Cinemuskoka Program 2018

Cinemuskoka Program 2018

Cinemuskoka Program 2018


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CineMuskoka 2018 ~

A note from the Programmer :

Dear CineMuskokans,

It was an absolute joy to program

CineMuskoka?s follow up year after our

fledgling flight into the unknown in 2017. To

make a solid program for our launch, we had

to scramble for content? putting the word

out to friends, and friends of friends,

colleagues, connections within the industry;

we invited anyone we could to submit to our

not yet newborn festival.

With our inaugural festival under our belts,

we quietly accepted submissions from around

the globe throughout the year. The resulting

program is a collection of films that I hope will

make you laugh and cry, films that can open

our eyes to other cultures and ways of life.

There are films that will introduce you to new

heroes who inspire as we experience their

plights and glories along with them. And there

are films in the program that do everything a

film should do: to open our minds and


More than 20 years ago, as a high school student

here in Huntsville, I fell in love with film, with the

art of the Cinema: the telling of stories with

moving pictures and immersive sound. What

attracted me to film enough to be able to call it

my calling, was the idea that the medium holds

the potential to carry a vision? some simple

truth held in a story? to all corners of the globe.

Every film? if it?s good enough, real enough,

deep enough, or if it?s dazzling enough to the

eyes and mind? has the potential to be seen and

experienced all over the world. Any little film can

travel to festivals like this one, to communicate

an idea across cultures and languages, to engage

an empathic heart.

I hope you will be part of this legacy, by choosing

to be a member of the audience. I hope the

visions we?ve chosen will satisfy seasoned

cinephiles as well as curious new-comers.

Whether you?re coming to see any of the films in

competition at the Algonquin Theatre, or to treat

yourself and your kids to a favourite cinematic

throwback under the stars in RiverMill Park, I

hope you enjoy being captivated by the power of


JL Munce

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