Trouble in Installing Driver of HP Printer?


This presentation represents the way to resolve trouble in installing driver of Hp printer. If you are getting any type of problem-related to this presentation, just give a call to Hp Printer Helpline Number Canada: 1-778-806-1736.
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Trouble in Installing Driver

of HP Printer

Don’t worry, we will get you through this

problem easily as our services are offered

step by step. The instructions are designed

by the team of experts. Please let us know

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to hear your feedback and we’ll try to

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First let us know what a driver in a printer is and why is it

used? Driver or a print processor is a software that

converts the data to be printed into the format specific to

a printer. The purpose of printer drivers is to allow

applications to print without knowing the technical details

of each printer model. Without a driver, printing cannot

be done on a computer. The software and drivers for an

HP printer should only be downloaded from the official

HP website. Some drivers are available to users in cdrom

or pen drives, so you can install them by following

the steps given below:

1. Insert the power cord into the power


2. Press the ON button to turn it on

3. Press the setup button

4. Open the setup from the drive of removable

storage( cd-rom /pen drive)

5. Wait for the installation to complete

6. Click on complete.

But if there is no such option and you have to

install it on your own then just follow this step

by step guide:

1. Go to the official HP website

2. Download the latest version according to the

compatibility with operating system and type of printer

and model .

3. Through default or manual configuration add the printer.

4. Install

5. Click on complete

Voila! Now you are ready to print from your printer. Let us know

if you have further trouble in installation by our round the clock

services on the toll-free numbers. HP Printer Support

Canada: 1-778-806-1736 will be happy to help you by telling

you the reason behind improper installation.


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