August/September 2018


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Independent family Funeral Directors

A A personal family service at at all all times

We We will visit you in in your own home to to

make all all neccessary arrangements

Pre-paid funeral plans available

0114 274 5508

36 36 Abbey Lane, Sheffield, S8 S8 0GB

“Thank you so much for the work you did in totally renewing my bathroom,

I am so very pleased with the overall result. You were 100% professional,

it was a pleasure to have you working in the house. I have no hesitation of

recommending you to my friends and neighbours.” Stella Stacey, S8

t: 0114 220 3299 or 07908 898 827


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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It is a remarkable fact that Roman ruins are still as

numerous and visible as they are. We have far

more evidence of Roman buildings from 2,000

years ago than we do of Anglo-Saxon buildings

from 1,000 years ago, and it is quite possible that

the Roman remains will long outlast whatever buildings

that we erect now.

One of the reasons for the durability of Roman

construction lies in concrete. Perhaps you thought

that concrete is the blight of the 20th century and

that previous civilizations were more elegant in their

construction projects, but the Romans were masters

of making concrete. What’s more, the Romans made

better concrete than we do, and to date we still don’t

quite know how they did it.

Modern concrete is practical but is not very durable. It suffers from

“concrete cancer” and corrodes quickly when in contact with salt water.

In contrast Roman concrete was designed to be laid under water and in

fact was made stronger by it. Roman harbours, far from being destroyed

by the storms raging against them were strengthened by the salt water

lashing against them, creating crystals in the cracks that bound the

concrete together even more strongly. Roman concrete has sometimes

been called the most durable man-made substance ever used, and

despite our technology we have not yet been able to imitate it.

We are, thankfully, moving away from a view that strength is all about

muscles, mental resilience and a ‘stiff upper lip’. Strength is something

that comes much deeper from within us and can sometimes emerge

unexpectedly in the hardest of situations. In my role as a vicar I often

come across people buffeted and battered by the most terrible storms

of life. So often I find that they have within them a quiet strength that

has emerged out of their difficult experiences – a strength that they were

perhaps unaware of before. Like Roman concrete, the lashing waves

have somehow strengthened them and given them the resilience to go


St Paul spent much of his life in Mediterranean ports

so he may well have known something of the powers

of Roman concrete. He certainly knew a lot about

storms – both sea storms and the storms of life –

and knew that God’s power was made perfect in his

weakness, “For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

As a Christian I know that I need God’s power in my

cracks so that I become stronger in adversity, not

through my own strength but through his


Rev Toby Hole,


St Chad’s, Woodseats

August/September 2018


Strength in the Storm

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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John Heath & Sons

Meadowhead Funeral Home

An Independent Family Business

for Over 135 Years

Our premises have been purpose built

internally and we have several chapels

of rest. It is a modern funeral home

whilst being sympathetic to traditional


Pre-paid Funeral Plan Service


John Heath & Sons

Meadowhead Funeral Home | 362 Meadowhead | Sheffield | S8 7UJ

0114 274 9005

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Samson visits the barber

A man walked into a bar carrying a

big piece of asphalt under his arm.

“I’ll have a pint for myself, please,”

he said, “and one for the road.”

“Has your son decided what he

wants to be when he grows up?,”

the man asked his friend.

“A dustbinman,” he replied.

“That’s unusual,” said the man.

“Not really,” his friend said,

“He thinks they only work on


Who was

the greatest


in the


Samson –

he brought




Where do you

buy a cow?

From a cattlelog!

What gets

wetter the more

it dries?

A towel!

Why was it so

windy inside

the football


There were so

many fans!

What did the

duck say when

he bought

some lipstick?

Put it on my bill!

What do you

call two birds in



Fun and Laughs

Do you have a few hours spare to support our

lovely clients in Sheffield to remain independent

within their own homes?

More about the role:

• Part Time Hours to suit you (2-20 hrs. p/w)

• Full Induction training with Office Support

• No previous care experience necessary

• We welcome applicants of all ages!

An open heart and warm smile is all you need to

become a Care Companion at Home Instead

*Car Driver Desirable

Apply Now! Call 0114 250 7709

Or visit

6 Shirley House, Psalter Lane, Sheffield, S11 8YL

Glynn Parker

Electrical Installations

17th Edition

Lights - Sockets - Rewires


Home: 01246 410 621

Mobile: 07986 174 125

71 Oakhill Road, Coal Aston, S18 2EL.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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What’s On

If you have an event you would like

to see included in our What’s On

section, email

Health Walks

•Mondays - 10am: Graves Park.

Meet outside the Rose Garden


•Tuesdays - 10.30am: Ecclesall

Woods. Meet at the Visitors

Centre at Abbeydale Industrial


•Thursdays - 10.30am:

Lowedges. Meet at the Gresley

Road Meeting Rooms, Gresley

Road, Lowedges;

•Thursdays - 10.30am: Ecclesall

Woods. Meet at the JG Graves

Discovery Centre off Abbey Lane.

•Fridays - 10.30am: Graves Park.

Meet in the main entrance, Graves

Leisure Centre.

Call 07505 639524 or visit www.


for details about any of the walks.

August 11

Book Sale

36 Crawshaw Grove, Beauchief


Good quality second-hand books

for sale in aid of the Alzheimer’s

Society. Donations of good

condition paperback novels or

biographies are welcome.

August 11

Family Fun Day and Jumble

St Peter’s Church, Greenhill


A fun event for all the family

including children’s games, crafts,

stalls and jumble.

August 19

Abbeydale Miniature Railway

Abbeydale Road South


The regular open days at

Abbeydale Miniature Railway.

September 2

Pedlar’s Corner Flea Market

Abbeydale Picture House


A mixture of general fl ea market

stalls and specialist antiques,

vintage, retro, arts, crafts, makers

and salvage stalls.

