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Newspaper 2017


ROOM NUMBER: FOLLOW US #GULDSMEDENHOTELS BY GULDSMEDEN HOTELS GULDSMEDEN HOTELS Since 1999 OSLO · BALI · CÔTE D´AZUR · COPENHAGEN · AARHUS · REYKJAVIK · BERLIN GOLDEN TIPS VERSION V WIFI Password: iloveguldsmeden THE STORY Sandra and Marc Weinert opened the first Hotel Guldsmeden in Guldsmedegade in Aarhus in 1999 – hence the name. ‘‘Guldsmeden’’ can mean 2 things in Danish, a goldsmith and a dragonfly, and that is how our little winged icon was born. Sandras and Marcs family has grown, both in terms of kids and number of hotels - they are today the proud parents of 3 children - each of whom of course has a hotel named after them: Axel, Babette and Manon. Today, in addition to the now 27- room hotel in Aarhus, the Guldsmeden Hotels group encompasses 5 hotels and a capacity of more than 500 rooms in Copenhagen, a 50-room hotel attractively located near Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen in Oslo, a 65-room hotel overlooking the Esja mountain in Reykjavik, and we will be opening in Potsdamer Strasse in Berlin in the summer of 2017. A gorgeous rental villa in Menton in the south of France as well as a luxury resort in Ubud, Bali, is also a part of the expansion that the Guldsmeden Hotels group has seen over the past decade. From the very first, luxurious simplicity, happy hostmanship, an unpretentious atmosphere and uncompromising sustainability have been our guiding stars. Sandra & Marc are still the heart of the Guldsmeden Hotels, and their vision and personality define the atmosphere of our houses. Generosity of spirit, an eye for comfort and beauty, a strong sense of personal responsibility and enjoyment of the good and meaningful things in life, is what makes the Guldsmeden Hotels so special to so many people – guests, friends, family and colleagues alike. Perks on perks on perks! We can´t get enough of you guys – and thankfully, a lot of you seem to feel the same way about us! So we´ve developed a few additional ideas for being together as much as possible, on top of our Friends of the Family bonus community: For instance, the Guldsmeden Hotels Office Club: for anyone who´s looking for a place to call work during weekdays between 9 and 17, we´re here and ready to shower you with tender, loving care (or leave you in peace, depending on what you need). For a small monthly fee, you get to choose whichever of our hotels you wish to be at on any given day, and your fee goes right back to you, in the shape of any of the Guldsmeden services you wish to avail yourself of: overnight stays, food & drink, our lovely own-brand products, gift cards - you name it, it´s yours! Guldsmeden Office Club members are also welcome at Junglefish, our indoor pool area at Manon les Suites, where it´s summer all the year round! -Junglefish- UBUD BALI FOLLOW US Share your Guldsmeden moment with us on Instagram with #GULDSMEDENHOTELS Index 2-5: Our Hotels 6-7: Our Hoods 8-10: Our Food 11: Meeting & conference 12: Our products #ILEE 13: In-house gyms & Trails 14: Cosy spots 15: Our Spas 16: Miscellaneous