Cinemuskoka Program 2018

Cinemuskoka Program 2018

Cinemuskoka Program 2018


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Short s Program 3

St ringers and Tear Jerker

cont inued

Accident als

An estranged father and daughter come to terms with their

frayed relationship during a tense road trip as they each limp

towards the realization that neither of them is doing okay on

their own.

DIRECTOR - Nat alie Now ak

Runt im e - 11:00

Basic Inst inct

This story revolves around an auto rickshaw driver

who has the same mindset wherein he gets an

opportunity to wrong another person and gain profit

out of it. What he does at that particular instinct is

what every person?s basic instinct is.

DIRECTOR - Johnny Aangraj

Runt im e - 12:11

Aux bat t em ent s du parloir (Jail quart ers)

Five pieces of life showing the path of a young man

from childhood to his twenties, as he visits his

imprisoned father with his mother.


Runt im e - 13:30

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