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September 2018

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Email: Email:

Address: Address: 20 20 The The Field, Field, Somerby, Somerby, Melton Melton Mowbray, Mowbray, Leics Leics LE14 LE14 2PT 2PT

All All telephone telephone numbers numbers are are the the local local code code (01664) (01664) unless

otherwise otherwise indicated. indicated.

Local Facilities & Organisations

Age Age Concern Melton Mowbray 410253

Allotments Margaret Glover 454213

Burrough Church bookings Sue Measey 454385

Church of of England Revd Sarah Wright 454476

Citizen’s Advice Bureau Oakham 0845 1203705

Horticultural Society Angela Fisher 454265

Methodist Hall Michael Bates 454201

Methodist Minister Leo Osborn 01572 720721

Melton Borough Council Switchboard 502502

Melton Times newspaper Switchboard 410041

NHS Direct 0845 4647

Pickwell Hall bookings Shirley Campbell 454231

Police Non Urgent 101

Somerby Hall bookings Rosie Edwards 454698

Somerby School Ian Toon 454334

Somerby Shop Angela Clark 454380

Somerby Surgery 01572 490399

South West Framland Parish Office, Vic Allsop 561909

Cover photo by Mel Davies

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Parish Council Chat

A recent City Break led me to consider, not for the first time, the society in

which we live and move. I am at a loss to understand why, in crowded busy

streets and public places so many people, possibly a majority, move about

staring fixedly into the small screens of their smart phones. Not only that but

some also have headphones on. So perhaps these people not only are not

looking where they are going but cannot hear anything said to them, a

greeting, a warning or simply ‘look where you are going’. Then, in the Tube,

(drat now you think that you know which City I was visiting), as the train

rattles to the next stop, nearly all passengers are staring into the screens of

their smart phones. But worse still for me, as one who enjoys fellowship

during a meal, why do some people take a seat in a restaurant, order food,

set up a smart phone or other device and sit twittering, tweeting or whatever

it is that they do while good food quietly congeals on the plate beside them?

“Ah ha” I hear you say. That is because you are not modern and up to date”.

Is that so? Well I have a smart phone, a lap top and a desk top, all of which I

use. That is probably the point, I use them but do not allow them to use me!

How do these observations translate to our parish? Sadly, and despite the

best efforts of law makers and enforcers, it is still too common to see drivers

using the phone while at the wheel. The bigger the vehicle the more

unconcerned the drivers seem about their lawbreaking, as witness the driver

of a JCB towing a loaded trailer seen recently reversing from Oakham Road

into Owston Road while on the phone! Many of the cyclists passing through

our villages are ‘wired for sound’ and it is not unusual to see horse riders,

you’ve guessed it, staring fixedly into the small screens of their smart phones

as they ride.

Of course we do not need this digital paraphernalia to observe what is

happening in and around the parish. This long hot summer, enjoyed by

many, is however taking its toll on gardens, grassland and doubtless the

yields from our farms. Getting necessary work done by the authorities

remains a problem owing largely to limited funds. However, we are looking

forward to the completion of the project at the bridge in Leesthorpe for

which your Parish Council has worked for eight years or more. On the subject

of highways, how are you enjoying the ride up from Langham to Cold

Overton? I know that this is not in our parish. However this road is used by

many of our parishioners. It certainly gives ‘rock and roll’ a new meaning.


You will have seen much white paint on this section of highway. This does

not of course mend the road but is a harbinger of imminent improvement.

The 113 Bus service drives this route. The driver may suffer motion sickness

with no passengers to hold the vehicle down! Results from the recent

transport consultation will be known soon and we expect to understand then

the likely changes in transport provision. In the meantime enjoy what

remains of the summer and remember that the end of this prolonged heat

will bring its own challenges.


Parish Council Meeting

Somerby Memorial Hall


12 th September @ 7.30pm

All are welcome!

