Color Clay Classic 2018 MASTER









Sixth graders think back to their

original thoughts on middle school

Students participate in annual wellness 5K

Sixth grade. The first year of a new

chapter. M aking new friends, leaving your

comfort zone, learning new things.

It?s the first day. H allways bustle with

excitement and unease. Lockers are forced

open and slammed closed.

M adilyne York, sixth grade, struggles

to get to her first class. ?It was really

confusing to get around at first,? she said.

?And you have to walk to your classes


Expectations? the fuel for both

the sixth graders? enthusiasm and





But as the

school year went on,

the 6th graders fell

into a routine of

juggling homework,

sports, hobbies, and

daily life. Day after day went by, all too


N ow with the school year coming to a

close, reflections on the year are made.

?The teachers really helped us in

through the year because they were mostly

relaxed at the start, so we could get used to

everything," said Ollie Rosewell

And of course, they recalled favorite


?I don?t know...there were a lot of

good things that happened," Rosewell said.

A successful end to a successful year,

one most students won?t forget.

Story by Z ainab Idrees and Rebekah


Students create within their elective classes

Elective classes worked on many things throughout fourth quarter. Digital

learning classes worked on finding an issue in the school and fixing it with

technology, then they presented the idea. Performing arts students

practiced for their spring concerts. Choir worked on singing the songs for

their pop concert, which was on May 22. Concert band worked on their

spring concert music, which was on May 17. Orchestra worked on there

upcoming spring concert , which was on May 14. Mixed media classes just

finished making paper mache fish, but now they are working on basket

weaving. The ceramics class worked on clay masks, they are now going

back to a old project and glazing there ornament.

W hat are you working

on in your fourth

quarter elective?

"Right now we

are rehearsing for

our concert on

May 17th. We are

playing the main

theme from 'The

Incredibles' and

the new 'Star Wars' song."

-Matthew Grumbacher, 7th

"In class right

now, we just

finished the

dance portion of

'Footloose' and

now we are

going to sing 'A

Million Dreams.'

The girls are doing their own song

which is a mash-up of 'Halo' and

'Walking On Sunshine.' The guys

have their own song also and they

are singing 'Blame it on the Boogie.'

Our whole choir is singing a

mash-up of songs from Queen. I'm

really excited for our concert."

- Lilly Grubb, 7th


What is your favorite track event?


With so many different

events to choose from,

students each find their

own favorite. Each

student has their own

opinion based off of their

event and their specific


Infographicby Valerie

Trent, Bella Sharer, Jacob

Katz, and Peter Suder

Why t he Trojans love t he Gam e

Positions played and their favorite aspects of the game

"M y favorite

event is the

2400 because I

enjoy the

longer races."


Gaulbreath, 7th

"The event I

enjoy the most is

hurdles because

it gives me more

of a challenge."


Moulton, 8th


Johnny Curry

"Playing with my



Drake Shelburne

"Playing with the

team, and having

good coaches."

"I enjoy the 4x4

the most

because it


working with a



Wetzel, 8th


James Ross

"Playing everyday

with friends,

traveling to other

schools and winning."

First Base

Griffin Wolf

"Playing baseball a

lot more, and

winning with


clay coil pots."

-Jersey Rodgers,7th

"We already

made a clay

ornament, but we

have to go back

and glaze it; we

have to paint our

masks. We also

are going to make

FAVORITE thing about 6TH grade

The current 6th

graders loved the

beginning of their

middle school career.

Gigi Lefeve

?All of the new

opportunities we get

compared to

elementary school.?

D evika N athan

?M eeting new people

and making new


Ben Everett

?H aving a lot more

freedom from

elementary school.?

Infographicby Will Spraetz and Bryce Cannon

COLORCLAYCLASSIC| Page 4 | sixth grade

First Year,



After their very first year of middle

school, sixth graders look back on

the year fondly.

Time slows as the domino tips

forward, crashing into the one in

front. They cascade down, in a neat

line, pushing the ping-pong ball

forward which lifts the string

attached to the pulley system,

dropping the marble, which shifts

the placement of the wheel. The

wheel then proceeds to roll down

the plank, knocking over the pencil,

which is holding down the rubber

band. It then flicks back and hits the

ball, which finally rolls into the cup.

