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August 16, 2018

Volume 107

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Saturday Aug. 18, 2018 Edmonton, Alberta

Toll Free: 1-800-665-5888 11130 Bevington Rd (Rge Rd 262)

Garett Hagel and Kyle Gray, left, try to hold on to the rope of their cow as Quinn de Beaudrap gets stepped on during the wild cow milking portion of the 20th Annual

Elnora Brahma Rama on Sat. Aug. 11. No times were scored out of six teams that competed. Saturday saw the PBR bull riding as well as wild pony races, rank mini

ponies and wild cow milking. Although sore, de Beaudrap did not suffer serious injury. More photos page 5.

ECA Review/T.Huxley



Thursday Aug. 30, 2018 Calgary, Alberta

Toll Free: 1-877-811-8855 13090 Barlow Trail NE


Stettler county council ....... 2

Stettler town council ......... 3

RCMP ................................ 3

Castor Fair ......................... 4

Letters ............................... 6

Obituary ............................ 7

Three Hills news .............. 11

From the bleachers .......... 14

Classified/Careers ............ 15

Real Estate/Homes .......... 16








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AG Foods, Coronation

Food Fair, Castor






Peavey Mart

Home Hardware

The Brick, Stettler

Back To School

Kindergarten to grade 7 pre-made

supply bags now available

Hanna, AB • 403-854-3711

Free delivery service available within town limits

Store Hrs: Mon. - Sat. 8 am - 9 pm; Sun. 10 am - 7 pm

Pharmacy Hrs: Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 6 pm; Sat. On Call 9 am - 3 pm













2016 9240 300 Sep hrs .

2012 8120 1600 Sep hrs.

24 months

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2 A u g u s t 1 6 ' 1 8 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w

Stettler County Council

Council debates smoking laws

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

Come September 12 the public is

invited to join Stettler County Council

during a public hearing to discuss

upcoming preparation of the legislation

within Stettler County.

The County conducted a survey in

which over 600 participants took to

determine the direction council should

go in and to get a gauge on what the

community in and around Stettler

believes is the best route to take.

Federal and provincial government

have required municipalities to amend

their bylaws to reflect this incoming


Municipalities are unable to entirely

prohibit cannabis production or sales

but may decide to customize certain

aspects as to how business is


Majority, 78 per cent were either neutral

or not concerned about the

separation distance between cannabis

stores while 78 per cent either neutral

or very concerned about the separation

distance of cannabis stores to

places where youth gather.

Nearly 70 per cent of surveyors want

cannabis stores separated from places

where youth gather by 200 metres or


For retail, only 23 per cent were concerned

about the location and 25 per

cent felt that a farm was an appropriate

place to have a store location.

Forty-four per cent thought that

hamlet commercial areas are appropriate

cannabis store location.

Lastly, 58 per cent were either neutral

or not concerned about the

location of cannabis production


Cannabis retail sales and production

has been added and defined in the list

of discretionary uses within Land Use

Bylaw 1597-18.

Marijuana can be produced at a certain

property but must not be sold at

the same location unless the operator

and or owner have a separate permit

for the intent of sale.

All of these rules from the bylaw are

still subject to change as the bylaw has

only passed first reading.

Council hopes to see many faces at

the public hearing on Sept. 12 to make

an appearance to voice their concerns

or suggestions over the proposed bylaw

before nation legalization begins on

Oct. 17, 2018.

Botha and Erskine get the blues

The communities of Botha and

Erskine safely have an answer when it

comes to signage around their homes.

Council made the motion to have

small blue rectangle shaped signs with

numbers representing locations at

each residence in the two hamlets all

in the name of safety.

Each resident will acquire this

blue sign and a steel post which will be

placed in the front yard of each home

as it is visually easier for emergency

personnel to find the home they are

needed to attend to.

Residents will, however, have the

option of moving their sign or placing

it somewhere on their home but must

contact the county and fill out an application

to change the location of the


From there, an assessor from the

county will determine if and where

another placement for the sign would

be better. All signs are required to be

visible from the main road.

Roadside vegetation

The county implemented a program

to eradicate troublesome weeds

throughout the area approximately

four years ago.

Each year, a third of the county is

sprayed for noxious weeds to accommodate

for budget costs and man

power. This year the crew is working

on weeds in the south third and have

since completed a full cycle.

The Agricultural Service Board

recommended the county should allow

staff to continue spraying into the

middle third of the county up to $58,000

in herbicide and manpower which is

money that was left from last year’s

budget. This money was not anticipated

in the 2018 budget.

Only 51 per cent was covered in the

middle third based on weather and

timing of growth.

Agricultural Fieldman Quinton

Beaumont was told by companies DOW

and Bayer that they were still supportive

of eradication of noxious weeds

at this time despite how late in the year

it seems.

The fieldman also said the program

was ‘seeing some ground’ after three

years but much more work is needed to

be done before the game of catch up is


A motion was made to stay in the

southern third of the county.

Consort and District Medical Centre Society

Box 688, Consort, Alberta T0C 1B0

In Action No.: P1602-900480, the Provincial Court of Alberta

determined that Sherri Galloway was wrongfully dismissed

by Consort & District Medical Centre Society. The Court

awarded Ms. Galloway wrongful dismissal and punitive

damages. The Consort & District Medical Centre Society

apologizes for any stress or pain that her dismissal or this

Action have caused Ms. Galloway.

SEPTEMBER 7-9, 2018

Friday, September 7






Saturday, September 8



T. Buckley Trio 6pm

Aaron Halliday (almost Alan Jackson) 7pm

Tre Twitty 9pm

Tim Hus 10:30pm

Give Em Hell Boys 12:15am





Canadian Country








Hugh McLennan & The Western Spirit 2pm


Colleen Rae 3pm


Alex Salmon & the Buffalo Band 4pm

Supper Break 5pm

Trevor Panczak 6pm

Fred Eaglesmith 7pm




Mahood 9pm

BEER GARDENS: Luckey Sonne 10:30pm

Trevor Panczak 12:15am

Sunday, September 9

Cowboy Church with Claud Zinger 10:30am


@ 403.742.6603

(price does NOT include camping)

Full weekend passes .............$110/person

Friday only ................................$55/person

Saturday only ...........................$75/person

Accompanied children under 17....... FREE

PLEASE NOTE: * Tickets are ONLY available by calling

403.742.6603. PLEASE do not purchase tickets from any

other source as these offers are fraudulent and will not

be accepted.

“Have fun and don’t wreck nuttin”

- Kevin MacDonald

DIRECTIONS Ol’ MacDonalds is on the

south side of Buffalo Lake. Take Highway 601 to

Range Road 21-2, turn north and follow signs.


Marijuana use strictly prohibited.

Please be advised that we are a ‘family campground’

and the use of these types of products are prohibited.

BEER GARDENS are all ages and will be open

until 2am. Beer and hard liquor will be available for

purchase and consumption inside designated licensed

areas. All alcoholic beverages must stay in designated

licensed areas or at your campsite. No outside alcohol

will be permitted in the designated festival grounds.

Licensed areas include Group Site 5, Grandma’s Kitchen

and the baseball diamond.

**Ol’ MacDonald’s Campground will be CLOSED TO

THE GENERAL PUBLIC and is only available with the

purchase of Festival tickets.

E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b A u g u s t 1 6 ' 1 8 3

Stettler Town Council

West Stettler Park bridge upgrades

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

West Stettler Park is due for some

much-needed work as two bridges in

the park will be worked on to make

them safer and more reliable for the

residents of Stettler.

The bridge adjacent to the gazebo

and the bridge near the playground

are in question.

Safety concerns were raised

regarding the older style bridges as

there are many holes in which children

can fall through into the canal.

Consistency and liability were the

main aspects council looked at in

terms of decision making.

Mayor Nolls said “Being as we are

going to be seeing one from the other it

is important that we maintain that

consistency as well so if it is within

visual it should be the same standard

as the other one as well.

“Also on the safety side, I get it. I

know it is easy to say that but occasionally

it does happen when kids get away

from us and sometimes we have to be

those people who look out for those

kids as well. That is our responsibility


Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Greg Switenky urged the panel of

councillors to move along with the

project before ‘the snow flies’. He also

mentioned this project was not

accounted for in this year’s budget but

can be accounted for and deferred into

the 2019 budget.

Council made a final decision to

award the tender to DNR Pressure

Welding Ltd. of Stettler in the amount

of $20,000 with ‘wiggle room’ towards

the structural renovations to the


Fixes include a new paint job and

steel beams will be added.

Goats get go-ahead

The Town of Stettler received what

many may call an odd request as a

couple from the area has asked to have

their property rezoned to accommodate

the farming of goats throughout

the summer.

In 2008, the property was zoned

Urban Reserve. A group of property

Cannabis Conversation

lights up in Stettler

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

A number of hot button items were

discussed during the Wed. Aug. 8

Community Cannabis Conversation

held at the Stettler Legion Hall.

As legislation moves further down

the political pipe, Stettler residents

were curious as to how legislation

would shape up in their town of

roughly 6,000 people.

“There was a variety of questions

as far as some of the regulations

regarding dispensing and what is

going to be allowed by the municipality

itself,” said Shelly Walker, Executive

Director of Stettler & District Family

and Community Support Services


FCSS Stettler hosted the event in

hopes of getting a wide variety of opinions

about the controversial substance

before the Town and County of Stettler

make any decisions.

Approximately 30 people were in

attendance with majority of the conversation

centred around the legal

ramifications of using the drug and

what constitutes a criminal offence.

“It was a really good open discussion,”

said Walker. “I think the biggest

concern right now has been municipalities

trying to work out their bylaws

surrounding it. It’s a really tough

struggle for them.”

The stakeholders panel consisted

of the local RCMP, Town of Stettler,

County of Stettler, Alberta Health

Services, Mental Health and Addiction

Services, Stettler and District Board of

Trade and Turning Point.

More public meetings will be held

closer to the date of federal legalization

on October 17.

