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Best Motorbuys: September 07, 2018


REGISTERED MOTOR VEHICLE TRADER STOCK CLEARANCE $9,750 FROM $9,750 FROM $14,750 $11,750 2007-2009 TOYOTA COROLLA AURIS HATCHES 1.5 & 1.8, autos, 5dr hatches, with SMART key, factory 'aero' body kits, alloy wheels, climate A/C, fog lights, low kms. 2007-2009 MAZDA AXELA SPORTHATCHES 1.5 & 2.0, autos, 5dr hatches, facelift, with auto sensing headlights and wipers, alloy wheels, 3point rear seatbelts, from very low kms. 2006 MAZDA ATENZA 6-SPEED MANUAL 2.3 VVT, facelift model, factory sports body kit, fog lights, 17"alloys, HiD headlights, climate A/C, 70,000km. 2014 SUZUKI SWIFT 5-SPEED MANUAL 5-speed manual, 1.2, facelift model, ESC, SMART key/button start, tinted glass, 3point rear seatbelts. FREE ON ROAD COSTS $8,750 FROM 2006-2008 SUZUKI SX-4 A range of 2WD models in 1.5, with 4-stage autos, side+curtain airbags, climate A/C, SMART key, with factory body kits, from low kms. $9,750 2008 MAZDA DEMIO SPORT 1.5 VVT, 'Sport' model with paddle-shift auto, body kit, alloys, fog lights, SMART key, auto-HiD headlights, only 35,000km. $13,750 $8,750 FROM 2012 SUBARU IMPREZA 2.0i 4WD 2.0, paddle-shift auto, 4dr sedan, cruise, ESC, reversing camera, auto headlights & wipers, 61,000km. 2007-2008 MAZDA AXELA 20S SEDANS 2.0 VVT, facelift model with 5-stage tiptronic autos, 16"alloys, fog lights, rain sensing wipers, climate A/C, low kms. $9,750 2011 NISSAN BLUEBIRD SYLPHY 20S 2.0, auto, facelift model with SMART key, reversing camera, auto-headlights, climate A/C, only 50,000km. ALL VEHICLES AA APPRAISED SERVICE PRE-SALE FM BAND ExPANDER FITTED 3 MONTH/5000kM WARRANTY $8,750 $9,750 $8,750 $7,750 $15,750 2008 TOYOTA IST 150G New Shape, 1.5 VVT, auto, front+side+curtain airbags, fog lights, SMART key/button start, reversing camera, climate A/C, alloys. 2010 HONDA FIT 1.5RS 1.5 factory sport 'RS' with body kit, fog lights, paddle-shift auto, 16"alloys, SMART key, tinted glass, service history. 2007 TOYOTA AVENSIS Li SEDAN 2.4 VVT, 5 stage auto, facelift shape, ESC, cruise, multi airbags, only 57,000km with full service history. 2008 TOYOTA COROLLA FIELDER X 1.5 VVT, auto, facelift model wagon, airbags, remote entry, 76,000km with full service history. 2007 NISSAN FAIRLADY Z VERSION ST 3.5 V6, 5-stage auto, 313hp version ST, with brembo brakes, 18"alloys, heated leather seats, side+curtain airbags, reversing cam, service history. $11,750 $8,750 $12,990 $13,990 $15,990 2009 TOYOTA WISH – 7 SEAT New Shape, 1.8 VVT, auto, Electronic Stability Contol, multi airbags, climate A/C, tinted glass, 72,000km. 2005 SUBARU LEGACY B4 3.0R SPEC B 3.0, 5-stage tiptronic auto, AWD, ESC, black leather seats, cruise, HiD headlights, 17"alloys, side+curtain airbags, facelift model. 2007 SUBARU IMPREZA 20S SPORT AWD 2.0, tiptronic auto, 5dr sportshatch, 4WD, fog lights, excellent order with only 13,000km. 2009 SUBARU IMPREZA 1.5i SPORT 1.5, auto, 5dr sporthatch, 2WD, factory body kit & alloys, SMART key, climate A/C, tinted glass. 2008 HONDA CR-V 2.4ZL 2.4, 5-stage auto, ESC, climate A/C, HiD headlights, SMART key, fog lights, alloys, only 55,000km Low or no deposit available. Credit criteria applies. After hours, phone Chris 03 358 6401 or Phil 027 319 3682 Page 12 ANNEX RD MIDDLETON RD 331 WE ARE HERE BLENHEIM RD THE WAREHOUSE

