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Style: September 07, 2018


PUBLISHER Charlotte Smulders Star Media Level One, 359 Lincoln Road, Christchurch 8140 03 379 7100 EDITORIAL Kate Preece Group Editor Gaynor Stanley Subeditor Ella James Feature Writer Zoe Williams Social Editor DESIGN Emma Rogers Creative Designer Gemma Quirk ADVERTISING Vivienne Montgomerie Sales Manager 364 7494 / 021 914 428 Juliet Dickson Account Executive 364 7409 / 021 688 159 Janine Oldfield Account Executive 962 0743 / 027 654 5367 Style shares the latest in home, lifestyle and fashion from home and abroad with its discerning readership each month. Perfect-bound and printed on superior paper stock for a lengthy shelf life, 46,000 copies are distributed to the premier suburbs of Christchurch, Selwyn District, North Canterbury, Ashburton, Queenstown and Wanaka. The majority are flow-wrapped and letterboxed direct to homes, complemented by copies available in Style stands at selected businesses. Further readers enjoy us online at Star Media, a division of Allied Press Ltd, is not responsible for any actions taken on the information in these articles. The information and views expressed in this publication are not necessarily the opinion of Allied Press Ltd or its editorial contributors. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information within this magazine, however, Allied Press Ltd can accept no liability for the accuracy of all the information. SEPTEMBER 2018 Instagram: Style_Christchurch CLASSIC STYLE: Taken in 1952, this photo transports us inside the Parisian studio in which Christian Dior (pictured) applied his fashion genius. Oh là là! Love it or loathe it, fashion permeates our life. It colours our world and dictates the shapes our bodies show. It changes, and we change with it. The rules are fluid, and almost fickle. What is acceptable one season, may be shunned the next. Then, when enough time passes, the fad is resurrected for another time in the sun; presented as new once more. Shades come and go, hem lengths go up and down, and even the amount of material alters. Consider the puff sleeve, it’s certainly adding to the fabric needed per arm, and again affects the shapes we step out in. The best looks depend the most upon the wearer. A cheap dress may look $1000 if it’s worn with confidence, yet a $1000 outfit will look cheap if ill-fitted and matched with a sour expression. So, why do we do it? Why must we have the latest handbag or another pair of shoes? Because, be you fashion heathen or fashionista, when we get it all right, it makes us feel good. In this bumper issue, we cover fashion trends and the designers who make them, as well as showcase the latest looks of the new season. We hope you find the inspiration to step out with style. Kate Preece EDITOR

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