Annual Report 2017-2018 (hi res)


Green Dragon Foundation Annual Report 2017-2018

Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors • 2017-2018 School Year


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2017-2018 School Year Annual Report

We thank the following individuals for their help in preparing the 2017-2018 School Year Annual Report.

Without their help, this report would not have been possible!

Board of Directors, The Green Dragon Foundation, who provide funding for the publication

Volunteer Photographers: John Gardner, Amber Gardner, and Mandy Hartman of The Lewisburg Studio;

Jodi Batman, Daniel Hyde, Scott Hyde and Nathan Wright.

Volunteer Editor: Erica Shames, Founder and Publisher, Susquehanna Life Magazine and

Susquehanna Life Magazine’s Museum and Gallery Guide

Project Director: Ann M. Glock, Executive Director, The Green Dragon Foundation

Graphic Designer: Victor Koons Graphic Design

Printer: Nittany Valley Offset

All costs associated with special events or receptions have been underwritten by generous

individuals and businesses, specifically for that purpose. e 2017-2018 Annual Report

and Honor Roll of Donors is made possible through gis provided by members of e

Green Dragon Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Message from the President

and Executive Director

Dear Friends,

This year, our 10th anniversary, marks a significant milestone for The Green Dragon

Foundation. In 2008, a group of visionaries came together to identify the Lewisburg Area

School District’s unmet needs, and form a nonprofit foundation to identify solutions. Their

dedication and generosity formed a solid underpinning for the formation of The Green

Dragon Foundation; today the organization is a leading fundraising arm of the Lewisburg

Area School District. Thousands of students have and will continue to benefit from efforts

they initiated.

As we look back, it’s significant to realize this organization has achieved many of its

short- and long-term goals and aspirations. Some highlights include:

• Raised more than $4 million.

• Launched a comprehensive campaign, VISION 2020: Our Children-Our Future

• Established 18 permanently endowed and 4 quasi-endowed funds with a current

balance of $827,605.

• Provided nearly $1.3 million in financial and in-kind support with an additional $300,000

promised to the district in the coming years.

• Helped establish and annually co-host LAHS Alumni Weekend.

Annually host the Brandon Kramm Memorial Golf Tournament and “Field of Dreams”

Benefit Auction.

• Raised $400,000 needed to create the Brandon S. Kramm Memorial Baseball Field.

As you read the 2017-2018 Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors, please think about

how much you, as a donor or volunteer, have helped this organization achieve its vision

and mission to provide current and future Lewisburg students with an exceptional

educational experience.

photos by The Lewisburg Studio

We hope you’ll join us in taking pride in the achievements you helped make possible.

We also hope it inspires you to continue your support of Lewisburg students, through the


On behalf of our entire organization, we would like to extend a sincere and heartfelt

thank-you to YOU; our donors, sponsors and local advocates. We are tremendously

grateful for your generous participation and ongoing support.


R. Brooks Gronlund ’86

President, The Green Dragon Foundation

Ann M. Glock

Executive Director, The Green Dragon Foundation

The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018 1

About Us

A Review of 2017-2018 Successes

Thanks to loyal and dedicated donors and volunteers,

the hard work of the The Green Dragon Foundation’s

Board of Directors, Lewisburg Area School District

leadership, faculty and staff, The Green Dragon

Foundation exceeded its campaign goal of $2.5 million.

Through June 2018, the campaign has raised

$3,037,422; the campaign concludes this September.

Your gifts, and your willingness to invest in Lewisburg

students, faculty and programs every year, make a

difference in every student’s life every day. Thanks to

you, our very generous donors, contribution revenue

totaled $538,601 in 2017.

This additional revenue creates wonderful opportunities

for Lewisburg students. Endowments provide

even greater long-term programmatic support of our

students; major gifts underwrite capital projects at the

high school; and increasing annual support enhances a

variety of programs throughout the district.

A Plan for 2018-2019 and Beyond

Although the foundation has already exceeded its

overall campaign goal of $2.5 million, the organization

will continue to raise much-needed funds to support

“The Green Dragon Foundation is a communitybased

nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated

to providing and directing funding for the

realization of educational, cultural and athletic

programs, and capital improvement projects, for

the enrichment and enhancement of the students

of the Lewisburg Area School District.”

LASD. GDF will continue soliciting gift commitments

for capital improvements and multi-year support

of programs, long-term investment through

endowments and planned giving opportunities for

future support. There is still so much to do!

In its first year of operations, GDF raised $212,525; in

2017, annual revenue totaled $583,052. Today, the

charitable organization is governed by a 25-member

board of directors, led by executive director Ann Glock,

and staffed with administrative assistant Tushaar

Khurana. In 2017, GDF benefited from the work of 92

volunteers who provided 938 hours of service.

We invite you to join our team!

Contact the GDF office at (570) 522-8433 or by

email at: to learn

about volunteer opportunities.

Please consider becoming a financial supporter to

make a positive difference for our current and

future students!

Gifts to LASD

Through the generosity of parents, alumni, businesses and friends, GDF supports LASD students, faculty and

programs in a variety of ways. In 2017, the foundation provided a total of $446,179 to benefit Lewisburg area

students. GDF donated $237,546 ($236,146 financial and $1,400 in-kind) to the district and endowed an additional

$208,633 for future programmatic support. These gifts will enhance and enrich educational opportunities for all

students in the Lewisburg area for years to come!





2017 Contributions to

GDF by Source



Charitable Trusts

Of the individuals who

contributed to GDF. These

gifts came from:








4% 3%














2017 GDF Gifts to Support

Lewisburg Students

Total: $446,179









The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018

The Lewisburg Studio

Why I Serve

Jennifer K. Shabahang

I firmly believe that

education is the key to a

strong community.

From my previous work in

international development,

I am keenly aware of the

interconnectedness of

health, education and

economic stability. This is

true in the developing

world as well as in rural

central Pennsylvania. When my husband and I moved

our family to Lewisburg in 2010 we were attracted by

the solid public school system and the quaint,

welcoming feel of the college town. Now I can say

that we are true Green Dragons and are proud of

what our small town has to offer.

I have been involved with The Green Dragon

Foundation for the past seven years. As a volunteer, I

began by writing articles for the Annual Report. This

work entailed visiting the schools to see how the

programs funded by GDF impacted students. From

science kits to a lending library of band instruments, I

was impressed to see the variety of programs that

enhance the education of students throughout the

district. I was honored to become a GDF Board

Member in 2013. This new role enabled me to truly

become an advocate for GDF and get involved in the

decision making process of how GDF funds are used. I

have witnessed an amazing partnership between the

foundation and the school district, working together

to create and fund programs that benefit all students.

As GDF prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary, I

am thankful to the group of visionaries who saw the

“unique community, unique opportunity” that we

have here in Lewisburg to support the education of

our children. The community has embraced the vision

of GDF. The Vision 2020: Our Children, Our Future

Campaign has raised over $3 million. What I am most

excited about are the 18 permanently endowed

funds and the four quasi-endowed funds

currently valued at $827,605. These endowments

will provide funding for years to come in areas such as

environmental science, professional development

and performing arts, just to name a few.

As I reflect on my service, it is a pleasure to see

students such as kindergarteners at the annual Grill

Out held each August. As vice president of GDF it is

very satisfying for me to know that these newest

members of our school district will benefit from the

generosity of our community. Thank-you to everyone

who continues to support The Green Dragon

Foundation as we move into our next decade.

The Lewisburg Studio

2018 Green Dragon Foundation Board of Directors

From left to right: (Front) Kristin McVicar, Ann Glock, Katie Cavanagh,

Niki Weber, Don Steele, Karen Nicholson, Jennifer Shabahang and

Brianna Apfelbaum Kula. (Middle) Kathy Swope. (Back) John Donahoe,

Brooks Gronlund, Scott Rosevear, Amit Johal, Steve Skalka and Gale Reish.

Not pictured are: Tim Apple, Andrea Bertram, Bob Kallin, Julie Kaufman,

Matt Markunas, Bob McCormack, Scott Pinchak, Bill Stackhouse and Chris Still.

Lewisburg Area High School

Silver Medal –

Best High Schools in U.S.

U.S. News and World Report.

The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018 3

VISION 2020: Our Children–Our Future Campaign

In September 2018, The Green Dragon Foundation will complete an ambitious multi-year comprehensive

campaign, VISION 2020: Our Children-Our Future. The foundation aspired to raise $2.5 million to broaden and

enhance its support of strategic academic programs and facility enhancements within the Lewisburg Area School

District. The foundation raised funds through gift commitments for capital improvements, long-term investment

through endowment, and multi-year support of academic, athletic, cultural, and educational programs. The

foundation was excited to present donors with a variety of naming opportunities within the new high school, as

well as with programmatic endowments.

Through June 2018, the

foundation has raised $3,037,422

toward its goal of $2.5 million.

This represents 121%!

Through the campaign, the foundation has provided

funding for exciting projects at the new high school.

Since last year, we are proud to add the following

newly named spaces, some of which are not even

constructed yet (listed alphabetically):

• The Aaron & Grace Byrd Batting Cages

• The Habig Family Flag Pole Plaza

• The Brandon S. Kramm Memorial Baseball Field

• The Markunas Family Courtyard

• The Reish Family Classroom

(left and above)

The Steele Family

Health and Fitness


photos by:

The Lewisburg Studio

Donors wishing to support the VISION 2020: Our Children-Our Future Campaign to fund educational, cultural or

athletic programs, or capital improvement projects, can make a donation online or by credit card by visiting: Gifts also can be mailed to: 115 Farley Circle, Suite 306, Lewisburg, PA 17837.


