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Practice MEET”



“I had been thinking about setting up what is now known as Bath

Artists’ Studios for some time. I was earning a living as an illustrator

and occasional painter of portraits but I had always wanted to be a

‘proper’ artist and still didn’t feel like one. Perhaps if I was around

enough proper artists more of the time that would change.

Having a studio somewhere else would also get me out of the

house. I was looking for a more stimulating environment where

I could explore the ideas that were bubbling away in my head. I

wanted a place where I could make sculpture, films, collaborate,

have exhibitions, create a stir. That sounded like an arts centre! As

there was no such place nearby I decided I had better start one

myself. Bath was just down the road from the village near Bradfordon-Avon

where I lived so I started it there.

BAS is essentially the same today as it was back then: a place

where people make things, sometimes extraordinary things, but

also a place where there’s the opportunity to discuss, argue, learn,

teach, laugh, think, and be who you want to be.

In the affluent, world-heritage city of Bath, BAS is an odd sort of

place. In stark contrast to the many elegant Georgian terraces and

crescents just a stone’s-throw away, it is housed in a crumbling

building that might otherwise be left to fall into further disrepair.

But against the odds it continues to thrive, because of the creative,

dedicated people who doggedly continue to work in it. BAS is

what it is today because of them, and it deserves a better, more

permanent home in the city.”

“...a place where people make




Bath. A UNESCO world heritage city, a peerless collection of Georgian

architecture, a three hundred year history as a centre of British society and

culture. Historically a destination for poets, painters and musicians. Bath’s

traditional combination of leisure and learning continues into the present. An

internationally renowned tourist destination, the city is far more than a collection

of pretty houses. Once home to heavy industry it boasts two Universities and

is acknowledged for its strength in the creative industries. Bath’s visual arts

tradition also boasts a distinguished pedigree, from Lawrence and Gainsborough

in the 18th Century, Hodgkin and Blake in the mid 20th Century not to mention

a plethora of acclaimed artists associated with Bath Academy of Art and it’s

successor institution Bath Spa University School of Art and Design.

So, small Bath may be, but certainly it’s perfectly formed - what more appropriate

location could there be for a creative hub for artists, designers and makers?

Founded by David Cobley in 1997, the studios were originally named Widcombe

Studios and were housed in a former infants school in the Bath district of

the same name. In 2003 the studios moved to its current premises a former

commercial building on the Western edge of the city, roughly doubling in size

in the process so that today it includes workspace for more than 50 artists and

makers, residency studios, a teaching room and a gallery. Since relocating, BAS

has changed to its present name and become registered as an educational


The combination of making and learning – ‘where learning and practice meet’

- were always at the heart of Bath Artists’ Studios ethos and when in 2003

the organisation registered as a charity, this spirit was enshrined in its mission

statement ‘To advance the education of the public in the understanding and

appreciation of the arts’.

Since its foundation over 20 years ago, Bath Artists’ Studios has not

only provided a base for dozens of artists and makers but has offered a

comprehensive programme of classes, workshops and educational projects,

exhibition opportunities, residencies for recent graduates and local and

international exchange, in particular contributing to the ties between Bath and its

twin city of Kaposvár in Hungary.


Where there are artists and creatives, so a vibrant and attractive

environment grows and blossoms around them. This is not just fancy.

Time and again it’s proven – Temple Bar in Dublin, Manchester’s

Northern Quarter, East London, Fruit Market Hull. Or embedded within

single buildings – King William Dockyard in Devonport, Spike Island in

Bristol. Innovative regeneration initiatives and property developments

have increasingly recognised this, working with artists to create

spaces that become highly sought after as places to live, visit, work

and play. Magnets for new business, the retention of graduate talent

and a new dimension to tourism. What might otherwise become dead

environments are transformed into communities vivid with life.

