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18/19 Season Programme





Carlos Foggin, Music Director

Message from the Maestro

Table of Contents

Dear Friends & Sponsors

Thank you for joining us for our Third Season! In 2016,

when we had the crazy idea to form a Touring Orchestra

for Southern Alberta, we had no clue how much time we

would put in over the years. Had we known, we probably

wouldn't have started!

Now unbelievably already in Season 3, we are pleased to

bring you a varied and exciting lineup of Solo Artists and

Special Events including James Campbell, one of the

great Clarinet soloists of the world!

This Season, we will feature a full-length Concert Opera, Christmas at Spruce Meadows,

and many local concert soloists including Melissa Jackson, Soprano; Nansee Hughes,

Soprano; Cameron Wong, Oboe; and Morag Northey, cello.

The central highlight of each season is the Midwinter Gala, hosted this year at the brand

new Polaris Centre for the Performing Arts which contains our new offices and rehearsal

facility. With only 100 tickets available, the Gala will feature delightful music (including the

world premiere of Masques of Canada by Glen Montgomery) delicious food, live and

silent auctions, and a private tour of our exciting new facility!

As always, we are committed to performing accessible music for as many folks as

possible, and are excited to be performing 12 concerts in 7 different towns! We hope

you'll be inclined to take a short drive and attend the events close by.

I would also strongly encourage you to follow us on social media. Last season, we added

4 extra events which were not part of our regular programming - advertised only on our

social media and in the newsletter! We are on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.














- Principal Singer Biographies

- Synopsis


- Dreaming of the Masters


- John Denver Celebration




- Masques of Canada (world premiere)


- Nansee Hughes & Cameron Wong


- Morag Northey



"If your children aren't dancing in the aisles,

we are doing something wrong!"

Thank you again for your patronage. With your support, we are well on our way to

fulfilling our mission of accessible music in the shadows of the Rockies.

And don't forget: Kids tickets to our regular series are only $5.

Yours in music,

"Sophie [5 years old] can't stop

talking about the concert! She

especially loved the violin boss lady

(Concert- Mistress) and her helper."

She wants to take violin lessons.

Thank you so much for inspiring her!

Angela Verhees (Airdrie)

Right: Sophie's concert drawing

detailing the violin boss lady, her

helper, and the Maestro.

ymphony 2







September 15-16, 2018

Principal Artists

La Traviata

Since 2012, Kathleen Morrison has been working professionally in

Germany, primarily in Berlin. She made her debut with the Club-

Theater Berlin, performed for 2 seasons in the smash hit "Breakin'

Mozart" in the historic Wintergarten Varieté, where she sang both high

flying arias of Mozart's Queen of the Night over 80 times in three

years, and the Kammeroper Kleinmachnow.

She recently just returned from an extremely successful 10 city

concert tour of China in November of 2017, where she performed for

over a combined 1 million people.

Kathleen splits her time between her hometown of Calgary, Alberta,

Canada, and Berlin, Germany.

Carlos Foggin


Tim Korthuis














Kathleen Morrison (Calgary)

Linda Miller (Okotoks)

Daniel Rowley

Adam Brousseau

Barbara King

Cindy MacDonald

Valentine Borsu (Calgary)

Oliver Munar (Okotoks)

Ian Fundytus

Paul Lloyd

Stuart Lloyd

Chad Ruston

Linda Faye Miller received international recognition for her

appearance in Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award winning film Age

of Innocence. Her onscreen performance, as Swedish soprano

Christine Nilsson singing the love-duet from Gounod’s Faust, opens

the film, igniting the love story between Michelle Pfeiffer’s and Daniel

Day-Lewis’ characters.

In Calgary and Edmonton, she appeared twice for Alberta Ballet

singing Four Last Songs of Strauss in the ballet of the same name

by renowned choreographer, the late Rudi van Dantzig, who

commended her for her “touching and magnificent singing.” She also

sang in Alberta Ballet’s Carmen and Carmina Burana.

