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Vol 1 • Issue 1

b inspired | b enlightened | b authentic





By Mary Brotherton

To bUneke I will:

Buy myself flowers instead of

waiting for someone else to bring

them to me.

Hug more often.

Change some priorities.

Dance whenever I want,

not just when others aren’t


Howl at the moon.

Kiss more babies.

Watch birds and other wildlife

more often.

Ignore the haters & love them

from where I am.

Be less afraid to strut my inner


Be unafraid to appear silly.

Proudly be my authentic self.

Photo by Mary Brotherton

b inspired | b enlig h


htened | b authentic




Editor in Chief

Mary Brotherton


Hello and welcome to the inaugural issue of bUneke Magazine!

Executive Creative


Jennifer East

Marketing Director

Lynn Kinnison

Social Media Director

Anna East

Video Production


Franklin Prather


Constance Crosby

Bud Worden

Katherine Kenwood

Laura Alyz

Mary Brotherton

We hope you’ll enjoy reading our labor of love as much as we enjoyed

putting it together for you. The founders and members of our board had

talked about making a difference for some time before we arrived at the

decision to create this educational tool, a vital part of our philanthropic


Our world is filled with amazing people, fascinating places and wonderful

organizations that work toward building a peaceful and beautiful

place to live. We all play a role that may seem small but can make an

enormous impact. For instance, Sayaka Ganz is one artist, among many,

who finds a new purpose for discarded plastic items she finds in nature

or in thrift stores. Cheryl Cox’s grandson Austin Hinz was just 9-yearsold

when she helped him create his own non-profit organization to help

ensure his classmates, and other children, could all wear socks in the

winter. Gravity Light Foundation is helping children study by providing

lighting solutions in areas of the world that have no electricity.

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Mary Brotherton


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Buneke Guiding Principles

Cover Feature


10 Easy Steps To Help Save Their Homes


Finding Your Tribe


Sayaka Ganz,

Environmental Artist


What Does It Take To Buneke?


Two Blind Brothers,

A Brilliant Business Plan


Hidden Gem: 903 Mills Market Café


From Anna’s Heart



If You Give A Crap, You May Want To

Change Your Toilet Paper


Zodiac Predictions By Manish


Navigating Your Inner Compass



Saving Their HOMES

By bUneke Staff

1. Adopt. Did you know you can adopt

a wild animal or an animal refuge? Your

monthly or one-time donation goes a

long way toward preserving wildlife in

its natural setting.

2. Vounteer. Give your time if you don’t

have money to donate. Almost every

non-profit organization, including

bUneke Magazine, needs volunteers to

help in a variety of ways. Ask how you

can be of service to your favorite one.

3. Visit. Zoos, aquariums, national parks

and wildlife refuges all provide homes

for wild animals. Visit the one nearest

you and learn more ways you can help.

4. Donate. Even if your donation is the

admission fee to get into a park, zoo,

aquarium or other wildlife refuge, your

donation helps. Consider giving just a

little more, if you can.

5. Speak Up. If you don’t already know,

learn more about wildlife trafficking

and tell others.

6. Buy Responsibly. Know what

products you are purchasing and if

they have been harvested from illegal

wildlife trafficking sources.

7. Pitch in. Trash is ugly and harmful

to birds and animals. Fish can get

caught in nets. Turtles starve to death

when they eat plastic, which looks

like jellyfish. Trash can eventually find

its way into our drinking water. Don’t

litter and don’t allow your friends to


8. Recycle. Don’t be embarrassed

to ask others to reduce, reuse and

recycle. If you put your mind to it,

you can eliminate many “disposable”

products from your life.

9. Restore. Help reduce habitat

destruction, the main threat to 85%

faced by wildlife, by planting native

trees, restoring wetlands or cleaning

up beaches in your area.

10. Join. Find the organization that

means the most to you and actively

support it through your membership.


Follow @WildlifeDay on Twitter, and

use hashtag #WorldWildlifeDay to join

the conversation.

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By bUneke Staff

Have you ever felt you were a big fish

in a small pond or that you simply

didn’t belong? How many times have

you wondered, or perhaps hoped,

you’d been abandoned by your real

parents and adopted by strangers

because you felt your family was

nothing like you? If you felt like you

were the only splash of color on a

monochrome canvas, you know what

it’s like to be different.

Chances are, you have felt

misunderstood most of your life. You

may have thought you didn’t fit in or

that if you could just find a way to

blend in, your awkwardness would


There’s no reason to become one of the

masses. Embrace your uniqueness and

let us help you find your tribe! When

you find more people who think like

you, we’ll be there to say, “Welcome


Parents of children diagnosed as being

on the Autism spectrum suddenly feel

alone, because they know their lives

and their children’s lives will never

be what some call normal. Spouses of

people with crippling disabilities or

terminal illnesses imagine their social

lives swiftly disappearing. There are

other things that make people feel

disconnected from their tribes.

