Competition: A Way To Grow and

An Experience to Remember!

What It’s Like To Compete

at the COAI Convention

by Pat “PitterPat” Newton

Competing at a COAI

Convention for the first time,

editor Pat Newton shares

her experience in the hopes

it will encourage others to

give it a shot. Now is the

time to get ready for


I’ve always been one to

believe in competition. On

a personal note it’s never

been about winning or even

where I place. I’ve always

viewed it as something to

help me to grow personally.

I also think if you want to

“talk the talk,” you need to

“walk the walk.”

I remember the first time

I decided to put myself in

front of my peers and see

what they thought. I was in

the 4th grade and we were

asked to compete in a public

speaking event. Now, I must

share with you that public

speaking was originally one

of my biggest fears. I would

shake so badly that I learned

at an early age I needed to

prop myself against a podium

or some other device

just to keep from falling

over. Of course, there was

the continuation of taking

in air that was problematic.

I learned at the age of ten I

must never have a speech

over three minutes long or

else I would pass out from

not breathing. But back

in the early 60s standing

in front of the classroom

giving a speech about the

American Kennel Club, I

took 3rd place in my grade.

Yes, I did face my fear and

learned something but I did

also like winning the check

that went with it.

So launched my competitive

nature. Over the years

I have competed on several

levels. I wrote an essay for

some contest when I was in

the 7th grade and won another

check for a third place

standing. I ran for student

council president in the 8th

grade and was successful. In

high school I did do some

more public speaking but

found it too hard with the

breathing thing (I later took

some classes and overcame

that fear - I’m proud to say

I can now speak in front of

large crowds without a spot

of perspiration or a skipped


Then I became a clown

and started attending conventions.

It’s when my

children took to the stage to

continued on page 5

New Calliope editor Pat

Newton knows competing

helps you grow personally

and professionally.

The Lite Auguste is the newest category for competition at COAI. Pictured here are Richard Smith,

Cheryl Haddix and Coco Desilets with their interpretations of the look.

September/October 2009 Page 3

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The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

The New

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The mission of Clowns of America International is to organize

all members desiring to pursue the honorable profession or art

of clowning and the dedication towards its advancement

and the education of its members.



2009 Issue!


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from page 3

perform and compete in junior

skits at SECA ten years

ago that I thought I should

be rising to the occasion as

well. So I did.

I certainly wasn’t as successful

as they were but I

found that by going through

the process of preparing,

entering and then competing

it made me a better clown.

Standing on stage and working

out performance nuances

I found my clown character.

I had always performed

as PitterPat on a smaller

scale. Standing on stage in

front of my peers brought

back those memories of the

4th grade but I was stronger

now. I didn’t need a

podium to lean against, but

I did need to learn. Each

experience taught me what

worked and what didn’t

work. It was through the

thoughtful comments by

judges that enlightened me

about a costume that perhaps

wasn’t really working

with my character. I took

them all to heart.

Fast forward to 2009.

Here I was at the COAI

Convention in the capacity

as editor of The New

Calliope realizing I had

never been in a make-up


competition. What a great

opportunity I thought! I

pulled together PitterPat’s

new look. Over the years

she had evolved to a lighter

look. With living in Florida

and dealing with the heat

and humidity, I had found

great comfort in her transformation.

With the advent

of the Lite Auguste clown, I

felt she had finally found an


Butterflies that I have not

felt in years seemed to nest

in my middle as I stood in

line waiting for my turn to

stand on stage in front of the

judges. I had competed on

the national level once before

in face painting but that

was different. I had painted

at my own leisure, took a

picture and sent it in. This

time I was standing in front

of my peers waiting for

their input on how I looked!

All of a sudden my brain

was full of questions. Did

my socks really match? Are

any threads hanging from

my costume? Gosh, I wish

I had put cream on my arms

- they’re looking awfully

dry. It’s funny the things

you think of when you’re


My name was called and

I casually walked to the

continued on page 7

The members of Cheerful Clown Alley 166

of Houston TX are getting ready to welcome

everyone to the 25th COAI Annual Convention.

“A Little Country and A Little Bit Rock 'n Roll”

will be a fun and lively time

for everyone who attends.

The registration formscan be found on

pages 45 (English) and 46 (En espanol).

September/October 2009 Page 5


Quality Clown Costumes

Accessories & Supplies

Since 1967

Order Line


Order On Line

Call For Your FREE Catalog

Out Fitting Americas

Funniest Clowns

Dresses • Suites • Accessories

Hats • Make-up • Wigs

2181 Edgerton Street • Saint Paul, MN 55117

“You Design – We Refine”

Custom Made Clown & Theater Footwear

20th NW Festival of Cowns • Olympia, WA

October 15-18

26th Annual MACA Convention • Harrisburg, PA

November 11-15

413-739-5693 - Days • 413-732-7184 Evenings

12 Orlando St. • Springfield, MA 01108 •

Page 6

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years


from page 3

stage. I am sooooo glad

there was someone there to

take my hand and help me

on stage. It was at that moment

I so appreciated and

had empathy for those who

do stumble onto the stage.

Your legs do funny things

when you’re nervous.

Then came the most difficult

moments of my life.

For anyone who knows me,

you know how difficult it is

for me to sit still, stand still,

be still for anything. There

I was on stage standing still

looking straight out over the

audience trying not to catch

a judge’s eye knowing that

if I did I just would not be

able to contain myself from

doing “schtick.” It’s what I

do. An opportunity missed

to get a giggle or laugh is

something to be avoided.

I felt like a gazillion opportunities

to perform were

just flying by out of my control.

The relief when I was

asked to strike a pose was

overwhelming. Ahhh....the

laughter and giggles from

the judges and audience

gave me the fix I needed.

Then it was over. The

butterflies flew away and I

felt great. Great to say, hey I

did that!!! Yahoo!! Great to

feel I had conquered something

new and just great to

have yet another experience

under my belt so when I

place an article in The New

Calliope about why you

should compete at the convention,

you’ll know that

I mean it - because I have

done it!

Oh - and a big thank you

to the judge who did critique

my socks as not being

a great color for my outfit.

You confirmed a thought I

had. Will I change them?

Probably not - only if I decide

to compete again. After

all, when I go to a nursing

home, I’ve never been

turned away because of the

color of my socks.

The Lite Auguste

by Jeanne “Freckles” Woska

Jeanne Woska shares the

following information about

what it’s like to compete in

the newest of make-up competitions

- The Lite Auguste.

So, you are thinking of

going into competition in

Lite Auguste make-up and

costume. Let us start by asking

yourself, “What is Lite


As in any competition,

you need to check the rules.

Various organizations may

have similar or same categories

but their rules can

differ. Here are a list of

questions and answers you

may ask and have answered

according to the COAI competition


Do I need to wear a wig?

No. No wig is permitted in

this category.

What colors are permitted?

Should I be bold and

bright? Primary colors are

not used. The suggested colors

are muted.

Will I custom make my

costume? Street, pedestrian

or what we know as regular

clothes bought in a retail

store are often used however

you can create a custom


What about clown shoes?

Clown shoes are not necessary

or mandatory for this

category. Regular shoes can

be worn.

What kind of hat should

I wear? No need to wear a

hat if you do not want to.

Just fix your own hair into a

style that fits your character

and voilá. If you do choose

a hat, it should be a regular

person style hat.

Can a female dress as

a female in lite auguste?

Yes! Either is fine. It’s your

clown persona. We need to

remember we want to be as

natural, energetic and funny

as we are in any of the other


Does lite auguste makeup

mean just apply it

lighter? You apply your

make-up in the same fashion,

however you don't need

to use a base. The eyes and

muzzle are a lot smaller

and your nose can be red or

natural skin tone - or your

own nose.

And another note: You do

not need to wear gloves or a


Now, you need to think

about what this type of

clown is. Simply, he/she

is an up-close

clown. Thus,

the toned down

make-up and

color in the costume.

This style

of clown is often

less overwhelming

for children

(of all ages) and

more European

in style and nature.

I am not sure

how to explain

the competition

for this category.

With it being the

newest make-up

category, COAI

is still working

on developing

it. Personally I

would like to

encourage more

and more people

to compete in

this category

for as the venue

of clowning

evolves this is

showing to be the wave of

our future. Let’s have more

competitors! Let’s try different

looks and help each

other become better clowns.

I think the Lite Auguste

will be one of the best, if

not the best category that

COAI has to offer! u

Jeanne Woska shows another

type of Lite Auguste look plus

an up close look at her makeup

which has been scaled back.

September/October 2009 Page 7

Wear Your Shoes To Work

When Ann “Tuttles” Sanders proudly

wore her shoes to the office,

co-worker Debbie Linkious decided

to compare her shoes to Ann's.

Jeff Brown, just for fun, wore his clown shoes

under his crampons when he was out and about

on the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau! He wants

to remind everyone about Balloons Around the

World. More info and sign up at:

Glen “Scarlet”

Allen wore her

shoes to work!

Page 8

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

Wearing clown shoes to work...

can any one identify the clown who

belongs to these shoes?

Zebo, of Virginia Alley # 3

does what most old people do on

“wear your clown shoes to work

day.” He brought in the newspaper

and then he mowed the lawn.

Wayne 'Basa' Swatlowski, Virginia Alley # 3, gets some

much needed help for his knee from Dawn Fowler, his

wonderful Physical Therapist at Sheltering Arms.

September/October 2009 Page 9

Since 1990

Clown City’s

Farewell January Jamboree

February 4-7, 2010

After 17 Years We’re Pulling Out All The Stops

And Doing This One More Time!

Mystic Hilton Hotel

Mystic, CT



79 per Night

Registration Fees

$195 by Dec. 15th

$205 by Jan. 15th

$215 after Jan. 15th

Includes Dinner & Show

Friday & Saturday Nights,

and a Sunday Brunch

Limited to 200 Attendees,

First Come, First Served


Check for updates at:

Click on Catalog

Page 10

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

When The Circus Calls

Yep, that is the call of the

circus that Phil Stone also

known as “Flip the Clown,”

hears each year as the Cole

Brothers Circus of the Stars

comes to town. Since 2001,

Phil has been clowning

as a guest clown with the

Clyde-Beatty Coles Bros

Circus and now the Cole

Bros. Circus when they are

traveling through his area.

It began in 2001 when

Marketing Director Dr.

James Maresca invited Phil

to come to the circus and

guest clown as Flip. That

was September 10, 2001.

Phil said, “It was a special

moment that provided a

definite high emotionally.

But that excitement died

quickly the following day

when 911 occurred. It

really brought you back

to reality and you quickly

realized the importance of

life and family.”

Since that time, Phil

looks forward each year to

the Circus coming to town.

Over the years Phil has

become close friends with

many of the performers

as they look forward to

seeing each other and

spending time together. Phil

mentioned, “I always try to

do something special for the

clowns each year. Whether

it is making them some

clown props, providing

make-up or other types of

clown supplies.” This year

not only did he donate some

props and order make-up

and face painting supplies,

he also showed up with

a couple grocery bags of

cookies and snacks. “I

think the cookies brought

the biggest smiles to their

faces,” he said.

Would you join the

circus? “That has been an

interesting question. I have

been offered a job with the

Cole Bros. Circus a number

of times. But, I realize that

having a family and full

time job in the corporate

world is where my focus

needs to be,” Phil stated.

Phil concluded, “Having

walked in the sawdust,

seeing the smiles on the

faces of people of

all ages while the

stardust falls,

provides for

memories that will

last a lifetime.”

Welcome, boys

and girls, ladies

and gentlemen of

all ages...u


Have you ever

thought about

running away and

joining the circus

or did you actually

do it? Some of us

do from time to time.

Send me your circus

experience whether it

be as a professional

clown performer or a

circus guest when they

come to your


by Phil “Flip” Stone

“Having walked in the

sawdust, seeing the smiles

on the faces of people of

all ages while the stardust

falls, provides for memories

that will last a lifetime.”

September/October 2009 Page 11

President’s Comments

by Tom King

WOW my summer went

by so fast! August and

International Clown Week

was on me before I knew

it. I stayed busy everyday

with clown activities. Had

a chance to do a little bit of

everything; painted faces,

made balloons, performed

magic and did good ole

clown antics. I had a great

time. Hope you had as much

fun and lots of International

Clown Week activities as my

clown friends and myself.

I know most of you have,

but if you haven’t, be sure to

renew your membership and

be sure to check with your

alley members and friends to

be sure they didn’t overlook

sending in their membership

dues. To make paying your

dues easy and fast just go to and pay your

dues with you your credit

card. Click on Membership

Form fill out the form with

your charge card information

along with your membership

information click on submit

and you are all done. Your

new membership card will

be mailed to you. While we

are talking membership a

great gift for a clown friend

or family member would

be a membership in COAI.

