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Pete Rezac, M.Photog.Cr, CPP


Based in Reno, NV

Pete Rezac, M.Photog.Cr, CPP



Instagram: prezac

Based in Reno, NV

PPA Number 5172089

My goal is to provide your affiliate membership a quality program that affords them an opportunity to ask

questions, work hands on, and leave with an understanding of the value of in person education and the benefit

of being a member of the affiliate.

I will make you the promise of not selling from the platform or using it as a vehicle to promote my business or

indicate that there are some kind of “secrets” that participants need to invest in to get “the rest of the story”.

I’ve sat in those seats and been cheated by those speakers. I am not that kind of teacher and vow to never


I am involved with my state organization, The Professional Photographers of California, and I understand the

challenges organizations face with providing quality education experiences as a member benefit to the

organization. I have witnessed first hand the change in the type of education members are seeking, which is

HANDS ON, working with their cameras and equipment making pictures. I am pleased to let you that is my

preferred method of Instruction - HANDS ON. I have found that is the best way I learn and its my preferred

method of teaching. I can adapt to teach whatever way the organization would think is best for it’s members,

but the hands on approach seems to be the most enjoyable for everyone involved.

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About Pete

Pete is a Professional Photographers of

America (PPA) Master Photographer,

Photographic Craftsman, and a Certified

Professional Photographer. He is also a

member of the American Society of

Photographers (ASP) and a proud member of

the Professional Photographers of California

(PPC) on which he currently sits on the board

as President. Pete has also earned the PPC

Master Photographer Medallion as well as the

PPC Service Medallion.

Pete started his business in 2003 as a part time

venture primarily photographing babies

through their first year, although nothing like

what is being produced today. Then in 2010 he

moved into business full time and now the

primary focus of his business is children of all

ages, families, and business portraits. Pete is

currently a PPA Councilor for the state of

Nevada and has been involved with this role

since 2015. He is also a International

Photographic Competition (IPC) Approved

Juror, and welcomes the opportunity to Judge

for your organization and provide critique of

images for your members. Pete is also an PPA

Approved Certified Professional Photographer

(CPP) Preparation Class Instructor and has

been actively mentoring CPP candidates since

2010. He also serves as a CPP image Review

Judge. Pete is also a supporter of PPA

Charities and together with his orthodontist

partners have provided funds to pay for 75 life

changing surgeries since 2013 and been top

donors in the country the past 3 years

Pete still produces a large majority of his work

with film and is excited to see a resurgence in

the medium. He has recently obtained an 8x10

large format camera where he hopes to start

producing work and contact printing from the

negative as a unique presentation for his

clients. He has been working with the 4x5

view camera for past 4 years and enjoys the

experience it brings him as a photographer as

well as the experience if provides his clients.

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International Photographic Competition

• 2 Time Platinum Medalist

• 2 Time Gold Medalist

• 1 Time Silver Medalist

• Top 10 Grand Imaging Children’s Category 2015

• Western District First Place Children’s Portrait 2017

• Western District Certified Professional Photographer 2017

• Western District Third Place Children’s Portrait 2015

Professional Photographers of California

PPA Charities

• Studio Portrait Photographer of the Year 2018

• Childrens Portrait Photographer of the Year 2017 & 2015

• Certified Professional Photographer of the Year 2017 & 2015

• California Top 10 Photographers 2018, 2017, & 2015

• California Master Photographer Degree #13 - 2018

• California Service Medallion - 2018

• Celebration of Smiles Day Top Donor - 2017, 2016, 2015

• Celebration of Smiles Day Best of Show Portrait - 2015

• PPA Charities Image Impact Award - 2016

• 75 Operation Smile Surgeries funded since 2013

• Giving Tuesday Program Instructor 2017 & 2016

Professional Photographer Magazine

• “Childhood Authenticity” December 2017

• “Charitable Marketing” March 2017

• “Unexpected Education “ November 2015

PPA Imaging USA

• Invited to be platform speaker for 2019 - Childrens Portraits

• Pre-Convention Hands On Class - B&W Childrens 2018

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Black &White Children’s Character Portraits

This program covers how I consult with clients prior to our Children’s Character Portrait Session.

