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The Star: September 06, 2018

12 Latest Christchurch

12 Latest Christchurch news at News Thursday September 6 2018 Red zone barriers extended EXTENDED ROAD barriers are being installed in some parts of the red zone to stop illegal rubbish dumping and boy racers from destroying the vegetation. They will also create tighter security in the area. In early 2016, barriers were placed across roads in the red zone to deter anti-social behaviour and illegal rubbish dumping. “The barriers were designed to allow pedestrians and cyclists access to the area but to keep vehicles out. Unfortunately, some drivers continued to bypass the barriers by mounting the footpath and driving around them,’’ said city council transport operations manager Steffan Thomas. “Once past the barriers, they’re using the area as a dumping ground for their rubbish, which is unacceptable.” “We want to prevent that from happening and have been working on the issue with Land Information New Zealand. LINZ manages red-zoned land for the Crown but the city council owns the roads and footpaths. The new face of Ice Cream Charlie • By Sophie Cornish KATEY LANE has been a lover of Ice Cream Charlie since she was a child. Now, she has brought the business, known as Vanilla Ices. Ms Lane took over ownership at the weekend, after she expressed her interest to former owners Raewyn and George Taylor, who sold the business after 20 years, to retire. Three months ago, Ms Lane approached Mr and Mrs Taylor to buy an ice cream and said, “this is my favourite and I want to own it some day.” “It happened to work with when they were planning on retiring and it just came together from that . . . in reality I was thinking two or three years down the line, not three months, but that’s alright.” Ms Lane enjoys ice cream and says anywhere she is, she will eat it. “I have travelled extensively and yes, I have eaten a lot of ice cream.” “It’s so different from other ice cream flavours that I’ve tasted that I have never found replicated anywhere else in the world. You can have any number of fabulous ice cream flavours, but there is no ice cream texture and taste quite like an Ice Cream Charlie’s Vanilla Ice,” she said. Ms Lane said she “stepped out” of the corporate world about three years ago after being a business manager in real estate, and a registered nurse prior to that. She is now an entrepreneur and owns another small business called, Wool-it, which uses natural wool for blister prevention. Ms Lane believes her biggest challenge will be living up to the expectations of the local business, which was first started in 1903 by Sali Mohomet, who set up a cart in Cathedral Square. It is unclear why the original owner, who made the ice cream in a dairy behind his home in St Albans, was dubbed ‘Ice Cream Charlie, but the business has been known by the name ever since. She refused to give away the secret to the well-loved ice cream. “I paid way too much money to ever tell anyone what the recipe is,” she laughed. Ms Lane has hired a friend, Ross Sheppard, to help her in the truck also. Local News Now The Star Fire rages, homes at risk ICE CREAM LOVER: Entrepreneur Katey Lane has purchased Vanilla Ices, also known as Ice Cream Charlie. She has loved the treat since she first tried it as a child. She said the first weekend went well, after previously spending time with Mr and Mrs Taylor, learning the ropes. “The biggest challenge is trying to get the vanilla ice to sit on top of the cone, it’s not as easy as you think,” she said. “My first day was very nervewracking . . . Raewyn has been doing this for 20 years, she can actually hold a conversation while scooping ice cream at the same time, which I haven’t yet been able to do. It will come with practice.” Independent Living at its best. Lady Wigram Retirement Village facilities are second to none. Whether you’re looking for a serviced apartment or a single story villa mixed with luxury resort style facilities, you have an abundance of choice at Lady Wigram Retirement Village.

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