“The community is pretty well

intune,” she continued. “We know that

[marijuana] has always been here, it is

just a matter of what it’s going to look


Drumheller house fire

deemed suspicious


Drumheller RCMP are investigating

an early morning structure fire in the

600 block of 1st Street SW, Drumheller,


Police were called to a residence

where a fire had started and persons

were believed to

be inside at the


The occupants

were safely evacuated

and no one

was harmed in

the incident.


RCMP and

Drumheller Fire

Department continue


investigate the

cause of the fire

3” wide version




Boyle, AB (West Alloy Yard)

Bidding Closes: TUESDAY, Aug. 21 • 11 AM

Inspection: MondAy, Aug. 20 • 9 AM – 4 PM

IncludIng: (11) 2014-15 Jobsite Containers, Equip. Trailer,

Cement Mixers, Power & Hand Tools, Safety Equip., more

Bid OnLine at:





and believe the fire to be suspicious in


Police are asking witnesses or

anyone with any information to contact

the detachment at 403-823-2630 or

to submit anonymous tips to

Crimestoppers. 1-800-222-TIPS.

18% Buyer’s Premium


owners in the area requested the

Town to rezone the land to a residential

zoning where it was determined at

the time that the intention of the area

was to transition to Industrial and

Council approved a rezoning to a

Direct Control Urban Reserve to maintain

the Urban Reserve purpose but to

also allow for property enhancement

as approved by Council.

In May of 2018 the Town received a

complaint regarding the presence of

goats at 4601 – 47 Avenue and the disturbance

they were causing.

Through the process of Bylaw

Enforcement the property owner

advised that they would like to have

goats on their property during the

summer months and the ones that are

present will be leaving by Oct. 15.

During this conversation the property

owner was advised that under the

current zoning, farming is not a permitted

or discretionary use and

therefore would not allow for the property

owner to have goats or any form

of livestock on their land.

The owner in turn has applied to

have property rezoned back to Urban

Reserve to allow for a farming usage.

After deliberation, council passed

first reading of the bylaw. A public

hearing is set for the first week in


Stettler Storm earn gold medals

The Stettler Storm U16 Ladies

Softball Team

won the “C”


Provincial Gold

Medal in Calahoo

on the July 14 and

15 weekend.

The team and

coaches were presented

an award

by Mayor Sean

Nolls on behalf of

the town for their

hard work.

2nd 11th Annual


Gun Show

at Ron Gorr Memorial Arena

at Ron Gorr Memorial Arena

Highway 27, Torrington, AB

Highway 27, Torrington, AB

Sat., Aug. 22 (10-5)

Sat., Aug. 25 (10-5)

& Sun., Aug 23 (10-3)

& Sun., Aug 26 (10-3)

Show and Sale of

Show Antique & Sale of & Antique Modern & Modern Firearms

Plus Related Plus Collectables.


Admission: $5; Accompanied Children 13 (12&under) & - FREE

For For more information info. call: call: Stan Stan Taylor (403) 556-5768

Moving Sale

of all the following & more

• Carpenter’s tools

& equipment

• Household furniture

• Yard equipment

Sat. Aug. 18 10am - 6pm

Sun. Aug. 19 10am - 6pm

at 130 Alberta Ave.

Halkirk, Ab (Checkel Res)

Life into Words

• Life Stories & Memoirs

• Family History

• Obituaries & Eulogies

Lori Knutson, Writer & Certified Editor

Hughenden, Alberta • 780.856.3385


The Estate of Clara Marie Dittrich hereby offers for sale by tender the following briefly

described property subject to the reservations, exceptions and encumbrances contained in

the existing certificates of title:

NW26-38-19-W4, containing 140.11 acres more or less; and

SW26-38-19-W4, containing 159 acres more or less

The sale of the property is subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned:

1. Vendor makes no warranties or representations about the property’s size/

measurement, condition or environmental status.

2. Buyer to be responsible for all costs associated with registration. Tender price shall be

excluding G.S.T.

3. Buyer may tender a bid on either parcel or both of them.

4. Tenders will be received by the lawyer noted below up to but not after 12:00 o’clock

noon on Wednesday, August 22,2018. Tenders should be forwarded to Landman Reule Law

Office in a sealed envelope marked “Dittrich Tenders”. A certified cheque equal to 10% of

the purchase price payable to Landman Reule Law Office must accompany the tender.

5. The balance of the purchase price to be paid by solicitor’s trust cheque or certified

funds on or before December 3,2018 (“Possession Date”).

6. Property taxes to be adjusted as of Possession Date.

7. Any surface leases will be assigned to the purchaser as at Possession Date but will

not be adjusted.

8. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

Please provide contact information, including a phone number, with the tender.


Lori R. Reule Barrister & Solicitor

4819 - 51 Street, Box 1630

Stettler, Alberta T0C 2L0

4 A u g u s t 1 6 ' 1 8 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w



Dale Emmett, driving a 1929 Dodge Brothers Victory 6 Roadster while dressed in period

clothing, throws candy during the Castor Parade on Aug 11. ECA Review/E.Wheller





Phil Dietz waves as he drives a Farmal, estimated to be a 1950 model, for the Castor Museum

Society, in the Castor Parade on Aug 11. Dietz is accompanied by Tina Ensign and Wendy Bain,

with Crystal Yang and Tammy Cooke from the Shangri-La following. ECA Review/E. Wheller

Lunch Available

Patrick Kelly, from OK Tire,

Castor drives a 1958 630

John Deere which belongs

to his father-in-law, Elliot


ECA Review/E.Wheller

Fred and Edna Preston Unreserved Retirement


Hanna Alberta Rural Residence #15007

From Hiway 9 west Hanna access go 1.9 km south on Range Road 144 ( black top ) to TWP Road 310 (gravel) and go west 1.9 km. to gate.

Auctioneer’s Notes : The Prestons have fully retired from farming and the land has been sold , As such Annett Auction Services will sell their line of equipment , household and sundry by Unreserved Public

Auction . All items are to be paid in full on sale day to Annett Auction Services , and removed from the premise as soon as possible . Loading assistance will be provided on sale day and by appointment there after

Tractors & Vehicles

* John Deere 6420 Diesel Tractor

FWA & JD640 loader * C/W JD 640

self leveling 7’ loader with quick

change and grapple

* 3151 hr. @ listing * Power Quad

shift Transmission * 3 point hitch

* Twin remotes * New injectors / New

injector pump (1 hour use) * 13.6-28

front tires , 18.4-38 rear tires ( good)

This is a very nice clean tractor . One

owner low hours . The injectors have

been changed as well as the pump

at John Deere in Hanna just prior to

the sale.

* Kubota B1550 FWA diesel Tractor

* 1018 hr. showing on meter * 18HP

Kubota diesel * FWA and 3 point hitch

* Missing front grill

* 1999 Freightliner Conventional

Road Tractor

* 702962 kms . * 500 hp Cummins

motor * 1FUYFDZB3XLA25136

* Eaton Fuller 18 speed transmission

* 4 way Diff. lockups * Wet Kit * 24.5

rubber * New Injectors


Box 1952, Brooks, AB T1R 1C7•Lic#331406•Ross W. Annett•Office:403-362-5252•F:403-362-5254•C:403-793-4715•

For Daily Updates, More Listings

* 1974 VW Beetle * serial#

1342574722 * Standard transmission

* Sun roof * Body appears to be good

condition, Car was parked and not

started again .

* 1992 Keri-Car (operational)

* on quad tires and rims * standard

cab and open box

* 1985 Buick LaSabre Limited (as is)

* 1976 C65 Chev Cheyenne Grain

Truck * 350 gas engine * Standard

5 speed split axle transmisson *

Wooden grain box

* 10,715 original miles

* 1959 International B160 3 ton

winch truck with Braden 20 ton


Agri. Equip. & Trailers

* John Deere 567 Round Bailer *

Mega wide pickup * 5x6 hard core

bails * Kicker exit

* 2360 JD SP Windrower * 6 cyl gas

motor * Hydrostatic drive

* WO2360X001245

* International 4000 SP Windrower

* 21’ drapper

* Honeybee Knife

* # 91000000051797 * 6 cyl. gas

motor * 18’ Certified Built Low Boy

Trailer * 2P9UH242811057219

* Tandem 7k axles on springs

* Hay Saver 665 double rake 10

wheels with hydraulic collapse

and swing # RP-5SX

* JD 9350 Hoe Drill 3x10’ drills

* steel packers * transport

* Kello-Built 16’ Tandem Offset

Breaking Disc

* MF/Klaus SP Combine

* 16’ Rakup pickup * Mercedes V8

240HP * Operational

* 53’ Scona Lowboy Drop Deck

Trailer * 53’ long x 9’ wide * LIve roll

* Flip over beavertail * Removable

Hay rack

* UFA Steel 2750 Bush Flat Bottom

grain bin

* Approx. 500 bushels of whole oats in

bin to sell separate

* Westfield J208-46 PTO Auger

* 27’ Flare stack pipe trailer

* 5’ Roto Tiller # 894894 (3 point hitch)

* Tool box and fuel tank on skid

* Quanity of 8’ Livestock panels

Yard & Garden

* Maschio 48” finishing mower (3 pt)

• We Come To Your Site!

• Cleanup Of Farm Yards, Oilfield

Bone Yards, Scrap Metal

& Farm Machinery

• We Supply The Equipment

And The Service

• Demolition work as well




August 25

11:00 am

* 14’ Aluminum fishing boat and trailer

with 20 hp Evenrude motor

* 500 gallon fuel Tank and stand

* 500 gallon Gas tank and stand

Tools & Shop Supply

* 6KW Generator on skid with 3 cyl

Kubota Diesel motor

* Yamaha Grizzley (parts)

* small drill press

* Acklands Mig welder (AK-Matil1250)

* Canox C-250 AC/DC stick welder

* Moto-Master Battery charger

* Pro-Air II 80 gallon upright air

compressor (220vt.)

* Signature Series 220volt Pressure


* Quanity of hand tools / saws / drills/

wrenches and mic.