What I’m after and the “Authenticity” that we need in order to make these type of pictures really

shine. The clothing, the dirt, the sweat, the expression, and the props.

I’ll then go into how e produce the portraits including how I light them, what I’ve found to be

good working exposures, the poses that work well, and how many shots I try to make. These

portraits are about efficiency

Finally, I’ll go into the post production that I do to finish these images along with the sizes that I

offer to clients. These are commissioned portrait sessions rather than volume mini sessions.

Questions - It is my goal to students prepared to start producing these types of sessions right

away. The great thing about in person education is the ability to ask questions. So please don’t

be afraid to ask - it’s the best way we can all learn!

This program can be a 2 hour demonstration or a full day hands on workshop.

This is alway a fun hands on class as EVERYONE get’s dirty! Who doesn’t like to get dirty and

relive their childhood! This being said it is highly encouraged to let students know to not wear

anything they don’t mind getting a little dirty throughout the program..

I bring props, background, and wardrobe for kids to wear with me. Along with the items we need

to get the kids dirty.

What I ask from the organization to provide if possible are the follow pieces of equipment

Background Stand Kit

Main Light with medium modifier I.e. 2x3 soft box and light stand

Fill light with medium umbrella and light stand

Accent light with strip box and grid if possible and light stand

A light stand that I can mount a background light

A full or 1/2 sized posing “apple box” or Hanson Fong type blocks for a child to stand on

Projector with HDMI input

That’s it and a willingness to learn

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Film - What’s Old Is New Again

This program covers how I have been steadily reintroducing film into my everyday work flow

over the past few years. Many photographers will tell you that the experience with portrait

studio is one of the main ways to separate yourself from the competition. I too believe in that

school of thought, and working with the 4x5 and soon 8x10 view cameras provide that unique

experience along with the various medium format cameras I use to create my work as well.

“Imagine having your picture created with the same camera that once photographed Marilyn

Monroe?” Now that’s an experience and a story to think about.

I will discuss the various equipment I used to create my film based images from the types of

cameras (that can still be had for very little investment) to how I process my film at home and

then scan for retouching and sending to the lab for printing..

I answer the questions about cost, blinks, how to establish exposure, and all questions regarding

silver based photography. I explain how working with film has made me a better photographer,

show results of competition images that were shot on film and ultimately landed in the PPA Loan


There is a renewed interest in working with analog amongst many creative disciplines and we are

seeing a resurgence in the craft of photography as well. This is a lecture type program aimed to

answer questions and inspire organization members who may be interested in adding silver based

photography back into their tool kit and looking for a different experience to provide their

clients as well as themselves as a photographer.

Each time I’ve offered this class it has been completely filled seating.

This lecture class is roughly a 2 hour program, and I am in the works in developing a multi day

workshop where we shoot one day, then process, scan, and digitally print the follow day.

Equipment required

Projector with HDMI Input

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Enjoying Moments with Electricity

This is a short program that I was asked to present during IUSA in the Print for Success Theater

at the 2018 Imaging USA in Nashville TN. The goal of this program is to inspire members to print

their work and how printed work does not require electricity to enjoy it.

I cover three examples of the power of printed work and tell a story about each of them. One

being a personal one after the passing of my father in law, One on finding a treasured tin type of

my mother in laws Grand Father and his brothers, and one from a recent client who does not wish

to have electronic means to enjoy her family - that’s right she does not want to deal with a

computer or a cell phone to enjoy her loved ones.

These stories are meant to be anchors of reality in the work we do as photographers and how

taking it all the way to a print is the best way to ensure we preserve a visual legacy for the future

generations and also to see our vision completed in the form of a print.

This is a short program designed to inspire and start a conversation. This program could be part

of collection of short programs during a dinner presentation at a state awards convention dinner,

a short program that could be given after judging, or even something that could be done via a


This is a short but powerful program as to the power of printed photography and the importance

it has to preserve a visual legacy.

Equipment required

Projector with HDMI Input

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Family Portraits A Plan for Success

During this workshop/presentation, Pete will discuss his proven plan for successful family

portraits that will allow you to work more efficiently, provide a better experience for the

client, and most importantly remove the post session let down of minimal sales.