The sixth graders have been

given the opportunity to create their

own, one-of-a-kind Rube Goldberg

machines. Sixth grader Ella Dyre

states that she and her peers will be

using their machines to get a tablet

into a cup.

"This project teaches us how to

build simple machines using

day-to-day objects to achieve a set

goal," Dyre said.

As the days go by, the sixth

graders continue building their

projects, producing creative designs

and complex plans.

The science classes bustle with

activity as students bring in a variety

of materials from home. Sixth

grader Elizabeth Palmer and her

team have brought in dominoes,

balls, cardboard rolls, and

marbles.With two more class

periods left, they are about half way

done and right on time.

"I like this project because it

gives me a chance to express my

creativity," Palmer said. "Project

based learning is a very efficient tool

because it helps me actually see the

things we're learning about, not just

read about it."

Throughout the length of this

project, the sixth graders have been

learning skills like planning and

problem solving in addition to the

main science concepts.

Student N aomi Fields has

worked on her project with her

friends, experiencing many

difficulties while progressing. But,

along with these, difficulties, she has

also been experiencing pleasure and


"You have to set up your project

all over again every day," she said.

"Even though it gets easier, there are



"H aving longer

electives in the

day, so we can get

more stuff done."

-Brayton Gray


Solving simple problems

with complex machines

a couple parts our group struggles


Fields also gives an insight on

some of the pros of this project for

the students. "It's really fun to make

something and try it over and over,

and then there is that moment when

your project finally works," she said.

Fields' experience through this

project has taught her how to

combine several types of energy to

make the Rube Goldberg project

successful. T

he Rube Goldberg project has

been a part of the sixth grade science

syllabus for many years and is always

a unit much anticipated by the

students. It is one of their best

memories of the year. This year, the

students learned a lot about the

transfer of energy along with

problem solving skills, planning

skills, coping with failures, and

having fun.

This project is an important part

to the students' education and an

amazing part of the curriculum.

Story by Sneha Vashistha, Matthew

Rao, Evelyn Girardi

(Top) A sixth grade group gets ready to test

their machine. (Right) Sixth grader Sophia

builds her project.

"I think it will be

more fun because

we get to meet

new people and

make more


-N oah Smiler


Students share what they

are most excited about for

this upcoming school


"What are you most

looking forward to in

seventh grade?"



(Left) Melina

McDougal amd

her group work

on their project.

(Above) Tyler Dougherty,

Evan Blakely, Carter

Beamon, Drew Brenneman

and (Left) Ella Crist,

Cassidy Wolffis, Madison

Philley work on their


(Top) Arya


Emma Lenos

design their project.

COLORCLAYCLASSIC| Page 5 | sixth grade

We asked sixth

grade students

what elementary

school they went

to before coming

to Clay.

Sixth Grade



Students from all

three teams were

asked what their

favorite classes were.

Language Arts - 3%

Social Studies - 25%

Science - 10%

Wellness - 44%

Electives - 4%

By Sneha Vashistha, Matthew Rao, and Evelyn Girardi



The sixth graders have

changed a lot over this

school year. ?I like middle

school a lot better than

elementary school, because

there is so much more

freedom," Sibbe Kenney,

sixth grade Team Avengers,


Ava Sharer a student on

team Titans said, ?I think

sixth grade is better because

you get to meet way more


Even though Kenney

and Sharer love middle

school they both said they

would change the time in

between classes to longer

because they said they were

always rushing to get to their


Ṫhe biggest change

students had to get used this

year was location.

?The main difference

between elementary and

high school is changing

between classes during the

day instead of having all our

classes in the same room,"

Zach Arbuckle, sixth grade

Team Avengers, said.

