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The Veteran - August Edition

The Veterans Newspaper

The Veteran - August

The Veteran In Support of The Tommy Atkins Centre 09 August 2018 THE SANDBAG TIMES WEEKLY NEWSPAPER British Army Heads To East Africa Special Team Set Up Terror In The Skies Boredom Causes PTSD In Soldier P3 To Help African Women P3 SUBSCRIBE SNETTERTON 2018 P6 MORE RUSSIAN WARSHIPS IN CHANNEL BUT IS THIS NORMAL SBT asks if Russian Warships movement is a real threat or is the press guilty of scaremongering over normal transit movements. Yet again, the Royal Navy has been deployed to escort Russian Warships through the English Channel. This time, HMS Diamond, a Type 45 destroyer was called to escort the Russian destroyer Severomorsk and cruiser Marshal Ustinov. While tensions have been on the rise between UK and Russia following the nerve agent poisonings, the truth of the matter is that Russian Warships have used the English Channel for years as a transit route to the Atlantic Ocean. The SBT is asking if the presses comments of ‘Russian Sabre Rattling’ is an over-reaction or are they justified in what they report. While the Royal Navy carries out its duty of escorting these vessels in accordance with UK defence policies it should be remembered that this is just normal procedure that has been happening for many years and not aggressive action on both parts. In an attempt to discover more about the current threats and situations the SBT is asking for our readers to comment on their feelings on recent coverage of these movements. If you would like to comment then please email us on stating Channel Movements. Agony Aunt, Hilda Ffinch Answers your Letters Page 11 OP WAMITS Get involved with the awareness campaign to ‘Walk A Mile In Their Shoes’ Page 12 FREE TO THE SANDBAG TIMES TODAY WWW.SANDBAGTIMES.CO.UK The Sandbag Times & The Veteran are very proud to be sponsored by Urban Print Designs. See Page 6 Unit 10, The Gallery, The Shambles, Worcester WR1 2RD 01905 21073 1

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