As a part of Bath’s cultural infrastructure, we see the future as

being with our city, providing an accessible and welcoming creative

resource for its communities. If we can create the winning mix of

location, partners and stakeholders our goal is to secure long-term

and sustainable premises in which to build on our record of providing

affordable, well appointed accessible facilities for education, events

and exhibitions. In doing so we aim to contribute to both Bath’s

economic growth (through the retention of creative talent within the

city) and its reputation as a cultural centre (by ensuring Bath’s future

is as a city where art is made, not merely presented). To realise our

ambition we are interested in partnering with developers, landlords

and our colleagues in the cultural, education and wellbeing sectors to

create new, innovative and sustainable models for creative spaces fit

for purpose in the 21st century.

Our future is also implicit in our mission statement ‘To advance the

education of the public in the understanding and appreciation of the

arts’. In this spirit, we will develop our current model into a vibrant

place where the visitors, students, artists, designers and makers

encounter convergence between production, participation and

presentation – truly a place ‘where learning and practice meet’.



“My first encounter with Bath Artists’ Studios was renting a studio space for a month in

2015. This positive experience led me to becoming a studio holder on finishing the Art and

Design Foundation Course at Bath City College.

Completing an intense series of studies can leave you feeling bereft, in terms of friendships,

support, technical expertise and facilities. I am fortunate to now have a working space that

enables me to develop a professional practice and to experience being part of a community

of artists. The diverse community nurtures and enriches my practice as a Textile and Mixed

Media artist. I find support and challenge. This encourages me to continue to explore and

experiment and to be influenced by other artists.”

With over 50 workspaces, Bath Artists’ Studios is the largest

and most diverse creative hub in Bath and North East

Somerset. For over 20 years, we have provided workspace

accommodation for a rich and inclusive mix of painters,

sculptors, printmakers, community artists, photographers,

ceramicists and makers. The number of practitioners that

have been based at the studios over the two decades

can now be counted in the hundreds. Members of our

community exhibit and sell their work locally, nationally and

internationally. In addition to their creative practice, many of


our artists are experienced in education and outreach and

possess a teaching qualification, regularly delivering classes

and workshops in schools, colleges, universities, community

and cultural organisations as well as offering tuition at the

studios themselves.


“I have had a studio at Bath Artists’ Studios for at least ten years and have always appreciated the

company and support it provides, it is all too easy to become isolated working alone every day.

My paintings are sometimes on canvas but often three dimensional, constructed in wood and for a

while in wire mesh. Subjects have usually referenced art history and museums. However in the last

couple of years they have mainly been about Japan, I first went there two years ago and loved the

serenity of the temples and traditions and the visual craziness of the cities.

Fellow artists and the staff keep me up to date on artist opportunities, local exhibitions and events.

For instance last year talks were arranged by BAS in conjunction with The Edge at the University

of Bath, one in particular was given by a writer who had been on a residency in Japan, he gave an

excellent talk on his experiences there, regarding the place, Tenjinyama in Hokkaido and how it

allowed him space and time to work whilst fascinated by his surroundings. His lecture encouraged

me to do the same resulting in an exciting and profitable month at Tenjinyama last November.

Friendships, my studio and the support I find at BAS are invaluable.”



“I am a ceramic artist making sculptural vessels and

wall pieces. I use hand building and moulding processes

and am interested in the interplay between

the organic and the geometric and the spontaneous

and the controlled. I initially trained and worked as a

graphic designer and this is now a major influence -

the precision I learned when creating artwork for print

combined with the organic nature of clay is the basis

of my work in clay and throughout my making process

I attempt to describe line in 3 dimensions.

I have been at Bath Artists’ Studios for nearly 4 years

and originally took a studio here to become part of a

creative community. It is a large and diverse community

and is rare in that it has the facilities to accommodate

both 2D and 3D work. I have found this rich

mixture of people who are working in painting, sculpture,

ceramics, jewellery and photography, has helped

to open my approach to my work and move it forward

in a way that would not have happened working on

my own.”