12 Musas Flamerco


Annastassia La Musa

Foothills Philharmonic

Opera Chorus

Daniel Rowley is originally from Edmonton, Alberta. He has

performed the roles of Rodolfo in Opera Nuova's 2016 production of

Puccini's La Boheme, Don José in Opera Nuova's production of

Bizet's Carmen, Pirelli in Two One Way Tickets to Broadway's 2009

production of Sweeney Todd, and understudied Luigi in Mercury

Opera's 2009 production of Il Tabarro. Daniel has performed many

productions with Edmonton Opera, most notably in 2013 as Second

Nazarene in Salome.

Mr. Rowley last joined Calgary Concert Opera Company for two

variety concerts in September, 2017. In winter and spring 2016/2017,

Daniel collaborated on an Alberta tour of "A Deadly Opera".



Saturday, September 15 - 7:00pm

First Baptist Church

1311 - 4 St SW, Calgary, AB

Sunday, September 16 - 3:00pm

Okotoks United Church

43 Riverside Drive, Okotoks, AB

New to the scene, bass-baritone Adam Brousseau is a Calgary

local, born-and-raised. A chorus member with Calgary Opera’s

2017/2018 season and performer with Calgary Concert Opera and

Cowtown Opera, he is looking forward to a very busy season ahead.

Last fall he premiered the role of Kip in William Jordan’s The Double

Hook with the University of Calgary’s School of Creative and

Performing Arts, and performed his first role with Calgary Opera as

the Jailer in Tosca this spring.

Adam received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Calgary.

He is an avid outdoorsman and multi-instrumentalist who spends his

time hiking, practicing yoga, and cooking for friends.

ymphony 4






ACT 1 - 18th Century Paris

In her Parisian salon, Violetta, a courtesan, is greeting guests as they arrive for her party. She

has recently come into better health and decided to host a party in celebration. Violetta greets

many friends including Gastone, who introduces her to Alfredo Germont. Alfredo has admired

Violetta for quite some time and even visited her bedside while she was sick.

Gastone tells this to Violetta and Alfredo confirms. Moments later, Baron Douphol, Violetta's

current lover, invites her into the adjacent room. He is asked to give a speech, but when he

refuses, the crowd turns to Alfredo. Violetta, not feeling well, tells the crowd to go to the adjacent

room to dance. As they leave, Alfredo stays behind and confesses his love for her. She rejects

him stating that love means nothing to her. Despite her initial rejection, Alfredo continues to

declare his love for her. She begins to have a change of heart and tells him that she will meet him

the next day. After the party is over and the guests are departing, she contemplates Alfredo and

asks herself if he is actually the man for her. Singing the famous aria, Sempre Libera, she decides

that she loves freedom more than love, while Alfredo is heard outside singing about romance.


Three months have passed.

La Traviata

In Violetta's country house outside of Paris, she and Alfredo sing of their love for one another.

Violetta has given up her courtesan lifestyle, and all is happy and calm. That afternoon, their maid,

Annina, returns to the house. Alfredo, curious, asks her where she went. She tells him that Violetta

sent her to sell all of Violetta's belongings as means to support their country life

With both love and anger, Alfredo sets off for Paris to settle matters on his own. When Violetta

enters the room looking for Alfredo, she comes across a party invitation from her friend, Flora.

Violetta decides that she will not attend the party as she wants nothing more to do with her

previous life. She is happily content where she is. However, when Alfredo's father, Giorgio, comes

to the house, her decision reluctantly changes. Giorgio tells her that she must break up with

Alfredo. His daughter is about to be married, but Violetta's reputation threatens the engagement.

Violetta steadfastly refuses and Giorgio is moved. His opinion of her had been wrong - she is more

ladylike than he imagined. He still pleads with her to make a sacrifice for his family's wellbeing.

She finally gives in to his request. She sends her RSVP to Flora stating that she will be in

attendance and writes her farewell letter to Alfredo. As she writes, Alfredo arrives home. Through

her tears and sobs, she tells Alfredo of her undying love for him before rushing off to Paris. A while

later, Alfredo's father returns to console him. Their servant hands Alfredo the letter. After reading

it, he sees Flora's party invitation.

He believes that Violetta has abandoned him for her former lover, Baron. Though Giorgio tries

to stop him, he runs out the door to confront Violetta at the party.