The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018

Why I Give

Carolyn Garisto

In January 2005, my family moved to Lewisburg and

enrolled our children at St. Monica’s in Sunbury. We

struggled to settle in and make friends here in town

because our kids were not “in the mix.” That fall, we

enrolled the children in the Lewisburg Area School

District—Katie in 1st and Nick in 3rd grade.

Through the school, we became involved in the

community. The kids felt included and I volunteered

regularly. Actually, through the years, I have cleaned up

milk spills in the cafeteria at Kelly, donned the dragon

costume at Linntown, coordinated middle school book

fairs and chaperoned countless buses on Friday nights

for the high school marching band. And, just like my

children, some of my most treasured relationships

began in the halls of those buildings.

In August 2012, my husband Bruno died very

suddenly and unexpectedly. The amount of support

we received from this community was astounding. It

was like the town dropped everything to comfort us.

At home, cards, food, visits and calls were constant for

months. At school, my kids were loved and supported

by each staff member. Some of them went beyond the

walls of the buildings and reached out personally to

help. How many kids can say their favorite principal sat

in their bedroom and promised them they would

survive this pain? It was, and still is, just mind

boggling to grasp the overwhelming amount of

love and support we felt from the school and

community in those early tragic days.

In 2013, with Nick and Katie both in high school, we

discussed small ways to give back. Through our annual

donations to The Green Dragon Foundation, we

supported the fall play and spring musical, because

Bruno loved both. At one of GDF’s gift presentations to

the LASD School Board, I commented, “Even if we gave

every day, we would still not repay the kindness shown

to us in our time of need.”

During their high school careers, Nick and Katie were

involved in the fall plays, spring musicals, concert and

jazz bands, orchestra, choirs and their absolute

favorite—Marching Band. My kids spent so much time

in the band room and on stage at the former high

school building.

When I met with Ann Glock and Jennifer Shabahang

about possibly contributing to the campaign for the

new high school, it made sense to earmark our

donation for the music department—that was Nick

and Katie’s safe haven, their comfort, their home.

For my family, Lewisburg will always be home. For my

children, the music department will always be the

heart of this community. Nick and Katie have both

graduated, with Katie graduating from the new high

school building. I am honored to know that our family’s

name was placed on a plaque outside the band room

in the new building. Years will pass, and the names

won’t be as familiar, but that doesn't matter to me. The

memory and the feeling of gratitude will always be

strong for my family.

The Lewisburg Studio

The Lewisburg Studio

The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018 5

High School Students Benefit

from Funding for Science

Program Enhancements

Through VISION 2020: Our Children-Our Future

Campaign, donors have given generously to

enhance the high school’s science programs; all six

classrooms have been impacted. Within the last year,

the foundation has provided funding to purchase

equipment and learning tools to create advanced

educational opportunities for each of our students.

Deer Feeders and Game Cameras

Deer feeders and game cameras have been purchased to view and assess wildlife populations, including whitetail

deer, black bear and turkey. Students now have the opportunity to view large game species up close and learn in a

hands-on setting. According to LAHS teacher Mr. Nicholas Bender, “The environmental studies/wildlife course

teaches about ecosystems and ecology, species identification, wildlife management and populations. These tools

will allow them to have hands-on experience with these

topics and discover the variety of species that inhabit our

own school property.”

The Lewisburg Studio

“Our science department has even more ambitious ideas being

discussed right now. We are only able to explore these dreams because

of e Green Dragon Foundation; thank you!”

–Mr. Van Wagner, LAHS Teacher


The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018


In Mr. Lauver’s high school biology class, students are

equipped with additional microscopes. He noted, “The

new set of classroom microscopes will allow all students

the opportunity to use a microscope throughout the

entire class. In Anatomy and Physiology classes,

students will be able to use the scopes to study tissues

and other structures related to the curriculum.”

Tools for Engineering-Based Projects

For STEM and Physics programs, new tools including

a soldering kit, a cordless power tools kit and many

others have been purchased using funding from the

foundation. According to Mr. Dillon Durinick, LAHS

teacher, “They are providing students with a real-world

learning opportunity in STEM and Physics programs.

Many engineering-based projects are completed

throughout the school year, and these tools expand

student abilities through applicable ideas from

different engineering fields such as electrical,

mechanical, construction and energy engineering,

among others. The Senior STEM course provides the

framework for authentic scientific research.”

Chemistry & Biology Equipment

The foundation provided funding to outfit Chemistry

and Biology labs with updated Vernier sensors for the

collection of lab data such as pH, oxidation-reduction

potential, conductivity, temperature, melting point,

voltage, spectrometric data and body system functions.

Additional accompanying equipment was purchased

to make further lab investigations more efficient and

effective. According to Ms. Angela Gockley, LAHS

teacher, “Updated sensors allow students a quick and

easy way to collect, analyze and interpret data without

having to spend extra time struggling with more

cumbersome equipment.”

The Lewisburg Studio

American Chestnut Tree Lab

The district partnered with The American Chestnut Foundation to plant chestnuts in a living laboratory. The Green

Dragon Foundation helped support the project by providing funding for the protective fence surrounding the lab.

According to Mr. Van Wagner, LAHS teacher, “Fencing was a must. It was needed to protect the lab from deer.” Mr.

Wagner is very appreciative for GDF’s support. “I have been able to give my students learning opportunities that

some colleges don’t even offer because of the resources provided by the foundation. This program is engaging

students in exciting ways I never could have done on my own with just traditional funding.” He continues, “This is

the largest chestnut tree lab on an American school campus. My AP environmental students have first-hand lab

study experiences. Thousands of students will continue to have these experiences for decades to come.”

The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018 7

Why We Give

Bob ’58 and Sharon ’61 Kribbs

Sharon and Bob Kribbs became annual

donors to The Green Dragon Foundation in

2010. When asked why, they replied, “As

Lewisburg graduates and now retired

teachers, we naturally want to see our local

youngsters receive the best possible

education. Giving back to support various

programs is our way of expressing that


In 2016, they decided to make a larger gift,

naming a high school English classroom to

honor former teacher, Jennie Erdley.

The Kribbs have always felt indebted to

Jennie Erdley for the role she played in their


According to Bob, “Jennie was ‘old school’

Bob and Sharon Kribbs

Jennie S. Erdley

all the way. She brooked no nonsense from us 9th and 10th graders: she was on a mission to prepare us for college.

We diagrammed sentences, absorbed long lists of vocabulary words, read Shakespeare, Sir Walter Scott and the Sir

Roger DeCoverly essays. We reported on books that Jennie believed we should read before college. We wrote

five-paragraph essays with introductions, bodies and conclusions—descriptive, argumentative, comparison and

contrast, and definition, to name a few. We wrote and we re-wrote until we got things right. As described on the

plaque outside her new classroom: ‘She demanded the best from us and coveted the best for us.’ ”

Planning Your Gift • Donation Options

Financial gifts to The Green Dragon

Foundation (GDF), a 501(c)(3)

organization, make a difference for

current and future LASD students

and facilitate opportunities to learn

and grow that are not otherwise

possible. It is through the generosity

of gifts like yours that our students are

served by GDF. Below is a summary of

the many ways a gift can be made or


• Outright Gift of Cash

• Matching Gift

• In-Kind Gift

• Outright Gift of Appreciated Securities

• Outright Gift of Real Estate

• Bequest

• Gift of Retirement Assets

• Gift of Insurance Policy Proceeds

• Charitable Gift Annuity

• Charitable Remainder Trust

• Charitable Lead Trust

Outright Gifts of Cash

This is the most common method of

providing a gift. A cash gift to GDF

may be tax-deductible. You may

donate through PayPal (GDF website)

or you may send your donation to:

The Green Dragon Foundation

115 Farley Circle, Suite 306

Lewisburg, PA 17837


to make a donation online!

Matching Gifts

Does your company have a matching

gift program? Many employers will

match charitable contributions made

by their employees. If your company

has a matching gift program, you

could double or possibly triple your

gift quickly and easily.

In-Kind Gifts

Contributions of goods or services to

either GDF or LASD can provide an

ideal opportunity for both the donor

and the recipient.

Bequests and Other Planned Gifts

Bequests are provisions in wills to

leave a gift to GDF. Charitable bequests

may be deductible from the estate

and may significantly reduce estate

taxes on the balance of the estate.

Bequests may be specified as a gift of

cash or securities, real estate or other

property. Alternatively, they may take

the form of a percentage of the total

estate. A donor may consider a

residuary bequest, which is a gift of all

or a portion of one’s estate after other

conditions are met.

For more detailed information about

charitable planned gifts and the most

advantageous ways to make them,

please contact:

The Green Dragon Foundation

(570) 522-8433 or


The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018

Endowment Creation

Creating a gift in the form of an endowment will provide funding for the Lewisburg Area School District (LASD)

in perpetuity. It is a perfect way to establish an enduring legacy in honor or memory of a loved one. It also

creates a stream of permanent funding for a donor’s particular interest.