Diary of Parish Events

Date Event Location

4 Sept Knit & Natter Pickwell Village Hall

7 Sept Flicks in the Sticks Somerby Memorial Hall

8 Sept Poppy Project Workshop Somerby Memorial Hall

9 Sept Arnhem Parade & Service Somerby

10 Sept Beat Surgery Somerby Shop

20 Sept Horticultural Society outing Tresillian House, Melton

22 Sept Working Party Somerby Horsepond

25 Sept Community Lunch Ashby Folville Village Hall

30 Sept Harvest Festival Somerby Methodist Church

30 Sept Harvest Lunch Little Dalby Tea Rooms

18 Oct Horticultural Society talk Somerby Methodist Hall

19 Oct Travelogue & Quiz Pickwell Village Hall

3 Nov Handmade Fete Pickwell Village Hall



The summer holidays may be over but there will still be lots of

opportunities to enjoy Somerby Play Area. There are the usual swings,

slide, climbing frame and adventure play trail.

But now the Parish Council has put in new installations of a cat boat,

especially for pre-schoolers, and a basket swing which can be enjoyed

by all ages!

Come and bring a

picnic, and watch

your youngsters

play happily and



Somerby Memorial Hall


Friday 7 th September 7.30pm


Steve Buscemi, Simon Russell Beale, Paddy Considine, Rupert


Jason Isaacs, Michael Palin

Directed by Armando Iannucci

The Death of Stalin (15) is a comedy drama, based on a French

graphic novel, “La mort de Staline” which depicts the power struggle

in Russia following the death of politician Joseph Stalin in 1953

Admission £5 per person

Drinks & Snacks on Sale or BYOB

Proceeds towards Memorial Hall Funds



Bin Collections for September


Brown & Green

7 Sept

21 Sept

1 Sept

14 Sept

28 Sept

Please note that there will be no changes to

Somerby Parish bin collections under MBC’s new

Waste & Recycling contract


The annual LOROS Quiz at

the Stilton Cheese raised

over £200. Many thanks

go to Carol and Geoff for

their hospitality and

generous supper.


Monday 10 th September

9.30 – 10.30

Saturday 3 rd November

9.30 – 10.30

Somerby Shop Opening Hours

Monday 7am – 2pm

Tuesday to Friday 7am – 4pm

Saturday 7am – 12 noon

Sunday 7am – 10am

Post Office

Monday & Wednesday 9.30am – 12.30pm



The Rutland Poppy Project

Saturday 8 th September

This is a community artwork event to

commemorate the centenary of the

end of The Great War. This

commemoration will be the most

important of its kind for many


Underpinning the Project are stories

and recollections of this terrible

conflict and, even more important, the hope that these appalling events

must never happen again.

For this to be a realistic hope the organisers want the younger generation,

upon whom our future peace will depend, to be involved and to

understand the causes and lessons of The Great War.

The aim is to create a magnificent large scale sculpture formed of up to

10,000 handcrafted poppies, based on the original work by Paul Cummins

at the Tower of London. The installation will be in the grounds of Oakham

Castle where it will remain on display for a month in October-November


The Project aims to unite generations within the community, raise funds

for forces charities, increase awareness of the sacrifice made by our

forces, improve the lives of those suffering loneliness, ill health, mental or

physical though active participation in this community project &

encourage more visitors to the area.

Too often small towns and rural communities miss the opportunity to

experience major art projects. The Rutland Poppy Project will deliver both

an inspiring sculpture and a memorable and valuable experience for all

generations and abilities across Rutland. It will also provide a focal point

and a chance to remember in our County and beyond everyone who gave

their lives in the defence of others.


Commemoration of the Battle of of Arnhem

is on

Each Each year year Somerby Somerby is is “put “put on on

the the the map” map” with with the the Arnhem Arnhem

of ex-

parade of of marching ex-


and their

paratroopers and and their their


supporters accompanied by by

the pipe band.

the pipe band.

This year will be the 74 th

This year will be the 74 74 th th

commemoration of the event

commemoration of of the event

with the parade and service

with the parade and service

being held on


Sunday th held on


Sunday 9 th th September.


The Little Shop of Loveliness…

Suggests some ways of using the seasonal excess of less than perfect


Gardener’s soup – soften a chopped onion in a little oil and butter. Add

350g skinned and chopped tomatoes, the same of cucumber, a crushed

clove of garlic, shredded outer leaves of lettuce, a peeled and diced

potato, 1dsp lemon juice and plenty of seasoning. Sweat gently for

15mins. Add 570ml hot water and 1tsp tomato puree and simmer for 20-

30mins. Puree briefly and stir in basil and parsley.

