September 2018

September 2018

September 2018


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<strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

PNB fraud :<br />

Interpol issues red<br />

corner notice<br />

against Nirav’s aide<br />

New Delhi, Interpol has<br />

issued a ‘red corner notice’<br />

(RCN) against Mumbai-based<br />

fugitive Mihir Rashmi<br />

Bhansali, an accused in the<br />

multi-crore Punjab National<br />

Bank (PNB) loan fraud case<br />

involving<br />

his employer<br />

Nirav<br />

Modi and<br />

his uncle<br />

M e h u l<br />

Choksi.<br />

Bhansali,<br />

who was an<br />

executive<br />

of Nirav<br />

Modi’s Firestar International<br />

firm, is absconding since the<br />

probe started in the alleged $2<br />

billion PNB fraud case.<br />

The RCN, which is issued<br />

to seek the location and arrest<br />

of wanted person(s) with a<br />

view to extradition or similar<br />

lawful action, followed<br />

Enforcement Directorate’s<br />

(ED) request to the Interpol<br />

made earlier through the<br />

Central Bureau of<br />

Investigation. The ED wants<br />

to question Bhansali to<br />

unearth further details of the<br />

crime committed by Nirav<br />

Modi and his uncle to cheat<br />

the Mumbai-based PNB’s<br />

Brady House branch. The<br />

notice mentions that<br />

“Bhansali, 40, is wanted by<br />

judicial authorities of India<br />

under offences of money laundering”.<br />

Referring Bhansali’s forename<br />

as Mihir Rashmi, the<br />

notice said: “If you have any<br />

information please contact<br />

your national or local police<br />

General Secretariat of<br />

Interpol.” The Interpol, in its<br />

notice, requested its 192-<br />

member countries to arrest or<br />

detain Bhansali so that his<br />

extradition process could<br />

begin. The Interpol has issued<br />

similar notice against Nirav<br />

Modi, who as well as his family<br />

and uncle Choksi left the<br />

country in January, a month<br />

before the fraud came to light.<br />

The notice mentions<br />

Bhansali’s birth place Mumbai<br />

and describes his date of birth<br />

as November 15, 1977.<br />

Bhansali’s photo is also<br />

pasted on the notice in which<br />

he is seen clean shaven and<br />

wearing spectacles.<br />

China welcomes 2+2 dialogue,<br />


Beijing, China on Friday said it<br />

was “happy” to see the maiden “2+2”<br />

dialogue between India and the US and<br />

hoped the two countries would do more<br />

for regional peace and stability in the<br />

region.<br />

During the talks on Thursday, New<br />

Delhi and Washington inked a crucial<br />

defence pact and vowed to work for a<br />

free and open Indo-Pacific region.<br />

Reacting to the joint pledge by India<br />

and the US for inclusive Indo-Pacific,<br />

Beijing said it was well entitled to sail<br />

into the international waters.<br />

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said<br />

Beijing hoped that “parties can do real<br />

things to ensure freedom of navigation<br />

in the Indo-Pacific region”.<br />

“As to the 2+2 consultation between<br />

India and the US, we have seen the<br />

report. We are happy to see the normal<br />

bilateral relations between them. We<br />

also hope that in this process they will<br />

do more to regional peace and regional<br />

Water crisis : Imran<br />

Khan seeks overseas<br />

Pakistanis’ help<br />

Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan<br />

on Friday sought assistance from overseas<br />

Pakistanis to help overcome the “biggest<br />

issue” of water crisis in the country by<br />

donating to the dams fund set up by the<br />

Supreme Court.<br />

“The largest problem<br />

is the water issue in the<br />

country,” Khan said in a<br />

televised address to the<br />

nation, adding that it was<br />

crucial for Pakistan to<br />

build dams as failure to<br />

do so could be detrimental<br />

to its future generations.<br />

“Experts say if we do<br />

not make dams we will<br />

face a drought in seven<br />

years. We have to start making dams from<br />

today.” “I want to commend Chief Justice<br />

Mian Saqib Nisar (for starting the dams<br />

fund), but this was not his job,” Khan said.<br />

“This was the job of civilian leaders who<br />

knew this was going to swell into a crisis<br />

stability,” Ministry spokesperson Hua<br />

Chunying said replying to a question<br />

how China viewed the<br />

but did nothing to thwart it.” Khan urged<br />

overseas Pakistanis to contribute to the<br />

dams fund. “If every overseas Pakistani<br />

contributes to this we will be able to construct<br />

the dams and our reserves will also<br />

improve,” the Prime<br />

Minister said.<br />

He appealed to<br />

Pakistanis in Europe and<br />

the US to contribute at<br />

least $1,000. “Pakistanis<br />

working in the Middle<br />

East and other countries<br />

can also contribute<br />

according to their capacity,”<br />

Khan said, adding<br />

that the Prime Minister’s<br />

fund for dam would be<br />

now part of Chief<br />

Justice’s fund and both will be merged.<br />

This was Khan’s second address with the<br />

nation since assuming office. In his first<br />

address, he had outlined austerity measures<br />

and the need to tackle corruption to bring<br />

Pakistan on track.<br />

Communications, Compatibility and<br />

Security Agreement (Comcasa) between<br />

New Delhi and Washington.<br />

India and the US have strategically<br />

grown closer to each<br />

other in recent years, unsettling<br />

Beijing which thinks that<br />

Washington is using New Delhi<br />

to contain it.<br />

Alarmed by the growing presence<br />

of the Chinese Navy in the<br />

Indian and Pacific Oceans, the<br />

US, India, Japan and Australia<br />

have formed a regional grouping,<br />

dubbed as “Quad”.<br />

The Indo-Pacific featured in<br />

2+2 dialogue on Thursday and<br />

both New Delhi and Washington<br />

vowed to work for inclusive and<br />

open Indo-Pacific.<br />

“You also mentioned about<br />

the security issue of navigation in<br />

the sea. We uphold the legal<br />

rights entitled in the international<br />

law and we also that hope parties<br />

can do real things to ensure freedom of<br />

navigation,” Hua added.<br />



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2 <strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />


www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />

Protest in London to Stop the Witch-<br />

Hunt of Human Rights Activists in India!<br />

and Resist the Modi Emergency !<br />

31st August saw a powerful protest<br />

in London to Stop the Witch-Hunt of<br />

Rights Activists in India! and Resist<br />

the Modi Emergency!<br />

Why we were protesting<br />

The Modi government has<br />

unleashed a massive witch hunt<br />

against a whole range of dissenting<br />

voices targeting some of India’s most<br />

credible and respected human rights<br />

activists and public intellectuals, using<br />

trumped up charges and patently false<br />

allegations to try to silence all opposition<br />

and terrorise dissidents.<br />

In raids on 28 August across the<br />

country, a series of activists were<br />

arrested -noted Chhattishgarh-based<br />

trade union leader and tribal rights<br />

campaigner Sudha Bharadwaj (arrested<br />

from Faridabad), renowned writer<br />

Varavara Rao (arrested from<br />

Hyderabad),activists Arun Ferreira<br />

(who has incidentally written a book<br />

on his experience of being in prison<br />

for five years on false charges) and<br />

Vernon Gonsalves (picked up from<br />

Mumbai) and long-standing human<br />

rights campaigner Gautam Navlakha<br />

(who was arrested from his residence<br />

in Delhi but the High Court stayed his<br />

remand to Pune).<br />

Among those whose houses have<br />

been raided are Ranchi-based Father<br />

Stan Swamy (who has been opposing<br />

corporate landgrab and Hindutva violence<br />

in Jharkhand and has recently<br />

been charged with ‘sedition’), journalist<br />

Kranthi Tekula, lawyer Susan<br />

Abraham who is defending Surendra<br />

Gadling and others, Dalit writer and<br />

academic Anand Teltumbde, and<br />

Pavana and Prof. K. Satyanarayana<br />

(daughter and son-in-law of Varavara<br />

Rao). On 29 August, the Supreme<br />

Court responded to a petition filed on<br />

behalf of those arrested by ruling that<br />

they should not be kept in police custody<br />

but under house arrest until<br />

<strong>September</strong> 6, noting that ‘Dissent is<br />

the safety-valve of democracy’.<br />

The BJP-led Maharashtra<br />

Government and the Pune Police are<br />

using the Bhima Koregaon violence of<br />

January 1 <strong>2018</strong> as the pretext for planning<br />

this witch hunt. The year <strong>2018</strong><br />

started with violence against Dalits in<br />

Bhima Koregaon when thousands of<br />

Dalits gathered there in a commemoration<br />

of a historic victory. Hindutva<br />

thugs with saffron flags in hand<br />

attacked the Dalits. The main masterminds<br />

behind the Bhima Korgaon<br />

anti-Dalit atrocity are Shambhaji<br />

Bhide and Milind Ekbote. Both of<br />

them are closely connected with the<br />

BJP. Shambhaji Bhide is the founder<br />

of the Shivpratisthan Sangstha, which<br />

has incited several communal riots in<br />

Maharashtra. Both of them are roaming<br />

free while human rights and Dalit<br />

rights activists are being targeted.<br />

The human rights movement which<br />

emerged out of the experience of<br />

resistance to the 1975-77 Emergency<br />

is today being branded as an ‘Urban<br />

Naxal’ project. An actual incident of<br />

anti-Dalit violence is being manipulated<br />

to persecute Dalit rights activists.<br />

While Hindutva terrorist organisations<br />

like Sanatan Sanstha are enjoying full<br />

impunity to openly threaten people<br />

and call for overturning the<br />

Constitution, lawyers, writers, poets<br />

and public intellectuals have been<br />

framed with outlandish charges of<br />

plotting an assassination of the Prime<br />

Minister, in a move with striking parallels<br />

with the history of Nazi<br />

Germany.<br />

The fact that as K. Pavana and Prof.<br />

K. Satyanarayanan have testified, the<br />

police raiders asked questions like<br />

‘Why do you read books by Mao and<br />

Marx?’ ‘Why do you have pictures of<br />

Ambedkar and Phule and not of<br />

gods and goddesses?’ and ‘Why do<br />

you not wear jewellery and sindoor as<br />

a wife?’ indicates what are now considered<br />

‘crimes’ in Modi’s India.<br />

These raids and arrests, the slapping<br />

of sedition charges and the invoking of<br />

draconian laws like UAPA are all<br />

aimed at reducing India to a republic of<br />

fear. The Indian state is doing this in<br />

partnership with the organized lynch<br />

mobs murdering Muslims and Dalits<br />

on a daily basis and the hired assassins<br />

being deployed to kill dissidents. The<br />

assassinations of Dabholkar, Pansare,<br />

Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh, the failed<br />

attempt on the life of Umar Khalid,<br />

repeated attacks on Swami Agnivesh<br />

and the continuing persecution of<br />

human rights campaigners are all part<br />

of the same strategy of silencing dissent<br />

and subordinating democracy to a<br />

fascist regime of fear and repression,<br />

hate and lies.<br />

But resistance is growing and in<br />

response to this new spate of attacks<br />

on activists, lawyers and writers who<br />

have always fought for the oppressed<br />

and marginalized, the people have<br />

come onto the streets to demand their<br />

unconditional release in protests in<br />

cities across India.<br />

This protest at the Indian High<br />

Commission in London by South Asia<br />

Solidarity Group and CasteWatchUK<br />

was been called in solidarity with this<br />

resistance.<br />

Mr Muman , Chair of Caste Watch<br />

UK compared the current state of vigilance<br />

and repression to the Gestapo<br />

unleashing reign of terror. He<br />

endorsed Arundhati Roy’s observation<br />

that the British were blamed for divide<br />

and rule but the BJP is guilty of divert<br />

and rule in the run up to the election<br />

2019.<br />

Our demands:<br />

Stop the Witchhunts! Release the<br />

human rights activists , lawyers and<br />

writers arrested on these fake charges!<br />

Stop Hindutva Terrorism!<br />

At the protest the names of those<br />

arrested were called out as we<br />

demanded that they were freed.<br />

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London : Britain’s<br />

former Foreign Secretary<br />

Boris Johnson and his wife<br />

Marina Wheeler announced<br />

on Friday that they have separated<br />

and are in the process of<br />

a divorce.<br />

Johnson and the senior<br />

lawyer, both 54, have been<br />

married for 25 years. They<br />

made the announcement in a<br />

joint statement after a story<br />

appeared in the Sun newspaper<br />

detailing claims that<br />

Johnson was “unfaithful”, the<br />

Guardian reported.<br />

“Several months ago, after<br />

25 years of marriage, we<br />

decided it was in our best<br />

interests to separate,” the joint<br />

statement read.<br />

“We have subsequently<br />

agreed to divorce and that<br />

process is under way… As<br />

friends we will continue to<br />

support our four children in<br />

the years ahead. We will not<br />

be commenting further,” it<br />

said.<br />

Johnson, who has four children<br />

with Wheeler, resigned<br />

from the government in July<br />

over his opposition to Prime<br />

Minister Theresa May’s<br />

Chequers Brexit plan.<br />

He has since written a<br />

series of articles criticising the<br />

government, which have been<br />

viewed as attempts to position<br />

himself as an alternative<br />

Prime Minister.<br />

Wheeler is a human<br />

rights lawyer who became a<br />

Queen’s counsel in 2016.<br />

Johnson credited her as a key<br />

voice in his decision to<br />

support Brexit before the<br />

referendum.<br />

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<strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />



3<br />

Dr. Aman Puri, Consul<br />

General honoured Mr. Paul<br />

Sabapathy, Former Lord<br />

Lieutenant of West Midlands<br />

for his outstanding contribution<br />

towards cohesion of the<br />

Indian and British community<br />

in the United Kingdom.<br />

Consul General Dr. Aman Puri highlights India’s achievements, endeavours and future projects, at the India’s 72nd<br />

Independence day celebrations & (Right Side) From Left to right – Consul General Dr. Aman Puri, Lord Lieutenant of<br />

West Midlands Mr. John Crabtree, Lord Mayor of Birmingham Councillor Yvonne Mosquito.<br />

Over 800 guests attended the celebrations of the 71st Anniversary of India’s Independence<br />

at Town Hall Birmingham<br />

On August 15, <strong>2018</strong>, billions of<br />

Indians across the world celebrated<br />

the 71st anniversary of India’s<br />

Independence with great zeal and<br />

enthusiasm. The Consulate General of<br />

India in Birmingham held a grand celebration<br />

to mark the day, and to pay<br />

respects to the architects of the nation.<br />

To begin the celebrations, Consul<br />

General Dr Aman Puri unfurled the<br />

national flag in the Consulate premises.<br />

It was an occasion to salute the<br />

heroic and brave patriots who contributed<br />

to the creation of an<br />

Independent India. The event was<br />

marked by the rendition of National<br />

Anthem and reading out of the<br />

Honourable President of India’s message<br />

on the eve of Independence Day.<br />

This was followed by a grand cultural<br />

event in the heart of the city at<br />

the iconic Birmingham Town Hall<br />

which was hosted by the Consulate<br />

General of India in the evening of 15th<br />

August. Around 800 people graced the<br />

occasion which included professionals<br />

of various sectors, Indian community<br />

leaders, business executives, media<br />

representatives, and other invited<br />

guests. Local British community representatives<br />

were also present.<br />

Prominent dignitaries such as Mr John<br />

Crabtree, OBE (Lord-Lieutenant of<br />

the West Midlands), Mr Mike Kapur<br />

(Lord-Lieutenant of Leicester), Dr<br />

Beverly Lindsay, OBE OD VLL (Vice<br />

Lord-Lieutenant of West Midlands),<br />

Councillor Yvonne Mosquito (Lord<br />

Mayor of Birmingham), Councillor<br />

Rajash Mehta (Mayor of Telford and<br />

Wrekin), and several other Mayors<br />

and Mayoresses attended the celebrations.<br />

Ms Neena Gill, CBE (Member<br />

of the European Parliament for the<br />

West Midlands), Professor Robin<br />

Mason [Pro-Vice-Chancellor<br />

(International) University of<br />

Birmingham], and Professor Asif<br />

Ahmed (Founder of Aston Medical<br />

School at Aston University and<br />

Founder & Chairman of MirZyme<br />

Therapeutics) were among the other<br />

dignitaries present at the occasion.<br />

Consul General, Dr Aman Puri in his<br />

welcome address shared his pride as an<br />

Indian belonging to the world’s largest<br />

democracy, and the oldest continuous<br />

living civilisation. He remembered the<br />

freedom fighters and martyrs for their<br />

contributions and also paid tribute to<br />

those Indians who are working consistently<br />

towards making a better India. He<br />

made special mention of the contribution<br />

of women whether in the work<br />

force or as homemakers, towards building<br />

the modern nation. He enumerated<br />

India’s contribution in the cultural, economic<br />

and scientific fields and informed<br />

the gathering of the ambitious project<br />

“Gagan Yaan” announced by the<br />

Honourable Prime Minister of India<br />

from the ramparts of Red fort. The project<br />

aims to take India’s first indigenous<br />

manned mission to space by 2022. The<br />

Consul General also informed the gathering<br />

that the world’s largest government<br />

funded healthcare scheme which<br />

was announced recently, will be rolled<br />

out in <strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong>. Dr Puri appreciated<br />

the role of 31 million strong<br />

Overseas Indian community, the<br />

world’s largest diaspora, for being hugely<br />

successful and being a pillar of<br />

strength and resilience for the Indian<br />

economy. He quoted Honourable Prime<br />

Minister Modi that the Indian diaspora<br />

serves as a ‘living bridge’ between India<br />

and the world. He also informed that<br />

150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma<br />

Gandhi will be celebrated from 2nd<br />

October over a two year period.<br />

Lord Lieutenant of West Midlands,<br />

John Crabtree OBE, termed the<br />

evening as a moment for remembrance<br />

of the central historical event<br />

of the 20th century South Asia, and a<br />

time for reflection. He called the day<br />

as celebration of the birth of the<br />

world’s largest democracy, a democratic<br />

rule based on one person, one<br />

vote, with no bar for race, gender or<br />

religion. He informed that over<br />

2,00,000 people of Indian heritage,<br />

have made West Midlands their home<br />

and their contribution have been quite<br />

remarkable, with almost GBP one billion<br />

being traded between the West<br />

Midlands and India each year.<br />

Councillor Yvonne Mosquito, Lord<br />

Mayor of Birmingham, commented<br />

that Independence Day is a time for<br />

the celebration of the significant contribution<br />

of Indian community to UK.<br />

She remarked that India is the jewel in<br />

Commonwealth, despite the significant<br />

challenges it has faced. She also<br />

appreciated the collective contribution<br />

of Indians, and that the Indians had triumphed<br />

where others failed.<br />

Councillor Rajash Mehta, Mayor of<br />

Telford and Wrekin, emphasised on<br />

building bridges and bringing communities<br />

together. He stated that the communities<br />

here, though diverse are united<br />

and it is the key to building a better<br />

and brighter future for the next generation.<br />

He expressed hope that the links<br />

so created will help to establish a better<br />

working relationship between Indian<br />

and British cultures of the 21st century.<br />

Ms. Neena Gill CBE, Member of the<br />

European Parliament, emphasized on<br />

the need for young British Indians to<br />

learn about the history of the country of<br />

their origin, be connected with their<br />

roots and contribute to the socio economic<br />

development of India. She<br />

encouraged the second generation<br />

British Indians to travel to India and<br />

build linkages in the fields of education,<br />

culture, trade and commerce. She also<br />

mentioned that Indian community<br />

needs to play a bigger role in British<br />

politics as there was a dearth of young<br />

leaders. She also congratulated the<br />

Consulate General of India for celebrating<br />

the 350th birth anniversary of Guru<br />

Gobind Singh ji, and hoped that there<br />

would be similar celebrations to mark<br />

the 550th birth anniversary of Guru<br />

Nanak Dev ji during the year 2019.<br />

Professor Robin Mason, Pro-Vice-<br />

Chancellor (International) University<br />

of Birmingham, observed that that<br />

India has come a long way, and is<br />

implementing progressive policies<br />

such as GST and the National Health<br />

Protection Scheme. He however commented<br />

that the UK’s political leadership<br />

needs to put in more efforts<br />

towards improving the relationship<br />

with India. He informed that the bilateral<br />

research collaboration between<br />

UK and India has grown exponentially<br />

Prof. Robin Mason, Pro VC<br />

International, University of<br />

Birmingham, praised the<br />

Indian diaspora in UK for<br />

their hard work and contribution<br />

in the economic development<br />

of UK & also mentioned<br />

that both India & UK<br />

are research power-houses.<br />

and that UK ranks 3rd in R&D while<br />

India ranks 10th in the world. He called<br />

both the countries as research powerhouses.<br />

Prof Mason informed the gathering<br />

that India Institute’s inaugural<br />

distinguished lecture in collaboration<br />

with the Consulate General of India<br />

will be delivered by former Foreign<br />

Secretary of India, Ambassador Dr. S<br />

Jaishankar. Ambassador Jaishankar is<br />

currently the President Global Affairs<br />

of the TATA group.<br />

Professor Asif Ahmed, Founder of<br />

Aston Medical School at Aston<br />

University and Founder & Chairman<br />

of MirZyme Therapeutics, remarked<br />

that the Indian society has been multicultural,<br />

multi-religious, multi-ethnic<br />

and multi-linguistic from time immemorial.<br />

The spirit of multiculturalism<br />

without any bias to religion or sect,<br />

has kept India united in diversity,<br />

which is the soul of India. He encouraged<br />

the gathering to do their best and<br />

serve as a bridge between India and<br />

Britain in commerce, trade and higher<br />

education.<br />

The speeches were followed by an<br />

array of cultural programmes.<br />

Performers from Tanushree, Atreyee<br />

and Chitralekha dance group added<br />

colour and vigour to the evening by<br />

performing Indian traditional folk and<br />

classical dances. The message of patriotism<br />

was conveyed through poems by<br />

an Urdu poet and members of<br />

Geetanjali Multilingual Literary Circle.<br />

Singer and composer of music Jasbir<br />

Wouhra sang songs which inspired<br />

patriotism among those present.<br />

Thereafter, Consul General Dr.<br />

Aman Puri, honoured Mr. Paul<br />

Sabapathy, Former Lord Lieutenant of<br />

West Midlands for his outstanding<br />

contribution towards cohesion of the<br />

Indian and British communities in the<br />

United Kingdom. He also felicitated<br />

Ms. Piali Rai, Director, Sampad South<br />

Asian Arts and Mr. Jas Wouhra,<br />

Managing Director, East End Foods<br />

Plc. The event concluded with the<br />

singing of National Anthem.<br />

Indeed, it was a day of elation, a day<br />

of remembrance of the freedom fighters,<br />

a day to cherish and respect the very<br />

gift of freedom. The world is going<br />

through uncertain times in many parts,<br />

and the geo-politics is getting ever more<br />

complex. It is time for nations to again<br />

stand together, and respect every<br />

nation’s right to be sovereign, and to<br />

promote peace in the world.