46 YEARS FAMILY OPERATED FREE ALL ON-ROAD COSTS 331 BLENHEIM ROAD, CHRISTCHURCH | 03 348 5855 ELECTRIC VEHICLE SPECIALISTS $12,990 $17,990 2011 NISSAN LEAF EV X 100% Electric. 24Kwh battery. Gen-1. Front+side+curtain airbags, reversing camera, alloys, LED headlights, ESC, 23,000km. 2014 NISSAN LEAF EV X GEN2 AERO 100% Electric. 24Kwh battery. 'Aero' body-kit & alloy wheels, cruise, reversing camera, heat pump A/C, auto LED-headlights. ALL EVS COME WITH NZ CHARGING CABLE PLUS 12MTHS REGO 2013-2015 NISSAN LEAF EV GEN2 100% Electric. A selection of S, X & high grade G models available, generation 2 with 24KWh batteries, from low kms. New NZ charging cable included. Choice of 15 in stock. 2014 SMART FORTWO EV 100% Electric. 2 Seater. Front+side airbags, ESC, fog lights, alloy wheels, A/C, only 21,000km with service history. $15,990 FROM 2010 MITSUBISHI i-MiEV 100% Electric, 16KWh battery, SMART key, auto-HiD headlights, reversing camera, TCS, only 33,000km. $27,990 FROM 2016 NISSAN LEAF EV 30KWH GEN2 100% Electric. Newer facelift model with emergency brake assist & LDW. 30KWh batteries. Choice of 'X' and higher grade 'G' model with cruise, reversing cam & alloy wheels. $19,990 $10,990 $15,990 2013 HONDA FIT RS HYBRID 1.5 petrol/electric hybrid, sporty 'RS' model with aero body kit, alloys, fog lights, ESC, SMART key, cruise control, reversing camera. $13,990 $12,990 $14,990 $27,990 $17,990 2013 MAZDA DEMIO SKYACTIV 1.3, auto, new generation 'Skyactiv' model, ESC, climate A/C, only 11,000km with service history. 2011 TOYOTA VITZ 1.5U 1.5 VVT, auto, factory body kit, tinted glass, alloy wheels, SMART key/button start, reversing camera, heated seat. 2014 SMART FORTWO MHD PASSION 1.0, 5 speed tiptronic auto, 2 seater, ESC, sun-roof, reversing camera, front & side airbags, only 23,000km. 2012 SUBARU OUTBACK 3.6R EYESIGHT 3.6, 5-stage auto, 'Eyesight' safety system, adaptive cruise, reverse cam, heated leather seats, ESC, full service history. 2011 SUBARU LEGACY 2.5i EYESIGHT 2.5, AWD, auto with 'SI Drive', adaptive cruise, curtain airbags, reversing camera, ESC, SMART key, 58,000km. $17,990 2010 MAZDA ATENZA 25S WAGON 2.5, 5-stage auto, New Shape sports-wagon, with certified adjustable suspension, 19"alloys, cruise, ESC, SMART key, 'Aero' body kit. $15,990 2009 HONDA ACCORD TOURER WAGON 2.4 VTEC, paddle-shift auto, cruise, front+side+curtain airbags, reversing camera, fog lights, SMART key, very stylish! $15,990 FROM 2012-2013 MAZDA AXELA 20S SKYACTIV New generation 2.0 'Skyactiv' models, with 6 stage autos, idle-stop, factory body kit & alloys, curtain airbags, ESC, cruise control. $13,750 FROM 2010-2011 MAZDA AXELA SPORTHATCHES New Shape 5door hatches, available in 1.5 & 2.0, with tiptronic autos, factory body kits, alloys, fog lights, reversing cams, auto-headlights, very stylish! $17,990 2009 SUBARU OUTBACK 2.5i AWD 2.5, 6speed tiptronic auto, New Shape, ESC, front+side+curtain airbags, SMART key, reversing camera, only 66,000km. $13,990 2010 TOYOTA AURIS 150X 1.5, auto, facelift 'S' package model with factory body kit, alloys, SMART key/button start, HiD headlights, spoiler, only 38,000km. $12,990 FROM 2007-2008 NISSAN DUALIS 2.0, autos, 2WD & selectable 4WD models available, with reversing cams, alloy wheels, air-con, remote entry, from low kms. $11,750 FROM 2007 TOYOTA BLADE HATCHBACKS 2.4 VVT, autos, 'G' models with ESC, front+side+curtain+knee airbags, reversing cameras, alloys, SMART key, all low kms. Page 13