Tomato jam – soften a chopped red onion

and crushed clove of garlic in oil. Add

450g skinned and chopped tomatoes,

1tbsp balsamic vinegar,1tsp dark soft

brown sugar and seasoning. Simmer

gently until it is thick and jammy. Goes

well with ....

Courgette and potato cakes – grate 350g courgettes, sprinkle with salt

and leave to drain. Simmer 2 medium Desiree potatoes for 10mins and

when cool peel, grate coarsely and season. Rinse the courgettes and

wring dry in a teatowel. Add to the potatoes, 2 chopped spring onions,

2tbsp chopped mint, 225g crumbled feta and a beaten egg. Firm into 6

flat cakes, flour lightly, brush with oil or melted butter. Bake at 220C/gas7

for 25-30mins turning halfway.

Courgette loaf – grate 250g courgettes, put to

drain and press out the juice. Beat 2 eggs and add

125ml oil, 250g sugar and ¼ tsp vanilla extract. Sift

375g SR flour and 1tsp cinnamon into a bowl,

make a well in the centre. Mix the courgettes and

liquid into the flour and add 60g chopped walnuts.

Bake in a greased loaf tin at 180C/gas4 for 50mins.

Enjoy !


September 2018 2018 -- Community Community Lunch Lunch

The Parish Community Hub Hub held held its its most most recent recent get get together together in in August August

with afternoon tea at at Launde Abbey.

The next event will be the lunch at: at:

Ashby Folville Village Hall

on Tuesday 25 th September 2018

Lunch at 12pm for 12.30pm start

If you would like to come along please contact:

Annette Piper 01664 840627 Davina Bates 01664 454201

Vic Allsop 01664 434697 Maureen Coleman 01664 434120

Janet Norburn 0116 269 5295

A big thank you to every one of of our our many valuable volunteers. In In

particular those who volunteer to to drive and and collect people people for for the the

Community Lunches. Do Do come and and join join us! us! New New people people are are coming coming

along all the time.

The Community Lunch




Closing date

7 th Closing September date

7 th September


Somerby & District Horticultural Society

June saw the horticultural society holding its second Open Gardens in

Somerby and Burrough. This year we had a more limited garden opening

(after last year’s marathon event!) but we did include the churchyard at

Burrough and the horse pond in Somerby. Over 100 visitors from all over

Leicestershire and further afield came along for the afternoon and

thoroughly enjoyed the event. The gardens looked wonderful despite the

challenges thrown at them and us by the freezing winter and cold, wet

spring. The homemade teas went down a storm, the plant stall did brisk

business and the weather was fairly kind to us.

Thank you to all those who helped make the event such a success and to all

the people who came along support us.


On 20 th September we will be going for a group visit to the gardens at

Tresillian House, Dalby Road, Melton Mowbray

October 18 th sees us back in Somerby Methodist Hall with speaker Michael

Brown talking on ‘Early Plants’. This fascinating topic will look at the

medicinal and culinary history of herbs and early plants as well as exploring

their more contemporary uses.

Non members are welcome and if you would like to come along to either

event please contact:

Angela Fisher on 01664 454265 or at for further

details and to check availability.


Horse Horse Pond


The The water water

levels levels

of of the the

Horse Horse

Pond Pond

have have

suffered suffered with the hot

summer; summer; however however the the 66 moor moor hen hen chicks chicks have survived. Fortunately

there there was was also also enough enough water water for for a couple of riders to refresh their

horse horse sat sat the the pond pond on on a a hot hot August day. It It was delightful to see horses

at at the the horse horse pond!

The wild flower plugs and seeds have struggled bravely with the

The wild flower plugs and seeds have struggled bravely with the

temperatures and we have counted over 20 different varieties


including scabious,

and we corncockle,

have counted knapweed

over 20 and

different wild carrot.


including scabious, corncockle, knapweed and wild carrot.

The benches have been well used with both local residents and visitors

The enjoying benches the have peace, been quiet well and used wildlife. with both local residents and visitors

enjoying the peace, quiet and wildlife.

The next working party will be on Saturday 22 nd nd September between

The 10 next and 12. working Everybody party will is welcome. be on Saturday All you need 22 nd September to bring is yourself between

10 and and a 12. pair Everybody of garden gloves.

is welcome. All you need to bring is yourself

and a pair of garden gloves.