Lone artists in a family filled with jocks


Embrace your uniqueness and let us help you find your tribe!

or the girl who’d rather run through

the woods than to play with dolls often

wonder why they are so different.

When a long line of doctors produces a

gifted musician or a family of attorneys

has a youngster who is more interested

in auto mechanics than in the law,

people cluck their tongues and wonder

what went wrong.

Nothing! These unique individuals may

not follow the family path to Fortune

500 companies but if they follow their

hearts and pursue their dreams, they

know what it means to bUneke.

Our tribes are made up of other people

who believe what we believe and want

the same things we want. Whether

we want to sculpt marble statues like

Michelangelo, tinker with inventions

like Thomas Edison, send rockets into

space like Elon Musk or something

uniquely different, we all deserve to do

the things that bring us the most joy.

What do you want to do more than

anything in life? What’s holding you

back? Let us know. We might be able

to connect you with members of your

tribe who can help you.


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and encourages authenticity! Call

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Making a Difference

Through Art

Sponsored by PEACECORE, Inc

By bUneke Staff

SSayaka Ganz was born in Japan and has lived in Brazil and Hong Kong, before she

settled in the United States with her husband. As an artist, she returns to the things

she was taught as a child. One thing that has profoundly affected her art is the

Shintō belief that objects discarded before their time weep at night. She said she was

probably three or four when she first learned this.


“It’s not something that gets told once, it’s a recurring theme in many stories in the

Japanese culture,” she said.

Sayaka creates astounding threedimensional

sculptures from discarded

plastic, such as Embrace, the permanent

display at Port Canaveral’s Exploration

Tower, in Florida. Her Reclaimed

Creations traveling exhibit has been

making the rounds in the U.S. and is

currently in St. George, Utah. Sayaka

teamed up with Aurora Robson to create

Metamorphosis, a display at Lauritzen

Gardens in Omaha, Nebraska’s Botanical

Center, through mid-May 2018.

“I am currently using plastic, but I am not

so attached to plastic,” Sayaka said. “I

am also collecting wood kitchen utensils,

although I have not used them yet. I have

also worked with scrap metal off and on

for the entire duration of time I have

been working with plastics. My interest

is in discarded items, but the material

doesn’t have to be plastic. I would love to

work with discarded glass items too, and


She is mindful of each object she uses.

“The decision to discard something is

usually due to its form or state and it is a

continuous part of my practice.”

She said if an object is the wrong shape

or made of the wrong material for a

sculpture, she may need to scrap them.

Objects with visible cracking, those

that are breaking down structurally or

chemically cannot be used.

“I usually don’t buy anything unless I

am certain that 90% of it is usable, but

sometimes people donate items to me

and they cannot be used, or I’ll find

something in the trash and harvest a part

of it but discard the rest.”

Sayaka has had to stop working to go

looking for a particular piece to finish a


“Sometimes I go out looking, find

nothing, and end up finding the right

piece in one of my bins that had been

there all along. Other times I go out and

find exactly what I needed. I always end

up finding what I need somehow, which is

quite amazing.”

She has a process for incorporating

discarded plastic into her art.

“If the plastics are visibly dirty or come

from questionable sources, they get

washed first before anyone works with

them. I have a dishwasher in my studio

for this purpose, and if something is too

big to fit in the washer I use the garden

hose in the yard. Then the plastics get

sorted by color into bins, if they fit. The

very large pieces get cut, but this is a

relatively small percentage of what I use.”

Her art, like her theme of motion, is everchanging.

“I think I seek to create illusions of

motion because that’s how I recognize

life and spirit. I have found certain

pieces of plastic particularly interesting,

and that can serve as a starting point

for a sculpture. However, they don’t

necessarily stay in the central role for

the piece once the process begins. The

whole takes on the energy and the pieces

of plastic that got attached first often get

removed near completion.”

She offers advice for using plastic.

“My best advice is not to buy anything

plastic, especially new plastic, unless

you are sure you need it and that you

will get enough use out of it, and choose

something that you actually like the

design of. It’s a lot easier to keep a plastic

thing around if you like the way it looks.

I try to avoid keeping things if it’s only

out of a sense of guilt. If you have to

throw something away that’s ok. Just let

it help you to choose more carefully the

next time you buy or even take something

that’s given for free.”

If you would like to see more of Sayaka

Ganz’ amazing art, visit her website.



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What does it take to

b Uneke?

By bUneke Staff

We found a unique way to spell something people talk about but don’t always know

how to accomplish. Our name urges you to Be Unique, yet how can anyone define

exactly what it means to be unique, let alone bUneke?

Pick up any dictionary and you’ll find variations of the same definition for the word.