Antiques & Houshold

* Association saddle

* Complete Master Climax Cook Stove

This is a guide to the sale and a

snap shot of the total listing.

There will be household items

and yard supplies as well as tools

and sundry that are not shown

as of listing date.

E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b A u g u s t 1 6 ' 1 8 5

Elnora Brahma Rama

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

The 20th Annual Elnora Brahma

Rama was one for the books as

many young men entered the ring

to test their agility and strength

against wild brahma cows.

Three teams of three set out to

essentially hold the large livestock

with a rope and milk it before

releasing. All six teams did not

reach a time.

The main attraction had several

experienced cowboys compete for

the buckle and higher Professional

Bull Rider (PBR) standings.

Australia’s Justin Paton came out

on top for his round 1 ride on ‘Kool

Aide’, scoring himself a solid 85


Nick Tetz of Calgary placed

second after scoring 82 points and

Wyatt Gleeson of Sundre took third

overall for a total of 79 points.

Elnora’s main event also held a

mini rank pony competition, pancake

breakfast and bathtub races.

Friday evening 19 two-year-old

bucking bull prospects were bucked

with a weighted dummy to simulate

the weight of a rider, for five seconds.

The bulls were scored with

the bull, 8-619 owned by Lindsay

and Vinee Carlier of X6 Ranch

coming in with the highest bucking

points at 84.75.

Second place went to Bull D30

owned by Dry Island Cattle

Company with a score of 84.25; 3rd -

Bull 624 owned by Nasen Vole of

Vold Rodeo scoring 83.25; 4th place -

Bull 100 owned by Flying High

Rodeo Co. at 82.5 points.

The committee estimated 1700

people in attendance.

Max Cunningham of Three Hills jumps as a wild cow lunges towards him during the Wild Cow Milking

portion of the 20th Annual Elnora Brahma Rama at the Elnora Agricultural Grounds on Sat. Aug. 11.

ECA Review/T.Huxley

Trochu team, from the left, Tanner Sharp, Dillon Schunert and Dillon Tindal wrestle with

a brahma cow in an attempt to slow it down long enough to milk it during the wild cow

milking competition.

ECA Review/T.Huxley

Tate Gall, right, smiles before opening the gate of their wild cow, with teammates, Max

Cunningham and Owen Van Doren. Three teams of three did their best to get a score by holding

the large animal and milking it into a tiny cup but no team made a time. ECA Review/T.Huxley

Now Open

• Complete Audiometric Evaluations

• Medical Referrals

• Hearing Aid Consultations

• Hearing Aid Fittings and

Ongoing Support

• No Obligation Hearing Aid Trials

• Custom Ear Plugs

• All makes and models of Hearing Aids

Sold, Serviced and Repaired

• Hearing Aids for all Budgets

• Batteries and Accessories

• 32 years experience

413 Main Street

Three Hills, Alberta

(403) 443-2288

1 (888) 536-MAXX (6299)

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm





6 A u g u s t 1 6 ' 1 8 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w


Medical school

graduates without

residency placements


The opinions expressed are not necessarily

the opinions of this newspaper.






Published by




Brenda P. Schimke

ECA Review

News reports in the spring of this

year highlighted the growing numbers

of Canadian medical school graduates

who were shut out of residency placements

in Canadian hospitals.

In 2009 there were 11 graduates

without a placement, this year there

were 115, up from 99 the year before.

When we add Canadians who have

graduated from recognized medical

schools in America, Ireland and

Britain and who subsequently passed

their Canadian medical exams, the

number being shut out of residency

placements is unprecedented.

It is sad and ironic

that the skills of so many

Canadian doctors-intraining

are going to waste

at a time when we have a

critical shortage of family


All our Canadian medical students

have at least 10 years of undergraduate

education, huge student debts and in

the case of Canadian-trained students

used the resources and space of taxpayer-funded

public universities.

It is sad and ironic that the skills of

so many Canadian doctors-in-training

are going to waste at a time when we

have a critical shortage of family


Now we learn from Saudi Arabia’s

Guest editorial

Ignorance is the enemy

of America

by Brian Wilson, News Editor

The Star News, Medord, Wisconsin

You can tell a lot about a person by

how they treat a watch dog.

The purpose of a watch dog is to

alert people about possible danger and

deter those with bad intentions from

carrying out their evil deeds.

The media is America’s watchdog.

It is the institution that maintains

hissy-fit leader, Mohammed bin

Salman, that our hospitals have many

Saudi state-sponsored medical residency

candidates and students.

Numbers have been hard to verify,

but it appears approximately 800

Saudis were taking up spots in

Canada’s teaching hospitals.

I suspect if the truth be known,

Saudi is just one of many countries

taking up spots and pushing

Canadians, who want to attend medical

schools or need a residency

placement, aside.

In defence of public universities and

hospitals, they have been receiving a

smaller share of public financial support

for the past 30 years. This trend

has forced post-secondary institutions

to make up a minimum of 30 per cent

of their budgets through revenue generation.

In addition to tuition fees,

there are two major sources of revenue,

corporate sponsorship and

international students.

Corporate sponsorship often comes

with a need to rationalize away a certain

amount of academic

independence, whereas international

students generate cold hard cash.

It’s a reminder for us. When a government

reduces deficits or income tax

rates by cutting budgets to publicallyfunded

institutions, there could be

unintended long-term consequential

and negative outcomes.

The latest Saudi example is clearly

an unintended negative consequence

for many Canadians. Those with the

marks and the passion to become doctors;

doctors-in-training needing a

residency placement; universities and

training hospitals who need international

students to balance their

budgets, and communities and individuals

that are desperate for a family


the collective conscience of our communities

and our country.

The media’s role is to hold a mirror

to those who seek power and to challenge

those who would use that power

for personal gain.

In American politics it is the moral

obligation of the media to point out

when a would-be emperor isn’t

wearing any clothes.

Turn to Not, Pg 7

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East Central Alberta


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Which is the real crisis?

Dear Editor,

Recently, an Angus Reid poll

reported that the majority of

Canadians think that illegal crossings

of our southern border have reached a

crisis point.

Here are the facts: we received 31,000

refugees since the start of last year.

More than usual but that’s happening


The UN reports that, last year,

Canada got only 0.2 per cent of the

overall refugee population in the


A challenge? Yes. A crisis? No. We

have a system and it works: real refugees

will be welcomed; liars and

criminals will be deported.

As for people coming to Canada illegally,

yes, some had no choice. Under

an agreement with the US, refugees

who are already in the US will be automatically

denied entry to Canada

because we officially consider them to

be already safe. But let’s get real. We

know what the US is doing to refugees,

and it’s far from safe (especially for

kids) so some chose to get arrested and

make their case. This is understandable

and, again, not a crisis.

Meanwhile, in the same week as the

Angus Reid poll, two American

researchers reported that they had discovered

three million tweets directed

at Canadians that had been generated

by Russian troll farms, proving that

Canada is definitely a target in

Russia’s clandestine -- and very effective

-- attack on western democracies.

The Russian goal is to get us worked

up about whatever relatively small

issue is making the news -- refugees,

Alberta Press Council

Do you have a concern or

complaint about a newspaper

article or ad? If after bringing

your concerns to the attention

of this newspaper, you are not

satisfied, you may contact

the Alberta Press Council


or toll free in Alberta at

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mail bag

JoYCe Webster


BoNNY WilliAMs

Circulation Manager

pipelines, etc. -- so that politicians are

so busy doing damage control that we

fail to respond to the real threat:

Russian aggression. Russian fake news

was right-wing, left-wing and just plain

upsetting (like turkeys being tainted

with salmonella).

Why is Russia attacking Canada? We

are a strong partner in the alliance of

democracies, and we supported sanctions

on Russia, particularly Putin’s

inner circle, in retaliation for malicious

cyber activities, attempts to

subvert Western democratic elections,

the invasion of Crimea, violent interference

in Ukraine, and it’s vile

support to the Syrian regime in

bombing its civilians.

These sanctions stop Putin’s buddies

from a number of activities -- including

getting loans -- that would allow them

to do worse.

It seems incredible that the

President of the United States is cooperating

with the President of Russia to

destroy western democracies.

The fact that Russian interference in

the US helped get Trump elected, and

Canadians are now falling for the

same tactic, is the real crisis.

What can we do? Don’t let ourselves

get upset over things that don’t matter.

Whatever issue worries us, we should

imagine the very worst that could


Some of these scenarios are troubling

but survivable. Some will destroy

democracy. Some will kill us.

Let’s stay calm and make sure we

focus on the real crisis.

Nora Abercrombie

Beaver County, Ab.

brenda sCHimke

Editorial Writer


Reporter 587-321-0030

YvoNNe tHulien


Gayle JarawAY

Marketing 403-578-4111

Lisa Myers-sortlANd

Graphic Artist


Marketing 403-740-2492


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E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b A u g u s t 1 6 ' 1 8 7

Janie Nelson, true partner on the ranch when needed

Janie Marjorie Nelson

1922 ~ 2018

Janie Marjorie Nelson passed away

Aug. 6, 2018 at the age of 95 in

Hanna, Ab.

Janie was born in

Vanguard, Sk. on Oct. 17, 1922

and was the eldest of three siblings,

Donald, Benjamin, and

Ada. She played an active

care-taking role in their early


Janie married John (Jack)

Sykes Nelson from

Hallonquist, Sk., on Dec. 23, Nelson

1942. She joined him on the

Nelson family farm, later moving to a

ranch at Cadillac, Sk. while Jack

worked there and at the PFRA community


During this time, they had two children,

David, born March 24, 1946 and

Hilda Mae, May 4, 1954.

In 1957, Janie and Jack purchased a

ranch south of Youngstown. Their

third child, Jerry, was born

Dec. 15, 1970.

Janie had many interests

including quilting, knitting,

gardening, raising chickens,

getting a good deal at sales

and visiting with dear

neighbours and friends.

Many quilts and sweaters

were gifts to family and are

still being used today.

Janie was an excellent

cook and in the early days of

her marriage cooked for the threshing

crews that came to harvest their crops.

