Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country

A full-color, photography book showcasing the Temecula Valley region of California, paired with the histories of companies, institutions, and organizations that have made the region great.

A full-color, photography book showcasing the Temecula Valley region of California, paired with the histories of companies, institutions, and organizations that have made the region great.


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A publication of the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber of Commerce

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<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong><br />

author: Jann Gentry<br />

Annette Brown, Marketing a la carte<br />

contributing photographer: Jimmy Fu<br />

profile writers: Daphne Fletcher<br />

Joe Goodpasture<br />

designer: Jason Lively<br />

Cover Photographer: Chip Morton Photography<br />

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Legacy Sponsors ..........................................................................................................4<br />

Letter From the President ............................................................................................5<br />

Foreword ......................................................................................................................6<br />

Chapter 1 - This is Where We Came From ...................................................................8<br />

Chapter 2 - This is How We Live ................................................................................28<br />

Chapter 3 - This is How We Thrive.............................................................................48<br />

Chapter 4 - This is How We Play ................................................................................68<br />

Chapter 5 - This is Why Others Love Us ....................................................................88<br />

Chapter 6 - This is Where We’re Going ....................................................................108<br />

Partners in Progress .................................................................................................128<br />

Partners Index ..........................................................................................................219<br />

About the Author and Photographer........................................................................220<br />

About the Contributing Photographer......................................................................221<br />




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Pechanga Resort Casino<br />

45000 Pechanga Pkwy<br />

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951-770-2572<br />




<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> is a beautiful place to live, work and play. The area is rich with history and culture. These pages will<br />

display just some of its beauty and charm. I hope this book will inspire you to discover everything this valley has to offer.<br />

As the second largest Chamber in Riverside County, <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber of Commerce represents more than 1,000<br />

members exceeding 25,000 employees. Since the organization was formed in 1966, the Chamber has promoted business<br />

development and provided direct access to business and community leaders who share our economic, civic and social concerns.<br />

We are dedicated to regional prosperity by uniting the efforts of business, industrial and professional individuals to ensure an<br />

enhanced business climate.<br />

Our Chamber members are vital to making this community the vibrant, innovative and successful place it is. Please stop<br />

by our offices to say hello and find out more about us, or visit us online at <strong>Temecula</strong>.org.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Alice Sullivan, IOM<br />

President/CEO<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber of Commerce<br />




From ancient beginnings as the home of the Pechanga<br />

Band of Luiseño Indians, cattle ranchers, and ultimately<br />

land developers, the City of <strong>Temecula</strong> evolved into a<br />

thriving community because of the passion, determination<br />

and vision of its founding fathers. Growing from a region<br />

with vast open spaces and gently rolling hills, <strong>Temecula</strong> has<br />

become a successful and vibrant city that has remained, at<br />

heart, a small town where you meet friends in the grocery<br />

store and cheer for your neighbor’s children as they march<br />

in the parade.<br />

That small-town feel, the potential, and intrigue of what<br />

it could become is what brought me to <strong>Temecula</strong>. I began<br />

my career in <strong>Temecula</strong> in 1995 through an internship<br />

opportunity and have been privileged to work my way up<br />

through several departments to become City Manager. I feel<br />

extremely grateful to have been a part of our growth for<br />

over 22 years. First and foremost, <strong>Temecula</strong> is about<br />

families and that is why I am proud to call it home.<br />

The good news about a high quality of life in <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

spread like wildfire and the City became one of the fastest<br />

growing cities in <strong>California</strong>. This explosive growth was<br />

daunting, but the leadership in <strong>Temecula</strong> was up to the<br />

challenge. I think our success today is a direct result of<br />

forward thinking, innovative ideas, a unique community<br />

culture, and a trend of City Council leadership that works<br />

diligently to create/maintain a city that our residents can be<br />

proud of. Responses to citizen satisfaction surveys over the<br />

years continue to give the City high marks and also serve as<br />

a “gauge” for us to shift and pivot when needed or expected.<br />

In those early years the City Council knew that we<br />

would need to develop a revenue stream to make our<br />

dreams happen. We partnered with our local wineries and<br />

Pechanga Resort and Casino to promote the region,<br />

collaborate, and bring in tourism dollars. With respect to<br />

economic development efforts, we strategically recruited<br />

auto dealers and manufacturers to locate here. The City’s<br />

Promenade Mall, remains one of the highest performing<br />

malls and is continually reinventing the shopping<br />

experience. Without tax dollars from our thriving<br />

businesses and tourism industry, <strong>Temecula</strong> would be a very<br />

different city.<br />

After Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong> was flooded in 1993, the City<br />

commissioned a marketing study to find ways to revitalize<br />

the area. Virtually every recommendation in the study has<br />

now become a reality. The City invested several million<br />

dollars of redevelopment funds on major improvements in<br />

Old Town, strategically chose to make Old Town the civic<br />

heart of our City by locating a civic center complex<br />



including public parking and a Town Square element. This public investment then further sparked hundreds of millions of dollars in private development, investment and tourism. Old Town<br />

shops, restaurants and businesses are now crowded with visitors and residents alike.<br />

What is amazing about <strong>Temecula</strong> is the “Can Do Spirit” of our citizens. They are always ready to lend a helping hand. We are blessed with a wide variety of churches and nonprofit<br />

organizations whose members volunteer to help those less fortunate. These agencies provide support and regularly complement ongoing City efforts. Early in cityhood, citizens banded together<br />

to raise funds to build our Recreation Center; it continued more recently when they erected a statue of Ronald Reagan at our Sports Park. This spirit remains active today, wanting to see the<br />

high quality of life and desirous lifestyle maintained.<br />

I believe the future of the City of <strong>Temecula</strong> remains brighter than ever. <strong>Temecula</strong> is a very special and unique community, woven throughout is a quality of character of residents that exudes<br />

a civic pride. Also intertwined are business leaders that have chosen to operate and conduct commerce, further invigorating our local economic engine.<br />

It is my hope that this book will take you along on our humble journey from the past to the present day. May it serve as a reminder of those who have gone before us and to those who will<br />

come after us. <strong>Temecula</strong> is a special place to be cherished, nurtured and protected for our families.<br />

Aaron Adams<br />

City Manager<br />

City of <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

<br />





8<br />

<br />

Main Street bridge began construction in 1945. It was a vital part of developing the town, as it was the path over<br />

Murrieta Creek that made a way for the people to walk from the train station into town.



Long before the Spaniards arrived in 1797, the ancestors of the Pechanga Band of Luiseño<br />

American Indians hunted, gathered, and lived in <strong>Temecula</strong>. The Luiseño people believe that<br />

the world and all things were created at 'Éxva Teméeku. The name 'Éxva (EXH-vah) can be<br />

translated as a “place of sand” and Teméeku (The-MEH-koo) as “where there is sun.” The City<br />

name, <strong>Temecula</strong>, is derived from the word Teméeku.<br />

Native Americans created <strong>California</strong>’s early trails and the Spanish explorers and Franciscan<br />

missions followed these paths. What would become known as the <strong>Southern</strong> Emigrant Trail<br />

had passed through <strong>Temecula</strong>. First travelled by trappers, hunters and explorers, it later<br />

became a road for wagons and the primary route for tens of thousands of prospectors during<br />

the <strong>California</strong> Gold Rush.<br />

<br />

Top, left: The quiet village of farmers and ranchers began to grow with the railroad in the late 1800s; however,<br />

after frequent washouts the operations ceased in 1935.<br />

Top, right: Pictured here is a view of the west end of Main Street in Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong>, in the year 1898.<br />

There were no buildings in what is now called Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong> until the railroad was built in 1880.<br />




10<br />

<br />

Above: With a new railroad depot in town, <strong>Temecula</strong> began to grow; more trade brought new businesses and more customers.<br />

Opposite: Here is a look north while on Old Town Front Street from the Main Street intersection.