Being able to share your

art with family and friends

will make a great gift, it’s

giving a piece of yourself to

someone you care about.

If you have not visited

the COAI Facebook Page

be sure to visit and join as a

friend of Clowns of America

International. It’s a great way

to connect with friends of

clowning all over the world.

In less than two weeks COAI

friends were well over six

hundred and growing. Just

go to and

search Clowns of America

International. No, the new

Facebook page does not

replace the COAI E-group.

We are still working on the

E-group to enhance our

educational opportunities for

our membership.

Election time is upon us

again. Would you like to

serve on Clowns of America

International Board? If so

it’s time to start to put your

program together. Contact

any board member on how

to get started. Election will

be held in spring of 2010 but

you will have deadlines to

meet for getting signed up.

2010 is a big year for

COAI. It is our Twenty-fifth

Anniversary and we are

going to have lots

of celebrating

going on in Houston, TX

at our Annual International

Convention, A Little Bit

Country/A Little Bit of Rock

‘n’ Roll April 20 – 25. This is

one convention you will not

want to miss. We are looking

forward to many of our

members participating with

a huge birthday party and a

new competition for those

who like to compete. Be sure

to register for the convention

early to get in on any special

discount offers by the host

alley the Cheerful Clowns of

Houston, TX.

I’m looking forward

to meeting each of

you personally at the

convention. See you in

Houston. u



• Easy to Pedal

• Multi-Speed

• 1,2 & 4


• Optional

Electric Motor


1-800-974-6233 Ext. 3286 •

Dept. 3286 • 125 Rhoades Lane

Hendersonville, Tennessee 37075

September/October 2009 Page 13

Education Report

Congratulations to

The 2009

Scholarship and Grant


by Cheri “Cherri-Oats”


Director of Education

Grant Winners

Each of the alleys below

is 100% and qualified for

a $500 grant to further

educational opportunities

for all clowns in 2009.

Minnesota Alley 19 –

Alley 19

Big Foot – Alley 360

Kapitol Klowns – Alley 6

Scholarship Winners

All the names listed

here have been reviewed

according to request and

qualifications. Scholarships

are funded by the monies

collected at the Auction

the previous year. All

donations are applied to

the Scholarship fund for

education and are not placed

in the general funds. We

will be funding members to

the following “educational

venues” :

• Moosecamp (3)

Suzan Houston

Lee James

Brenda Boone

• Clown Camp La Crosse (6)

John Lorne

Bruse Gates

Darlene Bernardoni

Mista Wilt

Deanna Hartmier

Charlene Lubratovic

• Celebration Barn (1)

Karen Sawyer

All award winners will

be asked to review the

programs they attended

as to how it contributed

to their clown education.

Their experiences may

be published in The New


Convention 2009

Run for the Noses

Each full registered

attendee filled out a form

and returned it to their

regional vice president. The

drawing for the winners was

during the awards banquet.

The names drawn had to be

in attendance to receive the

stipend. The award this year

was $50 each. The winners

by region were:

Northeast: Ella Grimshaw

Southeast: Barbara Waters-


Midwest: Bob Waite

Mideast: Loretta Roberts

North Central: Jim DeWilde

South Central: Mary Jane


Latin Countries: Matilda

Garcia -Mexico

Canada: Agi Farkas-

Hibbert - Canada

Convention 2009 Run

for the Noses Grand prize

was for $300: All qualified

names from the pervious

group were eligible

The winner for 2009

was: Jessica Vance. This

was her first time at a

COAI convention.

Junior Joeys:

Scholarship money for the

Junior Joey awards is based

on the monies collected

for the Junior Joeys in the

Auction the previous year.

The award of $25 each went

to our four Junior Joeys:

Bethany, Benjamin, BJ,

Victoria, and Carolina. Each

junior must meet all the

requirements before being

considered for the award.

Want to

know more

about “How

you or your

alley can


for a Scholarship

or a grant?” In

the next issue of

The New Calliope, I will

review all the steps needed

to qualify for funding. If

you have any items that you

would like to contribute to

our Birthday Celebration

Auction in Houston 2009,

please send them to:

Cheri Venturi

1935 Sumter Ridge Ct.

Chesterfield, MO 63017

Make sure you put

your name, address and

amount the item is worth.

If you would like the

donation to go to the Junior

Joeys, specify it on your

information sheet. You

will be contributing to the

greatest gift ever: CLOWN


Pictured below are the

Juniors from this year's

convention receiving their

scholarships. Ben Lincourt,

Carolina Egloff-Vega,

BJ Cortino, and Bethany

Young with Director of

Education, Cheri Venturi.

• COAI Convention (3)

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Jayne Urquhart

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Susan Mccammon

September/October 2009 Page 15

Alley Report


17 Year Old Clown Shoe

Manufacturing Business

Business, Equipment & Training



by Cathy Hardebeck

Alley, Region Support

Hi Everyone, I don’t

know where you live, but the

weather is great here in St.

Louis. We are having below

normal temps. Usually, the

temperature is in the high

90s or more. We have been

having temps in the 80s. We

are having a little more rain

that I would like, but that is


Below is a list of alleys

from whom I have not

received a 2009 Alley Report.

Please, if you know anything

about any of these alleys,

contact me at catheoh@aol.


Alley 8: Delaware Valley


Alley 30: Free State Clown

Alley # 30

Alley 39: Colorada Clowns

Alley 92: Kansas City


Alley 103: Funny Bones

Clown Alley

Alley 116: Clowns Of


Alley 170: Just Clowning

Around Northern Va.

Alley 178: Winners Circle

Alley 179: Jolly Raleigh

Klown Alley

Alley 225: Pioneer Valley


Alley 232: Central Mass


Alley 240: Pound Of Clowns

Alley 249: Crystal

Coast Clowns

Alley 265: Smiley

Global Clown Alley

Alley 273: Coastal Confetti


Alley 354: Clowns Of Aloha

Alley 355: Weebee Clowns


Alley 356: Fort Wayne Joeys

Alley 368: Kokusai Clowns

Of Japan

Alley 370: Lev Leytzan: The

Compassionate Clown Alley,


Alley 371: North County

Clown Conspiracy

Alley 375: Clowns R Us

Alley 378: Payasos


Alley 382: Clowning


Alley 384: Hoosier Clown


Alley 385: Northwest Rubber

Chicken Society

Alley 388: Mid Atlantic Alley

Alley 389: The Smile


Alley 390: Tom E's Troop

Alley 393: “The Meshuggah


Alley 394: Corn E Clowns Of

Erie County

Alley 396: Funny Business

Alley 397: Hermandad De

Payasos De Costa Rica

Alley 404: Red Nose Rascals

Alley 405: The Smile Factory

Alley 406: The Battenkill

Joeys u

Washington DC’s 1st Annual

Convention for Children’s Entertainers

Page 16

Call Doug


Classes on Clowning by Clown of the Year, Bob “Bunky” Gretton

Classes on Balloon Art, Magic, Face Painting, and even Business

For more details and a schedule go to:

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

Last Walk-Arounds

Cal Olson

Cal Olson, former editor of The New Calliope, died July 16 at the age of 84. He died as a

result of a fall at his lake cabin in northern Minnesota. Cal was in charge of The New Calliope

for 17 years after an illustrious career in the newspaper business. The entire COAI organization

was saddened by his loss. To learn more about this wonderful human

being, see pages 25-32 celebrating our 25 years as an organization. This

issue is dedicated to The New Calliope of which Cal played a huge part.

He is survived by his wife, Joanne, 1430 Hiawatha Trail, Apt. 3,

Sioux City, IA 51104, and by his daughter Catherine McMullen and son

Charles Olson.

His clown name was Calico. A member of the Abu-Bekr Shrine

clown unit, Calico also enjoyed clowning at festivals around northern

Minnesota, where he made balloon animals for children.

-Submitted by the Olson family.

Sweet Heart the Clown

It is with a heavy heart that the membership of Virginia Alley #3 says goodbye to a dear

friend and wonderful clown, Winnie “Sweetheart” Russell of Mechanicsville, VA. After a long

and valiant struggle against emphysema and cancer, Sweetheart made her last walkaround on

June 20, 2009.

Sweetheart was a Life Time Member of Virginia Alley #3. During

her many years with the alley she served on countless committees

and held almost every elected office. Those who graduated from John

Tyler Community College’s Art of Clowning classes knew her “behind

the scenes” efforts, as well as those shown in the classroom. From

supporting Flossie Bruce, lead instructor, to assuming the responsibility

for the paperwork necessary for the administrative requirements of the

college (as well as crocheting clown corsages for the graduates), Sweet

Heart went above and beyond to ensure the students receive the best

possible educational experience.

She was one of the first to be called upon when clowns were needed

to support Ways and Means fund raising efforts. Alley members depended on her to both

support these efforts, via the donation of her time and talents, as well as assisting in securing

members to work the events.

It would be difficult, if not impossible, to review the alley records and find a timeframe when

her name has not appeared as either a member or chairman of a committee, officer or member

of the Board of Directors. Most definitely, it would be a futile effort to attempt to compile an

entire list of Alley related activities in which she was involved!

As written in her obituary, “A great and generous heart has been stilled, but she will always

be remembered with love and smiles by all who knew her, and they were legion.”

Bump a nose, Sweet Heart. We’ll see you down the road.

-Submitted by Alley 3

September/October 2009 Page 17


We have the best prices for all

your Facepainting needs.

12 Color Professional Case

Paula “Stickers” Biggio

P.O. Box 1023

Park Ridge, Illinois 60068

847 698 3378 Fax 847 384 1822


Oct 7-11, 2009

Midwest Round Up

Lansing, MI

Oct 9-11, 2009

Kentucky Clown Derby

Louisville KY


Oct 15-18, 2009

NW Festival of Clowns

Olympia WA

Oct 16-17, 2009

Mid-East Convention

Gaithersburg MD


Nov 6-8, 2009

Daytona Beach Festival of

Magic/Florida State Magic


Daytona Beach, FL


Nov 8-12, 2009

WRCA Clown Convention

Laughlin, NV


Nov 11-15, 2009


Harrisburg PA




Nov 12-18, 2009

WRCA Clown Convention

Laughlin NV


Jan 26-28, 2010

Clown Vegas

Orleans Hotel


Jan 30, 2010

Florida Clown Day

Largo, FL


Feb 4-7, 2010

Clown City's Farewell January


Mystic, CT


Feb 9-12, 2010

Face Painting & Body Art


Las Vegas, NV

Feb 18-21, 2010

Circus Magic

Williamsburg, VA


April 20-25, 2010



Houston, TX



Circus Magic

June 4-5, 2010

Denver Area


Red Skelton School

June 7-13, 2010

Vincennes, IN


Clown Jam

July 14-18, 2010

Branson, MO


Mooseburger Campe

July 27-Aug 1, 2010

Buffalo, MN


Aug 1-7, 2010

California Clown Campin'

San Bernardino, CA

Page 18

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

South Central Report

by Toni Dufrene

South Central RVP

Well, the 2009 TCA convention

has entered the history

books! The convention

was hosted by Happi Tymes

Clown Alley of Fort Worth

and what an outstanding job

they did! Held at the Sterling

Hotel in Dallas, Aug 5-9,

registered attendance was

about 120. Not too shabby.

The lineup of instructors was

top-notch. Headliners were

Leon “Oz” McBryde and

David Ginn. Leon’s classes

were fun and inspiring. We

now know how to imitate

a florescent light coming

Patti “Patticake” Gilbert, June “Cricket” Hinkle, Toni Dufrene,

Armando “Ju Ju Bean” Ramirez and Mary “Charmin” Whipple,

all from Cheerful Clown Alley did enjoy taking a look at the last

issue of New Calliope. Toni and the Cheerful Clown Alley invite

everyone to Texas in April.

on. It’s a “you have to see

it” thing. And David Ginn’s

show for the Awards Banquet

was immensely entertaining.

Other instructors included

Linda Berman who showed

us how to do amazing things

with 160 balloons, Francisco

Juarez who taught prop

building and juggling and

Margaret Caulder’s class on

marketing on a shoestring.

There was a very strong

Junior Joey presence with

about 10 JJ’s in attendance,

including twin sisters in their

teens who were attending

their first ever clown event.

They took the initiative,

looked up the convention on

the internet and asked their

grandparents to bring them.

These girls mean business!

Emily and Ellis Sullivan

performed their rendition of

“Niagara Falls” also known

as the “Martha” skit. Double

and Trouble did such a great


Competition overall was

pretty stiff but Francisco

“Tako” Juarez

was the “Michael

Phelps” of clowning

at this year’s convention.

