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A very warm welcome to our very first edition of “In The Wash” is our seasonal newsletter

designed to share news and updates on what’s happening at Classeq and across our brands,

Eau de Vie and Ice-O-Matic.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any comments or suggestions relating articles you’d like us

to include, or areas of the business you’d like to know more about. Or for that matter, anything

else you think may be of interest …

Just email me on or pick up the phone and give me a call on

extension 049.

Lee Henchy

Marketing and Graphics Executive

Classeq Ltd

New & Improved Factory

In October last year we opened

our new specially designed factory

in Stafford. To celebrate, Managing

Director, Gary Jones cycled all the

way from Stafford to Meckenbeuren

on Lake Constance in Germany, to

deliver the factory’s door key to our

international headquarters. Gary

cycled an epic 1,400 kilometres

which took 11 days – where he

presented the key to Jürgen and

Ralph Winterhalter, amidst the

welcoming cheers from the team

who all turned out to greet him.

Our new factory represents a new

era for the business as it continues

to go from strength to strength.

Since starting production in the

UK in 1977 – marking 40 years

of successful trading – we have

grown a strong foothold across

Foodservice markets supplying,

pubs, restaurants, hotels, cafes,

and catering operators with an

innovative range of warewashers

for crockery and glasses.

Our ‘Made in Britain’ machines

(never more important with Brexit

in our sights!) are backed by a

reputation for excellence and

reliability, and renowned for

quality, speed and simplicity,

enjoying features normally

associated with a much higher

price tag.

In the words of our CEO

Winterhalter , David Smithson:

“This is an incredibly exciting move

in Classeq’s growth, and underpins

our 100% commitment to our

manufacturing future in the UK.”

You may already know that we

produce more than10,000

warewashers each year, and now

with capacity for long-term growth,

we employ over 50 people in the

UK with around 40 jobs being

created locally in Stafford. The new

show room facilities on site have

proved to be a real benefit as now

our customers can see and experience

the products first hand.

“This is an incredibly exciting move in Classeq’s growth, and underpins our 100% commitment

to our manufacturing future in the UK.

David Smithson, CEO Winterhalter



Here in the marketing team we work hard to gain editorial

coverage across the wide breath of the hospitality and catering

media to promote our product and drive excitement and

interest in Classeq products. Below is a quick snap shot of

some of the exposure we gained in 2018 together with the

help of our comms partner, the Canny Group:




You may already be familiar with the latest

addition to our range of dishwashers is the

digital P500A Pass Through Dishwasher

which has been designed for intensive and

high volume daily use. This range of hood

dishwasher is perfectly suited to any busy

kitchen and are capable of cleaning up to

720 plates per hour. Three wash cycles

(1.5 minute, 3 minute and 5 minute) allow

for maximum output without compromising

wash quality whilst saving energy too.

The new, easy to use Digital LCD display

allows you to adjust key settings to the

machine (temperatures, rinse and wash

times, chemical dosage, and stores usage

information) to ensure it is being used to

its optimum performance.




The new and ground breaking Elevation Series of

ice machines has been launched and showcased

at the recent Hotelympia. These modular cube ice

machines are easy to clean, easy to service, simple

to operate and environmentally responsible without

sacrificing productivity.

The Elevation Series provides clean, dependable full

and half cube ice from an astonishingly user-friendly

and energy-efficient machine designed to work as

hard as you. We believe design simplicity equals

operational excellence, and innovation goes beyond

just adding bells and whistles.

New, exclusive, ground-breaking design technology

offers a completely unique solution to the problem

of hot-air discharge clearance – the Dual Exhaust.

This unique feature discharges hot air from both

the side and top, so regardless of air flow

requirements this machine adapts, making it the

ultimate solution for tight spaces regardless of air

flow restrictions.


The main event...

March saw Hotelympia open

its doors at ExCel and Classeq,

Eau De Vie and Ice-O-Matic all

had a significant presence and

where we took the opportunity

to launch the new Ice-O-Matic

Elevation series of ice machines

and the new P500 Pass Through


The show was a big success

attracting strong new business

leads, as well as engagement

with existing and potential customers

and further consolidating

our reputation as a leading

service provider in

warewashing, water solutions and

ice machines. We also took the

opportunity to undertake three

different surveys for each of the

Classeq, Ice-O-Matic and Eau de

Vie’ brands, to help us understand

consumer and customer behaviour

and perceptions to aid our

on-going marketing programme.

We had some great results and

thought you would be interested

in what visitors told us about their

concerns over water provision in

their business and their growing

focus on plastic waste which is

high on the consumer’ agenda:

“Have a little water with

your plastic!”

• 96% of visitors surveyed said that

they thought the Hospitality Industry

should be doing more to tackle the

presentation of table water and in

particular, the single-use plastic bottle


• 75% said that they were very

concerned about the possibility of

plastic leeching into the water in

terms of contamination, with 94%

confirming they would rather be

offered freshly purified water in

establishment’s own reusable, glass


- 63% of those asked felt that we

should go even further here in the

UK, and that the Government should

legislate to ban the use of single-use

plastic bottles.

Those that we talked to were very

clear that they would like the Hospitality

Industry to lead on the question

of sustainable water provision and

they would like to see establishments

that are still using plastic bottled

water change to more sustainable


This illustrates the strength of

feeling on this issue which has

come to the forefront of media

attention and environmentalists

in the last 18 months or so

against a backdrop of ocean

plastic and the increasing

destruction of our environment.

(Each day people buy a

staggering one million single use

plastic bottles per minute around

the world.)

Eau de Vie is central to the

industry in providing great

solutions as establishments

recognise the opportunity to

market their own signature

waters from which they can make

more profit, add to their

sustainability pedigree and meet

consumer’s aspirations.

The door is open for us – and our

team will be stepping through

that door to help many customers

in the months’ ahead

implement new ways of

presenting water and

contributing to a new and more

sustainable era in reducing waste

and meeting consumer demand.






Many of you will be aware we were awarded

‘Suppler of the Year’ Award at the recent

Nisbet’s sales conference. And, THANK YOU

to everyone across the business for your

contribution – together we are a team! Our

customer service, attention to detail and

ongoing support to Nisbets sales teams were

all cited as contributory factors in helping the

company win the coveted number one slot.


You may have seen the publicity on TV

relating to the Ocean Rescue Campaign

and the increasing presence of plastic

waste in our seas and across the

environmental generally.

But did you know that…..

• Plastic bottles make up 10% of all

litter found in the River Thames

• More than 8 million tonnes of

plastic are dumped into the ocean

every year

• 79% of plastic in landfills, 12% of

plastic is burnt and only 9% of

plastic is recycled

• 480billion plastic bottles were sold

in 2016 at an unhealthy rate of

20,000 per second

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