon

Higher, Cwmavon

Lower, Oakwood and


01639 506075

01639 506074

01639 506621


Anthony Crecraft

Aberdulais, Briton

Ferry, Cadoxton,

Cilfrew and Roman


Shane Jones

Melyn, Neath North

and Neath Town


Deborah Wallace

Llandarcy, Jersey

Marine, Longford,

Skewen Central and

Skewen Lower

01639 505996

01639 506642

01639 505976



Rob Vickery

Caewern, Crynant,

Onllwyn and Seven


Paul Adams

Cimla Hillside, Cimla

Top and Pelenna

Tony Derrick


Glynneath, Resolven

and Tonna

The most regular contact you’ll have with one

of our staff will be with your Tenancy Relations

Officer. They are there to help you with any

tenancy related queries or concerns you have.

They can support you in managing your

tenancy and refer you to other Tai Tarian

departments or other organisations if you

need more specialist help.

They are also responsible for dealing with

complaints regarding Anti-Social Behaviour and

can provide help and support to you in dealing

with the problem.

Our Tenancy Relations team cover the whole of

Neath Port Talbot with each officer responsible

for a specific area. If you need to get in touch

with them to discuss any matter relating to your

tenancy then give them a call or send an e-mail.

01639 506618


Wyn Thomas

Cwmllynfell, Gwaun

Cae Gurwen and

Lower Brynamman

01639 505992

01639 505959

Sarah Clark

Godre’rgraig, Rhos,

Ynysmeudwy and


01639 506084

01639 508451

Matthew Prior

Alltwen, Pontardawe

and Trebanos

01639 505993

22 23

For general enquiries call 0300 777 0000



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General Enquiries – 0300 777 0000

Repairs Line – 0300 777 3000

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