Flora learns of Alfredo's and Violetta's separation but is intent on her hosting duties. She makes

way for the hired entertainment. When Alfredo arrives, he bitterly sits down at the card table and

begins gambling. It isn't long before Violetta walks in with Baron. When Alfredo sees her, he

shouts to Baron that she will be leaving with him. Baron angrily challenges Alfredo to a game of

cards but loses a small fortune to him. When supper is announced, the party guests begin moving

to the dining room. Violetta, longing to see Alfredo, asks him to stay behind to speak with her.

Fearing that Baron will become angry and challenge Alfredo to a duel, she asks him to leave the


Alfredo interprets her request differently and demands her to admit she love Baron. Desperate

for him to leave, she tells him she does. Alfredo begins shouting at her and calls in the other

guests to witness her betrayal. As he begins to humiliate her, he throws his winnings at her.

Violetta, overwhelmed, faints and falls to the floor. The guests rebuke him and begin to kick him

out of the party. His father shows up and denounces his son's behavior. End the end, Violetta's

fears come to pass when Baron challenges Alfredo to a duel.



for the performing arts

...aim for the stars...


Aurora Dance Academy

Prime Studios (Recording & Mastering)

Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra

ACT 3 - Half a year has passed.

Violetta's condition has worsened. The doctor tells Annina that Violetta's tuberculosis has

significantly progressed and that she only has a few days left to live. As Violetta lays in her bed,

she reads a letter sent by Giorgio telling her that Baron was only wounded in the duel. He tells her

that he confessed to Alfredo that it was his fault for her sudden separation. He also tells her that

he has sent his son to her to ask for forgiveness. Violetta, however, feels that it is too late - she

has no life left in her. When Annina announces that Alfredo has arrived, it isn't long before he

enters the bedroom and embraces Violetta. Full of passion, he asks her to Paris.

When the doctor and Giorgio enter the bedroom, Giorgio is full of remorse and regret. Suddenly,

a surge of energy rushes through Violetta's body and she proclaims she no longer feels pain. She

jumps out of bed to run to Paris with Alfredo. But as quickly as she rose, she falls dead to the floor

at Alfredo's feet.


James Campbell


Carlos Foggin


October 26-27, 2018


of the Masters

Aaron Copland

C.M. von Weber

Jean Sibelius

W.A. Mozart

Allan Gilliland

Fanfare for the Common Man

Concertino for Clarinet & Orchestra


Don Giovanni: Overture

Dreaming of the Masters I

"Canada's pre-eminent Clarinetist

and wind soloist"

Toronto Star

James Campbell, Clarinet

James Campbell has followed his muse to five television

specials, more than 40 recordings, over 30 works

commissioned, a Juno Award (Stolen Gems), a Roy Thomson

Hall Award, Canada's Artist of the Year, the Queen's Golden

Jubilee Medal and Canada's highest honour, the Order of


Called by the Toronto Star “Canada’s preeminent clarinetist

and wind soloist”, James Campbell has performed solo and

chamber music concerts in 30 countries in many of the worlds

great concert halls: London's Wigmore and Queen Elizabeth

Halls, Amsterdam's Concertgebouw, Tokyo's Suntory Hall,

Paris's Theatre ChampsElysees, Washington's Kennedy

Centre and Boston’s Symphony Hall.

He has been soloist with over 60 orchestras, including the Boston Pops, the London

Symphony, the London Philharmonic, the Russian Philharmonic, and the Montreal Symphony

and has performed Copland’s Clarinet Concerto four times with Aaron Copland conducting.

He has appeared with over 30 string quartets, including the Amadeus (when he replaced an

ailing Benny Goodman on a tour of California), Guarneri, Vermeer, New Zealand, Fine Arts,

Allegri and St Lawrence Quartets.

Of Campbell's extensive discography many have won international acclaim. His recording of

the Brahms Clarinet Quintet with the Allegri Quartet was voted "Top Choice" by BBC Radio 3

and the London Times and Stolen Gems, a recording of lighter classics, won a Juno Award

(Canada's Grammy). James has recorded with the London Symphony (the world premiere

recording of Brahms Sonata Op. 120 No. 1 orchestrated by Luciano Berio and Weber

Concerto No.1), the Philharmonia (Debussy Premier Rhapsody), the London Philharmonic

(SaintSaens Tarantella), and the NACO (Mozart and Copland Concertos). Sony Classical

has recently rereleased his recording of the Debussy Premiere Rhapsody with Glenn Gould.