He walked away with nine

awards, most of them first

place. What a talented clown

he is. Tako left shortly after

the convention to join his

family in Mexico where he

will be starting a church.

God bless you in your endeavors,


Friday night’s theme party

was a tropical paradise at

pool-side. Lovely genuine

faux- gold plastic trophies

were awarded to the prettiest

tropical dress and the

best grass skirt, among other

catagories. Hamburgers, hot

dogs and fresh fruit were

on the menu. It was hot but

there was a refreshing breeze

blowing all evening and the

palm trees were swaying,

setting just the right mood.

And in carrying on the tropical

theme, we were entertained

by Polynesian dancers

at the Awards Banquet on

Saturday night. Andy “Smiley”

Anderson, president

of TCA, was very quick to

learn the hula.

The convention concluded

on Sunday morning with

a worship service lead by

Brenda “Flowers” Marshall.

Attending the TCA convention

was a large contingent

from Cheerful Clown

Alley in Houston who will

be hosting the 2010 25 th Anniversary

COAI convention

in April. Most wore their

yellow T-shirts that displayed

the theme of the convention

– “A Little Bit Country – A

Little Bit Rock ‘n Roll.” My

personal thanks go to June

“Cricket” Hinkle, Patti “Patticake”

Gilbert, Mary “Charmin”

Whipple and Armando

“Ju Ju Bean” Ramirez for

my T-shirt and for all the

laughs. “Let’s git it on.” u

September/October 2009 Page 19

Holiday Inn

Gaithersburg, MD


Convention Rate


Mid-East Convention

October 16th & 17th, 2009

Comd join us for our Special

40th Anniversary Celebration!

Receive a cloth bag with the Kapitol Klowns logo,

FREE with every registration!

To celebrate our anniversary, we will also be having a

Banquet on Saturday Night including Live Music during the

Cash Bar time from 5-5:30pm & Dinner from 5:30 till 7:00pm

followed by a Magic Show presented by Barry Taylor, one of the

Washington area’s most famous magicians.

Tickets for the Banquet and Magic Show are only

$28/person. You will also be able to pre-order a ladies or

mens golf-style red convention shirt which will include

a special Kapitol Klowns 40th Anniversary logo!

FEATURED LECTURERS: Tony Jones, Dave Hill, Sue Kleinwachter, Paula Biggio,

Jim Howle, Carol Turman, Scott Corroll, Tom Lilly and Kapitol Klowns Feathers & Stardust.

For More Information, Registration Forms, Banquet Order & T-Shirt Order Forms,

Go to: or email: or call 301.829.6110








136 South Beach Street, Daytona Beach, FL 32114


(386) 252-6767 All Other Inquires • (386) 252-9037 Fax




Page 20

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

Joke Time Again

Hey Juniors! I did some new research

and found more silly jokes for you!

Jokes are an important and fun part

of being a clown. But, like any type of

clowning, the delivery of a joke is as important

as performing a skit and doing the

blow off (the ending) the right way at the

end. The blow off is like the punchline in

a joke.

A clown should be animated when telling

a joke. Being animated means acting

with great physical movement as well as

facial expression. When telling a joke you

need to convince your audience just how

great and funny this joke is before you

give the punchline.

Jokes are great as a walk-around or if

you're doing any type of line work. Jokes

are also good when juggling or even riding

a unicycle. Use your imagination! Telling

jokes can build your clown character by

making you funnier as a clown.

When you hear a good joke, it's a good

idea to write it down. Keeping a small

notebook and pen in your pocket is the

best way to collect jokes plus any other

idea you may find. Sometimes just writing

it down will help you remember it. I personally

can't remember things most of the

time but I find writing them down really

helps me!

How can you tell if you've told a joke

right? Well, if you get a big laugh or ever a

groan. A groan is as good as a laugh!

Here are some fun, silly and corny jokes

to use and share:

How did the telephones get married?

In a double ring ceremony!

What is green, has

four legs and

two trunks?

Two seasick


What did the tie

say to the hat?

You go on ahead

and I'll hang


What did the

picture say to

the wall?

I've got you covered!

What is the best thing to take into the


A thirst aid kit!

Why did the lazy man want a job in a


So he could loaf around!

What pet makes the loudest noise?

A trum-pet!

What's another name for a short legged


A low down bum!

What button won't you find in a tailors


Belly button!

Why did the banana try to keep from


Because it didn't want to wake up the

rest of the bunch!

Candy “Butterscotch” Will

COAI Junior Joey Chair


What is a polygon?

A dead parrot!

Where does success come before work?

In the dictionary!

What do you call an American drawing?

Yankee doodle!

How do you describe a volcano?

A mountain with hiccups!

Why was the broom late?

It over swept!

What runs but never walks?


Why did Mickey Mouse take a trip into


He wanted to find Pluto!

Why did the king go to the dentist?

To get his teeth crowned!

How do you prevent a summer cold?

Catch it in the winter!

I personally love to tell a good joke

(and even corny ones) and I enjoy hearing

the laughter when I do it right. Like

anything you do, practice makes perfect so

practice telling jokes to your friends, siblings,

parents, your mentor or whomever

likes to hear a funny joke. Now go have

some fun! u

September/October 2009 2009 Page Page 21 21

Time for A


Skill Level: Beginner

Teresa BLINKY Gretton, COAI Secretary,

shares how to use a change bag that has a

flip switch in the handle.


Change bags are easy to operate, have

multiple uses, and come in a variety of sizes.

For close up entertainment, Blinky uses a

miniature size change bag. She carries it

with her where ever she goes.

Because of its miniature size, it fits into

her costume pocket.


For the style of change bag that Blinky

is holding, a switch is located on the

underside of the handle. When the switch

is flipped, a piece of fabric (inside the bag)

moves from one side of the bag to the other

– closing one compartment and opening

another. Be sure to discreetly flip the switch

and position the interior of the bag away

from the audience’s view.

(NOTE: Prior to the performance you need

to load your change bag with whatever

object you are presenting at the end.)

Page 22

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years


To show there isn’t anything inside the bag,

you simply turn the bag inside out.

When Blinky asks the audience if the bag is

empty, she usually gets a “yes” response.

Her reply is, “No, it isn’t.

My thumb is in there!”


To use a change bag, you simply display

the item(s) that you wish to “change” into

something else.


Place the item(s) in to the bag…

Flip the switch. Work your magic and remove the

“changed” item.


When performing her

routine involving multiple color

scarves, Blinky said, “It's based

on the colors of the scarves,

misnaming the colors in order to

get the young audience involved

as well as less apprehensive

with the clown (psychological

side of clowning) and doing

it with a blend of magic and

comedy. You can build a routine

with two changes or more. I do

this (routine) on the big stage

as well using it as an opener for

birthday party show.”

You can purchase change

bags, silks, as well as a wide

assortment of magic supplies

from the vendors that advertise

in The New Calliope. When you

make your purchase, please be

sure to thank the vendors for

supporting COAI!

Photographs by

Tim “Sawdust” Laynor

Feature by Ann “Tuttles” Sanders

September/October 2009 Page 23

Page 24

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

Clowns of America International

Celebrates 25 Years!

The New Calliope has been the main source of communication to the membership of COAI

for 25 years. Pictured here is former editor, Cal Olson, with one of his favorite parade props.

September/October 2009 Page 25

25 Year Anniversary Celebration

Meet More of Our Presidents

The following information about some

of our past presidents are excerpts from an

article written by Cal Olson when he was

editor of The New Calliope.

Jack “Freckles” Anderson, 1992-1994.

Jack, a Jacksonville, FL native, is the only

person who has served as president of the

three major clown organizations: COAI, the

World Clown Association,

and the International

Shrine Clown


He recalls that when

he joined the old COA,

“the meetings were all

held in Baltimore, MD,

and you had to live in

the area to hold office.

When COAI was founded this stopped and

every one had the opportunity to hold office.”

His biggest problem as COAI President

was the fact that the club “was flooded with

talented people, and it was difficult to find

jobs for all the folks who had a desire to help


The biggest satisfaction in the job, he says,

was reaching a membership of 7,000.

He has formally retired from active clowning,

although he continues to lecture and

judge at clown conventions.

Brenda “Flower” Marshall, 1994-1998.

Brenda, of North Richland Hills, TX, was

the first woman to be elected COAI president,

and the first to serve more than one


“I initially ran for

COAI Secretary because

I made a comment about

how I thought that the

job should be done, and

then President Dennis

Phelps challenged me

to run for the job,” she

says. “I was surprised as

anyone when I was actually

elected. After serving with the Board for

four years, I felt I had something to offer as

President. When I found out that Jack Anderson

was going to run for a second term, I was

very nervous about my chances. And when

the ballots were counted, there were only 11

votes that separated us.”

Her biggest problem as president? “There

weren't many problems that we didn't work

through pretty quickly. I guess the most frustrating

thing for me was the lack of Board

unity during my second term.”

Biggest satisfaction? “Programs that took

their baby steps during our time in office.

Judy Quest, who served as President following

my terms, is truly a visionary and she

introduced several programs to enhance what

COAI offers to its members. Watching those

programs take shape during our time in office

was great fun.”

Brenda is still involved in clowning full


Judy “Dear Heart” Quest, 1998-2000

Judy, of Omaha, NB, says she ran for

COAI President after eight years as the club's

Treasurer, because she felt she “could provide

leadership, especially in the area of education.”

Her biggest problem in the office? “People

with good will on the Board had very different

agendas as to what needed to be done.”

Biggest satisfaction? “When I was able to

give the President's award for beautiful clown


Judy is still involved in clowning.

“My greatest satisfaction

comes from

watching a First of

May get his/her first

affirmation as a clown,”

she says.”There's nothing

like it, because it

spreads the joy so much

further by teaching others.”

Judy was named COAI Clown of the Year

in 2008. u

New Calliope Covers

July/Aug 1989

This gaggle of joeys

is fine-tuned and

bandbox-bright, providing

examples and

ideas for us all. They

were caught at the

COAI Convention in


Sept/Oct 1989

This is one possible way

of getting to COAI's

1990 Convention next

May. But our cover subjects,

Nick “Uncle Nick”

and “Nee Cee” Bachis,

are already on hand,

since Nick is chairman

of the convention.

Nov/Dec 1989

Emmett Kelly is the subject

of Bruce “Charlie”

Johnson's current profile

on Clown Hall of Fame

inductees. The cover photo

is one of a series of unpublished

clown pictures

made by Andy Lance

more than 30 years ago.

Jan/Feb 1990

Colorful couple -

Ebert W. “Skater”

Lawrence, and Betty

“PeeWee” Cash.

March/April 1990

Midwestern joeys: Charles

“Laffy” Lange (center).

Around him (clockwise

from left) Kathleen “Taffy”

Lange, Nancy “Daisy

Muffin” Nickermann,

Joanne “Granny Patches”

Spring & Gwen “Candy

Man” Delsey

Page 26

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

Clowns of America International

The New Calliope - 25 Years of Publishing Excellence

Behind every organization

there is a chain of communication.

From discussions among

board members to reaching

out to the membership. Those

who are involved in the dayto-day

running of an organization

know the importance of

keeping in touch with their


The New Calliope has been

that major tool of COAI for the

past 25 years. The years during

COA, The Calliope was the

publication members looked to

for information, entertainment

and education. With for formation

of COAI, it was continued

as The New Calliope.

There have been three editors

who made The New Calliope

the magazine it is today.

Ruth Erkkila was the first one

to make sure it got off on the

right foot with her first issue

as editor in 1984. Cal Olson

stepped in in 1988 and for 17

years took care of The New

Calliope making sure it was

true to the membership. When

he retired in 2005 Pat Newton

took on the role as editor while

Tom Newton took care of the

advertising and new computerized

production aspects of today's

printing requirements.

In this issue we salute The

New Calliope and introduce

you to those who have brought

it to you.

Ruth Erkkila

Ruth Erkkila can only be

described as someone full of

energy and tough to catch up

to! Her enthusiasm and energy

is something that is not only

inspirational but infectious as


The following are excerpts

from an article published in

March/April 1988 about Ruth

and written by Mary Ithia. It

was the last issue Ruth was

editor of The New Calliope.

“Can you have the proofs

ready by Friday?” she asked.

“I'm leaving for Peru.”

I knew then this was no

ordinary person I was dealing

with. Ordinary people enjoy

cruises in the Caribbean. They

do not float down the Amazon

and sleep under mosquito netting

in the jungle.