September 2, 16 and 30

Abbeydale Miniature Railway

Abbeydale Road South


The regular open days at

Abbeydale Miniature Railway.

September 8

Have A Go Growing, Making &

Baking Show 2017

St Chad’s Church


The aim of the show is to display

the work and talents of the

community. Come along and enter

– even if this is your first year of

Call in for a Cuppa

at Church House, 56 Abbey Lane

10am to 12noon

on the last Saturday of each month

Bring & Buy (new items)

Handicrafts and Home Baking

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Send details of your event to or write to: Impact,

St Chad‟s Church Offices, 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB.

Single and Widowed

Tuesdays 8-11pm

Norton Country Club

Club growing, offering making friendship and baking. and social

activities. The cost is £1 per adult entrant,

50p Call per Magdalen child under on 0114 12. Bring

2394326. your entries between 9.30 and

10.30am. Viewing is from 12.30-

January 2.30pm 30 and - February there will be 5 a sale of

AEGON produce British after 3pm. Tennis Tour

Graves For more Tennis details and see Leisure pages Centre

World 18 and ranked 19 or players visit compete

alongside haveagoshow local Sheffield players.

Call 0114 283 9900.

September 9, 14, 15 & 16

February Heritage 5 Open Days

Book Beauchief Sale Abbey

36 Visitors Crawshaw to the Grove, abbey Beauchief will be able


to see the medieval tower and


the 17th




box pews


in the

chapel. Outside in the grounds the

for sale in aid of the Alzheimer‟s

original footprint of the Chapter


House and



of paperback

can be traced.


On September

or biographies

16 at




there will

condition be a special are welcome chorale evensong (but not with

larger the Abbey books Lane due to Singers. space

limitations). For full details see page 25.

February September 5 16

Free Nether Environmental Edge Farmers’ Activities Market

Millhouses Stalls, entertainment Park and various


activities will be held in the streets

Obstacle around the course old Nether and stream Edge

dipping Market activities Place. for 8 - 13 year


Call 0114 263 4335.


Nature quiz trail, stream dipping

and bug hunting activities for 8 - 13

year olds.

September Call 0114 29 263 4335.

Craft & Flea

February Sheffield Cathedral 12

Free 11am-5pm Environmental Activities

Ecclesall The best Woods of the city’s Sawmill local produce


served up with street food and

Nature flea market quiz stalls trail, stream offering dipping vintage

and and bug collectables. hunting activities It brings for together 8 - 13




makers, designers,


Call 0114





Admission: £2

February 20

October 6


Pie and





A Bike

with Ceilidh


St Chad’s



10am-2pm 6.30pm

Rediscover Live music and your dancing cycling skills plus pie in

Greenhill and pea supper. Park. The Bring rangers your own will

provide drinks. a bike, helmet and

instruction. Tickets will Meet be available at the Bowls from St

Pavilion, Chad’s Church Greenhill Office Park. on 0114 274

Booking 5086 or email is essential.

Call 0114 283 9195.

Beauchief Abbey Abbey holds holds a variety a

of variety services of services. and anyone For is more

welcome information to attend. see page For 25. more

details see the Abbey notice


t Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats


hurch Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 6 website:

el: (0114) 274 5086

What’s On

If you would like

to advertise in

call 0114 274 5086 or email

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pasturable w

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manor was

silver (£5.33

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so that he co

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The name

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- the huge, c

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collected, le

it to the Last


when people

Book of Life

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collect and r

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England. Th

St Chads Church

Church Offices: 1

Tel: (0114) 274 5

We clean your you don’t have to.

Quality oven care

Passionate about customer service

Sheffield and the surrounding areas

A hated chore? Call Pippa today to have your hob,

oven, extractor or Aga professionally cleaned.

0114 258 3466 or mobile 07716 992648

0114 453 4716

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Climbing to New Heights in

Andrew Foulkes, a former youth

minister at St Chad’s, took part in a

trek to Mount Kilimanjaro earlier this

year to raise money for Prostate Cancer

UK. Here he shares some of his story...

At lunchtime on Friday, February

23 I arrived at Heathrow

airport and started meeting the

people I would hopefully stand

with at the summit of Mount


After an overnight flight, we

arrived safely in Tanzania on

Saturday morning. I’d been

unable to sleep on the plane, and

probably should have slept at

the hotel, but instead, a few of

us took a trip to the local town,

Moshi. It was great to sample

a small bit of African life.

Day One - Sunday

February 25: After a short

ride by bus, we arrived at

the starting point of our trek,

Machame Gate. At 1,800

metres, we were already

higher than any mountain

in the UK!

There was a mix of

excitement and nerves

as we set off and started

slowly making our way

through the hot, sticky

rainforest. Our destination

was Macahme Camp 11km

away at an altitude of 2,800


After five hours we arrived

at our first camp where we

enjoyed a hot meal and a

good night’s sleep.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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in Africa

Day Two - Monday February 26:

Today’s destination was the Shira

Cave Camp, 5km away and at an

altitude of 3,800 metres. The terrain

was noticeably different, with less

vegetation around. We arrived at camp

after six hours of walking.

It was here that I started to feel the

effects of the altitude on my breathing.

Simple tasks like packing my sleeping

bag away left me breathless.

Day Three - Tuesday February

27: Today was an acclimatisation day.

We were trekking to the Lava Tower

at 4,600 metres this morning, before

returning to 3,900 metres and the

Barranco Camp to sleep. This was to

give our bodies time to get used to the


Day Four - Wednesday February

28: After a poor night’s sleep (tummy

bug) we were up at 5am for the 10-

hour walk to Barafu Camp (4,600

metres and the place we would be

based for the summit attempt).

The walk started with a pre-dawn

walk/scramble up the ‘Barranco

Wall’…a 300-metre cliff face. I had

been really looking forward to this

part of the trek, but I wasn’t today. I

felt terrible…I’d developed a really

unpleasant stomach bug.