12<br />

<br />

Business bustled on Main Street. The building on the left still stands today. It was built in 1891 entirely of fired brick. The building<br />

has been used as a general store, auto repair shop and antique business. It is known as “The Merc”.

Above: The bridge was rebuilt in 2014 to provide 10-foot wide pedestrian sidewalks, pedestrian view points for creekside and wildlife observation,<br />

landscape beautification and decorative streetlights.<br />




14<br />

<br />

Swing Inn Café opened in 1927 and to this day is still known for its popular breakfast menu. Though the name has changed a<br />

few times, the place is pretty much the same as it was in the days when cattle were driven past its front door.





16<br />

❖<br />


When <strong>California</strong> became part of the United States,<br />

delivering mail across the vast wilderness was a challenge.<br />

In 1858, Butterfield Overland Mail began to deliver mail<br />

between Missouri and <strong>California</strong> by stagecoach and<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> was one of the stops. The route followed the<br />

<strong>Southern</strong> Emigrant Trail. Some of the old trails became the<br />

guide for modern day roads, such as <strong>Temecula</strong> Parkway. A<br />

portion of the original path runs through Vail Headquarters.<br />

In 1882 a rail line was completed in “New Town”<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong>, which is now called Old Town. The town<br />

became an important shipping point for cattle. Later, a<br />

series of floods washed out the tracks and the railroad was<br />

finally abandoned.<br />

The land around <strong>Temecula</strong> was owned and leased<br />

by various ranchers through the 1900s until a masterplanned<br />

community was developed in the mid-1960s,<br />

known as Rancho <strong>California</strong>. Later that decade the first<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> wine country pioneers purchased acreage<br />

and planted vineyards.<br />

When Rancho <strong>California</strong> incorporated in 1989 with a<br />

population of about 27,000, the citizens voted to retain the<br />

name of the original Native American village, <strong>Temecula</strong>.<br />

<br />

Opened in 1914 as the 1st National Bank of <strong>Temecula</strong>, it served as a bank until<br />

1943. The building reopened in 1965 as an antique shop then a Mexican<br />

restaurant that has been serving food since 1978. The vault is still intact today<br />

with its 18-inch thick walls, and it is even open for dining inside.<br />



Built in 1890s, the Welty Store was used as a general store with rooms upstairs for rent until 1933. It is located<br />

on the corner of Main Street and Old Town Front Street.<br />

<br />

The Ramona Inn contained a bar, pool tables, card tables, slot machines, a boxing ring and rooms to rent<br />

upstairs with bulldog and badger fights out back. Many celebrities visited the “blind pig” at the Inn during<br />

Prohibition. The building was constructed in 1908 and was previously referred to as The Welty Building.<br />


18<br />



The old Ramona Inn building is now home to <strong>Temecula</strong> Olive Oil Company, selling locally produced olive oil and balsamic<br />

vinegar blends as well as handmade, oil-based products.<br />





Above: Mount Palomar <strong>Wine</strong>ry opened in 1975. In this photo they are planting their first vines. The winery is still going strong today with a<br />

new tasting room and restaurant.<br />

Opposite: Vince Cilurzo and his wife, Audrey, were the owners of the first commercial vineyard in <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong> in 1968. A<br />

newspaper ad about farmland for sale attracted them to the area and they immediately fell in love with the town upon arrival.<br />




22<br />

<br />

Above: The oldest standing building in <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> is the Louis Wolf Store. It is located in Vail Headquarters, near<br />

the intersection of <strong>Temecula</strong> Parkway and Margarita Road. It is generally believed that Wolf built his store in 1868.<br />

Opposite: The original Wolf Store is now home to a coffee and ice cream shop. Historical Vail Headquarters has recently<br />

been renovated and is now a popular gathering place for dining, shopping, events and a weekly Farmer’s Market.



Above: In 1969 two local historians, Tom Hudson and Sam Hicks, designed and created the “They Passed This Way”<br />

monument to memorialize pioneers who helped shape the community of <strong>Temecula</strong>.<br />

Right: Built in 1917, the <strong>Temecula</strong> Chapel of Memories was the original St. Catherine’s Catholic Church. The Chapel<br />

is now a quaint addition to Old Town and is the venue for many memorable weddings and events.<br />




Windmills were commonplace in <strong>Temecula</strong>’s early days. It was a necessity then but windmills still<br />

adorn the valley today as a nod to its past.<br />











<strong>Temecula</strong> has grown from a small bedroom community to a regional center, all<br />

while maintaining a highly valued quality of life for its residents. There are<br />

approximately 3,000 businesses and 53,000 jobs in a population of just over 111,000.<br />

The City of <strong>Temecula</strong> is ranked one of America’s safest cities year after year. It has<br />

a top-notch school district, 40 parks, two public libraries, three community centers,<br />

two museums, 27 tennis courts and 7,000 acres of open space.<br />

<br />

Top left: The <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Rose Society planted The Rose Haven Heritage Garden in 1991. It is a certified wildlife sanctuary and<br />

home to approximately 1,600 roses. The garden is located at the corner of Cabrillo Avenue and Jedediah Smith Road.<br />

Top Right: The culinary scene is <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>’s newest attraction, specializing in fresh, and creative dishes using local ingredients. This<br />

dish is from Bluewater Grill.<br />

Opposite: The Duck Pond is one of <strong>Temecula</strong>’s most visited parks. People like to stroll around the lake, picnic and fish. There are three<br />

focal points that contain public art. “Letters Home” Veteran’s Memorial features a statue of a soldier and actual letters written home by<br />

American military men and women from the battlefields. A 10-foot red torii gate marks the Japanese garden on the other end of the park.<br />

Across the pond sits two stainless steel tulips and beautiful tile work bracketing a statue of a mother and child on a bicycle. The Duck<br />

Pond is centrally located at the intersection of Rancho <strong>California</strong> Road and Ynez Road.<br />






Above: Patricia Birdsall Sport Park is a 44-acre park with soccer fields, basketball courts, ball fields, barbeques, picnic areas and a playground.<br />

Opposite: Rancho Christian School provides many activities and programs to empower and engage their students.<br />





Above: Three Farmer’s Markets occur each week: Tuesday at Vail Headquarters, Wednesday at Promenade <strong>Temecula</strong>, and Saturday in Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong>. Each offers a variety<br />

of farm fresh and organic produce, flowers, plants, handmade items, baked goods, artisanal products, and food vendors.<br />

Opposite: Local farms include berry, citrus, avocado, vegetables, poultry, cheese and much more. A couple of them are seasonal U-Pick Farms, like <strong>Temecula</strong> Berry Company.<br />