And I was

right: Ruth

Erkkila is

not ordinary.


may know

this silverhaired


Ruth Erkkila

with the wide

smile as the editor of The New

Calliope or as “Rootie-Toot,”

the blue chapeaued clown. Let

me introduce you to Ruth, the

scholar, the traveler, the explorer

and the adventurer.

When I first started doing

the typesetting for The New

Calliope, I assumed the very

competent editor was a professional

writer. Her articles were

superb, and it was evident that

her editing skills were topnotch.

Actually she's a chemist for

3M and has no journalistic

background. When she took

on the editorship of the official

publication of Clowns of

America in 1983, she, Donella

Hoffman, and Betty Cash did

all the typing, proofing, editing,

and keylining in Ruth's


“We started out with a

5,000 name membership list

(which wasn't current) $1,000

in the bank, and a large debt,”

said Ruth. In 1984 they joined

COAI and started working on

The New Calliope.

Ruth was introduced to the

world of clowning in the spring

of 1970. At the time she was

putting on a puppet show once

a week in the pediatrics ward

at St. John's Hospital in St.

Paul Minnesota.

“One day one of the other

puppeteers, Kay Fransmeier

started talking about the

Powder Puff Clown Club. She

gave me Betty's phone number

and I called her,” said Ruth.

She joined Powder Puffs and

Clowns of America that same

year, and Rootie-Toot was


But clowning is far from

being Ruth's only diversion.

Her home is full of books. One

entire wall, floor to ceiling, is

lined with books on history,

ancient civilizations, Japanese

culture, and as well as cookbooks,

classics and novels.

continued on page 28

May/June 1990

Some of the joeys

who competed in the

make-up competition

at the annual

COAI Convention in

Albuquerque NM are


July/Aug 1990

If anything is typical

of Tramp clowns,

it's that they are optimistic.

That's why

COAI's new president,

Don E. “Ski”

Berkoski, keeps an

eye on news from

Wall Street - we think.

Sept/Oct 1990

Dixie Ryan poses

with a critically ill infant

in a Polish hospital.

Dixie was one of

four Missouri clowns

who undertook a mission

of fun to help


Nov/Dec 1990

Getting tuned up for

COAI's 1991 Convention

in Indianapolis

are the three convention

co-chairs, from

left, Nicki “TuTu”

Wilson, Cheri “Cherri-Oats”

Venturi, and

Don “Ski” Berkoski.

Jan/Feb 1991

April “Showers”

Glaros, one the nation's


prize-winning joeys,

shares her make-up


September/October 2009 Page 27

25 Year Anniversary Celebration


continued from page 27

Sometimes she travels to the

places she has read about. The

fat volumes on the Mayans,

Aztecs, and Incas led her to

Mexico and South America.

The trip down the Amazon River

in Peru was a tourist trip,

but it was sponsored by the

American Museum of Natural

History and most of her fellow

travelers were scientists and


“We went out in the desert

and watched Haley's comet.”

Ruth related. “I can't believe

it - I was on vacation and I got

up at three o'clock in the morning

two days in a row!”

Cooking is another of Ruth's

passions. She is presently taking

a Thai cooking class.

“They use a lot of coconut

milk, ginger, garlic, hot peppers

and fish sauce, which is

salty,” Ruth explained. “Combined

in one dish will be salty,

sweet, hot and sour tastes.” It

sounds very confusing to the

taste buds!

Not one to sit still for long.

Ruth cross country skis and

bikes. She once pedaled for

over 35 miles and had to sleep

on the floor with her feet up to

ease the back strain the effort

had caused. She used to downhill

ski, but gave it up when she

lost both big toenails due to

ill-fitting boots.

I consider myself fortunate

to have met this warm,

friendly, interesting, and funny

person who just happens to be

a fuzzy-haired clown named


In chatting with Ruth

recently she fondly

remembers working

on The New

Calliope. She

said her biggest


was a


one. The

budget was


small so




in black

and white

and the



kept small.

“We wanted to make sure

a detailed treasurer's report

was in every issue,” said Ruth.

This was due to the previous

financial woes the organization

had experienced. She felt is

was important the membership

have access to this information.

She is also very grateful

to Betty Cash who was a

huge help during those

years. Betty wrote articles

and was

actively involved

in the proofing and editing. She

handled two magazines when

Ruth was traveling.

“I'm proud that it survived,”

said Ruth when talking about

the switch from Calliope to

New Calliope. Having been

editor of the original publication

and coming over to the

new one meant a great deal ot

her to make sure it did


Her favorite

part? She

loved the

process of

Betty Cash (L) was Ruth Erkkila's (R) right hand lady when it

came to working on The New Calliope.

New Calliope Covers

March/April 1991

Master of the Happy

Hobo is Don “Homer”

Burda who moved

to a brighter tramp

and set a tone and

pace that has been

followed by countless


May/June 1991

First place winners in

the make-up competition

in Indianapolis;

Whiteface: Ceslee

Conkling. Tramp: Oscar

Flores. Auguste:

Carlos Reyes.

July/Aug 1991

COAI's first Foreign

Regional Vice President

is Blue “Clown

Bluey” Brattle, of

Southampton, England,

who attended his

first COAI Convention

at Indianapolis.

Sept/Oct 1991

Efrain “Happy De

Klown” Guerrero is

shown with his dog

“Denver,” and a feathered

friend. While

Happy's been laughing

on the outside,

he's also been crying

on the inside.

Nov/Dec 1991

First Coast Clowns,

Jacksonville, FL muster

in for boot camp.

They're in training to

host a MASH Convention

- that's the

annual COAI bash

held April 28 to

May 3, 1992.

Page 28

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

collecting information and formulating

ideas for articles.

Today she finds herself busy

caring for her 91-year-old dad,

spending a lot of time in her

garden and being involved in

volunteering. She, also, still

finds time to travel.

Cal Olson

When we first started working

on gathering material for

our 25th Anniversary, I contacted

Ann Sanders to write

an article about Cal Olson,

the man behind The New Calliope

for 17 years. Ann was

delighted to call “her friend”

and interview him about his

years in the editor's seat. Sadly

Cal recently passed away prior

to us publishing this story. It is

with great pride and honor we

tell you about Cal...

by Ann Sanders

Naval aviator. Photographer.

Prize winning reporter.

Clown. Editor. President of the

National Press Photographers


Who lays claim to all those


It’s none other than the

second editor of The New Calliope,

Cal “Calico” Olson. Cal

grew up in a small northwestern

Minnesota town and served

as a naval aviator during World

War II. After graduating from

University of Minnesota in

1948, he went into the newspaper


Cal worked at The Forum,

in Fargo, North Dakota, for 25

years (1950 – 1976), winding

up as Managing Editor.

He was named chief photographer

in 1957, special projects

editor in 1967, City Editor in

1968 and then Managing Editor

in the early 1970s.

During a one-year leave

of absence from The Forum,

he was Editor in Residence at

Moorhead (Minnesota) State


Cal eventually left The

Forum in 1976 to become the

Executive Producer and anchor

for a weekly news magazine,

Spin, on television station

KFME-TV, Fargo.

“In 1957 I was part of the

news team at The Forum that

won the Pulitzer Prize for local

reporting,” said Cal. In 1968,

while still at The Forum, he

won the prestigious George

Polk Memorial Award also for

continued on page 30

Clowns of America International

Cal Olson loved the newspaper business, taking pictures and

fishing. He always appreciated humor in any form.

Jan/Feb 1992

David “Shorty” Barnett

poses in front of

St. Basil's Cathedral

outside the Kremlin in

Moscow. Shorty led a

delegation of American

clowns through

Poland, Russia and


March/April 1992

Hal “Shorty” Horton

of West Hartford,

CT is COAI's 1992

Clown of the Year.

May/June 1992

Joeys attending

the annual COAI

Convention in Jacksonville

posed for a

group show before

taking part in Paradeability


July/Aug 1992

Jack “Freckles” Anderson,

COAI's newly

elected President,

does a take-off on an

old Army recruiting

poster to tell all joeys

that “I WANT YOU”

as an active COAI


Sept/Oct 1992

A steamboat, the

“Belle of St. Louis,”

is one of the many attractions

available in

COAI's 1993 Convention


September/October 2009 Page 29

25 Year Anniversary Celebration

New Calliope Covers


continued from page 29

local reporting.

Cal was named Editor of

the Sioux City, IA, Journal in

1978, from which he retired in


In addition to his work in

print media, he was national

director of marketing for the

Service Corps of Retired Executives

from 1993 to 1995

and was twice was elected

President of the National Press

Photographers Association.

Following Ruth “Rootie-

Toot” Erkkila as Editor, Cal

brought a wealth of publication

knowledge to the bi-monthly

magazine. He served as The

New Calliope Editor from

1988 – 2005.

What prompted Cal to become

editor of The New Calliope?

As Cal tells it, “I backed

into it. In 1988, I'd been a

Shrine Clown for about five

years. At that time the editor of

Clown Alley, the Shrine Clown

publication, had retired and I

applied for the job. But, the

new Clown Alley editor already

had been named, and so I

kissed that off. However, that

editor knew COAI was looking

for a new editor since Ruth

Erkilla was resigning. He got

in touch with then COAI President,

Hunter Stevens. Hunter,

in turn, called me and asked

me to apply. I'd never so much

as heard of either COAI or The

New Calliope. I got hold of a

couple copies of the magazine,

sent my application to Hunter

and away I went. At the same

time I sent in my application

for Calliope Editor, I applied

for membership in COAI.”

In his early years as The

New Calliope editor, stories

were either snail-mailed or e-

mailed to Cal. He used a computer

to create the “proofs,”

which he then physically

“pasted up” and delivered to

the printer. Photos were hard

copy prints. By his last years

as editor, he was receiving all

editorial and advertising copy

electronically, assembling the

material and transmitting it

electronically to the printer in


According to Cal, “In the

early years it was pretty physical....all

paste-ups and

digital. But by the last

eight years or so it was pretty

much digital and we'd send the

whole issue via computer to

our printer in Ohio.”

Selecting material for The

New Calliope was tough at the

beginning, since he did not

know clowns who had both

the clown skills and the ability

to communicate those skills.

“I spent a lot of time at clown

conventions and seminars,

listening to and covering the

speakers and convincing those

speakers they had something to

tell all COAI members. I tried

to encourage writing skills

among the few who needed it,

and tried to provide sympathetic

and supportive editing.

Eventually, there developed

a wonderful and widespread

cadre of clown writers capable

of taking on an unbelievable

spectrum of subjects. And

mind you, they didn't get a cent

for their stories; they worked

because they wanted COAI

members to become the best

they could be. Now, THAT's


“I tried to make sure each

issue of The New Calliope

contained material that (a)

informed, (b) entertained and

(c) influenced. It should contain

all the activities current

in COAI (elections, appointments,

conventions, etc.) and

at least four pieces of 'how to'

material (make-up, costuming,

props, skits, professional attitude,

etc.). Add to this news of

the clown world, profiles of interesting

clowns and whatever

else I thought might be of interest

to an information-hungry

bunch of readers. I must say, I

have worked for a number of

different audiences, but never

enjoyed any as much as I did

the clowns -- MY clowns.”

Even after all the years as

editor, Cal didn’t see meeting

the needs of the COAI membership

as a challenge.

“I had two great aids: first,

the COAI membership, which

was not bashful about letting

me know their likes and dislikes;

second, the COAI Board

of Directors, who had a lively

interest in the progress of Calliope,

and who, thankfully,

were not remiss about sharing

it,” shared Cal.

How did he keep coming

up with ideas for features?

“Change in direction of content

came largely as a result of

discussions with writers, discussions

also with clowns who

had a ‘new’ or hitherto unpublished

skill. How to come

up with new ideas? LOTS of

Nov/Dec 1992

Johnny surprised

Kimbo as he comes

out of a Jack-in-the-

Box, one of the many

large props John and

Kim Lowe use for circus,

parade and stage


Jan/Feb 1993

Marie “Little Miss

Muff” Muffley of Lincoln,

NE is COAI's

Clown of the Year for

1993. Her decades

of work as a clown

make-up expert have

won her friends across

the nation.

March/April 1993

Kenny Ahern is one

of clowndom's bright

performers whose

busy life has taken

him, not only across

the United States, but

to foreign countries

for performances as


May/June 1993

Some of the Auguste

clowns who competed

in the COAI Annual

Convention in St.


July/Aug 1993

Carroll Traylor is one

of the busiest clowns

around; she's in the

second year of a twoyear

term as President

of the Clown Hall of

Fame and Research

Center in

Delavan, WI.

Page 30

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

serious thinking, much talking

among serious clowns.”

“I always loved going to

COAI's annual convention.