Since 1984, James Campbell has been Artistic Director of the Festival of the Sound, an

annual summer Canadian chamber music festival, and has programmed over 1300 concerts

for the festival. Under his direction the Festival has traveled to England, Japan, and the

Netherlands and it has been the subject of documentaries by BBC Television, CBC Television

and TV Ontario.


High River

Fri. October 26, 2018 - 7:30pm

Studio Bell @ NMC

851 4 Street SE, Calgary AB

Sat. October 27, 2018 - 7:30pm

Highwood Memorial Centre

128 5 Ave SW, High River, AB

Campbell is the subject of numerous features and cover stories in Clarinet Magazine (USA),

Clarinet and Sax (UK), Piper Magazine (Japan), Gramophone, and in the book Clarinet

Virtuosi of Today, by British author and clarinet authority Pamela Weston.

James continues to explore and expand musically, his most recent collaboration being Spirit

’20, created at Festival of the Sound in 2010. The six member ensemble explores the music

of the roaring 20's in new and innovative ways.

James Campbell has been Professor of Music at the prestigious Jacobs School of Music,

Indiana University since 1988.

James plays ConnSelmer clarinets and uses Vandoren and Legere reeds.

ymphony 8







Dreaming of the Masters

Notes by Allan Gilliland, Composer

For a few years I have been thinking about how to combine my

experience as an orchestral composer with my background as a jazz

player. I wanted to write a series of Jazz Concertos for soloists who

were comfortable in both the classical and jazz idioms. The idea that

took shape was a series of Jazz Concertos for soloists who where

comfortable in both the classical and jazz idioms. Each concerto would

be inspired by the great jazz soloists of that particular instrument; hence

the title Dreaming of the Masters, and the allowance of the player the

opportunity to improvise. This is the first work in that series. The

complete title of the work is Dreaming of the Masters I, a Jazz Concerto

for Clarinet and Orchestra and as mentioned above, an important jazz

clarinetist inspires each movement.

1. Movement I, subtitled Benny’s Bounce, is inspired by Benny

Goodman. The sound of this movement is very much in the style of Sing

Sing Sing, one of Benny’s biggest hits. This movement also begins with

one of the most famous moments in the clarinet repertoire, which I won’t

give away.

2. Movement II is the slow movement and is inspired by some of the

great clarinetists of the '20s and '30s; artists like Pee Wee Russell and

Barney Bigard. The subtitle, Stranger on the Prairie, is an inside joke.

One of the biggest hits for the clarinet is Acker Bilk’s Stranger on the

Shore. Since Jim Campbell is from the Canadian prairies, I titled my

movement Stranger on the Prairie.

Allan Gilliland (b 1965)

Gilliland is currently

Chair of the Music

Program and Head of

the Composition

Department at MacEwan

University in Edmonton.



3. The last movement is called Rhythm Buddy and the inspiration

comes from Buddy DeFranco, one of the few clarinetists from the

Bebop era. It is written on the chord changes to I Got Rhythm and gives

the soloist a chance to show off their technique. It is written on the chord

changes to I Got Rhythm and gives the soloist a chance to show off their


the best seat in the house

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John DenverʼsArranger/Conductor


WiTH Special G.UeSt




also featuring

Canadian RecordingArtist

Rick Worrall


Canadian RecordingArtist



Kathleen Morrison


Matthew Bruce



Gary Smyth * Scott Grant * Brian McMahon * Susan Aylard * ChrisStevens* NevilleBowman

Cindy Crosby REALTOR®

Cindy@CindyCrosby.ca 403-710-7207 www.CindyCrosby.ca

Monday NoVember 19Th 7.30pm

ARTs Commons JACK Singer concert hall

tickets available at artscommons.ca box office 403-294-9494


2018-19 At-A-Glance

January 19 - MidWinter Gala

Polaris Centre for the Performing Arts

March 22 - Celebration of Spring

Polaris Centre for the Performing Arts

December 8, 2018


in the Meadows


September 15 - La Traviata

First Baptist Church

October 26 - James Campbell

Studio Bell - National Music Centre

November 19 - Celebration of John Denver

Jack Singer Concert Hall

Melissa Jackson


Carlos Foggin


Join the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra with special

guests Melissa Jackson for a exciting celebration on a

Grand Scale!