After two long hours, and with the

sun coming up, I arrived at the top. For

a brief time, I felt a bit better… helped

by the snacks and the warmth of the

sun…but we still had eight hours of

walking ahead of us.

This was the hardest part of the

trek by far. I couldn’t eat, yet my body

needed energy and I was struggling to

walk, but eventually I made it to Barafu


We were due to be up at 11pm

to attempt the summit and whilst

everyone else refuelled, I crawled into

my sleeping bag and slept.

We woke at 11pm, and after getting

my gear ready, we left for the summit.

I still felt terrible. The route was

steep and the going was very slow.

I was really struggling to walk and,

after stumbling my way for two and

a half hours, the expedition leader,

a serious lady on her 30th summit of

Kilimanjaro, told me that I’d reached

my summit.

She said my health was the priority

and that the mountain would always

be there. I’d reached 5,000 metres.

A porter accompanied me back to

camp, and as I stumbled and vomited

my way down, I felt quite emotional. I’d


Looking back now, whilst I’m still

disappointed that I was unable to

make it, I know the correct decision

was made.

And whilst I’d hoped to make it to

the summit, my main aim was to raise

awareness and money for Prostate

Cancer UK. And thanks to the amazing

generosity of friends and family I’ve

raised over £7,000!

And who knows, maybe in a few

years’ time I’ll be telling you what it’s

like to reach the summit.

Andrew Foulkes

Andrew is a youth worker at St

Luke’s Church in Lodge Moor. To

donate to his appeal visit justgiving.


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Welcome to St Chad’s

My name is James

Norris and I am the

new curate at St

Chad’s. I have been

married to Charlotte

for six years, and we have a twoyear-old

son called Milo.

For the last three years we

lived in Bristol, where I studied

at Trinity College and Charlotte

worked at as a maths teacher, but

before that Charlotte and I lived in


We both came to the University

of Sheffield to study mathematics

(before we knew each other),

and other than the last few years

in Bristol, have spent all of our

adult lives in Sheffield. However,

Woodseats is a new area to

us, and we have been enjoying

exploring it over recent weeks.

Before moving to Bristol I

worked at St Thomas’ Church

in Crookes, and Charlotte

worked at Fir Vale School as a

mathematics teacher. Charlotte

will be continuing her work as

a teacher this September at

Netherthorpe School in Staveley

near Chesterfield.

Over the next three years we

are looking forward to getting

to know everyone at St Chad’s.

Working closely with St Chad’s

vicar Rev Toby Hole is something

I am particularly excited about,

as well as joining in with what is

already happening at St Chad’s.

I am looking forward to getting

involved with a variety of different

aspects of church ministry, and

learning about what discipleship

and mission looks like at St

Chad’s. I am also looking forward

to learning more about Woodseats

and the surrounding area and how

the church can engage with it.

We like playing board

games, films and walking in the

countryside. I like playing football

and tennis and Charlotte enjoys

swimming. Milo likes lots of things,

including brio, toy cars and eating


Rev James Norris

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Here are a few strong holders of

Guinness World Records...

• Walter Arfeuille of Belgium used his

teeth to lift weights totalling 281.5kg a

distance of 17cm off the ground.

• The strongest beer ever sold was

The End of History, which was brewed

by BrewDog in Fraserburgh, Scotland

and has an alcohol volume of 55%.

• The most bench presses of a person

in one minute is 126 and was achieved

by Derek Boyer in Melbourne, Australia.

• Mariusz Pudzianowski of Poland

has won the World’s Strongest Man

competition the most times – in 2002,

2003, 2005, 2007 and 2008.

Are you looking for

a room to hold your

party or meeting?

St Chad’s Church has

two rooms available for

hire at 56 Abbey Lane

Call 0114 274 5086 for details

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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The Strength of Steel

Steel is an alloy of iron and

carbon and other elements.

The name of Sheffi eld has

been synonomous with steel

for hundreds of years.The steel

industry dates back to at least the 14th

century. Makers of cutlery abounded.

Sheffi eld is famed for its steel and

actively commemorates the industry in

public places. The fi rst positive record

of steelmaking in Sheffi eld is in 1692.

The steel making industry grew slowly.

Only two steel furnaces are shown on a

1737 Prospect of Sheffi eld (by Thomas


In 1740 Benjamin Huntsman

developed the crucible technique for

steel manufacture, at his workshop

in Handsworth. The local cutlery

manufacturers refused to buy

Huntsman’s cast steel, as it was

harder than the German steel they

were accustomed to using. For a long

time Huntsman exported his whole

output to France. In 1770, Huntsman

moved his enterprise to Attercliffe,

where he prospered until his death in

1776. At the Northern General Hospital

one of the original main buildings is

named after him, and in the city centre

is a Wetherspoon’s pub called The

Benjamin Hunstman.

The Bessemer process was the

fi rst inexpensive industrial process

for the mass production of steel from

molten pig iron. The modern process

is named after its inventor, Henry

Bessemer, who took out a patent on

the process in 1856. According to

Bessemer, his invention was inspired

by a conversation with Napoleon III in

1854 pertaining to the steel required

for better artillery. At the time steel

was used to make only small items

like cutlery and tools, but was too

expensive for cannons. Starting in

January 1855 he began working on a

way to produce steel in the massive

quantities required for artillery.

These two methods were to dominate

Sheffi eld steel making until the last

quarter of the nineteenth century,

when the amount of steel produced in

Sheffi eld was overshadowed by the

output of highly mechanised steel mills

in the USA and Germany. Sheffi eld

nevertheless retained and extended its

reputation as a steel city by producing

specialist steels for world markets,

particularly armaments and the early

forms of weapons of mass destruction.