Talk about getting pumped

up about clowning (and editing).

And the friendships. And

the solid sense of belonging.

Wow! And in the performance

pit, what a joy to interact with

kids. I swear, clowning is the

only way an old fart gets to

play with kids any more. If

you haven't had a 2-year-old

hug your ankles, you haven't


When asked what was his

favorite part of being editor

Cal gives the same response as

to what was his greatest challenge

as editor, “Getting the

next edition into the mail!”

“I was always proud that the

COAI Board appointed me to

the job eight times, and that I

left by my own decision, since

my mainspring was winding


Cal received his first clown

training at a Shrine convention

in Las Vegas. “Frankly, I

became a clown to counteract

some of the job pressure I was

experiencing as a newspaper


He selected the name of

Calico as a way to get 'CAL'

into his clown name.

Cal admits that parades

are by far his favorite clown

venues. “For my last 15 years

as a clown, I worked with an

agent in Northern Minnesota.

He booked me into civic celebrations,

county fairs, youth

events, crazy days, you name

it. And most of them involved

a parade. Accordingly, I had a

good supply of parade props.

In addition, at these events, I'd

wind up as busker, with finger

magic, meet and greet and like


“My philosophy is pretty

basic: Keep it light, keep it

moving, stay ahead of your

audience, and NEVER let 'em

see you sweat. If you can do

that, the art form will take care

of itself.”

Since he became a clown

in the 1980’s, Cal says clowning

has evolved slowly, very

slowly. “It's taken 75 years for

the circus clown, while still

important, to be relegated to

a minor role in the world of

clowning. The professional

clown, of course, continues to

prosper, but not so much on the

sawdust. Costuming and makeup

are evolving. So is the gimmick,

the shtick, the gag and

the blow-off. This should be

no surprise; humor MUST be

current and topical (just read


The area that he thinks that

has improved the most is “the

remarkable increase in professionalism,

especially among

First of Mays. Even (or particularly)

on the chapter level,

clowns now start with the accepted

basics of clowning, all

the while working toward the

goal of the complete clown.

They now receive direction,

rather than just striking out and

hoping for the best.”

Cal married Joanne Salomonson

in 1950. They have

two children, Cathy, an associate

professor of English/Journalism

at Concordia College,

Moorhead, MN, and a son,

Charles, who is a computer

designer programmer in Washington,

DC, and two grandchildren.

In his 17 years as editor,

Cal never missed a magazine

deadline. “I'm proud that I hit

‘em all.”

For those of us that spent

many hours pacing while waiting

for the postal worker to

deliver the next edition, we

Clowns of America International

thank Cal for his dedication,

professionalism, and the many,

many copies of The New Calliope

for which he was editor.

Tom and Pat Newton (Newton

Studios, Inc.)

Pat started in her clowning

career before meeting Tom.

Taking some classes offered

through an adult educational

program she donned the makeup,

red nose and fell in love

with big shoes. She had always

loved shoes - now she could

have even bigger ones!

Meanwhile Tom would take

any opportunity to be a 'mime.'

Though he never trained, he

just loved the concept of performing

without the use of

verbal communication.

Pat went to art college and

pursued a career in graphic

arts putting in 9 years as the

Promotional Art Director at

TV Guide, Inc. and as the PR

assistant at Black and Decker.

Meanwhile Tom went to college

and received a degree in

business and worked at a small

printing company. They met

in 1986 and married one year


continued on page 32

Sept/Oct 1993

Making music for

COAI's 1994 Annual

Convention in Portland,

OR are co-chairs

Angel Ocasio and

Trudi Sang.

Nov/Dec 1993

Best known as a magician,

Bob “Skoopy”

Gibbons also entertains

as an Auguste


Jan/Feb 1994

Noma Wilson didn't

realize it, but her

early life and training

prepared her well

for her current role as

one of Hawaii's caring


March/April 1994

Arnie “Giggles” Firrine

is COAI's 1994

Clown of the Year.

He's one of the joeys

largely responsible for

the survival and success

of COAI.

May/June 1994

Clowns of all sizes

and shapes posed for

a picture before competing

in the Paradeability

Competition in

Portland, OR early in


September/October 2009 Page 31

25 Year Anniversary Celebration Clowns of America International


continued from page 31

Soon their complimentary

careers took off when Tom left

the printing company and they

launched their own business.

Newton Studios, Inc. quickly

became a successful organization

specializing in print


When their children were

6 and 7 years old, Pat saw an

ad for clown classes for children.

What fun she thought as

she registered them. Both of

them took to clowning with

a vengeance going on to win

top awards at SECA in performance.

Jimmy “Racket”

Newton showed a great skill in

ballooning while Katie “Candy”

Newton challenged her

mother's skills in face painting.

Pat and the two children soon

became popular entertainers in

their hometown.

They joined a local alley

and became members of

COAI. It was while Pat was

flipping through the pages of

The New Calliope she saw that

Cal Olson was going to retire

as editor.

“I was so excited to think

I could take something I love

to do and combine it with my

profession,” she explains. She

and Tom were both thrilled to

be selected to take over the

helm from Cal.

“Cal did such a tremendous

job of caring for The New Calliope.

I think the board realized

how lucky they had been

to have someone like

that in that particular

position,” reflected


Cal opened his

home to Pat where

they met to

Pat and Tom Newton were able to combine their love of

clowning with their publishing profession.

review the editorial responsibilities.

Pat found the meeting

incredibly enlightening and


“Though my background

was also publishing, it was

very different from Cal's. I was

more from the graphics side

with editing and writing picked

up along the way. Cal was so

strong from an editorial stand

point. He gave me such great

insight about approaching it

from that point of view. I appreciated

his candor and how

giving he was,” said Pat.

Of course, Tom's technical

experience was an added bonus

moving The New Calliope

completely into the digital

age. His knowledge of printing

presses and their capabilities

help make it possible to produce

the publication with more


“We are lucky to be in a

global world where we can

literally print anywhere in the

country. Files are transmitted

digitally so there is no

need for physical layout and

paste-up. Everything is created

on the computer and then

sent via an FTP site. We don't

even go to film any more. It's

strictly straight to plate,” Tom


Both the Newtons saw the

dawning of the digital age in

1988 when they were first married.

They attended a computer

conference in Atanta. They

immediately purchased a Mac

II with 5 megs of RAM and a

40 meg hard drive. They laugh

about having the “biggest and

the best” of the time. But it

was that insight and perseverance

that has brought them to

where they are today.

They are both proud of their

involvement with The New

Calliope and love putting it


“I just love receiving all the

email and notes from everyone,”

said Pat. “The biggest

problem is I can't seem to fit

everything in I would like to.

As I work on each issue my

brain is already thinking about

the next three issues. It sure

can get a little crowded in


The Newtons are also quick

to point out their company is

a team of players. They have

a staff of three in their office

who all have input on some

level with The New Calliope.

They both agree it's a collaborative

effort from their

staff, to the board of directors,

and to the membership who

inspire them. u

Were You A COAI


We would like to hear from you!

In our Jan/Feb issue in our 25th Anniversary

Section, we are going to showcase our past

Clowns of The Year. Please send Newton Studios a

current picture in and out of clown along with a

short paragraph of what it meant to you to have

been a Clown of the Year for COAI.

Deadline is NOV. 1, 2009

Page 32

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

Alleys and Members On The Move!

Thank You COAI!

Submitted by John


Good Morning Editor,

Wow what a great honor

being chosen the Charlie

Award Winner for 2008,

by COAI. I was notified by

Barb, the chairperson. It

took a little while to receive

the traveling plaque; but I

finally did. It is really cool

looking. It has the COAI

symbol and the meaning

of Charlie. I contacted the

local paper and they did

an outstanding article with


I received a nice letter

and proclamation from

President Tommy King; and

chair Barb Waters-Riddle.

I also received letters, copy

of the article from friends

and family.

I am planning on

competing for Charlie this

year.I tell everyone to take

a chance and compete. It is

fun, work, and challenging.

It says in the Bible

Ecclesiastes 4vs3 there is a

time to laugh; and clowns

definitely share smiles and


To quote Willie form

Philly “I love being a


Thanks to all my gal and

guy clowns for all your

help, in helping me achieve

this award.

There’s a brand new alley in Belgium that

has memvers who are very excited about

clowning. Though a lot of members where

on holiday during their recent meeting

they challenged each other to perform or

come up with a gag that was “something

to do with water.” Here is one of the solutions.

With their note they sent the following message:

“As you know we start next month for the first

time in Belgium and Holland a clown alley. But

last month we informed the newspaper and they

give us a lot off publicity. But also we did about

15 different radio station interviews and also

3 times on television. Thank you from Marc,

Clown Renaldo.”

Alley members of Kolonial Klowns of Williamsburg

- Alley #357 are assisting Evelyn “Giggles” Smith

(bottom row, far right) to sponsor a platoon in

Afghanistan. Giggles' goal is to send one box of

items (i.e. coffee, tea, toiletries, toys, batteries,

etc.) every month and a greeting card every week.

If Alleys are interested in sponsoring a platoon,

information be found at

Das Dufus of

Juneau Joeys

Alley 310


in the July

4th parade in


September/October 2009 Page 33

Alleys and Members On The Move!

A Changing of The Guard

At its July 20th annual

meeting, Elaine “Val

N Tine” Person, Deborah

“Jazzy” Harper and Tom

“Mac N Tosh” Person of

The Electric City Clown

Alley, #285, were elected

President, Secretary and

Treasurer, respectively, of

the Electric City Clowns,

Incorporated (ECCI).

Founded in 2000, ECCI is

the non-profit corporation

founded by the Electric City

Clown Alley and chartered

by New York’s Secretary

of State to promote clown

arts education and serve,

as well as advance, clowning

interests in upstate New

York. Our congratulations to

the new officers as they pick

up the leadership mantle.

Sincere gratitude and thanks

are extended to Barbara

“Sparky” Bird, Peter “Filbert”

Glenck and Miriam

“Senorita Soto” Kleinberger

for their many years of service

to “the ink”!


Each year the Capital

Region Clown Arts Festival,

Alley #369, recognizes

and celebrates clowns from

the upstate New York area

for their accomplishments

in and contributions to the

clown arts community.

The 2009 awards were announced

during International

Clown Week.

The 2009 Entertainer Of

The Year is George “Muddpuddle”

Mudd. George is

one of the most enthusiastic

clowns any one would

meet. “Muddpuddle,” the

long time boss clown of the

NORCO Clowns, is a true


Balloon Carts

ambassador of the clown

arts and can often been seen

performing in parades and

festivals all over upstate

New York and even in Canada!

He is a great clown

arts entertainer and an inspiration

to us all.

Seven Life Time

Achievement Awards were

presented and the honorees

are Marie “Mischief” Beck,

Loretta “La*Dee*Dah”

DeAngelus, Bill “Snappy”

Hart, Miriam “Senorita

Soto” Kleinberger of the

Electric City Clowns, Nancy

“Rowdy” Rosekrans of

the Happy Valley Clowns;

William “Woody“ Ogren of

the Capital District Clowns

and Roy “Herbie” Sandberg

of the NORCO Clowns.

Not another word needs to

be written!!

The Clown Arts Achievement

Award was presented

to Barbara “Sparky“ Bird

and Bill “Happy“ Okesson.

Sparky is an award winning

clown who continually

strives for and attains excellence

in her performance.

She is the vice president of

Red Nose Response. Bill

responds to each and every

call for clowns that comes

his way. He is an old fashioned

smile maker like no

other smile maker. Bill is

the president of the Capital

District Clowns.

The Make Sure They

Know About It Award was

presented to Patty “Patty-

Cake” Knee, editor of the

Electric City Clown Alley’s

Red Nose News. The time

and effort that she puts in

to the newsletter is worthy

of an honor and this special

recognition is how we chose

to do it!

The Clown Community

Spirit Award was

presented to the Battenkill

Joeys, Alexus and Dylan

Kleinberger. The Battenkill

Joeys share a unique soul.

Our tribute honors them for

being the clowns that they

are. Alexus and Dylan have

involved themselves in the

clown arts since they were

youngsters. Performing with

their Grandpa, participating

in Clown Week events,

supporting Camp Sundown,

attending and earning Diplomas

from Klown Kollege,

they are two young

people who give of themselves

freely and go above

and beyond whenever they

are clowning around. They

share a unique spirit and are

inspirational to each and every

clown they meet.

Our congratulations to


It’s a Pump,

It’s a Caddy,

It’s an Organizer

Page 34


It’s The Only

Balloon Cart

That You

Will Ever Need!