Later, she cooked for branding and

weaning crews where meals were

always well-received – honest, delicious

fare. Janie was a true partner to



The Alberta Government has mandated every municipality sharing a

border must create an Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP). The M.D.

of Provost has created a draft IDP with Paintearth County that defines a

Fringe Area between the jurisdictions. Development in this Fringe will be

subject to the conditions of referral in this IDP when it takes effect.

The M.D. of Provost will hold a

Public Meeting on August 23rd, 2018 at 10:30 a.m.

at the M.D. Administration Office in Provost to gather input

from interested and affected parties.

The draft IDP may be viewed at and questions may

be forwarded to Lauren Grosky at

or by phone at (780) 753-2434.




Jack on the ranch, helping in any

capacity that he needed.

Janie’s faith was clear and central to

her days. She attempted to quietly live

it out in all her dealings with others.

In 2012, Janie and Jack moved to the

Hanna Lodge where they resided until

they transferred to extended care.

Janie was always interested in

everything that her grandchildren

were involved in and kept up with their

lives. She joyed in their many successes

and accomplishments.

Janie is survived by her son, Jerry

(Dianne) Nelson and grandchildren:

Sage, Kathleen, Cordell and Ainsley;

son-in-law Ralph (Jamie) Kassen,

grand-daughter Sarah (Scott) Corbin

and great- grandchildren, Lizzie, Jack,

and Jessica (Alabama) and grandson

Caleb Kassen (Taiwan); sisters-in-law,

Jo Trew, Sandra (Don) Kaytor and

Torrington to host 11th annual Gun Show

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

The Ron Gorr Memorial Arena will

once again be packed for a nearly soldout

show as the Torrington Gun Show


All 108 tables will be present and

filled with every hunter enthusiast’s


Most items shown can be sold or

traded but others remain more valuable

like collectible antiques.

The show’s success is evident in

every aspect as people from all over

western Canada have made a point of

stopping by to experience the show.

“We are sold out every year with a

waiting list of people wanting to get

in,” explained Stan Taylor, organizer

and founder of the Torrington Gun


“We always have some new exhibitors

who are new to our show,” he said

Handmade work as well as gun and

gun-related items are to be sold or

traded by the hundreds.

“Books are a big thing with our

shows and all types of guns; handguns,

shotguns, rifles, old, new, used and

antique,” said Taylor.

Parking is available in and around

the arena and a snack bar will be stationed

inside for those who get a

hankering for a snack.

Admission is $5 and the doors open

on Sat. Aug. 25 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

and Sun. Aug. 26 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Accompanied children 12 and under

get in free.

For more information, call Stan

Taylor at 403-556-5768 or Gerard

Gibeau at 780-603-7301.


Not the job of the media to be liked

Cont’d from Pg 6

To do less would be a betrayal to all

those who have sacrificed in the name

of speaking the truth and those who

have bled and died on battlefields to

defend what it means to be an


It is even greater betrayal to the millions

of Americans who rely on the

media every day for the information

they need in order to be active participants

in American democracy.

Despite whatever conspiracy theory

you may subscribe too, there is no

secret cabal of media elites. There are

no hidden protocols or shadowy figures

pulling the strings to manipulate

the media message.

That is the stuff of spy thrillers and

dime store novels and has about as

much basis in reality as unicorns,

fairies and science fiction space forces.

The media is not a monolith.

Writers, editors and the thousands of

other professionals who work in the

media speak with their own voices and

ask their own questions.

Among this vast sea of watchdogs

there are those who would embrace

the labels of conservatives, liberals

and moderates and those who would

eschew any political label as a tarnish

to their objectivity.

Among the ranks of newsrooms

there are military veterans and volunteers

and those who would go to the

wall in defense of American freedoms

and democracy.

It is no secret that President Donald

Trump doesn’t like the news media.

In particular, he is quick to label any

media outlets that are critical of his

regime as being “fake news.”

Trump has escalated his language

calling the media the enemy of the

people. He tells his followers to not

trust what they see and hear reported,

but instead listen only to him.

This is not the message of a patriot,

but echoes those of would be hucksters,

charlatans, tyrants and emperors all

standing naked on a stage claiming

that their robes and gowns are of the

finest cloth.

There have been many politicians

who have cursed the meddling media,

usually about the time when the politicians’

misdeeds come to light.

It is not the job of the media to be

liked, just like it is not the job of the

watchdog to be silent when the thief is

lurking in the bushes in the middle of

the night.

Lies, greed, and corruption are the

true enemies of America.

The men and women in the news

media who every day turn over the

rocks to shed light on the misdeeds of

politicians are doing their jobs.

They along with the voters who take

that information and make informed

decisions when they go to the polls, are

the champions of America, not its


You have to wonder about anyone, let

alone a president, who would tell you

to ignore the alarms and the barking

of the watchdogs and that he alone is

the keeper of the truth.

Yvonne Hammond, brother-in-law,

Gary (Karan) Nelson; and numerous

nieces and nephews.

Janie was predeceased by her husband

of 73 years, Jack; son David,

daughter Hilda Mae Kassen, brothers:

Don and Benjamin (Evelyn), sister

Ada (Lyle) Gilham, in-laws Allan

Trew, Carl (Marge) Nelson, Lottie

(Jack) Nebel, and Jean (John) Trew.

A funeral service will be held on Fri.

Aug. 17, 1 p.m. at the Youngstown

Gospel Church, with a private family

interment at the Youngstown


Donations in Janie’s memory can be

made directly to the Hanna Ladies

Auxiliary, Box 23, Hanna, AB, T0J


Condolences may be sent or viewed


Arrangements in care of Hanna

Funeral Services Ltd., Hanna, Ab.


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Hanna, AB





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Meet our Agriculture Services Team

A consistent stream of peas falls into the basin of a newer John Deere combine where a

prairie grasshopper stays above the pileup on Mon. Aug. 13. A few farmers in central Alberta

have begun to harvest peas in hopes of salvaging as much as they can after facing drought

conditions and extreme high temperatures for more than two weeks. ECA Review/T.Huxley

Harvest 2018 begins

during heat spell

We know that farming is more than a business – it’s a way of

life. We are committed to serving Canada’s farm communities by

providing flexible financial solutions that let you get on with the

business of farming. We’ll take the time necessary to understand

your unique needs. Together we can meet today’s challenges and

anticipate tomorrow’s opportunities.

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

The combines have been dusted off

only to get more back on as Harvest 18’

begins in east central Alberta.

The early start was mostly due to

drought-like conditions that much of

the prairies have witnessed this


The Alberta Crop Report explained

that the Central Region, spreading

from Rimbey to Airdrie to Coronation

to Oyen areas, crop conditions are significantly

below provincial average at

39.6 and 51.6 per cent respectively.

Poor subsurface soil moisture at the

beginning of the year made the

growing season tough on potentially

high yielding crops. The summer precipitation

the area has seen this year

was not enough to support better


The report also outlined that the

continuing heat and hail will lead to

smaller yields and lesser quality grain.

A few spots within the area were hit

with hail as well as the odd thunderstorm

which carried small to decent

amounts of rain.

Crops under drought stress have

been burning up and maturing much

quicker than what is normally

expected with some pea crops close to

reaching desiccation.

For livestock usage, there is a

shortage of hay in some areas and pastures

are struggling to keep with

consistent grazing.

Although conditions are unfavourable,

as the saying goes “There is

always next year”.

Scott McKenzie

Relationship Manager

Stettler and Coronation Region

403-742-3464 Ext. 305

Roddy Campbell

Account Manager

Three Hills to Calgary Region


Sherry Marshall

Account Manager, Small Business

Stettler Region

403-742-3464 ext. 300

Erin Logan

Account Manager, Small Business

Oyen Region

403-664 - 3601 ext. 300



Three Hills - Tues.

Coronation - Wed.

Oyen - Mon. (by Appointment)

HANNA - 410 2nd Avenue West


CANMORE - Unit 103B, 1205 Bow

Valley Trail • 403-675-3300


Both 3/8

& 7/16 @


18 49

Stettler Building Supplies Ltd.

Where Quality & Service Still Count.

4201-49 th Ave., Stettler, AB

403 743 0684

Stettler Mon – Fri 7:30 Building AM - 5:30 PM; Sat Supplies – 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Ltd.

Garry Belisle

Relationship Manager

Red Deer to Three Hills Region


Wanda Peterson

Account Manager, Small Business

Hanna and Coronation Region



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E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b A u g u s t 1 6 ' 1 8 9

Count On Us

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Who eats Alberta Beef?


Demand for Alberta beef remains

strong, both domestically and internationally.

Jason Wood, provincial

livestock market analyst with Alberta

Agriculture and Forestry (AF), breaks

down the numbers from the recently

released Agriculture Facts 2018.

Estimated Alberta beef production

was 732,051 tonnes in 2017, up five per

cent from 2016. “Of that,” says Wood,

“Albertans consumed 16 per cent, or

117,128 tonnes. Canadians – outside of

Alberta – consumed 51.3 per cent, or

375,542 tonnes. Alberta exported 24.3

per cent, or 177,888 tonnes to the U.S.,

while 8.4 per cent, or 61,492 tonnes, was

exported to other countries.”

The domestic demand for beef is

strong in Canada. Explains Wood,

“Comparing changes in beef consumption

and price shows that

consumption decreased about 8.4 per

cent between 2013 and 2017 while the

indexed price of beef rose 19.5 per cent

during that same period. As well,

average per capita beef consumption

was 25.9 kilograms in 2017, up marginally

from the previous year.”

Wood adds that the average of various

retail beef product prices, as

reported to Statistics Canada, shows

that prices have remained relatively

flat, averaging $19.30 per kg

in the first five months of

2018. “Based on this average,

retail beef prices are down

five per cent from highs in

2016 but remain eight per

cent higher than the five

year average.”