• being the only one • being without a like or equal • distinctively characteristic or peculiar

• unusual • out of the ordinary

If you check into the word’s synonyms you’ll find words like:

• rare • different • exclusive • uncommon • exceptional • unparalleled • incomparable

• unmatched • strange • weird

Who wants to be weird, though? Weirdness, like uniqueness is perceived differently by different

people. To a musician, working throughout the night and sleeping during the day isn’t weird. It’s how

business is done. Vegas showgirls aren’t considered weird for their elaborate costumes although


those aren’t what they might wear to a movie. Visit DragonCon or ComiCon and you’d expect to see

dueling lightsabers or Master Sergeant talking with Poison Ivy, but those are unusual settings. Some


b inspired | b enlightened | b authentic

people think engineers are weird, but they aren’t. They simply think, speak and act differently. Just

as it would be odd for a hockey player to wear ice skates, pads and a helmet to an opera, rarely will

you find a ballerina in toe shoes at a baseball game. Context makes things strange, but everyone has

the power to be one-of-a-kind, for that is what you already are.

To be unique means you are exceptional. To bUneke means you have the power to change the world!

In little ways or big ways, every day, every person has the ability to effect change. Whether this

touches you alone or changes someone else, we’d like to hear about it.

How can you bUneke every day?

Start by making up your mind to be true to yourself. • Smile more. • Be kinder. • Be happy

with how you look while you work toward a healthy lifestyle. • Know that even identical twins

are unique and the way an experience affects one will not affect the other the same way. • Don’t

conform for the sake of being like everyone else. • Even in situations where everyone wears the

same uniform and stands the same way, a mother will know her child. Understand that by being

you, you are already unique. • If you want to follow trends or fads, that’s okay, as long as you

maintain your own incomparable sense of style and know the reason you are doing it. • Know

there are billions of other humans, all striving to be unique, while wanting to fit in. • Experiment

with ways to stand out while fitting in. • Don’t underestimate your power. • Remember you are

important to the Universe. • Become happy within your own skin and stop worrying about what

others might think of you. • How you walk or talk, how you dress or where you work or go to

school are not as important as how you make others feel. • Realize that labels, even the label of

being unique, can confine you. • Don’t worry about being. • Simply: Be! • Explore! • Educate

yourself! • Experiment! • Enjoy life! • bUnekely YOU! ,

Contact us today to learn how you can sponsor a story that inspires, enlightens and


encourages authenticity! Call 321-417-4309 or email info@peacecoreinc.org.



A Brilliant Business Plan

Sponsored by PEACECORE, Inc.

By bUneke Staff

You might think being born with Stargardt

Disease, then developing juvenile diabetes

would be a problem, but Bradford Manning

doesn’t feel that way. He and his brother Bryan,

who also was born with Stargardt’s, believe

their greatest challenge is their greatest gift.

Brad said, “It’s sort of a cliché, but I believe, on

a scientific level, it’s true. We all have potential,

strength, creativity and resourcefulness but

they aren’t revealed until we’re tested. Lean

into challenges and adversities. Something

that tests you is going to teach you more about

yourself and your ability to go out and change

things, to attack the things you want.”

Because Stargardt Disease is a common form

of juvenile macular degeneration, the Manning

brothers have been dealing with progressive

vision impairment since childhood.

“We could have developed great skills and

high self-esteem without vision impairment,”

Brad said, “but this forced us to dig down to

find what we needed to succeed. Just like you

have to work at the gym, not just look at the

equipment, if you want to see results. The

ugly or beautiful truth is you gotta sweat, get

fatigued, to find results.”

Brad and Bryan have dealt with their vision

impairment most of their lives. They live

and work in New York City, Bryan as a sales

professional for a data company and Brad in

business development.

Brad said, “The reason we went into apparel is

that we were shopping at Bloomingdale’s one

day and we walked out with the exact same

shirt. So, we realized you go with what feels

good to you. You can’t see the colors or sizes, it’s

how it feels. We knew we could raise awareness


by selling shirts to a lot of people. Everybody

wears shirts. It’s an outward expression and we

have friends in the fashion industry who could

assist us.”

Two Blind Brothers is a for-profit company

that makes ultra-soft designer clothing from

natural fibers with 100% of the profits funding

blindness research. Brad and Bryan, who don’t

draw salaries from their own company, still do

residual work to pay the rent.

After they appeared on the Ellen Show, Dallas

Lighthouse for the Blind contacted them.

“We worked out a partnership,” Brad said. “It

was a dream come true for us. Their workforce

is 70% vision impaired. We have other

producers, but Dallas Lighthouse makes about

90% of our shirts. We’re trying to move all our

construction there.”

At Two Blind Brothers, the focus is on details in

the fabric, the construction and the fit.

Brad said, “Being visually impaired, forces us to

really zero-in on things. It’s like zooming in on

a picture on your cellphone so you can see it

better. The vision impairment has forced us to

zoom in on what’s important.”

What’s important to them, as well as their

company, is their contribution toward research

to cure blindness. In two years, they have given

$200,000, optimistic that their donations can

help others.

“We’re excited about the focus across retinal

eye diseases by Sparks Therapeutics. They’ve

recently released Luxturna, the first FDAapproved

prescription gene therapy for patients

with a rare retinal disease. It’s exciting for that

population. There are clinical trials going on,

some for Stargardt, but a cure is tough. You

need to fix the problem metabolizing vitamin A,

which creates a toxic by-product. A full cure is long distance.”

