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Maddsion Allum (Vocals) and Wesley Raymond (Guitar)

Druen Dorn Head Chef of the nightly Cafe

Live outdoor music outside the Cafe

Rome Ulia guest speaker at the Sundown Sessions

Socialising at the Cafe

All setup ready to go before the evening begins

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Our Plan:

Our Goal with God’s help:




Training and Resources

Training videos are provided by our Conference.

Visit our website:

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Further training videos are available by visiting the AUC website: Click Resources

Thank you very much for your support.

- Pr. Mike Faber, SNSW Conference President


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At the end of 2004 Narromine School was designated for closure. However, after the

support of local families, church, conference and a great team of teaching staff it has not only

recovered but now has the highest student numbers in the school’s history of 115.

The school has undergone a number of infrastructure additions and the local Narromine City Council

has recently issued Development Applications for an additional classroom and library.

Narromine School Principal

Debbie Robertson

Canberra School Principal

Bree Hills

In 2009 Border Christian College took a real hit to its student numbers as they had to deal with

behavioural issues and student debt. Enrolments dropped from 176 in 2008 to 119 in 2009.

While this was a difficult decision made by the principal and school council it was the building

block for excellence in the years to come. Over the past two years the school enrolments

have grown extraordinarily to an enrolment in term 3 of 168 which is 16 short of the school’s

enrolment numbers of 184 in 2006. The school also now runs early learning/pre-kinder

classes and has enrolments of 39 children.

In 2009 Canberra Christian School’s enrolments had dropped to just 27 students. The board of

directors were at a point of considering the closure of the school as it was no longer viable to operate

at those levels. However, they decided to give it another shot with some radical changes. In 2018 the

enrolments now stand at 133 students with the addition of an Early Learning Centre which has a

capacity of over 200 placements per week.

God has truly blessed our schools and staff. The South New South Wales School System has been

recognised as the fastest growing school system within the Australian Adventist School Systems.

In 2005 the school system was in serious financial trouble. The South New South Wales Conference

had supported their operations by more than 2.5 million dollars. A debt of that value was severely

impacting the viability of the conference and its mission. Some tough decisions and a lot of prayer

were necessary if we were going to see our schools and the conference survive.

Albury School Principal

Jodie McDonald

I am delighted to share that our schools have survived. They have not only survived but have grown

and by the end of this year it is anticipated that they will have fully repaid the debt of 2.5 million

dollars to the conference, meaning that both the school system and the conference are in a very strong

financial position.

I want to thank each of our school principals and their staff for the roles that they have played in

working with myself and the board of directors to build a viable school system.

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Good things are happening in SNSW

Adventist Alpine Village

When the South New South Wales Executive

Committee was given the opportunity to

purchase the Adventist Alpine Village from the South Pacific

Division I don’t think any of us realised the significant

potential it had and would provide to the South New

South Wales Conference.

After lots of prayer the conference ended up purchasing the

property and all its assets for 3 million dollars, which was a very

significant undertaking for a conference of our size and in light

of the earlier mentioned debts by the school’s company.

The conference had 1 million dollars on hand from the disposal

of the Goulburn Camp Ground and therefore the

SNSW Board of Directors took the action to borrow 2 million

dollars to complete the transaction. The conference was able

to secure an interest free loan for 1 million dollars and for the

balance a loan with interest rates of just over 2%.

Winter at the Adventist Alpine Village

We subsequently increased the loans by a further

$250,000 to construct a self-cater kitchen at the end of the

dormitories which has been a valuable asset to the AAV

as it paved the way for small group and family bookings

which were previously lost.

In the 7 years prior to the conference purchasing the AAV the

annual turnover had averaged around $600,000 – $700,000

per annum. Prior to purchasing the property, a business

plan was prepared which allowed for a conservative increase

in turnover of 5% per annum. However, the AAV has far

exceeded that with an expected turnover in 2018 of around 1.6

– 1.7 million dollars.

Caretakers: (L - R) Stan Carter (Manager), Loni Carter,

Ethan Carter, Bronwyn Carter

With respect to the outstanding loans SNSWC was not

expecting to have these paid off until 2025 however current

projections estimate a payout of all outstanding loans for the

property by the end of this financial year which is some 7 years

earlier than planned.

Again, I want to thank our team at the Adventist Alpine

Village, the Management Committee and the Executive

Committee for the parts that each of them have played in the

success of the Adventist Alpine Village


September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine

Assistant Caretakers: Shirley Alsop &

Russell Alsop (Assistant Manager)


The conference is also doing well. Over the past few years as a result of the faithfulness of the members in returning

their tithes and offerings and also the tithe income from the operations of the Adventist Alpine Village we have seen an

increase in our overall tithe. This has resulted in allowing the conference to place more ministers into the field seeing the

numbers increase from 14 in 2005 to 20 in 2018.

We have also seen an increase in our membership, and are on track to see our conference membership to break the 3000-membership

mark by the end of 2018. It is important to remember however that it is not about numbers on the conference roll,

but souls won to the kingdom of God.

As mentioned earlier, reduced debt in our school system and the Adventist Alpine Village has also helped improve the overall

financial position of the conference.

Over the past two years the conference leaders have been meeting with the members within the 9 regions of our

conference seeking their input into what they see as the areas of importance as it relates to the mission of the church in their

local communities.

The following areas were highlighted and then adopted by the constituency meeting held last September.

• Connecting with the Community

• Small Groups

• Mentoring Young People

• Training

• Evangelism

Overarching all of these is the matter of prayer. Prayer must be first and foremost in the minds of our members as we prepare,

plan and participate in each of the areas listed.

As a result of the improved tithe income, the conference board of directors implemented a tithe reversion system for

each of our churches commencing 2018. While tithe reversion is not something new, it is for our particular conference.

To support the local churches as they implement their local strategic plan the conference will return funds to each

church based on percentage of tithe returned by each local church. This means that each church in our conference will be

financially supported in their mission.

We are already seeing some amazing results throughout our conference as a result of this initiative. There

are good things happening in our conference and I praise God for His blessings and the faithfulness of our


September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine 7

Questions I get

asked about


Written By Gavin Howie

Q1: How much tithe should I return?

A: For those on a wage/salary then it is relatively simple. It

is 10% of your gross income before tax.

Q2: I own my own business! Do you have a template to

calculate how much tithe I should return?

A: No, I do not have a template to calculate how much tithe

to return.

For those who own their own business or are in the

farming industry it can be more complex,

however it is important to not treat tithe in the same way

we treat tax, by working out effective ways to reduce tax

we do not want to find effective ways to reduce our tithe


Malachi 3:8 “Should people cheat God? Yet you have

cheated me! “But you ask, ‘What do you mean? When did we

ever cheat you?’ “You have cheated me of the tithes and offerings

due to me. (New Living Translation)

The best solution to this question is to spend time with

God. He will direct you.

Q3: I have recently sold a property, how much tithe

should I return?

A: Again, this is a complex one, with capital gains, costs

associated with owning the property such as rates,

maintenance etc.

Once again, I believe the best solution is to spend time with

God seeking His wisdom.

Q4: I own a rental property, how much tithe should I


A: This is also a challenging one to give an easy

answer to as there are properties that are positively geared

(one where you make an income) and those which are

negatively geared (ones which make a purposeful loss and

therefore reduce your taxable income)

I am a firm believer in placing these sorts of questions before

God as there is not always an easy answer as every situation

is different, however I would like to share an example

of a friend of mine.


September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine

Friend X owns a rental property which is

negatively geared, meaning that friend X makes a

loss on the property each year. Some might say in this case

there is no tithe to return.

However, friend X has chosen to return tithe on the total

rent received and ignore the costs associated with

owning the property. Has friend X been blessed?

Absolutely! Where property values have decreased in

the area, friend X’s has increased. Where rental values

have stayed the same or been reduced, friend X’s rental

income has increased by $50.00 per week

I am not suggesting that this is the right answer for

everyone but I am reminded of another text found in

Malachi 3:10 “Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there

will be enough food in my Temple. If you do,” says the LORD of

Heaven’s Armies, “I will open the windows of heaven for you. I

will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to

take it in! Try it! Put me to the test!” (New Living Translation)

I am not sure about you but I find this inspirational. When

our focus is on God nothing else matters.