Contact Chris Fisher for more information on

Contact or 016644 Chris Fisher 54265 for more information on

or on 016644 54265


Defibrillator – Code of Use

Give casualty their best chance by maintaining CPR.

Shout for help.

Send helper to nearest Defibrillator.

Helper phones 999.

When asked, helper states Post Code of defibrillator (displayed

on cabinet). e.g. Pickwell: LE14 2RG

Helper is given code to open defibrillator cabinet.

Helper brings defibrillator to casualty.

Follow defibrillator recorded instructions.

Defibrillators can be found in the phone box opposite the play area in

Somerby, by the Village Hall in Pickwell, and in the phone box by the

church in Burrough. They have been bought and are maintained by

Somerby Parish Council.





If you would like information about

cancer or just need someone to talk to

come along to the Rutland Suite at

Rutland Memorial Hospital in Oakham

on the last Monday of the month from

September from 1.00pm-4.00pm. We

are here to help anyone who has been

affected by cancer and their families

and carers.


Elaine Rootham

07711 325517

01572 823942

for more details.

Macmillan Cancer Support, registered charity in England and Wales (261017), Scotland (SC039907) and the Isle of Man (604). Also operating in Northern Ireland.



19 TH OCTOBER 2018


on behalf of


Come along and listen to David Vurley speak for

approximately 1 hour making his presentation. He will not

tell us anymore than the title, but he has slides, so we are


As usual we will be providing refreshments at the conclusion

of David’s presentation and then we are having a fun quiz

on Travel. Who knows what you may learn?

The cost is only £5 per head, including the refreshments

and the proceeds are going towards the Church Roof Fund.

Tickets are available from Keith Ebsworth, telephone


Do come along, we look forward to seeing you.


Knit Natter.pdf

You are invited to come along to Knit & Natter

Tuesday 4 th September

Pickwell Village Hall * 10am-12noon

Bring your sewing, crochet, knitting, etc.

All ages and abilities welcome

£2 inc refreshments

Enquiries to

Tel: Caroline 01664 454419 or Hilary 01664 452138

Little Dalby Harvest Lunch

Little Dalby PCC will be holding a Harvest Lunch on Sunday

30th September 2018 at 1pm in the Little Dalby Tea Rooms

Anyone who would like to attend, please ring Sue Stimson

on 01664 454542 to book your table/seats

Tickets cost £10 per person (children £7.50)

Bring your own wine if you would like a glass with your meal


St John & St Anne Open Day

The Hospital of St John & St Anne is the oldest charity in

Rutland, having been founded by the wool merchant William

Dalby in 1399. In St John’s Chapel the charity also has

responsibility for one of the oldest properties in Oakham.

Today it focuses on providing good quality accommodation for

those over retirement age who are of limited means, and for this

purpose it has 102 properties available on sites in Oakham and

Uppingham. Applicants do have to have a link with Rutland or the

surrounding areas, and the charity takes a pragmatic approach to

what it considers to be ‘a link’. As such a number of our

beneficiaries have moved from elsewhere in the country so as to

be nearer to their family.

The Charity is hosting an Open Day at its St Anne’s Close site in

Oakham on Saturday 8 th September 2018, from 11am. Anyone

who might have an interest in such accommodation is welcome.

To make an appointment please telephone the office on 01572

756950. Further information about the Charity can be found at


Somerby Camera Club Exh ibition

Having shown their work last year, Camera Club members decided

they were brave enough to try again this summer and Sunday 19 th

August saw the doors open at the Memorial Hall to reveal a display

of work taken largely over the past year together with a selection of

cards & prints on sale. Subjects included landscapes & wildlife, both

exotic and home grown, events and close up macro photography.

Tea & Cake was on sale and much enjoyed by those who attended &

lingered for a chat before going back to have a further browse &

perhaps purchase a card or two.

Proceeds from the teas & a share of proceeds from card and print

sales went to hall funds.

If you want to join Camera Club we usually meet 3 rd Tuesday monthly

Contact Mel 01664 454101 for more details




Yes, this summer the Singers performed their concert not only in

Somerby but also a couple of weeks later at the invitation of the “Inns &

Outs” group in Twyford too. The theme this time was “A Summer Picnic” with

a selection of songs to reflect the season interspersed with an old favourite or

two and the occasional surprise to entertain the packed house.