Ironically, of the two largest early 20th

century fi rms, Brown and Cammell

claimed that their armour plating

could withstand any shell, while Firth,

Hadfi eld and Vickers claimed that their

shells could pierce any armouredplating.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Sheffi eld has an Assay offi ce which

stamps the metal with its crown

mark. The Company of Cutlers in

Hallamshire was created in 1624

to promote the city’s steel industry

around the world. The head of this

company, the Master Cutler, has

equal standing with the city’s Lord

Mayor. Also famous were the Women

of Steel now marked by a statue

outside City Hall. This recognises

the role women had in World War

Two, manufacturing steel while the

men were away at war. The city has

tried to move away from its industrial

image encapsulated in the fi lm The

Full Monty and certainly we have

a diverse range of industries now.

I once read that, while the steel

workforce is much reduced from its

heyday of British Steel, Sheffi eld

produces more steel than ever.

I visited Outo Kumpu several

times and ran training sessions for

its managers. I was amazed at the

size of the site – as big as a small

town with its own railway line running

through. If I remember it produced

stainless steel using the most up

to date processes. Outo Kumpu is

a Finnish company who took over

in 2001 from Avesta which was a

Swedish company which had merged

with British Steel Stainless. How

times have changed. But we can still

talk about Sheffi eld steel and the

history of a substance known for its

strength. Unfortunately Sheffi eld is no

longer the cutlery capital of the world,

because that has passed to South


David Manning

Is your child aged

between two-and-a-half and

school age?

St Chad’s


St Chad’s


Pop in for an info pack or call 07526

100755. We would love to see you!



7 Dale View Road, Sheffield S8 0EJ

‘Phone 0114 235 6002

Mobile 07853 350 085


Specialists in...


Flat Roofing

Ridge Pointing

Replacing Damaged

Slates and Tiles


St Chad’s Pre-school

Opposite Abbey Lane School

56 Abbey Lane, Woodseats S8 0BP


Monday/Tuesday/Friday 8:45 - 11:45

Wednesdays and Thursdays 8:45 - 3:15

• A fun and exciting environment for your child

• Experienced and qualified staff

• Learning through play to help your child reach their potential

• Free early learning funding for eligible children

Storm Damage - Insurance Work


24 Hour Call-Out Service

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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All the Fun of the Fayre!

This year’s PALS

(Parents of Abbey

Lane School)

summer fayre took

place on June 23

and was a huge success.

We are grateful to St

Chad’s for letting us use

their lovely green

space outside.

The day

was very well


and there

were plenty

of activities,

games, food

stands and

music. There was

a tombola and a raffl e

with prizes donated from many local

businesses. There were fabulous

performances from Rhythmix Dance

School, and music provided by Disco

Dave. Louise Haigh MP also attended

and met with parents and members of

the local community.

We are very pleased to announce

that the fayre raised over £2,200 for the

school and this money will go towards

enhancing all the Abbey Lane children’s

time at school.

Thank you to all who attended,

volunteered and contributed. It was a

wonderful day with beautiful weather and

brilliant community spirit. We’re already

looking forward to next year’s fayre!

Rebecca Stevens

Abbey Lane PALS Committee

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Phagodynamometer is not

a word that trips off the

tongue very easily and

is not a word which is in

common usage. I bet you

have never heard anyone one

say something like “that Billy, he

is a right phagodynamometer”. It

would be a good one to get if you

were playing Scrabble however

– if you had enough tiles! If you

could manage to get it on a triple

word square it would score you

a whopping 90 points – who

would not want that in a game?

I suspect if you were a dentist or

may be a scientist you would use

it occasionally but for us every

day folk it would not be common

parlance. The phagodynamometer

is a device which measures the

amount of force we have to apply

when eating food.

It was a word I came across a

while ago after a visit to a rather

poor example of a pizza restaurant.

The pizza had been overbaked

and the crust was easily proving

a match for my knife and fork. No

matter how hard I pressed with

the knife I could not force my way

through it. Even using the fork as

well to stab and tear made little

impression on it. Then it occurred

to me that most people didn’t eat

a pizza with a knife and fork so

I picked it up and used my teeth

which broke through it quite easily.

As I was wondering how my jaw

could be stronger than my arm,

hand and a knife together I began

to imagine how much force we do

apply and how it compares to other

animals. Scientists have worked out

that we can apply a force of 1,375

Newtons. Whilst this seems a lot we

don’t apparently have the biggest

bite. The winner of this accolade

goes to either the killer whale

(18,000 Newtons) or the saltwater

crocodile (16,500 Newtons). The

reason for the uncertainty is that

the bite of the killer whale was

simulated in a laboratory whilst the

bite of the saltwater crocodile was

an actual reading take by extremely

brave scientists.

However that may not be

the greatest bite of any animal

which ever lived. Again it’s only a

guestimate but it is thought that of

the Tyrannosaurus Rex may have

been between 60,000 and 80,000

Newtons but of course we cannot

test the theory, unless Jurassic Park

becomes a reality, as the figures

were estimated from the size of its

jaw and other measurable factors.

So, if you are ever in an Italian

restaurant and the pizza is

likely to defeat you then I don’t

recommend taking along a killer

whale or a saltwater crocodile to

help as neither will probably fit in

the restaurant. I suggest the best

animal to take with you would be an

hyena with a bite of 3,500 Newtons.

Not only would it be able to easily

bite through your pizza but it would

clear the restaurant of other diners

so easily that you would have no

trouble getting a table.