“By comparison, an

average of various retail

pork and chicken products

shows that prices have

shown more stability than

beef,” says Wood. “The

average retail pork price for

2018 is $12.77 per kg, on par

with 2017. That is down

three per cent from the high

in 2016 and five per cent

higher than the five year


The average retail chicken

price in 2018 is $7.40 per kg,

up two per cent from 2017,

but down 1.6 per cent from

2016 and 1.6 per cent above

the five year average.

“While domestic prices have

fluctuated, they have shown

more stability compared to

global price indices for red

meats and poultry,” notes

Wood. For more information

about beef production numbers,

contact Jason Wood at


We have what you need year ‘round at the prices you deserve

Erskine Auto Electric


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Starter, Alternator & Generator Repair

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42 years of electrical excellence Serving Western Canada since 1976

Bill & Yvonne Dyer

Erskine, AB

100% Canadian Owned

Henry and Debbie Michielsen

Castor 403-882-2490

Alliance 780-879-2267

Don’t let CRA become the

unwanted beneficiary of your farm!

You’ve worked hard to build your legacy....

let’s make sure it ends up in the right hands.

Call the Team at Boys Financial Services

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Worry free crop storage

great farm service is



Fuel & Lubricants

Hardisty Bulk Sales &

Agri-News cool the crop temperatures down, crop1204),

A little preparation prior to harvesting

can ensure worry-free winter

allowing crop


to be safely stored over


including a



of moisture

Coronation Bulk Sales

the winter.”

crop storage. Harry Brook, crop specialist

at the Alberta Ag-Info Centre warmer temperatures and low

bin, or contact the

Wes Hillmer, Manager

Drying via aeration requires migration a

Commercial· Agricultural· Industrial · Oil & Gas Industry

looks at solutions to potential storage humidity, which are often lacking in Alberta Ag-Info


the fall.

Centre at 310-



“Warm or wet conditions at harvest “Fall temperatures will continue to



403. 578.8217 CELL

and multi-staged crops are potential drop, lengthening the time it takes to

ingredients for storage problems,” says


bring moisture levels down. Even dry,

hot grain placed in a bin creates moisture

Propane - FLAMAN Rentals - Nutrena Minerals

Gallagher Fencing - HI Hog/Morand Livestock Equipment

“You’ve spent a lot of money and

migration. It takes time for grain

time getting the harvest in the bin. to stop respiring and moisture to

Take the time to monitor the stored equalize in the bin.

grain’s condition and cool those bins “The hot grain or oilseed creates circulation

in the bin. Cold air outside

down. Don’t get an unpleasant surprise

when selling the grain with will cool the grain against the bin

discounts or by being rejected for sides and moisture will move down the

heated grain or insect problems.” outsides of the 403-882-4040

bin the come up the

Specializing in

Brook says producers should clean middle. If there is any place for the

up spilled grain from around their moisture to accumulate, 5501 it 50 will Avenue, be just CAstor

bins to prevent them from becoming below the top, middle of the bin.

breeding sites for beetles.

“Green seed or immature seed in

“Most empty grain bins will have the bin may also contain more moisture

and add to ® the Firestone problem. is a registered This trademark is of Bridgestone Licensing Services Inc., used under license.

The OK Tire mark is a trademark of O.K. Tire Stores Inc.

some form of insect or mites feeding

on the cereal crop residue. These bins why it is imperative when harvesting

need to be swept or vacuumed out with hot grain to cool it quickly. Aeration 403-882-3211

the debris being either burned or under hot harvest temperatures is



important to get the grain or oilseed

“Malathion can be sprayed into a temperature down to a safe storage

OK Tire Castor

bin to control insects in the nooks and level.” 5501 - 50 Ave., Castor, AB

crannies feeding on crop debris, but Find more information on the


only in those bins that will be used to Cereal Grain Drying and Storage webpage

store cereals. It is forbidden to use


malathion in bins used to store$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/


“Empty bins can also be treated

with diatomaceous earth prior to Optimize

storing all crops. Diatomaceous earth

can also be added to the crop as the bin

is filling as a preventative measure.” combine

Storing the crop is also risky, especially

with hot or damp grain, says

Brook. “Safe storage is a combination


of both the temperature of the grain

and its moisture level when stored.


The Grain Storage - FAQ webpage The Canola Council of Canada

($department/ (CCC) has released a new web-based

deptdocs.nsf/all/faq7402 ) contains a application to help producers with

list of crops and the maximum moisture

combine adjustments during harvest,

content that are considered to be maximize yield, and edge them closer

‘dry’ at and safe to store.”

to an average yield of 52 bushels per

Hot grain also acts as a beacon to acre by 2025.

cereal grain insects. “Rusty grain beetles

Turn to Optimization, Pg 12

are good

fliers and they

home in on hot

grain, infiltrating

the bin and

starting to breed

in the high moisture


The Grain

Storage - FAQ

webpage also

includes a chart

that show approximately

how long

damp grain can

be stored safely

and estimates the

amount of time

for safe storage.

“Be warned

that deterioration

can start to occur

before the time

expires,” says


“It still has to

be either dried or

aerated. Grain

aeration is best

used in the fall to



David Unruh

Cell 403-323-6787 Home 403-742-4673

4410-48th St., Stettler, AB


With over 260 locations FARM (3276). in towns and cities across the country, you’re n

from good value, great service, and straightforward advice when you n

For the latest specials on Firestone farm tires, stop into your local OK





Junction of highway 9 & 41

Oyen, AB


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Agriculture Industry

Crediting STARS for his auto-accident survival in 2011, Three Hills resident Morley Ramsay

with top income producers Lynn Tanner, Chesney Anderson, Rylee Jones, Easton Comte,

Nikki Hiron and Ernie Goddard at the 29th Annual STARS Ride-a-thon, held at the TL Bar

Ranch, east of Trochu on Hwy. 585, Aug. 12.

ECA Review/D. Nadeau

4702-51 Ave., Stettler, AB


Galen Wiebe

PH 403.742.4101 / 800.949.9052

FX 866.305.5686

Bay 2, 4905-44 Ave,

Stettler, AB T0C 2L0

STARS Ride-a-thon

realizes $47,000

David Nadeau

ECA Review

Good thing Morley Ramsay of Three

Hills was at the 29th annual STARS

Ride-a-thon on Sun., Aug. 12.

His survival story gave a sharper

focus to why 152 riders and horses,

trailers and trucks flooded the TL Bar

Ranch, east of Trochu on Hwy. 585.

A head-on collision left Ramsay

near death in 2011.

“It is so good to be alive today,” he

said in his remarks at the rider recognition

ceremony. “STARS is an

incredible service and it’s possible

because of your continued support. I

would not be here if not for STARS. I

hope you never need it, but it’s there if

you do.”

In addition to silent auction donations

from nine communities, a poker

rally and quilt raffle, riders from four

years of age to 90 years of age


Organizers report $47,000 was realized

by the day-long event. In its

29-year history, the ride has been

responsible for $800,000 being raised

for STARS.

Rumsey’s 83-three-year-old Ernie

Goddard for example, assembled

nearly $9,000 in pledges. This Ride-athon

has been going for 29 year and

Goddard hasn’t missed one. Other top

senior riders included Lynn Tanner

and 90-year-old Marvin Donaghy.

Between them, junior riders Rylee

Jones, 11, Chesney Anderson, 6, and

Easton Comte, 4, raised $6,669.

Grazing ditches allowed

Lacombe County approves use of

ditches for livestock grazing

In response to the dry conditions in

the area, Lacombe County Council

passed a motion at the August 9

Council meeting to temporarily allow

the grazing of livestock in ditches.

“The hot weather and lack of moisture

have negatively impacted

pastures in the County, and we want to

support our agriculture producers by

providing them with this option to feed

their livestock,” said Reeve Paula Law.

Lacombe County residents may use

roadsides to graze for the remainder of

the 2018 season under the following


• The livestock owners will remain

liable for any damage caused by livestock

to: County roadsides, utility

company infrastructure or damage to

adjacent properties by livestock that

are at large.

• Livestock owners may fence roadsides

adjacent to their own property,

however, will need to get signed permission

to fence roadsides adjacent to

lands they do not own.

• Fencing must be removed by

October 1, 2018

• Owners that do not remove fencing

may be charged for the cost of removal

should the County need to remove it

for their operations.

• Subsequently, the County will not

be liable for damage to temporary

fencing that is caused by normal maintenance


• Due to higher traffic volumes and

speeds, fencing adjacent to paved roads

is prohibited.

For more information on this, please

contact: Paula Law, Reeve 403-348-1755

or Dion Burlock, Ag Fieldman, 403-782-


“You can COUNT ON US for our commitment in providing

exceptional service to you, our valued customers.”

Robert Norton

Castor, AB

Office: 403-882-4271

Ag Solutions

Feeding The Future

It’s Time to Check Out...The Canadian

The Canadian Farm and Ranch Benefits Plan

Farm & Ranch Benefits Plan

Operate a Farm or Ranch?

• Prescription Drug Coverage (up to $50,000 per person per year)

• Dental Coverage (up to $2,000 per person per year)

• Out of Province/Country Travel Medical Emergency Coverage (up to

180 days per trip; no “pre-existing conditions” or “stability limitations”)

• Guaranteed Coverage for farms and ranches with 3 or more qualified

owners and employees.

• Also available to operations as small as one person. Fully customizable to fit

your needs.

• Safe • Smart• Stable (fully-pooled means you are protected from high renewals

due to high claims).

Blocksom Financial Services

Hanna, AB

Chamber Of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

Lindsey Grover

Coronation AB

Office: 403-578-3302


12 A u g u s t 1 6 ' 1 8 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w

Count On Us

for everything on your farm

Optimization tool a valuable follow-up

Cont’d from Pg 10

The combine optimization tool was

developed on behalf of the CCC by the

Prairie Agricultural Machinery

Institute (PAMI) and is intended to

assist with the process of setting the

combine for canola harvest. The new

tool can be found at

alongside calculators for

target plant density and seeding rates.

“In combine adjustments for all

crops, we are trying to balance productivity

with harvest losses and

grain quality but most producers

know firsthand the particular challenge

this can pose for canola

harvest,” says Angela Brackenreed,

CCC agronomy specialist. “We often

see an unacceptable level of loss that

is frustrating to correct.”