The concert opened dramatically with the sound of a roaring lion & the choir

made their entrance to the jungle beat of 'Hakuna Matata' from “The Lion

King”. Other highlights of the first half included the beautiful 'Summer Has

Come' & showcasing the men in the choir 'Angels', the Robbie Williams


Individual members of the choir contributed solo & duo performances from

the beautiful 'Make me a Channel of your Peace’ by Rachel & Amanda,

‘Superstar’ from Kathryn, to the more lighthearted & animated 'Trip to

Bangor' from Lesley & Sylvia.

After a wonderful picnic in the interval yes, a real picnic – sandwiches, snacks

& bottles of cordial, provided by Ros & Sue, the fun continued in the second

half with 'Stand by your Man' sung by Neil & Colin – complete with trilbies

& dark glasses before the more sober 'Last Rose of Summer' from Jane & a

haunting version of 'Memory' from Jasmine.

Somerby Singers then put their own spin on Gilbert & Sullivan's 'Three Little

Maids' – the maids were Kathryn, Rachel & (yes, you've guessed it) Colin who

was brilliantly just half a step behind or spinning the wrong way at the wrong

time!! At the end of the evening it appeared there wouldn’t be an encore...

however they were just fooling & closed with “Bring me Sunshine” made

famous by Morecambe & Wise, complete with a flat-capped Neil in homage

to the Eric Morecambe character.

Both evenings closed to loud applause & thank yous to Amanda Jones, choir

mistress, Annie Ingram, pianist & Ian Jones, the new sounds & effects

member of the team.

The Somerby Concert raised £300 for the singers. The £200 proceeds from

the Twyford concert have been donated to the Children's cancer ward at

Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Singing Starts again

Mon 3 rd September, Somerby Memorial Hall 7.30pm

& the Christmas Concert is on Saturday 8 th December

so make a note in your diaries

Amanda Jones (01664) 454930


This month Melton Borough Council will

enter a new 10 year contract with Biffa

on our waste collection services. Some

collection dates may change from the

10 th September but I believe Somerby

Ward will remain the same (a letter will

come out if yours does change). Biffa

have re-designed the routes across the

borough to make collections more

efficient which has been reflected on the cost.

The proportion of the council tax bill which goes to Melton (on average

£169 for a Band D property) 37% is spent on waste collection services.

We have managed to secure a new contract which not only protects

the current collection cycle, as I said I could not support a collection on

three or more weeks after listening to you, but it has seen a £400,000

reduction in the costs to the council which will help offset the

reduction, and eventual removal by 2020, of the Central Government

Grant and ensure the council will continue provide a wide range of

services. Additionally you will be able to leave small electrical

appliances and clothing for collection too.

I know it is important to you that the council is living within its means

and by securing a significant saving has been a vital part of addressing

the budget in its Medium Term Financial Strategy.

For more information please see

Cllr Leigh Higgins



Thinking of your

Summer Holidays ?!

So, What is a travel Counsellor?

Well, I am a fully independent travel agent

which means I am totally impartial and will

only search for holidays that are right for you

and at competitive prices. Whatever your

budget or style of holiday, I will find something

to suit you and your requirements. I will save

you valuable time and take the stress out of

searching for a holiday.

As well as your flights and accommodation I

can also book insurance, transfers, airport

parking, lounges, excursions and much more,

to give you the best travel experience.

A truly personal service

I am based in Somerby with over 20 years

experience in the travel industry, having

travelled to over 50 countries myself.

From your initial enquiry, to the moment you

return from your holiday, I can take care of

everything for you.

So if you are looking for any of the following,

please get in touch!

- Ski holidays - Fly Drive/Touring

- Cruises - Tailor made itineraries

- Golf/sports events - Honeymoons

- City breaks - Family & group


01664 898 460 or 07793 317256

John Christiansen, Travel Counsellor


Pickwell Fete

Pickwell Fete

A great afternoon in glorious weather showed Pickwell Fete at its best.

