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Selwyn Times: August 08, 2018

20 Wednesday

20 Wednesday August 8 2018 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES Your Local Views Chairman going out with a bang Jens Christensen, who is the chairman of the committee, which organises the annual Rolleston fireworks night, writes about how it started and why he’s stepping down from his role. SOME 35 years ago the original Rolleston fireworks night was hatched by a group of Rolleston identities and stalwarts of the time. Local residents and the district council over the preceding year brought their tree and hedge cuttings to the old league ground for the Guy Fawkes bonfire. The rugby league ground was in the vicinity of the district council headquarters. The format over the years was for the locals to bring their private fireworks down to the league fields and elders and members of the volunteer fire brigade would let the fireworks off on bits of 4x2 timber and planks while enjoying the bonfire. It sure was a true family evening. Twenty years ago, Ken Shearer and I got our heads together and in conjunction with the Rolleston Residents Association Committee and the Rolleston Reserve Management Committee thought it would be a good idea to introduce a professional operator with some bigger fireworks. The Yellow Pages introduced us to Paul Collins of Fireworks International and he has been with us every year since. The cost that year for fireworks was $2000 and while Ken and I Valuable informed underwrote the costs, fundraising on the night meant that the underwrite was never needed. Every year since we have managed to extend the fireworks spend and then a bigger venue when we moved to Rolleston Reserve and then two years ago the move to the bigger, better Foster Park. Bigger for the crowd to spread out and a bigger safety area for the operator to fire bigger brighter mortar shells. WITH A BANG: Rolleston’s annual fireworks display in 2014. This photo from the event was captured by a member of the Rolleston Community Page on Facebook. PHOTO: FRANCOISE HURT The fireworks spend is now $30,000 and with 2.5km of security fencing, 36 security guards, 30 portable toilets, sound systems and the like. The night costs in the vicinity of $65,000 to run. Our income is $15,000 from Pub Charity Ltd, $5000 from the district council and the bulk of the balance through gate donations. The gate donations are all important to balance the books as the organising committee consists of Trisha Pullin, myself and a representative of each of the community groups running the stalls for their own fundraising. We do not have any other organisation to fall back on for the shortfall although the organisation does hold a reasonable cash reserve as a buffer. Of significance is that this iconic district event allows the community groups on the night to raise for their groups an amount in excess of $30,000. As I am moving out of the district it is time to seek a replacement chair and conductor of this big orchestra. Assistant Trisha is keen to hand over her important role also. •If you are interested phone Trisha on 347 8973 so training can begin before the event, which is due to be held on November 3. debate on euthanasia Selwyn MP Amy Adam writes about the public information she held in Selwyn last week on the End of Life Choice Bill. On Thursday I hosted a public information meeting here in Selwyn on the End of Life Choice Bill which is currently going through the select committee process in Parliament. The purpose of the meeting was to give local people the opportunity to hear from two Members of Parliament with contrasting views on this topic The two speakers were David Seymour, who has championed this Bill, and Maggie Barry, who is National’s spokeswoman for issues affecting senior citizens. Both speakers spoke thoughtfully on this topic and presented their respective views about assisted dying to the audience. For those who were unable to attend the meeting and are interested to learn more about this topic, the aim of the Bill is to give people with a terminal illness or those suffering from a “grievous and irremediable” medical condition the option of requesting assisted dying. One of the most important issues around this Bill for me personally is making sure that the appropriate safeguards are in place and the law is not capable of being misused. The provisions of the Bill specify that two medical practitioners must approve the request Amy Adams Selwyn MP for assisted dying. The Bill states that the medical practitioners must also do their best to ensure that the person is expressing their own wish, not under pressure from any other person. The Bill states that if the two medical practitioners do not agree whether the person is eligible for assisted dying or competent to make such a decision, the case will be referred to a specialist for their opinion. I have also received feedback from many people here in Selwyn who have strong views both for and against this Bill. In a recent survey that I sent to a random selection of local residents, the majority of respondents stated that they were in favour of giving the terminally ill the right to end their lives. •If you would like to get in touch with me to share your views on this Bill, email selwynoffice@parliament. or phone my electorate office on 344 0418. STUDY @ SIT CHRISTCHURCH STARTING 20 AUGUST 2018 ª NEW ZEALAND CERTIFICATE IN CONSTRUCTION TRADE SKILLS (LEVEL 3) - CARPENTRY This qualification is suitable for people intending to enter the construction trades sector. Call today or email 0800 TO STUDY