“It is a large and

diverse community...”


Bath Artists’ Studios is an educational charity with a mission ‘To

advance the education of the public in the understanding and

appreciation of the arts’.

As such we see learning as a process that lasts a lifetime.

It may be formal, leading to qualifications or employment;

therapeutic, as an aide to health and wellbeing or purely

recreational - as means of enriching one’s life. Responding to

this, we see our community as a resource of skill and knowledge

engaging with the educative process on all these levels. How do

we achieve this? By building on the extensive expertise already

present within our community and by creating partnerships

with organisations and institutions in the city. Including qualified

teachers, lecturers and academics, our members and associates

offer a comprehensive range of regular classes and tuition for

individuals and small groups throughout the year during both

term time and holidays.

We also work on a project basis with local schools, community

groups and Bath’s two universities. Examples have included

‘Enjoy Create’, a series of practical workshops engaging

children, young people and the clients of community

organisations in the creative process. We have also worked with

groups of students from Bath’s Higher Education sector. Our

partnerships have resulted in practical workshops for children,

young people and the clients of community organisations and

major projects for groups of students in Bath University.

A conservative estimate suggests that taken together our

courses, workshops, education and tuition generate over 4,000

attendances per annum.






“We have been working as external tutors, teaching an advanced

course in drawing at Bath Artists’ Studios for more than twelve

years, having previously taught at numerous art schools, from

Foundation to Post-Graduate level. Though modest in scale

and resources, Bath Artists’ Studios offers a genuine non-profit

motivated organisation that aims to cater for the needs of artists

of all shades, with studios and courses at affordable prices.

There exists a genuine community of cooperative people, run by

artists for artists, with minimal politics or agendas that often beset

much larger institutions.”

“Sue Larner’s Sculpture Life Class at the then Widcombe Studios

was what made me as sculptor. In 1998 I was an established

children’s writer and illustrator, but had lost interest. Life sculpture

is a rare delight – I was lucky to come across it. From the very first

evening I decided to change course and become a sculptor. In

this, Sue Larner was the essential critic and mentor; the Studios

made it possible. My apprenticeship piece was a 6’ x 7’ lion,

made in ignorance and with enormous difficulty in ciment fondu.

It is now in a garden in Kington St. Michael. Various galleries took

me up and I began to work in bronze. I now show at Campden

Gallery, Chipping Campden, Katherine House in Marlborough,

Paisnel Gallery, London and Pangolin Galleries in Chalford and

London. Also, occasionally at Beaux Arts Bath.”


“...a fantastic venue to meet

and create...”



“Creative Perspectives is a peer led art group which offers an

opportunity to meet others, learn and share creative ideas and

gain confidence. The group is planned and run by members for its

members with occasional facilitation by visiting artists. It is suitable for

those who would like to support their wellbeing through creativity.

Successful fundraising through Quartet Community Foundation and a

partnership with Creativity Works and Bath Museums initially enabled

the group to plan for 6 weeks of creative activity during the summer

period of 2015.

In September of the same year the group moved to Bath Artists’

Studios who have continually supported us by letting us hire the

Schoolroom on a weekly basis. This is a fantastic venue to meet and

create amongst an already vibrant and talented artistic community.

They have also helped us in raising our profile by supporting us to

exhibit our work in the Roper Gallery in Nov 2016 which led on to us

exhibiting at the RUH Sept 2017 – Jan 2018.”




“Funky Art House has been based at Bath Artists Studios’ for the past six years. We run a variety

of arts and craft workshops, after school clubs, Saturday art clubs and holiday workshops aimed at

children and young people up to G.C.S.E level. We have also run many Arty Parties, Hen Do’s, arts

events and adult art workshops over the years.