Through the campaign, The Green Dragon Foundation (GDF) is focused on matching donor interests to the

academic, arts, athletic and support program opportunities that exist throughout the district. To accomplish

this goal, the foundation seeks support for program-specific endowments, both general and named, the income

from which will support LASD programming for the life of the fund. The seven general endowments include GDF

Endowments for:

• 21st Century Classroom Programs

• Athletic Programs & Facilities

• Business, Economics & Entrepreneurism

• Educational Programs

• Health & Wellbeing

• Performing & Visual Arts Programs

• STEM Programs

(Science Technology Engineering Math)

VISION 2020:

Our Children–Our Future Campaign

The foundation continues to work with donors to create named endowments. To date, we’ve established

12 named endowments. On the following pages, you will read about established funds making annual distributions

and ones in the process of meeting the minimum criteria to distribute gifts to benefit Lewisburg students.

If creating an endowment for the benefit of current and future Lewisburg area students meets your

philanthropic goals, please contact the foundation for more information.

The following endowed funds have reached the minimum criteria to begin disbursing

funds to support their intended purpose—enhancing LASD programs, projects and

capital improvement projects.

The Pat Collins Endowment Fund

The Lewisburg Studio

This fund will support the LAHS

Technology Lab through programs

and activities that enriched Pat Collins’

education while he was a student in

LASD schools. He wanted to share his

love of building and woodworking with

as many students as possible.

As of Dec. 31, 2017, the fair market

value of the fund was $96,840.77. The

permanent fund was created to provide

annual support for the benefit of

Lewisburg students in perpetuity. In

2018, $3,562.02 was given to help

launch the LAHS Prototyping and

Design program during the 2018-2019

school year.

The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018 9

The DiRocco Fund for Professional Development

The Lewisburg Studio

This fund was established in honor of

Dr. Mark DiRocco who served the district for

more than 20 years. It will support districtwide

training opportunities to enhance

professional skills for administrators,

teachers and staff, including workshops,

conference participation, speakers, programs

and certifications.

As of Dec. 31, 2017, the fair market value

of the fund was $20,642.54. The permanent

fund was created to provide annual support

in perpetuity. In 2018, GDF plans to

distribute $671.

The Miles McKennan Foreman

Memorial Endowment Fund

This fund was established to provide arts support to strengthen and maintain

programs primarily for poetry and the visual arts, including photography,

video, film, painting, drawing, ceramics and sculpture and, secondarily, meet the

needs of the band and the performing arts. The fund supports the kinds of activities

that enriched Miles Foreman’s education while he was a student in LASD schools.

As of Dec. 31, 2017, the fair market value of the fund was $26,293.48. The

permanent fund was created to provide annual support for the benefit of

Lewisburg students in perpetuity. In 2018, GDF plans to distribute $1,820.

The Riya K. and Aamar S. Johal

Endowment for the Enrichment

of Environmental Sciences

This fund was created by Amit and Reeti Johal. It will support

district-wide environmental science education in a variety of

forms, including outdoor science labs, research/teaching

equipment, field trips, nature trails, guest speakers and other

educational activities within this field.

As of Dec. 31, 2017, the fair market value of the fund was

$11,049.21. The permanent fund was created to provide annual

support for the benefit of Lewisburg students in perpetuity. In

2018, GDF plans to distribute $482.

Donors may make a gift to support any GDF Endowed Fund, general or named, online or by credit card by visiting: Gifts also can be mailed to: 115 Farley Circle, Suite 306, Lewisburg, PA 17837.


The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018

The William H. and Lillian D. Heiner

Endowment for Literacy Mastery

The Lewisburg Studio

This fund was created by Lily Heiner Openshaw and David

Openshaw in memory of Lily’s parents. It will support initiatives and

opportunities for pre-school and elementary school children to

master literacy skills essential for success in school and in life.

These funds will enrich children’s lives through opportunities it will

offer learners to master literacy skills.

GDF committed to funding the Kelly Summer Packs Program for three years through this endowment. The

program will extend learning opportunities throughout the summer for economically disadvantaged, ESL and

other students who struggle academically.

As of Dec. 31, 2017, the fair market value of the fund was $12,991.48. The permanent fund was created to

provide annual support for the benefit of Lewisburg students in perpetuity. In 2017, $450.97 and in 2018 $540.17

was distributed.

The Lewisburg Studio

The Josephine K. Machamer Steele

Endowment Fund

This fund was created by Don and Joanne Steele in memory of

Don’s mother. It will provide equal annual funding to LASD for

learning support and girls’ basketball programs. As of Dec. 31,

2017, the fair market value of the fund was $19,508.57. The

permanent fund was created to provide annual support for the

benefit of Lewisburg students in perpetuity.

In 2017, GDF distributed $243.28 to provide funding for

certification of an LASD staff member to train other district staff in

Safe Crisis Management. This training provides staff with skills to

deescalate behavior before a crisis occurs. It also trains staff to

understand and respond to a crisis when it does occur. A total of

$243.28 was also given to provide equipment and supplies for

ACL prevention training for the LAHS Girls’ Basketball Team. In

2018, GDF plans to distribute $701 between the two programs.

The Green Dragon Foundation Endowment for 21st Century

Learning Programs

This fund will provide district-wide support for student-centered

technology needs. As of Dec. 31, 2017, the fair market value of

the fund was $10,780.34. The permanent fund was created to

provide annual support for the benefit of Lewisburg students in

perpetuity. In 2018, GDF plans to distribute $472.

The Lewisburg Studio

Lewisburg Area School District ranked in the Top 5%

of 500 districts on PA State Exams for ten straight years.

The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018 11

The Green Dragon

Foundation Endowment

for Educational Programs

The Lewisburg Studio

This fund will provide district-wide support for

academic programs. As of Dec. 31, 2017, the fair market

value of the fund was $27,441.55. The permanent fund

was created to provide annual support for the benefit of

Lewisburg students in perpetuity. In 2018, GDF plans to

distribute $823.

The Green Dragon Foundation Endowment for Business,

Economics and Entrepreneurism

This fund will support high school or middle school programs that

enhance educational opportunities in business, economics or

entrepreneurism. As of Dec. 31, 2017, the fair market value of the

fund was $10,558.10. The permanent fund was created to provide

annual support for the benefit of Lewisburg students in perpetuity. In

2018, GDF plans to distribute $462.

The Green Dragon Foundation Endowment for STEM Programs

This fund will provide district-wide support for science, technology,

engineering and math programs. As of Dec. 31, 2017, the fair market

value of the fund was $38,697.34. The permanent fund was created

to provide annual support for the benefit of Lewisburg students in

perpetuity. In 2018, GDF plans to distribute $871.

The Green Dragon Foundation

Endowment for Health

and Wellbeing

This fund will provide district-wide support for any initiative

that promotes the health and wellbeing of students and staff.

As of Dec. 31, 2017, the fair market value of the fund was

$15,796.36. The permanent fund was created to provide

annual support for the benefit of Lewisburg students and

staff in perpetuity. In 2018, GDF plans to distribute $476.


The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018

These funds were established through the generosity of donors to the

VISION 2020: Our Children-Our Future comprehensive campaign.

The Lewisburg Studio

The Green Dragon

Foundation Quasi-Endowment

for LAHS Art Programs

As of Dec. 31, 2017, the fair market value of the fund was

$23,883.97. It was created as a quasi-endowment,

allowing GDF to liquidate part or all of the endowment to

support an art program at Lewisburg Area High School.

The Lewisburg Studio

The Green Dragon Foundation

Quasi-Endowment for

LAHS Choral & Instrumental

Music Programs

As of Dec. 31, 2017, the fair market value of the fund was

$19,708.17. It was created as a quasi-endowment, allowing

GDF to liquidate part or all of the endowment to support

choral or instrumental music programs at Lewisburg

Area High School.

The Lewisburg Studio

The Green Dragon Foundation

Quasi-Endowment for

LAHS Science Programs

As of Dec. 31, 2017, the fair market value of the fund was

$64,832.38. It was created as a quasi-endowment,

allowing GDF to liquidate part or all the endowment to

support a science program at Lewisburg Area High


Donors may make a gift to support any GDF Endowed Fund, general or named, online or by credit card by visiting: Gifts also can be mailed to: 115 Farley Circle, Suite 306, Lewisburg, PA 17837.

The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018 13

The Brandon S. Kramm Memorial Endowment Fund

This fund was established to strengthen

and maintain the district’s athletic programs

and facilities. As of Dec. 31, 2017, the fair

market value of the fund was $186,744.66.

This fund was created as a quasiendowment,

allowing The Green Dragon

Foundation to liquidate part or all of the

endowment to support an athletic program

or facility project at the Lewisburg Area

School District.

Although eligible for a distribution, all funds

will remain invested while the foundation

implements plans to construct The Brandon Field rendering by Strosser Baer Architects

S. Kramm Memorial Baseball Field. Once

the field is completed, any remaining funds will stay in the endowment for future programs or projects.

As of Dec. 31, 2017, the following endowed funds have been established but did not meet the

minimum criteria to begin disbursing funds to support their intended purpose—enhancing

LASD programs, projects and capital improvement projects.