In 2016, the CCC released a video

explaining the loss measurement process

and revamped the Combine Seed

Loss Guide. Brackenreed says the

combine optimization tool is a valuable

follow-up. “Simply suggesting

that setting adjustments need to be

made when there are high losses is

much easier said than done, particularly

with challenging harvest


The combine optimization

tool takes the traditional

diagnostic settings flowchart

and puts it into a

web-based application you

can access on your phone.

Growers can go through a

* Accepting New Patients * Hygiene Services

* Flexible Appointments * Child Friendly

* We offer direct billing to most insurance companies

* Mon- Fri 8:00-4:00

Dr. V.N. Patel,

General Dentist

4906-51 Street Stettler, Ab

t:403 742 6741



stepwise process based on

the harvesting issue they’re

experiencing (i.e. grain loss,

grain sample quality or productivity)

and review the

adjustment options most

likely to correct the issue.

Consort AB.

Stettler, AB.



• Hyrdaulics • Heavy Duty • Industrial • Oilfield Supply • Automotive

Call Mike


TK Ranch

Custom Meat Processing

Bin Anchors

Don’t Let The Winds Bother You!

Located south of Coronation, AB



Low stress handling - Quality cutting

and vacuum packaging - You’ll always

get your own meat back & we won’t

mix your trim with others

Call 1-888-TK Ranch


• Lathework • Drilling • Milling

• Grinding • Welding

A wide variety of

• Shafts • Plates • Parts • Flanges

• P.T.O. Shafts

Can be built or rebuilt.

For Any Industry

• Agriculture • Gas & Oilfield

• Pipeline & Road Construction

• Automotive

(403) 742-6185 (Res.) (403) 740-9209 (cell.)

(403) 742-8822

Don’t stray from the herd.

Take the next step to protect your business from the unknowns with livestock price insurance

for Alberta producers. WLPIP provides price insurance for fed and feeder cattle, and calves

to manage your bottom-line. Prices vary greatly year to year — find out how to protect your

operation today. • 1.877.899.AFSC (2372) • @AFSC_AB

E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b A u g u s t 1 6 ' 1 8 13

Count On Us

for everything on your farm

Pre-harvest perennial weed control


The later stages of the

growing season are a very effective

time for controlling

perennial weeds such as

Canada thistle, quackgrass, and


“At this time of the year,

perennial weeds are preparing

for winter by putting energy

reserves into their root systems

and the application of a glyphosate

product now generally

provides very good control of

these weeds,” says Mark Cutts,

crop specialist at the Alberta

Ag-Info Centre. “Glyphosate is a

systemic herbicide that moves

through the foliage into the root

system and results in the death

of the entire plant. Applying

glyphosate to a standing crop is

referred to as pre-harvest and

has become a very common

management practice.”

“It should be noted that in

order for the glyphosate application

to be effective, the weeds

need to be actively growing,”

Cutts adds. “With drier conditions

in areas of the province

this growing season, an evaluation

of these weeds should be

made before a herbicide

East Central AB Review-9.4856x7.25in


Cutts says that producers

considering pre-harvest as a

management tool for their crops

should consider several factors.

Registered crops

Pre-harvest glyphosate is registered

on a number of crops

including cereals (wheat, barley

and oats), a number of pulse

crops, canola, and flax.

“Producers growing barley for

malt should contact their malt

buyer to ensure a pre-harvest

application is acceptable. It

should also be noted that a preharvest

application shouldn’t be

applied to a crop that’s being

grown for seed due to potential

reductions in germination and

vigour levels.”

Timing of application

For registered crops, pre-harvest

applications should be done

when seed moisture is less than

30 per cent. Says Cutts, “This

moisture content can be

assessed by using the thumb

nail test or visual test. For

example, in registered cereal

crops, 30 per cent seed moisture

correlates to the hard dough

stage of the grain. At this stage,

a thumb nail impression

remains on the seed. In a field

pea crop, a visual test is used.

At 30 per cent seed moisture the

majority of the pods (75-80 per

cent) are brown. For visual

symptoms for remaining registered

crops, you can refer to the

Crop Protection 2018


Rate of application

The standard rate for glyphosate

in a pre-harvest application

is 360 grams active ingredient

per acre. “Due to variations in

the concentration of glyphosate

products, producers will need to

ensure that the glyphosate

product is being applied at the

proper rate. For example, the

application rate will vary from

0.67 to 1.00 litres per acre

depending upon the product

being used.”

Time required

A minimum of three days are

required after the application of

the glyphosate before a crop can

be swathed or harvested. “If

weather conditions aren’t

favourable after the glyphosate

application, waiting a few extra

days may benefit weed control,”

says Cutts. For more info: 310-

FARM (3276).

“Where Members Matter Most”

5002-50 Avenue, Castor, AB • 403-882-3950

“Your Plop is our Crop”

Rollie’s Vac Systems (1991)

We Clean:

• Septic Tanks • Sumps • Portables • Holding Tanks

We do the Job

No one Else Will Do!

Call to Book Your Appointment


PO Box 665, Stettler, AB T0C 2L0

Working for you!

Working for you!

Working for you!

Working for you!





TAYLOR for you!













Hats off to WES MLA River-Wainwright Battle



TAYLOR River-Wainwright farmers… farm

Hats off


working to Battle


hard, River-Wainwright






MLA farmers…

hard, working safely.

Hats Battle

Battle off working to River-Wainwright

River-Wainwright Battle hard, River-Wainwright working Constituency safely.

Constituency farmers…



working 780 842-6177 hard, (toll free: working 310-0000, then 780 842-6177)

780 842-6177 Battle working Battle River-Wainwright (toll free: hard, River-Wainwright

310-0000, working Constituency then safely. 780

Constituency Office 842-6177)


780 842-6177

Battle 780 Battle 842-6177

(toll free:

River-Wainwright (toll

310-0000, free:


Constituency 310-0000,

780 842-6177)

Office then 780 842-

780 842-6177 (toll

780 842-6177 (toll free:

free: 310-0000, then 780 842-6177)

310-0000, then 780

Hats off to Battle River-Wainwright farmers…

August 15 – October 1, 2018 *





Synthetic 5W-40

5L $33.49

18.9L $123.99


208L $1,350.99



per drum




Triple Protection 15W-40

5L $19.49

18.9L $65.99

208L $749.99



per drum

Stettler, Hanna & Delia UFA Petroleum

Reinbold Petroleum Ltd.

Stettler: 7007A St. 50 Ave. 403-742-2647

Hanna: 605 1 Ave. West. 403-854-4370

Delia: 101 Railway Ave. 403-364-3922

*Fall Lube & Filter sale prices in effect from August 15 to October 1, 2018. Products may vary by location and are available while supplies last. Price does not include GST, PST, drum or tote deposit or levy. © 2018 UFA Co-operative Limited. All rights reserved. 13349

13349_Fall Lube 2018_Custom Ads.indd 12

2018-08-07 10:50 AM

14 A u g u s t 1 6 ' 1 8 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w

Count On Us

for everything on your farm



• CBS’s James

Corden, on “The

Shop,” LeBron

James’ new HBO

talk show: “Apparently,

(it’s) going

to be him and four

random guests

you may or may

not have heard

of. You know, like

when he plays


• Patti Dawn

Swansson in

the River City

Renegade, on

Jets’ utility player

Marko Dano signing

an $800,000

contract: “Nice gig.

Sit in the press

box, watch 82

hockey games, eat

popcorn, collect

800 large. The

least Dano could

do for that kind of

coin is file a game

story and sidebar.

On deadline. Also

gain about 40

pounds and wear

wrinkled clothes

that don’t fit. Then

he’d feel right at

home with the

rest of the boys on

press row.”

• RJ Currie of

“Toronto dealt

veteran southpaw

J.A. Happ to the

Yankees. Which

makes the Jays

even more Happless.”

•Scott Ostler of

the San Francisco

Chronicle: “Former

NFL running back

Ricky Williams,

who once took a

break from smoking

weed to swear

to me that he was

done smoking

weed, is selling his

own line of weed

products, ‘Real

Wellness by Ricky

Williams.’ I hope

it’s better than the

line of baloney he

used to sell.”

from the bleachers

Canada’s TV

sports personalities:

Who do you like?

by Bruce Penton

Choosing your favourite

television sports personality

is hardly a scientific matter.

It’s like asking someone to

pick their favourite colour

or their favourite brand of

vehicle. It comes down to

personal preference. You

like green? I think blue is

better. You’re a GM guy? I’ll

take a Ford.

Same goes with TV sports

personalities. There are

dozens to choose

from, in a number of

categories: Play-byplay;


commentators; analysts;


program hosts;

anchors. Some are

smooth, some aren’t.

Some are more professional


others. Some are Penton

truly annoying.

Some are simply terrible.

I say toe-may-to, you say

tom-att-o. I say left, you say


So take the following with

a grain of salt but let’s have

some fun.

Play-by-play — Jim

Hughson, CBC’s No. 1

hockey guy. Knowledgable,

knows when to shut up,

keeps his cool. Runner-up —

Dan Shulman, so easy to

listen to a ball game with

him describing the action.

Colour commentator —

Russ Howard, explains the

strategic nuances of a

curling game better than

anyone. Runner-up — Kelly

Hrudey, enthusiastic,

former goalie knows hockey.

Analyst — Elliotte

Friedmann, the most informative


believable guy on

TV. Runner-up —

Bob McKenzie,

only Friedmann




Submit your

runs or call in to

sponsor. Proceeds

to go to Terry Fox


Call your rep today.

has more hockey scoops.

Interviewers — CBC’s

Scott Oake, no contest. Treat

to watch him get his subjects

to open up and divulge the

most interesting nuggets;

Runner-up — Sara Orlesky,

who always asks the right

questions of CFL players.