Top, left: There are numerous choices for nightlife in <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>, including live entertainment at The Merc, stage<br />

performances at the Old Town Community Theater, shows and concerts at Pechanga Resort & Casino, live music in wine<br />

country and restaurants throughout the valley.<br />

Top, right: Bars and lounges feature craft cocktails with fresh herbs and juices and innovative creations.<br />

Opposite: The Ale Trail is a popular route for tasting award-winning handcrafted beers. Microbreweries offer tastings, food,<br />

tours and a great place for friends to gather.<br />







Top, left: There’s a store for everything, from top brands to specialty items to handcrafted goods throughout <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>.<br />

Top, right: Promenade <strong>Temecula</strong> offers an indoor-outdoor retail center that makes an ideal gathering place. There are great<br />

dining options, fountain areas for relaxing, a vineyard walk for strolling and a 15-screen movie theater and IMAX.<br />

Opposite: Pechanga Resort & Casino nightlife includes gaming, dining, the Round Bar, Eagle’s Nest, Comedy Club and<br />

live shows.<br />



Top, left: <strong>Temecula</strong> Carriage Company offers romantic carriage rides year-round, however it’s extra special during the holiday season.<br />

Top, right: <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong> can be toured in a variety of ways to take in the full ambiance of the beautiful outdoors. Horse drawn trolley rides are just one way to explore wine country.<br />



<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> is distinguished by its rolling hills and open countryside. Each afternoon, a cool ocean breeze flows in from the west through the mountain range, ensuring cool evenings<br />

and mornings. During the winter season, the snow-capped peaks create a picturesque backdrop to the valley's panoramic vistas, creating breathtaking views.<br />

The region is known for its natural beauty, award-wining wineries and breweries, shopping experiences, farm-to-table dining, live entertainment, year-round festivals and events, outdoor<br />

recreation and mild climate.<br />




40<br />

<br />

Above: Cycling throughout the valley is a popular way to get around. There are approximately 97 miles of bike lanes throughout the City,<br />

and close to 22 miles of multi-use trails.<br />

Opposite: Horse ranches can be found in both the City and wine country, with trails throughout the area. Many wineries have hitching<br />

posts for locals and those renting horses for a day ride. Green Acres Ranch offers rides to the public on their expansive wine country ranch.




42<br />

<br />

This page: Grapeseed Spa at South Coast <strong>Wine</strong>ry Resort is just one of the several options for those wanting to be pampered in<br />

luxury. Guests can indulge in wine inspired treatments, a saltwater pool and detoxifying sauna.<br />

Opposite: A relaxing afternoon at Robert Renzoni Vineyard & <strong>Wine</strong>ry.



This Page: One of the most enjoyable ways to view <strong>Temecula</strong> is by a peaceful hot air balloon as you glide above the rolling hills and lush<br />

vineyards of the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>.<br />



44<br />

Opposite Page: The <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> draws thousands of visitors to the annual 3-Day festival which includes dozens of colorful hot air<br />

balloons, top-notch entertainment and perfectly paired food and wine.





46<br />

<br />

Beauty and tranquility are waiting just around the corner, in beloved <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

<strong>Valley</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong>.<br />






48<br />

<br />




<br />

Above: The Civic Center is a great, flexible indoor-outdoor space that provides<br />

opportunity for local businesses to meet, network and learn more about their industries.<br />

Opposite: <strong>Temecula</strong> City Hall & Civic Center is the crown of the city, located in the heart<br />

of Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong>. The fountain in front gives honor to the Pechanga people that<br />

first dwelled in the region and were admired for the beautiful handcrafted baskets.<br />

With over 53,000 jobs within the city limits and many more nearby, <strong>Temecula</strong> is the job center for Southwest<br />

Riverside County. Strong industry fields include: biomedical/biotech/life sciences, technology, advanced<br />

manufacturing, tourism and retail.<br />

Over the past few years, <strong>Temecula</strong> has become home to more than a dozen technology-based companies. While<br />

retail, leisure-hospitality and education account for more than half of <strong>Temecula</strong>’s jobs; the influx of tech firms has<br />

pushed professional job numbers up to nearly twenty percent.<br />

Companies are attracted to <strong>Temecula</strong> for its quality of life; which includes award winning schools, higher<br />

education opportunities, a vast array of parks and trails, beautiful residential communities, and diverse shopping<br />

and dining. <strong>Temecula</strong> remains a premier city with all the amenities of city life, while still committed to the small<br />

town atmosphere that its residents value so highly.<br />



<strong>Temecula</strong> boasts a variety of office, commercial, and industrial space with prime locations and high visibility.<br />

Opposite: For many companies, the work environment inside and out are a priority in order to create an inspiring and stimulating setting.<br />






52<br />

<br />





<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Entrepreneur's Exchange is an award-winning Business Resource Center and technology incubator.<br />

The City of <strong>Temecula</strong> continues to invest in these services because they want to see local businesses grow and thrive.<br />




The top five employers in the valley are Pechanga Resort & Casino, <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Unified School District, Abbott,<br />

PHS Medline and <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital. The City continues its efforts to grow and sustain the economy of <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

through business attraction, retention, workforce development, higher education, tourism and film.<br />

Strong partnerships thrive between the City of <strong>Temecula</strong>, <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber of Commerce, Visit <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

<strong>Valley</strong>, Small Business Development Center, Riverside County Economic Development Agency, Riverside County<br />

Workforce Development Agency and the Economic Development Coalition of Southwest <strong>California</strong>. These agencies<br />

leverage the assets and resources necessary to reinforce the market.<br />





<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital opened in 2013 with special services, advanced care and innovative technology. The<br />

special services combined with caring physicians and staff made this facility a welcome addition to the community.<br />




58<br />

<br />

Residents of the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> have access to several outstanding medical<br />

facilities, providing a comprehensive range of services..

<strong>Temecula</strong>’s industrial areas were thoughtfully developed, stimulating economic<br />

development, and engaging a sizeable workforce.<br />






<strong>Temecula</strong> houses numerous medical manufacturing facilities, providing jobs for a highly educated, skilled workforce.<br />





<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong> harvests approximately 2,500 acres of wine grapes, yielding about 8,100 tons and generating more than $12<br />

million in grape sales. Only around eleven percent of the wine is distributed outside of the region because of the high volume of visitation to the<br />

wineries.<br />





Top, right: A lavender farm in wine country is open for early summer farm tours by appointment. Their retail store, <strong>Temecula</strong> Lavender Company,<br />

sells their handmade products year-round.<br />

Opposite: Grow <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> is an initiative dedicated to generating awareness, education and engagement around the value of local agriculture<br />

and its economic benefits. It aims to connect citizens, businesses, and growers in a local food chain, inspiring new habits to source local food first.<br />





Above: Certified Farmer's Markets invite everyone to share in their harvest.<br />

Opposite: Locally grown fruit and produce are abundant in <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>. <strong>Temecula</strong> Blueberry Company.<br />


67<br />






<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> is a place to come together and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.<br />

Families, couples and friends find fun activities for every season. Thousands come<br />

to enjoy great annual events like the <strong>Temecula</strong> Rod Run, Street Painting Festival,<br />

Western Days and the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Balloon & <strong>Wine</strong> Festival.<br />

Families play together during the harvest festivals every fall, finding their<br />

way through corn mazes, cheering during pig races and catching a train ride on the<br />

farm. The winter season brings parents and young ones to ice skate at Town Square<br />