General GDF Endowments

Endowment Name Beneficiary December 31, 2017

Fair Market Value

Athletic Programs & Facilities District-wide $4,058.03

Performing & Visual Arts District-wide $12,858.29

Named Endowments

Endowment Name Beneficiary Purpose is to Support: December 31, 2017

Fair Market Value

The Nathaniel Hafer ’96 and

Christopher Hafer ’99 Endowment

for LAHS Science Curriculum

The LAHS Class of 1980

Endowment Fund

GDF Endowment for LASD

Lacrosse Programs

High School Science education $6,555.35

District-wide Student field trips $4,549.50

District-wide Lacrosse programs $5,278.92

“ank you so much for the support of our Creative Writing magazine. ey're the most

beautiful magazines we've ever produced. We couldn't have done it without e Green

Dragon Foundation.” –Mr. Tyler Russell, LAHS English Teacher


The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018

photos by Jodi Batman

Jennifer Shabahang, Cindi Martin and Eileen DeSantis

John Gardner with Brooks Gronlund

Donor and Volunteer Recognition Reception

On Dec. 3, 2017, The Green Dragon Foundation hosted its annual Volunteer and Donor Recognition Reception at

Lewisburg Area High School.

The event included special recognition of our volunteers and donors and student speakers, Tommy Bhangdia,

Sarah Burns and Olivia Reish. Guests were treated to musical performances by the Advanced Orchestra from the

Donald H. Eichhorn Middle School and a visit to the art room and F&CS (Family & Consumer Science) classroom.

John Gardner of The Lewisburg Studio was recognized as GDF’s Volunteer of the Year for the beautiful and

generous photography services he has provided to GDF and the district for many years. The event concluded with a

reception in the cafeteria.

photo by Scott Hyde

LAHS Alumni Weekend 2017

LAHS Alumni Weekend 2017 was full of fun, family,

friends and food! With class reunions joining the

weekend festivities, alumni were scattered around town

enjoying all the events. With construction of the new

high school complete, alumni had the opportunity to

take a tour of the new school. This year, LAHS

Alumni Weekend will be held Oct. 5-7. Visit for more information.

Lois Gardner Sabet ’67, Carol Meachum Minnie ’67, Armand Minnie,

Tom Lindemann, and Lynne Pittenturf Lindemann ’67

photo by Daniel Hyde photo by Nathan Wright

photo by Scott Hyde

Sylvia Coup Snyder ’59 Richard Donahoe ’53 and Bill Roush ’55

The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018 15

all photos by The Lewisburg Studio

Brandon Kramm Memorial Weekend Event

Thank you to all the businesses, donors,

sponsors, volunteers, golfers, bidders and

participants that made the 2018 Brandon

Kramm Golf Tournament and Benefit Auction

a success. Proceeds from both events totaled

more than $104,000. Special contributions

from members of Harvard’s Class of 2005 and

the Lebda family helped to put us over our

fundraising goal to make this ‘Field of Dreams’

a reality!

We are planning to begin construction in

2019 and hoping for the first pitch in 2020.

Fundraising will continue to support the

Brandon S. Kramm Memorial Endowment to

support future athletic programs and projects

for Lewisburg students. See you at the 2019

golf tournament on Friday, June 7 at

Bucknell Golf Club.

In addition to our donors who are listed on the Giving

Society pages, the following individuals generously

purchased auction items;

Kim & Steve Allen

Brie Apfelbaum Kula & Mike Kula

Sally & Carl Bankert

Courtney & Josh Beddall

Joyce & Charles Benoit

Audrey & Adam Casteel

Judy & George Checkowski

Shelley & Bill Coons

Judy & Jim Cotner

Nancy & Mike Dennen

Eileen & Dan DeSantis

Suzi & John Donahoe

Chris Evangelou & Joan Holt

Ryan, Brady & Tate Fitzpatrick

Katy Glock

Jackie & Tim Goff

Jennifer & Daniel Gohagan

Barbara & Joe Habig

Jeanne & Ken Hafer

Nate Hafer

Katie & Josh Herman

Jan & Joe Hersh

Laura & Ethan Hummel

Douglass & Bill Knapsack

Catherine & Justin Kramm

Colleen & Steve Kramm

Jeannie & Ken Lepley

Nancy & Chip Mararra

Cindi & Tom Martin

Samantha & Bruce Myers

Gretchen & Mike Nash

Emily & Mike O'Connor

Jessica & Tom Olenginski

Shaina & James Pagana

Jessica & Charles Pagana

Deb & Jeff Ranck

Jennifer & Mohsen Shabahang

Billie Kay Spotts & John Moore

Joanne & Don Steele

Joi & Tim Sullivan

Kathy & Jim Swope

Carmen & Jon Terry

Carrie & Sean Tracy

Debbie & Denny Trautman

Jill & Chris Ulrich

Heather Walter

Jennifer & Eric Wetzel

Jil Zeigler


The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018

Donor Giving Societies and Honor Roll of Donors

e Green Dragon Foundation established giving level societies to recognize the dedication and

commitment of its donors. We are very grateful for the financial support of the contributors, listed on

the next several pages, who have made annual pledge payments and donations (including in-kind)

between July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. In parentheses are the years of consecutive giving (June-July).

The 1885 Society: The Green Dragon Foundation’s Legacy Society

What kind of legacy will you leave?

The 1885 Society recognizes individuals and families who have remembered The Green Dragon Foundation (GDF) in

their estate plans through documented planned gifts, including: bequests, life insurance, charitable gift annuities,

charitable trusts and other testamentary gifts.

How can you become a member?

If you have already made a planned gift or have included GDF in your will, you are already eligible for membership in

The 1885 Society. If not, you may become a member simply by notifying us that you have named GDF as a beneficiary

in your will or estate plan.

To explore the benefits of a planned gift, please contact The Green Dragon Foundation at (570) 522-8433 or by

email at

1885 Society Members

Mr. Richard L. Bingaman • Mr. Pat Collins (deceased) • Ann and Steve Glock • Karen A. Nicholson

Summa Cum Laude


Amy and Brooks Gronlund (10)

Robert & DeOnne Gronlund (9)

The Lebda Family (5)

Magna Cum Laude


Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Baylor (8)

The Estate of Pat Collins

Ryan and Liza Fitzpatrick (5)

Cum Laude


The Apple Family (4)

Maria and Darsh Bhangdia (9)

Michael and Kimberley Drexler (8)

Evangelical Community

Hospital (6)

The Garisto Family

Charitable Fund (6)

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Greiwe (5)

Mifflinburg Bank & Trust (7)

The Shabahang Family (8)

Drs. Christopher &

Margaret Still & Family (8)

John and Marge Gardner,

The Lewisburg Studio (9)

Weis Markets, Inc. (6)

Major Gifts


Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Byrd (5)

Dr. & Mrs. Alistair Erskine (2)

First Community Foundation

Partnership of PA (4)

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Habig (3)

Ms. Jennifer Hadiaris

Lande & Chris Juban (4)

Sharon and Bob Kribbs (4)

Lawton Insurance Agency (9)

M&T Bank (6)

Matthew & Kimberly Markunas

Ms. Kathleen M. Miller ’78 (6)

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew M. Miller (6)

Rockey Auctions (3)

J. Donald Jr. & Joanne K. Steele (8)

Swineford National Bank/

Fulton Bank (7)

Mr. Brendan Wallace (2)



Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Abelmann

Albright Care Services (3)

Thomas R. & Keri L. Albright (5)

Brianna Apfelbaum Kula, Esq., ’02

and Michael J. Kula, Esq. (2)

Associated Oral Surgeons (7)

John Malloy DMD,

Jason Alabakoff DDS, MD,

Stephen Irwin DMD

Ms. Kendra Aucker (3)

B.Z. Motors Chrysler, Dodge,

Jeep, Ram, Fiat (6)

Alan and Martha Barrick (8)

Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Benoit (3)

Beswick Law and

Mr. Paul C. Beswick &

Atty. Elizabeth M. Beswick (9)

Mr. & Mrs. William Bollinger

Drs. David and Susan Borys (7)

Brandon Kramm Memorial Fund

Paul & Carol Brann (7)

Dr. John Bravman &

Dr. Wendelin Wright (3)

Daniel and Kathryn Cavanagh (8)

Mr. Todd Chappell (2)

Dr. Elizabeth Cleary and

Mr. Kevin Cleary

Cornelius Family Fund of The

Philadelphia Foundation (6)

Jane Fornwalt Coyle (7)

The Daily Item (2)

Dr. & Mrs. Mark D. DiRocco (10)

Tom & Kim Dominick & Family (9)

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Donegan (2)

William Donehower (5)

Peter A. Ellis (7)

Chris Evangelou & Joan Holt (6)

Mr. David Foreman (2)

Steve and Ann Glock (10)

Ken and Jeanne Hafer (6)

Bill & Heather Haynos

Mr. Jason J Hogg

Hohmuth Family (4)

The Johal Family (6)

Dr. & Mrs. Ken and Corey Jusko (5)

Bob & Tory Kallin (10)

Jeff & Julie Kramm (5)

Justin & Catherine Kramm (3)

Dr. Steven R. Kramm and

Dr. Colleen Flaherty (4)

LAHS Class of 2017

Mr. & Mrs. J. Brad Lawton (9)

Dr. & Mrs. John T. Magill (3)

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew F. Mahoney (4)

Dr. & Mrs. Patsy J. Marra (4)

Atty. & Mrs. Michael

D. McDowell (4)

Meckley`s Limestone

Products, Inc. (3)

Dr. & Mrs. Ernest Y.