4 <strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />


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Stateless children–Right to<br />

register as British citizens<br />

It has been confirmed by the recent<br />

decision of the High Court (MK (A<br />


FRIEND CAE) V SSHD [2017]<br />

EWHC 1365 THAT Stateless children<br />

born in the UK have a right to<br />

register as British citizens after living<br />

here for a continuous period of five<br />

years.<br />

The case involved a child (MK)<br />

born in the UK in November 2010.<br />

Her parents were both nationals of<br />

India. MK had made an application<br />

for registration as a British citizen<br />

under Schedule 2 of the British<br />

Nationality Act 1981. Under Schedule<br />

2 of the British Nationality Act 1981,<br />

a child or young person born in the<br />

UK can be registered as a British citizen<br />

if he or she:<br />

is and has always been stateless<br />

was under the age of 22 on the date<br />

of the application<br />

has lived in the UK 5 years prior to<br />

the making of the application.<br />

The Home Office refused the application<br />

and judicial review proceedings<br />

were commenced. There were some<br />

difficulties in relation to evidence,<br />

particularly relating to Indian law and<br />

the interpretation and practice of that<br />

law. However, the high court decided<br />

that MK was entitled to register<br />

as a British citizen as<br />

she was and is stateless as<br />

she does not have Indian<br />

nationality.<br />

This case will be important<br />

for those children who<br />

are born in the UK, are<br />

stateless and are making an<br />

application in the same or<br />

similar circumstances. It has<br />

reiterated by this case that<br />

stateless children born in the<br />

UK have a right to register<br />

as British citizens after living<br />

here for a continuous<br />

period of five years.<br />

To register under paragraph 3 of<br />

Schedule 2 to the British Nationality<br />

Act 1981 a stateless person must meet<br />

four conditions. She or he must be<br />

born in the UK; have always been<br />

stateless; be under the age of 22 and<br />

living in the UK at the time of applying<br />

to register; and at the date of application<br />

have spent the last five years<br />

living in the UK (with no more than<br />

450 days absence during this period<br />

unless ‘special circumstances’ are<br />

shown).<br />

An applicant will also need to show<br />

he or she is stateless. Home Office<br />

guidance indicates decision-makers<br />

will want to see letters from the<br />

national authorities of each parent<br />

confirming the child or young person<br />

is not and has never held their nationality.<br />

The Home Office also expects<br />

evidence that applicants have been<br />

living in the UK for the past five years<br />

and without excessive absences –<br />

even though their statelessness<br />

make it less<br />

likely someone could<br />

have left the country.<br />

The right to register<br />

under paragraph 3 of<br />

Schedule 2 is time limited.<br />

Once the child<br />

turns 22, if no application<br />

has been made this<br />

right is lost forever.<br />

There is generally no<br />

good reason to delay<br />

registration where a<br />

child has and wishes to<br />

exercise her or his right<br />

to do so if the conditions<br />

of paragraph 3 are met.<br />

Should a stateless person miss the<br />

opportunity to register by turning 22,<br />

section 1(4) of the 1981 Act may provide<br />

an alternative. It provides a right<br />

to register as British to those born in<br />

the UK, who live here for the first ten<br />

years of their lives. There is no age<br />

cut-off by when this right must be<br />

exercised. However, an applicant<br />

under section 1(4) must be of good<br />

character whereas an applicant under<br />

paragraph 3 need not.<br />

To apply for British Nationally is<br />

really expensive. Currently, the fee<br />

for a child to register as British is<br />

£973. The home office is making hundreds<br />

of pounds above cost each time<br />

a child or young person seeks to register<br />

their right. The Home Office offers<br />

no waiver or exemptions. The legal<br />

aid is not available for advice and<br />

assistance on these registration applications<br />

(unless exceptional case funding<br />

is granted). The applicants need<br />

specialist legal help to recognise their<br />

entitlement, identify the evidence<br />

required, instruct experts where necessary<br />

(an expert may be necessary to<br />

show a child does not have her or his<br />

parent’s nationality) and prepare an<br />

application.<br />

I will be more than happy to provide<br />

all necessary information and<br />

legal help if you need to apply for<br />

your child.<br />

Ajay Aggarwal, Solicitor<br />

Moblie; 07727 688 291

www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />


<strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

5<br />

Hindus, Sikhs and BJP in nexus to<br />

repeal British Caste Legislation<br />

Good Evening everyone. Greetings<br />

to you all on the occasion of Indian<br />

Independence Day. I am not anti Indian.<br />

I wish the Indian people every happiness,<br />

good health, prosperity and<br />

wealth.<br />

Its on occasions like this that we take<br />

a few moments to reflect on what is<br />

happening in India today. There is no<br />

doubt independence deserves to be celebrated<br />

but there is a darker side that<br />

Independent India has not lived up to<br />

the dreams of its founding fathers.<br />

Blame game<br />

It is argued that 71 years is not long<br />

enough for a young democracy to<br />

resolve all its problems. All the ills are<br />

blamed on the British, if not the British<br />

then the Muslims, if not the Muslims<br />

then religious minorities and then Dalits<br />

– the scheduled Castes and Scheduled<br />

Tribes who number over 250 million<br />

people. Not much is said about taking<br />

personal responsibility. It is always the<br />

other that is blamed.<br />

Ideological Shift<br />

There is a shift towards right wing<br />

politics the world over accentuated by<br />

the election of the US president Donald<br />

Trump. India had already led the charge,<br />

on a national scale, towards right wing<br />

politics since the election of the BJP<br />

government in 2014. This lurch towards<br />

the right is also seen in Britain when the<br />

country voted to leave the European<br />

union. Clever politicians play into the<br />

fears and prejudices of people and try to<br />

befool and beguile the masses into a<br />

false sense of security. This lurch<br />

towards right-wing politics must be<br />

resisted as it threatens progressive and<br />

liberal values built over centuries.<br />

Indian constitution burned<br />

A strange event occurred on 9th<br />

August <strong>2018</strong>, in India at Jantar Mantar<br />

New Delhi when the Indian constitution<br />

was burned. I say strange because, firstly,<br />

the holding of the event was given<br />

clearance by the police and secondly,<br />

the Indian constitution was burned<br />

whilst the police were present at the<br />

scene.<br />

When burning the constitution, the<br />

Organisers were yelling slogans like :<br />

Savidhan jalao, desh bachao !<br />

Ambedkar Murda Bad ! Manuvad<br />

Zindabad ! SC /ST Act murda bad<br />

Not until a FIR was filed against the<br />

mob, with video evidence, that the<br />

police took notice and swung into action<br />

resulting in the arrest of two people as<br />

reprted by the media.<br />

The video showed 20-30 people (perhaps<br />

more) directly engaged in sloganising<br />

and burning the Indian constitution.<br />

The entire mob should have been<br />

charged and arrested under the<br />

Prevention of National Honour Act<br />

1971 which states that whoever in any<br />

public place or in any other place within<br />

public view burns, mutilates, defaces,<br />

defiles, disfigures, destroys, tramples<br />

upon or otherwise shows disrespect to<br />

or brings into contempt the Indian<br />

National Flag or the constitution of<br />

India or any part thereof shall be punished<br />

with imprisonment for a term<br />

which may extend to 3 years or with<br />

fine or both.<br />

During their probe, police found that<br />

two organisations — Youth Equality<br />

Foundation (Azad Sena) and Arakshan<br />

Virodhi Party held the protest at<br />

Parliament Street.<br />

No senior ranking politician of the<br />

BJP led government has condemned the<br />

burning of the Indian constitution.<br />

Mainstream Television channels have<br />

not condemned the incident and have<br />

moslt stayed silent. The dilution of the<br />

SC/ST Act by Justices AK Goel and UU<br />

Lalit caused a nationwide protest which<br />

has now resulted in the restoration of<br />

the SC/ST act by a recent vote in the<br />

Indian Parliament<br />

The burning of the Indian constitution<br />

came in the wake of the Indian<br />

Parliament passing that Bill to restore<br />

the SC/ST act on Thursday 9th August.<br />

You will recall , way back in December<br />

28, 2017, Union Minister Anant Kumar<br />

Hegde reportedly said that “Today, we<br />

follow Ambedkar ‘smriti’… it will<br />

change in the future. We are here to<br />

change the Constitution.” He later withdrew<br />

his remarks accusing the media of<br />

‘twisting’ his comments!<br />

So what do we see in India today<br />

under the present BJP-led<br />

Government<br />

In India Mob lynching has been<br />

taken to a whole new dimension. The<br />

cow is sacred but not human life. In the<br />

name of Gau-Rakshak, mobs are free to<br />

roam around to kill with impunity. I<br />

wish to share with you that during the<br />

Vedic period, the cow was ceremoniously<br />

slaughtered and offered in a sacrifice<br />

to the gods. No god came down to<br />

earth to consume the slaughtered cow<br />

but humans assumed the role of god,<br />

namely Brahmins who called themselves<br />

bhudevas to consume the slaughtered<br />

cow.<br />

Today, emboldened by the BJP in<br />

power, the rise of Hindutva ideology is<br />

threatening the social fabric of India<br />

with its escalation of attacks on religious<br />

minorities and Dalits in particular. This<br />

emboldened ideology is antinational.<br />

? Hindutva forces continue to<br />

unleash violent reign of terror and<br />

repression on Dalits, Muslims and<br />

other minorities.<br />

The president of India , Shri Ram<br />

Nath Kovind in his Independence day<br />

speech said that Gandhiji’s most noble<br />

mantra was to point out that the power<br />

of ahinsa is far greater than the power of<br />

hinsa.<br />

Unfortunately this mantra clearly has<br />

had no effect on the masses and those in<br />

power , especially Dalits and religious<br />

minorities continue to suffer violence.<br />

? According to the NCRB data. A<br />

total of 40,801 cases of crime against<br />

scheduled castes were registered in the<br />

country in 2015 compared to 38,670<br />

cases in 2015.<br />

? In 2016, the rate of crime against<br />

scheduled castes of total cognisable<br />

crimes in Madhya Pradesh was 43.4 per<br />

cent followed by 42 per cent in<br />

Rajasthan, 36.7 per cent in Goa, 34.4<br />

per cent in Bihar and 32.5 per cent in<br />

Gujarat. The all-India crime rate against<br />

scheduled castes was 20.6 per cent last<br />

year.<br />

What is the main cause of poverty<br />

in India?<br />

High population growth rate is one of<br />

major reasons of poverty in India. This<br />

further leads to high level of illiteracy,<br />

poor health care facilities and lack of<br />

Sat Pal Muman , Chair of<br />

CasteWatchUK, delivered a<br />

speech at the School of Oriental<br />

and African Studies, London on<br />

Indian Independence day, 15th<br />

August <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

access to financial resources. … Caste<br />

system and unequal distribution of<br />

income and resources is another reason<br />

of poverty in India as acknowledged by<br />

economists.<br />

Dr Ambedkar : Political and<br />

Communal Majorities<br />

Ambedkar said what’s the point in<br />

getting political freedom from the<br />

British only to continue in slavery under<br />

the caste Hindus. He demanded political<br />

safeguards for the Untouchables as he<br />

felt they would continue to be crushed<br />

by the Caste Hindus.<br />

During his early career, he tried to<br />

stir the conscious of the Caste Hindus to<br />

introspect about their religion. He wanted<br />

to transform Hindu Society. But to no<br />

avail.<br />

He then turned to the British as the<br />

sovereign authority to grant special protection<br />

for his people. His power of persuasion<br />

convinced the British that<br />

Untouchables are special case so<br />

deserve special protection in terms of<br />

political representation and social<br />

development. Congress Party under the<br />

leadership of Gandhi opposed the<br />

demands of the Untouchables. Gandhi<br />

went onto fast unto death on Sep 16,<br />

1932 resisting the political demands of<br />

the Untouchables.<br />

Gandhi conducted 17 fasts during his<br />

lifetime . None of them were fasts unto<br />

death apart from when Dr Ambedkar<br />

won over the British to grant separate<br />

electorates to the Untouchables.<br />

Despite universal suffrage granted as<br />

per the constitution, Dr Ambedkar continued<br />

to feel helpless for his people<br />

being able to exercise their vote effectively<br />

as they were too poor and illiterate.<br />

He started newspapers and established<br />

colleges to educate them.<br />

He demanded separate settlements for<br />

the Untouchables and also at one time<br />

out of desperation he recommended to<br />

the Untouchables they should migrate to<br />

foreign lands to escape the curse of Caste<br />

and Untouchability – subject I will return<br />

to later.<br />

On political and communal majority,<br />

Dr Ambedkar said, Majorities are of two<br />

sorts:<br />

(1) communal majority and<br />

(2) political majority.<br />

A political majority is changeable in<br />

its class composition. A political majority<br />

grows. A communal majority is born.<br />

The admission to a political majority is<br />

open. The door to a communal majority<br />

is closed. The politics of political majority<br />

are free to all to make and unmake.<br />

The politics of communal majority are<br />

made by its own members born in it.<br />

Today, Caste and Religion continue<br />

to dominate political discourse India.<br />

In August, 2016, the Gujarat<br />

Government withdrew a schoolbook on<br />

Ambedkar because it contained the<br />

oaths Dr Ambedkar which he had prescribed<br />

when he denounce Hinduism to<br />

embrace Buddhism in 1956.<br />

India’s darkest hour<br />

You will recall that 49 ex IAS officers<br />

wrote o the Prime Minister of India in<br />

the backdrop of Unnao and Kathua rape<br />

cases and called it India’s darkest hour.<br />

It was also reported that over 600 academics<br />

and institutions also wrote to the<br />

Indian PM expressing deep concern over<br />

the escalation of rapes and murders.<br />

Under the guise of developmental<br />

agenda the country is sliding towards<br />

dictatorship which is undermining and<br />

threatening the social fabric. This internal<br />

threat is far severe then any threat<br />

from external aggression. The very core<br />

of Indian polity is being torn to pieces<br />

by the policies of the BJP led government<br />

whether this be in the sphere of<br />

social welfare, education, human rights,<br />

law and order , judiciary.<br />

You will recall, there was an application<br />

filed for the impeachment of the<br />

Chief Justice of India . An event<br />

unprecedented.<br />

According to a recent NDTV survey,<br />

political hate speech has risen 500 %.<br />

Attacks on Dalits and religious minorities<br />

have escalated.<br />

After the Bhima Koregaon incident<br />

tens of thousands were falsely arrested.<br />

After the recent Bharat Bandh on 2nd<br />

April inflamed by the supreme court<br />

judgment that diluted the SC/ST<br />

Atrocities act , thousands were falsely<br />

arrested and charged and imprisoned.<br />

Today, Dalits are rising to assert their<br />

Social , Political and Human Rights as<br />

guaranteed by the Indian Constitution –<br />

values that are a direct challenge to<br />

BJP-RSS hegemony and the rise of<br />

Hindutva ideology who want to impose<br />

the manusmirti upon the people of<br />

India.<br />

In his book Pakistan or partition of<br />

India (1946 pages 354-355) , Dr<br />

Ambedkar writes that<br />

If a Hindu Raj does become a fact, it<br />

will, no doubt be the greatest calamity<br />

for this country … Hindu Raj must be<br />

prevented at any cost<br />

Ambedkar wrote in a memorandum<br />

on the Rights of States and Minorities<br />

dated March 24 1947 which he submitted<br />

to the sub-committee on<br />

Fundamental Rights, he wrote,<br />

Unfortunately for the minorities in<br />

India, Indian nationalism has developed<br />

a new doctrine which may be called the<br />

Divine Right of the majority to rule the<br />

minorities according to the wishes of<br />

the majority. Any claim for the sharing<br />

of power the minority is called communalism,<br />

while the monopolising of the<br />

whole power the majority is called<br />

nationalism.<br />

Later in the constituent assembly<br />

defending the special status of the<br />

minorities he forewarned<br />

To diehards who have developed a<br />

kind of fanaticism against minority protection,<br />

I would like to say two things.<br />

One is that minorities are an explosive<br />

force which if it erupts, can blow up the<br />

whole fabric of the state. The history of<br />

Europe bears ample and appalling testimony<br />

to this fact. The other is that<br />

minorities in India have agreed to place<br />

their existence in the hands of the<br />

majority… it is for the majority to<br />

realise its duty not to discriminate<br />

against minorities..’<br />

Ambedkar warned that there is danger<br />

of democracy giving place to dictatorship<br />

in India.<br />

Caste Legislation<br />

I will now return briefly to my earlier<br />

comment citing Dr Ambedkar’s<br />

advise to the Untouchables to escape the<br />

curse of Caste and Untouchability they<br />

should migrate to foreign lands<br />

Most of you will be aware that<br />

CasteWatchUK began a campaign in<br />

2003 to outlaw caste based discrimination<br />

in Britain which the British<br />

acknowledged does exist.<br />

After a long fought campaign the<br />

British Government caved into pressure<br />

from Hindus and Sikhs and announced<br />

on 23rd July <strong>2018</strong>, it will not be implementing<br />

the caste law as envisaged by<br />

Equality Act 2010 Section 9(5) but<br />

instead the government will now be taking<br />

steps to repeal the Caste provision.<br />

The government ran a public consultation<br />

from 28 March 2017 to 18<br />

<strong>September</strong> 2017.<br />

Of the 16,138 consultation responses,<br />

analysis indicated that:<br />

• 8,513 respondents were ‘in favour<br />

of relying on case-law’; • 2,885 respondents<br />

were ‘in favour of legislation’; •<br />

3,588 respondents rejected both<br />

options; • 1,113 respondents were ‘not<br />

sure’ which was the better option; • 1<br />

respondent was in favour of either<br />

option; and British Government says<br />

that a separate Caste provision is not<br />

required and suggest caste could be covered<br />

by an existing ethnic origins provision.<br />

This means reliance is placed on<br />

case law to develop. This means the victims<br />

will have to go through expensive<br />

long drawn legal battle to get justice.<br />

This alone is a massive deterrent for<br />

victims to seek justice to the delight of<br />

offenders who can continue to abuse<br />

and harass people on the basis of caste.<br />

In a press release , I said that :<br />

Government has not lived up to its bold<br />

commitment ‘that no one should suffer<br />

prejudice or discrimination on any<br />

grounds , including any perception of<br />

their caste’ and sold out to the opposing<br />

side, no doubt for political reasons with<br />

an eye on Hindu and Sikh votes , a section<br />

amongst them were the main antagonists.<br />

No doubt Government also had an eye on<br />

trade and commercial overseas interests.<br />

The National Council of Hindu<br />

Temples stated that it ‘ welcomes the<br />

Governments conclusion and the proposed<br />

course of action, regarding the<br />

issue of “Caste Discrimination”<br />

Legislation’ The NCHT stated that ‘ we<br />

established links with the Sikh and Jan<br />

communities and working very closely<br />

with the HFB, amongst other groups<br />

and together managed to encourage<br />

over 8,000 British Hindus to respond.’<br />

See on Page 8th

6 <strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

ASIA<br />

www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />

Indian crew capsule<br />

star attraction at<br />

Bengaluru space expo<br />

Bengaluru : The Indian space agency’s crew The recovered capsule, made of heat protecting tiles,<br />

module, that was used and recovered in a 2014<br />

unmanned mission, has been a star attraction at the<br />

6th Bengaluru Space Expo being held here.<br />

“An unmanned crew capsule that can accommodate<br />

up to three astronauts<br />

that was tested in 2014 to<br />

orbit around the Earth has<br />

been exhibited at the space<br />

expo for visitors to view,”<br />

an Indian Space Research<br />

Organisation (ISRO) official<br />

was launched aboard a Geosynchronous Satellite<br />

Launch Vehicle (GSLV) Mk III to re-enter the planet<br />

— surviving temperatures as high as 1,500<br />

degrees Celsius. The exhibition has also featured<br />

pavilions dedicated to student-made<br />

satellites and<br />

launchers, space start-ups<br />

from across the country,<br />

and space agencies from<br />

countries including Russia,<br />

France and Taiwan.<br />

told IANS here.<br />

The French National<br />

A similar capsule, which<br />

Centre for Space Studies<br />

is a living space and control<br />

(CNES), Russian space<br />

centre for astronauts, will<br />

agency’s launch service<br />

carry Indians to space for<br />

provider Glavkosmos and<br />

the country’s maiden<br />

Taiwan’s National Space<br />

human space mission “Gaganyaan”. Showcased in<br />

the space agency’s pavilion, the capsule has been the<br />

cynosure of all eyes at the three-day space expo at the<br />

Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre.<br />

Hundreds of school students and other visitors,<br />

making a beeline to the venue, are thronging the<br />

pavilion for a glimpse of the crew module and a<br />

model of Indian-made spacesuit that will be donned<br />

by the country’s astronauts for their space mission.<br />

Organisation (NSPO) were among the space agencies<br />

that showcased the satellites and launchers. Space food<br />

packed for Russian cosmonauts put on display by the<br />

Glavkosmos also caught the visitors’ attention. The<br />

biennial space expo, touted to be the largest space conference<br />

in Asia, is being held from <strong>September</strong> 6-8, with<br />

the participation of over 100 exhibitors, space agency<br />

representatives and delegates from the US, the UK,<br />

France, Russia, and Taiwan, among other countries.<br />

Fuel prices register steepest<br />

daily hike, up 50 paise/litre<br />

New Delhi : Domestic fuel prices witnessed<br />

the steepest hike in the year so far with around<br />

50-paise raise on Friday across the four metro<br />

cities. Both petrol and diesel prices have been at<br />

their all-time high in the country for around a<br />

week now, due to increase in crude oil prices<br />

and depreciation in the rupee against the dollar.<br />

Weakening of the Indian rupee makes the import<br />

of crude oil expensive. In the national capital,<br />

petrol prices rose by 48 paise to Rs 79.99 per<br />

litre on Friday, from Rs 79.51 per litre on<br />

Thursday, according to data on the Indian Oil<br />

Corporation’s website. Similarly, in the other<br />

key cities of Kolkata,<br />

Mumbai and Chennai,<br />

cost of petrol rose by<br />

47 paise, 48 paise and<br />

51 paise to Rs 82.88,<br />

Rs 87.39 and Rs 83.13<br />

per litre on Friday,<br />

respectively. Among<br />

the domestic factors,<br />

high excise duty in the<br />

country is a major factor<br />

for high fuel<br />

prices, according to<br />

market observers.<br />

In tandem with<br />

petrol prices, cost of<br />

the other key transportation<br />

fuel, diesel,<br />

also increased on<br />

Friday. In fact, the rise in diesel prices was<br />

above 50 paise per litre across the four major<br />

cities.<br />

Both in Delhi and Kolkata, diesel prices rose<br />

by 52 paise to 72.07 and Rs 74.92 per litre<br />

respectively. In the other metropolitan cities of<br />

Mumbai and Chennai, it was up 55 paise and 56<br />

paise respectively, at Rs 76.51 and Rs 76.17 per<br />

litre on Friday. The rise in diesel prices attract<br />

concern as the fuel is used in the transportation<br />

of goods including agriculture products and high<br />

prices of the fuel may lead to higher inflation in<br />

the country.