It was A great opened afternoon by the in glorious new vicar, weather Sarah showed Wright, Pickwell and kindly Fete hosted at its best. by

Sally It was & Kavan opened Brook by the Shanahan new vicar, in Sarah the beautiful Wright, and grounds kindly hosted of the Manor. by

Thanks Sally & also Kavan go Brook to Dawn Shanahan & Fred in Wilson the beautiful and the grounds many unsung of the Manor. helpers








to Dawn

















was raised

who make this key event such success. A total of £4,281 was raised

towards the church and village hall. Well done everyone!

towards the church and village hall. Well done everyone!


In conversation with Rev. Elizabeth Clarke

Rural Officer for the Methodist & United Reformed Churches

Somerby Methodist Church - Sunday 30 th September

10.30am Elizabeth will lead our Harvest Festival Service

12.00pm Light Lunch – which will be provided and to which all are


1.00 - 2.30pm The challenges and opportunities of being a Rural Church


Please come along to any or all of the above, especially if you are

from one of the rural churches in our Circuit

which arguably includes us all

to listen, discuss and go home with fresh ideas!









Sunday services for September

Sunday services for September





at 6pm





All services at 6pm unless stated

All services at 6pm unless stated

2 nd Sept Miss Margaret Stones

2 nd 92 th Sept Miss Margaret Stones

nd Sept Miss United Margaret Service Stones at the Parish Church at 10.30am

9 th Sept United Service at the Parish Church at 10.30am

9 th Sept United Arnhem Service remembrance at the Parish Church at 10.30am

16 th Arnhem remembrance

Sept Arnhem Circuit Service remembrance at Bourne – Rev. Howard Mellor

16 th 23 16 rd Sept Circuit Service at Bourne – Rev. Howard Mellor

th Sept Circuit Rev. David Service Bosworth

23 rd at Bourne – Rev. Howard Mellor

30 23 th Sept Rev. David Bosworth

rd Sept Rev. Harvest David Festival Bosworth Service at 10.30am

30 th Sept Harvest Festival Service at 10.30am

30 th Sept Harvest Rev. Elizabeth Festival Clarke

Rev. Elizabeth Clarke

Service at 10.30am

Rev. (Please Elizabeth see separate Clarke notice giving further details)

(Please see separate notice giving further details)

(Please see separate notice giving further details)

Somerby Fellowship

Somerby Fellowship

Somerby Fellowship

The September meeting will take the form of a visit to

The September meeting will take the

The September Epworth Hall meeting on Tuesday will take 18the form of a visit to

September. form of visit to

Epworth Hall on Tuesday 18 Epworth Hall on Tuesday 18 th September.

The regular meetings will commence on September. Friday 26 th October

The regular meetings will commence on Friday 26

The regular at 2.30pm meetings the will Chapel. commence Speaker on to Friday be arranged. 26 th th October




















The Open Door

The The Open Door

Every Wednesday at Somerby Methodist Hall

Every Every Wednesday Wednesday at at Somerby Somerby Methodist Methodist Hall Hall

10.30am to 12 noon

10.30am 10.30am to to 12 12 noon noon

Come along and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee

Come Come along along and and enjoy enjoy a a cup cup of of tea tea or or coffee

A space to chat and meet friends old & new

A A space space to to chat chat and and meet meet friends old old & new

All welcome

All All welcome

Contact 01664 454713 for more information

Contact 01664 454713 for more information




Sept 2018 A5.pdf

Where to Worship in the

Burrough Hill Parishes

September 2

Trinity 14

September 9

Trinity 15

September 16

Trinity 16


Holy Communion and

Holy Baptism of

Matilda Rose Freeman


10.30am United Arnhem Service Somerby

10.30am Morning Worship Pickwell

6.00pm Evensong Great Dalby

September 23

Trinity 17

10.30am Holy Communion Little Dalby

September 30

Trinity 18


Harvest Festival

Morning Worship


For other services in the South West Framland Group (SWF)

please contact the SWF Office on 01664 561909 or

On June 14th Neil Stothers and Sarah Wright were appointed to the

Burrough Hill Benefice. Neil is based at 19 Main Street, South Croxton

and Sarah at The Rectory in Somerby. Whilst Neil can commit as much

time as is necessary to his work here, Sarah can only provide 20 hours

a week as she is Chaplain at Leicester Hospitals. Together with David

Perril of Brewery Court, Somerby, they will work as a team on practical

issues like services, home visits, wedding, funerals & baptisms.