Q5: Is tithe tax deductable?

A: NO! tithe is not tax deductable. Tithe in Australia

does not have Deductable Gift Recipient status. While it is

true that in other countries, such as New Zealand individuals

can claim Tithe as a tax deduction, this is not the case

in Australia and heavy penalties apply should individuals

make false claims in respect to donations.

Q6: Can I use my tithe for other projects that I think

will benefit more?

A: Tithe is a specific amount for a specific purpose,

mission and ministry. Offerings however are your

opportunity to give whatever amount, whatever

frequency to whatever project of your choice.

Q7: When does returning tithe cease to be my


A: The returning of tithe is an expression of your

relationship with God and is between you and God.

Once you have returned tithe it is no longer your

responsibility but becomes the responsibility of the

local church treasurer. Once the local church treasurer has

reported the total church’s tithe to the conference it is no

longer their responsibility but becomes the responsibility of

the conference treasurer and so on.

Each step of the way is an expression of a relationship between

God and those responsible.

Q8: Can the Conference use tithe for other purposes

other than mission and ministry?

A: No! they cannot. Tithe must only be used for mission

and ministry. It cannot be used to purchase equipment or

property. Each year the local conference is audited and as

part of the audit the auditors check to see if tithe is being

used appropriately.

Q9: How does the conference purchase assets if they do

not use tithe?

A: Assets are purchased as a result of depreciation

funding, donations, bequests, investments etc.

The matter of tithing does not need to be complex. When

we include God in the process we will always know

the answer to the questions that are raised. We need to

acknowledge that it is not a hardship to return tithe, after

all what we have was never ours to begin with. Everything

ultimately belongs to God. He says, ‘trust me and return

10% of what belongs to Me and in return not only can you

keep the other 90% but I will bless you in the process.’

September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine 9


House as built by team one in late 2017

In the December 2017 edition of our Imprint magazine we

informed you that in late September 2017 a team from Albury

under the leadership of Wally Hromis flew out to Vava’u

to lay the foundation for the extension of a one-bedroom

house that was inhabited by a pastor and his wife and their

three children.

A local company had continued with the building of the walls

of the house early 2018 and now we are happy to inform you

that a second team from our Conference under the leadership

of Phil Hampton from Bathurst Church has completed the

building and that a happy pastoral family is now living in a

beautiful house. Thanks to your generosity we were able to

bless our partner in mission, Tonga and in particular a pastoral

family on the island of Vava’u with a lovely accommodation.

We want to express our deep appreciation to the two teams

for the tremendous job they have done.

As mentioned in earlier reports we would still like to build

a second parsonage on the same island located on the

property of Mizpah High School, a school of remarkable reputation

on the island.

The pastors house is very old, full of mildew, with many

holes in the walls and broken wooden floors that are

dangerous to walk on. One pastor’s wife fell through the floor

and got hurt.

Please continue to give generously to our Tonga Mission Project.

You can do so through e-giving on our website or by contacting

our Conference CFO directly.

- Mike Faber, President SNSW Conference

Final day with house lock up ready

Trans Pacific Union President Pr Maveni

Kaufonoga left and Tonga Mission President

Pr Saia Vea cutting the ribbon into

the Utungake Pastors home

Here is the report from Phil Hampton who took the second

team to Vava’u to complete the first house.

On Sunday, the 28th of May 2018, a team of volunteers flew

out of Sydney for a Fly N Build to Vava’u, Tonga. The team

consisted of Phil Hampton, Brendan Hampton, Pr. Raymon

Paletua (Bathurst); Graham Sinclair, Brenton Hore, (Albury),

Toa Kofeloa (Parramatta), and Joe Paletua (Wahronga).

The mission was to put the roof on the house that was started

by the team from Albury, in late September last year. The

house was for the local minister and his family, in the little

village of Utangake.

Arriving in the capital, Nuku’alofa at 1:30am, there was very

little time to rest before embarking on the final leg of the trip

to Vava’u.

Due to some logistical issues beyond the control of the team,

some building materials needed to be taken over as excess luggage

from Sydney to Vava’u. It was decided that the most

practical and cost-effective way was to travel with the building

materials via boat from Tongatapu to Vava’u. The nine-hour

boat ride was certainly an experience, and one that none of

the team wish to ever encounter again. After enduring bouts

of sea sickness, we finally arrived late in the afternoon at our

destination “Vava’u.

The Utangake SDA Church family embraced us and were very

hospitable, and we soon felt that we were part of their church

and community. With the help of the local church members,

and others from the village, construction went smoother and

faster than we anticipated.


September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine

The team from left Raymon Paletua, Graham Sinclair, Phil Hampton, Kolo Kofeloa, Joe Paletua,

Toa Kofeloa, Brendan Hampton, Brenton Hore

We were able to complete the trusses, install the roof sheets,

build the internal walls, install a new septic system, install the

window louvres, front and back doors, electrical wiring and

some wall and ceiling linings.

The local church members, couldn’t believe that a team of

volunteers from Australia would be willing to help their little

church, and build a new house for their pastor. Their gratitude

was evident through the many conversations the team

had with the local people, and through their generous hospitality,

warmth and love. (Pastor Mike, it wasn’t by chance

that you were in this beautiful place and discovered the need

for this new house, it was somewhat disheartening to see the

condition of the house that the minister and his family lived

in, but it was the driving force to see this project completed.)

We were very blessed to have a local builder, Kolo Kofeloa,

whose son Toa was part of the team from Australia. Kolo, a

Mormon carpenter, was in the middle of building a church

for the Assembly of God in Vava’u. Kolo put his building

commitments on hold for 2 weeks, to support his son Toa

and the team with the building project. Upon the team’s

arrival back in Australia, Kolo spent an additional 2 weeks to

complete the home, which the local pastor, Pr Mafi Kinemoa,

and his family now enjoy.

We had the privilege of being accommodated at Mizpah

High School, which is our church school in Vava’u. Mizpah

is a real witness in the community as 75% of the students

are non-Adventist children. Mizpah High School cannot

accommodate students in Forms 5 and 6, due to the lack of

staff and finances. But Mizpah has a remarkable reputation

for the quality of its staff and teachers. In Vava’u, high school

students wishing to transfer from one high school

to another, are expected to sit an entrance exam.

However, Mizpah High School, is the only school where

its students are exempt from sitting the entrance exam.

This is testament to the quality of the teachers we have in

Mizpah, and the great influence the school has in Vava’u in

attracting and educating young people.

From the start we all knew that we were meant to go and help

the people in Tonga. There were many obstacles that we faced.

Not only did Cyclone Gita cause major damage to the capital

in February this year, but she also caused delays and the

lack of building supplies to Vava’u. Our shipping container

with some of our tools, and materials were also delayed and

arrived several days after the team’s arrival. However, in spite

of the many obstacles, God kept providing the solution to

each problem.

Through the good times and the hard, nothing is harder

than having to say good bye to these beautiful people.

We waved good bye, knowing that we had achieved what

we had set out to do, and that it was truly appreciated not

only what we as the team had done but everyone from our

conference with their prayers and donations.

All the team was touched by the local people and made a

commitment to each other and the local church community

to go back next year with a date set for the July school holidays

2019. Please support this worthwhile project.

Finally, as the organiser of the team, let me say thanks for the

comradery, good times and memories that you have left me

with and look forward to round 2 next year.

September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine 11



Written by Julie Nagle

received this amazing email from Raymon Paletua

I (Intern Bathurst & Mandurama churches), which I have

permission to use for “Imprint.” It warms my heart to

finally see ATSIM ministry on the move beyond Wallaga and

Dubbo. God is good.

On the 18th of September 2017, I received an email

from the Chaplain at the Bathurst Correctional Centre,

informing me that an Adventist inmate requested a

pastoral visit. Within 20 minutes of receiving the email,

I booked a visit and replied back to the Chaplain to

confirm my visitation for that coming Sunday, the 24th of

September 2017.