Park, sip hot cocoa during the Electric Light Parade, make snowballs at Winter<br />

Wonderland and count down to the New Year at the Grape Drop.<br />

<br />

Above: Year-round festivals and events include <strong>Temecula</strong> Rod Run, Annual Barrel Tasting, Chocolate Decadence & Pechanga <strong>Wine</strong><br />

Festival, <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Balloon & <strong>Wine</strong> Festival, <strong>Temecula</strong> Art & Street Painting Festival, Pechanga Microbrew & Craft Brew<br />

Festival, <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> Month, Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong> Outdoor Quilt Show, and Harvest Festivals.<br />

Opposite: Citizens and visitors show their patriotism at the City of <strong>Temecula</strong>’s annual Fourth of July Parade in Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong>.<br />



Above: Festivals and events are great occasions to have fun with family and friends during every season of the year. <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Balloon & <strong>Wine</strong> Festival includes hot air balloon launches at sunrise, night glows in the evening, beer and wine tasting, and live concerts<br />

all weekend long.<br />


Opposite: All ages play at the annual Big Horse Feed Harvest Festival, home to the largest corn maze in <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong>. The festival includes duck races, gem mining, games, competitions, and the corn box.<br />







Autumnfest is a great time for families to play together. Peltzer Farms opens their farm every year<br />

for pumpkin picking, train rides, pig races, tractor collection viewing, and more.<br />





Arts and culture can be found at The Merc and the Old<br />

Town Community Theater with art displays, live music,<br />

dance performances and stage plays. Every generation<br />

enjoys the award-winning Children’s Museum,<br />

Pennypickle’s Workshop, and learning about local history<br />

at the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Museum.<br />

There are 40 parks to choose from that offer picnicking,<br />

ballpark fields, playgrounds, a splash pad, hockey rink,<br />

skate park, tennis courts, outdoor art, and more. Nearby<br />

lakes beckon hockey and boat rides and great hiking trails<br />

are around every corner.<br />

<br />

This page: There's an abundance of playtime at Pechanga Resort & Casino: AAA<br />

Four Diamond accommodations, 4,000 slot, 154 table games, a poker room and<br />

off track betting, a 700-seat bingo facility, A-list concerts, a comedy club and a<br />

night club.<br />


Opposite: Every year businesses, clubs and organizations participate in the<br />

Electric Light Parade with lights, floats, choirs, horses and a lot of creativity to<br />

celebrate the holiday season.<br />





This page: Families and friends play in real snow at Pennypickle’s Winter Wonderland during a month long celebration of the holiday season.<br />

Opposite: The City of <strong>Temecula</strong> offers an outdoor ice skating rink at Town Square Park in Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong> every December. The sun may be<br />

shinning but it’s Winterfest in <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong>.<br />




78<br />

<br />

This page: Families with little ones discover and explore award-winning <strong>Temecula</strong> Children’s Museum, Pennypickle’s Workshop. It’s<br />

the home of wacky Professor Pennypickle, where everything is a hands-on learning experience.<br />

Opposite: Nightlife includes live music in <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong>, Old Town and Pechanga at night clubs, theaters, tasting rooms,<br />

restaurants, and speakeasies.




80<br />

<br />

This page: Baily’s Restaurant is a fun place for gathering with friends to hear bands and enjoy great food.<br />

Opposite: Popular outdoor sports are motocross, mountain bike riding, fishing, golfing, baseball, and soccer.<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> is an ideal setting with its sunny skies, fresh air and open space.





Groups of friends find plenty to do between golfing,<br />

shopping, live music, wine or beer tasting, cooking or<br />

painting classes, and tours. Whether its outdoors, upscale<br />

or down to earth play—there is something for everyone!<br />

Couples rekindle their romance floating in a hot air<br />

balloon over the vineyards, taking a carriage ride through<br />

wine country, golfing among scenic views and relaxing with<br />

a couple’s massage. The nightlife options are plentiful with<br />

great restaurants and things to do like trying their luck at a<br />

card table or on the slots, tasting craft cocktails and dancing<br />

to live entertainment.<br />

<br />

This page: Journey at Pechanga is an award-winning, championship golf course<br />

with spectacular views of the valley. There are five pristine golf courses to choose<br />

from, designed for all levels of play.<br />

Opposite: Many local wineries create memorable events at harvest time and<br />

the holidays.<br />





This page: Horse trails and ranches spread throughout <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Country</strong>. The public is welcome to horseback ride on the windy paths or rent a<br />

horse at any of the several companies in <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong>, like Green Acres Ranch<br />

pictured here.<br />

Opposite: Couples competing in a game of bocce ball at Robert Renzoni<br />

Vineyard & <strong>Wine</strong>ry show there is more to do than just taste wine.<br />



Top left: Thousands of acres entice outdoor lovers with trails from novice to<br />

experienced hikers. With an average of 276 sunny days per year in <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

<strong>Valley</strong>, almost any day is good for a hike. Top right: Special treats of indulgence<br />

to be shared with friends can be found throughout the region like this bake shop,<br />

Truly Madly Sweetly at Promenade <strong>Temecula</strong>.<br />

Opposite: Couple’s can unwind together during a duo massage at Spa Pechanga<br />

or Grapeseed Spa. Both offer luxury experiences with specialty treatments.<br />







88<br />

❖<br />




Welcoming nearly three million visitors each year, picturesque <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong><br />

<strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong> reports an economic travel impact of $712<br />

million. <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> tourism continues to help fuel and strengthen the local<br />

economy, foster prosperity, and provide ever-increasing jobs and earnings in the<br />

leisure and hospitality sector.<br />

<br />

Top left: One of the many activities available is electric bike tours in wine country. This is a fun way to explore and wine taste.<br />

Top right: <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong> begins to grow its vines in early spring and its fruit is ready for harvest August through September.<br />

Opposite: One of the most popular events is the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Balloon & <strong>Wine</strong> Festival.<br />




90<br />

<br />

This page: Travelers stay in <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> resorts, branded hotels, boutique inns, and vacation<br />

rentals. This is one of the more than one hundred vacation rentals available for overnight stay.<br />

Opposite: Imagine waking up to rows of vineyards just outside your door. This couple enjoys the<br />

morning sunshine with breakfast on their villa patio at South Coast <strong>Wine</strong>ry & Resort.




92<br />

<br />

This page: There are five golf courses within <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>, all with beautiful open<br />

views and each offers something for every level of play.





Pechanga Resort pampers its guests with first-class service in-room and throughout the property. Its new $300 million expansion provides more<br />

rooms, more dining, a new Spa Pechanga, more space, and spectacular pool experiences.<br />


95<br />



96<br />

<br />

Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong>’s post office was established in 1859, making it an official town.<br />

The archway on the north and south ends of Old Town depict it’s historical past.




