Slipstream - September 2018


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Mavs & Mochas: Neiman Marcus

By Bill Bradley

photos by Bill Middleton

Three things need to be said before any discussion

as to why over 100 Porsches could gather in a covered

parking garage in Willow Bend Mall to celebrate the

Porsche Cabriolet.

drop-top peers. Soon I was encircled by those eager

to impart knowledge on topics ranging from radar

detectors to grandchildren.

Inside the doors to Neiman Marcus, which opened

off the parking garage, were company employees

1. Thanks to our host Neiman Marcus for providing

coffee and breakfast tacos and for the use of their facilities.

2. Thanks to Park Place Dallas for sponsoring the

event, as well as congratulations on the opening of their

Grapevine branch.

3. Lastly, thanks to the early-rising Mavericks who

assisted in getting everyone properly parked and setting up

a table with club information, decals, and Porsche whatnot.

Rain had been forecast, so these folks had

thoughtfully provided microfiber towels so that club

members could remove the water spots from their

vehicles. Some actually did.

It should be added that it was still raining outside the

confines of the parking garage. So many of us, including

yours truly, contented ourselves with conversation and

drinking coffee.

I set up a folding chair in front of my 2006 Cabriolet,

which was parked amongst twenty of her representative

Top Row: Cabriolets on display, Sweet rides that didn’t melt in the rain

Bottom: Row: Bill Orr - Enthusiast of the Year - also can set you up with

some decals, the Neiman Marcus staff that took care of our group,

Michael and Shanna Baynton, Mike Preston and Mike Mahoney

dispensing coffee and pointing club members to where

slips of paper could be filled out as chances to win a

variety of prizes:

• A lunch for four in the Mariposa

• A pair of cufflinks

• A pair of sneakers selected by the winner

• Master Dynamics luxury headphones

• Shinola gift

A little after ten o’clock, Porsches began leaving their

neat rows in the parking garage. Their passengers were

about to become shoppers. At this point yours truly

folded up his chair, said goodbye to those around him,

and exited the parking garage.

Yes, it was still raining.

26 September

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