www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />

What the Celebration of<br />

Asian Games Medalists Tells<br />

Us About Indian Society<br />

In the just concluded Asian<br />

Games at Jakarta-Palembang,<br />

India finished eighth with their<br />

best ever medals tally. This<br />

should be lauded. What is worrying,<br />

however, is the focus on<br />

some athletes who come from<br />

humble backgrounds and<br />

achieved what was considered<br />

impossible for their social<br />

class, because of the absence of<br />

training, equipment and other<br />

requirements necessary for<br />

achieving excellence in sports.<br />

The internet has been alight<br />

with stories of athletes like<br />

By<br />

Shah Alam Khan<br />

Swapna Barman, Dharun<br />

Ayyasamy, Hima Das, Vismaya<br />

Velluva Koroth and Dutee<br />

Chand, enumerating the hardships<br />

they faced, the poverty<br />

they fought and yet pursued<br />

their dream of making it big on<br />

the international sports scene.<br />

These star performers overcoming<br />

social stockades is<br />

nothing less than a miracle,<br />

more so in a country which<br />

thrives on inequality and biases<br />

of caste and class. We should<br />

all put our hands together and<br />

give them a standing ovation.<br />

Having said this, appreciation<br />

of overcoming social misfortune<br />

by some athletes – as is<br />

visible in conventional and<br />

social media – needs deeper<br />

evaluation. As a member of<br />

civil society, this applause for<br />

the disadvantaged makes me<br />

worried, if not derisive. In his<br />

book, Racism and White<br />

Denial in the Age of Obama,<br />

American thinker Tim Wise<br />

coined a term, “enlightened<br />

exceptionalism”. The book,<br />

written soon after Obama had<br />

just been elected as the first<br />

black president of the US, Wise<br />

says this ‘enlightened exceptionalism’<br />

is in itself a kind of<br />

racism (Racism 2.0). This type<br />

of racism allows for and even<br />

celebrates individual persons of<br />

color, but only because those<br />

individuals generally are seen<br />

as different from a less appealing,<br />

or even pathological black<br />

or brown rule. He feels that<br />

“enlightened exceptionalism<br />

manages to accommodate individual<br />

people of color, even as<br />

it continues to look down upon<br />

the larger mass of black and<br />

brown America with suspicion,<br />

fear, and contempt, suggests<br />

the fluid and shape-shifting<br />

nature of racism.”<br />

Applying the same logic of<br />

enlightened exceptionalism and<br />

of shape-shifting racism to the<br />

Indian society, we can explain<br />

the appreciation of many<br />

stereotypes which are thrown<br />

upon us year after year. Every<br />

year, we are made to feel awed<br />

at stories of people from humble<br />

and disadvantaged backgrounds<br />

making it big on the<br />

national or the international<br />

Dharun Ayyasamy<br />

Swapna Barman<br />

scene. Remember the Dalit girl<br />

who topped the civil services<br />

exams? Or the daughter of that<br />

ragpicker who made it to IIM?<br />

The young Kashmiri girl who<br />

made it big in kickboxing? That<br />

blind boy who made it to the<br />

medical entrance exams? In the<br />

same vein, underprivileged athletes<br />

who made the country<br />

proud at the Asian Games <strong>2018</strong>!<br />

The enlightened ‘exceptionalists’<br />

of Wise are plenty in<br />

India, probably because the<br />

fault lines of the Indian society<br />

are far larger and deeper than in<br />

America. Our social chasms<br />

intersect at multiple points and<br />

each point needs a new icon<br />

from the amongst the poor,<br />

minorities, schedule tribes,<br />

Dalits and women to lessen our<br />

guilt of having failed them<br />

through the years.<br />

The privileges of caste, capital<br />

and religion in India outweigh<br />

an individual’s efforts and<br />

hence, when somebody can<br />

overcome these to shine, be it<br />

sports, education, profession, or<br />

politics, we are quick to applaud.<br />

This applause is not for the<br />

group to which the person<br />

belongs. That group still remains<br />

an unworthy entity. It is only for<br />

the individual who could fight<br />

his/her way up from the depths<br />

in which that group survives.<br />

Those appreciating the<br />

‘exceptionalists’ are indifferent<br />

towards the fate of Dalits,<br />

Hima Das<br />

minorities or disabled. So while<br />

appreciating the Dalit civil<br />

services topper, the privileged<br />

do not feel the need to contribute<br />

towards providing equal<br />

opportunities for Dalits. On the<br />

contrary, there is a constant bid<br />

to thwart efforts towards inclusiveness<br />

(remember that antireservation<br />

rhetoric we constantly<br />

hear?). Similarly, while<br />

appreciating the kickboxing<br />

champion from Kashmir, houses<br />

are denied to Kashmiris in<br />

Delhi. The fear and contempt<br />

for Kashmiri Muslims thrives<br />

unabated. Such is the case with<br />

all those bright stars of a dark<br />

sky, who are picked up from<br />

among the ruble of the<br />

wretched and are put in a glass<br />

showcase as a measure of civility.<br />

There can’t be a more hypocritical<br />

position than this.<br />

Appreciation of well-performing<br />

individuals, whichever<br />

strata of society they come<br />

from, is not unwarranted.<br />

Appreciation of those who have<br />

defeated biases of the society is<br />

also justified, but it fails us<br />

when we look down upon the<br />

very group this individual hails<br />

from. So should we stop<br />

applauding those who have<br />

overcome the hardships of their<br />

fate and excelled? Not at all.<br />

What is required is not picking<br />

up individuals as stars from a<br />

deprived group. The solution<br />

lies in ending the exception.<br />

ASIA<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

7<br />

Isuzu rolls out 2 mini-trucks for south<br />

Indian market story for biz news<br />

Bengaluru : Leading transport<br />

solutions provider SML-<br />

Isuzu on Friday rolled out two<br />

models of mini-trucks for the<br />

south Indian market.<br />

“Our new twin light commercial<br />

vehicles (LCVs) offer<br />

fuel efficiency, more driver<br />

comfort, higher uptime, minimum<br />

maintenance cost and<br />

optimum loading capacity,”<br />

Isuzu Vice-President (marketing)<br />

Junji Tonoshima told<br />

reporters here. The Chandigarhbased<br />

35-year-old joint venture<br />

between Swaraj Vehicles Ltd<br />

and Mazda Motor Corporation<br />

of Japan makes a range of LCV<br />

and ICV (intermediate commercial<br />

vehicle) trucks and buses<br />

and special application vehicles<br />

for meeting the growing needs<br />

of the growing transportation<br />

sector across the country. “We<br />

have introduced the 7-tonne<br />

mini-trucks to meet the changing<br />

customer needs, with upgradation<br />

and automation,” said<br />

Tonoshima at a preview of the<br />

twin models. The super heavy<br />

duty trucks aSamrat-17 and<br />

aSamrat-19' are priced at Rs 14<br />

lakh and Rs 17 lakh respectively,<br />

with additional features and<br />

accessories.<br />

The company also unveiled<br />

advanced telematics solution to<br />

revolutionise transportation<br />

management and 24×7 on road<br />

service support to its customers<br />

in southern India. The cabins<br />

have USB port for mobile<br />

charging, more leg room for the<br />

drivers, lighter clutch for<br />

smooth gearshift and real-time<br />

tracking device for the owners.<br />

Mazda’s associate trading<br />

house Sumitomo Corporation<br />

joined the company subsequently,<br />

buying an unspecified<br />

equity into the joint<br />

venture./Eom/215 words.

8 <strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

ASIA<br />

www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />

Where is Baba Ramdev Ji?<br />

I know well in<br />

Mishra who emphasized,<br />

advance that the followers<br />

Hinduvta ideolo-<br />

of Baba Ramdev<br />

gy is anti-modern,<br />

would not like this piece<br />

of writing. I also know<br />

that there would be a<br />

strong criticism and disapproval<br />

authoritarian, far right<br />

and sometimes farleft,anti-globalist<br />

and<br />

anti-Enlightenment<br />

by the Baba`s<br />

trend haunting the<br />

loyalists. People will<br />

world two centuries.<br />

blame me as if I am writing<br />

Every flagship<br />

like a party man. I am<br />

scheme of Modi gov-<br />

a political man. Rather I<br />

ernment such as<br />

am a common man who<br />

is struggling to save the<br />

remaining years of life<br />

and future of the children.<br />

My heart bleeds<br />

for my country; for the<br />

unemployed youths; for<br />

the defenseless innocent<br />

Startup India, Standup<br />

India, Mudra, Skill<br />

India failed but Baba<br />

Ramdev is completely<br />

silent. Demonetization<br />

and GST have made<br />

the SMEs suffocated,<br />

Baba Ramdev is silent.<br />

girls and women who are<br />

Baba<br />

According to ET, ‘the<br />

raped every day; for the<br />

Ramdev `s silence<br />

leather industry in<br />

wealth of the nation that is being reality is that<br />

on all the issues raised in<br />

of December 2016. Bengal has collapsed, closure of 12<br />

usurped by the nexus of abominable Patanjali<br />

this article reflects that Baba<br />

Income Tax lakh power looms in Maharashtra<br />

politicians and fake Babas`. imports its<br />

Ramdev was/ is not a friend of<br />

department discovered<br />

undis-<br />

homes in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and<br />

had led to workers returning to their<br />

Through this article, I want the equipment’s<br />

the poor, marginalized. The people<br />

people of India should ponder and from the<br />

of this country should not get trapped<br />

closed income Telangana’. Thanks to the social<br />

seek an answer from Baba Ramdev West. It is<br />

by Baba Ramdev and his associates<br />

of Rs 17, 526 activists and genuine lover of India<br />

to the questions such as: Where is also getting<br />

who are bracing up for 2019 elections<br />

Crores between who protested against<br />

the black money? Where is 15 food manufacturing<br />

and<br />

with renewed fake promises to get<br />

November 2016 ‘Saffronisation of academic bodies,<br />

Lakh? Are the criminal politicians<br />

Modi re-elected. Baba Ramdev<br />

& end –May research councils, and textbooks.<br />

behind bars? Is Ganga cleaned? Are packaging<br />

will again come to your<br />

2017. On this The goons of RSS and other Hindu<br />

all the villages of India electrified? technology<br />

doorstep for asking the votes<br />

former RBI outfits left no stone unturned to<br />

The election funding? How many from Italy and<br />

for Modi. Be careful!<br />

G o v e r n o r impose Hindutva ideology on every<br />

socially and economically marginalized<br />

people are uplifted out of shows that Patanjali<br />

August 11, 2014, stated: Modi could not diagnose all the<br />

Switzerland. Data<br />

Raghuram Rajan on citizen of India.<br />

poverty by the Modi government? imports cosmetics body<br />

“The crooked politicians socio-economic ills of the country<br />

All these promises were made by cleaner from the UK, Cow Ghee need the businessman to provide the since he is more interested in foreign<br />

Modi government before 2014 elections<br />

and Baba Ramdev is a party to Handwash from the USA. Is this needs the crooked politicians to get could not diagnose all the socio-eco-<br />

from New Caledonia, Lotion and funds… The crooked businessman countries than his own country. Modi<br />

these fake promises.<br />

“Make in India” by Baba Ramdev? public resources and contracts nomic ills since he and his party leaders<br />

are busy in killing the Muslims<br />

Baba Ramdev, a maverick Yoga The NDA government under the cheaply”.<br />

Guru, a great supporter and admirer malignant, narcissistic Prime The socio-economic and caste and Dalits. Not a single promise<br />

of an elected despot Narendra Modi, Minister Modi is close to finishing 5 census revealed that 56% rural made by Modi and Baba Ramdev is<br />

Prime Minister of India got unparalleled<br />

social popularity among the Ramdev is silent on all the questions primarily on manual Labour to surtinues,<br />

unaccounted wealth flour-<br />

years term in office but Baba household own no land, and depend fulfilled in four years. Terrorism con-<br />

illiterate masses and political leaders raised. Baba Ramdev is silent over vive. A survey in 2014 across 42, ished, India is the most corrupt country<br />

(Transparency International<br />

that his a small pharmacy, Patanjali, when Muslims and Dalits are killed 000 households across India by the<br />

established in 2007 grown over 10 in the daylight by the shameless, National Council of Applied Report), Chinese and Indian soldiers<br />

times to $ 5,000 in 2015-16. envious, haughty and ignorant goons Economic Research and the stared eyeball to eyeball in Doklam.<br />

Patanjali, no doubt, shook the walls of RSS/Ram Sena/ VHP and other University of Maryland found that Modi displays no foreign policy<br />

of corporate Moguls such as Emami, Hindu militant outfits. Statistics one in four Indians<br />

except pleasing the world leaders and<br />

Dabur, and Marico. Baba Ramdev revealed that in the last past 100 Rahul Bali<br />

hugging them to show that he has<br />

with the help of the corrupt and despicable<br />

politicians and vile bureau-<br />

India while cleaning sewers. the Asian Independent, UK<br />

and RSS leaders are busy in foisting<br />

days, 39 people had died across Senior Correspondent,<br />

elevated the image of India. Modi<br />

crats of India succeeded in striking a Shameful Beef lynching by the<br />

sedition charges on the dissenters.<br />

nail in the business of Nestle India goons of Ram Sena and other Hindu admitted to practicing<br />

Dr. Ambedkar told the<br />

causing a whopping financial loss to outfits brought a bad name to the some form of untouchability.<br />

Baba Ramdev never spoke a religion may be a road to the salva-<br />

Constituent Assembly: “Bhakti in<br />

the company to the tune of Rs.450 country. Such shameful people are<br />

crore as it destroyed more than eroding democratic norms, principles<br />

& institutions. Their shameful untouchability.<br />

Bhakti or hero-worship, is a sure<br />

word against the practices of tion of the soul. But in politics<br />

30,000 tonnes of Maggi. As economics<br />

tells us that a business cannot<br />

flourish for a long time if it is the country on the international plat-<br />

schools, Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh dictatorship”. Similarly, an eminent<br />

acts every day brings a bad name to Hindu Jagran Manch warned road to degradation and to eventual<br />

motivated merely by the dirty politics.<br />

In his statement on dirty politics BJP ruled states, eat beef openly. Priest and seminarians are regularly that the cult of Narendra Modi must<br />

form. People of GOA, Nagaland, the (UP) against celebrating Christmas. historian Ramachandra Guha argued<br />

of Baba Ramdev, Kejriwal Amit Baba Ramdev is silent over the Beef thrashed by Bajrang Dal activists in be challenged (and checked) before<br />

Dhanuka, CEO of Kejriwal Bee eating issue.<br />

Madhya Pradesh. In his home state it goes much further.<br />

Care India said, “It is a gimmick”. Baba Ramdev is silent over when UP, dues of sugarcane farmers Readers must be surprised why I<br />

Baba Ramdev, no doubt, knows it the rupee depreciated past 70 against soared to Rs 12,000 Crores. The 24 have used the word ‘Silent’ repeatedly<br />

in this article. Some might<br />

very well how illiterate masses can the dollar. Baba Ramdev is silent cooperatives mills too owe Rs<br />

be befooled. First, he practiced his when hundreds of thousands of 1107.09 crore. Cooking gas was argue Baba Ramdev is not a Prime<br />

market strategy by crying foul Indian soldiers are killed across the increased from Rs 93 to Rs 742 per Minister; Baba Ramdev is not a<br />

against the foreign companies from border. Baba Ramdev is silent when cylinder. Food prices escalated Chief Minister; Baba Ramdev is not<br />

the rooftop that these foreign companies<br />

are looting the wealth of the the BJP in the valley of Kashmir Girls and women from the weak-<br />

is a party to the false promises made<br />

Mehbooba Mufti`s PDP was left by beyond the reach of a common man. an administrator. But Baba Ramdev<br />

country. Patanjali is Swadeshi (of leaving behind thousands of Hindus er sections of the society are raped in during 2014 elections; Baba<br />

manufactured goods) made in India unprotected and unsafe. Baba 19 states ruled by the BJP/RSS. Ramdev is a party to hoodwink the<br />

from materials that have also been Ramdev is silent when Vijay Mallya, According to a perception poll conducted<br />

by Thomson Reuters Dear countrymen and country-<br />

innocent people of India.<br />

produced in India. The irony is that a wilful defaulter, proclaimed<br />

illiterate masses of India misunderstood<br />

Swadeshi word and somehow run away from the country with dangerous country for women to live wisdom at this time, you will repent<br />

offender and a fugitive from justice Foundation, ‘India is now the most women, if you do not exercise your<br />

by mistake appropriated this word to more than Rs 9000 crore. The in’. Baba Ramdev is silent. Mosques for another 5 years; your children<br />

‘Swadeshi<br />

Movement’ Gangotri of black money is as flowing<br />

as it was in the era of UPA II. jected to various legal and adminis-<br />

and sons will roam without mar-<br />

and Madrassas across India are sub-<br />

will roam jobless; your daughters<br />

(Independence Movement), an independence<br />

movement once launched Today, over 17% of all bank loans trative hassles designed by Hindu riage; your elderly parents will suffer<br />

without medical care. I leave all<br />

by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi are estimated to be non-performing. militants and RSS protagonists.<br />

to boycott the British goods. The Gross NPAs stood at $6.06 trillion as Alfons Lopez Toma quoted Pankaj this to 'your thoughtful wisdom'.<br />

Continuous Page 5<br />

Hindus, Sikhs and BJP in<br />

nexus to repeal British<br />

Caste Legislation<br />

It further adds that ‘ Our thanks also go to<br />

Hon Bob Blackman MP, Chair of the APPG for<br />

British Hindus and the Hindu Parliamentarians<br />

and community leaders, who stepped forward<br />

to teach the community about Parliamentary<br />

processes and who guided and supported our<br />

forays into the arcane waters of statutory legislation.<br />

Finally on behalf of the Hindu Temples<br />

of the UK, we are grateful to PM Rt Hon<br />

Theresa May, her Government and Secretary<br />

of State Rt Hon Sajid Javid for arriving at an<br />

entirely just conclusion.’<br />

Statement from Prakash Shah, Anti Caste<br />

Legislation Committee:<br />

The government’s decision came after it<br />

consulted whether the legislation’s duty should<br />

be enacted or whether only the intervening<br />

case law, through which the courts had already<br />

read ‘caste’ into the Act’s ‘ethnic group’ provision,<br />

should be retained. In so doing, it misleadingly<br />

presented the choice as being<br />

between the two options. The source of this<br />

choice probably lies in the suggestion by<br />

prominent Hindu lawyers that the coming<br />

online of recent case should allow the legislative<br />

duty to slide. Among these are Manoj<br />

Ladwa, informally Prime Minister Modi’s<br />

attaché for British affairs who campaigned for<br />

the London Mayor’s electoral contest, and<br />

Jayesh Jotangia, who leads the secretariat for<br />

the All Party Parliamentary Group for British<br />

Hindus.<br />

The signal was given at high levels that well<br />

positioned Hindus would be satisfied with the<br />

ending of the legislative duty, while the case<br />

law could be retained without attracting opposition.<br />

The Government latched on to the plan,<br />

buying time enough for the case law to be<br />

finalised.<br />

It is clear from Shah’s above quote that the<br />

British pronouncement to reach the repeal<br />

decision was connected to PM Narendra Modi.<br />

Statement from Equality and Human Rights<br />

Commission :<br />

Victims of caste discrimination will continue<br />

to have limited legal protection by the government<br />

ruling out a change in the law and<br />

restricting the scope of protection to what can<br />

be interpreted through case law. The government<br />

has missed a crucial opportunity to<br />

improve legal clarity and has taken a step back<br />

by looking to repeal the duty to include caste as<br />

an aspect of race in the Equality Act 2010. This<br />

is inconsistent with the UK’s international<br />

obligations to provide for separate and distinct<br />

protection for caste in our legislation. While<br />

we welcome the government’s commitment to<br />

produce guidance for employers, service<br />

providers and landlords on the sort of conduct<br />

that would be unlawful under the Equality Act,<br />

it does not replace the need for separate and<br />

distinct protection against caste discrimination<br />

in the law.<br />

I issued a further statement :<br />

The present Tory government not only lost<br />

its moral authority but holds parliament in contempt<br />

that you can see the way it manages<br />

Brexit. British parliament passed the caste law<br />

to protect victims of caste<br />

discrimination and empowered minister of<br />

the crown to implement that decision not to<br />

repeal that decision. The government sat on<br />

that legislation for 5 years and now rides<br />

roughshod over parliaments decision.<br />

The Tory governments in the past had<br />

expressed to abolish human rights and with it<br />

the EHRC . It lies in their natural instinct to<br />

stem the flow towards equality and human<br />

rights in general.<br />

The EHRC announcement did the honourable<br />

thing to uphold the principle of human<br />

rights and in particular Equality by declaring<br />

support for caste discrimination protection.<br />

Our campaign to outlaw caste discrimination<br />

remains unfinished business.<br />

Thank you for your time.