Contact details

Sarah Wright: 01664 454476/07908 757027

Neil Stothers: 01664 841278

David Perril:

01664 452117



Computer Matters 2018

Weekly session each Monday 1pm to 3pm

At Somerby Methodist Hall

Restarting on 3 rd September

The sessions are led by volunteers who give basic assistance

with using and understanding computer technology

There are computer laptops and iPads available for use

Other available resources: broadband, printing, WiFi

Oakham Vets.pdf

For Hub information

Contact Trevor Hornbuckle

or Davina on 01664 454201

A Complete Veterinary Service

Ashwell Road



LE15 7QH

Oakham Veterinary Hospital is a long established practice with purpose built premises on the outskirts

of Oakham, Rutland. Our experienced and caring team of vets, nurses and support staff are

dedicated to providing the highest level of veterinary care and service. We are a clinical associate

of The Nottingham University School of Veterinary Medicine giving us daily access to the expertise of

their veterinary specialists.

Small Animal and Equine departments with

appointments throughout the day

24 hour emergency service on site

Experienced and caring staff

Nurse clinics including dental care, weight

control and puppy preschool classes

Extensive hospital facilities with specialist

diagnostic equipment

In-house laboratory for rapid results

Complete range of veterinary service from

routine vaccinations, micro-chipping and

dentistry to specialist medicine and surgery

BEVA and DEFRA approved Stud Services

24 hour, CCTV monitored foaling service

Weekly remedial farriery clinics

Easy access and parking

Tier 3 RCVS approved hospital

Small Animal acupuncture clinics

Find us on


Equine: 01572 722647

Small Animal: 01572 722646


June Feehan – Garden Designer

June RHS Feehan Gold medal – Garden Winner Designer 2014

• Border design/Revamp/Complete RHS Gold medal Winner garden 2014 design/Planting

plans/Planting service/Consultancy/Maintenance

• Border design/Revamp/Complete garden design/Planting

Email: plans/Planting service/Consultancy/Maintenance


Call June on 01664 454262 or Mobile 07967506889 to discuss project

or garden requirements

Call June on 01664 454262 or Mobile 07967506889 to discuss project

or garden requirements

Yoga classes

Yoga classes

Wednesday evenings, 7pm - 8.30pm

Wednesday Somerby Methodist evenings, Hall 7pm - 8.30pm

Somerby Mixed Ability Methodist - Beginners Hall welcome!


£6 per session

Ability - Beginners welcome!

£6 per session

Tel: Di Angrave on 01664 840013 or Email: for any further info

Tel: Di Angrave on 01664 840013 or Email: for any further info




‣ Are you struggling to complete your Self Assessment Tax Return?

‣ Have you received an unexpected tax demand?

‣ Do you think you have overpaid income tax?

You could be due a tax refund!

‣ Do you have any other personal tax problems?

We have over 25 years’ experience advising clients on their

personal taxation affairs.

For a free no obligation appointment please contact

Andrew Cross on 01572 770552 or

Knights Yard, 2b Gaol Street, Oakham



65 Deans Street, Oakham, Rutland LE15 6AF

Preparation of Tax Returns, Financial Accounts,

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We welcome advertising. Towards is hand delivered to every house in


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print 400


Somerby, Burrough on the Hill, Pickwell, and Leesthorpe. We print 400

copies per issue. Why not promote your business? Costs are only £20 full

copies per issue. Why not promote your business? Costs are only £20 full

page and £12 per half page. Contact the Parish Office for more information:

page and £12 per half page. Contact the Parish Office for more information:

01664 454529 or

01664 454529 or

Your Parish Councillors

Lynne Lynne Camplejohn Chairman - 1 Old Brewery Court, Somerby LE14 LE14

2QA 2QA - - 01664 454124 email

Howard Blakebrough - Cheseldyne House, 9 Kings Lane, Burrough on on

the the Hill, Hill, LE14 2JL 454528 email -

John Crosby 3 Old Brewery Court, Somerby LE14 2QA -- 01664 454595


Pat Fynn 18 The Field, Somerby LE14 2PT - 01664 454634

email - -

Carl Powell 3 Oakham Road, Somerby LE14 2QF – 01664 454193

email ––

David Vurley 37 37 Stonepit Terrace, Main Street, Pickwell

01664 454443

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Printed by B&H Printers, Norman Way, Melton Mowbray


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