As their first year of

middle school has come to a

close, these students look

back at some positives and

negatives. These students

appreciated/enjoyed having a

bit more freedom compared

to elementary school. And

while the freedom was nice,

one of their biggest fights

was being able to open their


In all, the current sixth

grade students had a good

start to their middle school

career and hope to continue


Ṡtory by Will Spraetz and









works on

his inquiry




Students from sixth grade

reflect on their goals,

accomplishments and


Emerson Cate

Goals Coming into Sixth


Get 4.0s

Special Achievements:

Leadership breakfast

Significant Events:

The Make a Wish


If you could travel back in time, what advice would

you give your younger self?


Students reflect on the past

year and share what they had

By Zainab Idrees and Rebekah Allison wish they'd known

(Top) Devika Nathan, Kayla White, Charlotte Andrews work on their recording for the

inquiry project.

"Always know

where your

classes are-read

your schedule!"

Jacob H aisley

Adwita Yemme

Goals Coming into Sixth


Get good grades

Special Achievements:

Making new friends

Significant Events:

Invasive species


By Sneha Vashistha, Evelyn Girardi , and Matthew Rao

"Don't be scared

and be confident."

Lauren Key

"H ang out with

more people."

Wyatt Griffith

COLORCLAYCLASSIC| Page 6 | seventh grade

LEAPINGthrough the


What was your



seventh grade?

Seventh graders have done

multiple fun projects this

year. Here are some of their

favorite memories.

By Nyle Nasir, James

Lenos, Cooper Rigney, and

Chris Nae



D evenney

The mock trial

because it was

really fun

pretending to be

someone in a

court room.




M asiuk


Doing all the labs

because it's just a

really fun





Energy 3D

because being

able to use a

Purdue software

was really cool.



Photos by Nyle Nasir, James Lenos, Cooper Rigney, and Chris Nae

Students excel

with challenging


Story by Darcy Davis,

Margaret Cannon and Leah


Some math problems may

seem hard for you, but for some

of our seventh grade students,

it?s as easy as "pi".

Students H arry Zheng and

Daniel Tian have already met

the challenges of a tenth grade

math student.

Both students are excelling

in geometry, a class that tenth

graders often struggle with. For

Tian, he doesn?t find geometry

to be especially challenging.

?I think it's interesting to

have a challenge,? he said.

H is other classmate, Zheng,

said the best part about being

challenged in math was, ?The

excitement when you finally

solve a hard problem.? Both

students perform exceptionally

well, led by teacher, M rs. Koren

H amechek.

Both math students Tian

and Zheng both agree that they

enjoy being challenged with

such a tough math class.

N ot only are these seventh

graders being challenged in the

math room, but a great number

of other seventh grades will be

taking Spanish 1, which is a

ninth-grade level curriculum

next year for their language.

?I'm excited to be

challenged with a language that

will benefit me and use in

different parts of the world,?

Kendall Schmidt said.

Another seventh grade

student Will Garner said, ?It

will be interesting to be

challenged and learn a new

language that can help me

communicate with students at

Clay that might not know


Both Schmidt and Garner

both agree that taking a

language will help them in the


M any more students at Clay

will be reaching their full

potential by taking classes that

will help them be ready for the

future, as well as high school,

while still attending middle


The Game

that took

the World by

If you have heard of Fortnite, you know it has

recently been put in the spotlight for it's

popularity. So we went around the school to

see how many people actually play the game.

By Nyle Nasir, James Lenos, Cooper Rigney, and Chris Nae

COLORCLAYCLASSIC| Page 7| seventh grade


on Trial

In seventh grade

social studies,

President Harry S.

Truman is on the

stand. One group of

students acts as the

jury, while the other

is split up into

defense and


PURPLE: 57% of seventh

graders play Fortnite

ORANGE: 43% of seventh

graders don't play Fortnite

Q: What is

Truman on Trial?

A: A project

where students

had different

roles in the

courtroom to

justify the

bombings in


Q: What did the

students have to


A: Complete

research of the

perspective of an

individual during

the time of the


PURPLE: 29% of seventh graders play on PC

ORANGE: 31% of seventh graders play on XBOX

BLUE: 30% of seventh graders play on PS4

Q: How does this

benefit the


A: Students get to

see different

perspectives of


RED: 8% of seventh graders play on mobile

COLORCLAYCLASSIC| Page 8 | eighth grade

Up, Up, and Away

Eighth graders look back at their

time at Clay




The campaign is on. Over ten

candidates are running, but only

two can win. It?s a competition for

the two Carmel H igh School

Senate seats.