www.theasianindependent.co.uk ASIA <strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong> 9<br />

Rohingya refugees demand justice on<br />

Myanmar crackdown anniversary<br />

Dhaka : Tens of thousands of<br />

Rohingya refugees held protests here on<br />

Saturday, demanding justice on the first<br />

anniversary of Myanmar's crackdown<br />

that forced them to flee to camps in<br />

neighbouring Bangladesh.<br />

Protesters in the world's largest<br />

Kutupalong refugee camp in<br />

Bangladesh rallied for justice and brandished<br />

a banner proclaiming: "Never<br />

Again". More than 700,000 of the<br />

minority community fled to Bangladesh<br />

after a crackdown by the Myanmar military<br />

in August 2017 that the UN has<br />

likened to "ethnic cleansing with signs<br />

of genocide through killings, rapes and<br />

the razing of houses that year".<br />

But the Myanmar government said it<br />

was fighting militants from the Arakan<br />

Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) and<br />

was not targeting civilians.<br />

"The Myanmar military raped and<br />

killed our women, destroyed our properties,"<br />

Rakib Hossain told BBC<br />

Bengali. "They have to be punished. We<br />

want justice." Ashiya Begum, whose<br />

husband was killed during the violence<br />

in Rakhine, called camp life "miserable".<br />

"We can't continue like this. Let<br />

us go home," she said. There were also<br />

religious services, with an imam reportedly<br />

asking God in his sermon to return<br />

Rohingyas to their homeland "to see our<br />

parents' graves". Meanwhile, the UN<br />

renewed its appeal for aid for<br />

Rohingyas and called for support for the<br />

stateless refugees. "Kutupalong settlement<br />

in Cox's Bazar today shelters more<br />

than 600,000 refugees, making it the<br />

largest and most densely populated<br />

refugee settlement in the world," said<br />

Hopeful PAKISTAN<br />

will win Jadhav case<br />

: Foreign Minister<br />

Islamabad : Pakistan Foreign<br />

Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi<br />

on Thursday said he is hopeful that<br />

the country will win the case<br />

against alleged Indian spy<br />

Kulbhushan Jadhav in the<br />

International Court of Justice<br />

(ICJ). "We have solid evidence<br />

against Jadhav and are hopeful we<br />

will win the case in the ICJ,"<br />

Qureshi told the media in Multan<br />

city. "We will try our best to present<br />

our stance in an effective manner<br />

before the ICJ. Qureshi's comments<br />

came a day after the ICJ<br />

announced that it will hear<br />

Jadhav's case for a week in<br />

February 2019. "We will try to<br />

move forward under the leadership<br />

of Prime Minister Imran<br />

Khan. The nation should be ready<br />

as we will have to take some bitter<br />

decisions," he said. Jadhav was<br />

sentenced to death by a Pakistani<br />

military court for espionage in<br />

April 2017 following which India<br />

moved the ICJ. A 10-member ICJ<br />

bench restrained Pakistan from<br />

executing Jadhav till the case was<br />

adjudicated on. He was apprehended<br />

on March 3, 2016 after<br />

illegally crossing into Pakistan<br />

from Iran, according to Pakistani<br />

officials. Indian officials deny he<br />

was a spy and allege he was seized<br />

and taken forcibly to Pakistan.<br />

Sri Lankan man<br />

charged with<br />

terror document<br />

in Sydney<br />

Sydney : A Sri Lankan man<br />

was refused bail by a Sydney<br />

court on Friday, after being<br />

charged with a terrorism related<br />

offence. Authorities swooped<br />

on the 25-year-old at the<br />

University of New South Wales<br />

on Thursday after a fellow<br />

worker discovered a notebook<br />

that allegedly contained "potential<br />

targets", reports Xinhua<br />

news agency. The man was<br />

charged with collecting or making<br />

a document which is connected<br />

with preparation for the<br />

engagement of a person in or<br />

assistance in a terrorist act,<br />

Xinhua news agency reported.<br />

"They are symbolic locations<br />

within Sydney," acting<br />

Detective Superintendent Mick<br />

Sheehy explained. "We have<br />

both psychologists and investigators<br />

looking at that document<br />

to try to interpret the intent and<br />

capability, but that is in essence<br />

the offence that is before the<br />

court."<br />

Authorities seized a number<br />

of electric items on Friday<br />

morning when police raided a<br />

Sydney apartment. Currently in<br />

Australia on a student visa,<br />

counter-terrorism investigators<br />

believed the man is also affiliated<br />

with the Islamic State group<br />

but at this stage he has not been<br />

charged with being a member.<br />

the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR.<br />

"Over the past year, UNHCR teams<br />

have been working to support<br />

Bangladeshi authorities in areas including<br />

psycho-social counselling, prevention<br />

of sexual and gender-based violence,<br />

identification of and assistance to<br />

separated and unaccompanied children<br />

and other vulnerable refugees," the<br />

agency said. It also said the joint<br />

response plan launched in March <strong>2018</strong>,<br />

appealing for $951 million for the period<br />

from March to December <strong>2018</strong>, was<br />

only one-third funded.<br />

The World Health Organization said<br />

that the biggest challenge was "the need<br />

to further scale up services to meet the<br />

health needs of this highly vulnerable<br />

population". In a statement on the<br />

anniversary, ARSA affirmed its intention<br />

to continue with the fight to allow<br />

the Rohingyas to return to Rakhine, and<br />

accused the Myanmar authorities of<br />

looking to destroy their people.<br />

In a Rakhine village, the situation<br />

was calm on Saturday but there was a<br />

strong presence of border police and<br />

soldiers, a Muslim Rohingya man told<br />

Efe news. The man said he has no freedom<br />

of movement and was closely<br />

monitored along with the rest of the<br />

community. The Myanmar government<br />

has agreed a deal with Bangladesh to<br />

repatriate refugees but few have<br />

returned, with Rohingya leaders saying<br />

they would not go back unless they<br />

could guarantee their safety.<br />

Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi<br />

has faced international outrage for not<br />

condemning the Army's actions in<br />

Rakhine state. A predominantly<br />

Buddhist country, Myanmar denies<br />

Rohingyas citizenship. The government<br />

even excluded them from the 2014 census<br />

and refused to recognize them as a<br />

people.<br />

Modi meets Sri Lankan President<br />

New Delhi/Kathmandu :<br />

Indian Prime Minister Narendra<br />

Modi on Thursday held talks<br />

with Sri Lankan President<br />

Maithripala Sirisena on the sidelines<br />

of the fourth BIMSTEC<br />

Summit here.<br />

“Good and positive exchange<br />

of views on strengthening<br />

development cooperation and<br />

other areas of bilateral relationship<br />

(between India and Sri<br />

Lanka),” External Affairs<br />

Ministry spokesperson Raveesh<br />

Kumar tweeted. Modi is also<br />

scheduled to meet other heads<br />

of state and government taking<br />

part in the summit.<br />

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12 <strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />


www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />

Panasonic to move its<br />

European headquarters<br />

out of UK<br />

Tokyo : Japanese technology company<br />

Panasonic will move its European headquarters<br />

outside of the United Kingdom on October 1,<br />

before the country leaves the European Union, a<br />

move known as brexit, in 2019, a spokeswoman<br />

for the conglomerate said on Friday. Panasonic<br />

confirmed to Efe that it will move its European<br />

headquarters from Bracknell, in Berkshire<br />

County, about 45 km west of London, to<br />

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where the headquarters<br />

of Panasonic Holding Netherlands (parent<br />

of its subsidiaries located outside Japan) and<br />

Panasonic Finance (PFI), the group's financing<br />

company, are already located. The move "will<br />

allow a high level of cooperation and collaboration<br />

with PHN and PFI, whose main objective is<br />

to expand shared operations in Europe to<br />

achieve greater efficiency and cost competitiveness,<br />

while having easy access to the different<br />

European markets", spokeswoman said.<br />

The company also took into account the decision<br />

of the United Kingdom to leave the<br />

European Union in determining the relocation.<br />

"In the future, this may lead to changes in the<br />

transfer of labor, products, materials, services,<br />

data and potential tax obstacles through the<br />

application of different rules and regulations<br />

between the UK and the EU," she said.<br />

Panasonic would also like to avoid the problems<br />

that could arise if the Japanese government were<br />

to consider the United Kingdom as a tax haven<br />

if it opts to reduce corporate taxes in order to<br />

attract companies after the brexit, planned for<br />

March next year, to alleviate the flight of large<br />

conglomerates.<br />

The Japanese technology conglomerate said<br />

it hopes to "minimise the impact wherever possible<br />

for the small number of people involved in<br />

this change of our regional headquarters" and<br />

stated that "no business operations in the UK<br />

will be affected".<br />

Coca Cola to buy coffee<br />

chain Costa for $5.1 bn<br />

London : The Coca Cola Company on<br />

Friday said it will buy British coffee shop chain<br />

Costa for $5.1 billion, diversifying further from<br />

its soft drink roots, according to a Dow Jones<br />

report. Founded in London in 1971, Costa, a<br />

rival to Starbucks Corporation in the UK, has<br />

nearly 4,000 stores in 32 countries and also sells<br />

coffee in grocery shops and gas stations. Coke<br />

said the purchase would give it a strong position<br />

in coffee across parts of Europe, Asia and the<br />

Middle East. It already sells some coffee products<br />

and owns the Georgia brand in Japan, Efe<br />

news reported. Coffee has recently been a hot<br />

industry for M&A. Nestle SA earlier in <strong>2018</strong><br />

bought the rights to sell Starbucks in grocery<br />

and retail stores for more than $7 billion. The<br />

acquisition is also the latest sign of how soda<br />

makers are diversifying as they look to move<br />

beyond sugary pop. It marks the latest bet by a<br />

major consumer goods company on coffee.<br />

Coke is buying Costa from British leisure group<br />

Whitbread PLC, which also owns the Premier<br />

Inn hotel brand in the UK and Germany.<br />

Whitbread's shares soared 18 per cent in early<br />

trading on Friday. It said it expected the deal to<br />

be completed in the first half of 2019.<br />

Bimstec commits itself<br />

to seamless connectivity,<br />


Kathmandu : The Bimstec<br />

regional bloc on Friday reiterated<br />

its resolve to provide seamless<br />

transport connectivity within its<br />

seven member states and renewed<br />

its commitment to an early free<br />

trade deal. A joint declaration<br />

issued at the conclusion of the<br />

Fourth Bimstec Summit here stated<br />

that the member states resolved<br />

"to establish seamless multi-modal<br />

transportation linkages and<br />

smooth, synchronised and simplified<br />

transit facilities". This would<br />

be done "through the development,<br />

expansion and modernisation of<br />

highways, railways, waterways,<br />

sea routes, airways in the region".<br />

It said that the respective authorities<br />

would be directed to speed up<br />

their efforts to conclude the Bay of<br />

Bengal Initiative for Multi-<br />

Sectoral Technical and Economic<br />

Cooperation's Coastal Shipping<br />

Agreement and the Bimstec Motor<br />

Vehicle Agreement as early as possible.<br />

The bloc was also satisfied<br />

with the preparation of the draft<br />

Bimstec Master Plan on Transport<br />

Connectivity and called for its<br />

early adoption.<br />

It thanked the Asian<br />

Development Bank for providing<br />

support to prepare the Master Plan<br />

and tasked the Bimstec Transport<br />

Connectivity Working Group to<br />

work out the modalities for its<br />

implementation, giving due attention<br />

to the special circumstances<br />

and needs of the member states.<br />

"We agree that the Master Plan<br />

would serve as a strategic document<br />

that guides actions and promotes<br />

synergy among various<br />

connectivity frameworks, such as<br />

the Asean (Association of<br />

Southeast Asian Nations) Master<br />

Plan on Connectivity 2025<br />

(MPAC 2025), the Ayeyawady-<br />

Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic<br />

Cooperation Strategy (ACMECS),<br />

to achieve enhanced connectivity<br />

and sustainable development in<br />

our region," it stated.<br />

The statement comes in the<br />

wake of Indian Prime Minister<br />

Narendra Modi's stress on connectivity<br />

within the region during his<br />

address at the inaugural session of<br />

the Summit on Thursday.<br />

Bimstec came into existence on<br />

June 6, 1997, through the<br />

Bangkok Declaration.<br />

It comprises seven countries<br />

lying in the littoral and adjacent<br />

Weak rupee depress<br />

equity INDICES<br />

Mumbai : The key Indian<br />

equity indices closed in the red<br />

on Friday owing to a weak<br />

rupee along with a declining<br />

trend in global indices. At 3.30<br />

p.m., the Nifty50 on the<br />

National Stock Exchange<br />

(NSE) provisionally closed at<br />

11,673.90 points, lower by just<br />

2.90 points or 0.02 per cent<br />

from its previous close of<br />

11,676.80 points.<br />

The benchmark<br />

S&P BSE Sensex,<br />

which had opened<br />

at 38,704.84<br />

points, provisionally<br />

closed at<br />

38,645.07 points,<br />

lower by 45.03<br />

points or 0.12 per<br />

cent from the previous<br />

close of 38,690.10 points.<br />

It touched an intra-day high of<br />

38,838.45 points and a low of<br />

38,562.21 points. The top gainers<br />

on the Sensex were Tata<br />

Motors, Tata Motors (DVR),<br />

Power Grid, Sun Pharma and<br />

Bajaj Auto; while Yes Bank,<br />

Reliance Industries, Mahindra<br />

and Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki<br />

and Vedanta lost the most.<br />

New Delhi : India and Pakistan<br />

have discussed the implementation of<br />

various hydroelectric projects under<br />

the Indus Waters Treaty during the<br />

115th meeting of the India-Pakistan<br />

Permanent Indus Commission (PIC) in<br />

Lahore on August 29-30, the External<br />

Affairs Ministry said on Friday.<br />

"As per the provisions of the Indus<br />

Waters Treaty 1960, technical discussions<br />

were held on the implementation<br />

of various hydroelectric projects,<br />

including Pakal Dul (1,000 MW) and<br />

Lower Kalnai(48 MW) in Jammu and<br />

Kashmir," the Ministry said in a statement.<br />

"Both the countries agreed to undertake<br />

the Treaty-mandated tours of both<br />

the Indus Commissioners in the Indus<br />

basin on both sides," it said.<br />

areas of the Bay of Bengal --<br />

Bangladesh, Bhutan, India,<br />

Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and<br />

Thailand. The bloc brings together<br />

1.6 billion people, or 22 per cent<br />

of the world's population, and has<br />

a combined GDP of $2.8 trillion.<br />

In terms of trade cooperation,<br />

the bloc renewed its commitment<br />

to an early conclusion of Bimstec<br />

Free Trade Area (FTA) negotiations,<br />

and directed the Bimstec<br />

Trade and Economic Ministerial<br />

Meeting (TEMM) and its subsidiary<br />

bodies including the Trade<br />

Negotiating Committee (TNC) to<br />

expedite finalisation of all related<br />

Agreements of the Bimstec FTA<br />

as early as possible.<br />

The member states also agreed<br />

to enhance cooperation for development,<br />

access and sharing of<br />

affordable technologies, including<br />

for micro, small and medium<br />

enterprises for promoting sustainable<br />

development across sectors.<br />

The declaration reemphasised<br />

the need for cooperation in mountain<br />

ecosystems and the Blue<br />

Economy. In terms of people-topeople<br />

ties, the bloc resolved to<br />

build a deeper understanding and<br />

trust among member states and<br />

promote people-to-people contacts<br />

at various levels.<br />

The member states also agreed<br />

"to take concrete steps to promote<br />

intra-Bimstec tourism and task the<br />

relevant authorities to devise<br />

strategies considering the emerging<br />

opportunities and building on<br />

the past initiatives".<br />

India, Pakistan discuss<br />

implementation of Indus<br />

Waters Treaty projects<br />

"Deliberations were also held on<br />

further strengthening the role of the<br />

Permanent Indus Commission on matters<br />

falling under the Treaty purview."<br />

The treaty was signed in 1960 and<br />

involves the Beas, Ravi, Sutlej, Indus,<br />

Chenab and Jhelum rivers.<br />

Brokered by the World Bank, the<br />

treaty gave the right to use waters of<br />

the first three rivers to India and of the<br />

other three to Pakistan.<br />

India has said it has the right under<br />

the treaty to set up hydroelectric plants<br />

on the tributaries of the rivers flowing<br />

through its territory. Pakistan fears this<br />

might reduce the water flow into its territory.<br />

During the Lahore talks, the Indian<br />

side was led by P.K. Saxena, the Indian<br />

Commissioner for Indus Waters.

www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />

HEALTH<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

13<br />

Intake of low-carb diet or<br />

high-carb diet can increase<br />

risk of an early death<br />

It was deduced that<br />

for a healthy lifespan, a<br />

moderate amount of<br />

carbohydrate is imperative.<br />

Less than 40 per<br />

cent or more than 70<br />

per cent of calories<br />

from carbohydrates<br />

increases the risk of<br />

mortality.<br />

Cutting down carb intake and eating<br />

it in moderation is what dieticians and<br />

nutritionists generally advise. A recent<br />

study has shown that the intake of both<br />

high-carb diet or a low one can increase<br />

the risk of an early death.<br />

The research published in the Lancet<br />

public health journal took into consideration<br />

results of eight studies. It was<br />

deduced that for a healthy lifespan, a<br />

moderate amount of carbohydrate is<br />

imperative. Less than 40 per cent or<br />

more than 70 per cent of calories from<br />

carbohydrates increases the risk of mortality.<br />

A report in The Guardian cautions<br />

that not all low-carb diets are similar.<br />

Those who eat more meat like chicken,<br />

lamb and less carbohydrates, their mortality<br />

risk tend to be higher than those<br />

who get their protein from foods such<br />

like avocados, nuts and legumes.<br />

"Low-carb diets that replace carbohydrates<br />

with protein or fat are gaining<br />

widespread popularity as a health and<br />

weight loss strategy," Dr Sara<br />

Seidelmann said as quoted in the report.<br />

"However, our data suggests that animal-based<br />

low-carbohydrate diets,<br />

which are prevalent in North America<br />

and Europe, might be associated with<br />

shorter overall life span and should be<br />

discouraged. Instead, if one chooses to<br />

follow a low-carbohydrate diet, then<br />

exchanging carbohydrates for more<br />

plant-based fats and proteins might<br />

actually promote healthy ageing in the<br />

long term." Seidelmann, who also led<br />

the research, added. She also said that<br />

instead pf presenting a single picture,<br />

her team has tried to "thoroughly<br />

answer a question".<br />

"Nutrition is high up on everybody's<br />

mind but there is such confusion about<br />

what we should eat. One day, a study is<br />

coming out telling us high carb is better,<br />

another day a study is telling us low<br />

carb is better."<br />

Eat strawberries,<br />

improve gut health<br />

Eating strawberries at a dose<br />

equivalent to as low as three<br />

quarters of a cup may reduce<br />

colonic inflammation and<br />

improve gut health, a study has<br />

found.<br />

Inflammatory bowel disease<br />

(IBD) is a set of painful conditions<br />

that can cause severe diarrhoea<br />

and fatigue and the treatment<br />

can include medications<br />

and surgery.<br />

The findings suggest that the<br />

dietary consumption of whole<br />

strawberries, significantly suppressed<br />

symptoms like weight<br />

loss and bloody diarrhoea in<br />

mice with inflammatory bowel<br />

disease (IBD).<br />

"The sedentary lifestyle and<br />

dietary habits of many people in<br />

this country-high-sugar, highanimal<br />

fat, but low-fibre dietsmay<br />

promote colonic inflammation<br />

and increase the risk of<br />

IBD," said lead author Hang<br />

Xiao from the University of<br />

Massachusetts Amherst in the<br />

US.<br />

The study, to be presented at<br />

the 256th National Meeting and<br />

Exposition of the American<br />

Chemical Society (ACS), also<br />

found that strawberry treatments<br />

diminished inflammatory<br />

responses in the mice colonic<br />

issue.<br />

To establish an effective and<br />

practical approach to decrease<br />

colonic inflammation in both<br />

IBD patients and the general<br />

population, the team focused on<br />

strawberries due to their wide<br />

consumption.<br />

For the study, the researchers<br />

used four groups of mice-a<br />

group of healthy mice consuming<br />

a regular diet, and three<br />

groups of mice with IBD consuming<br />

a regular diet which had<br />

2.5 per cent whole strawberry<br />

powder or a diet with five per<br />

cent whole strawberry powder.<br />

They tried to feed the mice<br />

doses of strawberries that would<br />

be in line with what a human<br />

could reasonably consume.<br />

The team found that along<br />

with decreased inflammation, a<br />

reversal of the unhealthy microbiota<br />

pathways in the IBD mice<br />

was also observed-which in turn<br />

could lead to the decreased<br />

colonic inflammation.<br />

Although drinking cold water<br />

is effective in increasing blood<br />

circulation levels, according to<br />

researchers, the number of calories<br />

that are burned by drinking<br />

cold water is too little to even<br />

make a difference.<br />

Contrary to popular belief,<br />

drinking cold water for weight<br />

loss is just a myth. Although it is<br />

effective in increasing blood circulation<br />

levels, according to<br />

researchers, the number of calories<br />

that are burned by drinking<br />

cold water is too little to even<br />

make a difference. A study conducted<br />

by ScienceDirect states<br />

how they asked participants to<br />

drink 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml and 20<br />

Does drinking cold water actually<br />

help in weight loss? Let's find out<br />

ml of water in the morning or<br />

before lunch to see if it helps in<br />

weight loss. But the researchers<br />

found that drinking even 20 ml<br />

of water reduced very less number<br />

of calories.<br />

The main aim should be to<br />

drink enough water, be it cold or<br />

If you have a higher body mass index<br />

(BMI) then there are chances that you may<br />

have increased blood pressure (BP) too, a<br />

new study has found.<br />

The findings, published in the journal<br />

JAMA Network Open, showed a strong correlation<br />

between the degree of obesity and<br />

high blood pressure. Uncontrolled high<br />

blood pressure can lead to several cardiovascular<br />

diseases such as heart attack, stroke<br />

and heart failure. For the study, the research<br />

team involved 1.7 million Chinese men and<br />

women aged between 35 and 80 years and<br />

recorded the participants' blood pressure<br />

from <strong>September</strong> 2014 to June 2017. They<br />

observed an increase of 0.8 to 1.7 mm Hg<br />

(kg/m2) in blood pressure per additional unit<br />

of BMI in individuals who were not taking<br />

warm, to keep yourself from<br />

getting dehydrated. Did you<br />

know that drinking cold water<br />

during exercise helps in reducing<br />

dehydration, in turn making<br />

you feel less tired? Also, intake<br />

of around two to four liters of<br />

water every day will increase<br />

metabolism and flush out toxins<br />

from the body.<br />

According to a study by the<br />

University of Washington,<br />

drinking 10 cups of ice water<br />

helps burn about 80 extra calories.<br />

But it can be "easily gained<br />

back by eating one stick of<br />

string cheese, one hard-boiled<br />

egg, or one medium chocolatechip<br />

cookie. Drinking cold<br />

water makes such a small dent<br />

in the calorie balance that it will<br />

not help you lose weight if your<br />

eating and exercise pattern stay<br />

the same."<br />

Higher BMI may increase your BP as well<br />

anti-hypertensive medication. Overall, the<br />

population had a mean BMI of 24.7 and a<br />

mean systolic blood pressure of 136.5, which<br />

qualifies as stage-I hypertension, according<br />

to American Heart Association guidelines.<br />

"If trends in overweight and obesity continue<br />

in China, the implication of our study is<br />

that hypertension, already a major risk factor,<br />

is likely to become even more important,"<br />

said senior author Harlan Krumholz<br />

from Yale University in the US.<br />

"This paper is ringing the bell that the<br />

time is now to focus on these risk factors,"<br />

he added. "The enormous size of the dataset<br />

-- the result of an unprecedented effort in<br />

China -- allows us to characterise this relationship<br />

between BMI and blood pressure<br />

across tens of thousands of subgroups,<br />

which simply would not be possible in a<br />

smaller study," said author George<br />

Linderman from the varsity. This research<br />

has been supported by grants from the<br />

Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences<br />

Innovation Fund for Medical Science, the<br />

Ministry of Finance of China and the<br />

National Health and Family Planning<br />

Commission of China to name a few.