Two Blind Brothers is scheduled to launch a massive

campaign for Type 1 diabetes in late June.

“This is a collaboration to create a project specifically for

Type 1 diabetes, which can cause diabetic

retinopathy. My sister and I are both

Type 1 diabetics,” Brad said. “This

gives us a chance to do good, raise

money for juvenile diabetes. We’ll

release a clothing item and do a big


Your greatest

challenge is your

greatest gift.

Some fun facts about Two Blind


• Ellen DeGeneres donated

$30,000 to the company

• Virgin Group’s founder,

Richard Branson, bought a

wholesale order of the shirts

• Two Blind Brothers was

selected to be one of 10

companies on Facebook’s

small business council

Brad said the success of

his and Bryan’s company

has come from organic

and paid social advertising.

“We find people who care

about cause-driven projects,

apparel companies, vision


Follow Two Blind Brothers

on Instagram, Facebook and

Twitter. @twoblindbrothers.

If you’re interested

in designer shirts

that do more than

look good, visit


com. ,

Photos by

Two Blind




Hidden Gem

903 Mills Market Café

Sponsored by PEACECORE, Inc.

By Lynn Kinnison, Photos: Lynn Kinnison

Hidden away in the middle of Orlando, Florida, is the perfect place to get away from all

the hustle and bustle of the tourist attractions and the business of city life. Known as Mills

Market and 903 Mills, 903 Mills Market Café is a quaint café that is as friendly to the furry,

four-legged patrons as it is to the humans.

Nestled among beautiful, natural surroundings, it’s common to observe wildlife at the lake

you can see from the patio. It’s great for people-watching too.

The exceptional menu covers everything from simple breakfast foods to exquisite design-yourown

specialty sandwiches. Vegetarians and meat-lovers alike will find generous portions to

satisfy their palates and appetites. Even the most frugal diner can find items for one dollar.

Don’t be fooled by the breakfast, soup and sandwich menu. 903 Mills Market Café is open

until 9:03 every night but Friday, when they remain open until 10 and they offer a complete

catering menu that can include serving staff.

So, whether you are in a hurry to get a quick bite on your way to work, because they start

serving at 7 a.m., or want to relax after a hectic day, check out 903 Mills Market Café. The


restaurant is conveniently located at, where else, but 903 S. Mills Ave., Orlando, Fla. Call for

more information 407-898-4392. ,






Sponsored by A.D.D. in Poetry

By Mary Brotherton

How many times have you seen a problem and

thought, “Somebody should do something about


Atlanta native, Anna Okula said she saw a post

on Facebook, a few years ago, about a woman in

Seymour, Indiana who had started tying scarves

to trees with a note that they were free to anyone

who needed one.

She said she told herself, “I totally want to do

this,” and now, she has taken the idea a few steps

beyond scarves.

During the particularly brutal Atlanta winter of

2015, her friend, Rudy Fernandez had seen men

living under a bridge near his office, so he gathered

coats for them. When he told Anna about it, she

wanted to help. A year later, she started tying

scarves on trees and fences in Woodruff Park. In

2016, their mutual concern for their homeless

neighbors evolved further.

Anna is a vice president at Porter Novelli, a global

public relations agency, so she had access to

leftover conference totes, pens and notepads,

which became the basis for her collections. All her

colleagues, family and friends know Anna keeps

a box in her office for donations. Her cousin knits

dozens of hats and gives them to Anna.

“I posted what I was doing, on Facebook and it

took off from there! Some people donated money,”

Anna said. “Family and friends went with me,

downtown, in Atlanta and we just found people

who needed these things.”

Her friend Luke Hamilton frequently travels to

Dubai for business.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by donations,” Anna said.


“Luke brings me a massive box of travel-sized

toiletries after all his trips. Other people buy

things on clearance. It’s a group effort.”

Anna said ten to 15 people donate and help

distribute more than 100 bags every holiday

season. The reusable totes are filled with a

combination of scarf or a hand-knitted hat or

gloves, socks, a notepad and pen, toiletries, a

toothbrush, toothpaste and a reusable water


“I’d like to reach out to other companies for

donations. Nicole McAfee, another woman I know

who does this, calls hers Blessing Bags, but mine

are just from my heart. I don’t have a name for


Anna has been asked if she could give cards for

MARTA, Atlanta’s bus and train line , but hasn’t

been able to find the funding for that, yet.

“If some amazing angel who reads this wants to

help, there are other things I’d want first. The

amount spent for a single MARTA card could go

much farther and potentially do more good but I

won’t turn down any donations.”

She would like to add granola bars or other nonperishable

snacks, bottles of water and feminine

supplies for women to her bags.

“The people we give to are receptive. They’re

very grateful and say they like the reusable bags.

I always leave reminded of the things we all have

and take for granted. I wish I could do so much


Anna said that friends with young children like to

get involved.