Bath Artists’ Studios’ is an amazing organisation to be a part of as it offers so much more than just a

studio space. We have based many of our projects on artists work at the studios, we regularly visit the

exhibitions with young people in the Roper Gallery and have used the gallery space to host many end

of year and summer exhibitions of the children’s work. Being able to use the teaching room and the

gallery space when we have large workshops is brilliant and having the space to host a real exhibition

is a highlight for many of our children who bring along parents and family. Bath Artists’ Studios is a

unique organisation and really benefits our business and everyone that attends our workshops.”

‘Joshua (age 7) has come to craft club for several terms now. He loves it- one of the highlights of the

week and gets upset if he misses even a few minutes. He’s not sporty so it’s great having an activity to

do like this. I’d really recommend it’. Joshua’s Mum

“I am a recent MA Arts Management graduate from Bath Spa University.

Since graduating I have secured a job at Staffroom Education as a Marketing

and Communications Officer. Before graduating through networking, I was

introduced to BAS’ Managing Director and it was suggested that trustee

work would be great experience for someone entering the Arts sector. A few

months later I began work as a Shadow Trustee member at BAS. This has

given me invaluable insight into the workings of a charity arts organisation,

the logistics of planning, making decisions on behalf of the organisation and

future planning. In the future I hope to contribute my knowledge of marketing

and social media marketing to help improve the organisation and eventually

become a full board member. I would suggest trustee work to any students

hoping to enter the arts sector after graduation as it is hands on experience

whilst gaining knowledge you simply cannot learn anywhere else.”



“I am a novelist, Bath resident and long-time

member of the Bath Sculpture Group, which has

been running from Bath Artists’ Studios for around

15 years. We’re an active community of professional

and amateur sculptors who work from a life model

and exhibit our work at least annually. There are no

other groups like this in the local area - in fact it’s

one of very few life-sculpting groups in the country.

Sculpture needs facilities - workrooms, technical

equipment, casting space and materials - and

Bath Artists’ Studios supports us in offering all of

these. It also advertises the group to potential new

members and has provided gallery space for our

latest exhibition.

The group isn’t isolated; we work within the bigger

community of artists that is BAS, with all of the

networks and ideas that come with this community.

There’s nowhere else in Bath or around that could

support our practice in the same way.”

“there are no other

groups like this in the

local area...”

Be it in commerce and enterprise, or in the fields of sport

or culture, the health of any community’s future relies upon

encouraging innovation through the retention and attraction

of talent. At Bath Artists’ Studios we are committed to

contributing to that process in our city and region by

capitalising on the excellence of art and design education at

our local colleges and universities.

As a provider of affordable workspace, we offer graduates

the opportunity to begin building their careers in the context

of a diverse and supportive environment. By working at Bath

Artists’ Studios they will build the knowledge, experience

and confidence they need to develop their practice into the


Annually, Bath Artists’ Studios supports recent graduates

from Bath Spa University with a residency, providing free

workspace in our bespoke residency studio combined with

the opportunity to exhibit in our gallery.

We also believe that innovation is achieved through

dialogue with other creative communities. Our long

standing programme of exchanges and collaborations with

Bath’s sister city of Kaposvár has led to artists from Bath

and Hungary working and exhibiting within each other’s

communities. Much closer to home, we have established

a partnership with Town Hall Arts in Trowbridge in which

artists from each community spends time at the other. Our

objective in doing so is to build and strengthen our local

network and help to create collaborative partnerships that is

tailored to respond to this part of the West Country’s unique

mosaic of smaller towns and cities, each with its own lively

and distinctive creative community.


“My six month residency at Bath Artists’ Studios helped me

bridge the daunting gap between graduating from University and

setting myself up as a professional. Not only did it give me the

space and support I needed in order to develop and expand my

practice, it gave me the platform I needed to launch my career.

My residency ended in my first solo exhibition and since then I

have gone on to feature in several other exhibitions and shows

within the local and wider community.

Following my residency, I am still closely connected with BAS

and regularly work for them on their publicity and print materials,

but I have also been able to gain the contacts and networks I

need, in order to establish further work, through BAS.