A meeting was held on M ay

8, and it was the official start date

for the campaign. Students

running are required to get 50

student signatures, 5 teacher

signatures, 1 guidance signature,

and 1 parent signature.

Up until the election on M ay

24, students were allowed to

advertise. They could make five

posters to hang up in the school,

as well as have a speech ready on

election day.

Kirby Biggs, a student

running, said that she wanted to

be on Senate because she would

love to have the leadership

experience in high school. She

plans to relate to other students to

win over votes in her speech.

Another student running,

Dhillon Parikshak, wanted to be

in Senate so he could be able to

plan and participate in school

events. H is plan is to have a strong

relatable speech.

After the speeches on M ay 24,

eighth grade students returned to

their classes to vote on who they

thought would be the best two

candidates for Carmel H igh

School Senate.

Story by Nyle Nasir, Chris Nae,

James Lenos and Cooper Rigney

What was your




The eighth graders have

been at Clay for three years

now, and they have a lot of

fun memories to share.

By Emmy Brown



H enn

I liked the field

trip in seventh

grade grade to

the Sate


because it was so

cool and fun.


Em ily



In seventh grade I

did a study on Mr.

Stewart's diet. It

was really fun

because I tried to

get him to eat



D ylan



I liked the

Washington D.C.

trip because it

was fun and



COLORCLAYCLASSIC| Page 9 | eighth grade

W here

are our



off to?



Get to know the 8th Grade

Baseball Players

Colton Brown, eighth

grade, sketches out his

idea in ceramics. "We

are making lanterns. I

like this project because

we got to choose our

own design."

Performing arts

travels to Kings

Island for Music

at the Parks

What is your favorite part about being

on the team?

"Playing with my

friends is the best part

of being on the team."

Alex Russo

Years Playing: 8

"Playing with my friends

and being able to

represent the school."

Johnny Curry

Years Playing: 8

James Ross

"Just playing baseball

with my teammates and

winning a lot of games."

Years Playing: 8

"I like the coaches and

all the kids who are


Top Right:

Tressa Beach,

spray paints a


All Photos by

Bailey Cappella



Years Playing: 11

"It's fun to represent

our school, Clay."

Ryan Pauley Years Playing: 9

Top Left: Hallie Reeves,

cuts out letters for an

N JHS project. Bottom

Left: Eighth graders help

out with a project for


Top Middle:

Sage Moore

spray paints a

pot for N JHS.

Bottom Right:

8th graders

carry their

painted flower

pots to the shed.

COLORCLAYCLASSIC| Page 10 | Baseball


Int o The


Batter, Batter, Swing!!!

Why do you like playing for Clay?

?I like playing for

Clay because we

get to work

together to win

games and it?s a fun

environment to be

around and to be

with your friends.?

?I like playing

for Clay because

I?ve known the

kids there for a

long time, and

it?s fun playing


-Grant Bricking,

8th Grade

?I like playing

for Clay

because I like

playing with

my friends

from school.?

-Griffin Wolf,

8th Grade

-Alex Russo, 8th


By Quincy Stephenson, Bailey Capella, Olivia Penman, and Jenna Collins

hump, ?Whack?.

Those are the sounds of

the a team ready to roll. The

eighth grade Clay Trojans

baseball team is more

prepared than ever for this


After a 6-7 season last year

as, the Trojans tried to improve on

their record from the seventh grade


With many familiar faces

returning, such as catcher and

shortstop Drake Shelburne, they had

some goals which they failed to

achieve last year.

?I want to have a winning

record,? Shelburne said.

And he was not alone in that goal,

with teammates James Ross and Grant

Bricking, two more of the 13 players

returning from last year's team also

aim their sights high. Their coach,

M r. Derek Dial, too, believes they can

improve their record.