The Chaplain replied to my email and

requested if we could meet in person. He mentioned

he was pleasantly surprised that I had responded so

quickly. He also mentioned that not many ministers in the

Bathurst area are interested in prison ministry, and he wanted

to meet with me to find out why I was so eager to do a prison


Since that first visit, I have visited 8 inmates that the two

chaplains feel would benefit from a visit from me. There

are currently nine inmates that identify themselves as

Adventist, but I have yet to visit these Adventist

inmates. I have also been able to bring another Adventist

Church Member in on my prison ministry team and I am

currently mentoring him in how to do prison visits.

Fast forward to Sunday the 20th of May 2018, we were

able to make 2 prison visits. One inmate was baptised on

Mother’s Day by the Baptist Pastor. A Cessnock native, he

was eager for us to connect him with other Adventist in his

local area. The other inmate is a Bathurst local which now

has presented me with a mentoring opportunity.

Yesterday, the 23rd of May 2018, we were given the

paperwork to begin the process of applying for the

position of Assistant Chaplains. This opportunity

allows us access to the prison during the week, and the

opportunity to take chapel services for the inmates. This is

a huge deal for our church, as we now have the support of

the Catholic and Baptist Chaplains, providing our church a

presence in a place where we have not had a presence before.

This is a lengthy process, but we have left the finer


September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine

Prison Ministries

and difficult details in God’s hands, and He will work

those things out. Another very exciting opportunity is

the willingness of the Chaplains to distribute ATSIM

publications and material to our Indigenous inmates

,some of which are also locals to Bathurst. The final door

of opportunity this is opening for our church, is the

possibility to reach out to other Correctional Centres in

the region. Bathurst Gaol is an overflow prison, meaning

that the majority of the inmates are on remand. These

inmates remain in Bathurst awaiting sentencing and

could be moved without warning. The possibilities are

massive and even though there is a long and difficult

journey to travel before this becomes a reality, the journey of a

thousand miles begins with a single step. As long as God


has willing people to keep stepping up and out, He will

continue to open the doors that we need to step through by


Thanks Raymon – a powerful adventure. May God

continue to bless the team for His glory and the salvation of


If you, as a reader, would like resources to

support your ministry to Aboriginal people as you

travel around contact AUC ATSIM or give me a call or email

( – keep something in your car

for the ‘just in case’ moment.

SNSW Inaugural ATSIM Advisory Committee

written by Julie Nagle

We are excited about the formal recognition of the

ATSIM work in the SNSW Conference. In 2017

an ATSIM Volunteer Coordinator was appointmented and

now in 2018 the first ATSIM Advisory Committee has been



The committee has representation from the AUC and

SNSW Conference, Canberra and Wallaga Lake, along

with the SNSW ATSIM Coordinator. The inaugural

meeting of the committee was held by video conference on

Sunday, 3 June 2018. Two more committee positions are

Darren Garlett, AUC ATSIM DIrector

currently vacant. If you would like to know more about

ATSIM resources, SNSW ATSIM or the committee contact Julie Nagle on or call her on

0407 560 362.

acknowledging Outstanding

Service In Wagga Church

written by Heather Buchanan

On Sabbath 7th July Merilyn Bostock (second from

the right) was acknowledged for her leadership in the

Beginners/ Kindergarten Sabbath School class. After a total

of 30 years of dedicated service Merilyn decided to retire.

The Wagga Wagga church presented Merilyn with a lovely

bunch of flowers.

September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine 13

Around the churches

Making connections

through basketball


Written by raymon Paletua

Benten Salazar, of Bathurst Church,

has been playing basketball with a

group of his high school friends for the

past few years. Last year, Benten’s team

needed a basketball coach, and I was

happy to fill that role after my arrival

at Bathurst. In order for the boys to improve

their skills, a bold decision was

made to move the team up from the

Friday afternoon High School Competition,

to the Thursday night Men’s C

Grade Competition.

This move opened up an opportunity

for the “coach” to play alongside the

boys, to give them coaching tips during

games and to provide much needed

exercise for the coach. The impact of

the decision to move up into the Men’s

Grade, has been amazing and God is

certainly opening doors to develop new


The original team of 8 players quickly

grew to 16 players and two teams when

a few boys from other teams asked to

join and as two of the dads wanted to

play alongside their sons. The wife of

one of the dads expressed that the common

interest of basketball has helped

strengthen the relationship between her

husband and their son.

It is also great to see the positive development

of the relationships between

the fathers and their younger teammates

in both teams. What is even

more amazing, is the support the boys

have received from the opposing teams.

Many times, the young teams are well

and truly beaten by their bigger, stronger,

and faster opponents.

Pr Raymon left with some of the boys

However, the opposing teams appreciate

the effort, and the “never give up

attitude” of the boys. Opposing teams

have always encouraged the boys to

keep playing hard, and often players

give coaching tips to the boys during

the game. As it stands at the time of

writing this article, both of our teams

have each won a game, and the loosing

deficit has decreased significantly.

Church members from Bathurst

Church who are playing in the teams

are Benten Salazar, Luke Lane, Brendan

Hampton, Brad Bower, and myself

Raymon Paletua the local church

pastor. Bathurst church members have

often braved the cold to show their support

to the teams and it has not gone

unnoticed by others as the two teams

attract the largest support group of any

of the other teams in the competition.

Opposing sides have often asked why,

and how, we attract so many supporters

to the games. Once they learn that

the crowd consists of the family members

of the players, and members of

the Bathurst SDA Church, they often

comment how great it is to see a church

group support its young people.

There was a period of two weeks where

I was away on a Mission Trip to Tonga,

as well as some of the boys were unable

to make some games due to part-time

work commitments. Being down on

numbers, a couple of new players were


When I played my first game after my return,

I was introduced to one of the new

recruits as a local pastor. It turned out

that the young man grew up in an Adventist

home, but has not attended the

local church for some time. Making this

connection has been nothing short of

a God given opportunity. God is certainly

using basketball to open up some

amazing opportunities in the community,

and to connect and reconnect with

people that we may never have had an

opportunity to do so outside of basketball.

Moving On


Written by Vicki Chalain

farewell evening was held on the

A 30th of June at Christine and Leigh

Johnstone’s home in North Nowra for

Joshua and Ashley Page.

This talented young couple had been

attending Nowra Church for approximately

2 and half years and had made

significant contributions to our worship

and community activities during this

time. Both are accomplished musicians

through their God given talents of singing,

playing various musical instruments

such as the cello and flute. They were

also confident worship leaders, providing

interesting and inspiring sermons,

Children’s Sabbath School Leaders,

involved church board members and

had been preparing to re-commence a

Pathfinder Club prior to their move

away from the coastal Shoalhaven area.

Ashley is a BA Theology graduate

from Avondale College and has an

interest in Chaplaincy and Primary

Teaching. Joshua is a medical student

who has been required to do a 12-month

country GP placement to continue with

his medical studies.


September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine

Around the churches

Ashley and Joshua Page


Canberra National

Nowra Church has been greatly

blessed by the many contributions

Josh and Ashley have given during

their time with us. We wish them

God’s blessings as they move to the

Narrandera area and we hope that

they will return to the Shoalhaven

area in the future.

Written by Sheryl Barnes

Over the last few months there have been several

baptisms at Canberra National.


South Canberra

Written by Pr Phil Yates

Within these last few months God has been growing

His kingdom at South Canberra, four people decided

to give their lives to Jesus through baptism. Abigail

Onsoe was baptised in South Canberra Church on the 23rd

June. Poppy Yates was baptised at South Canberra Church

on the 17th August. Melby and Paul Thomas were baptised

at Yarrangobilly thermal pools on the 18th August. May

God bless this conference as we join to grow His kingdom.

The baptisms have been held on Friday nights as part of the

“Ignite” Friday night Youth evenings.