BAS is a fantastic facility and community for artistic people

within Bath and was the perfect place for me to begin my journey

in the professional creative world.”

“... the space and support

i needed in order to







“My six-week residency at Bath Artists’ Studios was a brilliant

opportunity to explore ideas that had been developing in my practice.

The space we had to work in was ideal, BAS staff were great in making

sure we had everything we needed. An introductory event meant we got

to meet other artists from the studios early on who were very welcoming

and supportive of the residency programme. The Roper Gallery where

Clare Winnan and I had our end of residency show is a fantastic space

with good lighting and we were both really pleased with how our

exhibition looked. I found the whole experience extremely rewarding

and expect to see the impact of residency and exhibition in my work for

some to come.”

“Town Hall Arts is a multi-disciplinary centre for the Arts and Heritage Learning, offering

professional performance, visual arts, exhibition spaces and artists’ studio space. In 2017

Town Hall Arts (THA) and Bath Artists’ Studios (BAS) worked together on a summer residency

scheme, aimed at bringing these two artistic communities together, and providing valuable

experiences for all the artists involved. Three artists from the Trowbridge area used studio

space at BAS followed by exhibitions of the work produced during their residencies. Anya

Beaumont and Clare Winnan paired up for half the time, followed by Patrick Hallissey. One

artist from BAS, Andrea V Wright, took up residency in THA’s disused cells for the whole

summer, and responded to that space with an end-of-residency exhibition in the cells, and a

workshop for a local sixth form group that also resulted in a semi-permanent display of their

work. Andrea found the experience very beneficial to her practice. The participating students

and members of the public responded warmly to the exhibitions and the purpose behind

them, and the studio artists at THA felt inspired by swapping ideas and experiences as a

result of the residency scheme. Plans are now in place to extend the offer to BAS and THA

artists again, and to include at least one other arts organisation, as an effective way of building

bonds between arts institutions and the artists associated with them.”




“The artistic collaboration between Bath and Kaposvár in Hungary

began in 2007 with a generous invitation given for three KaposART

Artists to come and show their work at the 102nd Annual Bath

Society’s Exhibition at the Victoria Gallery. The Bath Society offered

prominent hanging space and the June private view created a lot of

press interest in the work shown by the KaposART artists. This led

to the KaposART founder members, András Vörös and Klára Halmos

inviting six Bath Artists’ Studios (BAS) holders to come to Kaposvár in

2008 and show work at their July annual exhibition.

KaposART originated in Kaposvár and came into existence in the

early 1990’s with the principle aim of creating a community of fine and

applied art practitioners across related disciplines. The past 20 years

has witnessed a mutual complimentary ethos as practiced by the 50

studio holders within BAS and the 45 members of KaposART who are

drawn from across Hungary.

This synergy of philosophical beliefs has reinforced a commitment

for the cultural exchange of ideas and understanding over the past

eleven years. 2011 saw six KaposART friends have a week-long stay

in Bath via the hosting partnership between Bath Kaposvár Twinning

Association (BKTA) and Bath Artists’ Studios. In 2015 KaposART

proposed a three-year exchange programme of cultural explorations

as practiced within KaposART & Bath Artists’ Studio communities.

It has enabled four KaposART artists to come to Bath and exhibit

in the BAS ‘Artists across Borders’ Open Studios weekend in 2016,

while also resulting in BAS accepting artist residency invitations to

contribute and take part in the KaposART - BARCS summer camps

2015/2016 and 2017.

A truly enhancing celebration of mutual endeavour and respect

and now 2018 ushers a new phase between Peter Lendvai and Fay

Stevens with their joint Bath ‘ALCHEMY’ exhibition.”


Presenting an exhibition is an art form in itself and art

galleries come in all shapes and sizes. At Bath Artists’

Studios we boast ‘The Roper Gallery’ a small but light

and spacious exhibition space. Fulfilling a function that

represents a step between studio practice and formal public

exhibition, our gallery works as a laboratory for ideas in

which artists can try out new bodies of work, new ideas or

simply exhibit for the first time. Exhibitions in The Roper

Gallery include both work by artists associated with the BAS

community and beyond.