In Stock


Paradise • Snazaroo • Glitter Tats Too


Shop on line & sign up for my Monthly Newsletter

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

Here is a group picture of some of the members of Thunder

Alley 2000. This was taken at a fund raiser for St. Joseph

Care Group in Thunder Bay Ontario. They did a stage

show as well as face painting and balloons for donations.

Submitted by Gord “J.D.”Faulkne

On Aug 2, 2009 (Celebrating International Clown Week 2009)

COAI presented a beautiful plaque to Trisha Manuel for her

many years of sharing, educating, and guiding clowns from all

walks of life, all levels of knowledge and from all over of the

world at Mooseburger Camp 2009 in Buffalo MN. Presenting

the Award to Pricilla Mooseburger is Glenn “Clyde D Scope”

Kohlberger COAI South East Regional Vice President and Dan

“Fitzwilly”Langwell COAI Mid West Regional Vice President

A huge thank you to “Clyde D Scope” Kohlberger

who helped the Fun-n-Sun Alley #409 during their

recent graduation. They are pleased to announce

they now have a total of 26 clowns with seven more

awaiting their COAI applications. Here is Glenn

and some of the graduates.

The Granite State

Clowns of Nashua,

NH had fun

participating in three

parades on the Fourth

of July. Pictured here

are: Alan “Alley-

Oop” Flagg, Barbara

“Cracker Jacks”

Foristall, Kristi

“Krickey” Parker,

Claire “Cheerio”

Marcotte and Pam

“Lollipop” Bridge


Photo by Glynis Maury of

Sweet Shot Photography

September/October 2009 Page 35










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Page 36

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

COAI 2010 Elections

Are Just

Around The Corner

By Pam Bacher

Executive Vice President COAI

It’s hard to believe that it's

election time again in spring of

2010. It's been a fast year and a

half. I know personally it has been

a wonderful experience and I have

enjoyed working with many of you.

It’s that time. Are you interested in

working on the board for COAI?

All offices on the board are open

to the general membership except

the President which is nominated

from among our current board

members according to our By Laws.

Offices are elected by majority vote

of the membership for a two-year

commitment. Running from July

1, 2010 to June 31, 2012. Offices

include: Executive Vice President,

Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant At

Arms, Director of Membership,

Education, Conventions and

Alley Region Support. Regional

Vice Presidents must reside in

and be nominated from the COAI

Region they aspire to represent.

Qualifications are you must be a

member in good standing for at

least two years and not immediately

related to another aspiring board

member running for a board office.

If you decide to run for an office,

along with a relative, you may

not serve on the board together.

Additionally, a COAI member who

is a voting board member of any

National or International Clown

oriented association is not eligible

to be elected to a COAI office.

If you are a member in good

standing and meet the requirements

established in the COAI By Laws

and the State of Minnesota Non

Profit Corporation law, you can

declare your candidacy. All details

will be lined out in the November/

December election criteria printed

in The New Calliope. If you would

like more information about the

process you can email me at

Also if you are interested, talk

to any board member, they are there

to give you support and knowledge

level of what the job will require of

you so you can make this decision

with open mind and heart. The

board works very hard all year

long and you, the membership,

are the ones who voted us in. Your

voice is heard through those board

members. I urge you to call upon

one of them and just chat about the

COAI board.

See you at the POLLS.



COAI is looking for an alley to tabulate

the election results of the 2010 Elections.

Are you the alley that will roll up

your sleeves and help us?

Here are a few guidelines

• Your alley must be a 100% alley.

• The alley may not have any individuals running

for national office for COAI.

• Work closely and directly with the Executive

Vice President (EVP).

• Work with Calliope Editor and the National

Business Manager.

Your alley would be responsible for

all tabulations and confirming the results

and reporting them directly to the EVP at

the close of the election. Confidentiality is

a key part of this until all election results

have been announced official by COAI


COAI will donate $100 to the alley

charity of choice and I will throw in a box

of clown goodies for the workers as an

extra bonus. If you are interested please

contact me by Nov 1, 2009. My email address


Pam Bacher

Executive Vice President COAI

September/October 2009 Page 37

Page 38

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

Welcome New Members!

Thomas Irwin

Birmingham, AL


William Coppage

Birmiingham, AL


Kathryn Mayo

Hoover, AL

Boo Boo

Jaime Jones

Queen Creek, AZ

J Bug

Beverly Marshall

Laguna Woods, CA


Heather Booth

Denver, CO

Jonathan McIntosh

Smyrna, DE


Crystal McIntosh

Smyrna, DE


Lorene Mai

Largo, FL

“Me” The Clown

Harry Witt

Rotonda West, FL

Harry Balloon

Sharon Pavell

Lady Lake, FL


Bertha Newbern

Clermont, FL


Palma (Pam)Wehby

The Villages, FL


William Stephens

Valdosta, GA

Bill Fudge



Boise, ID


Colyn Proehl

Nampa, ID


Karen Proehl

Nampa, ID


Ben Blanton

Post Falls, ID

Annie Schnetzler

Thayer, IL

Kotton Kandi

Rick Schnetzler

Thayer, IL


Deliliah Stidwell

Chicago, IL

Strawberry Da Clown

Kenneth Sherman

Freetown, IN


Wes Little

Tipton, IA


Alonzo Love

Silver Spring, MD


Sharon Donnella

Silver Spring, MD


Linda Webb

Greensboro, MD


Bryan Palus

Columbia, MD


Hannah Stevenson

Baltimore, MD


Katherine Stevenson

Baltimore, MD


Thomas Stevenson

Baltimore, MD


Matthew Crowley

Medford, MA


Shari Smith

St Joseph, MN

Ms. Tootsie

Catherine Polley

Mahtomedi, MN


Cynthia Besselman

St Charles, MO

Pitter Patter

Pamela Toulou

Ballwin, MO


Rita Stull

St Louis, MO


Sherri Davis

Grandview, MO


Jane Beckman

Omaha, NE


Christine Lowery

Bellevue, NE

Ima Clown

Brianne Puleo

Utica, NY


Diane Link

Albany, NY


Sigrid Coons

Catskill, NY


Walter Crum

Clifton Spring, NY


Ronnie O'Sullivan

New York, NY

Clown Erena

Albert Stark

Morristown, NJ

Al Pal

Kenneth Fowler

Walcott, ND

Paula Slawny

Miamisburg, OH


Raymond Webster

The Village, OK


Barbara Stoner

Fort Gibson, OK

Gracee Klutts

Peggy Ross

Ft Gibson, OK


Sue Abshier

Wagoner, OK

Butter Bean

Fred Wendt

The Dalles, OR


Linda Potthof

Edinboro, PA


Michael Perry

Pittsburgh, PA

B. Robert Rairigh

Patton, PA


Steve Gossett

Greenwood, SC


Beulah Gorecki

Charleston, SC

Dr Jollybones

Nancy Jones

Lexington, SC


Shan Foster

Nashville, TN

Sonnie Bain

Brentwood, TN

Sunny Bee

Jeff Christenson

Lewisville, TX


Cary McFadden

Lewisville, TX

Jane Graham

Denton, TX


Mathew Ewaskiw

Mabank, TX



Mabank, TX

Q2 Clown

Nell McCarthy

San Antonio, TX

Mizz Patootie

Lori Rizzo

Katy, TX


Ralph Edward Price


Lacey, WA

Little Buzzy

Amarif De Los Santos

Dom Republic


Rey Carlos Pena


Santo Domingo

Dom Republic


Aoki Tomoko


Tokyo, Japan


September/October 2009 Page 39

Web Advertising Rates

Ads from supporting art vendors will be placed in the Clown Mall.

Ad-On Ads jointly with The New Calliope will be offered at the

following rates:

Full Page: $100.00

Half Page: $58.00

Quarter Page: $33.00

Eighth Page: $20.00

Hyperlink Listing will be placed in a specific section of the Web site.

Each link must be supported by a signed linking agreement on file with

the web master. One flat rate will be offered:

Hyperlink Listing $10 per month, 3 month minimum

Member Classified ads will be offered with the member prepared text.

Members will be offered the following flat rate: 25¢ per word, $15

minimum, with a 3 month minimum

Banner/Tower ads will be available to those who desire to advertise on

the Web site in a non co-op manner. Ads will be placed at the discretion

of the Web master depending upon goods and services offered.

Banner - 468 X 60 $50 per month, 3 month minimum

Tower - 120 X 600 $100 per month, 3 month minimum

For those COAI members listed on our Web site who desire a home

page, home pages are available.

The initial set up fee will be $25 and the page will be hosted for a

year at a time for $75

Contact Web Master Steve Fowler at u

Treasurer’s Report

Clowns of America International

Income, expense and balance statement

REVENUE May/June 09 Year to Date

Membership $49,609 $100,429

Lifetime Membership 300 800

Magazine Ads 3,320 39,788

Directory Ad Revenue 0 325

Merchandise 588 2,326

Education 870 1,136

Convention Income 0 2,420

Interest 604 4,682

Misc 55 285

Web Page 310 760

Regular Scholarship 2,217 2,217

Jr. Joey Scholarship 300 300

Scholarship Endowment Fund 723 723

TOTAL $58,896 $156,193


Bank Chgs/Ret Checks 0 87

Credit Card Fees 140 1,935

New Calliope Editor Fee 6,300 32,800

New Calliope Postage 48 8,128

New Calliope Production 6,677 32,548

Nat’l Office Business Mgr 2,691 15,758

Nat’l Office Phone 391 2,282

Nat’l Office Postage 5,821 17,200

Nat’l Office Misc 45 167

Board Expenses-Other 97 748

Fall Board Meeting 0 9,894

State & Int'l Ambassadors 248 482

Spring Board Meeting 2,299 6,589

Officer’s Phone & Postage 106 823

COAI Grants 1,000 2,000

Education 84 400

Innovation & Development 0 318

Reg Yearly Scholarships 5,114 5,114

Junior Joey Scholarships 0 125

Convention Scholarships 0 300

Convention Expenses 1,367 5,141

Trophies 1,988 1,988

Printed Materials 1,998 4,401

Alley Support 53 190

Merchandise 81 681

Clown Week 50 50

Excellence in Clowning 0 15

Clown of the Year 0 606

Promotion & Publicity 303 743

Miscellaneous Expense 53 1,063

Organization Dues 0 250

Professional Services 0 1,983

Directory Expense 23 9,929

Web Page Expense 390 1,560

Insurance 666 1,871

Media Liability Insurance 0 3,035

Federal Income Taxes 685 3,128

TOTAL $38,718 $174,407

Nat’l City Bank Checking Account $65,222

Money Market Accounts 17,586

Scholarship Account 13,696

Contingency Reserve 108,452

Nat’l Office Operating Fund 707

TOTAL $205,663

(Amounts given to the nearest dollar)

Respectfully submitted, Claudia Keener, Treasurer

Page 40

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

Clowns of America International

Application and Renewal form


First Middle Initial Last



Phone (required):

State: Zip: Country:


Date of Birth (required): Age: Male: Female:

Clown Name:

Alley Affiliation:

Your COAI Number(if renewing):

Expiration Date:

Referring Sponsor (if any):

Sponsor’s COAI Number:

Annual Membership Dues Rates

Active Renewal: $35

Family Renewal (U.S. & Intl.): $17

International Renewal (U.S. funds): $40

Senior Renewal (65 +): $25

Senior Intl. Renewal (65 +, U.S. funds): $30

Junior Joey Renewal (age 8-15): $25

NEW U.S.: $40

NEW International (U.S. funds): $45

NEW Senior (65 +): $30

NEW Senior Intl. (65 +, U.S. funds): $35

NEW Junior Joey (age 8-15): $30

LIFETIME Membership: $500

• Seniors and Junior Joeys must provide proof of age with application (copy of Birth Certificate, License, etc.)

• Seniors must be age 65 or older within the enrollment or renewal year. Junior Joeys must be age 8 to 15 in the

enrollment year.

• Children age 8 to 15 can choose to join as Family or Junior Joey. Family members can be any age.

• Full members and Junior Joeys receive The New Calliope. Family members do not.

Check No. __________



Payment Method

Credit Card # __________________________________________________________________

Expiration Date: _______________________ CC Verification Code (3 digits) ______________


Send Form To:

Clowns of America Intl., P.O. Box C, Richeyville, PA 15358-0532

Phone: 1-888-522-5696 (1-888-52CLOWN), Fax: 1-724-938-8765, Web site:


All memberships to COAI are on an annual basis with dues payable July 1 of each year.