The latest baptism saw Gabby and Alexis Allum and earlier Cassidy

Steegh and Maia French committing their lives to Jesus.

Baptism of Melby and

Paul Thomas

Baptism of Poppy Yates

Baptism of Gabby & Alexis Allum

Baptism of Maia French

Baptism of Cassidy Steegh

Baptism of Abigail Onsoe

September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine 16

1300 368 390



* Terms & Conditions Apply | Offer ends 31st October 2018




WHEN: JANUARY 11-19, 2019




Imprint is sent via the post so it is received in every church on the same Sabbath. No church has an advantage over another, regardless of

whether they are closer to or further away from the Conference Office. If you would like to book chalet or dormitory accommodation your

application needs to reach the office by October 22, 2018. All applications will be considered on an “as needs basis”. You will be promptly

notified if you have been successful/unsuccessful so you can plan for camp accordingly.


SITE AND ACTIVITY PREPARATION. Attendance numbers are needed for division leaders to order supplies for crafts and activities prior to

companies closing for the Christmas break.

• Attendance numbers are needed to recruit volunteer staff in an acceptable ratio of staff to children.

• Office staff need preparation time for activity passes and associated paperwork in relation to registrations.


Camper/Day Visitor Details:

Camp Registration Form 2019

Office Only

First Name: _____________________________ Surname: ______________________ Church: _____________ Date Received

Email: __________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

Postcode: _______________________________ Phone: ________________________ Payment

Camping Preferences

I would like the same site as last year: o Yes o No Site No. _______

I would like a campsite near: ___________________________________________________________________________

Receipt No.


I need a site near the amenities for: health / age / disability / mobility reasons (please circle)

Are you planning to bring a boat? o Yes o No (Those with boats will be allocated sites near each other) Date Mailed

I would like to stay in a Dormitory or Chalet because: (eg. First time/Elderly or Infant Campers/ Health/ Mobility)




Allocated Site

PC’Van no:

No. Facilities Price $ PTent no:

Powered Caravan site. Max Length: 24ft $270 $ UPC’Van no:

Powered Tent site $270 $

UPTent no:

Unpowered Caravan site. Max Length: 24ft $180 $

Chalet no:

Unpowered Tent site $180 $ 6B Dorm no:

Chalet - 9 Beds $900 $ 12B Dorm no:

Dorm - 12 Beds $780 $

Dorm - 6 Beds $540 $


Day Visitors - For offsite campers / day visitors only: Free entry for those visiting over the weekends

A Facility fee of $20 per person applies (Children 0 - 5 are free)

Camp Attendees











Days visitor costs = No. attendees over 6yrs Cost per person x No. days at camp

X $20 X $

No. of attendees 6yrs+ Cost per person Days Total Cost

Please record the name, age group of all adults and children, as per the age groups listed below:

Beginners: (0-2 yrs) Kindy: (3-5 yrs) Primary: (6-9 yrs) Junior: (10-12 yrs) Teen: (13-16 yrs) Youth: (17-30 yrs) Adult: (+30 yrs)

Given Nameww Surname Age Group If aged 5 and under will the child

be attending the Beginner or Kindy

programs (Yes/No)

Activity Price Number Cost Name

PRIMARY Active Pass

(save $30)

$80 $

Camp Activities 2019

Activity Price Number Cost Name

TEEN Active Pass

(save $20)

$125 $

Active Pass Name:

Individual Activities: Active Pass Name:

Individual Activities: Active Pass Name:

Water Sports (Monday) $35 $

Thredbo Pool (Monday) $30 $

Thredbo Pools (Tuesday) $30 $

Go Karts & Jumping Castle


$30 $

Go Karts/Mountain Bikes/Sumo

Suits & Frisbee Golf


$35 $

Mystery Activity /Movie Night


$20 $

Water Games (AM) (Thursday) $20 $

Watersports & Games (Thursday) $25 $

Banquet (PM) (Thursday) $25 $

Craft (Friday) $5 $

Free Time (Friday) $0 $

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13)

TOTAL for Primary:


(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13)

TOTAL for Teen:


JUNIOR Active Pass

(save $35)

$130 $

YOUTH Activity Pass

(save $20)

$135 $

Individual Activities: Active Pass Name:

Individual Activities: Active Pass Name:

Movie Night - Superhero Costume


$5 $

Sport and Rec Centre (Monday) $30 $

Go Karts (Monday) $20 $

Watersports - All Day (Tuesday) $30 $

Service Project (AM) /

Sport & Rec (PM) (Tuesday)

$30 $

Thredbo Pools (Wednesday) $30 $

Watersports (Wednesday) $25 $

Go Karts/Mountain Bikes (AM)


$25 $

Thredbo Day Trip (Thursday) $85 $

Banquet - Evening (Thursday) $25 $

Free Time (Friday) $0 $

Breakfast - At the Youth Shed

(8 mornings)

$15 $

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13)

TOTAL for Junior:


(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13

TOTAL for Youth:


Meal Orders 2019

Meal Orders need to be no

later than - November 30, 2018

Day / Meal

Cost per


No. of


Total Cost

See page 22 & 23 of September Imprint Magazine for menu

Wednesday 16th January

Breakfast $10.00

Day / Meal


No. of


Total Cost

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Friday 11th January

Dinner $14.00

Dinner $14.00

Thursday 17th January

Sabbath 12th January

Breakfast $10.00

Breakfast $10.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Dinner $14.00

Dinner $14.00

Friday 18th January

Sunday 13th January

Breakfast $10.00

Breakfast $10.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

BBQ Lunch Village Fair No. Attending (FREE)

Dinner $14.00

Dinner $14.00

Sabbath 19th January

Monday 14th January

Breakfast $10.00

Breakfast $10.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Dinner $14.00

Dinner $14.00

Sunday 20th January

Tuesday 15th January

Breakfast $10.00

Breakfast $10.00

Subtotal (2nd column) $

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Dinner $14.00

Subtotal (1st column) $

+ Subtotal (1st column) $

TOTAL for Meals $

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13)

Looking for a place to cook your meals at camp?

Take the opportunity to use the self contained kitchen and dining area

at the end of the dormitories. This facility includes:

• Multiple Work stations,

• Ovens, Stoves

• Microwaves

• Fridges

• Cooking Utensils

• Indoor and Outdoor eating area

If you are able, we would encourage you to bring your own cooking

utensils so you are able to prepare your meals.

This facility is open to everyone at Big Camp.

Self contained kitchen and eating area

SNSW Billy kart Derby 2019

Welcome to the SNSW Billy kart Derby! Get a group of Friends together and create your own kart from

recycled materials. categories for each age group. see you at the track!

Age Groups:

• 5-8 years

• 9-11 years

• 12-15 years

• 16 and over

Team Name:

Points Awarded For:

• Most Creative Billy kart

• Most Creative Team Dress

• Best Engineering

• Fastest Time

Billy karts to be Constructed

Entirely of recycled


Entry Fee:


Words of advice.....

“you will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them”

- unknown

Age Group:


Contact Number:

Team Members

First Name


See over page for full terms and conditions

Billy kart Derby 2019 Terms and Conditions

Age Categories – Drivers-Passenger

• 5-8 years

• 9-11 years

• 12-15 years

• 16 and Over

(Karts will be timed down the track)

Bonus Category Awards

• Most Creative Billy Kart

• Best Engineering

Construction Materials

Must be constructed out of recycled materials, no new


Construction and Design

Construction and design may be performed by any

members of the local church for all age categories.

Billy Kart can be suitable for one occupant only or two

occupants, a driver and passenger. These can sit in

front and behind or side by side.


The course will be a pre-set down hill course

adjusted for each age category. It will consist of

straights, chicanes and jumps.


• Each driver only gets one turn

• Karts can enter many times with different drivers

• Track length will vary for different age categories

• Knee guards and elbow guards must be worn by

Driver and Passenger

• Helmets must be worn by driver and passenger

• Protective clothing such as long sleeves and

long trousers should be worn by driver and


• Team members may push start Billy Kart.


