MENZIES AVIATION and PeoplePlus Info sheet


Inspiring people to realise

their potential

At PeoplePlus we specialise in offering

a Managed Service approach to your

apprenticeship requirements delivering

directly in our expertise areas (Leadership

and Management, Customer Service, Retail,

Hospitality, Business Administration and

Business Improvement Techniques) and

sourcing and managing expert delivery

partners to meet your needs. Our operating

model is designed for your peace of mind,

giving you a single point of contact for all

your apprenticeship provision.

Members of your leadership team set

an example of the progression available

having risen through the ranks and we

know that you believe that true excellence

is only delivered by people with the

knowledge, tools and passion to set

standards rather than chase them.

We understand that Apprenticeships

may not yet have become part of your

DNA and that the introduction of the Levy

has given you the incentive to offer this

opportunity to some of your existing

workforce of 36,000 employees across

the group as well as become part of your

talent pipeline.

Why are we saying all this? Common

goals and shared ambitions sit at the

heart of our employer partnerships. We

believe these are fundamental to the

success of all our programmes and have

shaped us an organisation.

03 01 Menzies Aviation and PeoplePlus in partnership

Menzies Aviation and PeoplePlus in partnership 04 02

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