?Our team has strengths in our

defensive capabilities, and is a bit thin

on pitching, but the pitching we have

is strong,? Coach Dial stated. ?Yet, I

think one of our strongest parts is our

chemistry and character.?

In order to be as prepared for this

season as possible, many of the players

worked on their game in the off


?I hit a lot in the cages in order to

make sure my swing was ready,? said

first baseman Griffin Wolf. ?I wanted

to make sure I had my rhythm and

timing ready for the season."

The work they put in has a visible

benefit. As Jonathan Stroh put it,

?Our team is a lot better than we were

last year, and it's a lot more fun. All

around, our team has improved from

our season last year."

The Eighth Graders have put in

the work in order to have an improved

record this year. As third basemen

Ryan Pauley said, ?I think we have

the chance to be really good this year."

Story by Daniel Cunningham, Eli

Hewitt and Max Corby

Top Left: Drake

Shelburne bats.

Top Right:

Griffin Wolf

runs to home plate

and scores for the

team. Right:

Connor Padjen

runs to first base

after batting.

"Hit t ing is t he


elem ent of


-Ryan Pauley

Above: Ryan Pauley gets ready to bat. Left: Xander

George steps up to home plate. Below: Jonathon Stroh

stands by home plate.

Photos by Bailey Cappella and Quincy Stephenson

Eighth grade team finds unity on, off the field

The crowd cheers as the ball flies into the sky. The

player runs from base to base leaving only a trail of dust

behind. Teammates yell from the dugouts. The smell of

fresh popcorn lingers in the air. Clay M iddle School

eighth graders have known one another for years now.

They know each other as friends and classmates, and

now teammates. To the players, this isn?t just a team.

?We all trust each other, and we know we can be

successful together,? Connor Padjen, eighth grade said.

Getting along is key to being successful. If your

team doesn?t get along, your team won?t play well

together. On the contrary, not getting along but being

able to work together and overcome the issues makes an

even stronger team.

?They are working really well together. We have

overcome some adversity here and there,? M r. Derek

Dial, coach, said.

Practices are a good time for the team to bond

before games. The idea of knowing how everyone plays

and who plays best with whom is essential for the

Trojans to cooperate as a unit.

Clay also has an amazing advantage having coaches

work at the school. According to Padjen, it?s a really

good resource to be able to find a coach and talk to


them during the day.

Clay?s baseball team is very close and it shows on

and off the field. The way that they all can

communicate with each other helps build a strong

team. Trust, confidence in each other, and

determination. That?s what makes Clay?s team great.

Story by Gillian Thompson and Jennifer Karakash

7t h grade

baseball t eam

hopes t o bring

hom e w ins

Cam Carmichael, seventh grade,

steps up to the plate. He wipes his

brow and prepares for the pitch. The

ball flies through the air at 68 miles

miles per hour.


Carmichael drills the ball, and it

looks like it's going over the fence.

This is the ideal hit for everyone

on the team.

Once Clay gets three outs, they

run to the outfield to take their


Josh Balanoff, seventh grade,

stands his ground at second base ready

for the ball to come at him. Balanoff

gets a ground ball and launches it to

his teammate at first base.

?Out!? the umpire yells the ball

got to first base just in time. Tripp

Schroeder kneels behind home telling

M ax Cossel to throw a curve. Will

Heldt stands in the outfield waiting

for a fly ball. Here comes that ball and

Will snatches it out of the air and the

team wins the game.

These are just some of the

positions and boys that make up the

baseball team.

Coach Ryan Snyder said the team

is determined, has high character, and

all the boys put the team over

themselves. Snyder also said the team

will have a strong season once they get

they?re pitching down.

M ost of the boys on the team have

been playing since they where 5 or 6.

?The coaches have taught me how

to position myself on the high school

size fields," Carmichael said.

The team is ready to play out the

rest of the season and only bring home


Story by Luke Miller and Joe Ehret

Seventh Grade Baseball

Eighth Grade Baseball

(Left to Right) Max

Cossel pitching, Tripp

Schroeder warming up

to catch, Ryan Roop

hitting the ball, Case

Sullivan playing short

stop, Kenny Brunlett

up to bat, boys warming

up to hit.