Over the years we have hosted exhibitions of photography,

sculpture, arts and health, painting, designer-makers

and student projects. Embedded within the context of a

supportive community and unpressured environment, the

Roper Gallery offers exhibitors the ideal opportunity to test

out their work whilst obtaining positive and constructive

critical feedback from other artists.


“In late 2017 Tonkin Liu held an exhibition, The Nature of

Place, at Bath Artists’ Studios. Incepted through a mutual

connection at The University of Bath, our key goals were to

introduce our portfolio of work and develop new business

within the region. To support our aims, BAS were very

proactive in reaching out to their own networks to promote

the exhibition, specifically its preview evening event. We

have since secured work from a client who attended

through links with Bath Artists’ Studios. The planning

and build of the exhibition ran smoothly thanks to BAS

Staff, whose excellent communication and willingness to

assist ensured there were no setbacks. The venue itself

is versatile, well lit and spacious, a blank canvas that lent

itself well to the breadth of work we displayed.

Tonkin Liu is an architecture studio with a highly acclaimed

portfolio of place-specific houses, large-scale public

sculptures and regenerative urban landscapes. Founded

by Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu in 2002, we are proud to

have won 10 RIBA Awards and to have been named

one of 9 RIBA Practice Role Models. Mike is a Teaching

Fellow at The University of Bath, where he is also currently

undertaking a practice-led PhD.”

“... the exhibition ran

smoothly thanks to BAS



“I have been working with Bath Artists Studios in different guises

over the past 5 years or so. I have attended workshops and

seminars, exhibited my work in the Roper Gallery and have been

a temporary studio holder for a short while.

I have been impressed with their professional attitude and ability

to offer a range of creative possibilities, for myself and a broad

spectrum of other users. Communication with the administrative

team has been good and any questions and queries easily sorted

out between us.

The central meeting/Kitchen space is invaluable as a point of

contact between studio holders, those exhibiting and those

visiting. The Roper Gallery offers affordable space to studio

holders for exhibitions, workshops, work-in-progress projects etc

as well as in negation with BAS staff to independent artists and

institutions. There is also a dedicated space for regular classes

which can also be used by studio holders or rented out to others.

I enjoy working with BAS and would recommend that others get

to know and engage with them.”

BAS have provided my team with the space and facilities to

realise our dreams – in 2016, we launched a collaborative music

project for small intimate acoustic sessions. Since starting our

occasional sessions in the BAS main classroom space, the

project has grown in size and scope, and has become the starting

point for many young local musicians to get their music some

wider exposure – with first time performances, live music videos,

performance photography, and group improvisation. The staff at

BAS have been supportive and accommodating throughout – as

well as providing a warm, interesting (and affordable) place to

nurture creativity.”




No artist – and certainly no

arts organisation - is an island

and Bath Artists’ Studios is no

exception. Working in partnership

is key to the building and

development of a successful

and healthy creative scene in

any community. Over the years,

we pride ourselves in having

built strong relationships with

our colleagues in the academic,

visual arts and arts and wellbeing

sectors. Such partnerships have

led to our building acting as a

base for community and arts and

wellbeing initiatives, to exhibitions

raising the profile of locally based




“Creativity Works has worked in collaboration with Bath Artists’ Studios on a number

of projects. We have been able to deliver much of our artists support and development

work there, and BAS is currently the home to our visual art peer-led group, Creative

Perspectives. Further to this, we often use the gallery as a prime spot to showcase the

work of our participants and artists. Without BAS, we would find it very difficult to deliver

our programmes of work. They are a welcoming, professional and accommodating

organisation that supports artists in a safe and creative manner.

