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6 x August 16 — September 5, 2018 x FOODIE FOR THOUGHT Back-to-School Snack Attack! Fight Back With Healthy Fuel for Kids and Parents by Kirsten Harrington DISCLAIMER: *The Massage Envy franchise network, collectively, provides more skin care services than any other service provider nationwide. Offer good for first-time guests only. Prices subject to change. All session times include up to a total of 10 minutes for consultation and/or dressing, which occurs both preand post service. Microderm Infusion and Chemical Peel sessions will vary in length depending on skin care needs and are not intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat any medical or skin condition. You should consult your doctor if you are experiencing any medical or skin care concern. Individual results may vary. Rates and services may vary by franchised location and session. Additional local taxes and fees may apply. Not all Massage Envy locations offer all services. For a specific list of services available or additional information about joining as a member, check with the specific location or see Each location is independently owned and operated. ©2017 Massage Envy Franchising, LLC. MM21942 ME-DNLD-1752-00-001-04X6 As the leisurely days of summer come to an end and school starts again, life seems to shift gears into “full speed ahead.” With work, sports, homework, errands and after-school activities, it’s important to fuel up with healthy snacks to avoid running on empty or filling up with junk food. Why not think of snack time as mini-meals? Make a batch of vegetable soup or black beans, freeze in individual containers, and pop one in the microwave when hunger hits after school. Last night’s leftover pasta, grilled chicken or vegetables are filled with nutrition and suitable for snacking. There’s nothing wrong enjoying breakfast twice; a whole-wheat waffle with peanut butter and banana slices, an English muffin topped with tomato sauce and cheese, or a small bowl of low-sugar cereal provides energy for the afternoon. Make It Fun! Snack time for younger kids can be a time for bonding and creativity. Go beyond ants on a log, and fashion celery sticks into snails with cucumber slices held in place with cream cheese or caterpillars with peanut butter and grapes. Colorful cut-up peppers become wings of butterflies when paired with baby carrots, and bananas rolled in unsweetened coconut look surprisingly like ghosts when given a few chocolate chip eyes (dip banana lightly in orange juice first). Little hands can help assemble these edible works of art, and you can enjoy the results together. In a Hurry? Don’t worry if Pinterest-worthy snacks aren’t on your schedule. The key is to plan so healthy, enticing options are easily accessible and ready to go. Buy some small reusable containers and snack-sized zip-close bags to portion out snacks in advance. Bake a batch of savory muffins and freeze them, prepare a container of Baked sweet potato chips are a healthy go-to snack. trail mix, cut up veggie sticks and pair with thick slices of roast turkey or low-fat cheese, make some hard-boiled eggs, stock the fridge with cut-up fruits and berries in clear to-go cups or whole grain mini-bagels spread with cream cheese and wrapped in plastic. Stock the shelves with air-popped popcorn, whole grain crackers and squeezable fruit. Don’t Forget Mom and Dad! Running on coffee and energy drinks as you race through the day can leave you crashing before dinner. Instead, treat yourself right with healthy fuel. Snack on edamame or beef jerky while waiting at soccer practices or grab a single-serve Greek yogurt or hummus with veggie sticks between meetings. Stash instant oatmeal and mixed nuts in your bag and at the office, and prep a batch of smoothies to store in the freezer in individual serving containers (8-ounce jam jars work well). Defrost a smoothie in the fridge the night before for a midday pick-me-up. Roasted Edamame Ingredients: 1 16-ounce bag shelled edamame, defrosted and dried with paper towel 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon fresh cracked pepper 2 teaspoons olive oil CONTINUED ON PAGE 8 x August 16 — September 5, 2018 x 7 Nursing Home Care Is Expensive by: Kristen M. Jackson / Attorney Baby Boomers, persons born between 1946 and 1964, are living well into their 80’s today. Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia are on the rise. Walkers, canes, and wheelchairs are replacing fitness equipment. The percentage of Americans who spend their final years in a nursing home is on the rise and expected to increase as the baby boomers enter their senior years. Yet, few Americans can afford to pay $5,000 - $15,000 monthly to move a loved one into a nursing home. How Will You Pay For Nursing Home Care? There are three primary choices available; paying out of your own pocket, long-term care insurance, or Medicaid. Most people cannot afford to pay out-ofpocket for nursing home care and the expense can drain your assets in a matter of months jeopardizing the financial security of your family. Long-term care insurance is a viable option for people who plan early and can afford the cost of coverage. For many people, the primary funding source for nursing home care is Medicaid. Medicaid is a combined federal and state assistance program to help cover nursing home expenses for qualified individuals. Becoming eligible for Medicaid requires a thorough understanding of the qualifications, eligibility rules, legal strategies, and application process. Who Is Eligible? Medicaid coverage for nursing home care is available to U.S. citizens or qualified aliens who are age 65 or older, blind or disabled. Qualified applicants must reside in a Medicaid-approved nursing home and require assistance with daily living activities such as walking, dressing, feeding, toiletry, and bathing. Managing assets to meet eligibility requirements may involve implementing several strategies. There are income and asset limits for the applicant, but some assets are excluded, such as a home (some limits apply), a car used by a spouse or child living at home, prepaid burial plans, some life insurance policies, and the property value of income-generating property. Almost every other type of asset is counted when determining Medicaid eligibility. Although there is no cookie-cutter plan individual planning is essential. Consult With An Experienced Medicaid Planning Attorney There are many strategies to qualify for Medicaid and simply giving your assets away to a family member is not one of them. Strategies include, but are not limited to 1) Transferring assets to a spouse; 2) Converting assets counted by Medicaid into assets not counted by making home improvements, purchasing a new car, or a buying a prepaid burial plan; 3) Making a qualified distribution to a third party for the care and support of the spouse; 4) Contracting with a family member to provide care and maintenance for the Medicaid applicant. If you have a parent, spouse, or child in need of nursing home care but cannot afford to pay the nursing home bills, then Medicaid benefits may be a viable option. The requirements may seem rigid, but there are strategies to enable your loved one to qualify for the benefits. Proper Medicaid planning is essential before applying to ensure eligibility without jeopardizing the financial security of your family. Legal Areas of Practice By our Team of Attorneys Administrative Advance Directives Bankruptcy Business Buy / Sell Contracts Commercial Contracts Corporation Criminal Employment Estate Planning Family Law Guardianship Litigation Last Wills Medicaid Powers Of Attorney Pre-Nuptials Probate Real Estate Special Needs Title & Closings Trusts Trademark Estate Planning Wills, Trusts, Probate, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Pre-Need Guardians, Trust Administration, Pet (Animal) Trusts Probate With or without a Last Will, in order to obtain assets, pay debts and taxes and distribute remaining assets to the heirs or beneficiaries, the deceased’s estate requires the assistance of an attorney to manage the court supervised administration. 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