All karts will be subject to scrutineering on Village

Fair day. Any karts deemed not to be safe will be

given an opportunity to rectify and submit again for

scrutineering. Karts must have brakes, effective

steering and wheels. Got questions? Email Phil Rath

Registration and Scrutineering

will be open until 12pm on fair day

Entry is Free


My payment includes:

TOTAL for Accommodation: $

TOTAL for Day Visitor/Offsite Camper fee: $

TOTAL for Primary Activities: $

TOTAL for Junior Activities: $

TOTAL for Teen Activities: $

TOTAL for Youth Activities: $

TOTAL for Adult Activities: $

TOTAL for Meals: $


Please Note:

• Full payment for your FACILITIES MUST accompany

your application.

• The facility fee applies only to off site campers

and day visitors.

Send applications to:

Camp Secretary,

SDA Church (SNSW Conference)

PO Box 800

Canberra ACT 2601

Phone: 02 / 6249 6822

Fax: 02 / 6247 5059


r Cheque enclosed [Make cheques payable to SDA Church (SNSW Conference) Ltd.]

r Credit Card:

r Visa r MasterCard

Date Paid: / /

Card Number:

Expiry: /

Name on card:


Chaperone Arrangements

Please Note: We regret we cannot accept applications from people under 18 years of age. Any person under the age of 18 must

be supervised by a person who is at least 21 years of age and occupying the same site or an adjacent site for the duration of the

camp. Please arrange your chaperone early before you submit your application.


I am under 18 years of age and require a chaperone.

I nominate __________________________________________ (full name of Chaperone) as my Chaperone.

Signature of Chaperone _______________________________ Contact Phone No. ____________________


If you would like to volunteer some of your time to assist during camp, in areas such as cleaning, dining room duties, ABC, or

departments, please indicate below.

Surname: ________________________ Given Name: _______________ Contact Phone: ________________

Area/s of Interest: ____________________________________________________________________________

Preferred Days:




• In order to provide a safe environment for children and

families, and so everyone can be included in all activities

including the Village Fair, people must register their

intention to attend camp. Registration is obligatory

for all campers residing onsite or offsite, as well as

for day visitors.

• Offsite campers and day visitors to the camp will

be charged a camp facility fee of $20 per person at

registration. There will be no charge for children

from 0 to 5 years and there will be no charge for day

visitors attending on Sabbath.

• Onsite campers do not need to pay the additional facility

fee as the camp fee already contributes to the use of the





Camp Set up: Camp set up occurs during the week prior

to camp and in order for staff to complete camp set up

safely and without interruption or delay, please do not

arrive before Friday, 11th January. If for some reason

this cannot be avoided, please contact the Conference

office on (02) 6249 6822.

Camp Registration: Camp registration commences

from 9.00 am on Friday 11th January. Please call at

the camp office to register and collect the registration


Camp Office: The camp office will be open from 9:00 am

- 5:00 pm daily (except for Sabbaths) for all administrative

enquiries, payments, collection of activity passes.


Offsite Campers and Day Visitors: If staying off

site or attending as a day visitor, please register prior

to Friday, 30th November, 2018, so everyone can be

included in numbers for all activities.




Dining Room: Plates and cutlery are provided for dine in

guests only. Please bring your own plates for take away

meals. Serving times are as follows:

Breakfast: 8:00 - 8:30 am, Lunch 12:30 - 1:15 pm &

Dinner 5:30 - 6:00 pm

Adventist Book Centre: The on-site book shop has a

large range of christian literature, bibles, games, CDs,

DVDs, groceries, Sanitarium products, Life Health Foods

and much more. Shop for some great bargains or just

enjoy browsing.

The Book Hour will be in the Big Tent on Sunday 13th

January at 9:30 am.

Chalet and Dormitory Accommodation: For OH&S reasons

and insurance purposes, you are requested to not exceed the

maximum number of people allowed in each facility as listed



Chalet (9 bed): Maximum 9 people. Fully furnished,

two bedrooms curtained for privacy, 3 single bunks &

1 double bunk (linen not included), ensuite, kitchen

including stovetop, fridge, all kitchen utensils, TV, DVD,



Dormitory (6 bed): Maximum 5 people. 2 bunk beds &

1 single (linen not included), 1 shower unit, toilet, vanity,

under floor heating, bar fridge, table & chairs.


Dormitory (12 bed): Maximum 10 people. 5 bunk

beds (linen not included), 2 shower units, toilet, vanity,

kitchenette, under floor heating, bar fridge, table & chairs.





Caravans: Please include the length of your caravan on

the application form where indicated. - If you are hiring a

caravan please advise the owner that delivery/pick up will

not be accepted on Sabbath.

Tents: If you are planning to camp you are required

to bring your own tents and furnishings, there are no

Conference tents provided.

Part Week Bookings: Sorry, no part week bookings will

be accepted for any accommodation during the camp.

Refunds: Sorry no refunds are available.(This includes

accommodation, meals and activities)

This is a Christian camp and therefore your conduct, dress

and deportment should be in harmony with Seventh-day

Adventist principles.

We want camp to be a great experience and a safe place,

so we encourage all those onsite to observe the conditions










Child Protection: For the safety and protection of

all children at camp, it is a requirement that children

attending the Beginners/Kindy area be cared for at all

times including program times by their parent/carer/

guardian as there will not be staff provided for this

purpose. The requirement for the Primary program is that

parent/carer/guardian must sign the child in and out of

each event.

Fires: Open fires are NOT permitted on the camp ground.

Drug Free Zone: The Adventist Alpine Village requires

that no alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs are to be brought

on to the camp ground.

Conference leaders reserve the right to ask people who

do not abide by this regulation to leave the grounds.

Vehicle Access: Please park only in the designated car

parks as all access roads must be kept clear for emergency


Speed Limit: Please observe the 10 kmph speed

restriction at all times throughout the camp ground.

Noise: Please be considerate of your camping neighbours

and observe quiet time from 11.00 pm - 6.00 am.

Pets: No pets are permitted on the camp ground.

Bicycles: Campers are welcome to bring push bikes to

camp, however, for your own safety BIKE HELMETS ARE



CAMP 2019



Big Tent

SNSW Big Camp 2019


don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to another camp meeting. Just three

I more months and we will all meet again at the beautiful Alpine Village in Jindabyne.

Boris Jovinov - Big tent

The theme for 2019 is: Light – illuminate the world.

Last camp we focused on connecting with the community and in 2019 we will concentrate

on evangelism. We trust that after camp you will be inspired to share the good news

with people you come in contact with on a daily basis.

Jesus says in Matthew 5:14-16, “You are the light of the world….let your light so shine

before men...that they may glorify your father in heaven.”

Once again, we have a spiritual feast prepared for you. Come and join us at Big Camp

2019 for a time of spiritual renewal, prayer, fellowship, laughter and so much more.

Don’t miss out!! Apply online or fill out the application form inside the magazine.

oris Jovinov is a pastor,

- Pr. Mike Faber, SNSW Conference President Bevangelist and dynamic

communicator of the

Morning Worship

At camp meeting 2019 the speakers for our early

morning worship will be from amongst our

own pastors in SNSW.

• Toby Clare from the Albury/Wodonga district

(Bottom Left)

• Florian Fulga (Top Left) from the Orange/Parkes


• Raymon Paletua (Bottom Right) from the

Bathurst/Mandurama district and

• Phil Yates (Top Right) from South Canberra

Each will bless us with their messages as we begin

our days at camp.

Cafe 64 is located at the

adult tent

Open convenient times throughout the day and

night to serve hot & cold drinks, lunch time

meals, pies, toasties, pizzas, salads and snacks.

Lunch Meals priced between $8-$10 dollars

Come & enjoy the great food and atmosphere.

gospel. He attended Mission

College of Evangelism (MCOE)

in Oregon in 2006 and has

since then been involved in

preaching, evangelism and

mission work around the

world. His previous responsibilities

have included teaching

at MCOE, Bible working

and church planting in North

Queensland and serving as the

Outreach Coordinator at ARISE


Boris currently pastors

Newcastle Seventh-day Adventist

church and oversees

the Newcastle University

“Adventist Students On

Campus” association as well as

coordinating the ‘Arise for Life’

program. Boris is married to

Marlena and is father to Noah,

Moses and Yelena.


