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doTERRA European Living Magazine Summer 2018

This is the Summer 2018 of the European doTERRA magazine. Feel free to browse at leisure to appreciate the great work that this Company is doing to help farmers and communities where the plants that produce Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are grown and how these Oils and many other natural products are assisting so many people with symptoms of poor health and to assist with preventative health care. For further information or to get access to these products watch our 3 introductory videos at or text/call +447970494774. Thank You. David Miller

doTERRA European Living Magazine Summer

EUROPE 4TH EDITION Copaiba Essential Oil from the Amazon PAGE 8 Chocolate Delights Infused with Essential Oils PAGE 12 Health & Happiness Essential Favourites PAGE 6 Jasmine & Neroli Essential Oils of Egypt PAGE 36

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