98<br />

❖<br />


Many quaint and historic buildings fill the 12-blocks of Old Town with shopping,<br />

dining, entertainment, and countless events.<br />




Located within minutes of each other are three distinctive<br />

attractions: <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong> <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Country</strong>, Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong>, and Pechanga Resort &<br />

Casino. Each has its acclaimed chefs, live entertainment,<br />

incredible venues, and exceptional people. Every day<br />

travelers from around the world are discovering the beauty,<br />

lifestyle, and treasures of the land.<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> has the charm and authenticity of a<br />

boutique destination while enhanced by the people and<br />

relaxed spirit synonymous with <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong>. Visitors<br />

taste, tour and stay at this hidden gem, while passionate<br />

dreamers and driven entrepreneurs call it home.<br />

<br />

Right: Small, independent stores sell artisanal products, apparel, antiques,<br />

specialty items and more. <strong>Temecula</strong> Olive Oil is always a favorite with free<br />

tastings every day.<br />

Opposite: Many local restaurants offer innovative farm-to-table dining, serving<br />

locally-sourced foods, ranging from simple to extraordinary.<br />



❖<br />









Above: The <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Museum has something to offer history buffs, researchers, and curious minds. Informative and fun exhibits represent life in the valley through its eras and cultures.<br />

Opposite: <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> is a picturesque location for visiting all of <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong>, two to three nights are ideal for experiencing everything the destination has to offer.<br />













While protecting and preserving our vast natural beauty, honoring our historic past, and enhancing our community,<br />

the residents of <strong>Temecula</strong> envision a dynamic community that will become a vibrant, modern City with a small town<br />

atmosphere.<br />

<br />





110<br />

<br />

Both residents and visitors can enjoy an ever-growing number of recreational and service activities. In addition to ballooning,<br />

there is horseback riding, electric and non-electric bikes, vineyard runs, concerts, painting classes, cooking classes, wine<br />

blending classes, yoga and fitness.



<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>, is the Heart of <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong> <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Country</strong>. The number of wineries in <strong>Temecula</strong>’s wine country<br />

has doubled over the last twenty years, with 40 wineries<br />

currently in operation. Many new wineries and vineyards are<br />

in the planning stage. A recently approved plan will allow<br />

an additional 120 wineries to begin operating in <strong>Temecula</strong>.<br />

<br />

Right: The Truax Building is one of the newer additions to Old Town. This<br />

mixed-use building’s turn-of-the-century architecture is just one of the several<br />

buildings to fill the vacant lots left in Old Town. More professional and retail<br />

buildings will be breaking ground, as well as more lodging options.<br />


Opposite: <strong>Temecula</strong> has proven to be the perfect place for families to grow and<br />

thrive. Master planned communities provide many enjoyable amenities.<br />











Several of the wineries are developing into attractions in their own rights and are<br />

headed to become destinations within a destination; like Wilson Creek <strong>Wine</strong>ry,<br />

South Coast <strong>Wine</strong>ry Resort & Spa, Ponte <strong>Wine</strong>ry, and Carter Estate <strong>Wine</strong>ry.<br />





<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Unified School District is creating opportunities to explore a variety of industries by providing students with real life environments<br />

and hands-on experiences. This professional, commercial kitchen at <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> High School is just one example of the investments that have<br />

been made to help students reach their full potential.<br />



<strong>Temecula</strong>’s residents and families are the heart of <strong>Temecula</strong>, they keep us moving forward.<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> gets a rating of 82 out of 100 for livability. Beautiful weather, numerous local<br />

amenities, a stable housing market and high graduation rates continue to make <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

a wonderful place to work, play and call home. Centrally located to numerous industrial<br />

hubs, <strong>Temecula</strong> remains one of the most unique and culturally diverse cities in <strong>Southern</strong><br />

<strong>California</strong>. Civic leaders foster strong economic growth and a positive business environment<br />

that enables the sustained economic success of the region.<br />



The business community continues to grow as the region attracts more technology-based and cutting edge companies. <strong>Temecula</strong>'s highly skilled<br />

and diversified workforce continues to provide our city with a competitive advantage. NaturVet employees pictured with Scott Garmon, CEO.<br />




122<br />

<br />






Old Traditions and New Opportunities was the slogan chosen when the city incorporated in 1989. Those words still hold true today as the two<br />

blend respectfully. The <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber of Commerce continues to pave the way for a growing regional economy. Since 1966 our activites,<br />

programs, and initiatives all serve one purpose - to make <strong>Temecula</strong> a better place to live, work, and play.<br />











Companies and civic entities whose businesses, products, and legacies<br />

continue to shape the future of <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>.<br />

Sharing the Heritage .........................................................................................................130<br />

Quality of Life ......................................................................................................146<br />

The Marketplace ...................................................................................................166<br />

Building a Greater <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> ..........................................................................202<br />







Historic profiles of businesses, organizations, and families that have<br />

contributed to the development and continued growth of <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>.<br />

La Pointe Wealth Management.............................................................................................132<br />

The Rancon Group, Inc. .....................................................................................................136<br />

Europa Village ......................................................................................................138<br />

RJ’s Sizzlin Steer...................................................................................................140<br />

Rancho <strong>California</strong> Water District .............................................................................142<br />

Keck Insurance Agency, Inc. ....................................................................................144<br />

City of <strong>Temecula</strong> ...................................................................................................145<br />




Archway welcomes you to Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong>.<br />


“People tend to be overly<br />

optimistic and then overly<br />

pessimistic.”<br />

It seems David La Pointe was destined to become a financial<br />

advisor. David remembers buying his first stock when he<br />

was in the sixth grade (Braniff International.) His mom let<br />

him buy the stock with his hard earned paper route money<br />

to teach him the lesson of why NOT to buy stocks. That<br />

backfired on her in a big way! He subscribed to the Wall<br />

Street Journal when he was only twelve years old and he has<br />

been reading it ever since. David admits to being a bit of a<br />

geek, but also admits that he was always interested in the<br />

news that affected the economy.<br />

David’s desire to help others with investment advice was<br />

triggered by a childhood incident in which a salesman came<br />

to his home and sold his mother—a single mom with three<br />

children—a promoted real estate scheme in Adelanto,<br />

<strong>California</strong> (try finding that on a map.)<br />

“That investment, which turned out to be completely<br />

unsuited for my mom, taught me that there are those out<br />

there who will try to take advantage of people,” he says.<br />

“There are some that will sell anything for a quick buck and<br />

I feel the average person needs to be protected from salespeople<br />

like that.”<br />

David earned his Bachelor of Business Administration<br />

degree with an emphasis on finance from Cal State University,<br />

Fullerton, but when he graduated the economy was terrible<br />

and the financial industry was not hiring any new people.<br />

The only field that was actively growing at the time was the<br />

energy industry and David found a job with Dresser<br />

Industries (now Halliburton) where he worked in the relatively<br />

new field of hydraulic fracturing. It was booming!<br />

Everyone was so optimistic. In fact, overly optimistic.<br />

Soon, however, he discovered the boom-and-bust cycle of the<br />

energy industry. Boom and Bust. Overly optimistic and then<br />

overly pessimistic. A cycle that repeats itself to this very day.<br />

During the energy bust of 1985, David went back<br />

to college and earned his Master’s degree in business<br />

from Pepperdine University in Malibu. When he graduated<br />

in January 1987, he found a job in the financial industry.<br />

However, he soon discovered that the financial industry<br />

was prone to the same cycle of economic boom and<br />

bust. “Everyone was overly optimistic about the stock markets,<br />

but by October 1987, everyone was overly pessimistic,”<br />

he recalls.<br />

Again, the same cycles.<br />

“What this taught me was that the average person doesn’t<br />

have the discipline to temper their emotions when it comes<br />

to fear and greed,” David explains. “People tend to buy when<br />

the news is good, and sell when the news is bad. We all<br />

know you should buy low and sell high, but people actually<br />

tend to do the opposite of that.”<br />

David established La Pointe Wealth Management in<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> in 1987 and has now provided financial advice to<br />

