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Bay Harbour: September 12, 2018

PAGE 24 Wednesday

PAGE 24 Wednesday September 12 2018 BAY HARBOUR Latest Christchurch news at House of Travel Ferrymead because we’re travellers too. Mel Hubber Owner Operator EMAIL: MELLOWEN@HOT.CO.NZ PHONE: 376 4018 Travel for me has been a way of life for more than 24 years. I love different cultures and have just returned from an awe inspiring trip to Kenya and Tanzania. I would love to help you put the pieces of a complex travel jigsaw together! Mel Kim Hubber Beswick Owner Operator EMAIL: KBESWICK@HOT.CO.NZ MELLOWEN@HOT.CO.NZ PHONE: 376 4019 4018 Travel I am fortunate me to has have been travelled a way to of 114 life countries for more than on all 24 continents, years. I love and different am an expert cultures in cruising, and have just having returned worked from onboard an awe cruise inspiring ships for trip 8 years. to Kenya I and have Tanzania. just arrived I would home from love to Alaska help and you Canada put the and pieces would love to help of plan a complex your amazing travel holiday jigsaw & together! adventure. Mel Katie Hubber Gillespie Melanie Hubber Bartram Caitlin Mel Hubber Thorburn Owner Travel Specialist Operator Owner Travel Specialist Operator Owner Travel Specialist Operator EMAIL: KGILLESPIE@HOT.CO.NZ MELLOWEN@HOT.CO.NZ PHONE: 376 4031 4018 I have a huge passion for travel and love exploring new destinations. As a new Mum I understand the importance of coordinating family holidays and recently enjoyed a great trip to Hawaii. I look forward to helping plan your holiday. EMAIL: MELANIEB@HOT.CO.NZ MELLOWEN@HOT.CO.NZ PHONE: 376 4021 4018 To me travel is addictive, it’s an awe inspiring journey of discovery which fuels the soul & makes you richer. I was fortunate to visit the stunning islands of Tahiti last year and look forward to inspiring your new travel adventures. EMAIL: CAITLINT@HOT.CO.NZ MELLOWEN@HOT.CO.NZ PHONE: 3764 4018 031 I have travelled globally and just love that my career involves planning exciting holidays for you! I feel privileged to be able to help with your planning process, each holiday is different and that’s what makes this job so dynamic and exciting. Melissa Hubber May Owner Travel Specialist Operator EMAIL: MELISSAB@HOT.CO.NZ MELLOWEN@HOT.CO.NZ PHONE: 376 4022 4018 Travel I love working for me together has been to a discover way of what life for more than the perfect 24 years. holiday I love means different for you. cultures I recently and have just experienced returned an from amazing an awe glamping inspiring safari trip in the to Kenya and Northern Tanzania. Territory I would of Australia love to help and Darwin you put which the pieces made me realise how of much a complex we have travel to offer jigsaw so close together! home! Mel Anna Hubber O’Dell Owner Travel Specialist Operator EMAIL: ANNAO@HOT.CO.NZ MELLOWEN@HOT.CO.NZ PHONE: 376 4036 4018 Travel Having for travelled me has extensively been a way I thoroughly of life for enjoy more than immersing 24 years. myself I love in the different rich cultures of any and have just destination returned I get from the opportunity an awe inspiring to visit. trip I recently to Kenya and visited Tanzania. China and I would Russia love on the to help Trans you Mongolian put the pieces and have some great tips to of share. a complex I love creating travel jigsaw an unforgettable together! experience that is uniquely your own! The best holidays are created together. 987 FERRY ROAD, FERRYMEAD VILLAGE I 376 4022 I FERRYMEAD@HOT.CO.NZ