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Oktober 2018

91 Jahre | 1927

23. Dr. Helmut Krause, Bad Herrenalb

90 Jahre | 1928

8. Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Rothe, Möhrendorf

89 Jahre | 1929

23. Prof. Dr. Helmut Karwat,


87 Jahre | 1931

6. Dr. Edmund Ruppert,

Bergisch Gladbach

84 Jahre | 1934

31. Prof. Dr. Rudolf Taurit, Lübeck

83 Jahre | 1935

15. Dr. Dietrich Budnick, Erlangen

82 Jahre | 1936

1. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Dibbert,


10. Hans-Jürgen Rokita, Schnakenbek

31. Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Schilling,


81 Jahre | 1937

21. Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Hendl, Freigericht

80 Jahre | 1938

3. Dr. Hans-Jörg Wingender, Mömbris

4. Dr. Helmut Albrecht,


26. Dr. Knut Scheffler, Beckedorf

79 Jahre | 1939

5. Dipl.-Ing. Günter Langetepe,


10. Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Jackem Bonn

13. Helmut Goebel, Jülich

21. Dipl.-Ing. Michael Will, Morsbach

78 Jahre | 1940

19. Dr. Gustav Katzenmeier, Karlsruhe

24. Dr. Peter Wirtz,


30. Dr. Fritz Ruess, Forchheim

77 Jahre | 1941

21. Ing. Peter Schween,


31. Dr. Eike Roth, Klagenfurt

76 Jahre | 1942

7. Dr. Klaus W. Stork, Bad Dürkheim

20. Dipl.-Ing. Norbert König, Baiersdorf

21. Dr. Enrique Horacio Toscano,


22. Dr. Alexander Alexas, Stutensee

75 Jahre | 1943

4. Klaus Günther, Bergisch Gladbach

9. Alfred Kapun, Obertshausen

70 Jahre | 1948

9. Bernd Müller-Kiemes, Bingen

14. Claus Fenzlein, Erlangen

65 Jahre | 1953

17. Edgar Albrecht, Beckedorf

20. Dieter Gaeckler, Lingen


First Westinghouse AP1000

nuclear plant Sanmen 1

completes commissioning

(westinghouse) On 6 June 2018,

Westinghouse Electric Company,

China State Nuclear Power Technology

Corporation (SNPTC) announced

that the world’s first AP1000 nuclear

power plant located in Sanmen,

Zhejiang Province, China has successfully

completed initial criticality.

“Today we completed the final

major milestone before commercial

operation for Westinghouse’s AP1000

nuclear power plant technology,” said

José Emeterio Gutiérrez, Westinghouse

president and chief executive

officer. “We are one step closer to

­delivering the world’s first AP1000

plant to our customer and the world –

with our customers, we will provide

our customers in China with safe,

reliable and clean energy from

Sanmen 1.”

| | First Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear plant Sanmen 1 completes

commissioning (Photo: Westinghouse)

Following initial criticality will

be connection to the electrical grid.

Once plant operations begin at

­Sanmen 1, it will be the first AP1000

nuclear power plant in operation,

offering innovative passive safety

system technology, multiple layers of

defense and advanced controls for

unequaled reliability and safety.

Commenting on Westinghouse’s

strong partnership with the China

customer, Gavin Liu, president –

Asia Region stated, “Westinghouse’s

success in China is the joint effort

between Westinghouse and our China

customers.” He added, “This partnership

and cooperation model can help

to deploy a fleet of AP1000 units in the

world for many years to come.”

On 30 June 2018 the Sanmen

nuclear power plant has begun initial

connection to the electrical grid.

Sanmen 1’s turbine generator is now

initially connected to the electrical

grid and has begun generating


Sanmen 1 is capable of generating

1,117 megawatts of electricity when at

full power. It’s also the first of a fleet of

four new AP1000 plants in eastern

China and will provide safe, reliable

and environmentally-friendly energy

for the next 60+ years.

Commenting on Westinghouse’s

recent successes in China, David

Durham, Westinghouse senior vice

president, New Projects Business

stated, “It’s such an exciting time for

Westinghouse, our China customer

and the nuclear industry, as we

proudly move closer and closer to

100 percent power and commercial

operation at Sanmen 1.”.

Westinghouse currently has six

AP1000 nuclear power plants progressing

through construction, testing

and start-up. These projects include

two units in Sanmen, Zhejiang

Province, China, two units in Haiyang,

Shandong Province, China, as well as

two units under construction at the

Alvin W. Vogtle Electric Generating

Plant near Waynesboro, Georgia, USA.

| |


Belarusian nuclear station

meets ‘Stress Test’ standards,

EU Peer Review concludes

(nucnet) EU regulators have concluded

that the Belarusian nuclear

power station under construction near

the town of Ostrovets complies with

the bloc’s risk and safety assessments

– so-called “stress tests” – but made a

number of recommendations to the

national regulator.

A European Nuclear Safety Regulators

Group (Ensreg) peer review gave


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