Featuring your favorite seasonal music, including


High River


Spruce Meadows

June 7 - Playing with Fire

Cochrane Ranchehouse

October 27 - James Campbell

Highwood Memorial Centre

September 16 - La Traviata in Concert

Okotoks United Church

March 23 - Celebration of Spring

Okotoks United Church

December 8 - Christmas in the Meadows

Spruce Meadows (Indoors)

July 1 - Canada Day at Spruce Meadows

All-Canada Ring (Outdoor Concert)

The Nutracker Suite (selections)

Polar Express

Christmas Festival

Sleigh Ride...and much more

...what a great community, and so family friendly!

We can’t wait to come next time!

— Christy Goldhawk (Airdrie)

Spruce Meadows

Saturday, December 8, 2019

Spruce Meadows Equiplex


June 8 - Playing with Fire

Strathmore Travelodge Ballroom

Concert Details & Tickets



Glen Montgomery

January 19, 2019

Pianist, Composer, Teacher

Glen Montgomery has led a most diverse

life musically succeeding to maintain a

dynamic performing career while

establishing a reputation as one of

Canada's most successful teachers over the

past decades. From Australia to Iceland, the

USA and Russia, Montgomery has played

over 30 concertos with major orchestras,

collaborated with artists such as Lynn

Harrell, Nina Beilina, James Campbell, Joel

Quarrington, Frances Ginzer, Paul Brodie,

James Somerville, John de Lancie, Jose

Luis Garcia and countless others, and

recorded for CBC, PBS, Belarus TV and

Radio and Analekta.

Professor Montgomery over the years was on faculty at the Banff Centre, University of Ottawa,

and University of Lethbridge (26 years) and now returns after a two year sabbatical to the

faculty of the Conservatory of Music at Mount Royal University as Distinguished Teacher in

Piano and Chamber Music. His extensive list of highly successful students includes:

Magdalena von Eccher, Stephen Nguyen, Carlos Foggin, Sarah Hagen, Vivian Lou, Kyuyoung

Park and Jan Lisiecki. He has coached outstanding instrumentalists: Arnold Choi, Nikki Chooi,

Annalee Patipatankoon and many others. Equally, Mr. Montgomery delights in the careers of

his students who continue to cherish music, while prospering in medicine, engineering, law,

education, journalism, etc. His students have ranged in age from three to 87 and he continues

to value teaching people of all experiences who simply seek beauty and awakening through

the discovery of music.

In the past several years, Glen Montgomery has also developed a fine reputation as a

composer, writing works for choir, solo piano, and chamber music.



Jonathan Forden




Andrea Ciona


Jay Michalak


Chris Santos

Double Bass

Ross Lemon

Glen Montgomery Masques of Canada (2018)

1. Bear

2. Lake Louise

3. Skating with Mahovlich and Orr

4a. Shadows of War I

4b. Shadows of War II

4c. Shadows of War III

4d. Shadows of War IV

4e. Shadows of War V

5. Montreal Jazz

6. Yukon Church

7. Unity

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this concert!

Absolutely BRILLIANT...both Beethoven and the RMSO

with a spectacular performance by Glen Montgomery.

Thank you so much for bringing this amazing music

to High River!

Jackie P - High River

Mr. Montgomery resides in Calgary.

ymphony 14







Saturday, January 19, 2019 - 7:30pm

Polaris Centre for the Performing Arts

#8 - 261051 Wagon Wheel View

Rocky View County, AB



March 22-23, 2019

Artist Biographies


of Spring

Cameron Wong discovered the oboe in 2013 after trialling

nearly every band instrument available in his junior high band

and finally deciding on the enigmatic instrument with a

mouthpiece of grass. For six years, he has studied under the

tutelage of David Sussman, Assistant Principal Oboe and

Principal English Horn of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

He is a graduate of the Mount Royal Advanced Performance

Program and a member of the University of Calgary Orchestra.

Cameron has had the wonderful opportunity to work with

internationally recognized pedagogues and orchestral oboists,

such as Joe Robinson, Linda Strommen, Elaine Douvas, and

Louise Pellerin.