Back row: Coach Boggs, Tripp Schroeder, Cam Carmichael, Cade

Williams, Carter Klein, Will Heldt, Ryan Snyder. Middle row:

Ryan Roop, Max Cossell, Kenny Bruntlett, Gabe Young. Front

row: Josh Balanoff, Cole Smitley, Josh Thomas, Case Sullivan, and

Gavin Fleming.

Back row: Coach Steven Sturgis, Johnny Curry, Jonathan Stroh,

Grant Bricking, James Ross, Connor Padjen, Coach Derek Dial.

Middle row: Drake Shelburne, Xander George, Daniel

Cunningham, Griffin Wolf, Ben Holdcraft. Front row: Diego

Francisco, Ryan Pauley, Alex Russo, Robert Sapienza.

COLORCLAYCLASSIC| Page 12 | Softball





"Do your best and have

fun," Annie Thompson


"Don't let other's game

effect yours," Maddie

Tuttle said.

"Don't brag about your

loses," the team agrees.






We asked

the 8th



team what

they would

tell next

years 8th




softball for


"Treat everyone with the

same respect," Maddie

Stacy said.

"Stay focused," Chloe

Rogers said.

"Play your own game, but

also play together," Ella

Ohrvall said.

Infographicby Emmy Brown

Swinging for

the Fences...

The eighth grade softball team is

back in action, and ready for a new


he Clay eighth grade softball team is

ready for action. After years and years

T with the sport, the 14 players are

playing to win. After last year?s

season, three wins, the team is ready

to prove that they can do better and show

their greatness.

?I?ve been playing for eleven years,?

M addie Stacy said. ?M y dad played

baseball in college, so I just got into it.?

Stacy said she loves softball and is so

glad she stuck with it all these years.

?I like the pressure and how fast paced

it is,? Stacy said.

She informed that softball is really fun

if you know the strategy and can deal with

everything while under a lot of pressure.

?M y mom played for Carmel, so I

wanted to try it,? M addie Tuttle said, ?I?ve

been playing for ten years.?

Tuttle said how she loves playing and is

especially ready to win after last year.

?There is a lot of strategy,? Tuttle

explained. She said how the game really

makes you think.

?I really like the team atmosphere,?

Ella Ohrvall said. She says that the game is

so fun because you get to play it with not

only other people who love the game, but


The girls also said how they are really

happy with the team compared to last year.

Last season the girls only won three games,

this year they are doing much better.

?We are playing a lot better than last

year,? Annie Thompson said.

She explained how the team has

improved on playing together, and it is

really helping.

?It?s fun to work as a team,? Chloe

Rogers said.

The team is going out strong as

Trojans in hope of becoming Greyhounds

next year at the H igh School. Some of the

players have worked their entire softball

career to become players on the H igh

School team.

Story by Emmy Brown

Clay Stats

We looked at the stats of this year's eighth grade team to

see how well the team has played.

COLORCLAYCLASSIC| Page 13 | Softball

What are you looking forward to in the season?




Hits Allowed: 33

Batting Average: 0.370

Possible Outs: 117

Runs Allowed: 23

Strike Outs: 64

On Base Percentage:


Slugging Percentage:


On Base Percentage +

Slugging Percentage:


Errors: 20

Fielding Percentage:


Infographicby Emmy


Sophie Cassidy Phoebe Schuetz Lily Sullivan

"I am looking forward to

hanging out with my

team and the end of

season tournament."

"I am looking forward

to hanging out with

my friends and

winning games."

"I am looking

forward to winning

games and having




Seventh grade team bonds

through teamwork

?When I?m up to bat, I feel really

confident and know that if I think well

about it, then I will get a good hit.?

This is what Ryan Rosenbloom, a

seventh grade softball player, said about

how she feels when she is up to bat.

Batting and trying to score is one of

the many pressures these girls face while

playing. In order to overcome some of

those pressures, the team has created

many bonds.