Join at the new member rate indicated any time of the year if the date is not June, July , or August — your membership will be prorated for the next year on the annual dues notice. When

you receive your dues notice in May following your sign-up, the prorated amount you should pay to bring your membership up to July of the new membership year will be indicated on your

notice. (For example, if a U.S. resident applied for a membership in October of 2005 and paid $30 to join, the membership would be extended to October, 2006. In May, 2006, the member

would receive a prorated dues renewal notice for $20 to extend the membership from October, 2006, to July, 2007.Then each year the annual fee of $25 would be billed in May for payment

by July 1. International and family memberships are similarly prorated.)

September/October 2009 Page 41



Nombre Primero Iniciales: Apellidos


Ciudad: Urbanización / Barriada: Pueblo: Zona Postal:

Número de Teléfono:


Fecha de Nacimiento: Edad: Masculino: Femenino:

Nombre de Payaso/a:

Número de COAI (renovación):

Afiliado: Nombre del alley

Fecha de expiración:

Referido por:

Numero de COAI del Referido:

Tarifas Anuales de Membresía

Renovación (US) $35

Renovación (Int’l) $40

Renovación Miembros (Seniors 65+ US) $25

Renovación Miembros Senior (65+ Int’l) $30

Renovación Júnior Joey (edades 8-15) $25

Membresía Familiar *(cada uno) $17

para miembros adicionales de un hogar

* Estados Unidos o Países Internacionales)

Nuevos miembros (US) $40

Nuevos miembros (Int’l) $45

Nuevos miembros Seniors (65+ US) $30

Nuevos miembros Seniors (65+ Int’l) $35

Nuevos miembros Júnior Joey (edades 8-15) $30

Membresía de por Vida $500

* Seniors y Júnior Joeys deben proveer prueba de edad junto a su solicitud.

* Seniors deben ser de 65 años de edad o mayor durante la matrícula o año de renovación

* Júnior Joey debe estar entre las edades de 8 y 15 años durante el año de la solicitud.

* Niños entre las edades de 8 y 15 años pueden escoger entre Familia o Júnior Joey… los miembros de familia pueden tener cualquier edad.

* Miembros completos y Júnior Joeys reciben The New Calliope, miembros de la familia no recibirían copias adicionales…

Favor de enviar en US $ dólares solamente.

Método de Pago

Cheque a nombre de: __________




Firma y Teléfono: (Se requiere para las tarjetas de crédito) Número de Teléfono:___________________________

Número de Tarjeta de Crédito __________________________________________________________________

Fecha de Expiración : _______________________ Código de Verificación (3 dígitos) ______________

Enviar formulario a:

Clowns Of America, International, PO Box C, Richeyville, PA 15358-0532

Teléfono/Fax 1-888-522-5696 (1-888-52CLOWN) o 724-938-8765 Página Web:

Clasificación de Membresía

1. Todas las membresías a COAI se hacen en bases anuales, con expiración y pagos para el 1ro de julio de cada año.

2. Únete a la tarifa indicada para el nuevo miembro en cualquier momento del año. Si te interesa unirte a COAI como nuevo miembro y la fecha no es junio, julio u agosto, tu membresía será

prorrateada para el próximo año en el vencimiento anual general. Cuando recibas la carta de renovación en mayo, la cantidad prorrateada que deberás pagar para renovar la membresía hasta julio

del próximo año se te será indicada.

** Por ejemplo, si un residente de Estados Unidos (US, por sus siglas en inglés) solicitó una membresía en octubre del ano corriente, él/ella deberá pagar $30 para unirse y extender su membresía

hasta octubre de siguiente año. En mayo del año siguiente, el miembro recibirá una carta de renovación prorrateada por $20, para extender la membresía desde Octubre en que el/ella solicito hasta

Julio del año corriente. Luego, cada año la membresía anual de $25 será solicitada en mayo para su pago, que vencería el 1 de julio. Las membresías internacionales, Seniors, Júnior, y familiar

serán prorrateadas de manera similar.


Page 42

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

Latin Countries Report

I would like to send a

BIG HUG to all those good

buddy joey's and First of

Mays...on this special week

known worldwide as International

Clown week.

My point of view:

This is my view of what

is happening in Puerto Rico

and contributed in limiting

our International Clown

Week. Puerto Rico is going

through a major influenza

known as the H1N1. Our

Puerto Rican government has

the epidemiological range

that is 1-6. We are in stage

5. We have a great deal of

people dying due to this influenza.

More than most of

the mainland States. The reason

I am addressing this subject

is that a number of clown

buddies are asking “what are

your plans for Clown Week?”

My reply, with all due respect,

is that I do not have

any intention in doing any

parades or mall presentations.

One is that I am a high risk

candidate due to my asthmatic


I can't imagine if someone

in our clown group, during

(clown week), was falsely

accused of being responsible

in getting a child or even a

mature person ill. This would

be a night mare for the clown

business and children entertainers.

What I have asked

from each one of my friends;

One of our newest alleys!! Alley 407 was excited to officially

receive their charter.

is to play it safe and take care

of yourself and loved ones,

use the precautions that the

health department advertises.

Our Major set back with this

influenza in Puerto Rico:

The number one problem

we have in Puerto Rico is

this influenza is transmitted

by body contact and when

someone coughs and sneezes.

This means no hand shaking

and no hugging especially no

cheek kissing. Bottom line

- in Puerto Rico we all use

this type of interaction during

our daily communication.

It's very hard to adjust to

not doing what we do best

- greeting each other. So

bear with me. I am very

frustrated coping with this

situation. I would prefer to

wait and make our Clown

Week another month when

the coast is clear of this nasty


Enjoy your week, make

the best of it but take care of

yourself and your loved ones.

Alley President Mrs. Maritza

Silverio received the Alley

Charter from Angel Morales.

Felicidades a mis

compañeros: Un abrazo en

esta semana internacional

del payaso, son muchas las

personas que han llamado

preguntando sobre nuestra

semana. La razón que yo

les doy es que debido a la

influenza, cancele la parada

y no voy a estar en los

centro comerciales. Debido

a que yo soy uno de esas

personas de alto riesgo, soy

asmático y esta condición

que últimamente me esta

molestando, y no quiero

estar expuesto si lo puedo

evitar. Nuestro gobierno dice

que estamos en la escala 5

epidemias, hermano lugares

son muchos los que estan

muriendo cada día, ademas

pienso que pasaría si de hacer

una de estas actividades

sale un rumor que un niño

y/o persona madura sale

contagiado con la influenza y

nos culpan a uno de nuestros

hermanos payasos, que

desastroso, un gran golpe a

nuestra categoría. Por favor

cuídate y tus queridos.

Nota: Para mi dejar

de dar abrazos, besos en el

cachete, y saludos de mano

es muy fuerte dejarlos, ahora

tengo que acostumbrarme

de un dar el codazo y un

saludo chino, esto tengo que

hacerlo pues esto es lo que

departamento de la salud

recomienda y así proteger a

mis seres queridos... Tengan

mucho cuidado.

Harbrán mejores días.

Hay una canción

que cantaba en la escuela

superior: dice cuando ande

por la tormenta mantén tu

cabeza en alto porque al finar

habrán cielo dorado...

Sinceramente Jobolin u

Ivan Morales My ISO

computer gig.

This reminds me of that

special song I sang in high

school choirs. When you walk

through a storm, keep your

head up high,and don't be

afraid of the storm; cause at

the end of each storm there

are golden skies.

Your Truly Angel

Luis Alicea My Supply Clerk.

September/October 2009 Page 43

Convention Report

by Pat Roeser

Director of Conventions

Are you a little bit country

or a whole lot of rock’n

roll? Join us in Houston,

TX in April. The Cheerful

Clown Alley #166 is working

hard to bring us a fun

filled event. Many things

are going on behind the

scenes. They have a wish

list of things they want to

include but that depends on

the attendance. So get your

registration in now!

We will be celebrating

our 25th Anniversary. We

hope to have members and

officers from the past join us

at this convention. We have

great competitions for those

in a competitive spirit. And

a fun filled auction with

proceeds going to the scholarship

fund that any COAI

member can apply for (including

the convention!!!!).

Also, there is a drawing for

$$$$ per region. What a


Interested in visiting the

NASA Space Center? The

Cheerful group has plans for

an optional tour package to

go there. Tuesday is the tentative


Making flight plans? If

possible, fly into Houston/

William P Hobby (HOU)

rather than George Bush

International Airport (IAH).

The Houston Hobby Airport

Marriott Hotel is just 5 minutes

from the Hobby Airport

and provides a free courtesy

shuttle running every 30

minutes. International is 35

miles away from the hotel

and the Super Shuttle will

cost $45 per person.

Are you looking in your

closets for you country or

rockin’ roll outfit? Look a

little deeper for things you

many want to donate to the

COAI auction. Proceeds

go to the scholarship fund.

Every COAI member is eligible

--- that means you!

For updates on events

and tentative schedule visit

the convention website at

Checkout the Jukebox of

Travelin’ Tunes. It changes

from time to time, so come

back and visit. Also, click

on the Houston Hobby Airport

Marriott Hotel for a

tour of our guest hotel.

* * * * * * * * *

Finding alleys to host

conventions has been a hot

topic lately. As Director

of Conventions, I formed

a committee of

clowns from

around the US

to assess conventions. The

number one concern was

the financial uncertainty and

possible burden on an alley.

COAI has decided to host

the 2011 and 2012 events.

We will take on the financial

obligation but are looking

for alleys to assist. For their

help COAI will offer them a

stipend for each convention


This is a definite relief for

those groups that want to

bring great instructors, competitions,

and vendors to

their area. Is your alley one

of them? Talk to you club!!!

Please let me know if

this is an interesting

proposition. u

Page 44

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

COAI’s 25th

Annual Convention

Houston Hobby Airport Marriott

9100 Gulf Freeway • Houston TX 77017


$99/night for single - double - triple - quad

Convention Fees:

$165 – until October 31, 2009

$180 – until December 31, 2009

$195 – until March 31, 2010

$225 – thereafter

Junior Joeys deduct $25


(Cash or Credit Card Only)

Includes: All Workshops, Dealers’ Room,

Theme Party, Hospitality Room,

Competitions & Awards Banquet.

Partial refunds only before March 1, 2010

No refunds after March 1, 2010

✯ STAR ✯ Package ✯

Includes: 1st or 2nd row seating in all classes, shows & competitions,

early seat selection at theme party & banquet, convention T-shirt,

special recognition badge, plus more...

✯ $50 ✯ Limited Availability ✯


April 20-25, 2010

In Houston Texas

Hosted by

Cheerful Clown Alley 166


June “Cricket” Hinkle: 281.363.9225

Patti “Patticake” Gilbert: 713.680.7646 (wk)


✯ STAR Package ✯ $50



Extra Theme Party Ticket (TBD) $_______________

Extra Banquet Ticket (TBD)


T-Shirt Size: _______


(M-XL $15 • 2XL-4XL $18)

Color logo on yellow T

TOTAL: $________________

Credit Card Check enclosed

Visa/MasterCard/Discover* ___________________________________________

Expiration Date ____________________________ Security Code _____________

Signature _________________________________________________________

* A $5 convenience fee will be added on all charges. Billing address on card must match address below.

Make your checks payable to & mail to:

COAI.2010 Convention

2530 Pomeran Dr.

Houston, TX 77080

$30 Charge will be assessed on all returned checks.

Name: ____________________________________________ Clown Name: _______________________ COAI # _____________

Address: ________________________________ City: ___________________ State: ____ Zip: __________ Country _________

Phone: _________________________ Email: ________________________________ Interpretation for the Deaf needed?

I am interested in receiving information group transportation to Bush- Intercontinental airport for Sunday morning April 25th.

Clown Week

Getting Ready for Clown Week: On Aug

1st, Cindy Young, owner and operator of

Cindy's Classic Cuts in Norge gave Tuttles

The Clown (aka Ann Sanders) of Toano,

VA a trim, helping the clown get ready for

a busy week. Immediately following her

haircut, Tuttles joined fellow clown and

real life spouse, Sawdust (aka Tim Laynor)

face painting at Cindy's Classic Cuts in

exchange for donations for the Ladies

Auxiliary of the Bruton James City County

Volunteer Fire Department. Earlier in the

day, in celebration of International Clown

Week, Sawdust and Tuttles decorated the

store window with clowns, props, signs and

costumes. Clown dolls and clown motif

sweat shirts are being offered for sale at

the store in exchange for donatons to the

the Ladies Auxiliary.

Photo by Tim “Sawdust” Laynor

A Clown Blessing “O blessed Lord, guide your servants in

their practice of clowning, that each may be a vessel of your

love. Endow them with our Spirit to persevere in exposing your

Truth in ways accessible to all. Empower them to establish

mercy by being fools for Christ. And the blessing of God

Almighty: the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit, be with you and

dwell with you always. Amen.” - Presented by The Reverend

Michael L. Delk

Clowns from central Virginia, Virginia Beach and locations

in between gathered on Sun, Aug 2, 2009 at Hickory Neck

Episcopal Church for the 9th Annual Blessing of the Clowns.

