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Slipstream - September 2018

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Porsche Parade

Porsche Parade 2018 By Carey Spreen The 63rd Porsche Parade took place in mid-July at the Tan-Tar-A Resort on the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. In case you’re not familiar with the Parade, it’s a week-long “convention” that the Porsche Club of photos provided by author including Enthusiast of the Year, Family of the Year, Region of the Year, membership growth awards, and public service awards. The Zone Representatives present an award to a deserving individual or group, and once in a while, PCA bestows its highest honor, the Bill Sholar Award, to a member who has distinguished himself or herself in an exemplary fashion. PCA also recognizes regional newsletters and websites, ranking them using a panel of judges. You can read more about these awards on the PCA website at https:// Marketing Chair Bill Orr took home a major award: the Lazar-Blanchard Memorial Trophy for Enthusiast of the Year. Congratulations, Bill! Slipstream also won two awards in the Newsletter America holds each year in a different part of the country. There are competitive events, driving tours, social gatherings, awards banquets, and opportunities to meet with and talk to PCA national officers, Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) officials, Porsche factory representatives, and often, a member or two of the Porsche family. This year the Parade was only about 520 miles away (roughly, depending on where in the Metroplex you start from), so the one- or two-day drive made it a no-brainer for lots of Mavericks – we had over 60 members from the region attend: 37 entrants and 24 co-entrants, plus a couple of Junior Participant Program (JPP, age 16-17) and College Age Family Program (CAFP, age 18-24) entries. As you might expect, some were first-timers and others were old hands, but I’ll go out on a limb and say that all of us enjoyed our time there. The Parade features four main competitive events: the Concours d’Elegance, the Time- Speed-Distance (TSD) Rally, the Autocross, and the Technical and Historical Quiz. Other competitions included the Gimmick Rally, the Art Show, the Golf Tournament, and the 5K Run/ Walk. There were also events geared toward the kids, including RC car races (on-road and offroad), and an “anycross,” where they could use any kind of wheeled conveyance to set a time on a predefined course. The Parade is also where national recognition is awarded for various individuals and groups, 20 September

Contest: Best Cover, and second place in Class VI (regions with at least 1650 members). Congratulations to 2017 Editor Jim Hirsch! Well deserved! And with another trophy to take home, Maverick Region’s website (Bill Orr, webmaster) took first place in Class V (regions with at least 800 members) in the Website Contest. Kudos again, Bill! Furthermore, the Zone Representatives award went to fellow Zone 5 members RJ Wilmoth and Linda Bosko of the Longhorn Region, in recognition of their outstanding work with the PCA archives. As in past years, Maverick Region entrants represented their region very well, competing in just about every event. In the Concours d’Elegance, Richard Lyschik took first in class PP15T (Preparation – touringlevel judging) with his 2015 Macan; congratulations Richard! Additionally, Don and Harriet Sebert got fourth with their 1993 RS America in class PS05F (Preservation – full judging), and Joshua Gutjahr managed a ninth place with his 2004 996 in class PP06S (Preparation – street-level judging). The TSD Rally is a competitive event, but it is not a race. It is held on public roads at legal speeds, Another type of rally, the Gimmick Rally, although still competitive, is more of a fun event, where participants drive around the countryside looking for clues; sort of a treasure hunt. Classes are broken down into vehicles with two people, and vehicles with more than two people. The thought is that more eyeballs in the car makes for better chances of spotting all the treasure, but sometimes more people in the car just cause more distraction! Anyway, in the two-person class, Yasha (driver) and Kendra (navigator) Avshalumov took 19th place, and Region President and First Lady David (driver) and Tracy (navigator) Robertson garnered 26th place, but note that this is with 91 competitors in the class! No Mavericks competed in the more-than-two class. The Autocross takes place over two days to allow all entrants to get in four runs each. The course was set up on an airport taxiway, and was short and sweet: most runs were in the 30- to 40-second range. Thirteen representatives of Maverick Region competed. In the Showroom Stock classes, where no modifications are allowed, Fran Ussery took second place in S05W in her showroom-stock 2000 Boxster, while father and son Scott and Seth Stubbs took 16th and 17th place respectively in the very competitive S11O class, driving Fred (Scott’s dad) Stubbs’ 2011 Boxster Spyder. Not to be left out, Pam Stubbs drove the same car to Left: Bill Orr, Enthusiast of the Year Right: Carey Spreen meets the Michelin Man and collects the 2nd place Autocross trophy. second place in and is scored based on how well the driver/navigator team can follow the route instructions, look for signs and landmarks, maintain various average speeds throughout the event, and arrive neither too early nor too late at hidden checkpoints along the route. This year there were four Maverick entries. Joshua Gutjahr (driver) teamed up with Vic Rola (navigator) from Smoky Mountain Region in R06 (Unequipped), and came in at 11th place just outside the trophies. There were two entries in R05 (Unequipped Plus): Fran (driver) and Carl (navigator) Ussery took home fifth place trophies, and Don Breithaupt (driver) and Carey Spreen (navigator) earned first place trophies, also taking fourth place overall out of 98 entrants. In R04 (Unequipped Navigational), long-time TSD rallyists Myra (driver) and Jerry (navigator) Sutton won fifth place trophies. Congratulations all! S11W, beating husband and son by several tenths of a second! Way to go Stubbs family! And another Maverick family, Roger and Heather Briggs, competed in their 2010 Panamera Turbo, with Roger taking first place in S15O and Heather taking third in S15W. Heather has an excuse though: she was in the same class as threetime Ladies’ Top Time of Day winner Wendy Shoffit, who took first in S15W in her 2017 Macan Turbo. In the Production classes, where a few performance modifications are allowed, Carey Spreen took second place in a 1987 924S in class P03O, while Sue Crimm drove the same car to first place in class P03W, followed by Geneva Spreen, also driving the same car, in second place in the same class. (Geneva’s dad was very pleased with those results too!) Josh Gutjahr (just edged out of a trophy by 5/100 of a second, courtesy of his dad Bob Gutjahr in the same car) took fourth in P10O driving 21

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