Pete will go into why the pre-session consultation is key to successful portrait sales

families or otherwise. He will teach how he uses a consultative approach to family

portraits, what questions he asks clients, how he listens to the answers the clients

provide to him. How to find out what a client’s budget is and to work with it and stretch

it a bit. Discussing wardrobe, locations, and a photography plan. Imagine selling the wall

portrait before making a single frame!

Next Pete will discuss locations on what he looks for, how he reinforces to the clients

what could be important factors in choosing a location for their portrait and most

importantly how the focus of a location is still secondary to the most important element

of the family portrait – THE FAMILY

Pete will demonstrate proven lighting and posing techniques that will flatter a wide range

of subjects and show relationship and connection amongst all members of the family. He

will cover what lenses work well and the compositions that lend themselves to wall

portraiture. He’ll show you tools he’s built to aid him as the sole photographer on his

family assignments and how other photographers have utilized these same tools to help

their one-man operations as well.

Pete will show how using tools like Pro-Select help clients to visualize the portrait they’ve

selected on their walls and how it can also provide opportunities for additional portraits

in other areas of the home or office.

Finally, Pete will explain why working with other businesses, like a frame shop, will increase

your sales numbers along with adding additional marketing people in your court

promoting your brand.

This can be either an affiliate meeting type program or a day long workshop program or

combination of both.

Projector with HDMI Input required - Pete will bring other equipment

A group of everyday type people to act as models will be required too

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Occasionally, you come across a professional who not only talks the talk but walks the walk.

Pete Rezac is not only wonderfully knowledgeable in Photography especially film and large format

cameras, but also a fun, enthusiastic speaker. When someone speaks with passion about taking

your craft to a new level but also does it in a simple, easy to understand process that anyone can

step up and hit a home run with his teaching and speaking ability.

Pete makes it easy to understand and put the information immediately to use in any genre of

photographic work. His sense of humor and ability to put people at ease, make it easy to take

what he is speaking about seem more like a Saturday evening at a friends home rather than a

speaking engagement.

Gena Tussey, MPhotog.,Cr.,CPP - Professional Photographers of Eastern Tennessee

Pete Rezac is passionate about photography! And he shares that passion in his classes and in his

competition judging. He is a film evangelist and has built a solid business on printed film-based

portraits. Now he’s on a mission to share his knowledge with the world. Pete delivers his class

material with his characteristic self-deprecating style that is both refreshing and relatable. His

students love him! I have attended more than one of his classes and have judged with him on

multiple occasions and I’d recommend him in a heartbeat.

Lisa Dillon, M. Photog, Cr. CPP, FP-OR - Oregon Professional Photographers Association

I can’t give enough accolades about Pete Rezac.

He was an integral part of our Annual Professional Photographers of Michigan annual

spring convention.

His approach to his craft and techniques left even the most experienced photographer

with some great new ideas and motivation to step outside the box. His creative style

with the most basic of props showed us all how easy it would be to add quality and

uniqueness to our product line.

I’m not much of a children’s photographer as he is, they scare me, but sports is a big

percentage of my sales. The way he was able to integrate gritty authentic sports photo

with kids, made it seem not to be as scary as I thought.

Pete is a very personable and knowledge guy. He’s easy to talk to and to learn from. I

would highly recommend him for any group if they want to have some fun and learn

some new creative portrait techniques.

Rick Dupler, CPP -

Professional Photographers of Michigan President Elect 2018, Detroit Professional

Photographers Association President 2015-2016

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I wish to provide you with my most heartfelt and sincere endorsement for Pete Rezac as a

speaker at your upcoming photography event or convention.

Pete recently spoke at our annual state affiliate educational conference here in Washington. All I

can say is WOW! I have been involved in many local, state, and national educational events for

Professional Photographers of America and its affiliates. I have rarely been as impressed as I was

with his one day presentation.

The greatest impact that I found with Mr. Rezac was his ability to speak to so many different

levels of skill and experience at the same time. He was able to talk about his love of film and view

cameras which excited the more seasoned photographers, and yet able to communicate on the

digital level with those who have known only that world. Add in his high-spirited style, and a

willingness to give the class a hands-on opportunity to learn made it a really great experience for

all involved.

I really hope that you will consider my friend Pete as a speaker in the near future of your event.

Richard Breshears, M.Photog., CPP Professional Photographers of Washington

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