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IVC Referral Autumn Newsletter

IVC Referral Autumn

Referral Strategy Team In order to bolster our support for our Referral practices, we have recently set up a Referral Strategy Team, which consists of Paul Cowling, Emma Krawiec (Senior Operations Manager), Richard Artingstall (CD at Vale Referrals) and Chris Trickey (Group Veterinary Advisor). Currently, the Team meets on a monthly basis. Chris is continuing to spend most of his time on Referral matters. In addition, we have set up a Steering Group with a wide range of expertise to help guide us and assist with decision making. This Group is made up of Stephen Collins and Harry Scott (Specialist vets & CDs), Ben Kelly (Practice Manager and BSM), Theresa Bellhouse (Referral Surgical Nurse), Paul Atkinson (Special projects), Allan Leigh (Property), Richard Parker (HR), Sally Clark (Learning & Development), Graham Avent and Julie Howard (Marketing), Douglas Veitch (GVA, CD and first opinion vet) and James Harris (CD at White Cross Vet Group). IVC Group News David Hillier has recently set up a European Referral Committee to look at synergies between the IVC UK and Evidensia practices on the continent, and develop common strategies. While UK and continental referral practices are different in many ways, there are many overlaps, and this is an exciting, developing area. Recruitment This is now a major problem for all practices - first opinion and referral – who have trouble finding quality vets and nurses. We are working with the HR department to look at ways in which we can offer more support for referral staff, and be more pro-active in recruitment. The information from the current salary package survey will help us to ensure we remain competitive in an ever-changing market. Building projects We continue to improve our referral practice buildings under the watchful eye of Paul Atkinson and the Special Projects team. At time of writing, there are eight of our referral practices at various stages of development. Key Performance Indicators We see the development of KPIs for referral practice as a vital part of managing your referral business. Our aim here has been to develop some common KPIs which we can all produce – to help you manage your business on a month to month basis, to give us more information to develop common areas of weakness, and ultimately benchmark both clinical and business parameters across the Group. The key to this is setup of the various PMS systems, and we are now at a fairly advanced stage of producing suggested standard setups for Voyager and RxWorks practices. Referral Service Pricing This is another key area where we often receive enquiries, and we have started to look into this more closely. While we have a lot of information on first opinion pricing and charging, it