scavenger hunt


Scavenger Hunt Instructions:

Our well-being is dramatically influenced by the people around us

and the relationships we build. Some of these friendships help us to

achieve, while others motivate us to be healthy and enjoy life. Social

wellbeing is about developing and invensting in these strong relationships.

Social wellbeing improves as one is surrounded by those who encourage

their development and growth, accept them for who they are,

and treat them with respect. People with high social wellbeing are

more likely value and make space for vacations or social gatherings,

with the friends and family, which then strengthens their relationships.

They report having a great deal of love in their lives, and this gives

them positive energy on a daily basis.

Clue 1

Not lost, but found;

I’ll ferry you across the river;

And carry your mail.

So gather a team of your co-workers together for an interactive and

fun social activity curated for your enjoyment!

• Teams can be three to six members.

• At least one team member needs to have access to social media.

• You can solve as many of the clues as you would like; there are 33.

• Base points are based on the difficulty of the clue as some are

quite easy and others can be challenging.

• In order to receive your team points, once you have solved a clue

your team must take a picture of the team with the location in it and

post it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You must include the

name of your team and #COE_TWH.

• Bonus points will be given for the following:

• Your team rides PeaceHealth Rides bikes to the location and

include the bikes in the photo.

• Team members wear a costume in the photo.

• You include a new COE employee (“new” is defined as employed

with the City for one year or less).

• You include an Exec in your photo.

• Extraordinary creativity in the taking of the photo.

Clue 2

Where agrarians gather and ladybugs fly;

Our window is small so hurry, and come buy.

All of the locations will highlight local sites of historical importance

and/or local points of interest. The highest scoring team will be treated

to lunch by PW Executive Director, Sarah Medary, on Friday, September

7th. So gather together your teams and have fun!

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