14 <strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

HEALTH<br />

www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />

How diet can aid in healthy<br />

cellular ageing in women<br />

Having a diet that is rich in fruit, vegetable and whole grain and low in added sugar, sodium and<br />

processed meat could help promote healthy cellular ageing in women, a study has showed.<br />

Researchers from the University of<br />

Michigan (UM) used telomere length to<br />

measure cellular ageing -- the strongest<br />

predictor of telomere length, which<br />

shorten in length during each cell cycle,<br />

Xinhua news agency reported.<br />

The findings showed that women<br />

who followed a diet with plenty of fruit,<br />

vegetable, whole grain and plant-based<br />

protein and limited sugar, sodium and<br />

red and processed meat, had significantly<br />

with longer telomere length.<br />

In men, the findings were in the same<br />

direction, but not statistically significant.<br />

"We have seen some gender differences<br />

in previous nutrition and telomere<br />

studies. Men tended to have lower diet<br />

quality scores than women. Men also<br />

had higher intakes of sugary beverages<br />

and processed meats, both of which<br />

have been associated with shorter<br />

telomeres in prior studies," said lead<br />

author Cindy Leung, assistant professor<br />

at the UM School of Public Health.<br />

"Overall, the findings suggest that<br />

following these guidelines is associated<br />

with longer telomere length and reduces<br />

the risk of major chronic disease,"<br />

Leung added.<br />

The benefit of these healthy diet patterns<br />

is due to the fact that they are<br />

antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.<br />

They create a biochemical environment<br />

favourable to telomeres, the<br />

researchers noted, in the paper published<br />

in the American Journal of<br />

Epidemiology. Nevertheless, recent<br />

studies have shown that telomeres can<br />

also be shortened due to behavioural,<br />

environmental and psychological factors.<br />

Shorter telomeres have been associated<br />

with an increased risk for heart<br />

disease, Type-2 diabetes and some cancers.<br />

"Emphasis should be placed on<br />

improving the overall quality of your<br />

diet rather than emphasising individual<br />

foods or nutrients," Leung said.<br />

The study, examined the diets of a<br />

nationally representative sample of<br />

nearly 5,000 healthy adults and how<br />

well they scored on four evidence-based<br />

diet quality indices, including the<br />

Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet.<br />


emotional wellbeing<br />

in WOMEN<br />

Women may need a more nutrientrich<br />

diet than men to maintain positive<br />

emotional well-being, according<br />

to a study. Researchers from<br />

Binghamton University in the US<br />

conducted an anonymous survey of<br />

563 participants (48 per cent men and<br />

52 per cent women) through social<br />

media. They found that men are more<br />

likely to experience mental wellbeing<br />

until nutritional deficiencies<br />

arise. Women, however, are less likely<br />

to experience mental well-being<br />

unless a balanced diet and a healthy<br />

lifestyle are followed. The study,<br />

published in the journal Nutritional<br />

Neuroscience, may explain reports<br />

from previous studies that show<br />

women are at a greater risk for mental<br />

distress when compared to men.<br />

It emphasises the role of a nutrient-dense<br />

diet in mental wellbeing.<br />

"The biggest takeaway is that<br />

women may need a larger spectrum<br />

of nutrients to support mood, compared<br />

to men," said Lina Begdache,<br />

an assistant professor at Binghamton<br />

University. "These findings may<br />

explain the reason why women are<br />

twice more likely to be diagnosed<br />

with anxiety and depression and suffer<br />

from longer episodes, compared<br />

to men. "Today's diet is high in energy<br />

but poor in key nutrients that support<br />

brain anatomy and functionality,"<br />

Begdache said.<br />

There is no safe<br />

level of drinking<br />

alcohol : Lancet<br />

Contrary to claims that one or two<br />

glasses of wine a day keep you healthy, a<br />

study published in the prestigious journal<br />

The Lancet has warned that there is no<br />

safe level of drinking alcohol as it is<br />

associated with nearly one in 10 deaths<br />

among middle-aged people.<br />

The findings showed that any health<br />

benefits of alcohol against heart disease<br />

lems each year. "Policies focussing on<br />

reducing alcohol consumption to the<br />

lowest levels will be important to<br />

improve health. "The widely held view<br />

of the health benefits of alcohol needs<br />

revising, particularly as improved methods<br />

and analyses continue to shed light<br />

on how much alcohol contributes to<br />

global death and disability," said lead<br />

University of Washington in the US. The<br />

Global Burden of Disease study estimated<br />

the level of alcohol use and health<br />

effects in 28 million people across 195<br />

countries between 1990 and 2016. For<br />

people aged 50 and older, cancers were a<br />

leading cause of alcohol related death,<br />

constituting 27.1 per cent of deaths in<br />

women and 18.9 per cent deaths in men.<br />

and diabetes are outweighed by its author Max Griswold, from the "Worldwide we need to revisit alcohol<br />

adverse effects on other aspects of<br />

control policies and<br />

health, particularly cancers.<br />

"The conclusions of the study are<br />

clear and unambiguous: alcohol is a<br />

colossal global health issue and<br />

small reductions in health-related<br />

harms at low levels of alcohol intake<br />

are outweighed by the increased risk<br />

health programmes, and<br />

to consider recommendations<br />

for abstaining<br />

from alcohol. "These<br />

include excise taxes on<br />

alcohol, controlling the<br />

physical availability of<br />

of other health-related harms,<br />

alcohol and the hours of<br />

including cancer," said Robyn<br />

Burton, from the King's College<br />

London. Globally, one in three people<br />

sale, and controlling<br />

alcohol advertising. Any<br />

of these policy actions<br />

(32.5 per cent) drink alcohol --<br />

would contribute to<br />

equivalent to 2.4 billion people --<br />

including 25 per cent of women (0.9<br />

billion women) and 39 per cent of<br />

men (1.5 billion men).<br />

reductions in population-level<br />

consumption,<br />

a vital step toward<br />

decreasing the health<br />

Consequently, 2.2 per cent of<br />

loss associated with<br />

women and 6.8 per cent of men died<br />

alcohol use," the<br />

from alcohol-related health prob-<br />

researchers said.

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HEALTH<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

15<br />

New way to attack<br />

herpes virus discovered<br />

by scientists<br />

into a human cell. Instead, it carries<br />

its viral DNA into the cell virus. To confirm their find-<br />

and continue creating a new<br />

along with proteins called PP71. ings, the team created a synthetic<br />

version of the virus that<br />

After entering the cell, it releases<br />

these PP71 proteins, which allowed them to adjust the levels<br />

of the IE1 proteins using<br />

enables the viral DNA to replicate<br />

and the infection to spread. small molecules. With this<br />

Normally, when a virus<br />

enters your cell, that cell<br />

blocks the virus's DNA and<br />

prevents it from performing<br />

any actions. A team of scientists<br />

have uncovered the mechanism<br />

that allows the herpes<br />

virus to replicate. Their study<br />

could open new therapeutic<br />

avenues to treat not only<br />

cytomegalovirus but other<br />

viruses as well.<br />

Human cytomegalovirus is a<br />

leading cause of birth defects<br />

and transplant failures. As it's<br />

evolved over time, this virus<br />

from the herpes family has<br />

found a way to bypass the<br />

body's defense mechanisms that<br />

usually guard against viral<br />

infections. Until now, scientists<br />

couldn't understand how it manages<br />

to do so. Normally, when a<br />

virus enters your cell, that cell<br />

blocks the virus's DNA and prevents<br />

it from performing any<br />

actions. The virus must overcome<br />

this barrier to effectively<br />

multiply. To get around this<br />

obstacle, cytomegalovirus doesn't<br />

simply inject its own DNA<br />

The researchers found that,<br />

while PP71 is still present in<br />

the cell, it activates another<br />

protein known as IE1. This<br />

happens within the first few<br />

hours of the virus entering the<br />

cell, allowing the IE1 protein<br />

to take over after PP71 dies<br />

technique, they could let the<br />

virus infect the cell while controlling<br />

how quickly the IE1<br />

protein would break down in<br />

the cell. The first author of the<br />

new study Noam Vardi said,<br />

"We noticed that when the IE1<br />

protein degrades slowly, as it<br />

normally does, the virus can<br />

replicate very efficiently. But if<br />

the protein breaks down faster,<br />

the virus can't multiply as well.<br />

So, we confirmed that the virus<br />

needs the IE1 protein to successfully<br />

replicate."<br />

This study could have broad<br />

implications for the scientific<br />

community, which has been<br />

struggling to determine how<br />

cells maintain their identity<br />

over time. During development,<br />

for instance, stem cells choose a<br />

path based on the proteins that<br />

surround them. But even after<br />

these initial proteins disappear,<br />

the specialized cells don't<br />

change. So, stem cells that turn<br />

into neurons during development<br />

continue to be neurons<br />

long after those proteins are<br />

gone. The new study could lead<br />

to a new therapeutic target to<br />

attack cytomegalovirus and<br />

other herpesviruses, such as<br />

Epstein-Barr virus that causes<br />

mononucleosis and herpes<br />

simplex virus 1 and 2 that produce<br />

most cold sores and genital<br />

herpes.<br />

'New drugs may help<br />

smokers kick the butt'<br />

Scientists say they have<br />

developed over a dozen drugs<br />

which may help smokers reduce<br />

their consumption of tobacco, if<br />

not quit altogether. The<br />

researchers from the<br />

Washington State University in<br />

the US created the substances<br />

with the potential to curb smokers'<br />

desire for nicotine by slowing<br />

how it is broken down in the<br />

body. The finding, published in<br />

the Journal of Medicinal<br />

Chemistry, targets a liver<br />

enzyme, called CYP2A6, which<br />

metabolises nicotine. Nicotine<br />

triggers the release of dopamine<br />

and serotonin, two pleasure<br />

causing chemicals produced by<br />

the body. However, as it gets<br />

metabolised, users can experience<br />

withdrawal symptoms like<br />

tingling in the hands and feet,<br />

sweating, anxiety and irritability.<br />

This is the feeling that the<br />

researchers are targeting, said<br />

Travis Denton, an assistant professor<br />

at the Washington State<br />

University. Denton and Philip<br />

Lazarus, a professor of pharmaceutical<br />

sciences, designed<br />

dozens of molecules that bind<br />

to CYP2A6 and inhibit its ability<br />

to metabolise nicotine.<br />

"If you inhibit CYP2A6, it<br />

should not bother your overall<br />

health," said Lazarus. "If we<br />

could specifically target this<br />

enzyme, people should be fine,<br />

and it will possibly help them<br />

stop smoking or at least<br />

decrease their amount of smoking,"<br />

he said. The researchers<br />

have tested their candidate<br />

drugs to make sure they do not<br />

disrupt other major enzymes<br />

that help the body metabolise<br />

other substances.<br />

This helped narrow the number<br />

of potential drugs down to<br />

18. Once the US Food and<br />

Drug Administration (FDA)<br />

verifies a drug's safety,<br />

clinical trials would begin to<br />

see how it works in a human,<br />

researchers said.<br />

Brain tumours may occur<br />

in children with common<br />

genetic SYNDROME<br />

Parents, please take note. The frequency of<br />

brain tumours has been underestimated in children<br />

with the common genetic syndrome-neurofibromatosis<br />

type 1 (NF1), a new study has<br />

found. According to the researchers, this disorder<br />

is characterised by birthmarks on the skin and<br />

benign nerve tumours that develop in or on the<br />

skin. Brain tumours are<br />

also known to occur in<br />

children and adults<br />

with NF1. They estimated<br />

that only 15-20<br />

per cent of kids with<br />

NF1 develop brain<br />

tumours. But the<br />

study, published in the<br />

journal Neurology:<br />

Clinical Practice,<br />

found that the frequency<br />

of brain tumours in<br />

this population was<br />

more than three times<br />

higher.<br />

"I'm not delivering<br />

the message anymore<br />

that brain tumours are rare in NF1. This study<br />

has changed how I decide which children need<br />

more surveillance and when to let the neurooncologists<br />

know that we may have a problem,"<br />

said senior author David H. Gutmann from the<br />

Washington University School of Medicine.<br />

Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans<br />

of children with NF1 characteristically show<br />

bright spots that are absent in the scans of unaffected<br />

children. Unlike tumours, they are generally<br />

thought to disappear in teenage years, the<br />

researchers said. Since brain tumours can be confused<br />

with harmless bright spots, it has never<br />

been clear whether finding these abnormalities<br />

via MRI should be a<br />

cause for concern, they<br />

added. For the study, the<br />

team developed a set of<br />

criteria to distinguish<br />

tumours from other<br />

bright spots. The<br />

researchers then<br />

analysed scans from 68<br />

NF1 patients and 46<br />

children without NF1<br />

for comparison.<br />

All but four (94 per<br />

cent) of the children<br />

with NF1 had bright<br />

spots, and none of the<br />

children without NF1<br />

did. Further, in 57 per<br />

cent of the children with bright spots, at least one<br />

of the spots was deemed likely to be a tumour,<br />

the research team found. Applying the new criteria<br />

to MRI scans will help physicians identify<br />

probable tumours, but that does not mean that all<br />

children with NF1 should be scanned regularly,<br />

the researchers cautioned.

16 <strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

WORLD<br />

www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />

Dutch anti-<br />

Islam lawmaker<br />

cancels Prophet<br />

Muhammad<br />

cartoon contest<br />

Amsterdam : Dutch anti-<br />

Islam lawmaker Geert<br />

Wilders has cancelled a<br />

scheduled Prophet<br />

Muhammad cartoon contest<br />

in the capital here in<br />

November following widespread<br />

protest in Pakistan that<br />

raised concerns over security<br />

to the participants.<br />

The far-right opposition<br />

Dutch lawmaker, who for<br />

years has lived under roundthe-clock<br />

protection because<br />

of death threats sparked by his<br />

fierce anti-Islam rhetoric,<br />

cancelled the event following<br />

concerns of extreme threat<br />

after a 26-year-old Pakistani<br />

man was arrested who<br />

allegedly planned an attack on<br />

Wilders. “To avoid the risk of<br />

victims of Islamic violence, I<br />

have decided not to let the<br />

cartoon contest go ahead,”<br />

Geert Wilders said in a written<br />

statement, noting he did<br />

not want others endangered<br />

by the contest he had planned<br />

for November.<br />

The contest was to have<br />

been held at the tightly guarded<br />

offices of his Party for<br />

Freedom in the Dutch parliament<br />

building.<br />

“It’s not just about me,”<br />

Wilders, who has a history of<br />

inflammatory statements<br />

about Islam, said in the statement.<br />

Strong opponents of the<br />

event “see not only me, but<br />

the entire Netherlands as a<br />

target”. He followed up the<br />

statement later on Thursday<br />

with a tweet saying: “Islam<br />

showed its true face once<br />

again with death threats, fatwas<br />

and violence. However,<br />

the safety and security of my<br />

fellow countrymen comes<br />

first.” The Dutch government<br />

had been at pains to distance<br />

itself from the contest. Prime<br />

Minister Mark Rutte last<br />

week questioned Wilders’<br />

motive for organising the contest.<br />

“His aim is not to have a<br />

debate about Islam. His aim is<br />

to be provocative,” Rutte said.<br />

The planned contest<br />

sparked a death threat this<br />

week from a 26-year-old man,<br />

reportedly a Pakistani, who<br />

was arrested Tuesday in The<br />

Hague. On Wednesday, thousands<br />

of Islamists set off on a<br />

protest march to Pakistan’s<br />

capital Islamabad demanding<br />

Imran Khan’s new government<br />

sever diplomatic ties<br />

with the Netherlands over the<br />

“blasphemous” competition.<br />

Myanmar rejects UN accusations of genocide<br />

Naypyidaw : Myanmar on<br />

Wednesday rejected a UN report that<br />

said there was evidence of genocide in<br />

the military operation carried out by the<br />

Myanmar government against the<br />

Muslim Rohingya minority.<br />

"We didn't allow the FFM (Fact<br />

Finding Mission) to enter into<br />

Myanmar, that's why we don't agree and<br />

accept any resolutions made by the<br />

Human Rights Council," Myanmar's<br />

newspaper Global New Light quoted<br />

government spokesperson Zaw Htay as<br />

saying.<br />

On Monday, UN experts reported<br />

that there is evidence of intentional<br />

genocide and crimes against humanity<br />

perpetrated on a large scale.<br />

The mission condemned the government<br />

of Nobel Peace laureate Aung San<br />

Suu Kyi for failing to stop the violence<br />

and recommended the establishment of<br />

an international court to investigate and prosecute the alleged perpetrators belonging to the armed forces. Htay said<br />