Normington III (9)

Robert H. Odell Jr. (3)

Lily & Dave Openshaw (3)

Pediatric Dentistry of

Lewisburg (2)

Michael & Denise Prince (3)

Mr. Juan A. Ramos Lujan

Jeff and Deb Ranck Family

Fund (5)

Dr. & Mrs. Matthew Reish (4)

Gale and Suzanne Reish (9)

Bernadine N. Richard (8)

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Rippon (3)

Dr. & Mrs. Scott G. Rosevear (9)

Dianne and Charles Sawyer

The Shabanowitz Family (2)

The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018 17

Graham C. Showalter, Esq., ’58,

Ronda K. Showalter,

Abigail K. Showalter, ’94 (9)

Cindy & Dick Skelton (6)

Ms. Billie Kay Spotts and

Mr. John Moore

Bill & Suzanne Stackhouse (5)

Todd & Julie Stefan

Susquehanna Community

Bank (7)

Susquehanna Life Magazine (9)

Kathy and Jim Swope (10)

Mark & Leslie Temple (4)

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Trautman

Mr. Jonathan A. Walz (4)

Waste Management of

Central PA (4)

Mr. Kelly Widman (2)

Wood-Mode, Inc. (3)



(2) Anonymous

Blake Apel

Joshua & Courtney Beddall (5)

George Benson (7)

Rob and Lisa Black (7)

Mary K. Brouse & Family

Atty. & Mrs. Daniel J. Clement (3)

Country Cupboard-Baylor

Hamm Companies (3)

Custom Care Pharmacy,

Adam and Amy Rosinski (3)

Todd & Kristen Vonderheid,

Custom Container Solutions,

LLC (3)

Carolyn & Michael Daniloff (2)

Dr. & Mrs. John F. Devine (3)

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Donahoe (6)

George Drozin (7)

Eye Center of Central PA (2)

Dr. Daniel Fassero &

Dr. Tera Unzicker-Fassero (4)

First National Bank of PA (2)

Mrs. Kathleen Folio (4)

Mr. Albert Gore

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Hersh (4)

Mr. Christopher Hill

Dr. and Mrs. Jay Holthus (3)

Virginia and Fred Kessler (6)

Dr. Joseph Lock, Jr. and

Ms. Karen Schatten-Lock (3)

Jamie and Lindsay Malone (8)

Jack T. Martin, MD

Steve “Reno” Mathias (4)

The Merck Foundation (4)

William J. and Carol A. Metzger

Endowment Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn G. Miller (2)

Christopher & Angela Motto

and Family (3)

Mr. Joseph Murt

NoMad Hotel (3)

Kim & Jan Oberdorf,

Oberdorf Carpet One (4)

Office of

Dr. Lawrence J. Winans (5)

Orchard Pump & Supply Co., (6)

Dr. & Mrs. Charlie Pagana (4)

Lisa & Felipe Perrone (8)

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Pinchak (4)

Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club

Jan and Bill Pursel (4)

Captain Harry B. Robins Jr., USN,

(Retired) (2)

Rohrer Bus Service (7)

Mary Russin (4)

Mr. Cliff Ryan

Sheraton New Orleans

Steven & Anastasia Skalka (2)

Amos & Janet D. Smith (2)

Ms. Lissa Bryan Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Larry L. Snook (6)

Ms. Catherine Sproul

Ted and Tracy Strosser (7)

Strosser Baer Architects (2)

Susquehanna Valley

Limousine (3)

The Vinoy St. Petersburg Resort

and Golf Club

Mr. & Mrs. Sean Tracy (4)

Mr. Nate True-Daniels

Under Armour, Terran Quinlan

Mr. Joseph Weisser

Eric & Jennifer Wetzel (5)

Barbara A. Yocum (9)

Christy & David Zelechoski (2)

Mr. Brian Zingale

Distinguished Honor Roll


(6) Anonymous

Carol & Tim Apple (7)

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Asche (2)

Dr. & Mrs. Michael L. Ayers (6)

Barlett Family (7)

Christopher and Aimee Baylor (2)

Mr. Graham Beatty

Beauty Counter, Lindsay Woog

Kathleen Bergeson and

Marcus Dollard (8)

Ms. Kristin Ruhl Bergstrom (3)

Glenn & Abby Beswick (7)

Mr. Richard L. Bingaman (9)

Blue Heron Sportswear,

Matthew & Amber Pierce (4)

Terry W. Light, J.D. (7)

Brendan’s Towne Tavern (6)

Brookpark Dental Arts, PC (3)

Rich and Jan Chadwick (3)

Dr. & Mrs. Eric and Leah Chen (2)

Dr. & Mrs. Mitchell Chernin

Dr. & Mrs. Danny H. Cho (6)

Citizens’ Electric Company (6)

Lisa M. Confer (5)

Mr. Jason Cook

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Coup (3)

Dr. Joan Bender Cracco (2)

Jeff and Mary Csernica (7)

Ellen & Jon Flacker-Darer

Elaine and Larry Dietrich (2)

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Diggins

Robert J. Donahoe (5)

Dr. Sonia Y. Newton and

Mr. Heber Dreher

John and Patricia Driver (5)

Egleston Family

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Everett

Tiffany & Alex Fisher

Angelo and JoAnn Giunta (5)

Dr. & Mrs. Ryan K. Graver (7)

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Greiwe

The Han Family (9)

Mrs. Christena Harder (7)

Mr. & Mrs. Cory Heath

Ms. Stephanie Hendricks

Jim and Darlene Holtzapple (6)

Mr. Dominic Hood

John G. Huckaby

Dick & Jane Humphreys (7)

Stephanie Jackson (8)

Mr. Conrad Jones

JW Marriott Atlanta

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Kaufman

Joe & Lisa Kawczenski (4)

Scot & Jane Keefer

Charles and Joyce Kim

Tim and Marsha Knoster (7)

Skip Kratzer (7)

Mr. & Mrs. Ned Ladd (8)

Lauren Michaels Photography

Leakas Quality Foods,

Wendy’s (3)

Barbara & Larry Leland (7)

David and Clayton Lightman

Stephen Lindenmuth

Daniel and Nicole Lohr (2)

Andrew and Susan Lyons (8)

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Marks

Chip & Nancy Marrara (5)

Tom & Cindi Martin (2)

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J.

McCormack (9)

Ted & Diane Meixell (9)

Meixell-Diehl Insurance (9)

Laurie Miller (7)

Mr. & Mrs. Michael O’Connor (4)

Office of Dr. David R. Robinson,

DMD, PC (3)

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P.

Olenginski (4)

Ms. Anne Osmun

Mr. Kevin Oswald

Mike & Polly Patterson (3)

Gayle W. Pollock (8)

The Rearick Family

Paula Reber

Mr. Nitin Sacheti

Mr. David A Sanford

Dennis and Cynthia Shaffer (2)

Erica Shames and

Tony Massoud (9)

Mr. Doug Shiffler

Mr. James Snow (2)

Michael Starr (2)

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Stauder (8)

Elsbeth Steffensen

Mr. P. Christopher Tarves (3)

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan M. Terry (2)

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Thompson (3)

Mr. Anthony Threet

Lisa and Joe Tranquillo (5)

Shirley A. Troutman (6)

Linda Jones ’76 Vaji and

John Vaji, Jr. (5)

Mr. Jay Vasil (3)

Alli & Brian Wannop

Mr. Graham Wells

West Branch Rental (4)

Mr. Tris J. West

Mr. & Mrs. E. Charles Wunz (3)

Honor Roll


(9) Anonymous

Laura Shannon Adams &

Jody W. Adams (2)

Ms. Sheila Adams

Mr. Ryan S. Alfred

Lenny Anderson (4)

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Apple (4)

Chris & Jen Arnold (2)

Ms. Sarah Aukerman

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bankert (3)

Kelly Miller Barrick (4)

John H. Beck ’51 (2)

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Beddall (4)

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bedell

Param & Chris Bedi (8)

Ms. Dana Bellis

Karen Bennett (8)

Dale & Beverly Berger (3)

Bill & Lisa Bernard (8)

Mr. & Mrs. Alex Bernt (3)

Mr. Jordan Bertram (2)

Mr. Mark C. Bird &

Dr. Susan Glock Bird (6)

Mr. & Mrs. Chris J. Bouton (3)

Ms. Joan Brennan

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Brouse (2)

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R.

Brouse (3)

Ms. Nancy K. Brown

Ms. Gina Bruno

Bucknell Golf Club (2)

Mr. Keith W. Buffinton & Ms.

Christine Miller Buffinton (2)

Mr. Tom Calvecchio

Bernie & Cindy Campbell (3)

Mr. Thomas R. Candrick, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cardello (2)

Ms. Brooke Chavez Taylor

Mr. Jonathan Clark (2)

Mr. Brendan Connell

The Coup Agency (3)

Chip and Michelle Cowher (5)

Kenneth & Betsy Cox (2)

Laura Biernstein Cozac (5)

Mr. Liam Crane

Mr. and Mrs. Myles W. Crebs Jr.


The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018

Roger W. Crebs (2)

The Robert Curtis Family (2)

Mrs. Amy Davis

Diane Dawson (2)

Nancy Barton Deluca

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J.