Cameron Wong


Nansee Hughes

Coloratura Soprano

Carlos Foggin


Reinhold Glière

Richard Strauss

Johann Strauss Jr.

Robert Schumann

Concerto for Coloratura Soprano

Concerto for Oboe & Small Orchestra

Frühlingstimmen - Voices of Spring

Symphony #1 - 'Spring' Symphony

As an oboist, Cameron has received extensive recognition

both locally and nationally. He is the winner of the 2015

Kensington Sinfonia Concerto Competition and has performed

as a soloist with the Kensington Sinfonia.

He has won first prize at the Canadian Music Competition twice at the 2016 and 2017 National

Finals. In 2018, he was a soloist with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra as a finalist in the

2018 U of C Concerto Competition, and in addition, represented Calgary at the Alberta Music

Festival in Provincial National Woodwinds. Outside of music, Cameron is currently working

towards a Bachelor of Science at the University of Calgary, and is deeply interested in the

health sciences.

"It truly was a brilliant concert. Thank you for bringing

classical music played by a symphony to Rural Alberta."


Anthea Naylor (Nanton, AB)

Friday, March 22, 2019 - 7:30pm

Okotoks United Church

43 Riverside Drive, Okotoks, AB

Lyric coloratura Nansee Hughes has performed the

roles of Lillian in McCune &Cavanagh's Y2K Black Death

Oratorio with Pop Goes the Opera (2018), Giuliettain

Bellini’s I Capuleti e i Montecchi with Opera NUOVA

(2016), Atalanta in Handel's Serse (2010) and the Dew

Fairy in Humperdinck's Hansel and Gretel (2009) with

the University of Alberta Opera Workshop, and the

young lover in Mercury Opera’s production of Il Tabarro

(2009). As a concert soloist, Ms Hughes was soprano

soloist in performance of Mozart's Laudate Dominum

(St. Anthony's Parish), Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater (Schola

Cantorum Women's Chorus), and performances of

Messiah (Grande Prairie Regional College & McDougal

United Church). Nansee has also performed for the

Edmonton Polish Culture Society's Gala welcoming the

Polish Ambassador to Canada, Andrzej Kurnicki.

Nansee was a participant in the Centre for Operatic Studies in Italy. In 2014, Nansee was

selected as a participant in the Music Conference Alberta’s Ben Heppner Masterclass.


Saturday, March 23, 2019 - 7:30pm

Polaris Centre for the Performing Arts

#8 - 261051 Wagon Wheel View

Rocky View County, AB

Nansee has been the recipient of a Winspear Fund scholarship, a scholarship to attend Opera

NUOVA, scholarship to attend the Centre for Operatic Studies in Italy (COSI), the Ancient &

Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Scholarship for voice, the Diane Thorssen Award, and

received the Beryl Barnes Memorial Graduate Award.

Nansee received both her MMus and BMus from the University of Alberta.

ymphony 16








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June 7-8, 2019

Morag Northey, Cello



Morag Northey's 35 year career in classical performance,

string pedagogy, passion for creating unique multi-genre art,

and transformative instructional philosophies have shaped the

artistic development of generations of young Canadian

cellists. Her uncanny ability to unlock blocks in her students

connections with expression and the service of Art comes from

an impeccably honest, non-judgmental, caring and safe place.

This philosophy and method is shared equally with beginning,

conservatory track, professional and avocational players.

Morag Northey

solo cello

Carlos Foggin


Edward Elgar

Johannes Brahms

Cello Concerto in E minor Op. 85

Symphony #2 in D Major Op. 73

Morag Northey began her cello studies at the age of twelve, with Judith Fraser and Ian

Hampton at the Vancouver Academy of Music. She then attended the Banff Centre with artists

that include Zara Nelsova, Aldo Parisot and Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi, and has since participated as

a cross-over multi-genre music, sound, theatre and film artist. Morag holds an Associate of

Arts in Pedagogy and Performance from the Victoria Conservatory of Music and Camosun

College studying with James Hunter. She earned a Toronto Professional Orchestral Training

Program certificate where she performed in masterclass for Janos Starker and has a BA in

Performance from the University of Texas at Austin with teacher and pedagogue Phyllis

Young. Morag taught cello lessons, theory, ensemble classes and conducted youth

orchestras in the UT at Austin's ground-breaking String Project, from 1985 to 1989.