“They want their kids to see the act of helping

others and being selfless, especially at the

holidays. I have two friends now who want to

make sure that their kids can help put together the

bags and give them out in December.”

If you would like to be a part of the Bags from

Anna’s Heart, contact Anna Okula at 404-376-5739

or aokula99@gmail.com. ,


If you

Give a


you may want to

change your

toilet paper


Sponsored by

Dickens Wealth Management

By bUneke Staff

We chuckled when we first saw an

ad for Who Gives A Crap. When we

read more about the company’s

philanthropy, we switched TP

brands because we like buying from

companies that use our money to

benefit others. You see, Who Gives

A Crap donates half of every dollar

spent on its paper products to build

toilets for people who don’t have

them. Not only is it beneficial to

others, it benefits the planet and

us! Who Gives A Crap is made from

sustainable bamboo, or you can

get recycled paper, as well. There

are no scents, bleaches or dyes

used in its production and rather

than wrapping it in earth-polluting

plastic, each roll is individually

wrapped in pretty tissue paper!

We’ve lost count of how many

gifts we’ve wrapped this way. We

love that we can reduce and reuse

something as simple as this!

Not satisfied to only buy the TP,

we wanted to talk with the profitfor-purpose

founders and Danny

Alexander graciously obliged.

bUneke: Why start another toilet

paper company?

DA: We started Who Gives A Crap


with a simple idea - to make every

trip to the bathroom a feel-good experience. We’ve

come a long way, and we’re incredibly proud of the

fact that we’ve donated over $1,255,000 Australian

dollars, which is about $1 million USD to help build

toilets, while getting hundreds of thousands of

customers to stop wiping with trees.

bUneke: How many toilets have you helped build?

DA: I’d love to give you a number, but we don’t

count the number of toilets we’ve helped build. We

look for organizations with a proven track record of

Danny Alexander, left, Simon Griffiths, right

delivering incredible impact, and we give unrestricted

funding to them, as we believe that’s the best way

to have impact. Some of our funds go into capacity

building, research and development, as there’s a lot

of work that happens before a toilet can actually be

built! While We can’t tell you a precise number of

toilets, there are tens of thousands of people using

toilets that we’ve helped build.

bUneke: Once they receive their toilets, how hard is it to get

the plumbing they need to flush?

DA: As much as I love my flushing toilet at home,

they’re actually not the best solution for many

people in the world. They use a heck of a lot of water,

but just as importantly, they’re incredibly expensive

and rely on massive infrastructure to construct. The

majority of toilets created by the organizations we

work with are either improved pit latrines, which

generally require no water, or container-based

sanitation devices, in which waste is stored in a

container that is collected or emptied regularly. Pretty neat, and much more cost- and watereffective

for most people!

bUneke: Can they afford TP?

DA: Many, if not most, people in the world don’t wipe with TP. Many cultures prefer washing

with water. So in some places people use water, and in others, people use toilet paper or

something similar.

bUneke: How do the organizations you work with know who needs a toilet?

DA: Every organization has a different way of working. Some work closely with schools,

and the ratio of students to toilets is clearly out of balance - a sure sign that more toilets

would be helpful. Some work in rural communities, helping the communities learn how to

build toilets for themselves. In general, though, we usually work with partners who let the

communities identify their own needs.

bUneke: Other than WaterAid and Sanergy, who works with Who Gives A Crap to fulfill your mission?

DA: We’re honored that we’ve been able to help WaterAid AU and Sanergy, and we’re

just as excited that we’ve just made donations to two new organizations: Shining Hope for

Communities (SHOFCO) and Lwala Community Alliance. They’re both based in Kenya, and both

doing incredible work.

bUneke: How can our readers keep up with you?

DA: We’re on Facebook @Who Gives A Crap, Twitter and Instagram @WhoGivesACrapTP and

of course our website, whogivesacrap.org.

If you’re looking for a sustainable way to make a difference in the lives of others, while

purchasing something you already use, check out Who Gives A Crap. Who else do you know

that delivers toilet paper to your front door?





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bUneke. They help with marketing, printing, web hosting, technological advances,

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“Finally a book that sounds like me. I LOVE this book! I know that

I am okay just the way I am. Thank You!” -- Linsay, age 9

“Thank you for helping me to understand what my child is going through,

in such a meaningful way.” -- Michelle S.


One Family’s Journey with Attention Deficit Disorder

by: Jennifer East

About the Book

A.D.D. in Poetry, One Family’s Journey with Attention Deficit Disorder, is a collection of

uplifting and meaningful poetry paired with delightful color illustrations, that will warm

the hearts of its readers and will remind them that there is life after the ADD/ADHD



“If you feel uncomfortable, frustrated,

confused about ADD in yourself or a family

member, this book offers a healing perspective.”