September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine

afternoon Seminar: Prayer

(Braedan Entermann)

Seminar: How do you

effectively Start and

maintain Small groups


SNSW Big Camp 2019

Seminar: Prayer (DouW Venter)

Braedan Entermann currently

serves as a pastor in the NNSW

Conference. Leaving his lifelong

dream of being a medical

doctor, he answered the

clear call of God to enter the

ministry. After attending the

ARISE course in 2013,

Braedan has enjoyed working at

ARISE Australia to train & equip

young and old. He currently serves

as the administrator of ARISE Express,

an annual 2-week discipleship

training course held in Newcastle.

Matthew Hunter is the

Pastor of the Grove and

Elizabeth Churches in South

Australia where he lives with his

wife Lauren and their two children

Henry and Amelia. He is

also planting a church in the

Northern Suburbs of Adelaide.

He has a passion to see the

church engaged in mission and


Matthew believes when more of

the church is engaged in sharing

their faith that we best reflect

Christ to our community and

are most effective. He has done

training in the US on how to run

successful house churches and

small groups and is convinced

that when we are doing this

effectively it is simple and easy to

run and easy to replicate. Matthew

believes that if we want

the mission to grow in our day,

we need to work out ways to

communicate our message in a

more flexible, simple and easily

scalable format that is accessible

to all people.

After more than 40 years in fulltime

ministry, Douw is still passionate about daily

encounters with Jesus through His Word and

His Spirit, looking forward to Jesus second

coming and the salvation of every individual Jesus

died for. He served the church community

in different countries, conferences and cities in

various roles and challenges.

Douw was born in South Africa into a faithful

believing family and accepted Jesus as his personal

saviour at age 12. He completed his B.Th.

degree in Theology 1977 at Helderberg College;

Masters of Arts from Andrews University in

1985 and Master in Ministry (Family) at Avondale

College in 2005. Currently he is pursuing

studies through the “Gottman Institute”. His

passion is training, equipping and empowering

members and leaders to follow God’s agenda for

their lives. Reading the Prophets and Gospels in

the context of the Three Angels message gives

him spiritual energy.

Married to Maralinda in 1977 he has 2 children;

Louwie and Marsouw and 6 grandchildren;

Jericho, Jandre , Xzan, Maddie, Drae and Brax.

Douw Venter lives in Perth WA and serves as

Ministerial Association Secretary for the Western

Australia Conference.

September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine 19

Beginners - Mariah Nagle

Mariah Nagle is a teacher at the

early learning centre at our Canberra

church school.

Mariah has been leading out in the beginner’s

department two years in a row

with increasing numbers of children

and parents participating.

We are glad that Mariah has once again

accepted to run the beginner’s department

for Big Camp 2019.



Parent or guardian

will need to be present

at all times

To help Mariah and

her team prepare

please register your

attendance on your


Camp Departments

SNSW Big Camp 2019


Morning Program

Mon-Fri: 10 - 11am

Play Group

Tue & Thu 2 - 3pm

Sabbath School

Sat 9:30 - 10:30am


Kindergarten - Raymon Paletua

Primary - To be Advised

Raymon Paletua started

ministry in the SNSW

Conference in 2017 and did an excellent

job in running the kindy department

in 2018.

For Big Camp 2019 Raymon has

accepted the challenge to be the

speaker for this age group.

Jeff Parker began full time

ministry as an intern in the

SNSW conference in the 90’s.

Since then he has worked as Youth

Director in Tasmania and NNSW

and is currently serving as Youth

Director for the Australian Union


Jeff lives in Melbourne, is

married to Robyn and they have

five children. We look forward

to what he is preparing for the

primary tent.



Please bring your hat

& water bottle to the

jumping castle/waterslide.

Kindys need

to signed in & out

To help Raymon and

his team prepare

please register your

attendance on your




Ensure that you sign

in and out each day.

Please note the sign

in and out times for

the morning & afternoon


Bring a water bottle

and sunscreen to all

afternoon activities

& Thredbo excursion


- Jumping Castle

- Hay Ride

- Water Slide

- Indoor Games

- Music

- Craft



- Thredbo Poo1

- Go Karts

- Jumping Castle

- Mystery Activity

- Movie Night

- Watersports

- Games & Crafts

For more details see

application form

Full Pass $80!


September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine

Juniors - Akhil Ashtaputre

Akhil was born in India and raised in the United States

and Australia. He became interested in God after

sitting next to a Christian lady on a plane. After 4 years of study

Akhil made the decision to surrender his life to Jesus and three

years ago became a Christian.

In 2016 he studied and became a bible worker and began

working in ministry a year ago. He is currently a bible

worker at Canberra National Church. Akhil has a passion

to share Jesus at every opportunity and looks forward to

sharing with the juniors at Big Camp.

Camp Departments

SNSW Big Camp 2019


- Movie Night

*Dress as a superhero*

- Go Karts

- Service Project

- Sport & Rec Centre

- Water sports

- Thredbo Day Trip

For more details see

application form

Full Pass $130!

Teens - Ashley Smith

Youth - Raul Moran

Ashley Smith is a young man who has a passion for

God, His Word and sharing it with others. He

currently serves in the NNSW Conference as the

pastor of the Murwillumbah Church. Since his call to

ministry in 2011, he has been asked to speak both

nationally and internationally.

He has spoken at many local events such as Big Camp, Youth

programs and public evangelistic programs. He is married to

his beautiful wife Rosie and has recently been blessed with the

birth of their first child Khloe. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking,

playing sport, reading and playing with his GoPro.

Raul Moran currently ministers and resides in the

Greater Sydney Conference. Having worked as a school

chaplain, youth director and local church pastor he enjoys and

has a passion for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with

everyone, especially young people.

He loves seeing the energy, passion and drive of young

people being directed to a life of commitment and

service for the Lord through understanding the beauty of the

gospel. He is married to his wife, Tess, and they have two children,

Kelicia and Kanaan.


- Water Sports

- Thredbo pools

- Go Karts/

Mountain Bikes

- Water Games

- Banquet

For more details see

application form

Full Pass $125!


- Sport and Rec


- Water sports

- Thedbo Pools

- Go Karts/

Mountain Bikes

- Banquet

For more details see

application form

Full Pass $135!

September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine 21

Camp Menu

SNSW Big Camp 2019

















Scrambled tofu or eggs

Mushrooms, tomato and baby

spinach in balsamic,

Baked beans / spaghetti,

Fruit compote & yoghurt,

Selection of cereals

Poached eggs

English muffins topped with

asparagus, tomato & cheese

Baked beans / spaghetti

Fresh fruit platter

Selection of cereals

Baked eggs with a fresh garden

vegetable salsa

Fresh baked croissants

Vegetarian patties

Baked beans / spaghetti

Fruit compote & yoghurt.