DeSantis, Jr. (5)

Diane & Tony Donato

Leigh & Paul Donecker (2)

Michael and Phyllis Donegan (3)

Mrs. Dottie Douglas (3)

Mr. Philip Dreyfuss

Barbara Glock Duym (2)

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Edwards

Mrs. Theresa B. Eichhorn (2)

Elizabeth’s An American Bistro

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Eshelman (3)

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Eshelman (3)

Ms. Susan E. Evans (4)

Fantasy Escape Room

Jim & Cindy Farmer (2)

Mr. Joseph Faust (2)

Stein Fegley

Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Fetterman (2)

Mr. Trevor Fetterman (2)

John B. Fischer

Joseph and Lisa Folker (6)

Nora Ellen Forbes &

Sue Forbes Snow (2)

Ms. Jean Fornwalt Ross (3)

Lu Ann Foster (5)

Mrs. Jerri Gernold

Giuseppe and Phillis Giambanco

Sylvia Gleason (5)

Katy Glock (3)

Kevin P. Glock (3)

Brian and Angela Gockley (4)

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Gohagen

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley M


Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Greiwe

Angelina & Geoff Gronlund (4)

Ms. MaryEmily Haas

Ms. Kathleen Habig (3)

Nate Hafer

Mr. F. Ellis Harley (5)

Dr. Eric Heine (4)

H. Ray Hendrickson

James G. Hendrickson (8)

Brett Hoffmaster

The HoneyBaked Ham Co.,

Mr. Joe Beddall

Hotel State College & Co. (3)

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Hron (2)

Mr. Ryan Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Hummel (3)

Courtney and Kevin Jamieson (6)

Agnes Jasinska (2)

Jersey Mike’s Subs (3)

Peter Johansson

Scot & Jane Keefer (2)

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Keiser (5)

Ella Jane (Koch) Kunkle (6)

Mr. Adam Kalamchi

Mr. Dan Kanivas

Mr. & Mrs. Justin Kerr

Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Kipp

Mr. & Mrs. Keith A. Kline (2)

William & Douglass Knapsack (3)

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Kramm

Mr. Andy Krna

Tom & Kathy Kubinsky

La Primavera Italiano Ristorante

& Pizzeria (4)

Carol M. Lamparter (3)

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Lane Jr.

Robert and Cathie Langton

Lewisburg Plastic Surgery &

Laser Center

Mr. Jerry Lloyd

Julie Skelton Lonardo

Ms. Barbara Loyd (2)

Mr. Kevin Lynch (3)

Nancy Macky

Suzanne Settembrini Manotti

Ms. Deborah Martel

Leona Martin (3)

Mrs. Mary N. Mastascusa (2)

Don and Connie May (5)

Park P. III and Patricia E.

McKissick (3)

Amanda Meixell (6)

The Mendenhall Family

(Karl, Karen, Kevin, Karl Jr.,

Susan & Emily)

Me-Push (10)

The Mercantile (3)

Casey G. Miller (3)

Jeff & Katie Miller

Carol Meachum Minnie (2)

Chellis R. Renner

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Murray III

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Myers

Mr. Joel Myers

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Nash

Mollie Nelson

Sandy Nelson (4)

Barbara Diehl Noll

Dr. & Mrs. James D. Pagana

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Paisley

Brent and Ashley Papson (5)

Ms. K. Danae Pauli

Mr. Tim Pavlechko

Jolayne Pinchak (3)

Ms. Catherine Platusich (3)

Ms. Deborah H. Poole

Jim Poynter, Class of 1973 (3)

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Rabb (3)

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Ranck

Craig and Cathy Ranck (2)

Kim Hartman Ranck (2)

Reba and Pancho’s Restaurant

Mr. David Redcay

Donald and Vickie Reichenbach

Mr. Brian Roadarmel (3)

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy

Roskovensky (2)

Mr. Christian Ruhl (5)

Robert L. Ryan (4)

Ann Gearhart Sabol ’69 (5)

Linda Smolka and Peter Sak (3)

The Schade Family (3)

Mr. Jordan Schatz

Ms. Abbey Scheckter

Terry Schnure (4)

Mr. Daniel Schwanger

Sculptures Studio

George and Jane Scurfield (2)

Michelle Johnson &

Ned Searles (6)

Bart and Linda Shaffer (8)

Shaner Hotel Group

Rebecca and Samuel

Shannon (4)

Rev. and Mrs. John H. Shaw III (2)

Mr. Neil Slotterback (3)

Mr. Bryce Smiley (2)

Ms. Karen Smith

Marguerite and Jim Smith (6)

Mrs. Ethel Snook

Mr. AJ Solimine

Mr. Michael Solis

Mr. Kyle Somers

Ms. Sylvia Sotiras

Frank ’53 and Mary Stillman (7)

Dr. & Mrs. Randle H. Storm (3)

Tim & Joi Sullivan (3)

SUN Area Technical

Institute Team

Dr. & Mrs. David Talabiska

Paul & Marsha Tarves (8)

Mrs. Ardell Terry

Mr. Peter Terry

Mr. & Mrs. Todd Thompson (3)

Trot Fitness

Wednesday Afternoon Bowling


Suzanne Tufts (3)

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Ulrich (4)

Marshall and Sherry Ulrich (5)

Dr. & Mrs. Alberto Unzueta

Ms. Kathy Van Patten

Vannucci Ltd.

Victor Koons Graphic Design (7)

Christina Masciere Wallace (8)

Linda Lubrecht Wampler and

Richard Wampler

Niki Weber, Olivia &

Nora Hockenbrock (8)

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wert & Corey

Gregg Wetzel Family (6)

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Williams

Ms. Jennifer Williams

David G. Wilson D.M.D.

Marty & Lori Wilson (9)

Wolf’s Jewelry/ David ’75,

Karen ’77, Zachary ’01

and Jordan ’02 Baker (6)

Donald B. Young, Jr. (6)

Dave and Paula Young (5)

Brenda A. Zack, Ed.D. (2)

Daneen and Chuck Zaleski

Mrs. Jil Zeigler (3)

Mary V. Zimmerman (4)

Virginia Zimmerman &

Jordi Comas (2)

Dragon Star

Up to $99

(13) Anonymous

Mrs. Peggy Albright (4)

AmazonSmile Foundation (4)

Sue & Brian Auman (3)

Diane Baker

Frances Baker

Mindelle K. Bartholomew

Mr. David Beckley (2)

Carolann Bilger

Mrs. Ruth B. Blankenship

Denise R. Bollinger

Ms. Marisa Bolssen

Jacquelyn Paul & Albert Bothe

Mrs. Faith Brininger (4)

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Brown

Ms. Lindsey Brown (2)

Ms. Molly Buchanan (2)

Pat Campbell (5)

Thomas & Jeanette Campbell

Mr. Adam Casteel &

Ms. Audrey Goff-Casteel (3)

Mr. & Mrs. George Checkowski

Mr. & Mrs. James Cotner (4)

Anonymous Faculty Member

Tammie Cristini (6)

Ms. Vanessa Criswell (2)

Ms. Mary Ellen Czerniak

Mr. Michael Dennen (3)

Designs 4U

Shane E. Dieffenderfer

Andrew Dinsmore and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dinsmore

R. Drozin (2)

Ms. Kara Druckenmiller (2)

Elizabethtown Area

Education Association

Mr. & Mrs. David G. Epler

Randall B. Erdly

Ms. Jeslyn Everitt

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Farronato

Dr. & Mrs. Peter Finch

Ms. Brenda Fisher (3)

Jim & Nancy Fitzpatrick

Fogle Forest Products (3)

Ms. Alaina Foresman (2)

Penn Garvin

Gerald & Linda Gemberling (6)

Judy Glock

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Goff (3)

Greater Susquehanna Valley

United Way (5)

Ms. Kristine Greiwe

David & Lestia Grill

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Hafer

Ms. Amanda Hahn (2)

Mark W. Hall

Jessica and Seth Harris

Meenakshi Ponnuswami and

Mitch Hart (2)

Victoria & David Heberlig

The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018 19

Pat Reish Hemphill (2)

Mr. & Mrs. Dominic P. Herbst

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Hummel

Mrs. Karen Hymes

Ms. Hannah Irion-Frake &

Mr. Dan Frake (3)

Ms. Karen Ishii (3)

Marion & Steve Jacobsen (6)

Mr. & Mrs. Sidney I. Jamieson

P. Joseph Keller (3)

Dave & Sara Kelley (4)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Komula

Mr. Randy Kramm &

Dr. Jamie Kramm (3)

Ms. Andrea Kratzer (3)

Ms. Sarah Ladd

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Lepley (4)

John & Jeanne Letteer (8)

Mr. Harold Levy

Lewisburg Freez

Little League International

Amy & Mike Matukaitis (4)

Mancini’s Pizza, Deli and Cafe

Jim & Dawn Maneval

Ms. Abigail Marchetti

Mr. Mark Mathias

Matty’s Sporthouse Grill

Ms. Lauren McAuliffe

Phil and Gail McClure

Park and Linda McKissick

Paul & Karen Miller

Kathryn Morris (5)

Rebecca Moyer (2)

Todd Newcomb

Michael & Deborah Newcomer

Karen B. Nicholson (7)

The Open Door Gallery (3)

Original Italian Pizza

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Orris (8)

Otto’s Pub & Brewery (2)

Outer Image Salon,

Gene & Tracy Bruno

Sarantos Patrinos

Ms. Jayne Pensyl and Cheryl,

Tammy, Jodi, Mark, and Mark

Barbara Perella

Ron & Shirley Peters

Mr. Matt Prasse

Mrs. Brandi Engdahl Pridgen

Primo Hoagies

Marie Musser Rau

The Raymond Family (2)

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rearick (3)

Mr. & Mrs. K. Barton Reichard Jr.