a diverse segment of investors for more than thirty years.<br />

When the business first started, it consisted of David, a<br />

friend from college, and a secretary. They worked out of an<br />

office so small they referred to it as a shoebox.<br />

In 1989, as he was trying to grow the business, David<br />

decided it made sense to talk with as many people as<br />



possible and to whoever would listen. This led to a very popular<br />

radio program called Money Matters that ran for more<br />

than thirteen years. On the program, David shared his philosophy<br />

about investing and many who agreed with his ideas<br />

became clients. “We were blessed with clients who believed<br />

in us and reached out to us,” David says. “These were clients<br />

who wanted and needed our help. We are very fortunate that<br />

many of them are still clients today. In some cases, we are<br />

helping the fourth generation of family members.”<br />

In 2003, David’s wife, Karen, joined the practice to help<br />

make sure the growing firm could provide its clients with a<br />

level of service and quality the area had never seen before.<br />

Prior to joining the group, Karen had extensive experience<br />

in the care of others, having served as a Critical Care<br />

Nurse and a mother to nine. She graduated from Azusa<br />

Pacific University with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing<br />

in 1981 and achieved her board certification in Critical<br />

Nursing (C.C.R.N.) in 1983. She spent thirty years working<br />

in many areas of Nursing, such as ICU/Trauma, Definitive<br />

Observation Unit (DOU), as well as education and case management.<br />

After years of caring for her patients’ medical<br />

needs, Karen transitioned into caring for the financial needs<br />

of others when she joined La Pointe Wealth Management.<br />

Additional staff was added as La Pointe Wealth<br />

Management continued to grow, but when the real estate<br />

crash happened in 2007-2008, the stock markets were in<br />

turmoil. La Pointe, however, met the challenge by actually<br />

increasing staff and office size, moving into new offices in<br />

‘Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong>.’<br />

“We were well known, well respected and successful,”<br />

David explains. “We enjoyed our community and had raised<br />

our families here. We wanted to ensure that our values,<br />

ethics and expertise continued into the future, so we found<br />

like-minded advisors who share our ethics and investment<br />

philosophy and asked them to join our practice. As a result,<br />

we have grown even more and have positioned the business<br />

to grow and continue beyond ourselves.<br />

“Our team cares deeply about the well-being of its clients<br />

and demonstrates this through continuing education, diligent<br />

market research, effective collaboration and personal<br />

service. We enjoy what we do and our work is meaningful.”<br />

Today, La Pointe Wealth Management provides its clients<br />

with premier investment advice and services, using independent,<br />

objective research and non-proprietary products.<br />

La Pointe’s process, developed over four decades of<br />

investing, is sound and solid and clients benefit from the<br />

team’s dedication to building wealth. La Pointe defines its<br />

client’s goals, identifies where they are today, and provides<br />

recommendations for the future. Once implemented the professionals<br />

at La Pointe Wealth Management monitor and<br />

track each client’s progress, communicating potential opportunities<br />

and working personally with each client to revise<br />

and refine along the way.<br />

<br />

Above: David La Pointe.<br />

Left: The current office of La Pointe Wealth Management.<br />

“We enjoy what we do and our<br />

work is meaningful.”<br />



Bottom: La Pointe donates use of their pop up and candy station for local<br />

tournaments.<br />

“That’s our job and we do it<br />

well.”<br />

La Pointe Wealth Management is complemented by the<br />

resources of LPL Financial, the nation’s largest independent<br />

broker/dealer, based on total revenue.* LPL provides La<br />

Pointe with access to non-proprietary investment vehicles,<br />

objective financial services, and powerful research and technology.<br />

This relationship empowers La Pointe to serve its<br />

clients with well informed, objective guidance.<br />

Among the advantages of being independent is that La<br />

Pointe Wealth Management has no obligation to investment<br />

product providers or home office quotas that may lead to a<br />

conflict of interest.<br />

La Pointe’s team of dedicated individuals work together<br />

with a disciplined approach to investments, responsible risk<br />

management and a never ending analysis and monitoring of<br />

the business cycle to help its clients now and into the future.<br />

La Pointe Wealth Management strives to provide a proper<br />

balance by putting things in perspective and paying attention<br />

to trends and emotions that tend to affect and create the<br />

never-ending business cycle.<br />

David prides himself on a client-centered approach that<br />

aligns with your needs, your timeframe and your goals. In<br />

addition to objective and independent investment advice,<br />

David and Karen’s goal is to ensure that strong ethics are the<br />

cornerstone of La Pointe Wealth Management, where a caring<br />

team of more than a dozen knowledgeable professionals<br />

work together to provide a high level of personal service and<br />

attention throughout the wealth management process.<br />

La Pointe Wealth Management believes investing should<br />

not be an end in itself, but rather a means to help their clients<br />

meet their goals. What matters most is that your financial<br />

portfolio enables you to live the life you have envisioned.<br />

“We strive to help you simplify the demands of<br />

managing your wealth and pursue your vision of the future,”<br />

David explains.<br />

That is our job and we do it well.<br />

We firmly believe in giving back to our community and to<br />

those in need. Karen is the primary driver of the firm’s charitable<br />

pursuits. She is a founding board member of the<br />

organization Charity for Charity, a nonprofit, which grants<br />

wishes to those in the community who are facing enormous<br />

health or physical challenges. She is part of the “wish<br />

brigade” and continues to serve on the advisory board.<br />



In 2017, Karen and David were privileged to be honored<br />

by Charity for Charity as recipients of the Jerry Delisle Heart<br />

of Our Mission Award. Charity for Charity started as a small<br />

idea in 2006 and has now grown to one of the premier charitable<br />

events in the valley.<br />

We are proud to lend a hand to Safe Alternatives for<br />

Everyone, (S.A.F.E.) which helps shelter victims of domestic<br />

abuse and builds safe futures for families who live with abuse<br />

and violence. David is an advisory board member to S.A.F.E.<br />

In 2017, Karen received the Torch Bearer Award from<br />

Women Organizing Women (W.O.W.) whose mission is to help<br />

Women in need. They partner with other organizations such as<br />

Oak Grove to offer mentoring programs and offer additional<br />

women support services in the United States and Africa.<br />

We proudly support the nonprofit Project Touch, which<br />

serves our communities’ homeless and The Rose Again<br />

Foundation that nurtures orphaned, foster children and children<br />

that have “timed-out” of the foster care system.<br />

Karen is privileged to hold a current positon on the<br />

Board of Governors at <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital. Her role is<br />

to oversee the safety and quality of services that are provided<br />

at the hospital and is honored to represent <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong><br />

