SD-FORM-003 Near Miss-Good Catch Report


Near Miss / Good Catch Report

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Near Miss

Good Catch

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Near Miss and Good Catch Reporting Instructions


Good Catch – An unsafe condition or act was recognized, which if let unaddressed, could have resulted in an

injury, property damage, or outage. This could also be a positive recognition of a good work practice or behavior

which helped create a safer environment.

Near Miss – An incident occurred where no property was damaged, and no personal injury was sustained, but

where, given a slight shift in time or position, damage and/or injury could have occurred.


The intent of this document is to capture the Good Catch/Near Miss Event reports received from multiple

contractors on one standard document. This document is not intended to replace the contractor's own Good

Catch/Near Miss reporting process or documentation.


1. Once a Near Miss has occurred, or an unsafe condition or act has been recognized, an employee should

report it to their Supervisor or Safety & Compliance Representative per the guidelines of their own company's

reporting policy.

2. The Supervisor or Safety & Compliance Representative will record the Near Miss/Good Catch on the

company Good Catch and Near Miss Report and submit the form to:

3. Please fill out the form in its entirety. The report should include the following:

1. Date of Near Miss/Good Catch

2. Location of Near Miss/Good Catch

3. Contributing Factors (states, critical errors, other)

4. Also, it is highly important that suggestions or recommendations be made regarding what actions

will be taken

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