Selection of cereals


Scrambled egg

Grilled tomato

Hash browns

Baked beans / spaghetti

Fresh fruit platter

Poached eggs

Selection of Danish pastries

Mushrooms, tomato and baby

spinach balsamic

Baked beans / spaghetti

Fruit compote and yoghurt

Selection of cereals

Pancakes served with real

maple syrup

Fried eggs

Grilled mushrooms

Baked beans / spaghetti

Selection of fresh fruits

Selection of cereals

Gourmet Indian feast, Selection

of curry dishes, Dahl dips,

samosas, raitas and mango

chutneys, Garlic naams,

poppadums and basmati rice,

Selection of salads

Key lime tart

Free BBQ Lunch

provided by Sanitarium & the

Adventist Alpine Village

Asian vegetable & cashew nut

stir fry with Hokkien noodles

Special fried rice &

spring rolls

Selection of salads

Lemon & passionfruit

cheese cake

Vegetarian cordon bleu

Sweet potato mash

Sautéed beans, zucchini &


Selection of salads

Banana splits with the


Mock fish and chips

Tartare sauce and lemons

Selection of salads

Tiramisu with Chantilly cream

Eggplant parmigiana served

on a bed of pasta with creamy

pesto or napolitana sauce

Selection of salads

Sticky date pudding

Cauliflower, leek & sweet potato

soup with ciabatta bread,

Spinach & lentil roulades

Selection of salads

Sweet potato & corn soup

Vegetarian pizza

Selection of salads

Minestrone soup with

garlic bread,

Linguini pasta with creamy

pesto and roasted pine nut

sauce or sundried tomato and

olive sauce,

Selection of salads

Pumpkin, coconut &

coriander soup

Vegetarian cannelloni crepes

in napolitana and a cheesy

white sauce

Steamed vegetables

Potato and leek soup

with sour dough bread

Vegetarian pies

Potato wedges

Selection of salads

Chinese wonton soup

Vegetarian Peking duck

Fried rice

Sautéed Asian vegetables

Mulligatawny soup

Crusty bread roll

Vegetarian moussaka

Greek salad


September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine







Camp Menu

SNSW Big Camp 2019



Baked eggs topped with

salsa and cheese



Grilled vegetarian sausages

Baked beans / spaghetti

Scrambled eggs

English muffins

Mushrooms, tomato & baby


Hash browns

Baked beans/spaghetti

Poached eggs


Grilled mushrooms

Tomato topped with cheese

Baked beans / spaghetti

Mexican enchiladas

Fresh guacamole

Selection of salads

Banana cake

Vegetarian nacho’s

Roasted Desiree potato’s

Corn chips, sour cream &


Cheese and salads

Apple pie and whipped cream

Japanese udon soup

Vegetarian teriyaki stir-fry

Served with rice noodles

Jasmine rice

Selection of salads

Mushroom, leek and

spinach soup

Vegetarian lasagne

Steamed vegetables

Selection of salads

The Official 2018 Big Camp Mission Offering Project

Every year thousands of men, women and children in the South Pacific die as a result of Type 2 diabetes.

Thousands more lose their toes and limbs. Each loss is preventatble. Your offering is going towards making diabetes health a reality.

Thank you South New South Wales for your generosity in donating $2,400 for your Big Camp Mission Offering.

Visit for infomation, stories and more ways to get involved.



OCTOBER 15, 2018


Back row from left Jaden McTernan, Jacob Pulling, Bailey Cox, Tahlia Heckendorf, Sophie Hutchinson, Mentor Desmond Moala,

Front row Vae Junior Nikoro, Mentor Shannon Thomson

Chosen 2018! Wow what a week. What a blessing. There

were so many amazing and talented people who were

on fire for God!

Chosen is a five-day program designed to inspire, train

and mentor teenage leaders from all around Australia, and

build them up into influential spiritual leaders. The training

looks specifically at personal spirituality, healthful living

(e.g. diet, exercise, fresh air), the power of team-work, the

mentoring process, God’s purpose for individuals as well as

His purpose for the Adventist Church.

The Chosen Conference ran from 9th-13th of July and was

held at Naamaroo in Chatswood, Sydney. Teens, mentors,

presenters, hosts and personal trainers from all across Australia

travelled great distances to attend this amazing event.

Our Chosen teens representing South New South Wales;

Sophie Hutchinson, Tahlia Heckendorf, Jaden McTernan,

Junior Nikoro, Jacob Pulling, and Bailey Cox, all demonstrated

strong leadership skills. From participating in the

night drama, to serenading people, or simply making

someone smile with a high five or a hug. Desmond Moala

and I feel so blessed and honoured to be a part of Chosen

this year and to be able to share this journey with the Chosen

teens. It was a powerful learning experience not only

for the teens but for all who were involved.

Tahlia Heckendorf was positively impacted by Chosen. She

said that “Chosen has taught me that teens can have just as

much impact as adults. It’s given me more confidence in

doing the things I want to do. The people who attended are

like my family now.”

There were so many interesting and inspiring talks from the

presenters, who encouraged the Chosen teens and showed

them how they can put God first. People from all around

Australia connected with each other and formed lasting relationships.

Please continue to pray for, support and encourage these

teens at your local church by giving them opportunities to

serve and lead.

- Shannon Thomson Jones

The personal training sessions were as brutal as ever, but

only on the days the mentors didn’t have ‘very’ important

meetings to attend. The teens were exhausted but somehow

energetic all things considered. Thanks to Sebastian and

Raya for showing them how to keep their mind, body and

spirit healthy.

September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine 25

SNSW youth

PLA Training

Pathfinder Leaders from across the

Conference met together on 23

and 24 June to complete five outdoor

education subjects.

These subjects are part of the Pathfinder

Leadership Award which makes up

basic training for Pathfinder leaders.

The nationally recognised training

was provided by Avondale College

and delivered by the head of Outdoor

Education, David Low.

David Low training the pathfinder leaders

Pathfinder leaders learnt about managing risk, planning outdoor recreation activities, facilitating groups, following occupational

health and safety policies and using and maintaining a camp site. The training weekend was held at the South NSW

Conference Office. Big thanks to Luke Ferry and James Bagnell for sorting out internet issues.

In total, 24 Pathfinder leaders attended the training weekend. I was impressed by the commitment of the Pathfinder leaders in

this Conference. This is a huge turn-out for a Conference the size of South NSW.

The future of Pathfinders is looking bright with so many leaders committed to our young people.” The plan is to offer training

annually to support Pathfinder leaders in their local churches.

- Pr. Rick Hergenhan

Adventurer Day

Sabbath morning the 16th of June, Wagga Wagga Church hosted the 2018 South

NSW Adventurer Rally and Family Worship Day. What a blessing it was, to have

a full church of both church members and many Adventures from the Conference.

Pastor Daron Pratt, the North NSW Children’s Ministries Director, was the guest

speaker and shared a wonderful message where he created an awesome balloon-man

super hero.

After a yummy lunch there was an afternoon meeting with Pastor Daron’s Balloon Kaboom

stories and a puppet show from the Albury Adventurer club. All the children

went home with their own special balloon sculpture from Pastor Daron.

- Pr. Rick Hergenhan

Pr Daron Pratt


September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine

SNSW Youth

Southern Youth Rally

Over 100 young people, from across the conference, turned up for the

Southern Youth Rally held in Griffith on the 28th of July. The Griffith

Youth did an excellent job in hosting the day and made all the visitors feel

very welcome.

The speaker for the day was former Griffith resident and now Intern Pastor

at Gunnedah Church, Fomai Mohr. He delivered a powerful message

themed “Stand Up” and encouraged everyone attending to stand up in the

face of hardship in the same way that Samuel stood against all the negative

circumstances that surrounded him as a boy.

Griffith Youth leading praise and worship

Following the morning program everyone enjoyed a picnic lunch at a local park followed by a well-prepared scavenger hunt and

then returned to the Griffith Church for closing sabbath. The evening finished with everyone gathering at a local establishment

known as “Family Funland” for some socialising over a range of fun games. Thankyou once again to the Griffith Youth for

organising a spiritually encouraging and fun day.

- Pr. Rick Hergenhan

Central Youth Rally

Youth from across the conference gathered in Canberra Exhibition centre on Sabbath afternoon

the 25th of August for the Central Youth Rally. Churches represented included

Bega, Bowral, Wagga, Young, Tumbarumba, Tumut, Moruya, Canberra National and South

Canberra. The youth of Canberra worked together to present a program that was themed

“eklektos” which means chosen.

SHred it

Speaker Alex Green

Alex Green preached an excellent message which highlighted the important role everyone

plays in mission not just the pastor or those in paid ministry. Everyone then enjoyed soup and

buns together and made their way to a social evening which included Go-Karts, Mini Golf

and Ice Skating. Thank you to the Canberra youth for a fun and well organised day.