Trump accuses China<br />

of stalling progress<br />

with N.Korea<br />

Washington : US President Donald<br />

Trump has lashed out at China for undermining<br />

its work with North Korea, as criticism<br />

over progress on denuclearisation on<br />

the Korean peninsula mounts. In a series of<br />

tweets Trump said he saw no reason to<br />

resume the joint war<br />

games with South Korea<br />

that have angered North<br />

Korea, BBC reported.<br />

Days ago Trump's<br />

Defence Secretary Jim<br />

Mattis said that military<br />

exercises might continue<br />

with South Korea. In his<br />

tweets Trump accused<br />

Beijing of providing<br />

North Korea with "considerable<br />

aid", suggesting<br />

China was softening the<br />

blow of sanctions. "This is not helpful!"<br />

Trump said. China has accused Trump of<br />

"shifting blame" on its relations with North<br />

Korea. A summit between Trump and<br />

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in June<br />

concluded with a pledge from North Korea<br />

to work towards "the complete denuclearisation<br />

of the Korean peninsula". But since<br />

then many observers say North Korea is<br />

not moving fast enough to dismantle its<br />

nuclear sites.<br />

Days ago, Washington called off a trip<br />

to North Korea by US Secretary of State<br />

Mike Pompeo with the President arguing<br />

that insufficient progress had been made in<br />

dismantling the North's<br />

nuclear programme.<br />

Since the June summit,<br />

North Korea has<br />

halted its missile tests,<br />

claimed to have dismantled<br />

a nuclear testing<br />

site and returned the<br />

remains of US soldiers<br />

killed in the Korean<br />

War. A report by Vox<br />

suggests that<br />

Pyongyang is reluctant<br />

to proceed with denuclearisation<br />

because Trump failed to live<br />

up to his alleged promise to Kim that he<br />

would sign an official declaration to end<br />

the Korean War. After a UN report found<br />

that North Korea was continuing to work<br />

on its nuclear programme, the US urged the<br />

international community to maintain sanctions<br />

and economic pressure on<br />

Pyongyang.<br />

Washington, Actress Anne<br />

Hathaway will be honoured with the<br />

Human Rights Campaign (HRC)<br />

National Equality Award here on<br />

<strong>September</strong> 15.<br />

The “Bride Wars” actress will receive<br />

the award for her humanitarian work<br />

that she has done for the society, especially<br />

with with women and the LGBTQ<br />

Samsung launches<br />

'Android Go' budget<br />

smartphone in India<br />

New Delhi : Samsung India on Tuesday launched<br />

its first "Android Go" budget smartphone named<br />

"Galaxy J2 Core" in the country for Rs 6,190.<br />

Android Oreo (Go) is essentially made for entrylevel<br />

Android smartphones with less than 1GB RAM<br />

and hence uses less storage space, less memory and<br />

still functions smoothly. "We are pleased to integrate<br />

industry-first smart memory management solutions<br />

that allow apps or content on the memory card. We<br />

are also partnering with Google in bringing the latest<br />

Android experience for entry-level smartphones<br />

with Android Oreo (Go Edition) on Galaxy 'J2<br />

Core'," Sumit Walia, Director, Mobile business,<br />

Samsung India, said in a statement.<br />

The smartphone features 8MP rear camera and<br />

5MP front camera and comes with a 5-inch display.<br />

The device is powered by Samsung's proprietary<br />

Exynos processor that is especially tuned for<br />

Android Oreo (Go Edition), the company claimed.<br />

The device comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal<br />

memory which can be expanded up to 256GB via<br />

an external memory card. "J2 COre" Android Go<br />

smartphone is available in gold, blue and black<br />

colours across all retail stores and Samsung's e-shop<br />

website. Originally announced at Google I/O 2017<br />

annual developer conference, this OS is a toned<br />

down version of the latest Android Oreo OS which is<br />

currently present in high-end devices.<br />

community, reports variety.com.<br />

Acknowleging Hathaway’s contribution<br />

for the society, HRC President<br />

Chad Griffin said: “Through her incredible<br />

talent and bold activism, Anne<br />

Hathaway uses her global platform to<br />

stand up for the LGBTQ community.<br />

“From speaking out against discriminatory<br />

legislation targeting the LGBTQ<br />

that the government has already formed<br />

an independent commission to "respond<br />

to false allegations made by the UN<br />

agencies and other international communities".<br />

Myanmar does not recognize<br />

the Rohingyas as one of the nation's ethnic<br />

groups but considers them to be illegal<br />

Bangladeshi immigrants, subjecting<br />

them to various kinds of discrimination.<br />

Both the army and the Myanmar government<br />

have rejected all accusations of<br />

human rights violations.<br />

Humanitarian NGO, Doctors Without<br />

Borders, estimated that at least 6,700<br />

Rohingyas, including 730 children<br />

under the age of five, died as a result of<br />

the violence unleashed by the military<br />

offensive.<br />

Soldiers have been accused of committing<br />

murders, mass rapes and burning<br />

the homes of the Rohingyas in<br />

Myanmar's Rakhine state, the home of<br />

this ethnic minority community.<br />

17 killed<br />

in<br />

Ethiopian<br />

military<br />

helicopter<br />

crash<br />

Addis Ababa :<br />

All the 17 persons<br />

on-board were killed<br />

when an Ethiopian<br />

military helicopter<br />

crashed in Oromia<br />

regional state on<br />

Thursday, Ethiopia<br />

News Agency<br />

(ENA) reported. The<br />

Ethiopian Air Force<br />

helicopter had taken<br />

off early on<br />

Thursday from the<br />

city of Dire Dawa<br />

and was scheduled<br />

to arrive at the country's<br />

main Air Force<br />

base in Debre Zeit<br />

when it crashed<br />

about 50 km from its<br />

destination, Xinhua<br />

news agency reported.<br />

Among the 17<br />

dead were two children<br />

and two<br />

women. An investigation<br />

is underway<br />

to determine the<br />

cause of the crash,<br />

ENA reported.<br />



community to her leadership on workplace<br />

equality for women, Anne is making<br />

a real difference in the lives of<br />

countless people around the globe.”<br />

Earlier this year, Hathaway was also<br />

appointed as UN Women’s Global<br />

Ambassador, where her work involves<br />

supporting women’s equality in the<br />


www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />


Knew 'Yamla Pagla Deewana 2'<br />

turned out to be bad : Dharmendra<br />

Veteran actor Dharmendra says<br />

"Yamla Pagla Deewana" was born out<br />

of a desire to make a comedy but while<br />

shooting for the sequel of the film, he<br />

realised that it was not turning out to be<br />

as expected.<br />

The Deols- Dharmendra and two<br />

sons, Sunny and Bobby-came together<br />

on screen for the first time in 2006 with<br />

the family drama "Apne".<br />

They followed it up with the comedy<br />

"Yamla Pagla Deewana" in 2011, which<br />

was a huge hit but its sequel did not do<br />

well at the box office. "'Apne' had made<br />

people cry so I told someone that next<br />

time I'll make you laugh. We didn't even have a<br />

script or anything ready then. We made 'Yamla<br />

Pagla Deewana' one. But there's this 'beemari' of<br />

franchise and sequel. We don't understand business,"<br />

Dharmendra told.<br />

"We had to make a sequel but it was taking<br />

time, things were not falling into place and then<br />

Eva Longoria<br />

joins 'Dora<br />

the Explorer'<br />

Hollywood star Eva Longoria has joined the<br />

voice cast of Paramount's live-action feature<br />

"Dora the Explorer". Longoria will portray the<br />

mother of the title character. According to the<br />

Hollywood Reporter, the movie is currently in<br />

production in Australia with James Bobin<br />

attached to direct. Isabela Moner is playing<br />

Dora in the movie version of the hit cartoon<br />

series. Kristin Burr is producing the project,<br />

which has been in the works since 2015. The<br />

animated "Dora the Explorer" television<br />

series ran on Nickelodeon from 2000-2014<br />

for eight seasons. It followed a young<br />

Latina girl who went on adventures around the world. The movie will<br />

centre on Dora as a teenager moving to the city and dealing with high<br />

school. She finds herself leading Boots (her best friend, a monkey),<br />

and a rag tag group of teens on an adventure to save her parents and<br />

solve the impossible mystery behind a lost Inca civilization.<br />

Physical appearance<br />

is an illusion:<br />

Sonakshi Sinha<br />

Actress Sonakshi Sinha, who has been often body-shamed on social<br />

media, says there is so much more to a person than their looks and that<br />

physical appearance is just an illusion. In a conversation with BIG FM,<br />

Sonakshi said: “There is so much more to a person than their looks.<br />

I am someone who has been on the other side and thus seen both<br />

sides of the coin. I have grown up as an over-weight teenager.<br />

It was not ever a problem for me. It didn’t used to matter that<br />

how fat I am and how much kilos I need to shed which actually<br />

people were pointing out to me.”<br />

The “Dabangg” actress says her weight and looks was<br />

such a small thing in comparison to the skills she is<br />

blessed with. “I used to focus on other things which I am<br />

good at. That way I never felt pressurised to get slim,”<br />

she added. Sonakshi, 31, says even after shedding<br />

enough weight and becoming an actor, she has made<br />

sure to project a healthy body image. “And come<br />

across as a good impression for people especially girls<br />

who get easily influenced at a very young age. I understand<br />

this considering, that I too wished to look like<br />

these slim models which would appear on these fashion<br />

magazines in my younger days. Physical appearance is an<br />

illusion. It is unrealistic.<br />

Singer and actor Suchitra<br />

Krishnamoorthi, younger sister of<br />

actor Sujata Kumar, has spoken<br />

about her bond with her sister, saying<br />

that the latter raised her and<br />

was her best friend. Speaking to<br />

Mumbai Mirror, Suchitra gave us a<br />

peek into the woman Sujata was.<br />

Suchitra mentions how she was a<br />

compassionate soul who was<br />

always there for those who needed<br />

her and how she “touched many<br />

lives with her vivacity and generosity”.<br />

In one of her tweets from the hospital<br />

while Sujata was still fighting for her life,<br />

Suchitra mentioned how Sujata was like a<br />

mother and best friend to her. In her Mumbai<br />

Mirror interview, she explained further on<br />

the bond their shared.<br />

“My sister practically raised me and was<br />

my best friend. She loved unconditionally<br />

even the screenplay wasn't good. I knew while<br />

doing the film that it's rubbish and had told the<br />

crew that I'm not enjoying shooting it. One<br />

knows whether it's going right or not," he added.<br />

The trio are set to reunite for "Yamla Pagla<br />

Deewana: Phir Se" and Dharmendra hopes the<br />

audience enjoys the third part. "I heard this story<br />

several times and I liked it. I really enjoyed listening<br />

to the script and we all have tried<br />

to make it as nice as possible. Hope the<br />

audience enjoys it now." The 82-yearold<br />

actor is excited to return to a fullfledged<br />

film after a gap of five years.<br />

"I've worked in two shifts, three shifts<br />

for 25 years now. I am enjoying this<br />

phase currently. I am fulfilling my<br />

hobby. Acting is my 'mehbooba' (lover)<br />

and I can't stay away from it for too<br />

long. I'm very fortunate to be in films.<br />

You get love, admiration and what not<br />

from all over the world. It's a great<br />

blessing of God," he said. The actor is<br />

also excited to see how audience reacts<br />

to some of the cameos in the film, including<br />

Salman Khan, Rekha, Shatrughan Sinha and<br />

Sonakshi in third instalment ot "Yamla Pagla<br />

Deewana: Phir Se." "Shatru and I have a good<br />

chemistry. We were in 'Dost' and several other<br />

films. Timing is the key in comedy. I am hopeful<br />

people will enjoy it," he added.<br />

and gave so much to everyone in her orbit<br />

that she would often run out of energy herself.<br />

But I never imagined that she would one<br />

day no longer be a part of my life; its unbearable<br />

to even think about.” Suchitra said in all<br />

these years she had taken her sister’s goodness<br />

for granted. Sujata would often tell her,<br />

“Be bindaas” and that’s the motto she would<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

17<br />

WONDER,<br />

once AGAIN<br />

Gal said in a statement that her character (Shank) has<br />

a bad-girl vibe from the outside but is fun, wise, and<br />

warm within. She also posted a teaser of the animated<br />

film. The plot revolves around Ralph's, played by John<br />

C. Reilly, adventures in the online racing game Slaughter<br />

Race. Director Rich Moore, talking about Shank's character,<br />

said she is a combination of cool and kind.<br />

The voice cast also includes Sarah Silverman. The<br />

film is a sequel to 2012 Oscar-nominated ‘Wreck-It<br />

Ralph'. The movie is scheduled to release on November<br />

21, <strong>2018</strong>. — The Wonder Woman actress confirmed the<br />

news with an Instagram post, captioned, “I'm so excited<br />

to finally announce that I am playing a character named<br />

Shank in Disney's #RalphBreaksTheInternet hitting theatres<br />

this November! Such an amazing experience to be<br />

a part of this project with such great creators and cast!<br />

Welcome to Slaughter Race!” Opening up about the<br />

project, Gal said in a statement that her character (Shank)<br />

has a bad-girl vibe from the outside but is fun, wise, and<br />

warm within. She also posted a teaser of the animated<br />

film. The plot revolves around Ralph's, played by John<br />

C. Reilly, adventures in the online racing game Slaughter<br />

Race. Director Rich Moore, talking about Shank's character,<br />

said she is a combination of cool and kind.<br />



American actor Paul Rudd will soon be seen in a Netflix<br />

comedy series titled ‘Living With Yourself’. He will be<br />

working with critically acclaimed feature film ‘Little Miss<br />

Sunshine’ directors’ Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.<br />

The series ‘Living With Yourself’ revolves around a man,<br />

who undergoes a treatment to become a better person. The<br />

series will have eight episodes where Rudd will play a dual<br />

role. ‘Living With Yourself’ series will also have Timothy<br />

Greenberg, who will also serve as executive producer and<br />

showrunner. Rudd was last seen in Marvel’s Ant-Man and<br />

the Wasp which he co-wrote. Also, his most recent TV stint<br />

came on Netflix when he played as Andy in ‘Wet Hot<br />

American Summer’ reboot.<br />

Suchitra Krishnamoorthi on sister Sujata Kumar’s<br />

death : Never imagined life without her<br />

like to follow. However, she would<br />

miss Sujata’s “quiet wisdom as<br />

much as her raucous laughter.”<br />

She spoke in glowing terms<br />

about her sister’s quite courage; of<br />

how she spirituality and her “tenacity<br />

of an unrelenting warrior”. She<br />

also said mentioned how Sujata was<br />

an emancipated woman even before<br />

people understood the meaning of<br />

the terms women’s liberation.<br />

Sujata died on August 19 after<br />

battling cancer for many years. In<br />

one of her last speeches that has surfaced<br />

now, she can be seen speaking on emotional<br />

abuse, her divorce and of course, battling<br />

cancer. Her honesty and her courage<br />

shines through as she speaks. Sujata had<br />

been an actor for quite some time, however,<br />

it was after Gauri Shinde cast her as Sridevi’s<br />

caring elder sister in English Vinglish that<br />

she became a well known face.

18 <strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />


www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />

Ali is all kicked up<br />

Ali Fazal is a sports enthusiast and has been associated<br />

with basketball and football since his school and<br />

college days. There was a<br />

time when he hoped to represent<br />

India as a basketball<br />

player but destiny brought<br />

him to tinsel town and the<br />

rest is history.<br />

Lucknow being Ali's<br />

hometown, it holds an<br />

important place in his heart<br />

and the actor considers it<br />

his responsibility to give<br />

back in some way or<br />

another. What better way<br />

than to mentor some local<br />

young football players who<br />

work really hard to get the<br />

basic facilities to play the game they love. Ali, like a<br />

good Samaritan, took the onus to represent the young<br />

lads as their mentor while shooting for his film in<br />

Lucknow. Even after the completion of his film, Ali<br />

will continue mentoring these talented kids till the<br />

time their potential is recognised by professional football<br />

clubs of India.<br />

KJo tells Ayushmann<br />

how to keep extra<br />

marital affairs at bay<br />

This happened as part of the second season of ISHQ 104.8<br />

FM's popular show "Calling<br />

Karan". Ayushmann, worried about Actor<br />

how women approach him for extra<br />

Ayushmann<br />

marital affair, asked Karan: "How<br />

should I say no to women who call Khurrana turned<br />

me for extra marital affairs? Politely to Karan Johar on<br />

turning them down that you know I<br />

advice on how to<br />

am a married man... How should I<br />

do this?" Karan had a quick solution keep extra-marital<br />

to Ayushmann's problem, read a affairs, and the<br />

statement.<br />

filmmaker was<br />

"For the girls in the world to<br />

know that there are men like you quick to give suggestions.<br />

too that actually want to give an<br />

alarm sound to those who are hitting<br />

on you, do so by saying that<br />

'Listen I am married'. Well it's very simple, it's the oldest trick in<br />

the world, Ayushmann. "Just laugh at something she says. Like<br />

'Oh God, you are so funny! My wife would love you'. Or something<br />

similar, like 'Oh! You look so pretty, where did you get it?<br />

I want to gift something like this to my wife'. There are a hundred<br />

ways of telling her that you have a wife."<br />

Actor Pooja Hegde said<br />

filmmaker Imtiaz Ali<br />

writes amazing characters<br />

and she would love to<br />

work with the Jab We<br />

Met and Rockstar director.<br />

The other thing on<br />

her to-do wish list is<br />

to make Children's<br />

films. Also, Pooja,<br />

who originally<br />

hails from the<br />

coastal town of<br />

'Why can't a Maharashtrian<br />

actor play a North Indian?'<br />

Actor Radhika Apte has now become a name to be reckoned<br />

with in the film industry, thanks to her films such as Badlapur<br />

(2012), Pad Man, and the much talkedabout web series, Sacred<br />

Games. But in 2010, when she was starting out, the 32-yearold<br />

actor was stereotyped, which, according to her, was "hypocritical"<br />

of the industry. "Initially, when I started, I had a few issues. Like<br />

[people] constantly would tell me that you can't play a North<br />

Indian, because you are a Maharashtrian. And now, a North Indian<br />

is playing Rani Laxmibai," she says, referring to Kangana<br />

Ranaut playing the role of Jhansi ki Rani in her upcoming<br />

film, Manikarnika. "So, why is it that you have a problem,<br />

when it is the other way round?" asks Radhika.<br />

The actor, who was born in Vellore (Tamil Nadu) but<br />

brought up in Pune (Maharashtra), feels that one shouldn't<br />

restrict artists. "We've had North Indian actors play<br />

South Indian characters. And that's good. That's how it<br />

should be. Actors shouldn't be restricted on the basis of<br />

where they come from, and [be] cast on that basis,"<br />

says Radhika. "Of course, there's a lot of hard work<br />

that goes into preparing for such characters. For<br />

example, if I'm playing a Punjabi character, wouldn't<br />

I work for two months to learn the language, and<br />

other little details of [being] a Punjabi?" she adds.<br />

However, she says that after years in the industry, she<br />

has moved on from all that.<br />

'Imtiaz brings out the<br />

best in every actor'<br />

Mangaluru in<br />

Karnataka,<br />

hopes she gets<br />

offers to do<br />

Kannada and<br />

Malayalam films.<br />

"I would love to work with Imtiaz Ali,<br />

and I would like to make children's<br />

films, that's on my list", Pooja, who<br />

made her Bollywood debut with<br />

Mohenjo Daro (2016), co-starring<br />

Hrithik Roshan, said. "I think he (Ali)<br />

writes amazing characters, whether it's<br />

the character of Geet (Kareena Kapoor)<br />

in Jab We Met, Alia Bhatt's in Highway<br />

and Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar," she<br />

said. "I just think he somehow brings out<br />

the best performance in every actor, and<br />

I would love to see how he does that<br />

with me."<br />

Pooja says without a 'godfather', it's<br />

not easy to come up in the film industry<br />

and success is slower but she isn't complaining.<br />

"When you get success, it is<br />

sweeter. I know that whatever I have<br />

done, I have done on my own, because<br />

of my own capability and not because of<br />

anything else than that. Success is slow<br />

but sweeter", she said. Pooja said it was<br />

"absolute laugh and fun" working on the<br />

sets of Housefull 4, produced by Sajid<br />

Nadiadwala and directed by Sajid Khan,<br />

during the recent shooting in London,<br />

with "silly jokes and pranks" of Akshay<br />

Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh and Sajid<br />

Khan in full flow.<br />

On key takeaways from her film<br />

career so far, she said, "Success and failure<br />

are both short-lived, and success<br />

brings in more success, and at the end of<br />

the day it's all about talent."<br />

Aniston’s trainer<br />

says ‘she’s a<br />

natural athlete’<br />

Actress Jennifer Aniston is a<br />

very good natural athlete, says<br />

her trainer Leyon Azubuike. The<br />

actress had previously opened<br />

up about her love for boxing.<br />

Azubuike co-owns the boxing<br />

studio and athletic performance<br />

facility Gloveworx here.<br />

Azubuike said working with<br />

Aniston has been a “great experience”,<br />

reports people.com.<br />

“She’s very diligent. She is<br />

ready to work out hard, every<br />

single time she hits the gym,” Azubuike said. “Whether it be a 45-minute session,<br />

whether it be a 2-hour session, she is always ready to go. Incredibly consistent<br />

and hardworking, and that makes my job a little bit easier. She’s a very<br />

good, natural athlete,” he added.<br />

Shweta Tiwari set to return<br />

to theatre after a hiatus<br />

Actress Shweta Tiwari is returning<br />

day couples whose lives are woven in<br />

to the stage after a long time, with “Jab<br />

the fragile thread of mistrust.<br />

We Separated”, a production penned<br />

It’s a reflection of a contemporary<br />

and directed by veteran Rakesh Bedi.<br />

society that when confronted with infidelity<br />

or regular nagging, today’s<br />

She is excited about performing for a<br />

live audience. Shweta said in a statement:<br />

“Many years ago, I did a play at<br />

cut available — divorce.<br />

young couples resort to the only short-<br />

Prithvi Theatre and there a director<br />

It will be staged in New Delhi on<br />

spotted me and offered me ‘Rishtey’.<br />

<strong>September</strong> 8 and <strong>September</strong> 9.<br />

That’s how my TV career started and<br />

Talking about the play’s subject,<br />

after ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay’, there<br />

Rakesh said: “Divorce today is one of<br />

has been been no looking back.”<br />

the most burning social issues in our<br />

A major draw for her theatre comeback<br />

was Rakesh. “After a long hiatus,<br />

matrimony and how young couples<br />

society. The play explores discord in<br />

I am returning to theatre with ‘Jab We<br />

today have lost faith in the concept of<br />

Separated’ and it is especially since it<br />

love, compassion and forgiveness.<br />

was Rakeshji who offered me this him brings out the best in an actor. “The court gives the warring couples<br />

six months to reconcile. But do<br />

challenging role. Every actor has their However, impressing him is a task.”<br />

limitations and weaknesses, but not Presented by Felicity Theatre, “Jab We they really work on it? In this play we<br />

every actor is capable of rectifying Separated” also features Rakesh himself<br />

apart from Rahul Bhuchar. The He says it was an enriching experi-<br />

try to find answers to such questions.”<br />

their mistakes, and that’s exactly what<br />

Rakeshji taught me. “Working with play depicts the mindset of modern ence to work with Shweta and Rahul.

www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />

TECH<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

19<br />

No file on<br />

CCTVs<br />

pending with<br />

us: Delhi L-G<br />

New Delhi : Delhi Lt<br />

Governor Anil Baijal's office<br />

on Monday said that no file<br />

related to installation of<br />

CCTVs across the national<br />

capital is pending with it.<br />

"A misleading impression is<br />

being created through certain<br />

media posts and releases that<br />

the file for the installation of<br />

closed-circuit televisions in<br />

Delhi is pending with the office<br />

of the Lt Governor. "It is clarified<br />

that this is incorrect. No<br />

file pertaining to CCTVs is<br />

pending with the L-G's office,"<br />

the Raj Niwas said in a statement<br />

here. The women MLAs<br />

of the Aam Aadmi Party posted<br />

videos on the social media on<br />

Raksha Bandhan on Sunday to<br />

demand that the L-G should<br />

not hamper the CCTV installation<br />

project.<br />

PUNJAB rolls out module for<br />

online property transactions<br />

Chandigarh : The Punjab government<br />

on Thursday launched a facility for online<br />

property transactions in the state to bring<br />

efficiency and transparency in the system.<br />

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder<br />

Singh launched the 'PUDA 360', an e-<br />

properties module to facilitate online<br />

property transactions, here.<br />

The facility is being provided by the<br />

Punjab Urban Planning and Development<br />

Authority (PUDA). The Chief Minister<br />

said that the application would go a long<br />

way in providing seamless services to the<br />

San Francisco : Facebook<br />

has restored the cross-posted<br />

tweets of its users that temporarily<br />

disappeared following the<br />

removal of the Twitter app from<br />

Facebook, the media reported.<br />

Twitter requested the deletion<br />

of its app from Facebook as it<br />

became useless there earlier this<br />

month following Facebook's<br />

move to give effect to an earlier<br />

decision to remove a feature that<br />

allowed people to cross-post<br />

updates from Twitter, Axios<br />

reported on Wednesday. But little<br />

did it know that the removal<br />

people related to property<br />

matters.<br />

"The online process<br />

would also make the e-<br />

auction more convenient<br />

and give a common platform<br />

to the<br />

promoters/builders/individuals<br />

for advertising<br />

their projects and properties<br />

online," Amarinder<br />

said on the occasion.<br />

Besides improving the<br />

of the app would delete any old<br />

posts of its users from<br />

Facebook.<br />

The users who found out on<br />

Tuesday that some of their old<br />

cross-posted tweets went missing<br />

from Facebook were surprised<br />

too, the report said. "A<br />

Twitter admin requested their<br />

delivery of PUDA<br />

services, it would help<br />

check delays in sanction<br />

of building plans,<br />

issuance of No<br />

Objection Certificate,<br />

issuance of<br />

Conveyance Deed<br />

and Transfer of<br />

Property etc. All these<br />

services are currently<br />

offered offline, a<br />

Punjab government<br />

Facebook restores cross-posted<br />

tweets that disappeared<br />

spokesperson said here. The Chief Minister<br />

said the applicants would now get the<br />

option of submitting applications through<br />

online or offline systems. "The facility<br />

would save precious time and money for<br />

the allottees," he added. "Complete details<br />

like the nature of the property i.e. residential<br />

or commercial, plots or flats, area and<br />

location, name of the builder or owner, status<br />

of RERA registration would be<br />

uploaded on the module," Housing and<br />

Urban Development Minister Tript<br />

Rajinder Singh Bajwa said.<br />

app be deleted, which resulted in<br />

content that people had crossposted<br />

from Twitter to Facebook<br />

also being temporarily removed<br />

from people's profiles,"<br />

Facebook said in a statement to<br />

Axios. "However, we have<br />

since restored the past content<br />

and it's now live on people's profiles,"<br />

Facebook said.<br />

The deletions were temporary,<br />

but this episode served as a<br />

reminder that users are not<br />

always in control of the content<br />

that they create on giant social<br />

media platforms.