Program hosts: Rod

Smith, who steers CFL on

TSN. Well organized, lets his

colleagues do most of the

talking. Runner-up — Ron

MacLean, who is

not the star of

Coaches Corner,

but so clever with

the English


Anchors —

Evanka Osmak

of Sportsnet, a

great presenter

and one of the

few in her position

who doesn’t

go overboard with bogus

enthusiasm; Runner-up —

the duo of Jay Onrait-Dan

O’Toole, who combine

sports news with entertainment

and guffaws.

Seven who just missed

making the grade: James

Duthie, Cassie Campbell,

Rod Black, Scott Russell,

Gord Miller, Farhan Lalji

and Darren Dreger.

Four who cause me to

change the channel: Kate

Beirness of TSN tops this

list, followed closely by Don

Cherry. Third and fourth

are Bob Cole, who is no

longer at the top of his game,

and Buck Martinez, whose

voice is … well, unique and


One man’s opinion, but

probably not your’s.

Count on Us to keep you

Healthy & Happy


Box 179 Castor, AB T0C 0X0


fax 403-882-2349



• Ex-QB Jay Cutler,

in a teaser for his

wife Kristin’s ‘Very

Cavallari’ TV series

on E!, on the secret

to raising chickens:

“Feed them,

water them … it

can’t be that hard.

It’s got to be easier

than raising kids.”

•Comedy writer

Jim Barach: “PGA

Tour player Justin

Thomas says he

is inspired by

his grandparents.

Which may

explain why the

average round on

the PGA Tour now

takes five and a

half hours.”

• Barach again:

“Hackers hit the

PGA’s computer

system, locking

them out of files

for ransom. It was

the biggest incident

of a hacker

with the PGA since

Charles Barkley

was allowed to

play in a pro-am.”

• RJ Currie again:


store in London


early Christmas

by opening a new

Yule-themed shop

Aug. 2. ‘You call

that early Christmas?’

said Leafs

fans. ‘We got John

Tavares July 1st.’”

Aeroquip Hose Headquarters

4706 Victoria Ave.,

Coronation, AB

Ph: 403-578-4567

Fax: 403-578-4566

Mon. - Fri. 6:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.;

Sat. 8:30 a.m. - 12 noon

Open through Noon Hour

• Electrical Electrical, &


Instrumentation & Fabrication Services

• Bench Proving









- Turbines, PD,


Provost Vortex


780.753.4700 - 3/8” - 10”





• Mobile Proving - Volumetric & Gravimetric

• PLC Programming

• Burner Management Systems


780-753-4700 403-578-2584

Proudly supporting

our Farmers

and Ranchers















Rick Strankman,

MLA Drumheller-Stettler

Stettler 403-742-4284

Hanna 403-854-4333

Drumheller 403-823-8181

Linden Tree Farm

Hardy Locally Grown Trees and Shrubs

Feature Trees Size Price

Colorado Spruce 4’-6’ $75-$120

Dakota Pinnacle Birch 7-10 gal. 5’-7’ $90

Laruel Leaf Willow 10-15 gal. 7’-9’ $75

Manchurian Ash & Green Ash 10 gal. 6-7’ $90

Mt. Ash – American 7 gal. 5’-6’ $75

Poplar-Various 5-10 gal. 5’-8’ $30-$75

Royalty & Selkirk Flowering Crab 7 gal. 5’-6’ $75

Schubert Chokecherry 7 gal. 6’-7’ $60

Weeping Birch 7-10 gal. 6’-7’ $75

Feature Shrubs

Cotoneaster, Dogwood, Lilacs, Mock Orange, Mugo Pine,

Potentilla, Spirea & more

Bare root poplars available in October

Many other trees and shrubs available

Complete fall price list at:

email: or call/text 403-888-9178

Waste collection,

industrial waste management

and many more

environmental services.


We stand by our

local farming communities

Other Services Include:

Other Services Include:

• Shop & Portable Meter

Shop Portable Meter



• Shop Repairs

Shop Repairs

• Rental Recorders

Rental Recorders

• Control & Safety

Control Safety

Systems Maintenance

Systems Maintenance

• PLC Programming

PLC Programming

• Control Panel

Control Panel



• Field Construction &

Field Construction Maintenance


• Modular Building

Modular Building



• Extensive Safety

Extensive Safety



• Burner Management Sy

Burner Management Sy

E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b A u g u s t 1 6 ' 1 8 15

Ph. 403-578-4111 Classifieds Email:

Classified Ad Rates

$13.50 + tax for 25

words or less + 20¢ a word

after 25 each week or 3

weeks for $37.50 + tax

(based on 25 words or less).

Reach 75,000 readers with

your classified. This

includes For Sale, For Rent,

Card of Thanks, Coming

Events, etc.

Payment Necessary

All Classified Ads are on a

Cash Only basis and must

be prepaid before running.

There will be a $5.00

service charge on every

classified not paid for prior

to publication.

we accept cash, cheque,

e-transfer, viSA or MC.

it is the responsibility of

the advertiser to check ad

the 1st week and call us if in

error. The Review is

responsible for their

mistakes the 1st week only.

Deadline For Ads

All classified ads must be

received by 5 pm on

Mondays preceding

publication. For Too Late To

Classifieds ad must be

received by 10 am Tuesday.

Ph. 578-4111. Mail to Box

70, Coronation, AB T0C


Real Estate


155 acres east of

Alix. Older 1800 sq.

ft house. Older

30x144’ barn. New 2

bay 40x60’ quonset

w/cement floor.

Large corral system.

20x40’ cattle shelter.

Two dugouts. Oil

lease. 780-898-


3000 acres of complete

high end cattle

& grain operation for

sale in


Manages 2k to 3k

cow/calf operation

with complete solid

infrastructure. 200k

acres cultivated.

Contact Doug @

306-716-2671 or



Mobile Homes

WE ARE “Your Total

Rural Housing

Solution” - It’s time

to let go & clear out

our Inventory. Save

on your Modular/

Manufactured Home.

Visit: www.


com or www.United



only $4,397. Make

Money and Save

Money with your

own bandmill - Cut

lumber any dimension.

In stock, ready

to ship. Free Info &

DVD: www.


com/400OT; 1-800-

567-0404 Ext:


Thank You

The ECA Lakers


Fastball Team

would like to thank

Dryland Cattle &

Border Vet Clinic

for sponsoring us

this ball season.


shop? Post Frame

Buildings. AFAB

Industries has experience,

expertise, reliability

and great construction


For a free quote,

contact Ryan Smith

403-818-0797 or

email: ryan.afab@

STEEL building

clearance ...

“Summer Overstock

Sale - Blazing Hot

Deals!” 20X21

$5,845. 25X27

$6,588. 30X31

$9,564. 33X35

$9,833. 35X35

$11,955. End Wall

Included. Pioneer

Steel 1-855-212-


METAL roofing & siding.

37+ colours

available at over 55

Distributors. 40 year

warranty. 48 hour

Express Service

available at select


Distributors. Call


Feed and Seed

PINTAIL winter

wheat. Very high

yielding. Excellent

dual purpose: Forage

or Grain. Reduced

awn, ideal for greenfeed

or swath grazing.

Low inputs -

High Profits.

Extremely Hardy -

Ideal for first time



994-2609 (cell).

Custom Baling

east central area

New JD 560M round baler

Round bales with

wrap or twine

Bale hauling also available

Call or text Bob @



buying Green,

Heated or


Canola. Buying: oats,

barley, wheat & peas

for feed. Buying

damaged or offgrade

grain. “On Farm

Pickup” Westcan

Feed & Grain, 1-877-


Business Directory




- tree pruning

- tree removal

- height reducing

- hedge shaping

- disease diagnosis

and management

I.S.A. Certified



TWO-Bottom plough

with 3 pt hitch and

chemical sprayer

tanks are required by

a Canadian missionary

farmer working in

South Sudan. Talk or

text John @ 403-




TROUBLE Walking?

Hip or knee replacement,

or conditions

causing restrictions

in daily activities?

$2,500 tax credit.

$40,000 refund


Disability Tax Credit.


Help Wanted




Opportunity, Manager

of Recreation &

Culture. The Town of

Stettler offers an

opportunity to make

a positive difference

in our community.

The Parks and

Leisure Services

Department is seeking

a dynamic and

energetic Manager

who can demonstrate

a passion and professional

approach to


Recreation and

Cultural Services. A

Manager who is

committed to earning

the trust, respect and

confidence of the

community; one who

will play a central

role in engaging with

external stakeholder

groups and customers

who use community

facilities and programs.

Reporting to

the Director of Park

& Leisure Services

this full time position

will work as part of a

dedicated team of

creative employees

that exemplify the

Town’s Mission

Statement to:

“Provide a high quality

of life for our residents

and visitors

through leadership…”

The position

will have administrative,

policy, financial,

public relations, and

strategic responsibilities,

as well as managerial


for the Parks and

Leisure Office and

Fitness Supervisors.

The successful candidate

will have

strong communication

skills, and help

provide facility and

community relations

oversight to all areas

within the PLS

Department. The

Town of Stettler

strives to provide a

workplace culture

that is encouraging,

welcoming, supportive,

and respectful;

where the health,

safety and security of

our employees is a

priority. The preferred

candidate will have

the following qualifications:


post-secondary education

in a course of

studies commensurate

with the primary

responsibilities of this

recreational management


Related employment

to demonstrate a

combination of managerial


relevant to this recreational


position. A valid

Class 5 Drivers

license. The Town of

Stettler will offer an

internally equitable

and competitive salary

with standard

employment benefits

to a suitable candidate

based on qualifications

and experience.


candidates should

forward or locally

drop off their resume

in confidence by

Wednesday August

22, 2018 to: Greg

Switenky, Chief


Officer, 5031 - 50

Street, P.O. Box 280,

Stettler, AB T0C

2L0. The Town of

Stettler thanks all

interested applicants,

however only those

applicants selected

for an interview will

be contacted prior to

Friday August 31,




Restaurant & Cafe

30 hrs/week guaranteed.

Potential to

take over in future.

Wage to be discussed.

Drop off

resume in person.