Steve Winks

Strongest Bites

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

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Services at St Chad’s

Sunday Services





Sunday Services

The 9am Service



Traditional 9am Service




The ● • Traditional Traditional 9am Service in style in style

● Includes Holy Communion, a sermon & hymns

● • ● Includes Traditional Includes refreshments

Holy Holy in style Communion, afterwards

a sermon a sermon & hymns and hymns

• Includes Taken


from refreshments

Common Worship: afterwards

● Includes Holy Communion, a sermon Holy Communion

& hymns

● • Taken Taken from from Common Common Worship: Worship: Holy Holy Communion Communion

● Includes refreshments afterwards

● Taken from Common Worship: Holy Communion


Lifted, the

the – the

11am Service

11am 11am Service service







in style

Lifted, the 11am Service in style

● Informal and relaxed in style

• An An emphasis emphasis on on families families

● An emphasis on families

• ● Includes Informal Includes music, and music relaxed led played by in a style band by a band

● • ● Includes An Refreshments emphasis music, on served led families served by from a band from 10.15-10.45am

to 10.45

● ● Refreshments Includes music, served led by from a band 10.15-10.45am

● Refreshments served from 10.15-10.45am





Weekday Services

Weekday Services

Morning Prayers

Morning Prayers

Morning Prayers

Morning Prayer

Evening Prayers

Evening Prayers

Evening Prayers

Monday to Thursday at 9am

Monday to Thursday at 9am

Monday to Thursday at 9am

• Monday to Thursday at 9am - a half-hour service

of prayer and Bible readings in church

Monday to Thursday at 5pm

• Monday Friday at to 9am Thursday - up to at an 5pm hour of prayer, blessing

for Monday the community to Thursday and at prayer 5pm ministry if requested

The Thursday 10am Service

The Thursday 10am Service

The Traditional Thursday in style 10am Service service


Taken from




Worship: Holy Communion

• Taken Traditional in

from style

Common Worship: Holy Communion

• Includes Taken from Holy common Common Communion, worship Worship: a sermon Holy Communion & hymns


Held in the




Chapel at the sermon

back of church


• Includes Holy Communion, a sermon & and hymns hymns

Held in the Lady



at the



the back

of church

of church

Held in the Lady Chapel at the back of church

Other Services

Other Services

Prayer and Praise

Prayer Prayer and and Praise

Sunday, February 13 at 7.30pm











Ash Wednesday Service

Ash Wednesday Service

Wednesday, March 9 at 7.30pm

Wednesday, March 9 at at 7.30pm

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Samson was a man

of great strength

– unfortunately he

suffered from Tom Jones

Syndrome – he couldn’t

resist Delilah…

Samson had fallen for two

other women previously, with

near fatal consequences, so you

might think he would have learned

to be careful around them, but

he gradually allowed Delilah to

wheedle the secret of his strength

out of him.

One haircut later, and he was in

the hands of his enemies.

Why was his strength

bound up with his

hair? Samson was

a Nazirite – as

an outward sign

of devotion to

God, his hair was

never cut; he

also had to avoid

alcohol – and

dead bodies, which

was probably easier.

Really, his strength

came from God – twice in

his story we read that the Spirit of

God surged up in him to enable

him to perform feats of strength.

God’s purpose for Samson

was to make him a champion

for Israel against their enemies

the Philistines – that’s what his

strength was for.

But Samson was careless and

inclined to follow his own whims

and appetites. God’s strength

enabled him to kill with his bare

hands a lion that attacked him

– but a little later on he pokes

around in its carcase after honey

from bees nesting in it.

Time and again he gets

entangled with Philistine women

who are ready to betray him, and

finally Delilah succeeds in getting

him captured.

It wasn’t just allowing his hair

to be cut that was the issue,

Samson’s devotion to God was

getting weaker – messing with

the lion’s body, sleeping with the

enemy, and finally telling Delilah

the secret of his strength – all this

was symptomatic of taking it for

granted that God would always be

with him, and so not being careful

about his lifestyle.

But at the end of the Delilah

incident comes one of the saddest

lines in the Bible: “But he

did not know that the

Lord had left him.”

Blinded and


Samson has

plenty of

opportunity for

reflection on the

course of his life;

finally, he calls

out for God to help

him and strengthen

him again – and

God answers him very


God wants to give us the

strength we need in every

situation we encounter – but it’s

not something we should take for

granted, treating God as some

sort of emergency service.

Most of all God wants to draw

us into relationship, friendship

with him. That friendship will

enrich our lives beyond measure,

lifting us above superficiality and

self-interest. The more we desire

and value friendship with God, the

more we can know his strength.

Get the full story of Samson

in the Bible book of Judges –

chapters 13 to 16.

Ken Goodier

Calling Out for Strength

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Courgettes R

Every Wednesday

from 9.30-11.30am

What adventures has your

courgette been on?...and

have you got a photo of it

to enter ‘my adventurous

courgette’ category in the

Have a Go Show?

Perhaps you’ve decided to make a

courgette animal or bake a cake. Don’t

worry if you haven’t grown your own

– you can buy them for all categories

except in the vegetable section.

You can fi nd details of all the

categories you can enter in the schedule

– there are over 40 to choose from –

Here’s how little it costs

to advertise in

Adverts are priced

at the following rates for

one year (six editions):

1/8 page: £110

1/6 page: £155

1/4 page: £225

1/2 page: £445

Full page: £915

Call St Chad’s Church office on

0114 274 5086

or email

for more information

Vegetable Section

1. 3 potatoes any variety

2. 3 onions

3. 3 carrots

4. 2 leeks

5. 6 tomatoes

6. 6 runner beans

7. 3 mixed veg – not otherwise in


8. 3 bulbs garlic

9. 3 beetroot globes

10. 1 green cabbage

11. 3 courgettes (similar length, max


12. 1 cucumber

13. Heaviest vegetable

14. Longest courgette

Fruit Section

15. 10 soft fruit on a plate

(blackberries, raspberries,

blackcurrants, gooseberries)

16. 5 fruit on a plate – not otherwise in


17. 3 rhubarb stems

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Have A Go

Growing, Making

& Baking Show


September 8,

St Chad’s Church

on these pages. Instructions for the

show plus the full schedule are on

the St Chad’s website at

haveagoshow. See you on September 8.