-- Florida Today News

This book is written in a simple, down-to-earth language and offers insight to an ADD/

ADHD child’s mind. Each poem expresses thoughts and feelings on how one can live

and enjoy today and will inspire one to never give up hope for a better tomorrow. This

book can be a wonderful gift to a loved one and/or caregiver experiencing ADD/ADHD

first hand.

I am not a doctor, but having to care for four ADD children and share a relationship

with an ADD husband, I feel I may have practical experiences to share with others. My

children have shared their experiences and have given their stamps of approval on each

poem. It is a reflection of how they feel about themselves. I also hope to leave the reader a

sense that they are not alone in their daily journey with Attention Deficit Disorder.

Product Details: Paperback: 20 pages • Language: English

ISBN-10: 1412037697 • ISBN-13: 978-1412037693 • Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 8.2 x 0.2 inches • Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars






June 2018

ARIES (21 March – 19 April)

This month brings improvement to

learning pursuits, transportation,

and general spirit or attitude towards

life. There can be times when you’re

utterly absorbed in quiet activities,

research, and projects. You’re likely

to feel more competent, motivated,

and a little freer when it comes to

doing things your way For people in

love relationships or looking for love,

this month is strong for getting closer.

Connections can deepen. The desire

for more intimacy in a relationship,

or in your relationships in general,

is increasing, and opportunities are

likely to present themselves. Favorable

Dates - June 4, 7, 13, 16, 22, 25

Favorable Colors - Red & Green

TAURUS (20 April – 20 May)

You’ll need to be fairly active and

enterprising in your communications

in order to benefit the most from the

positive energies with you this month.

New information coming in or a new

perspective from someone close to you

could transform your own perspective

or motivate you to pursue a dream

project. Studies and mental interests

are rewarding. While you’re seeking out

a little more adventure from your life

this month, your private world holds

a lot of appeal. Relationships could be

rewarding and many jewel-like aspects

will come up. Favorable Dates - June 7,

8, 16, 17, 25, 26 Favorable Colors,

Red & Yellow

Gemini (21 May – 20 June)

This month would be superb for love. Be

sure to be socializing if you are single.

A friend may be surprisingly helpful

in making an introduction. If you are

attached, you can still have fun, just

like you did when the two of you first

met. Your focus will be the person you

are married to, or your established

live-in partner, or ex-partner, in love or

business. This month will also be special


Manish Kumar Arora is a renowned KP Astrologer, Numerologist,

Tarot Reader & Vastu Consultant. He has been rendering

professional advice to clients with a reasonable degree of success.

He has been conferred with the title of ‘Jyotish Varahamihir’ and

‘Jyotish Aryabhatt.’ He has been writing monthly astrological

columns for 40 international magazines. For personalised

predictions, he can be contacted at manish@manishastrologer.com

for an interview with a fertilization

specialist if you have had problems

with conception. This period sparkles

brightly for your emotional life.

Favorable Dates - June 3, 6, 12, 15, 21,

24 Favorable Colors - Yellow & Blue

Cancer (21 June – 22 July)

This month makes your career progress

tricky, for it means you must proceed

slowly. Mercury and Mars won’t stop

it. You need to be more careful and

deliberate in your actions. If you

are dating, there is a good chance

that you are of two minds about the

relationship. You may vacillate about

whether you are serious about the

person you are dating, and your feelings

of indecision may be most noticeable

this month. Seek out connections with

people who can further your career or

personal interests. Favorable Dates,

June 1, 3, 10, 12, 19, 21 Favorable

Colors - White & Orange

Leo (23 July – 22 August)

It’s a good time for both goal-setting

and pursuing. You would be bolder than

usual when it comes to business and

earnings, and especially motivated to

produce and prove your worth. This

is strong for motivation, initiative,

communications and business and can

be very prosperous. You are likely to

get an offer for a promotion or new

position, and that offer would represent

a step up from what you are doing

now. If self-employed, you may bring

in an important new client, and news

about your victory would travel quickly

through your industry. Favorable Dates,

June 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25 Favorable

Colors - Red & Green

Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

You will be in the driver’s seat in more

ways than one, so you should enjoy

what transpires now. Opportunities for

travel, friendship, learning and love

can emerge. You could be meeting with

especially exciting or enticing people



from previous page...

now, and for those in a partnership,

a relationship is animated, perhaps a

little demanding at times, but overall

contributing to a nice growth and

learning process. There might also

be some good publicity for you too.

Mutually beneficial connections can

be made, and networking can be

rewarding. Favorable Dates

June 2, 4, 11, 13, 20, 22 Favorable

Colors - Red & Blue

LIBRA (23 September – 22


This will be a good time to make a

career change for the better. You

will be chomping at the bit to pick

up where you left off. You will feel

a huge boost and be thrust into the

spotlight. Stay focused but don’t

be afraid to tackle something new.