Hosted by Kolonial Klowns of Williamsburg - Alley #357 and

the congregation of Hickory Neck Church, clowns received a

special Blessing from The Reverend Michael L. Delk. During

the service, Martha “Dr. Giggle” Dodson presented herself as

an offering in a humorous and moving skit with the Reverend

Michael Delk. Immediatley following the service, Kolonial

Klowns hosted a reception in the Parish

Hall. Clowns and


enjoyed food and


Photo by Tim “Sawdust”


Kolonial Klowns - Alley #357 members, Jerry “Dr. Dufus” and Martha “Dr. Giggle” Dodson, started their Clown Week

celebration by visiting with the Emergency Room Nurses at Mary Immaculate Hospital in Newport News, VA.

September/October 2009 Page 47

Clown Week

Taking on Getting a Proclamation

Submitted by Cathy a.k.a. Flutterbye

Members of Raincoast Clown Troupe, Slookum Chuckles Clown Alley #379

recently paid a visit to City Hall in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada to play

with City Council and the Mayor a little bit, to make a presentation, to declare

His Honor, Derek Corrigan, and members of Council honorary Clowns for the

day and to ask the Mayor to proclaim the week of Aug 1 - 7 as International

Clown Week in Burnaby. Unknown to us before we went into the meeting, there was also a very

important Chinese delegation in attendance and we had the opportunity to act as International Ambassadors

and play with them a little as well. Participants included Amanda “Smartee Pants” O’Leary, Sandy

“Lollipop” Boone, Cathy “Flutterbye” Davis, Kellie “Disco Daisy” Ingram, The

Boss Clown, David “Slim Pickings” Dew, The Mayor , Derek

Corrigan, Nancy “Rosey Posey” Bailey and Junior Joey, Travis

“Short Change” Kincaid.

Pictured right: The Raincoast Clowns and The Skookum Chuckle

Clown Alley #379 succeeded in having the First week Of August

proclaimed International Clown Week. Here are a couple of photos

to prove it. There was a delegation at the City Hall from China, so

they welcomed them to Burnaby with red noses and magic tricks. The

laughter crossed the cultural boundaries easily.

The Clown

Krewe Alley

#400 of

New Port

Richey, FL

was recently


a proclamation

from the Pasco County Board of County

Commissioners in honor of National

Clown Week and in appreciation for their

contributions to the community. Michele

“Precious” Crary and Helen “Butterfly”

Costa were present to accept the proclamation

on behalf of the entire Clown

Krewe. Also shown is County Commissioner

Pat “Giggles” Mulieri.

St. Louis COAI members Nurse Sniggles, DOC ICU,

Dr. Tickles and Lee F. Fetter president and senior executive

of St. Louis Children's Hospital having lunch and celebrating

the Clown Doc's 10 year's of service. -Diana Patty, Curt Patty,

and Jane Abendshein.

Page 48

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

from the San

Diego All Stars

Clown Week

Dr. Goodnite.

Buddy Face painting at Rolarskate Land with

Honey Bee looking on.

Dizzy Dave & Wower at

Fuddruckers which was the last

group activity for clown week

Rosemarie Wower Ballard

exercising on Aug 1st getting

ready for a fun Clown Week

Miss Checkers & Bo Willum

Honey Bee

On Aug 7, the San Diego All Stars made a visit to Fuddruckers.

July/August 2009 Page 49

Clown Week

A sign posted at work

on the front door of

Angel Morales during

clown week.

Glen “Scarlet” Allen spent a night out with her knitting group and

got them all involved in National Clown Week.

The San Diego Padres always give homage

to their friends of the North Country Clown

Conspiracy Alley. - Submitted by Edward

“LoMax” Estrin

Merri-Makers Alley #51 celebrated Clown Week on Aug 6, 2009

at “Children's Museum” in Dover, NJ where they had a great time.

Roquerito was the DJ at his

home 28 years in clowning

HDAY to him.

Page 50

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

Clown Week

Loving Clown Week

There’s no better week to be a clown than

CLOWN WEEK! Here at my local alley, we have

really had a great time being clowns lately. There

are just times when you need a little rejuvenation

to boost your clown-confidence! Clown week

2009 was just the kickoff to a fall full of fun and

meaningful work!

This year, we were active in many aspects of our

community! We received Proclamations by the

State of West Virginia, and the cities of Charleston,

South Charleston, and Huntington. We were lucky

enough to be the special guests for Huntington

Mayor Kim Wolfe on his birthday! We also

revisited our teamwork and family spirit by going

bowling together, and having lunch together. We

also had a pizza party during the August meeting

for the South Charleston Public Library. Some

of us developed a new calling we never expected.

Tom E. Boy volunteered at the Department of

Rehabilitation’s *SummerFUNdamentals* program.

It is a weeklong summer camp held just for ages 14

to adult with special needs to adapt to independent

living. We are now planning for a Special Needs

Parade, as well as fundraisers for this outstanding

program. I was definitely surprised at the amount of

spirit I brought to the Veterans at the VA Hospital in

nearby Huntington, WV. The mutual appreciation

was extremely heartwarming. Tom E. Boy and

Mischief brought smiles to all those in a wonderful

adult daycare program. RC, Twitch, Charity, Tom

E. Boy and Gabby visited the Mayors office, and

entertained at Bob Evans Restaurant. Later that

week, Tom and I performed for Dolly Parton’s

Imagination Library kickoff . We also performed at

the Cherry Blossom Festival here in West Virginia.

While we were there we took the opportunity to

visit with a special girl named Danielle who is

fighting a courageous battle. Some of the other

members celebrated Clown Week by spreading

the gospel of ministry clowning at their places of


We are all reminded of what our mission should

be as Clowns, a mission of love and sharing smiles

with everyone we come in contact with every week,

and every day.

Here’s to a new 52 weeks of clown weeks!

- Submitted by Jessica Vance, Kanawha Klowns,

COAI Alley 24, South Charleston WV

September/October 2009 Page 51

Look Who’s Reading The New Calliope!!

Left: Rosa & Iilliam


Right: Ms. Ivette

Rivera form NAF


Elaine “Crayon” Breitenbach

took her New Calliope to Vacation

Bible School at Johnsontown Bible

Church in Hedgesville, WV to share

with Pastor Daryl Welch and his

wife Valerie ( that's Valerie with the

clown nose and shark hat). Plus

leaders Donnie and Tammy Mason.

“On the last day of

International Clown Week

we had a party at

Roqueritos' home in

Espinosa in Dorado.

Present was Alley 84 and

Alley #410. These two

alleys are growing quickly

and know how important

it is to read The New


While on their May trip to Alaska, these

members of Johnstown’s Classic Clowns

Alley #181 were caught reading The

New Calliope. Members (L-R): Barbara

“Smiley” Miller, Anne “Daffy Dill” Curkel,

Janis “PoPooree” Daily, Linda “Snooks”

Bokinsky, and Nancy “Fancy Pants”


Bill “Peanut” Kauffman in front of a

Witch Musuem in Salem MA.

“I'm reading my New Calliope on a recent

mission trip to Romania. We were doing a VBS

at a gypsy school and they have no running

water so they have these lovely outhouses.

I was catching up on my reading while waiting

for my turn.” -Frances “Cuddles” Poage;

Cheerful Clown Alley #166

Page 52

While vacationing in August at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon,

Roger “Be Bop” Brakebill (Alley 188) found time to enjoy his latest

New Calliope.

Pat Roesser, while at the Nationwide Inaugural

Race at the Iowa Speedway in Newton, Iowa

checks out The New Calliope.

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

Phil “Flip” Stone enjoying The New Calliope with his Cole

Bros. Circus friends Maribell and Keyan.

“Here is a picture from Circus Summer Camp at The Elliott

Museum in Stuart, FL ( They

requested a professional clown to teach their Circus Summer

Camp. I developed a program and taught ten young children

for a week.” - Kent Sheets

Taken in July on a cruise to Alaska, Margo “Petunia”

Horvath takes a moment to read her New Calliope.

Bruce “Dr. Molar Magic” Lish, and Matthew “Phineas” Lish

read the New Calliope before going to see Zing-Zang-Zoom at

Nassau Coliseum.

“Hello, my name is Evelyn Smith

from Alley 357 and on my trip to

Italy I took my New Calliope along

for a good read. My daughter

is living in England with her

military husband and we took a

trip to Italy while is is deployed to


Glenn “Clyde D Scope” Kohlberger takes a minute out of

his fun at Mooseburger Camp 2009 in Buffalo MN, to read

his New Calliope... and somehow draws a crowd.

CRD Chief of NAF, Ms

Mara Clemente reads

The New Calliope.

September/October 2009 Page 53

Foto Funnies

This issue's Foto Funny is direct from Houston and the Cheerful Clown Alley as they invite you to this year's Convention.

Script by Mary Morris

The actors are: Male Judge on the left: Larry “Hi-Lo” Barber. Female Judge in center: Mary “Starlight” Morris.

Male Judge on the right: Steve “Buzz” Dillsworth. Announcer/Host of Show: June “Cricket” Hinkle.

Male Cowboy Clown: Paul “B Bob” De Bee. Female Cowgirl Clown: Mary Jane “Bunny” De Bee.

Hippie Rock-N-Roll Clown: Mary “Charmin” Whipple (hence, the use of the rolls.

I sure hope


got talent!

So far what

we've seen has been


We're totally confused

from Houston.

Some acts

have been


Let's hear it!


Are you

ready for

some new


Let's make

some noise

for our

next act!



really on a

roll now!



is that



“SCreeeEEeech Twang

Plunk Boink

What on earth was that?

What kind of music

was that anyway?

And a little bit

rock 'n' roll!

It was a

little bit


If you have a Foto Funny you would like to submit, send high resolution photos along with your script to: Pat Newton,

c/o Newton Studios, 370 West Dearborn St, Suite B, Englewood, FL 34223. Email:

NOTE: If sending jpg electronic images, please take the digital pictures at your camera’s highest resolution!

Page 54

The New Calliope Celebrating 25 Years

A Final Word from the Editor


I know Aug 1-7 is Clown

Week and I know I ask you

to send in your pics but every

year I am overwhelmed and

thrilled with what you are doing!!

Congratulations! I also

am thrilled to see that The

New Calliope is becoming

well traveled as you send in

your pictures of our beloved

publication being read no matter

where you are.

Christine Shorter wrote in

about her grand daughters and

their friend discovering The

New Calliope. Here's what she


“Our campsite was cluttered

with lots of clown paraphernalia

– workbooks, programs,

skit writing material,

magic props, and of course,

back issues of The New Calliope.

To my delight, all three

girls took pleasure in skimming,

scanning, and eventually

reading several issues. They

took interest in several of the

written articles and laughed

hysterically at the Foto Funnies.

It was the September/October

2008 issue however that

really got their attention.

Brianna, age 12 (quite a

character herself), was drawn

to Mama Clown’s Character

Development in a Nutshell.

She liked the idea that a shining

performance did not rely

on one’s costume, make-up,

skills, props, or talent; instead,

what mattered was one’s

lively attitude towards their art

form. It was an “aha moment”

for her.

Larissa, age 11(a Whiteface

in the making), was inspired

by Debbie Gardiner’s

Is Clowning Addicting? She

immediately put into practice

the process of making facial

expressions and taking the

simplest of things and turning

them into a hysterical event –

like looking for a campsite, or

trying to find the campground

bathroom, or collecting wood

for the evening’s campfire.

Alyssa, age 10 (an Auguste

at heart), was moved to action

by the picture Hanging Out

With the Utah Jesters. The

sixteen members were frolicking

on a jungle gym without

any clown noses, clown shoes,

or, clown make-up – yet they

were smilin’ from ear to ear

and caught her watchful eye.

What transpired afterward

was a joy for this grandmother

clown. The girls entertained

quite a few campers that

weekend with their shenanigans.

Their creativity and

energy was bountiful. They

brought a smile to a special

state park friend and worker

who said “I was pretty bored

until they came into the store

– they made my day.”

Thanks Calliope for stirring

the creative juices and being

the catalyst these unknowing

joeys needed!”

Thank you Christine for

sharing this great story with

us. I have always found being

witness to someone on the

path to self discovery is pure

joy. I LOVE the fact the girls

took our articles to heart and

I'm even more thrilled they

ACTED upon it to spread

joy. u

Have a wonderful month!

Pat Newton

The New


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