Why Choose Kentico? A Melbourne Kentico Developer’s Perspective


For an excellent CMS platform, choose Kentico. Newpath Web are a certified Kentico developer in Melbourne and can help your business get the website of your dreams. Talk to us to find out more information about this incredible content management system today!

Why Choose Kentico? A Melbourne

Kentico Developer’s Perspective

CMS platforms are (usually) open-source, meaning that anyone can

build anything for them. If you have a WordPress site and want a

contact form, there is a plugin that someone else built already. If there’s

not a custom-made solution, you can just make it yourself. However,

Kentico (a popular CMS platform) is not open-source, and when you

purchase a license, you get access to hundreds of ready-made solutions.

Newpath Web is a Kentico developer in Melbourne and here are

four reasons to choose the popular platform.

High-Cost Short-Term, Low-Cost Long-Term

If you’re only building a website for six months, then fine, choose

WordPress. But if you want a long-term website, Kentico is

immeasurably cheaper. Every dollar you pay gets put back into new and

exciting features, bug fixes and general improvements that WordPress

plugins are (typically) unlikely to receive. Instead of getting two years

down the line and $50k deep on your website (that sucks), get Kentico

and watch your website grow and grow!

Immense Security

Open source means that anyone has the underlying code for the

platform. While this sounds nice, the outcome is that hackers and

scammers can equally take the code and work out backdoor fixes that let

them log in as they please. Kentico doesn’t allow this. Each module is

rigorously tested and secured to ensure that the code is not susceptible

to break-ins, ensuring business and customer data is safe for years to


A Wide Variety of Native Functions

If you’re managing a WordPress website and you need to add a new

plugin or feature, you have to think long and hard about what it might

interact with. Apps built by different people all function in different

ways and can often clash and cause significant issues. Kentico avoids all

this by ensuring that every element plays perfectly well with each other.

Not loss of your homepage because of a particular plugin, just easy,

simply implementation, and great results.

Easy-To-Use Layout

The interface of Kentico is super-easy and effective. On platforms like

WordPress, each element of the site is held in slightly different areas,

making it quite difficult to navigate effectively. You might want to

change one setting and completely switch off the website! Kentico

doesn’t allow you to do this with easy back-end management long-term.

Talk to A Kentico Developer Today

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