• The charge is £1 per adult entrant

and 50p per child under 12. Bring your

entries between 9.30 and 10.30am;

church will be closed for judging from

10.30am-12.30pm. Viewing is from 12.30-

2.30pm with a sale of produce from 3pm.


Floral Section

18. 1 vase of 3 dahlias

19. 1 chrysanthemum – spray

20. 3 gladioli – any variety

21. 1 single rose

22. Miniature fl oral arrangement (must

not exceed 15cm overall)

23. Floral arrangement (must not exceed

60cm overall)

24. 1 vase mixed garden fl owers

25. 6 pansy or viola heads on a plate

Preserves and Baking Section

26. 1lb jar fruit jam

27. 1lb jar lemon curd

28. 1lb jar chutney

29. Victoria Sandwich 7 inch

(6oz self raising fl our; 6oz caster

sugar; 6oz butter; vanilla essence; 3

eggs; raspberry jam; NO dusting)

30. 4 sweet biscuits/cookies one variety

31. 4 pieces of tray-bake

32. 3 fruit scones

33. Baked item containing courgette eg

cake, scone, biscuits

Handicrafts Section

34. 1 embroidery item

35. 1 item knitted or crocheted item

36. 1 item sewn item


37. Single photograph – theme ‘Growth’

38. Single photograph – theme ‘The

Adventurous Courgette’

39. Single hand produced picture

(pencil, pastel, oil, charcoal or water


Children’s Section

(Age ranges: under 5, 6-8 years, 9-11


40. Animal made out of fruit and/or

vegetables must include courgette

41. Picture, paint or crayon.

42. Decorated gingerbread person (plain

biscuit may be purchased).

43. Victoria Sandwich (6oz self raising

fl our; 6oz caster sugar; 6oz butter,

vanilla essence; 3 eggs; raspberry

jam; NO dusting)

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Lyle’s Lion

Remember the anticipation

of prising the lid off the tin,

seeing all that wonderfully

golden, gooey syrup

inside and hardly being

able to wait until you licked some

off a spoon – or even a finger?

But do you know the story of this

delicious ‘nectar’ and its iconic tin?

It’s an interesting one.

In 1881, Abram Lyle built his

sugar refinery in the east end of

London. Henry Tate had a sugar

refinery too, not far away but the

two men were fierce rivals. Tate

produced sugar cubes whilst Lyle

experimented with the by-products

of the refining to create the golden

syrup we know, and love, today

– and the process still remains a


It was sold to grocers in London

in wooden casks and people

brought their own containers to

be filled. Demand was high and

in 1883 Lyle decided to sell his

product in the now famous green

and gold tins. They remain

unchanged to this day.

Abram was man of great

faith which must account for

the fact that he adapted an

Old Testament passage,

adding appropriate artwork,

to use as his logo. In

Judges chapter 14 we read

how Samson, the famous

strongman in the Bible, once

killed a lion with his bare hands.

Some time later, he passed

the lion’s carcass and saw that

a swarm of bees had made a

honey comb inside it. He made

up a riddle to see if people could

solve it - “Out of the eater came

forth meat and out of the strong

came forth sweetness”. But they


In 1910 Captain Scott

included a quantity of Golden

Syrup tins when selecting

provisions for his Antarctic

expedition and, a year later, his

letter of thanks was received

by the company in London.

Tragically the expedition was to

fail but, 46 years later, both tins

and contents still remained in

good condition when they were


On the outbreak of the First

World War in 1914, the tins

were temporarily exchanged for

... cardboard, of all things! An

explanation appeared on the

packaging as follows - “Notice –

owing to the requirement needs

of the Ministry of Munitions

with a view to the economy

in the use of tin plates, we

are compelled to adopt this

substitute for our usual lever tins.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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There is no change to the quality, or

taste, of the contents”.

Golden Syrup must have been a very

welcome addition to the rations given to

the troops in the trenches – a wonderful

reminder of home and happier times.

Abram Lyle died in 1891. By 1921,

the two rival businesses had merged. In

1922 King George V awarded the Royal

Warrant to Tate and Lyle and today the

tins bear the Queen’s Coat of Arms to

show that the company still enjoys royal


However, times were changing and

the company moved with them – in 1996

squeezy bottles appeared, still with the

original label, making using the syrup a

less sticky experience!

In 2007 Guinness World Records

announced that the Tate and Lyle labels

were the oldest, unchanged brand

packaging in the world – a record of

which old Abram would doubtless have

been rightly proud. Today more than one

million tins a month are exported all over

the world as far as the USA, the Middle

East and China.

An interesting story indeed!

Chris Laude


TEL/FAX: 0114 2817022

M: 07929188450


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Thinking About Your

Elderly Family Members

Does one of your family or friends

spend a lot of the time alone?

They may have someone who

calls in to help them dress, or

give them a breakfast. Someone

ensures they take their medications and

another may check that there is enough

bread or milk for their day. But, except

for the TV sounds, do they have an

opportunity to chat, talk over memories,

share a funny story or have the pleasure

of company for an hour of someone not

in a rush to get on with their own life?

Many do have a loving family but

working long hours or living a distance

away makes regular chat stops rare.

Could our Third Age Befrienders group

help your homebound

relation or


We visit at pre-arranged monthly times

and agree to no chores. All visitors have

been authorised through references,

interview and a DBS scrutiny and will

not gossip about their new friend nor talk

about faith unless requested.

Why are we offering our help? We

have been out and about visiting in

Woodseats and the local area for over 10

years and know how much our visits are


If you want to know more, call St Chad’s

church office on 274 5086 and Yvonne

Smith will return your call within the week.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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What is strength?

There are many

different definitions

of strength. From

power of influence,

as in a person or organisation,

power and speed of force as in the

weather, the ability to withstand

force or pressure as in a wall to

the concentration level as in a

medication or drink.

