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<strong>Train</strong>-<strong>the</strong>-<strong>Train</strong>er Course<br />

will be Especially Helpful<br />

to:<br />

• Technicians<br />

• Engineers<br />

• Human resources staff<br />

• Subject matter experts who<br />

have little or no teaching<br />

experience<br />

• Equipment vendor representatives<br />

• Senior-level employees<br />

responsible for teaching<br />

employees in <strong>the</strong> field<br />

• Vocational, technical, and<br />

career education teachers<br />

with little teaching experience.<br />

• Military personnel<br />

This distance-learning course is available for<br />

$90 (US$) per student with available live, inhouse<br />

presentations (negotiated rates).<br />

Through a combination of video presentations by course<br />

instructor Dr. John H. White, along with video training vignettes,<br />

course notes, and sample course documents, students are<br />

presented with a comprehensive train-<strong>the</strong>-trainer course. John<br />

developed this course drawing upon his 40-plus years in <strong>the</strong><br />

education and training fields and professional preparation.<br />

Subject matter experts will gain knowledge and tools to<br />

effectively teach <strong>the</strong>ir employees <strong>the</strong> knowledge and skills to<br />

properly and safely execute <strong>the</strong>ir job responsibilities.<br />

Instruction includes exposure to adult learning <strong>the</strong>ories, learning<br />

styles, and unique, effective teaching practices for instructors in<br />

<strong>the</strong> classroom, in <strong>the</strong> field, via distance learning, or via blended<br />

training modes.<br />

Special Feature -- Additionally, John will provide free consulting<br />

services to students who complete this course. The consulting<br />

services may include a review of course materials, lesson plans,<br />

PowerPoint slides, and o<strong>the</strong>r critical training elements which may<br />

be held via video conferencing, telephone discussions, or email,<br />

depending on <strong>the</strong> mode requested by <strong>the</strong> individual student.<br />

TechWrite, Inc.<br />


We have<br />

Experience<br />

in developing a wide<br />

variety of training program<br />

instructional materials.<br />

With a casual approach, John will provide<br />

instruction on 14 topics and subtopics:<br />

1. Requirements for effective training courses<br />

2. Adult learning <strong>the</strong>ories and practices<br />

3. Learning goals, objectives, and outcomes<br />

4. <strong>Train</strong>ing modes and presentations:<br />

a. Classroom instruction<br />

b. In-field instruction<br />

c. Distance-learning instruction<br />

d. Blended-learning instruction<br />

e. <strong>Train</strong>ing simulation instruction including virtual<br />

reality and augmented reality<br />

5. Lesson plans<br />

6. Course syllabus<br />

7. Course evaluation<br />

8. Student assessment<br />

9. Course evaluations<br />

Estimated time to complete this online course is<br />

5-hours.<br />

TechWrite, Inc.<br />

Established1992<br />

This course includes:<br />

• Access to <strong>the</strong> TechWrite<br />

learning management<br />

system designed for<br />

distance learning courses.<br />

• Access to fifteen training<br />

video modules that include<br />

lectures and video training<br />

vignettes.<br />

• Digital copies of course<br />

PowerPoint slides.<br />

• Course development<br />

documents: (1) course<br />

planning checklist, (2)<br />

course intake form, (3)<br />

lesson plan template, (4)<br />

course evaluation, and (5)<br />

a test anxiety primer.<br />

• Free course development<br />

and presentation consulting<br />

services.<br />

• Certificate of completion

We have<br />

Experience<br />

assisting companies identify <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

most immediate training needs<br />

About <strong>the</strong> Instructor<br />

Dr. John White has worked in <strong>the</strong> education and training fields for over 40 years.<br />

During his career, John has provided services to clients and employers at almost<br />

every level of <strong>the</strong> education and training sectors: high school vocational school,<br />

adult education, technical college, community college, university, and training for<br />

business and industry levels. A sampling of related positions held by John include<br />

vice president of institutional research and legal affairs at a university, dean of<br />

instruction and interim president at a technical college, director of business and<br />

industry training programs for two colleges, distance education director for a<br />

community college, <strong>the</strong> Director of Professional Development for <strong>the</strong> ASME (American Society of<br />

Mechanical Engineers), and vice president of a technical writing company serving <strong>the</strong> nuclear power<br />

industry.<br />

During his years in <strong>the</strong> field, John has provided services to some of <strong>the</strong> leading companies and<br />

organizations in <strong>the</strong> United States. A sampling of <strong>the</strong>se corporations and organizations include<br />

NASA Kennedy Space Center, Elevator World, Teledyne Brown Engineering, Westinghouse, U.S.<br />

Navy, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Georgia Pacific Corporation, James<br />

River Corporation, Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME), Alabama River Companies,<br />

Monsanto, AT&T Alliance, and <strong>the</strong> U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.<br />

John served as <strong>the</strong> training and education consultant for a project with Elevator World that included<br />

working with subject-matter experts (SME) in developing close to 25 training manuals for two national<br />

certification programs: (1) Certified Elevator Technician (CET) Program, and (2) Certified Accessibility<br />

and Private Residence Lift Technician(CAT) Program.<br />

John has authored three books including From Research to Printout: Creating Effective Technical<br />

Documents (ASME Press).<br />

John's earned degrees include a doctor of education and a master of education, both from Columbia<br />

University, a master of arts from <strong>the</strong> University of Alabama at Birmingham, a bachelor of arts from Alma<br />

College, and an associate of arts from Macomb County Community College. Additionally, John served<br />

in <strong>the</strong> United States Navy, was trained as an electrician's mate, and served a tour of duty in Vietnam.<br />

TechWrite,<br />

TechWrite,<br />

Inc.<br />

Inc.<br />

Established1992<br />


We have<br />

Experience<br />

in developing creative<br />

solutions to help advance<br />

talent development<br />

at all levels.<br />

How to Register for <strong>the</strong> <strong>Train</strong>-<strong>the</strong>-<strong>Train</strong>er: Effective<br />

<strong>Train</strong>ing Programs in <strong>the</strong> Classroom and <strong>the</strong> Field Course<br />

To register for <strong>the</strong> distance learning version of <strong>the</strong> course select <strong>the</strong> option "Register for <strong>the</strong> TechWrite<br />

course <strong>Train</strong>-<strong>the</strong>-<strong>Train</strong>er: Effective <strong>Train</strong>ing Programs in <strong>the</strong> Classroom and <strong>the</strong> Field listed on <strong>the</strong><br />

TechWrite home page (http://www.techwriteinc.com). To complete <strong>the</strong> registration for <strong>the</strong> course,<br />

select <strong>the</strong> same red text on <strong>the</strong> respective hosting website.<br />

The cost is $90 (US$) per student. Additionally, discounts are available for multiple learners. Contact<br />

TechWrite for group discounts.<br />

In-house Presentations of <strong>Train</strong>-<strong>the</strong>-<strong>Train</strong>er: Effective <strong>Train</strong>ing<br />

Programs in <strong>the</strong> Classroom and <strong>the</strong> Field Course<br />

Dr. White will come to your work campus and present a two-day, live version of this course. Contact<br />

TechWrite to discuss in-house presentations.<br />

• Contact us by telephone: 248.494.3483<br />

• Contact us by email: info@techwriteinc.com<br />

• Website: http://www.techwriteinc.com<br />

V<strong>6.2</strong><br />

TechWrite, Inc.<br />


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