20 <strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

TECH<br />

www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />

Water spotted at<br />


Red Spot : NASA<br />

Washington : Looking at the depths<br />

of the Jupiter's Great Red Spot, a storm<br />

that has been raging on the planet for<br />

over 350 years, NASA scientists have<br />

found water above the planet's deepest<br />

clouds. The team led by Gordon l.<br />

Bjoraker, Astrophysicist at NASA's<br />

Goddard Space flight center in<br />

Maryland, US, were looking from<br />

ground-based telescopes at wavelengths<br />

sensitive to thermal radiation<br />

leaking from the depths of Jupiter's<br />

persistent storm, when they detected<br />

the chemical signatures of water<br />

above the planet's deepest clouds.<br />

The pressure of the water, combined<br />

with the measurements of<br />

another oxygen-bearing gas, carbon<br />

monoxide, imply that Jupiter has<br />

two to nine times more oxygen than<br />

the sun. This finding supports theoretical<br />

and computer-simulation<br />

models that have predicted abundant<br />

water (H2O) on Jupiter, the scientists<br />

said. "The moons that orbit<br />

Jupiter are mostly water ice, so the<br />

whole neighborhood has plenty of<br />

water. Why wouldn't the planet -- which<br />

is this huge gravity well, where everything<br />

falls into it -- be water rich, too?"<br />

Bjoraker said in a statement. The location<br />

of the water cloud, plus the amount<br />

of carbon monoxide that the researchers<br />

identified on Jupiter, confirms that<br />

Jupiter is rich in oxygen and, thus,<br />

water, Bjoraker explained.<br />

"Jupiter's water abundance will tell us<br />

a lot about how the giant planet formed,<br />

but only if we can figure out how much<br />

water there is in the entire planet," said<br />

Steven M. Levin, from NASA's Jet<br />

Propulsion Laboratory in California.<br />

The revelation was stirring given that<br />

the team's experiment could have<br />

easily failed. The Great Red Spot is<br />

full of dense clouds, which makes it<br />

hard for electromagnetic energy to<br />

escape and teach astronomers anything<br />

about the chemistry within.<br />

"It turns out they're not so thick that<br />

they block our ability to see deeply,"<br />

Bjoraker noted. The data collected will<br />

supplement the information NASA's<br />

Juno spacecraft is gathering as it circles<br />

the planet from north to south once<br />

every 53 days. If Juno returns similar<br />

water findings, thereby backing<br />

Bjoraker's ground-based technique, it<br />

could open a new window into solving<br />

the water problem, said Goddard's Amy<br />

Simon, a planetary atmospheres expert.<br />

"If it works, then maybe we can apply<br />

it elsewhere, like Saturn, Uranus or<br />

Neptune, where we don't have a Juno,"<br />

she said.<br />

Trump accuses Google of<br />

suppressing positive news<br />

about his presidency<br />

Washington : US President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused<br />

Alphabet Inc.'s Google search platform of elevating critical news stories<br />

about his presidency<br />

at the expense of<br />

friendly conservative<br />

voices, declaring that<br />

it is a "very serious<br />

situation" that will be<br />

addressed. Trump, in<br />

a pair of tweets early<br />

morning, said that a<br />

search in Google for<br />

"Trump News" yielded<br />

only "the viewing/reporting<br />

of Fake<br />

(News) Media". "In<br />

other words, they<br />

have it rigged, for me and others, so that almost all stories and news is<br />

bad," he wrote.<br />

"Fake CNN is prominent. Republican/Conservative and Fair Media is<br />

shut out," he wrote. "Google and others are suppressing voices of<br />

Conservatives and hiding information and news that is good. They are<br />

controlling what we can & cannot see. This is a very serious situation -<br />

will be addressed!" Google did not immediately respond to a request for<br />

comment, Efe news reported. Asked to elaborate later on the administration's<br />

views on potential regulation of the search giant, Lawrence<br />

Kudlow, the Director of Trump's National Economic Council, said:<br />

"We'll let you know, we're taking a look at it."<br />

Republicans have criticized social media sites such as Facebook and<br />

Twitter over their treatment of conservatives on their platforms. Last<br />

week, the President accused social media platforms of "silencing millions<br />

of people". Earlier in the month, Trump also claimed that tech<br />

companies were "totally discriminating against Republican/<br />

Conservative voices", pledging that his administration "won't let that<br />

happen". Accusations that Google tampers with search results are not<br />

new or uncommon. Those accusations took on a new life during the<br />

2016 presidential election when some Conservatives claimed that the<br />

technology giant was censoring controversial subjects as part of an effort<br />

to purge the Internet of fake news reports.<br />

Vodafone-Idea merger complete,<br />

becomes operational<br />

New Delhi : The merger of Vodafone India<br />

and Idea Cellular is complete after the National<br />

Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) approved the<br />

merger, creating India's largest telecom operator<br />

with over 400 million subscribers, a joint statement<br />

by the two companies said on Friday.<br />

The clearance from the tribunal was the last<br />

leg of official approvals after the Department of<br />

Telecommunications (DoT) cleared the merger<br />

last month. "Idea Cellular (renamed as 'Vodafone<br />

Idea Limited') -- an Aditya Birla Group and<br />

Vodafone Group partnership -- becomes operational<br />

as India's leading telecom service provider<br />

with a subscriber base of over 408 million," the<br />

statement said on Friday.<br />

The new Board of Directors constituted for<br />

Vodafone Idea comprises 12 Directors, including<br />

six "independent Directors", with Kumar<br />

Mangalam Birla as the Chairman. The Board has<br />

appointed Balesh Sharma as the CEO, it said.<br />

The new company will have a market share of<br />

32.2 per cent, as per the statement.<br />

"The merger is expected to generate Rs 140<br />

billion annual synergy, including opex synergies<br />

of Rs 84 billion, equivalent to a net present value<br />

of approximately Rs 700 billion," it said.<br />

Vodafone Group owns a 45.2 per cent stake<br />

and Aditya Birla Group owns a 26 per cent stake,<br />

both on fully diluted basis.<br />

WhatsApp to train users<br />

on dangers of fake news<br />

New Delhi : After being asked by the central<br />

government to take steps to stop the spread of<br />

disinformation on its platform, WhatsApp on<br />

Wednesday roped in New Delhi-based non-profit<br />

Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) to<br />

create awareness among its users about the need<br />

to verify information.<br />

"Our goal is to help keep people safe by creating<br />

greater awareness<br />

about fake news and empowering<br />

users to help limit its<br />

spread," Ben Supple, Public<br />

Policy Manager at<br />

WhatsApp, said in a statement.<br />

In a meeting with<br />

WhatsApp CEO Chris<br />

Daniels on August 21, Union<br />

IT Minister Ravi Shankar<br />

Prasad instructed the<br />

Facebook-owned platform to<br />

comply with the law of the<br />

land and take "suitable"<br />

steps to prevent its misuse.<br />

The meeting took place after several lynching<br />

incidents were linked to the spread of misinformation<br />

on the instant messaging platform which<br />

has over 200 million monthly active users in<br />

India. As part of the new partnership with<br />

WhatsApp, DEF has committed to holding 40<br />

training sessions for community leaders in 10<br />

states across the country where there have been<br />

worrisome cases of violence and where there<br />

will be state polls before the end of the year.<br />

DEF said it would help educate government<br />

officials, administration representatives, civil<br />

society organisations and students to spread the<br />

word about this challenge.<br />

The training is expected to enable WhatsApp<br />

users to differentiate between opinions and facts,<br />

and to inculcate a habit of verifying information<br />

through simple checks before forwarding it to<br />

their friends and family.<br />

In addition, DEF said it<br />

would incorporate this new<br />

training as part of their network<br />

of over 30,000 grassroots<br />

community members<br />

in seven states.<br />

"We at WhatsApp and<br />

DEF hope these training<br />

workshops will help build an<br />

empathetic and conscious<br />

community of WhatsApp<br />

users who learn to respond<br />

rather than react to every<br />

message they receive," said<br />

Osama Manzar, Founder-<br />

Director of DEF.<br />

WhatsApp has already taken several technological<br />

measures to curb the problem of disinformation,<br />

including the introduction of the "forwarded"<br />

tag and limiting forwarding to five<br />

chats at once. "In addition to the steps we are<br />

taking within WhatsApp, we believe impacting<br />

lives through the power of education is critical to<br />

helping achieve the vision of a 'Digital India',"<br />

Supple added.<br />

ASUS launches new<br />

ZenBook series<br />

San Francisco : Taiwanese electronics<br />

major ASUS on Friday launched<br />

"ZenBook 13" (UX333), "ZenBook 14"<br />

(UX433) and "ZenBook 15" (UX533).<br />

The new redesigned series of thin and<br />

light laptops also mark the debut of a<br />

frame-less "NanoEdge" display with<br />

ultraslim bezels on all four sides and up to<br />

95 per cent screen-to-body ratio. All<br />

devices are torture-tested to militarygrade<br />

reliability standards, with demanding<br />

tests that include environmental<br />

extremes of altitude, temperature and<br />

humidity, in addition to extensive drop,<br />

shock and vibration testing, the company<br />

said in a statement. The 13-inch and 14-<br />

inch models also include the new<br />

"NumberPad", an innovative productivity<br />

enhancement that provides a full-size<br />

LED-illuminated numeric keypad built<br />

into the touchpad. All models feature a<br />

special 3D IR camera that allows fast face<br />

login using Windows Hello, even in lowlight<br />

environments, the company added.<br />

The new models come with 8th<br />

Generation Intel Core i7 quad-core CPU,<br />

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Max-Q<br />

graphics, 16GB RAM, ultra-fast PCIe<br />

SSDs and gigabit-class Wi-Fi.

www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />

WORLD<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

21<br />

India, Nepal sign railway<br />

line survey agreement<br />

Kathmandu : In what can be seen<br />

as a major boost to regional connectivity,<br />

India and Nepal on Friday signed a<br />

memorandum of understanding<br />

(MoU) here on preliminary engineering-cum-traffic<br />

survey of the proposed<br />

Raxaul-Kathmandu railway line as<br />

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi<br />

and his Nepal counterpart K.P. Sharma<br />

Oli agreed to foster bilateral ties.<br />

The MoU is the first step forward in<br />

the ambitious rail connectivity initiative<br />

between the two countries<br />

announced in April this year.<br />

Besides this, India is also considering<br />

five other cross-border railway<br />

lines with Nepal to ease connectivity<br />

and boost bilateral trade. During the<br />

state visit of Oli to India in April, both<br />

sides had agreed to expand railway<br />

connection from Indian border town<br />

of Raxaul in Bihar to Kathmandu in a<br />

period of five years. The MoU, coming<br />

a week after Nepal and China<br />

agreed to prepare a detailed project<br />

report of the Kerung(Tibet)-<br />

Kathmandu railway line, is a clear<br />

manifestation of geopolitical competition<br />

to woo the Himalayan nation by<br />

the two Asian giants. The MoU was<br />

signed on the margins of the Fourth<br />

Bay of Bengal Initiative of Multi-<br />

Sectoral Technical and Economic<br />

Cooperation (Bimstec) Summit,<br />

which concluded earlier in the day in<br />

Kathmandu. Modi and Oli witnessed<br />

the exchange of the MoU between the<br />

two governments. On April 7 this<br />

year, the two governments had issued<br />

a joint statement on expanding rail<br />

linkages, agreeing to construct a new<br />

electrified rail line, with India's financial<br />

support, connecting Raxaul and<br />

Kathmandu. According to an Indian<br />

Embassy statement, as a first step, it<br />

was agreed that the Indian government,<br />

in consultation with the Nepal<br />

government, would carry out preparatory<br />

survey work within one year, and<br />

the two sides would finalise the implementation<br />

and funding modalities of<br />

the project based on the detailed project<br />

report. India's Konkan Railway has<br />

been asked to conduct a preliminary<br />

engineering-cum-traffic survey of the<br />

new rail line in consultation with the<br />

Nepalese government, the embassy<br />

stated. Indian Ambassador to Nepal<br />

Manjeev Singh Puri and Secretary at<br />

Nepal Ministry of Physical<br />

Infrastructure and Transportation<br />

Madhusudan Adhikari signed the<br />

MoU on behalf of the respective governments.<br />

"The Raxaul-Kathmandu<br />

rail line is expected to expand connectivity<br />

by enhancing people-to-people<br />

linkages between the two countries<br />

and promoting economic growth and<br />

development," the embassy statement<br />

said.<br />

Before signing the MoU, two Prime<br />

Ministers held delegation-level talks<br />

where various bilateral issues figured.<br />

In a tweet after the meeting, Modi<br />

said that the deliberations were wideranging,<br />

covering multiple aspects of<br />

India-Nepal relations. "We discussed<br />

ways to further deepen our economic,<br />

trade and cultural ties. Enhancing connectivity<br />

between our nations was discussed<br />

as well," he said.<br />

Later in the day, Modi and Oli<br />

jointly inaugurated the 400-bed<br />

Nepal-Bharat Maitri Pashupati<br />

Dharmashala in Kathmandu built with<br />

Indian aid. Speaking on the occasion,<br />

Modi assured India's continued support<br />

for the development of the<br />

Himalayan kingdom.<br />

"Every Indian is happy to see that<br />

there is political stability in Nepal. As<br />

a result, the country is developing fast.<br />

India's good wishes and support will<br />

always be with Nepal," said Modi<br />

after the inauguration ceremony.<br />

He said the Indian economy was<br />

touching new heights.<br />

"And I must tell you that our Nepali<br />

brothers and sisters have equal stakes<br />

in it. When we talk about development,<br />

it is part of our traditions to<br />

think about neighbours' prosperity as<br />

well." The Indian Prime Minister said<br />

the newly inaugurated dharmashala<br />

Mourinho is special, he has<br />

won a lot: Brazil's Ronaldo<br />

Rome : Brazilian football legend<br />

Ronaldo has put his weight behind<br />

under-fire Manchester United head<br />

coach Jose Mourinho and said he<br />

believes the Portuguese can turn things<br />

around. Mourinho is under pressure<br />

after United started the English Premier<br />

League season with one win and two<br />

defeats. They lost 0-3 at home to<br />

They've reached the final twice recently<br />

and (Cristiano) Ronaldo is going to<br />

strengthen them, but the Champions<br />

League is not easy. Signing (Cristiano)<br />

Ronaldo<br />

doesn't<br />

automatically<br />

mean<br />

you win it.<br />

how the balance will change. I wish him<br />

all the best. He will see what a beautiful<br />

country he's arrived in, and I love Italy.<br />

He's going to enjoy a great adventure."<br />

Former<br />

Brazil star<br />

Ronaldo,<br />

who turned<br />

out for Inter<br />

although picking Real to win a fourth<br />

straight title.<br />

"They are always in my heart, even if<br />

I've followed them little recently and not<br />

spoken any more with (former owner<br />

Massimo) Moratti," said the 41-yearold.<br />

"They're back in the Champions<br />

League and that's a great result, and they<br />

Tottenham Hotspur on Monday which "What<br />

Milan 68 are back among the best, which is where<br />

made matters worse.<br />

you cannot<br />

times and they belong.<br />

"I don't know what's happening in deny is that<br />

scored 49 "I'm very attached to Real, more so<br />

Manchester, but wait before criticising<br />

Mou -- he's special and he's won a lot,"<br />

he told Italy's La Gazzetta dello Sport.<br />

it's a huge<br />

signing --<br />

unthinkable<br />

goals, added<br />

that he is<br />

delighted to<br />

than Barcelona. Real were strong even<br />

before (Cristiano) Ronaldo came and<br />

they will remain so after. They are still<br />

Asked about United's chances in the<br />

-- but<br />

see them the favourites to win the Champions<br />

Champions League where United have<br />

been drawn against Juventus, Valencia<br />

nobody can<br />

predict<br />

back in the<br />

Champions<br />

League. They've won four of the last<br />

five, although it's going to be a whole<br />

and Young Boys, Ronaldo said what will<br />

League this different challenge without (Cristiano)<br />

"(Juventus) are a really strong side. happen and<br />

season, Ronaldo."<br />

would be a symbol of strengthening<br />

people-to-people power of both countries.Pashupatinath,<br />

Muktinath and<br />

Janakidham not only unite Nepal but<br />

they also give strength to the ties with<br />

India, he said. "There is a distance of<br />

thousands of kilometres between<br />

Kanyakumari and Kathmandu but the<br />

ballads of Pashupatinath have been<br />

echoing there (Kanyakumari) for the<br />

past 1,500 years," he said.<br />

Constructed within the framework<br />

of an MoU between the Indian government<br />

and the Pashupati Area<br />

Development Trust (PADT), the project<br />

has been constructed on 10,625<br />

square metres of land owned by<br />

PADT, under Indian grant assistance<br />

of about Nepali Rs 220 million<br />

(around Indian Rs 14 crore).<br />

The dharmashala has three storeys<br />

and is equipped with modern amenities<br />

for pilgrims visiting the<br />

Pashupatinath Temple area. The building<br />

has a total floor area of approximately<br />

6,100 square metres, and consists<br />

of single, twin-bedded, four-bedded<br />

and ten-bedded rooms, a dining<br />

hall, kitchen, library, multi-purpose<br />

hall, water treatment plant, solar<br />

heater and generator house.<br />

Construction of the project commenced<br />

in <strong>September</strong> 2016 and was<br />

handed over on Friday by the Indian<br />

government to PADT, which will be<br />

responsible for managing the facility<br />

for pilgrims visiting the Pashupatinath<br />

Temple area.<br />

"The completion of Nepal-Bharat<br />

Maitri Pashupati Dharmashala is<br />

another milestone in strengthening<br />

cultural ties and people-to-people contacts<br />

between the two countries," the<br />

Indian government said.<br />

7 militants<br />

killed, 5 injured<br />

in Afghan gun<br />

BATTLE<br />

Kabul : At least seven<br />

Taliban militants were killed<br />

and five injured in a clash with<br />

security forces in Afghanistan’s<br />

Maiwand district, police said<br />

on Thursday.<br />

The clash, which took place<br />

late on Wednesday, flared-up<br />

after the militants stormed<br />

some security checkpoints and<br />

in a counter-offensive the government<br />

forces began targeting<br />

the militants from the ground<br />

and air, Xinhua news agency<br />

quoted Deputy to Provincial<br />

Police Chief Abdul Bashir<br />

Khaksar as saying.<br />

He added that the government<br />

forces would continue to<br />

target the militants elsewhere<br />

in Kandahar province.<br />

The Taliban are yet to comment<br />

on the report.