In religion, strength can come

from the strength of feeling and

belief you have in Christ and

the mental strength and comfort

you gain from this belief. As a

physiotherapist, I deal mainly in

the strength of muscles. Collins

English Dictionary describes

strength as ‘the physical

energy that you have,

which gives you the

ability to perform

various actions,

such as lifting or

moving things’.

A lack of strength

can lead to injury or

can be a consequence

of injury or inactivity

after surgery. I treat a lot

of people who have developed

back pain or shoulder pain from

a lack of strength in the muscles

in their core or shoulder girdle

respectively. The lack of support

from these muscles predisposes

the individual to damage that

life’s daily stresses put on their

body. A consequence of the body

getting older is the development

of conditions such as arthritis.

The lack of normal movement in

the area and pain from the lack

of supporting cartilage in the

joint affects the strength of the

surrounding, ‘support’ muscles.

This in turn puts more stress on

the joint leading to pain.

Following an operation strength

can deteriorate rapidly. Whether

the surgery is specifically to a

joint or muscle, or to an area of

the body that can affect mobility

such as the stomach or chest,

the period of inactivity in recovery

can affect general strength. I

also work with athletes or people

who participate in regular sport.

Here, strength can give you an

advantage in performance and

can definitely reduce your risk of

injury. Whilst injured, the athlete

can lose enough strength to

severely affect their performance

in their sport for a long time.

As a physiotherapist, I deal

regularly with all these

situations. I help people

gain their strength

through management

of the injury and pain

with treatments such

as acupuncture and

mobilisation. As

the pain becomes

increasingly under

control, I provide

exercises that gradually

heighten in intensity to help

the person get stronger and help

support the area of the body that

needs it.

So, you don’t need to be a ‘gym

bunny’ to gain strength. With the

right guidance, anybody of any

age and fitness level can gain

strength physically and hopefully

benefit from function, reduced

injury risk and a better enjoyment

of the physical joys of life.

Andy Okwera

Andy Okwera is available for

advice at Activ Physiotherapy, 88

Baslow Road, Sheffield, S17 4DQ.

Email andy@activphysiotherapy. Tel 0114 2352727 www.

What is Strength?

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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The First and Last Superhero

Superman is probably the

most famous superhero in

fiction. Created by Siegel

and Shuster in 1933, he

debuted in Action (later DC)

Comics and subsequently appeared

in radio serials, newspaper comic

strips, novels, TV programmes,

films and video games.

This modern myth begins with

baby Kal-El rocketed to Earth by

his parents before Krypton, their

planet, explodes. Having landed

in Kansas, he is found by farmers

Jonathan and Martha Kent, who

adopt him as their son. On reaching

maturity, he becomes Superman,

while maintaining an alter ego as

Clark Kent, a reporter for the Daily

Planet in the city of Metropolis.

Although he has superpowers,

Superman is vulnerable. Fragments

of Krypton have also reached Earth

as Kryptonite, exposure to which

quickly renders him powerless.

While mythical and fictional

heroes, such as Robin Hood,

Zorro and the Scarlet Pimpernel,

had appeared over the centuries,

Superman was the first mythical

superhero of our modern age. He

was followed soon after by Batman,

Captain Marvel and Wonder

Woman and, post World War Two,

Supergirl, Daredevil and Black

Panther – a far from exhaustive list

of superheroes fighting for truth and

justice and more recently, as our

world has shrunk to a global village,

to ‘save the planet’!

Although, according to myth,

Robin Hood did eventually die,

the fictional Zorro and Scarlet

Pimpernel were never killed off

by their creators. Nor was the

Man of Steel, since neither Siegel

nor Shuster was involved in DC

Comics’ 1992 Trilogy, The Death

of Superman. Destroyed by his

enemy, Doomsday, he was, of

course, resurrected. Superman is,

after all, a superhero and therefore

cannot die... just like the Lord Jesus

Christ, whose story of death and

resurrection is central to the Bible.

Some consider that account as

much an old myth as the modern

myths of superheroes or even older

myths of the gods and heroes.

However, CS Lewis, author of The

Chronicles of Narnia, believed

the story of Jesus’ death and

resurrection is the true ‘myth’ from

which all similar myths were derived.

There are certainly similarities

between Jesus and Superman.

Both came ultimately to save the

planet. However, while Kal-El’s

father sent him from Krypton to

Earth to help the human race, God

sent his Son, Jesus, from outside of

space-time to save sinful humanity

and to redeem God’s whole fallen

creation. While Superman was

destroyed by Doomsday, Jesus

freely laid down his life on the

cross, was raised to life by his

Father and will, as he promised,

return in glory on ‘Doomsday’ – to

bring in a new world order for the

planet he will save.

His story can be read in the

Bible, also published as graphic

novels by Kingstone or, for Manga

fans, by Next. Film lovers can

watch adaptations such as Jesus

of Nazareth or The Passion of the

Christ. However, Jesus is more

than a two-dimensional drawing or

a three-dimensional actor.

In Revelation, the final book of

the Bible, Jesus reveals: ‘I am the

First and the Last. I am the Living

One; I was dead, and behold I am

alive for ever and ever!’

For me, he is the First and Last


Stephen Dowson

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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100 Years On

Sunday November 11 will mark

the 100th anniversary of the

signing of the armistice that

brought to an end the fi ghting

of the First World War. At St

Chad’s we will be remembering and

honouring those from Woodseats who

died during that confl ict.

If you have any information,

photographs, memorabilia, relating to

any of the men on our war memorial we

would love you to get in touch.

Our next edition of Impact will have a

special focus on this anniversary.

Write to us at St Chad’s Church Offi ce,

Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA or

email offi

Family optometrist and

contact lens practitioner


• Free sight test and glasses for all under 16s

• Private and NHS sight tests

• Contact lenses for children and adults

• Rayban glasses and sunglasses

• Home visits by appointment

• Prescription sportswear

• Use your two-yearly Westfield allowance

• Ample free on-street parking

Terminus Road, Millhouses S7 2LH

0114 262 1955

Services are held every Sunday

11.00am - Holy Communion.