Mrs. Mary Ritter (7)

Erin Rittle (3)

Mr. Daniel L. Rodriguez

Mrs. Janice G. Rolecki

Mrs. Marilyn Rossi (2)

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Roy (6)

Samuel and Sharon Ryder (2)

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Santanen

Ms. Susan J Selph

Ms. Tonya Servose

Carly and Terrance Shea

Mr. Andrew Silver

Lana Storer Snyder

Dr. Thomas Solomon &

Ms. Benita Kolmen-Solomon

Philip & Renee Sosland

Lisa Stoffer

Mr. Brandon Terry

Louise Zulli Theiss

Bob & Barb Thomas (4)

Robert and Deborah

Van Horn (8)

Van Wagner (8)

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Waldron

Ms. Cynthia J. Walter

Ms. Heather Walter (3)

Ms. Diana L. Weikel

Ms. Abby Wetzel (3)

Mr. Alexender Wilce &

Ms. Mary Hague (2)

Glenn & Therese Williams

Jack & Lisa Willoughby (3)

Alyssa Wischerth (2)

Ms. Yuling Yang

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Young

Mr. & Mrs. William Young

Stan and Karen Zellers (4)

Financial support from our alumni has been critical to the success of e Green Dragon Foundation.

We would like to recognize the individual alumni and former students for their generous support.

Class of 1944

William Donehower

Class of 1946

Frances Asher Baker

Class of 1948

Randall B. Erdly

Class of 1950

Ethel Wilhour Snook

Class of 1951

John H. Beck

Robert J. Donahoe

Class of 1953


Frank Stillman

Shirley A. Troutman

Class of 1955


Joan Bender Cracco

Pat Reish Hemphill

Class of 1956

Carol Himmelreich Brann

Ella Jane (Koch) Kunkle

Harry B. Robins Jr.

Jean Fornwalt Ross

Class of 1957

Dick Humphreys

Ted Meixell

Bernadine Nace Richard

Class of 1958

John B. Donahoe

Stein Fegley

Angelo Giunta

Robert Kribbs

Graham Showalter

Carol Swartzlander Snook

Class of 1959

(2) Anonymous

Lenny Anderson

Linda Sauers McKissick

Park McKissick, Jr.

Terry Schnure

Linda Lubrecht Wampler

Class of 1960

David Beckley

Jane Fornwalt Coyle

Robert Edwards

Susan E. Evans

John G. Huckaby

Gale Reish

Janice Goodall Rolecki

Class of 1961

Sharon Sholley Kribbs

Suzanne Martin Reish

Sue Forbes Snow

Class of 1962

Dale Berger

Carolann Shirk Bilger

William Bollinger

Carole Wagner Bollinger

Myles W. Crebs Jr.

Diane Specht Donato

Shirley Walter Peters

Amos Smith

Class of 1963

JoAnn Williams Giunta

Class of 1964

Barbara Alspach Baylor

Gary Baylor

George Benson

Christopher J. Bouton

Nora Ellen Forbes

John Letteer

Donald Reichenbach

Class of 1965

Mary Keefer Brouse

Thomas R. Candrick, Jr.

David G. Epler

Barbara Diehl Noll

Robert H. Odell Jr.

Marie Musser Rau

Class of 1966

Richard L. Bingaman

Penn Garvin

Gerald Gemberling

James E. Hafer

Michael D. McDowell

Robert L. Ryan

Karen Smith Zellers

Class of 1967

Peggy Emery Bouton

James G. Hendrickson

Jim Holtzapple

Darlene Snyder


William H. Lane, Jr.

Carol Meachum Minnie

Donald B. Young, Jr.

Class of 1968

Robert Black

Davis Cornelius

Laura Biernstein Cozac

H. Ray Hendrickson

Stephen Lindenmuth

Andrew Lyons

Diana Auten Weikel

Class of 1969

Eileen Brzeskiewicz


Cathie Langton

Ann Gearhart Sabol

Bill Stackhouse

Suzanne Weller


William Young

Class of 1970

Lacinda Betz Coup

Ken Hafer

Owen Mahon

Jeff Ranck

Lana Storer Snyder

Melinda Ploch Young

Class of 1971

Vickie Stevenson


Gregg Wetzel

Martin Wilson

Class of 1972

Timothy Goff

Dominic P. Herbst

Karen Ishii

Craig Ranck

Class of 1973


Mark C. Bird

Jackie Dershem Goff

Suzanne Settembrini


Mark Mathias

Kim Oberdorf

Jim Poynter


The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018

Class of 1974

Susan Glock Bird

Reno Mathias

Paul B. Miller

Louise Zulli Theiss

Class of 1975

David Baker

Barbara Glock Duym

Cathy Stamm Ranck

Class of 1976


Lisa Walters Black

Linda Jones Vaji

Lisa Tucker Willoughby

Class of 1977

Karen Yost Baker

Chip Cowher

Eric Heine

Karen Glock Miller

Lily Heiner Openshaw

Sam Shannon

Doug Shiffler

Rick Slear

Class of 1978

Nancy Barton Deluca

Kathleen M. Miller

Kim Hartman Ranck

Sherri Apple Uehling

Class of 1979

Lori Yarger Benshoff

Michelle Singletary


Laurie Walters Slear

Jil Dershem Zeigler

Class of 1980

Denise Rein Bollinger

Lisa M. Confer

George Drozin

Steve Glock

Joseph Roy

Class of 1981

Jody W. Adams

Jamie Apple

Julie Persing Stefan

Class of 1982

Roger W. Crebs

Judy Glock

Scot Keefer

Park P. McKissick III

Scott Stein

Class of 1983

John Albright

Tim Apple

Mark Temple

Class of 1984

Randy Kreisher

Class of 1985

Laura Shannon Adams

Daneen Fero Zaleski

Class of 1986


Tom Albright

Kelly Miller Barrick

Todd Chappell

Cindy Miedel Farmer

Brooks Gronlund

Keith A. Kline

David Smith

Suzanne Tufts

Class of 1987

Keri Flournoy Albright

Amy Goulstone Gronlund

Curtis Keiser

Amanda Meixell

Class of 1988

Chris Brouse

Doug Lebda

Matt Miller

Class of 1989

Corie Kline

Matthew Reish

Class of 1990

Aimee Gerlinski Baylor

Chris Baylor

Class of 1991

Pete Libby

Class of 1992

Geoff Gronlund

Kevin Jamieson

Bekah Meixell

Class of 1993

Corey Emery

Julie Skelton Lonardo

Class of 1994

Angelina Brown Gronlund

Abigail Showalter

Class of 1995

Kristin Ruhl Bergstrom

Trevor Fetterman

Class of 1996

Nate Hafer

Brandi Engdahl Pridgen

Class of 1998

Abbey Scheckter

Class of 1999

Andrew Dinsmore

Chris Hafer

Justin Kramm

Class of 2000

Seth Chernin

Ben Eshelman

Tracy Fetterman

Brian Moles

Michael O’Connor

Jeremy Roskovensky

Lindsay Ranck Woog

Class of 2001

Sarah Aukerman

Zachary Baker

Brian Diggins

Philip Donegan

Josh Ellis

Justin Kerr

Amber Lilley Pierce

Matthew Pierce

Scott Pinchak

P. Christopher Tarves

Eric Wetzel

Class of 2002

Brianna Apfelbaum Kula

Jordan Baker

Tom Gathman

Courtney Nachtway


Todd Thompson

Class of 2004

Courtney Kramm Beddall

Amanda Benshoff

Erin Bennett Brown

Kevin Lynch

Brian Roadarmel

Neil Slotterback

Abby Wetzel

Class of 2005

Vanessa Okkerse Criswell

Patrick Donegan

Amy Magill Davis

Benjamin Ranck

Robbie Tarves

Class of 2007

Abby Glock Beswick

Glenn Beswick

Alyssa Wargo Wischerth

Class of 2008

Casey G. Miller

Erin Johnson Rittle

Class of 2010

Katy Glock

Class of 2012

Jordan Bertram

Kevin P. Glock

Mark W. Hall

Bryce Smiley

Class of 2018

Sarah Ladd

Current and past LASD students

benefited from the dedication of their

teachers, staff and administration.

Current and future students will benefit

from the generous support e Green

Dragon Foundation receives from e

LASD Board of Education and current

and retired staff and teachers. Listed

below are individual financial supporters:

(10) Anonymous

Mrs. Peggy Albright

Ms. Diane Baker

Mrs. Marianne Barlett

Mrs. Courtney Beddall

Mrs. Chris Bedi

Mrs. Karen Bennett

Mrs. Carole Bollinger

Mrs. Faith Brininger

Mrs. Mary K. Brouse

Ms. Lindsey Brown

Ms. Molly Buchanan

Mr. Jonathan Clark

Mr. James Cotner

Ms. Tammie Cristini

Mrs. Elaine Dietrich

Dr. Mark D. DiRocco

Mr. George Drozin

Ms. Kara Druckenmiller

Mr. Peter A. Ellis

Mr. Joseph Faust

Mrs. Lisa Folker

Ms. Alaina Foresman

Ms. Lu Ann Foster

Mrs. Angela Gockley

Mr. Timothy Goff

Ms. Amanda Hahn

Mr. David Heberlig

Mr. Brett Hoffmaster

Ms. Hannah Irion-Frake

Ms. Stephanie Jackson

Mr. Steve Jacobsen

Mrs. Courtney Jamieson

Mr. P. Joseph Keller

Mrs. Corie Kline

Mrs. Marsha Knoster

Mr. Skip Kratzer

Ms. Andrea Kratzer

Mr. Bob Lebda

Mrs. Barbara Leland

Mr. Kenneth Lepley

Mr. John Letteer

Mrs. Amy Matukaitis

Ms. Barbara Loyd

Dr. Patsy J. Marra

Ms. Laurie Miller

Ms. Rebecca Moyer

Mr. Joel Myers

Mrs. Emily O`Connor

Mr. Kevin Oswald

Mrs. Ashley Papson

Mrs. Jolayne Pinchak

Ms. Paula Reber

Mrs. Mary Ritter

Mrs. Erin Rittle

Mrs. Marilyn Rossi

Mr. Christian Ruhl

Mr. Daniel Schwanger

Mr. George Scurfield

Mrs. Cynthia Shaffer

Mrs. Linda Shaffer

Mrs. Rebecca Shannon

Dr. Steven Skalka

Mrs. Marguerite Smith

Mrs. Suzanne


Mr. Williams C.


