Get Best Deal On Second-Hand Car Accessories In Singapore


Get the best deal while purchasing new or used car accessories. Everise Auto have Used Car Dealership authority to buy & sell second-hand car or accessory in Singapore. We have more than 8 years experience to deals in car export, scraps car & used car spare parts services. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us.

Everise Auto is one of the best Car Dealer In

Singapore, who have authority to sell used car

Accessories or Spare Part at a reasonable price.

5 Most Useful Car Accessories to Buy

Glass/Bottle and Can holder

While driving most of the people prefer to enjoy

drinks, especially coffee when heading to the

office. But with the help bottle holder, it is quite

easy to hold bottles and cans.

Handy Air compressor

The handy air compressor is the most suited device

you can manage with. It is electrically powered and it

comes with a built-in compressor which inflates the

tire in 5 minutes. This allows you with a 10 to 15

minutes ride to reach the mechanic shop.

Daytime running LED lights

The daytime running LED lights is most required

accessory these days. They are smart and are

designed to lit all day. These lights are not that

bright but will allow you to see a few distances


Shade Holder

Indeed a thoughtful idea for every car driver to

manage the shades and clip them safely. Sunglasses

are a must when you drive the car to avoid direct

contact with sun rays. The shade holder will help you

in managing the sunglasses at a proper place.

Blind Spot mirror

While driving SUV’s and other vehicles, there are some

blind spots where it is unable to judge the area. This

leads to collision and might damage the car. To avoid,

the blind spot mirrors are quite helpful as they provide

you a clear view when looking through them.

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