3rd Sunday - Evensong Service 3pm

(please note on the 3rd Sunday no 11.00am service).

Special Events: Heritage Open Days

Sun 9 Sept 2018 11.00am - 12.30 Open as usual at 11.00am for

the Holy Communion Service.

Friday 14 Sept 11.00am - 4pm

Sat 15 Sept 2018 11.00am - 4pm

Sun16 Sept 2018 11.00am - 4pm - At 3pm Join us for a Special

Choral Evensong - an Exquisite Service that has been part of our

Heritage for hundreds of years. We welcome back to the Abbey

the talented and eloquent Abbey Lane Singers.

All Welcome

Our Services are based on the Book of Common Prayer, Refreshments are served afterwards


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi


A relaxed and friendly place for a chat

Coffee morning for anyone over 50

Tuesdays 10.15 Tuesdays -11.15am, 10.15 starting -11.15am

25th April 2017

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

No table games, no speakers,

just a good cuppa and a natter!


For more information, contact the church office on 274 5086

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi


The Little Paris Bookshop

by Nina George

Jean Perdu is quite

literally ‘lost’, as his name

suggests. He runs a

bookshop, The Literary

Apothecary – a bookshop

with a difference. It’s located on

a barge moored on the banks of

the River Seine in Paris. People

come to him with their problems

but, instead of

fi nding medicinal

help, they leave

with books. For

Jean Perdu has

a rare gift for

sensing which

books will heal

the troubled

souls of his

customers – the

only problem

is that he can’t

heal his own

broken heart.

The love of his

life left him 20

years ago, but

he can’t move


He lives

in a block of


with an eclectic mix of people.

When a new neighbour moves in,

a friendship develops between

the two. Jean helps her to furnish

her apartment by offering her

some items of his own. In the

drawer of a desk, she fi nds a

letter – it’s the last one written

by his beloved and unread,

because he couldn’t bear to

read it. However, reading it now,

Jean learns that she must have

been ill at the time of writing. His

neighbour encourages him to go

in search of the past and his love,

even though he suspects that she

may have died.

Jean makes an on-the-spot,

bold decision, unties the barge

and begins a journey, down the

waterways of France to Provence

– and the unknown. Along the

way he meets other larger than

life characters who join him on

his barge and his journey of selfdiscovery.

How does the story

end? – you’ll have

to fi nd out for

yourself, but

I can promise

that you will

discover more

about love,


forgiveness and


Nina George’s

novel has been


from the

original French,

but it loses

nothing in the

translation. Her

style of writing

is wonderfully

lyrical, almost like

poetry at times,

and it evokes the

true spirit of

France. The story meanders

just as the canals do and her

descriptions of the countryside

are stunning. You can almost feel

the sun on your face, taste the

wine and smell the perfume of

lavender and herbs as you travel

along on the barge with Jean and

his friends. An excellent book

to take on a summer holiday

with you – especially if your

destination is France!

Chris Laude

Book Review

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi


Registers 2018

For Weddings

and Funerals

You don’t have to be a churchgoer

to have a wedding in church or

be ‘religious’ to have a dignifi ed and

meaningful funeral service at St Chad’s.

If you live in the Woodseats or

Beauchief area, St Chad’s would be

delighted to help you, whether it is

planning the Big Day or saying goodbye

to a loved one.

For weddings please contact St Chad’s

church offi ce. For funerals please tell

your funeral director that you would like

to have a church service.



13 Myles Sarich

Evelyn Sarich

Albert Ives



12 Daniel Turner and Nicole Kime


30 Phillip Marsh and Gemma Bradley



18 David Friday (78)

• If you have had a new baby and would

like to celebrate that baby’s birth with

a service in church then please come

to one of our thanksgiving and baptism

mornings at St Chad’s.

The morning will explain the difference

between the two services and give

parents an opportunity to ask any

questions. Please call the church offi ce

on 0114 274 5086 if you are interested in


Are you looking for

a room to hold your

party or meeting?

St Chad’s Church has

two rooms available for

hire at 56 Abbey Lane

Call 0114 274 5086 for details

Healing Rooms

at the Big Tree Pub

Wednesday mornings


1st & 3rd Wednesday evenings

7.45- 9.00

As part of an international

Christian organisation, we seek

to freely serve the local

community in prayer for the sick.

Tel. 0114 3600616 (answerphone)

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi



0800 328 0006

or 01274 760839 may be cheaper from a mobile

Weighed down by


Free debt counselling in your community

from an award winning charity


debt help

t: 01274 760720 e: Registered Office: Jubilee Mill, North Street, Bradford, BD1 4EW

Registered Charity No: 1097217. Charity registered in Scotland No: SC038776. Consumer Credit Licence No: 413528.

Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered in England and Wales No: 4655175.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Linden Avenue, S8 0GA

email: offi

If you want to contact the church offi ce and there is no one available, please leave a

message or send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Vicar Toby Hole (Vicarage) 274 9302


Assistant Minister for the elderly Yvonne Smith 274 5086


Daren Craddock, Amy Hole,

Pauline Johnson and

Yvonne Smith 274 5086

Youth Worker Nick Seaman 274 5086


Besom in Sheffi eld Steve Winks 07875 950170

Impact magazine Tim Hopkinson 274 5086


Church Wardens Ann Firth 274 5086

Ann Lomax 274 5086

Uniformed Groups

Group Scout Leader Ian Jackson 235 3044

Guide Leader Jemma Taylor 296 0555


56 Abbey Lane

Bookings Church Offi ce 274 5086


PLEASE NOTE: The inclusion of advertisements in Impact in no way means the

advertiser is endorsed or recommended by St Chad’s Church.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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764 Chesterfield Road, Woodseats, Sheffield, S8 0SE

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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