22 <strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

WORLD<br />

www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />

The morning news of raids and<br />

arrest of five activists from different<br />

parts of the country by the Pune police<br />

is a chilling reminder that talks of political<br />

dissent and human rights are a<br />

crime and those who are lynching people<br />

in public, threatening people to send<br />

to Pakistan or openly threatening writers<br />

and journalists are roaming free and<br />

being awarded by the political leadership<br />

of the ruling party, even following<br />

them on the social media.<br />

In democracy people have right to<br />

differ and have their opinion on various<br />

issues. Most of those arrested are well<br />

known writers and activists. Many of<br />

them are known through their work<br />

with the marginalised communities<br />

while some are known as ideologues of<br />

the left, some of them are as old as to be<br />

termed as senior citizens. Father Stan<br />

Swamy would be around 80 and so is<br />

Mr Varvara Rao. One is a human rights<br />

defender who has devoted his life to<br />

empower the adivasis of Jharkhand<br />

leaving all the comforts of his home<br />

state in Tamilnadu for the last three<br />

decades while the other is a literary figure<br />

based in Hyderabad and known as<br />

an ideologue of the left.<br />

Political thinker and public intellectual<br />

Anand Teltumde's home too was<br />

raided. He is a vocal critique of current<br />

economic policies and has been articulating<br />

bringing and merging the classcaste<br />

issues to fight the bigger battle.<br />

He is a prolific writer and his detailed<br />

analysis are available on Economic and<br />

Political Weekly. Gautam Navlakha<br />

belong to PUDR and has been fighting<br />

for the human rights of the marginalised<br />

for long.<br />

All of them are ideologues and<br />

believe in countering an argument<br />

through an argument. All believe in rule<br />

of law and constitution of India. It is<br />

therefore surprising what kind of<br />

'clinching' evidence the Pune police has<br />

got to arrest them. Good that the Delhi<br />

High Court has stayed the arrest of<br />

Gautam Navlakha till tomorrow when it<br />

hear the petition on an urgency basis.<br />

Ms Sudha Bharadwaj is a well known<br />

activist dedicated her life for the rights<br />


under ASSAULT<br />

of trade unions and fighting their cases<br />

free of cost. She has been active also for<br />

the rights of the adivasis. That a lawyer<br />

who is fighting cases of the marginalised<br />

and poor can be arrested by the police<br />

send us the message that they can reach<br />

to any one and criminalise them. It is a<br />

direct assault on our democracy.<br />

There are serious issues emerging<br />

from these arrests which is why is the<br />

Pune Police not able to finish the case.<br />

Rather than arresting the goons who<br />

resorted to violence in the aftermath of<br />

the rally at Bhimakoregaon, it arrested<br />

the Ambedkarite activists on a very<br />

large scale in the entire Maharastra<br />

state while completely leaving the<br />

goons of Elgar Parishad to roam around<br />

and threaten. So<br />

many cases were<br />

filed against the<br />

Dalit activists that<br />

they are fighting it now. Unfortunately,<br />

it did not stop with that. Several<br />

activists who might have participated in<br />

the event at Bhimakoregaon were<br />

arrested earlier and perhaps based on<br />

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat<br />

social and human rights activist<br />

extraction of statement from them,<br />

there were raids on these five people.<br />

This is difficult time for all who<br />

believe in human rights and political<br />

dissent. It is time to be together. As<br />

elections draw nearer, such stories<br />

would be cooked. You will get intimidated<br />

by the goons in the street, threatened<br />

with dire consequences and on<br />

social media there will be character<br />

assassination. More than that, on the<br />

North Korean Channels and newspapers<br />

you will get the 'break news'<br />

through 'selective' leakages of stories<br />

about the people<br />

who are arrested.<br />

The dalals<br />

will shout loud<br />

and bring out<br />

stories while the<br />

police will<br />

intimidate, assault and silently leak the<br />

stories to the obliging 'patrakars'.<br />

The modus operandi of the power is<br />

clear to get the activists physically<br />

assaulted like what they did to Umar<br />

Khalid or Swami Agnivesh then file<br />

cases against the victims and allow the<br />

goons and accused to go scot free,<br />

lynch the victim on the TV trials<br />

through their 'spokespersons' on the<br />

channels, plant stories in the media,<br />

drag the case as long as possible and<br />

build up the narrative of threat to the<br />

supreme leader.<br />

And this is not alone. One side the<br />

Maoist narrative, the other side the<br />

Muslim, Pakistan, terrorism narrative.<br />

With the most helping hand coming<br />

from the Bania media, completely<br />

exposing itself now, we can only fight<br />

the battle through legal means and joining<br />

hands together. The most unfortunate<br />

part is the silence of political people<br />

and parties who are unable to speak and<br />

condemn such assault on our freedom.<br />

This is the dark hour. During emergency,<br />

the work of political parties,<br />

activists, media and judiciary was complimentary.<br />

When Jai Prakash Narain<br />

gave a call, Ramnath Goenka and other<br />

joined hand, though a majority of papers<br />

surrendered but what is most threatening<br />

and intimidating today is that state apparatus<br />

is providing ammunition to<br />

spokespersons in the North Korean<br />

channels and cooking up new stories.<br />

We blame social media but it is the electronic<br />

media and print media whose<br />

integrity and credibility is now under the<br />

threat and a majority of who are openly<br />

criminals and supporting them.<br />

Democracy is under the stress today.<br />

Our human liberties and values are<br />

assaulted. Political freedom is endangered.<br />

The message is clear for all of us<br />

that you will be targeted for your views.<br />

Dont speak of people's right over<br />

resources. Dont talk about land rights.<br />

Seal your lips and stay silence because<br />

the greedy corporate want to make an<br />

entry into your region to suck your<br />

resources.<br />

Will the political leadership of different<br />

parties stand up together and<br />

speak up against this intimidation. Will<br />

our Courts speak up and send an unambiguous<br />

message to those in power not<br />

to cross the line and not to intimidate<br />

activists. Will the international rights<br />

bodies speak up. The space for civil<br />

society is shrinking in this country. It is<br />

these forces which can create an atmosphere<br />

for peace and harmony. It is these<br />

people who talk of democracy and constitution<br />

to get people their rights and<br />

not those who burn the constitution and<br />

yet roam free.<br />

We sincerely hope that the courts<br />

will take cognizance the matter and<br />

restore the confidence of the people in<br />

our judiciary and political system.<br />

There is a credibility crisis now and<br />

only courts can save them by their<br />

quick intervention. Let us wait for the<br />

verdict of Delhi High court tomorrow<br />

for one of the cases ?<br />

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social<br />

and human rights activist. He<br />

blogs at<br />

www.manukhsi.blogspot.com twitter<br />

@freetohumanity<br />

Email: vbrawat@gmail.com<br />


affect cognitive skills<br />

Beijing : Besides harming physical<br />

health, long-term exposure to air pollution<br />

can also affect cognitive skills,<br />

especially in elderly men, claims a<br />

study.<br />

The study, published in the journal<br />

Proceedings of the National Academy<br />

of Sciences, provided evidence that<br />

verbal and math scores "decreased<br />

with increasing cumulative air pollution<br />

exposure".<br />

This decline -- a potential risk factor<br />

in developing Alzheimer's disease<br />

or other forms of dementia -- becomes<br />

more pronounced as people age, especially<br />

for men and the less educated.<br />

"The damage on the ageing brain by<br />

air pollution likely imposes substantial<br />

health and economic costs, considering<br />

that cognitive functioning is critical for<br />

the elderly for both running daily<br />

errands and making high-stake decisions,"<br />

said researchers including Xin<br />

Zhang from Beijing Normal<br />

University.<br />

The team examined cognitive test<br />

scores of nearly 32,000 people<br />

between 2010 and 2014 against their<br />

exposure to short and long-term air<br />

pollution.<br />

While the study adds to the already<br />

numerous health concerns regarding<br />

air pollution including damage to the<br />

heart and kidneys, it will be of particular<br />

concern to developing nations<br />

whose smoggy cities could be hampering<br />

national economic development,<br />

CNN reported. "The damage on cognitive<br />

ability by air pollution also likely<br />

impedes the development of human<br />

capital. Therefore, a narrow focus on<br />

the negative effect on health may<br />

underestimate the total cost of air pollution,"<br />

Zhang said.<br />

"Our findings on the damaging<br />

effect of air pollution on cognition<br />

imply that the indirect effect of pollution<br />

on social welfare could be much<br />

larger than previously thought."<br />

According to the World Health<br />

Organization (WHO), nine out of<br />

every 10 people on the planet breathe<br />

air containing a high level of pollutants,<br />

with the worst affected regions<br />

being Africa and Asia.<br />

A recent study, published in the<br />

journal Environmental Science and<br />

Technology Letters, showed that if air<br />

pollution were removed as a risk for<br />

death, people in the world could live at<br />

least a year longer and in India, which<br />

is battling severe air pollution, the benefit<br />

would be even more -- about 1.5<br />

years.<br />

NASA working for<br />

better cancer treatments<br />

in space: Report<br />

Washington : Astronauts aboard the<br />

International Space Station (ISS) are conducting<br />

a blood cell experiment which<br />

may improve treatments for cancer, the<br />

media reported.<br />

In a new video published by the US<br />

space agency as part of the AngieX<br />

Cancer Therapy study, the team led by<br />

NASA astronaut Serena Aunon-<br />

Chancellor were shown examining<br />

endothelial cells that come<br />

from blood vessels,<br />

space.com reported on<br />

Tuesday.<br />

Several cartridge-shaped<br />

containers on board the<br />

ISS currently host the cells<br />

as they undergo varying<br />

amounts of chemotherapy<br />

exposure.<br />

The team is conducting blood experiments<br />

in space because sometimes, cells<br />

act differently in the weightless environment<br />

of orbiting spacecraft, called microgravity.<br />

Because these orbiting cells perform<br />

more like they normally do inside<br />

the body, cancer researchers can more<br />

accurately test the cells for chemotherapy<br />

responses, the report said.<br />

In the video, Aunon-Chancellor said<br />

the flat endothelial containers feel "all<br />

nice and warm and comfortable," because<br />

they are kept at body temperature aboard<br />

the space lab.<br />

"We've had them for almost two<br />

months now up here in<br />

ISS. We feed them. We<br />

give them nutrients …<br />

they are like miniature<br />

crewmembers living with<br />

us." According to NASA,<br />

endothelial cells housed<br />

within culture dishes (in<br />

vitro) in microgravity seem<br />

to perform as if they were in<br />

blood vessels within a living<br />

organism (in vivo) on Earth.<br />

"The study may facilitate a cost-effective<br />

method that does not require animal<br />

testing, which may help develop safer<br />

and more-effective vascular-targeted<br />

drugs," the project page on NASA stated.

www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />

WORLD<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

23<br />

India shortlisted among 5<br />

countries for Uber flying cabs<br />

Tokyo : Fasten your seatbelt<br />

to board a flying cab soon as<br />

Uber on Thursday selected<br />

India as one of the first five<br />

shortlisted finalist countries<br />

that could be home to the first<br />

international Uber Air City<br />

within the next five years.<br />

After evaluating countries<br />

across the globe, Uber Elevate -<br />

- the ride-hailing platform's<br />

aerial taxi arm -- announced<br />

Japan, India, Australia, Brazil<br />

and France as shortlisted countries<br />

at the first "Uber Elevate<br />

Asia Pacific Expo" in Tokyo<br />

here. Uber will choose one of<br />

the cities from these 5 shortlisted<br />

countries as its third launch<br />

city for flying taxis -- after<br />

Dallas and Los Angeles in the<br />

US. "Mumbai, Delhi, and<br />

Bengaluru are some of the most<br />

congested cities in the world,<br />

where travelling even a few<br />

kilometers can take over an<br />

hour. Uber Air offers tremendous<br />

potential to help create a<br />

transportation option that goes<br />

over congestion, instead of<br />

adding to it," the company said<br />

in a statement.<br />

Uber Elevate also<br />

announced plans to experiment<br />

with drone delivery for Uber<br />

Eats, and demonstrated how<br />

potential Uber Air routes in<br />

Asia Pacific cities could benefit<br />

local transportation systems.<br />

"We are proud to host the<br />

first ever Uber Elevate Asia<br />

Pacific Expo. We are announcing<br />

a shortlist of five countries<br />

where Uber Air can immediately<br />

transform transportation and<br />

take our technology to new<br />

heights," said Eric Allison,<br />

23 cities to avoid disposal of 87<br />

mn tonnes of waste by 2030<br />

New York : Twenty-three pioneering cities<br />

and regions have committed to significantly<br />

cut the amount of waste they generate, accelerating<br />

them on the path toward zero waste.<br />

By signing C40's Advancing Towards Zero<br />

Waste Declaration on Tuesday, these cities<br />

and regions have pledged to cut the amount of<br />

waste generated by each citizen 15 per cent by<br />

2030, reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills<br />

and incineration by 50 per cent and<br />

increase the diversion rate to 70 per cent by<br />

2030. This bold commitment announced in the<br />

run-up to the Global Climate Action Summit<br />

going to be held in San Francisco from<br />

<strong>September</strong> 12-14.<br />

The signatory cities and regions to the zero<br />

waste declaration include Auckland,<br />

Catalonia, Copenhagen, Dubai, London,<br />

Milan, Montreal, Navarra, New York City,<br />

Newburyport, Paris, Philadelphia, Portland,<br />

Rotterdam, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa<br />

Monica, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Toronto,<br />

Vancouver and Washington D.C.<br />

The 150 million citizens that live in the 23<br />

cities and regions are accelerating the transition<br />

to a zero-waste future and will avoid the<br />

disposal of at least 87 million tons of waste by<br />

2030. Such bold commitments are essential<br />

steps in delivering on the highest goals of the<br />

Paris Agreement and keeping global temperature<br />

rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius.<br />

Worldwide waste generation is increasing<br />

faster than any other environmental pollutant,<br />

and action in this sector can have a much<br />

faster and greater impact in combating climate<br />

change. For instance, the 1.3 billion tonnes of<br />

annual worldwide food scraps sent to landfills<br />

each year decomposes into methane, which is<br />

a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2<br />

and already accounts for 25 per cent of current<br />

global warming. Transforming solid waste and<br />

material management systems globally could<br />

reduce global emissions by 20 per cent.<br />

That is why mayors of the world's urban<br />

centres are accelerating the transition towards<br />

a zero-waste future. Mayors have committed<br />

to taking ambitious, measurable and inclusive<br />

actions to reduce municipal solid waste<br />

generation and improve materials management<br />

in their cities, both key to making the<br />

urban centres cleaner, healthier, more<br />

resilient and inclusive. Better waste management<br />

can also create jobs and economic<br />

opportunities for social entrepreneurs and<br />

vulnerable communities. Specifically, signatory<br />

cities will implement bold actions,<br />

including reduce food losses and wasting of<br />

food at the retail and consumer levels by<br />

decreasing losses along production and supply<br />

chains, minimizing the production of surplus<br />

food, and facilitating safe food donation<br />

and by-products for feed production.<br />

Implement source separated collection for<br />

food scraps and other organics and treatment<br />

infrastructure that recovers nutrients, energy<br />

and contributes to the restoration of carbon<br />

storage capacity in soils.<br />

Leading up to the Global Climate Action<br />

Summit, C40 urged cities to step up their climate<br />

action and ambition.<br />

Head of Uber Aviation<br />

Programmes.<br />

In the next five years, Uber<br />

customers in launch cities will<br />

be able to push a button and get<br />

a flight on demand. To enable<br />

this, Uber has assembled a network<br />

of partners that includes<br />

vehicle manufacturers, real<br />

estate developers, technology<br />

developers and more. Dallas<br />

and Los Angeles were previously<br />

announced as the first<br />

two US launch cities and at the<br />

second annual Uber Elevate<br />

Summit in May, Uber<br />

announced it was seeking an<br />

international city as a third<br />

partner.<br />

"We see much potential in<br />

flying cars, and we anticipate<br />

that flying cars can be used not<br />

only to help solve traffic congestion<br />

in urban areas, but it<br />

will also help with increase<br />

mobility between city centres<br />

and remote islands and mountainous<br />

areas, promote tourism<br />

in Japan as well as enhance disaster<br />

relief operations," said<br />

Daisaku Hiraki, Parliamentary<br />

Vice-Minister of the Ministry<br />

of Economy, Trade and<br />

Industry, Japan. "The Uber<br />

Elevate team is now inviting<br />

conversations with stakeholders<br />

across major cities in these<br />

countries, and will announce<br />

the chosen Uber Air international<br />

city within the next six<br />

months," said the company.<br />

Uber Elevate has established a<br />

criteria framework to select the<br />

third city, anchored around<br />

three priority principles: sizable<br />

market, local commitment<br />

and enabling conditions.

24 <strong>September</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

WORLD<br />

www.theasianindependent.co.uk<br />


Release Chandrashekhar Azad<br />

‘Ravan’! - A Leader of Bhim Army<br />

Dear all,<br />

It’s now been more<br />

than a year since Bhim<br />

Army<br />

leader,<br />

Chandrashekhar Azad<br />

Ravan has been detained<br />

in Saharanpur Jail. He is<br />

being kept in jail under<br />

the draconian National<br />

Security Act (NSA) which<br />

allows for the state to<br />

detain people without<br />

charge or trial for up to a<br />

year. Chandrashekhar<br />

Azad Ravan and Bhim<br />

Army has been fighting<br />

against caste-based discrimination<br />

through the<br />

use of education in North<br />

India. Their 300 plus educational<br />

centres are<br />

empowering children to<br />

face their future with confidence<br />

and strength.<br />

But as you know, challenging the<br />

existing caste-based norms is very difficult.<br />

Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan is<br />

now bearing the brunt of a state that<br />

doesn’t want to engage with Dalit<br />

leaders.<br />

Instead of listening to what<br />

Bhim Army has to say, their members<br />

have been arrested and beaten up in<br />

jails. Unsubstantiated charges have<br />

been filed against their leaders. So<br />

much so that the Allahabad High<br />

Court in November 2017 said the<br />

charges against Chandrashekhar<br />

Azad Ravan looks to be politically<br />

motivated. Although the High Court<br />

granted him bail in November 2017<br />

state arrested him immediately after,<br />

under NSA. Since then he continues<br />

to lead the struggle for the emancipation<br />

of dalit people, from the<br />

Saharanpur jail.<br />

I write this mail asking you to<br />

support Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan,<br />

Bhim Army and all the Dalit leaders<br />

and protestors who have been jailed<br />

for protesting peacefully.<br />

Your support will remind the<br />

government that the world is watching<br />

how India treats its marginalised<br />

communities.<br />

For this We urge you to join our<br />

campaign and take action, by organising<br />

solidarity events on <strong>September</strong> 28,<br />

<strong>2018</strong> in your cities. To ensure that<br />

your voices are heard by the Indian<br />

government, you can arrange solidarity<br />

gatherings outside the Indian<br />

embassy in your country. If you are<br />

able to organise events, we will be<br />

grateful if you could participate in this<br />

campaign and encourage others to<br />

show their support. Since<br />

Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan’s NSA<br />

detention ends in November, it is crucial<br />

to build pressure both from within<br />

India and around the world on the<br />

Uttar Pradesh government to not<br />

detain, intimidate and harass the Bhim<br />

Army leader, and release Dalit protestors<br />

who have been arrested for<br />

protesting peacefully.<br />

Arun Khote from PMARC and<br />

Sanjeev Mathur from Bhim Army<br />

have been a pillar of strength to shape<br />

this campaign. We will be sending a<br />

detailed campaign activity sheet<br />

which will help you to organise the<br />

solidarity events on <strong>September</strong> 28.<br />

Looking forward to your support.<br />

Jai Bheem!<br />

Note : To register your support and participate in<br />

the global solidarity event, please contact:<br />

Abhirr VP, Amnesty International India<br />

Email: abhirr.vpalat@amnesty.org.in<br />

Arun Khote, PMARC<br />

Email: arun.khote@gmail.com, Mob: 8318843391<br />

Sanjeev Mathur, Bhim Army<br />

Email: and.sanjeev@gmail.com, Mob : 971111459<br />

Microsoft directs its<br />

suppliers to provide<br />

paid parental leave<br />

San Francisco : Microsoft<br />

has announced it would direct<br />

its US suppliers and business<br />

partners to offer workers 12<br />

weeks of paid parental leave.<br />

"Over the next 12 months<br />

we will work with our US suppliers<br />

to implement this new<br />

paid parental leave policy. It<br />

will require that suppliers<br />

offer their employees<br />

a minimum of 12<br />

weeks paid parental<br />

leave, up to $1,000 per<br />

week," said Dev<br />

Stahlkopf - Corporate Vice<br />

President and General Counsel,<br />

Microsoft, in a blog post on<br />

Thursday.<br />

The announcement comes<br />

amid an ongoing national dialogue<br />

about the importance of<br />

paid parental leave.<br />

The company will require<br />

that suppliers offer their<br />

employees a minimum of 12<br />

weeks' paid parental leave, up<br />

to $1,000 per week.<br />

"The new policy applies to<br />

all parents employed by our<br />

suppliers who take time off for<br />

the birth or adoption of a child.<br />

It also applies to suppliers with<br />

more than 50 employees and<br />

covers supplier employees who<br />

perform substantial work for<br />

Microsoft.<br />

"We have long recognised<br />

that the health, well-being and<br />

diversity of our employees<br />

helps Microsoft succeed. That's<br />

why we provide industry-leading<br />

benefits for our employees,<br />

including comprehensive<br />

health and wellness programmes<br />

for families, paid<br />

vacation, paid sick leave and<br />

paid time off for new parents,"<br />

Stahlkopf said.<br />

Microsoft, had in 2015, first<br />

announced that it will make<br />

changes to ensure that a wide<br />

variety of suppliers that do<br />

business with the tech giant in<br />

the US provide their employees<br />

who handle our<br />

work with at least 15<br />

days of paid leave<br />

each year. The tech<br />

giant said it will<br />

work with the suppliers<br />

to understand the impact<br />

of this change, in a thoughtful<br />

way. "We appreciate that this<br />

may ultimately result in<br />

increased costs for Microsoft,<br />

and we'll put a process in place<br />

for addressing these issues with<br />

our suppliers. Our first step will<br />

be reaching out to our suppliers<br />

to discuss the impact of this<br />

policy change," Stahlkopf said.

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