Hospital to the community it serves.<br />

La Pointe Wealth Management sponsors the<br />

Thompson/Tansky Memorial Golf Tournament as well as<br />

many other charitable golf tournaments that raise money for<br />

various worthwhile causes in the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>. We are<br />

quick to donate our pop up and candy station at the various<br />

locations for these tournaments.<br />

La Pointe Wealth Management has grown to the point<br />

that it is looking to build a new, even larger building where<br />

they can continue to provide services, education and sponsorship<br />

of charitable events. We consider it a<br />

privilege to offer our office—free of charge—as a<br />

meeting place for charitable events that help<br />

the community. We stand firm in our commitment<br />

to “Invest in Others”.<br />

<br />

Above: The future office of La Pointe Wealth Management.<br />

Bottom: La Pointe Wealth Management’s Community Outreach Volunteers<br />

wearing the shirts of organizations which they sponsor.<br />

Integrity. Experience. Results.<br />

“Main Street, not Wall Street”<br />

David La Pointe is a Registered Principal with,<br />

and securities offered through LPL Financial,<br />

Member FINRA/SIPC.<br />

La Pointe Wealth Management is a separate<br />

entity from LPL Financial.<br />

*As reported by Financial Planning Magazine,<br />

June 1996-2017, based on total revenue.<br />




<br />

Top: 1973 Ground breaking of Rancon Group’s headquarters.<br />

Below: Dan Stephenson, Rancon’s Founder and Chairman.<br />

When Dan Stephenson, founder and chairman, of the<br />

Rancon Group, Inc, first arrived in town in 1968, there were<br />

few houses, some small local business, no traffic signals, and<br />

horses with riders could regularly be seen riding up and down<br />

the streets of Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong>. Dan looked at the soaring<br />

mountains, the lush green valleys, the misty mornings with<br />

temperate nights, the wide-open spaces and realized he had<br />

found his destiny. In the land business, location is everything<br />

and Dan knew Highway 395 was slated to become Interstate<br />

15 and Kaiser Development Company had purchased the<br />

largest cattle ranch in <strong>California</strong>, the Vail Ranch. Their plan<br />

was to create a country community, Rancho <strong>California</strong>.<br />

Dan was familiar with exploding growth. He was accustomed<br />

to being a part of a “start-up” community. He grew-up<br />

in the San Fernando <strong>Valley</strong> in the early 1950s before it was<br />

“The <strong>Valley</strong>.” His teen and young adult years were spent in<br />

Orange County. There were no high rises, no John Wayne<br />

Airport; no one called it the “OC.” A small amount of time<br />

spent in the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> and Dan quickly recognized this<br />

beautiful, unique area was in the path of progress that would<br />

link San Diego to Los Angeles. Within a one-hour drive you<br />

could be in Orange County, Riverside, Big Bear, Palm Springs,<br />

or at the beach. A new megalopolis was waiting to be developed<br />

and Dan wanted to be a part of this. Not just the development,<br />

but also for the preservation of the open space and<br />

lifestyle that so attracted Dan in the first place.<br />

In 1971, Dan formed Rancho Consultants, now known as<br />

Rancon. Since then, Rancon has worked closely with<br />

investors, government officials, developers, financial partners,<br />

banks, tenants, business and community leaders to<br />

develop some of the region’s most well-known projects. The<br />

name Rancon has become synonymous with real estate sales<br />

and quality land and building developments in the Southwest<br />

Riverside County. Rancon is one of the oldest and most wellrespected<br />

companies in the area and their history parallels<br />

that of the residential and commercial development that has<br />

occurred in the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>, considered one of the most<br />

dynamic and fastest growing regions in the United States.<br />

Rancon has developed teams of highly skilled professionals.<br />

Each is dedicated to creating mutually beneficial relationships<br />

with landowners, investors, financial institutions<br />

and the brokerage community. They offer a complement of<br />

real estate development and management services geared to<br />

meet the needs of a fast-changing marketplace. Their wide<br />

variety of services include: real estate brokerage, investment<br />

partnerships, property acquisition, escrow and asset management<br />

services, marketing and sales.<br />

Well regarded for their experience in horizontal development<br />

and entitlement process, Rancon also handles zone<br />

changes, engineering and other land improvements to enhance<br />

a property’s value. Additionally, the company has been responsible<br />

for over two million square feet of vertical development of<br />

office, retail, restaurants and industrial projects. A flagship commercial<br />

center is Tri-City Corporate in San Bernardino. Many<br />

retail shopping centers and commercial buildings in <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

and Murrieta have been developed by Rancon, including the<br />

314,000 square-foot shopping center, Village Walk.<br />

Since the beginning, Dan has been conscientious in preserving<br />

the original master-planned country community of Rancho<br />

<strong>California</strong>. He is adamant about promoting and preserving<br />

quality of life through development and protecting the open<br />

space of the <strong>Valley</strong>. Because of this, he has worked closely with<br />



the City of <strong>Temecula</strong> and Riverside County staff to ensure<br />

growth was implemented as originally envisioned. He was successful<br />

in the creation of the Southwest Riverside County<br />

Regional Parks District. He has worked closely with Riverside<br />

County, wine growers, equestrian groups, hikers and bikers to<br />

develop a functional and cohesive hiking/biking/equestrian trail<br />

system. With his wife, Beverly, they have given liberally to local<br />

organizations supporting arts, culture, sports and education<br />

programs. They were major donors for the building of the Old<br />

Town <strong>Temecula</strong> Community Theater and CRC Amphitheater.<br />

Their philanthropy also extends to nonprofits that provide services<br />

to the needy and distressed in our area. It may take a village<br />

to raise a child, but a community is built upon the dedicated<br />

vision of its developers. For over forty-seven years, Dan and<br />

Rancon Group have been proud to be part of the visionaries and<br />

enforcers to ensure <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> retains the “country feeling<br />

and open spaces” that inspired him so many years ago.<br />

Time Line:<br />

• 1971: Dan founded Rancho Consultants, specializing in<br />

forming investment partnerships to buy and sell properties<br />

in Rancho <strong>California</strong>.<br />

• 1971: Rancho Consultants Real Estate Corporation was<br />

incorporated. Now known as Rancon Real Estate, the<br />

firm currently employs over 150 agents and staff. Rancon<br />

Real Estate is one of the oldest and most successful real<br />

estate brokerage firms in the Inland Empire.<br />

• Early 1970s: La Cresta, a 6,000-acre ranch estate<br />

community, was successfully developed by Rancho<br />

Consultants. Large acreage estates were linked by riding<br />

and walking trails. Rancon then developed La Cresta<br />

Highlands, a 1,500-acre estate ranch community and<br />

Santa Rosa West, a 700-acre estate ranch community.<br />

Today, these mature communities are considered the premier<br />

ranch properties in the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>.<br />

• Early 1980s: Rancho Consultants (now Rancon) built<br />

headquarters in Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong> in the Rancon Plaza.<br />

• The 1980s: Rancon began publicly-syndicating land partnerships,<br />

which grew and evolved into large public limited<br />

partnerships. Rancon then commenced acquiring land<br />

and constructing buildings throughout Southwest<br />

Riverside County, including the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>. These<br />

partnerships built <strong>Temecula</strong>’s first shopping center,<br />

Winchester Square, along with numerous office buildings<br />

on Jefferson Avenue. Rancon funds financed a major<br />

industrial park in <strong>Temecula</strong> and developed the first master-planned<br />

community in Murrieta, Alta Murrieta.<br />

• Early 1990s: With the real estate market in a downturn,<br />

Dan saw an opportunity to form several small partnerships<br />

and purchase distressed portfolios, the largest being<br />

a $300,000,000 note from R.T.C. One of the acquired<br />

properties included in the R.T.C. portfolio, was Copper<br />

Canyon, a 600-acre residential community in Murrieta.<br />

• 2007: Rancon Group formed several investment entities<br />

to acquire acreage in <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong>. They purchased<br />

