Hendy Alloy Wheel Leaflet


Hendy Alloy wheel cover helps to maintain the showroom looks of your alloy wheels.

(h) Theft of your alloy wheels;

(i) Alloy wheels with split rim construction or with chrome effect finishes; dual (multi) paint finished

Alloy Wheels are covered, but if damage extends across two colour finishes, the repair will count as

2 claims.

(j) Damage caused by driving whilst tyre is deflated or as a result of tyre replacement;

(k) Damage present on an alloy wheel prior to the start of this policy;

(l) Any act or omission which is willful or unlawful.

(m) Any direct or indirect consequence of war, civil war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies (whether

war be declared or not), rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power, or confiscation,

nationalisation, requisition, destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of any

government, local or public authority.

(n) Any direct or indirect consequence of terrorism as defined by the Terrorism Act 2000 and any

amending or substituting legislation.

(o) Any direct or indirect consequence of:

a. Irradiation, or contamination by nuclear material; or

b. The radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous or contaminating properties of any

radioactive matter; or

c. Any device or weapon which employs atomic or nuclear fission or fusion or other comparable

reaction or radioactive force or matter.

(p) Any consequence, howsoever caused, including but not limited to computer virus in electronic

data being lost, destroyed, distorted, altered, or otherwise corrupted. For the purposes of this

Policy, electronic data shall mean facts, concepts and information stored to form useable data

for communications, interpretations, or processing by electronic or electromechanical data

processing or other electronically controlled hardware, software and other coded instructions for

the processing and manipulation of data, or the direction and manipulation of such hardware.

For the purposes of this Policy, computer virus shall mean a set of corrupting, harmful, or otherwise

unauthorised instructions or code, whether these have been introduced maliciously or otherwise,

and multiply themselves through a computer system or network of whatsoever nature.

B. Policy Conditions Do Not Cover Any Claim:

(a) Where the vehicle is located outside of the geographical limit of this policy;

(b) Which is the subject of fraud, false actions or dishonesty;

(c) On any claim where it is discovered that this policy was purchased more than 60 days following

the delivery date of your vehicle.

Claims Procedure (see section “How to make a claim” in the Policy Document Terms and


Check that the damage is covered by this policy (check ‘What you are Covered for’).and call the

administrator within 30 days of the accidental damage occurring. Tel 0344 893 1022. We will require

electronic images of the damage to your alloy wheel


You may cancel the policy within 30 days of issue and we will refund your premium provided no

claim has been made or is to be made. Thereafter, you may cancel the insurance cover at any time

by writing to the administrator, and you will receive a pro rata refund on any full months remaining

provided that no claim is pending or has been made.

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