Seventh grade softball players have

already made many new bonds and

friendships with each other with the five

weeks they have had this season.

Phoebe Schuetz said her favorite part

about being on the team is, ?H anging

out with all my friends, and having fun

at practice and in games.?

Another softball player here at Clay,

Lily Sullivan, said that the softball team

has a special way of preparing for games.

?We have this thing that we do

before our games, it?s called

Pop-See-Ko. It?s where everybody does

a small dance,? Sullivan said. This makes

the team excited for the game and ready

for action.

Each person on the team has a

different nickname that their teammates

gave them. They also say they usually

stretch and talk about what they would

like to improve on, such as batting and

catching, during the game.

As you can tell, this team has made

several bonds by working together which

have helped them improve as a team.

The team will continue to make

many more memories and

improvements throughout the season.

Story by Rachel Popowics, Kendall

Schmid, Ellie Overbeck

Favorite Softball


Seventh Grade Softball

Eighth Grade Softball

"M y favorite

position to play is

third base."

Izzy VanZetta

"M y favorite

position to play

is pitcher."



"M y favorite

position to play is


Phoebe Smock

Back row: Coach Nemeth, Ryan Rosenbloom, Kaela Moon, Becca Carlton,

Izzy VanZ etta, Mackenzi Nix, Coach Lloyd. Middle row: Phoebe Schuetz,

Maggie Myer, Kylie Upton, Lily Sullivan. Front row: Emma Couch, Lucy

Broughton, Sophie Cassidy, Phoebe Smock, Lauren Lloyd

Back row: Coach Nowlin, Chloe Rogers, Abby Siddens, Maddie

Tuttle, Emmy Brown, Coach Stacy. Middle row: Dayton Schnase,

Jules Everett, Emily Whittington, Ella Ohrval, Maddie Stacy. Front

row: Mia Straatman, Mallory Palmer and Karina Stolz.


What events do

you run?

Ally Richey Charlie Leedke Nat han St ergar

Hurdles, 200


Which event is

your favorite?

Track started, runners

thirsty for victory

The runners are low, as the gun is

drawn into the air. They take their place, as

they dig their spikes into the track and start

with their bodies low, waiting for the

sound of the gun. Jake Reasoner, eighth

grade, takes off as he runs in the varsity

heat of the 4x8.

Track season has started and the team is

on the hunt for the sweet taste of victory.

Jake Reasoner, Chloe Tapnio, both eighth

graders, are members of the 2018 season

team roster. The season goes on for about 8

weeks, starting in late M arch and ending in

M ay

All varsity runners strive to win in each

of their events. Reasoner said that he joined

track to stay in shape during his off season

of football and basketball. Reasoner

participates in events such as high jump,

4x8, and 800.

?The hardest part of track is definitely

the last 250 meters of the 800. Your legs

give up and feel as if they are just about to

give out,? Reasoner said.

Tapnio runs in the girls varsity 100.

Her personal record consists of a 14.3,

which allows her to run the varsity races. ?I

decided to do track to be with my friends

and get a good workout in at the same

time, she said.

Tapnio is looking forward to the Red

and White Relays meet the most, eager to

see what events she might be able to run in.

M r. Todd Stewart, girls sprinting track

coach, has been coaching the sport for

about 7 years now. Stewart enjoys coaching

the 400 sprint the most, in being able to see

the girls push themselves and balance their

speed and endurance at the same time.

?I?m looking forward to county the

most. It?s a great experience for the runners

to push themselves and strive for a new PR

while competing against the best in the

county," said Stewart.

Each athlete has their personal

preference on what events they enjoy doing

and participate in. Blake Williams, eighth

grader, said he enjoys participating in high

jump rather than running at the meets.

M any join track just for the fun of it

and to be with friends, while others do it to

stay in shape and work towards running in

the meets. The team will continue to work

each week, in order to win the upcoming

meets and prepare for city and county.

The 1600 (One

M ile)

What is your PR in

your favorite event?

12.4 seconds in

the 100 meter



to the


Top left: Tarun Bhamidipati, eighth

grader, attempts to jump over the high

jump bar.

