PPVisit Partners to Increase Amazon Sales


Azisst opens its PPV Partners Program to digital marketing agencies from India

Digital marketing agencies get an Artificial Intelligence backed, powerful organic channel to increase Amazon sales for their clients

Ecommerce sales acceleration company, Azisst, announced today the launch of its PPV Partners Program for India based digital marketing agencies and professionals. PPVisit is an AI based, organic promotion alternative to advertisement based pay per click promotions.

The festive sales season from late September to December is the time when Amazon sellers make the most of their annual sales. PPVist for Amazon offers agency partners a powerful resource to drive external customer traffic to Amazon.

Every year, the festive season in India sees a massive surge in conventional and digital media costs. Marketing agencies are often faced with the challenge of maximizing their client’s customer reach with limited promotional budgets.

PPVisit is a cost effective, promotional medium and works on a Pay-For-Performance Model with no upfront costs. It is unaffected by Ad blockers, which are known to block external access to a large number of premium Amazon customers in the USA.

The PPV partner program offers benefits to all levels of partners. These include exclusive AI driven insights, invites to trainings and an industry leading rewards program. Azisst also offers PPVisit specific design and video creation assistance to agencies that lack such capabilities at highly subsidized costs.

Digital marketing agencies and professionals can apply to join the PPV Partners program at https://www.azisst.com/ppvisit-for-amazon-partners

PPVisit For Amazon

Customer traffic for every Amazon seller

PPVisit Global Partners Program

Powerful Performance I Regular benefits










Delight your customers with

external customer traffic to

drive sales performance,

A9 ranking and customer loyalty.

Powerful way to

boost sales

PPVisit or Pay Per Visit for

Amazon is a powerful and costeffective

way to drive external

traffic to your Amazon listings.

It is supported by Artificial


PPVisit works like Amazon's PPC

or Facebook post boost except that

it operates in organic environment

and is not advertising based and

unaffected by Ad -blocking


Identify & Engage

your customers

We offer a visitor conversion cap

guarantee.There is no need of

upfront investments and clients pay

only when they get customer traffic

to their Amazon listings.

No upfront


Posts & Video


How much

does it cost?

Pay Per Visit is the most

cost-effective way to

drive customer traffic to

your Amazon listings.

There are no start-up


There is no bidding and

you receive customer

visits at one flat rate of

1/100 of your product

cost per visit.

For Example: If your

product costs Rs. 100

on Amazon, you will pay

1 rupee for every visit.

Payment is capped at

20% of conversion rate.

Every online platform in

our network has a different

picture size, video and

content specifications.

Just like you create your

listings in a certain format

for Amazon, we will need to

create posts with your

products in at least 20

different sizes and a video.

This might sound

overwhelming to a lot

of sellers.

To overcome this, we have

developed technology to

convert Amazon product

listing to multiple matching

posts at a subsidised costs

of just $10 / product.

This service is fully optional

and we can work even if you

submit all the designs and

video as per our


Be A "PPVisit For Amazon" Partner

Referral Partner


Let your client know about PPV

benefits. Send them a discount

coupon. Get Referral benefits

Agency Partner


Register your client's products for

PPV. Work with us to enhance your

client's business on Amazon

PPVisit for Amazon

Partners benefit at

every stage

Set Up Monthly Yearly

PPVisit is an independent initiative from Azisst for Amazon sellers. It is not associated with Amazon.com or

any of its affiliates. PPV Partners is a program for Digital marketing agencies and Amazon Vendors.

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