Viva Lewes Issue #144 September 2018



Bánh mi baguette

French-Vietnamese fusion sandwich

The French colonial period in Vietnam lasted from

1887 to 1954, and you can see their legacy in the

architecture, the language… and the food.

Which is why Pestle & Mortar, on Lansdown Place,

who specialise in Thai and Vietnamese food – offer

on their menu board a ‘bánh mi’, which is a French

baguette filled with a very Asian-tasting filling. I was

curious before I tried one. Now I’m an addict.

There are many choices of filling, but the first one

I sampled – pork with garlic and coriander – was so

tasty I haven’t yet moved onto another, four lunches

down the line. Other ingredients include pickled

vegetable, fresh chilli and coriander, mayonnaise and

Sriracha chilli sauce.

But there are so many other options, the potential

combinations seem limitless: instead of the pork you

can have Malay chicken, or Portobello mushroom, or

jackfruit with hoisin sauce, or fried tofu, or avocado;

other optional ingredients include vegan mayo,

chicken-liver pâté, and houmous.

Having ordered, I sit at the bar by the window, and

wait: four looooong minutes.

It’s difficult to take photographs when your body is


in the circumstances, I’m pleased with the above picture.

It’s a big hit, as ever, of course: a double-whammy

chewy-crunchy texture with multiple explosions of

piquancy, tang and zing.

Anyway, I hope this gets my need to tell people about

the bánh mi baguette out of my system, because I’ve

become known as something of a Vietnamese sandwich

bore in the office. And all for £5.50. Nuff said. AL



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