As part of a recent research project with University of Bath, we discovered that the

success of our peer-led groups is due, in large part, to ‘creating a valued space and

place.’ For Creativity Works, it is BAS that enables us to do this. For our participants to

feel part of a professional environment is crucial for their mental health and wellbeing.

BAS plays a significant role in the cultural life of Bath and is a vital resource for artists at

all stages of their career. Within the current social and economic climate, it is needed now

more than ever.”


BAS has been wonderfully proactive and innovative in challenging the ’town and gown’ split

between Bath and its University. By collaborating with architectural students and lecturers

through the agencies of joint design projects, exhibitions and lecture series, together we have

been able to overcome not only the obstacle of Bathwick Hill and its intimidating gradient,

but more so the marginalising of artistic thought in many fields of education. Lofty aims you

might say, but the sheer energy and diversity the studios have provided our students with

is testament to an environment and group of people that offer a vibrant and much needed


“...the sheer energy and diversity...”







“Art at the Heart supports the RUH Bath with an award winning

art and design programme that stimulates healing and wellbeing

and creates an uplifting environment for patients, visitors

and staff. We reach on average 200,000 people per year through

exhibitions, workshops, performances and design.

In 2015 we become partners with the Bath Artists’ Studios 12x12

silent auction and exhibited the work at the RUH. A substantial

sum was raised for both our charities and following this success,

we repeated again the following year. The event also fulfilled

a remit to link with the local community and to provide an

opportunity for artists to showcase their work at a large public

venue. It also enables artists to enhance the hospital environment

for the benefit of patients, staff and visitors. We hope to develop

our partnership in the future and next year we are planning a

larger and more ambitious art auction with the potential to gain

greater public awareness and funding for both our charities.”


“Bath Artists’ Studios is a unique community of artists, well needed in

our creative city of Bath. The studios provide individual working spaces

for artists and creatives to carry out their practices in many different

media, with shared facilities most wouldn’t be able to access alone.

The communal break-out space plays host to many important creative

conversations in between the casual chat, friendships and cups of

tea, which is really important when the arts can often be an isolated

working environment. BAS is the base from which many of these artists

successfully run their businesses too. Through placements, creative

initiatives, collaborations and the gallery space BAS provides support to

graduates from Bath Spa University and the University of Bath, which is

much needed for local graduate retention.

The Roper Gallery at BAS is a great space for exhibitions, events

and pop-ups, it has been host to a number of Fringe Arts Bath (FaB)

exhibitions, film screenings and happenings over the years. The

BAS team have always been supportive of FaB, working with and

supporting us in collaborations with a number of community-focussed

organisations including 44ad artspace, Pop Up Docs CIC, Creativity

Works, the Bath-Kaposvar Twinning Association and many more.

This is a small example of the interactions, reach and wider impact of

BAS, its artists and people into the wider Bath community. We at team

FaB want to keep working with BAS for years to come.”



Bath Artists’ Studios would like to thank our partners, artists and students for their contributions to this




“Pop Up Docs is a community cinema that screens the very best in

award-winning documentary films in various alternative and often

unusual venues in Bath. Our aim is to inspire people to think about the

wider world in different ways by showing thought-provoking films that

encourage people to engage with the world around them. We believe

in making these films accessible to a wide variety of people by making

the screenings affordable and operating on a not-for-profit basis.

In 2016 we began a partnership with Bath Artists’ Studios who took

us under their wing and helped us develop as an organisation. With

their support and advice we became a Comminity Interest Company,

we became more viable financially and also had an office space from

which to work. They were instrumental in us gaining a substantial

grant from the BFI and as a result we went from a volunteer-only

group to an organisation that was able to pay three part-time people.

Our partnership with Bath Artists’ Studios was a significant turning

point in the direction of Pop Up Docs and allowed us to not only

continue to operate as a non-profit arts project, but to grow and

develop into a sustainable operation with a real legacy.”

“They were instrumental in us

gaining a SUbSTANTIAL grant...”




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