Top right: Eighth grader Jake Reasoner

carries the baton as he finishes his final

lap in the 4x8.

Middle left: Chase Arbuckle, eighth

grader, takes off as he approaches the

long jump pit.

Middle: Chloe Tapnio, eighth grader,

sprints towards the finish line placing

first in the 4x1 relay.

Bottom left: Seventh grader, Allie

Richey, jumps over the hurdles fighting

for a first place finish.

Bottom right: Kendall Osborne and

Gretta Hyle, seventh graders, pass the

baton to hold first place in the 4x4.

(Right) Josh Baxter

jumps at the City

Reserve Meet at

Carmel Middle

School. (Left)

Nathan Pham

throws the shot put

at City Reverse

Meet at Carmel

Middle School.

Photos by Evan


What type of

track event are

you doing?

Having many different types

of events to participate in,

students tend to fall into

specific categories based off

of what they're good at.

Information taken from Mr.

Kenney, track coach, he

states approximately the

number of students in each







Infographicby Valerie Trent, Bella Sharer, Jacob Katz, and Peter Suder

By Emma

Corra, Savanna

Rogers, Taylor


"The bus rides to the meets

because it's fun and we jam

to music."


-Bailey Cappella, 8th

"The meets were always my

favorite part because I liked

the competition. It was also

just fun to hang with



-Quavion Galbreath, 7th

"I liked being with friends

and meeting new people.

Also the away meets were


-Brooklyn Ash, 7th

Track has many different events,

like hurdles, but some are mentally

and physically harder than others.

?Hurdles are mentally harder than

most events, like sprints, which are

easy. Watching your steps and

keeping track of the count and when

you need to jump is what makes it

challenging,? Grace H ahn, eighth

grade, said.

For the track events at Clay,

runners prepare in many different

ways. Some students prepare by

eating certain foods, running

different lengths, and doing various

stretches and warm-ups. M egan

M oulton when starting track went in

a different direction.

?Preparing for track, I did

basketball the season before. I also did

two runs a week. Also when it came

to drills, I worked hard during them

so when it came to events I was


Track meets are some of the



students favorite times during track.

?M eets are fun because you get to

see all your hard work pay off by

getting personal records,? H ahn said.

Other students agree that

achieving personal records is there

favorite part of track.

?The long running is the hardest

part of all the events do,? Lucas

Lemme, eighth grade, said.

M any students also get nervous

before races. H ahn also said that ?fear

comes on me and nerves try to get to

me before I run.? N erves are very

common before races because

students have pressure put on them

by coaches, fans, and other runners

before they run.

After the first meet, many

students had already achieved their

personal records. The coaches of the

Clay track team are hoping that every

single student works hard to achieve

their personal goals and records.

Story by Emma Corra, Savanna

"I liked to run in the away

meets and getting a new P.R .

(personal record)."

-Alex Gastineau, 6th

"Going to the away meets to

see other teams and making

new friends is really cool. I

also like achieving new P.R .


-Sophia Stoneking 6th

"'M y favorite was running in

varsity meet for the first time.

I loved the rush when I could

help contribute to my schools

score. It was something

special and indescribable."

-Evan Sanders, 8th

Boys Track Team

Girls Track Team


Eighth grade students learn the

beginning of the line dance during one

of the stations at the Dance

Marathon. Photo by Bailey Cappella

Eighth graders

express their

creativity by

wearing tutu's

during Dance

Marathon. Photo

by Bailey


Sixth grade girls stop and pose for a

photo during a station at Dance

Marathon. Photo by Bailey Cappella

On the right: Sixth graders

play a game during one of

the stations at Dance


Photo by Bailey Cappella

Top: Z ach Struve does an

activity during Dance

Marathon. Bottom:

Seventh graders play a game

with cups during Dance

Marathon. Photos by

Bailey Cappella

Above: High schoolers reveal the amount of money Clay raised at Dance

Marathon. Left: Seventh graders decorate a poster with their hand prints for

Dance Marathon. Photos by Bailey Cappella

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