- Pr. Rick Hergenhan

The annual “Shred It” snow camp was held at the AAV in Jindabyne from August

3-6. There were about 100 people in attendance who enjoyed the snow as well

as the messages from speaker Josh Carnie. Josh encouraged everyone to take the next

step in their relationship with Jesus. Young adults came from South NSW, Greater

Sydney, North NSW and South Queensland Conferences to enjoy the weekend.

Thanks to Stan and the AAV team for the great food, warm accommodation and all

their assistance. Thanks to Jess Laws from Greater Sydney Conference for organising

the music. We look forward to seeing more people at “Shred It” next year.

Shred IT participants

- Pr. Rick Hergenhan

September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine 27

Twentieth Women’s Retreat

Adventist Alpine Village

Written by Wendy Hergenhan

The ladies of the South Canberra Church, assisted by some from

Canberra National Church, organised a real treat for a record

number of women in attendance at the 2018 South NSW Women’s Retreat.

“Story” was the focus – HISstory, YOURstory, OURstory - which our guest

speaker, Bronwyn Mison, featured throughout the weekend.

A highlight of this year’s retreat was the attendance of Karen Muirhead. With

the support and encouragement of the then president, Pastor Neil Lawson,

she commenced Women’s Retreats here 20 years ago. She loved her time with

us but was also amazed at what had grown from that simple start.

Saturday night was a time to celebrate our 20-year story, to enjoy a wonderful grazing table, mingle, mix and share stories. The

relaxed atmosphere gave plenty of opportunity to share - stories, shopping, knitting, eating, walks in nature. Some took the

option to watch a movie. Some enjoyed lots of laughter with games.

An opportunity to shop at the Adventist Book Centre once again proved popular. Our thanks to Julene Raymond who works

very hard during our retreat each year.

The Adventist Alpine Village (AAV) staff served us very ably and the overwhelming response by attendees was praise and gratitude.

Next year will be another special time together over the weekend of 24-26 May. Plan to enjoy this time again. Invite a friend!

The theme is “Nourish”.

Ladies who attended the SNSW Womens Retreat 2018


September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine

Singles Ministries

Snow camp

Written by christine sosnovsky

What a wonderful time we had at the

AAV for our annual Snow Camp.

The twenty seven attendees were blessed by the

messages presented by Phil Yates on the topic “If My


The music and singing led by James Toogood and Marc Menzies

were greatly appreciated. We all enjoyed a great Saturday evening

Gala Dinner with many dressed up as a Musical Character

followed by some really fun items in our Royal Variety Concert.

On Sunday a large group headed up firstly to Thredbo and then

onto Perisher and Charlottes Pass but did not find much snow

yet on the mountains.

All in all, we had a great weekend with inspiring messages,

uplifting music and singing and great company.

Attendees came from 4 conferences in Australia and one

lady even came from Bali. See you again 7-10 June 2019 at



2 - 4 November, 2018

Youthworks Conference Centre

439 Koloona Drive,

Cambewarra NSW

Speaker: Kylie Cullinan

“Life off the Script”

Cost: $145.00

Fully catered. Meals include:

Friday Supper - Sunday Lunch

Applications open from:

August 28th - October 24th, 2018

For more information contact

Christine Sosnovsky:

September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine 29

Falling Through

the Cracks

Words: Josh Dye

Photo Taken by: Luke Vodell

Photo: Johnathon

Four years ago, Jonathon was comfortable. Then his life turned upside down.

He recounts an incredible journey of heartbreak, despair and, ultimately, hope.

It’s 2am. Cold and dark. Jonathon lies awake,

shivering. The abandoned factory Jonathon and his

three young boys call their home is not peaceful

and quiet. Next door, an industrial laundry roars to

life, disturbing whatever restless sleep the family was


Jonathon never pictured himself homeless. Never

imagined begging for food. How did it come to this?

The most alarming thing is how quickly everything

turned upside down. It took just six weeks for

Jonathon to go from living a normal life to having

nothing. First an injury, then a loss of work, and finally a

vindictive housemate who sold all his possessions

from under him while he was overseas. When he

returned, he was homeless – a broken man.

“It didn’t even cross my mind that it could happen,”

Jonathon says. “To go from having a normal lifestyle

with a good income, savings and a roof over my

head, to the unthinkable... in the space of six weeks.

That was all it took, from being normal to being invisible.”

“Living in the warehouse was cold and lonely in winter, and

hot and lonely in summer. mIt was really, really horrible,”

Jonathon says.

“As a parent and a father it was rather brutal not being

able to provide my kids with a proper house and basic

things they needed. It was very depressing, which didn’t help

anybody’s mental state. I found myself withdrawing more

and more into myself and not wanting to interact with


Jonathon remembers vividly the shame and

embarrassment from that painful period. He

remembers drifting between different soup kitchens and

service providers with his kids. Mostly he remembers the

feeling of worthlessness and loss of dignity.

“It’s important to have dignity because when you’ve

got nothing, even your dignity starts to disappear

because you’ve got to beg for food or rummage through


September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine

ADRA Appeal Story

garbage just to find food to survive. That gets really

depressing – people look down on you or they don’t

acknowledge you at all, they don’t smile at you.”

“You just disappear, you just fall into the cracks and

disappear. We felt worthless. A feeling that we didn’t

matter, nobody cared.”

It was when he almost reached the brink that a

turning point came. Jonathon calls it a miracle.

“We were given a piece of paper with the Vive Café

address on it.”

He’d heard about Vive Café – a community in

Melbourne’s eastern suburbs run by ADRA. As well

as offering a hot three-course meal, guests could

access grocery items sourced through Foodbank and

SecondBite. But most of all, the friendly smiles and

meaningful conversations with people who actually cared.

“It was an inkling of some hope that we might be able

to get some food there, and some conversation and a bit

of help,” he says.

Straight away, Jonathon says he and the boys started

to feel noticed and appreciated. “That alone was worth

more than any other thing that could be provided. That

feeling that you’re a person and you matter, which we

hadn’t experienced at any other outreach place that we’d

attended before.”

He says “Vive Café had a general atmosphere of

wellbeing and just a nice place to come. Even just for

one night a week it made people feel human again,

that they mattered.”

“It gave people back some dignity.”

Now back on his feet, Jonathon still turns up

every Thursday night. Why? “To give back some of

the help we received.”

Last year, Jonathon was baptised, and he also

volunteers once a week managing an ADRA Op


Jonathon’s story highlights the mostly hidden issue

of homelessness in Australia, the so-called ‘lucky


“Australia is the lucky country if you’ve got money.

If you’re living below the poverty level, it’s not lucky,

it’s very hard to survive. If you don’t live in that

world, you don’t know of its existence.”

His challenge? Do something. Anything.

“If every person did just a tiny bit to help, we

could end homelessness and poverty in Australia very

quickly. It would be great if Vive wasn’t there in

future, purely because it wasn’t needed.”

The annual ADRA Appeal takes place during

October. Your support helps people like Jonathon to

thrive. Visit or contact your local

conference ADRA director.

September 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine 31

South Pacific Division

Church Planting


February 10-13, 2019

What Is It?

The 2019 SPD Church Planting Conference is for those serious about Adventist Mission.

This conference will:

• Examine Adventism’s unique heritage as a disciple making, church planting movement

• Empower and equip individuals, teams, Churches, Conferences, Unions and Missions to plant churches

• Show how to facilitate a church planting movement in our communities

• Explore the growing potential in making disciples in an increasingly post-Christian world

Who Should Attend?

Pastors, church leaders, administrators, and especially local church members — anyone who is passionate about

making disciples and church planting. We particularly hope that teams of potential church planters will attend. Maybe

you want to be inspired, maybe you want to be equipped and empowered, maybe you want teachings, or resourcing -

whatever the reason, this Conference is for you!

With overseas and local speakers, plus over twenty workshops to choose from, this SPD Church Planting Conference,

with the Holy Spirit’s leading, promises to be a unique opportunity to be inspired, empowered and equipped to join

God in His mission on earth.

Avondale College will be the venue. Accommodation and meals can be booked via the registration process. See below for address.

For more details contact Jan | | 02 9847 3306 or

Wayne Krause | | 0414 435 314


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