Weigh your options carefully. This

is a stunning month for your career

advancement especially in the first

half. If you interview or are offered a

new position, you should look into it

rather than wave it off. There might be

something mighty special about that

opportunity. Favorable Dates

June 3, 6, 12, 15, 21, 24 Favorable

Colors, Yellow & Blue

SCORPIO (23 October – 21

November)This is a powerful time

for renovations, redesign, and dramatic

improvements. Your ambition increases

pleasantly now, and you are especially

resourceful in your methods. There

would be recognition for efforts that

previously were taken for granted. Focus

on building, connecting and producing.

You can be thoroughly enjoying your

work or daily routines, and this shows

in the finished product. There can be

surprising or exciting turns of events

surrounding romance, children,

entertainment and creative projects

Newfound or increased joy in your work

can also bolster health. Favorable Dates

June 4, 5, 13, 14, 22, 23 Favorable

Colors - Red & Grey

SAGITTARIUS (22 November – 21


You are especially inventive, creative

and enterprising, particularly with

your work, methods and pet projects.

You should think about partaking in

activities where people are offering you

options this month, they just might be

full of great ideas – ones you may not

have thought of yourself. There would

be strong energy for moving projects

forward, gaining momentum as the

month advances. You might receive the

recognition for all the hard work you

have been putting in. You can also enjoy

learning new things this month, and


studies are favored. Favorable Dates

June 4, 6, 13, 15, 22, 24 Favorable

Colors - Red & Yellow

CAPRICORN (22 December – 19


You will probably stay at top speed well

into the third week of the month. You

could be teaming up with someone to

pursue big and ambitious projects, and

while you’re typically very independent,

this is a great time to let someone in.

Keep your goal in sight and take stock

of your progress every now and then.

Financial breakthroughs are possible.

Opportunities to attract improved

conditions in work, services you render,

your financial picture, and health are

emerging, and this trend is only set to

continue. Favorable Dates

June 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26 Favorable

Colors - Red & Blue

AQUARIUS (20 January – 18


This is a time for really shining and

getting noticed for your performance.

You may have the chance to use your

most natural talents and skills in

practical ways. There is courage for

trying new things and even for starting

something from scratch through

redesign or renovation. Take every

opportunity to get in touch with your

heart’s desire. Discoveries can be

profound. Some of you could come

into financial support or backing for

establishing yourselves in career or

home. You can feel that loved ones

really have your back. Favorable Dates

June 1, 5, 10, 14, 19, 23 Favorable

Colors - Green & Blue

PISCES (19 February – 20 March)

There could be new or improved

connections and friendships. Grab any

opportunities that emerge to improve

your communication skills and mindset.

A better atmosphere for learning or

working at home can happen now. There

can be lovely exposure to different

ideas, opportunities, and possibilities.

This is a period very important for laying

down foundations and setting up a base

of operations on career or life-path

levels. If you work for others, you can be

sure the new business will flow in, and

that the money you earn this month will

be impressive. Favorable Dates

June 1, 5, 10, 14, 19, 23 Favorable

Colors - Green & Blue


Contact us today to learn how you can

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Navigating Your

Inner Compass

Sponsored by Balancing Point Wellness

By Anna East

Before I started writing for this magazine, I was living in Los Angeles.

I had an idea of what success was. It was me, climbing straight uphill,

pushing through the crowd until I got to the top. I knew the top wasn’t

where I would stay, but I figured things would look pretty good from up

there. Until I got there, I felt like I was continuously just pushing through

people. I was slowly gaining work and really pushed myself to attend

as many auditions as I could. I eventually booked a job on contract with

Tokyo Disney Resort, and it rocked my world. My perspective shifted, my

awareness grew, and I learned some incredibly important lessons. I take


them with me almost every day, now.

If I can leave you with anything, it’s these four things:

1.Change is the only constant.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. Change is something that many of us

have trouble with. Big changes can be hard, but they can also be essential,

beautiful gifts. I personally love change, but still find challenges within each

big move. It is one thing, though, that will always be happening to us. So,

don’t be afraid to evolve. Can you look back at yourself from three years

ago and say that you’ve evolved and grown? If you can’t, maybe it’s time to

start embracing change. The experiences we gain from change will shape

us and give us new perspectives. I’ve learned, from living in a place that

has beautiful mountains and sacred gardens, that I am deeply connected to

nature. I also learned, while living in a place that was polluted and toxic, that

we cannot live without nature, and we are destroying it by living how we do.

Ever since learning these lessons, I haven’t been able to live the way I did

before. I am much more conscious of my trash, my consumptions, and my

emissions–among other things. But I now have a burning passion inside to

explore environmentalism and help the Earth as much as I can. Some of the

lessons are hard, and sometimes we may wonder, “Why, Universe? Why am

I going through this? Why is this so difficult? What am I meant to learn?” But

trust that we are evolving and changing so that we can walk away with more

empathy, compassion and understanding of both the yin and yang forces

in life. (Yin is the dark, cool, artistic force and yang is the bright, hot, strong

force.) Once I accepted that change would constantly be happening to me, I

found that it gave me a new lease on the relentless movement and growth

within each day. I now embrace change and take hold of opportunities that

come my way. I have certainly evolved and I have certainly faced stormy

weather. One thing that I have felt though, is that I evolved to become an

even stronger and clearer version of myself. This has come through paying

attention to that little voice inside that knows me best of all. My intuition.