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday August 8 2018 21 favourite fashion store Viva la Moda FASHION QUARTERLY with Robyn McKenzie Readers respond to mobile butcher Corey Winder parking up each week in Rolleston. Emma Prestage - Love having Elite Meats Bush Inn coming out each week. Always happy to discuss your needs and take an order for pick up the next week. Keep up the fab work Corey and team. Lynda Whitlow - Corey is a fabulous butcher, we used to go to his shop before the quakes on Papanui and Main North Rd. Rae Lentz - As a regular at the Bush Inn shop, I cannot recommend this butcher highly enough. Gluten free sausages and small goods, preseasoned/marinated meats. Pretty much everything is coeliac safe except for the crumbed items (and I live in hope that Elite Meats Bush Inn do a deal with Fogdog for the crumbs they use.) Aaron Campbell - This was common on the West Coast, I still remember Burrows Butcher’s green Bedford truck coming to the house. Ole ‘Milton’ Hansen - Awesome butcher! Love what he produces and sells at Bush Inn. We travel right across town to buy his meats! Jonathan Andrews - Like the good old days when the fresh fish truck would come around. Kathleen Chase - Great butcher, best meat ever. Tania Watson - Great idea, should come out Pegasus way. Vanessa Davidson - Fantastic. Adam Smith - Well done Corey and Paula. Helen Jolly - Great news for Rolly. Edna Morrison - Had Read us anywhere.. anytime! a mobile butcher in the 60s in Hornby and Islington areas in Christchurch. He was called Chop. My dog jumped in the back of his van once and took off with some sausages. Oh such memories back in the day. A reader responds to house prices in the district hitting a record median price of $595,000. Heather Maguire - Interesting read. A reader responds to district councillor Jeff Bland’s soapbox on quarrying. Joanne McMaster - Thank you Jeff Bland for getting on the stage and being the only Selwyn District councillor to publicly voice your opinion on the proposed Templeton quarry. All other Selwyn district councillors have refused to comment on the matter citing that it would not be appropriate and they need to stay impartial. Silence is not acceptable when you are an elected councillor period. Well done Jeff for having the courage and a backbone. Spring is in the air With the cooler months starting to disappear, our Spring range is beginning to pop up in store with a range of tops, dresses, tee’s, knits and so much more to come. Fab colours include pinks, purples, and pastels. Patterns include dots, stripes, florals and plain. There is something for everyone! We have price ranges to suit all budgets, styles and figures. For the curvier figure, we will have a flattering range of Stella Royal by Augustine in store at the end of August, along with a selection of other labels. Many styles are great for trans seasonal and can be dressed up for evening wear with ankle boots, or a casual look at the weekend teamed up with sneakers and a cute denim jacket. Sass Candy Stripes Jumper: playful knit for a casual weekend look. All our lovely ladies have a great talent for styling and will always be honest; we want you to be in love with your purchase. We are excited about our website revamp, which is still in progress and will be live very soon. Your online shopping experience will be even better if you are unable to visit the store with extra pages for pre orders and sale items. Traffic Light Dress: an Augustine classic, fun dress style with multi coloured panels. Augustine Brodie Top: true to Kelly’s style with frilled sleeves and a touch of floral with a deep fuchsia background. Soyaconcept Laina Top: fun cross-over back detail. Sass Spot on Wrap Maxi Dress: great style for the fuller figure, available in sizes 8-16. Read your local newspaper online 24/7 Shop 12, Rolleston Square, Rolleston. Phone 347 1151