Mrs. Tracy Strosser

Mrs. Kathy Swope

Mr. Mark Temple

Mrs. Barbara Thomas

Ms. Shirley A. Troutman

Mrs. Sherry Ulrich

Mr. John Vaji

Mrs. Deborah Van Horn

Mr. Van Wagner

Ms. Heather Walter

Mr. Jonathan A. Walz

Mr. Tris J. West

Mrs. Debby Wetzel

Mr. Eric Wetzel

Mrs. Lisa Willoughby

Mrs. Barbara A. Yocum

Mrs. Paula Young

Dr. Brenda A. Zack

The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018 21

Commemorative Gifts


In Honor of:

Grant Adams #77

From: Jody & Laura Adams

Our children, Christina,

Tom and Jennifer

From: Tom & Jeanette


Class of ’68

From: Laura B. Cozac

Class of ’82

From: Judy Glock

Dr. Mark DiRocco


Stephanie A. Jackson

George and Jane Scurfield

Anne Foreman

From: Joan Brennan

Brady Fitzpatrick

From: Marisa Bolssen

Bill Harley ’84 and

Craig Harley ’81

From: Ellis Harley

Joyce Asher Hartman

From: Frances A. Baker

Cate Jacobson

From: Harold Levy

Courtney Jamieson

From: Kathleen Folio

Dr. Amitpal Johal

From: Peter Johansson

Helen Kaiser

From: Nora Ellen Forbes &

Sue Forbes Snow

LAHS Class of ’56 and


From: Harry B. Robins Jr.

Justin ’07, Benjamin ’10,

Jordan ’13 Massoud

From: Tony Massoud &

Erica Shames

Allie & Avery Mast

From: Jim & Darlene


Kristin Nelson Schrimper

and Scott Nelson

From: Sandra Nelson

Gregory & Lukasz Olenginski

From: Tom & Jessica


George Reish

From: Dick & Jane Humphreys

Tom and Tim Snook

(1975 and 1979)

From: Ethel Snook

Lane Taylor

From: Mary Ritter

Melissa Yankowski

From: Sarah Ladd

In Memory of:

Norman Brouse


Ruth B. Blankenship

Mary Brouse

Andrew Dinsmore

Mark & Kim DiRocco

Elizabethtown Area Education


Gerald & Linda Gemberling

Karen Hymes

Scot & Jane Keefer

Don & Peg Kipp

Robert & Kelly Komula

Patsy & Janet Marra

Phil and Gail McClure

The Mendenhall Family

(Karl, Karen, Kevin, Karl Jr.,

Susan & Emily)

Michael & Deborah Newcomer

Ms. Jayne Pensyl and

Cheryl, Tammy, Jodi, Mark,

and Mark

Barbara Perella

Brandi Engdahl Pridgen

Barton and Joyce Reichard

Matt & Jennifer Reish

Donald & Nancy Steckel

SUN Area Technical Institute

Jim & Kathy Swope

Ferne I. Troxell

Nichole Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wert

& Corey

Mike Burgee ’64

From: George Benson

Mary Ellen Troutman


From: Shirley A. Troutman

Larry Confer

From: Vivian Confer

Miles W. Crebs, Sr.

From: Myles and

Jo Anna Crebs

Linda Dodd

From: Joe Keller

John B. Donahoe II &

Jeffery H. Donahoe

From: Robert J. Donahoe

Carolyn Fischer

From: John B. Fischer

Carmen Folio


James & Patricia Apple

Sidney & Linda Jamieson

Deborah Martel

Bill & Jan Pursel

Susan J. Selph

Cynthia J. Walter

Glenn & Therese Williams

Miles Foreman


Kenneth & Betsy Cox

Mary Ellen Czerniak

Jonathan Darer &

Ellen Flacker-Darer

Diane Dawson

Sarantos Patrinos

Blair Raymond

Lisa C. Stoffer

Sue Ann Harley Geisler ’82


Ellis Harley

Scot & Jane Keefer

Ray Goulstone

From: Julie Lonardo

Robert Harder

From: Robert & Lisa Black

Tim Jarrett

From: Suzanne E. Manotti

Sybil Kannry

From: Tony Massoud &

Erica Shames

William Lane

From: H. Ray Hendrickson

Pete Macky

From: Nancy Macky

Jeff David Mathias


Mark Mathias

Reno Mathias

McDowell Family:

David ’37, Mary Ellen,

Mary Eleanor ’33,

Gladys ’43, Benson

From: Michael D. McDowell

Russell A. Meachum

From: Carol and

Armand Minnie

Kevin S. Miedel

By His Parents, Donald &

Connie May

Robert Nace


Nora Ellen Forbes &

Sue Forbes Snow

Bernadine N. Richard

Barry Nelson


Paul & Beth Beswick

Ann & Steve Glock

Robert Odell

From: Robert H. Odell Jr.

C. W. Pursel III (Billy)

From: Bill & Jan Pursel

Esther M. Rein

(Class of ’47)

From: Denise R. Bollinger

Paul T. Snook ’49

From: Ethel Snook

Richard Steffensen

From: Elsbeth Steffensen

Betty Tufts

From: Suzanne E. Tufts

Nichole L Weikel 1990

From: Diana L. Weikel

Ned and Katie Weller

From: Bill & Suzanne


Margaret R. Young ’71


Catherine Platusich

Donald Young Jr.


The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018

PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program

At Lewisburg Area School District

Every gift The Green Dragon Foundation

receives through the PA EITC program improves

the Lewisburg Area School District educational

experience for our students. In April 2018, GDF

distributed $30,800 to LASD to launch the

Advanced Protyping & Design Lab at the

high school during the 2018-2019 school year.

This innovative program will help students:

• Design and render 3d print mockups, and occasionally produce

small scale and full-size prototypes;

• Study anthropometry, biomechanics and ergonomics with an

understanding of how these three variables relate to informed


• Create functional designs on Auto Cad Inventor and output those

designs to a CNC or laser engraver for mass production; and

• Create a working prototype to test their final products.

Why We Support GDF

Swineford National Bank

The Green Dragon Foundation has

benefited greatly over the last nine years

from businesses that have made

donations through Pennsylvania’s

Educational Improvement Tax Credit

(EITC) program. In 2017 alone, the

foundation received $38,500 through

the EITC program, augmenting

innovative programs in the Lewisburg

Area School District. Since 2009,

through this program, Swineford

National Bank has contributed more

than $37,000 to the foundation,

benefiting Lewisburg students.

When asked why Swineford National

Dr. Steven Skalka, Leslie Temple and Ann Glock

Bank selected the foundation as a

recipient of their EITC contributions, Leslie Temple, senior vice president, Business Banking Services, replied,

“When we were approached about contributing EITC funds, we were impressed with the foundation’s

mission. The vision of The Green Dragon Foundation is well thought out and has been put into action.

Over the years, we continue to be impressed with the impact the foundation has had for the Lewisburg

Area School District.

“We have a branch office in Lewisburg, and it is important for us to give back to the community we

serve,” Leslie continued. “EITC funds are a great way to give back to the community. We are proud of being

in the communities we serve and we want them to be successful and vibrant.” The foundation is very

grateful for their very generous annual support.

Eight Consecutive Years

Donald H. Eichhorn

Middle School received

PA nomination for

National Blue Ribbon Schools

– Exemplary High Performance

The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018 23

Become a Partner for Education

The EITC program, administered by the

Department of Community & Economic

Development, awards tax credits to eligible

businesses that make contributions to

educational improvement organizations like

The Green Dragon Foundation. A gift to GDF

can provide your company with a substantial

tax credit—75 percent credit (against taxes

owed) or, with a written two-year commitment

of equal funding, a 90 percent credit. For more

information about the EITC program, please

visit: or

call the GDF office at (570) 522-8433.

The following businesses partnered with

GDF during the 2017-2018 school-year to

provide funding for advanced and innovative


Mifflinburg Bank & Trust

Lawton Insurance

M&T Bank

Weis Markets

Susquehanna Community Bank

“Once again the arts department at Kelly wants to thank you for all that you do to

support the arts and other programs throughout the school district. Your support means

so much to the staff and students!” –Miss Katie Martin, Kelly Elementary Art Teacher


The Green Dragon Foundation | Annual Report 2017-2018

Many thanks to the following corporate sponsors who made

gifts of $500 or more…

VISION 2020:

Our Children–Our Future Campaign

115 Farley Circle, Suite 306

Lewisburg, PA 17837

(570) 522-8433

115 Farley Circle, Suite 306

Lewisburg, PA 17837

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