“A distinguished virtuoso, her playing enraptures our mind

with an artistry that brings blissful pleasures to the soul.”

— The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean

Morag has maintained a large cello studio over the last 35 years in Vancouver, Texas and

Calgary including individual and group lessons from early childhood, through teen and adult

levels. Training in the Suzuki and Kodaly Methods, brought her to teach at the Calgary Suzuki

Talent Education Society. Morag teaches Early Childhood Cello on faculty at Calgary's Mount

Royal University Conservatory and has been invited for three years to teach and perform at

Marilyn Rummel and the Island Mountain Arts Harp and Cello Music Camp in Wells B.C.

For fifteen years, she has conducted summer Cello and String Boot Camps, drawing from her

wide range of experience to help students develop both classically and experimentally. From

young students, learning their first bow hold at age three, to university entrance and advanced

career counselling, the philosophy of love based, uncompromising nurturing is her constant

goal. Her student, Elizabeth Jones, was recently accepted into the studio of Andreas Diaz at

the Dallas TX, Southern Methodist University, and her student, Lizzy Munson is now one of

Cirque Du Soleil's youngest talents performing in Las Vegas as a Singer and Cellist in the

show KA.



ymphony 20




Friday, June 7, 2019 - 7:30pm

Cochrane Ranchehouse

101 Ranchehouse Rd, Cochrane

Saturday, June 8, 2019 - 7:30pm

Strathmore Travelodge Ballroom

305 Ridge Rd, Strathmore

As a way to give back to her community, Morag created a series of solo concerts called

Together Calgarywhich offered healing release and sound therapy through uninterrupted

hours of improvised cello and voice. She performed a year cycle of Full Moon Walksin

Calgary's Fish Creek Park encouraging audiences to reconnect with Nature through guided

tours accompanied by cello, song and motivational discussions. Together Calgary and the

Full Moon Series lead to Morag's 2014, 720 kilometre Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage across

France and Spain, carrying her cello and playing and singing everywhere and anytime invited.

With her first Camino step she spawned a Walk On project, encouraging those troubled, to

move healthfully through and out of difficulties.

Morag added Playwright to her description as she performed the world premiere of her play

'17' as part of the Sunset Theatre 2017 Exploration Series in Wells B.C. When Emptiness

Turns Inside Out~ 17 tells a dramatic story with inseparable connection between cello, voice,

words and worlds.





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Have a favourite piece of music? Help us buy it!

Each musician (50+) needs a part, plus a conductor's score.

An overture can cost $500, where a whole Symphony could be

$1,000. Complete operas can exceed $1,500.

Endowment Gifts

Your financial gift will be invested by the Orchestra. The

RMSO Society then uses the earnings from the investment to

fund its operations. Earnings from your gift will ensure the

long-term viability and success of the Orchestra.


Red Section

Blue Section

Gold Section


Chairman's club members enjoy Red-Section seats to each

performance at a discount, VIP lounge access, 20% off additional

tickets, plus a complimentary ticket to the MidWinter Gala!

Also includes: Invitation to open rehearsal, concert souvenirs


Choice of Red or Blue Section

VIP subscribers enjoy their choice of Blue or Red Reserved seats to

each performance at a discount, VIP Lounge Access (with red seats),

15% off additional tickets, and an invitation to an open rehearsal.

Priority access to buy MidWinter Gala ticket prior to the general public.


Season Tickets holders receive a 20% discount when they select a

ticket to one concert in each series, 10% discount on extra tickets.

Priority access to buy MidWinter Gala ticket prior to the general public.


Corporate Sponsors and Individual Donors receive tailored ticket and

benefit packages. Packages are customized according to your

personal or corporate strategy and needs. For example, you might

wish to give gift bags to concert patrons, have your corporate banner

in the lobby, or maybe just want 1 minute of time at the microphone to

welcome the Orchestra to your town.

Being a small organization, we can easily tailor sponsorship packages

to your specific needs and marketing strategy. Call us for more info.


Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra

#8 - 261051 Wagon Wheel View

Rocky View County, AB T4A 0E2

Reserved Best-in-house Seats.

Reserved Seating

General Admission Seating

Email: admin@RMSO.ca

Phone: (587) 331-6226




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