2.Listen to your intuition.

This is so important. It’s changed my life. I worked in jobs I thought I should

be working in for three years. I don’t regret any of them, but looking back

I can see how I was outright ignoring my intuition. What happened when I

ignored it? I was unhappy and unfulfilled. Then, while working in China last

year, I could not ignore my intuition any longer. With tears running down

my face from frustration, I knew I had reached my breaking point. I was

working a job I didn’t feel respected in. I was in a place that was harming my

health. I was in a city that didn’t have the community I yearned for. I knew I

was meant for more. But for six months, I ignored these feelings. I ignored




from previous page...

them because my job was safe, looked good to others, and sounded like an

amazing opportunity “on paper.” For some, it was an amazing opportunity.

They flourished in the position. It just wasn’t right for me, so I felt incredibly

torn. Somehow, I tuned in and really listened to my intuition. Deep down, I

knew it wasn’t where I was meant to be, so, I quit and left. Ever since, I have

been on a year-long journey of being tested by external factors and moments

of questioning my location, job, and surrounding people. And every time

I’ve chosen to listen to my intuition, I was never let down. After a few more

moments of trying to find what I should be pursuing, I have now made the

decision to finish my bachelor’s degree and pursue something I have never

formally done before, but feel with every fiber of my being I should be doing.

I also just chopped my hair off, because my intuition told me to do so, and I’ve

never been so happy and free in my body. I feel like myself. My intuition knew

all along.

3. Stay curious.

So, after you start listening to your intuition, or while you are, (The friendship

never ends!) I encourage you to stay curious. I’ve been learning how to better

listen to others, and give them more of the spotlight. I’ve been doing this by

staying curious about others. I’ve learned that my assumptions about someone

are often one-sided. By staying curious about them, I’ve learned that I’m often

surprised and happy to hear and learn more about their thoughts and inner

world. The same goes for our passions. Elizabeth Gilbert has talked about

viewing passions as curiosities. I like viewing my passion for the environment

At Balancing Point Wellness

we use methods found within

Chinese Medicine to aid

and restore our patients'

health and well being. We

strive to bring balance

by combining traditional

and holistic methods with

modern knowledge

providing quality and

affordable service.

Feel Your Best • Be Your Best


James Barrow, DOM, AP

1505 E. Michigan Street, Orlando, FL 32806


Give us a call today!

Acupuncture Treatments


Cupping $10.00

Initial Consultation $25.00



Providing historic

footage for

Lori Wilson Park,

Cocoa Beach, FL.

Written and

Directed by

Anna East

ERF warriors



Social Media: @lucyskingdomfilm

Contact: erfwarriors@gmail.com




as a curiosity to learn more about the vast planet and its people. I am always

surprised at what I find when I keep my mind open to new ideas and keep asking

questions. These questions have lead me on a journey I couldn’t have possibly

put together before.

"With tears running down my face from frustration,

I knew I had reached my breaking point.

I was working a job I didn’t feel respected in."

4. Pause, breathe and look around.

My last little bit of advice is to just let things go and enjoy where you are, right

now. The concept is so simple yet we have such a hard time remembering it. I

think it’s the most important, as we only have moments to base our sweet lives

off of. There is always something to be grateful for.

After leaving for Tokyo, I moved to five different cities, explored all over the

United States, and shifted so many parts of my life around. I’ve questioned my

passions, had my heart broken, quit jobs, hiked mountains, danced my heart out,

and made incredible connections with others. Right now, I’m learning that it’s

okay to play, and that it feels amazing to laugh with friends. But all in all, I want

you to know that success does not look like a straight line. It is a sharp, smooth,

frazzled, beautiful zig-zag of a line. It does not matter what anyone else thinks

success is. All that matters is that you are following what makes your heart beat

faster, your smile grow wider, and your mind grow kinder.

Best of luck to you and all of your endeavors. I hope bUneke Magazine will help

you navigate your inner compass, like it has for me. ,

Check out author Anna East’s newest film project:

Lucy’s Kingdom. The film highlights female

empowerment and caring for our environment,

with stunning visuals. See how you too can be a

part of this exciting project!



Defending a kingdom is no child’s play.

Lucy's Kingdom

A film about

Young Female








to be a





a reality!

In a quest to protect her beloved Florida coastline, a determined nine year old girl

finds her voice, despite life’s adversity and conflicting corporate interest.


Anna East is an actress, dancer, singer and environmentalist. She has passionately lived

and worked on stage, in TV, film & national commercials for 8 years in Los Angeles,

Orlando, and Atlanta. She has performed in both Tokyo and Shanghai. Anna is

currently studying for a bachelor’s in business and plans to produce and direct her

own content someday. Instagram: @anna_eatz_bananas and www.CONNECTREFRESH.


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