Rent this space for as little as


Call 403-578-4111

• Specializing in Repairs to ALL Makes & Models of RVs & Trailers

• Full selection of RV Parts & Accessories • RV Storage

403 742 5667


by Allison


Veteran, AB



Repair Corp is currently


applications for the

following full time



Person. The ideal

candidate will have a

friendly and outgoing

personality, excellent

communication and

organizational skills,

and the ability to

multi-task in a busy

shop environment.

Duties will include:

general reception,

customer service,

invoicing, preparing

estimates, and ordering

parts. Wages

dependent upon

experience. Please

forward resume (w/

references), or questions

regarding position



deliver in person to

Rangeland Auto

4609-East Service

Rd Hwy 12

Coronation, AB



In-demand career!

Employers have

work-at-home positions

available. Get

online training you

need from an

employer-trusted program.

Visit: or

1-855-768-3362 to

start training for your

work-at-home career


SEEKING a career in

the Community

Newspaper business?

Post your

resume for FREE

right where the publishers

are looking.



JUMP 360

Trampoline Park

Auction, 6833 - 66

St. Red Deer, AB

Tuesday, August 21

@ 4pm. Trampoline

Jumping Mats &

Pads, Jumping Bags,

Foam Cube Pit,

Foam Interlocking

Floor Tiles, Play

Centre, TV’s &

Computer Equip,

Kitchen &


Lockers, Office, etc.


Bill’s Waterwell


Well Drilling


Pumps & Repairs

Well 403-747-2120


Pumps & Repairs




• Plumbing

• Gas Fitting

• Air Conditioning

• Sheet Metal

• Commercial


Serving the Big Country

(403) 854-4774

Centre Street

Hanna, AB

Coming Events

GARAGE Sale Fri.

Aug. 24 10-5 p.m.,

Sat Aug. 25 10-5. 2

mi west of Stettler on

Hwy 12. Assortment

of horse equipment,

bells, collars, tools,

saddles, buggy,

camping gear,

household items,

dishes, BBQ, camp

stove, rain barrel,

tractor with cultivator,

mower, harrows,

mower and sprayer

and John Deere lawn

mower. 403-742-




Call 403-578-4111


Sheet Metal


Heating & A/C

4901-50 St Castor AB

403 882 3388

24 Hour On-Call Service:


S. Barnes


For Livestock

Hauling Call

Stan Barnes

Res 403 578 3265

Cell 403 575 5264


Bullarama August 25.

Gates open at 2 p.m.

Saddle bronc riding,

bull riding. Great

family entertainment.

For mutton bustin’

and wild pony races

sign up at (780) 583-




Why suffer employment/licensing



opportunities? Be

embarrassed? Think:

Criminal Pardon. US

entry waiver. Record

purge. File destruction.

Free consultation




Big Country


& Building

Supplies Ltd.

• Custom New Homes

•All Farm Buildings

• Renovations

• Windows and Doors

• Overhead Doors &


• Retail Sales

Quality Customer Care



Quality Collision Repair

and Professional Service…


Find out more about us at:

Phone: 403-742-3555

4109 - 48 Avenue, Stettler

GET back on track!

Bad credit? Bills?

Unemployed? Need

money? We lend! If

you own your own

home - you qualify.

Pioneer Acceptance

Corp. Member BBB.




“Bikes To Big Rigs”



It is not too early to start thinking about this year’s

Business Profile magazine.

Tell your story to our Readers!

Feature your business and the people who make it work.

Issue Date: Nov. 1, 2018

Deadline for ad copy: Thurs. Oct. 18

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Call your rep. now to book your space

Gayle Judy Office

403-575-7120 403-740-2492 403-578-4111

Hanna Motor Products

600 West Industrial Road

Box 760, Hanna, AB T0J 1P0 Toll Free: 1-888-426-6246

Ph: (403) 854-4427 Fax: (403) 854-2952

Automotive Technician Or Apprentice

Get out of the Hectic City to a Friendly Small Town Atmosphere

Automotive Technician for Busy GMC Dealership in Hanna Alberta

Modern well equipped shop with an Excellent Teamwork Environment


Journeyman Technician with GM Diesel and Transmission experience

Mechanical Aptitude and knowledge of current automotive systems

Ability to maintain courses in product and technical knowledge

Diagnose vehicle problems and interpret work orders

AMVIC, Commercial and Out of Province Inspections

Other duties within the scope of this of this position: As Assigned

HMP offers a competitive compensation package & benefits program

Apply with Qualified References to:

Service Wise -

We Specialize


Stettler, AB


Meat Packers

Government Inspected


RR #2 Bashaw, AB

Ponoka County


780 372 2178

16 A u g u s t 1 6 ' 1 8 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . R e a l E s t a t e / H o m e s

E C A r e v i e w



• Comedy writer

Alex Kaseberg:

“HBO’s ‘Hard

Knocks’ featured

the Cleveland

Browns’ training

camp. They held

an intra-squad

scrimmage and

for the first time

in NFL history, the

Browns lost.”

• Dwight Perry of

the Seattle Times:

“Smithfield Foods

has been ordered

to pay $470 million

to neighbours

for the smell from

a hog farm. Don’t

go getting any

ideas there, Oriole


• Bob Molinaro of

(Hampton, Va.),

trying to look on

the bright side of

Johnny Manziel

throwing four

interceptions in

his CFL debut:

“That did give him

an opportunity to

make two tackles.”

Care to comment?


The shelf life for

Facebook, Twitter

and the like is


Send birth,

wedding, birthday

& anniversary


to the ECA Review

to ensure that these

life-changing events

become part of

history forever,

and for as little as

$13.50 in the word

classifieds to a

display ad with photo

for as little

as $73.50.





Your tree health specialist

and surgeon with over

17 years of experience


for all your

tree care needs

Regular pruning of your apple tree every

2 years helps promote healthy apples and reduce

various diseases. Call David today to have your

apple tree assessed for optimal tree health.



& Renovation

Box 590 Veteran AB T0C 2S0

Phone 403-575-3864

Cell 403-575-5036

Dark Knight Electric

Residential & Commercial

Electrical Solutions

Dane Jackson

BOX 996

CASTOR,AB 403-740-4812

T0C 0X0

Nest Chair by Stylus

Back by



Mon - Fri 9 am-5 pm

5015 Victoria Ave., Coronation, Ab


Largest Selection of

• Carpet • Area Rugs

• Linoleum • Tile

• Laminate • Hardwood

A.L.L. STARS Realty Ltd

Ph. (780) 434-4700


Hm/Off. (403) 578-2255

Cell. (403) 578-7000

5118 Alexander Ave., Coronation

- Large 7 bedroom bi-level home

located across the street from the

golf course. Features a large double

attached insulated and heated

garage, and main floor laundry.

REDUCED $195,000 $189,000

4818 Royal St., Coronation -

Excellent Location. 2 Storey

Commercial/Residential property on

corner of Royal & Victoria. Apartment

a full residential 3 bedroom. Great

location for a restaurant, pub, office

or retail. Listed for $70,000

5016 Norfolk Ave., Coronation -

1150 sqft 5 bedroom 3 bathroom

manufactured home on a full

basement. Multiple updates including

siding, window, furnaces, H2O on

demand, bathrooms, flooring etc. This

is a spacious property located close to

all amenities. Listed for $129,000


5401 Norfolk, Coronation - 1200

sqft 3 bedroom bungalow on a corner

lot across the street from the hospital

in Coronation, AB This home features

original hardwood thru out, fenced

backyard & detached garage. Listed

for $99,000

4465 Park Crescent, Coronation,

AB - Large lot with a 20’x24’ garagecement

floor, insulated and heated. 2

sheds. This property is ready for a

snow bird to park their RV in the

summer or a new mobile home.

Listed @ $24,900

4439 Park


Coronation - Beautiful 22’ wide

3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on a

large fenced yard with south facing

deck! Listed @ $185,000

5101 Norfolk Ave, Coronation -

1420 sqft home. This property has

been gutted and renovated from the

top to bottom. 2 bedrooms, large open

loft, deck, fenced yard, RV parking and

an apartment the generates $650/

month! Listed for $165,000

5314 Victoria Ave., Coronation -

Spacious 16’x72’ mobile. This mobile

is located on a residential lot near the

hall in Coronation. 3 bedrooms, 2

baths, open floor plan, 5 appliances,

and garden shed. REDUCED $79,900


4613 Imperial Ave., Coronation -

Spacious 3+1 bedroom bungalow.

This home features a main floor

laundry, a large fenced back yard and

a large car port. Currently rented.

REDUCED $119,900 $109,000

New Listings

(780) 753-2960

Provost, AB

Customer Satisfaction

is our business

4402 Park Crescent, Coronation,

AB - 2 bedroom mobile home that

has been substantially renovated!!!

Siding, windows, flooring, paint,

trim, doors. This is clean and

comfortable home on a large lot.

Listed @ $24,900

4802 York Ave. Coronation, AB -

Beautiful newer 1640 sqft bungalow, 5

bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, main floor

laundry, fully developed basement,

double attached insulated and heated

garage, fenced backyard, hot tub, 5

appliances and so many other upgrades

and bonuses! Offered for $375,000


11531 TWP RD 364 County of

Paintearth - 11.96 acres, 1396 sqft 3

bedroom bungalow, 30’x40’ quonset,

well developed shelter belt, approx. 8

acres hay land. Great for the horse

lover or hobby farmer! Listed @


for additional






August 16






Sat. August 18 9:30 to 4:00


promoting local saskatoon syrup &

fresh berries ($5/person, 3yrs & under free)

u 11:00-4:00 PETTING ZOO

(Admission: Donation to Smiles thru Lindsey)



COFFEESTREAM - gourmet refreshments & saskatoon or berry pie

Kids “Free” Planting Activity • Scavenger Hunt • Live Music




Mon. - Fri. 9am - 6pm

Sat. 9am - 5pm

Sun. 10am - 5pm

26554 HWY 11, Red Deer, Alberta

(3 minutes east of 30 Ave on Hwy 11)


@ParklandGarden • Find us on

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