330 acres at the entrance to <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong>. They<br />

entitled 290 for vineyard estate residential, known as<br />

Europa Vineyard Estates, and the other forty acres to create<br />

a winery resort, known as Europa Village.<br />

• 2011: Europa Village opened Prelude. This temporary<br />

facility includes a 3,200 square-foot tasting room<br />

with a wine cave, veranda and gardens. They also<br />

purchased Loma Vista Bed and Breakfast calling it The<br />

Inn at Europa, adding ten guest rooms to the Europa<br />

Village name.<br />

• 2017: Grading began on the Europa Village vision. Old<br />

World architecture consisting of 3 European style wineries,<br />

60-unit destination resort, 3 restaurants, Italian market,<br />

retail and a world class spa, will gracefully adorn the<br />

hills of Europa in the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong>.<br />

<br />

Rancon’s headquarters is located at 41391 Kalmia Street, Suite 200 in<br />

Murrieta.<br />




<br />

Top: The Inn at Europa welcomes guests for a unique experience.<br />

Below: Europa Village is designed to bring three of the world’s famous wine<br />

regions to beautiful <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>.<br />

Whether sipping Merlot on the slopes in the French Alps<br />

after a day of skiing, drinking Chianti at a Castello in Siena or<br />

relaxing with a Tempranillo from Pamplona after running with<br />

the bulls, Chairman and Founder of the Rancon Group, Dan<br />

Stephenson, has long enjoyed the lifestyles and culture of<br />

Europe. The seed of a dream to bring his love of the European<br />

experience to the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> was born in early 1970s<br />

when he first explored the European countryside. It was nurtured<br />

throughout the 1980s and 1990s, when he further experienced<br />

the wines and foods and lived the cultures of France,<br />

Spain and Italy. Then in 2007, he found the “good earth”<br />

where the seed could be planted, when Dan and eighty local<br />

investors formed a company to purchase 330 acres in the burgeoning<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong>. There, among the<br />

rolling hills, the idyllic climate, and fertile earth, his vision to<br />

create a world-class wine country resort unlike any other in<br />

the United States was born. This vision is now Europa Village.<br />

Even with the land purchase in 2007, it was four more<br />

years before the idyllic lifestyle Stephenson hoped to emulate<br />

came to fruition. In 2011, Prelude, the original wine tasting<br />

facility, opened its doors. Since opening Prelude, Europa<br />

Village has grown rapidly and has become one of the most<br />

visited wineries in <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong>. In the<br />

early days, staff at Europa Village served approximately 200<br />

guests each week. Since those humble beginnings, the numbers<br />

have grown dramatically to more than 1,000 each week<br />

and sometimes over 2,000, with numbers growing each year.<br />

Helping further the success of Europa Village was the purchase<br />

of the Inn at Europa Village (formerly known as Loma<br />

Vista B&B.) Renovated and remastered under the concerting<br />

eye of the Innkeepers—Executive Chef Dean Thomas and his<br />

wife, Nicole—the charming and luxurious ten-room inn enjoys<br />

a ninety percent occupancy rate and was recently recognized by<br />

Travel Zoo as one of the “Top 20 Best Deals in <strong>Southern</strong><br />

<strong>California</strong>.” As one of the oldest B&Bs in <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong>, the Inn<br />

is considered the “grand dame” in the region and enjoys an<br />

excellent reputation for its warm hospitality and great breakfasts,<br />

including a number one rating from Trip Advisors, surpassing<br />

all Bed & Breakfasts in <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong>.<br />

Now, Europa Village is on the verge of a new adventure<br />

with the expansion and completion of the vision. The new<br />

facilities will create a network of three distinct wineries that<br />



will share the ambiance of Old World Europe while<br />

recreating the characteristics and culture of each country. In<br />

creating these European country villages, the design and<br />

development team has worked tirelessly to carefully craft the<br />

casual, intimate environment that makes the current facilities<br />

so popular. Their comprehensive approach was to design<br />

high-quality, authentic architecture and landscape designs,<br />

yet retain a relaxed lifestyle while ensuring no detail is overlooked.<br />

Each location will provide multiple settings for weddings,<br />

parties, corporate events and more.<br />

In C’est la Vie <strong>Wine</strong> Chateau, the French offering, guests<br />

can visit the town square, browse in boutique retail shops,<br />

sip wine at a sidewalk cafe, have a crepe or enjoy Bistro dining<br />

and, of course, have wine tastings in the Chateau. From<br />

any of the Provence designed, flat-style accommodations,<br />

guests enjoy the view of either the gardens or the town<br />

square from their own private French balcony.<br />

Strolling through the hacienda-styled Bolero Cellars,<br />

guests are transported to Spain. They may relax in its<br />

covered plazas while dining or wine tasting. Or, they can<br />

meander through covered walkways while strains of Spanish<br />

guitars and water trickling from fountains invites them to<br />

stop and enjoy. The ten fully-appointed, guest casitas each<br />

have their own private courtyard gardens where an intimate<br />

afternoon enjoying wine and each other can be spent.<br />

Vienza is the Italian village. It incorporates a wine cave,<br />

gardens and an amphitheater. For dining, there is the pizza<br />

kitchen and an Italian market, olive oil and balsamic vinegar<br />

tastings. The lodging will offer forty luxurious guest suites<br />

with concierge, dining, pool and cabana service and a<br />

European-style spa and boutique retail shops.<br />

The ambiance and the dream of Europa Village would be<br />

nothing without quality wines. Planting and production<br />

began in 2007. Beginning with six different wines, Europa<br />

Village now produces forty-seven different wines in the style<br />

of their represented countries. They offer many different<br />

varietals as well as blends and more offerings are planned for<br />

the future, as wells as a microbrewery. Continuing the attitude<br />

of excellence and Old World values is seen in every step<br />

of the wine-making.<br />

For Europa Village, being a world-class resort, having fine<br />

quality wines and service is not complete without being a<br />

good neighbor. Entrenched in the community, Europa<br />

Village, supports a myriad of local charities with donations<br />

of wine and sponsorship of events. Europa Village offers staff<br />

volunteers and yearly provides more than $50,000 in charitable<br />

donations/sponsorships.<br />

The Europa Village future is bright and the original<br />

founders’ mission and vision has now come to life. Come, be<br />

transformed by the thematic surroundings, a slower pace of<br />

life and experience the joys of great wine, good conversations<br />

and farm-to-table cuisine. Enjoy the resort with a day<br />

of wine tasting, a night of entertainment or spend a week of<br />

discovering new wines, exploring food pairings, entertainment,<br />

shopping, wine education classes, cooking classes,<br />

tours of the wine cave or relaxing at the full-service spa. For<br />

this is Europa Village.<br />

<br />

Above: Rows and rows of grapes, which are harvested every August.<br />

Bottom: Enjoying the evening at the Inn at Europa Village in the beautiful<br />

<strong>California</strong> night.<br />




<br />

Top: Owner Bob Fernandes, in 1987, working in the kitchen.<br />

Below: Bob and Cindy at <strong>Temecula</strong> grand opening March 1987.<br />

For over thirty years, one of the most popular restaurants<br />

in the Murrieta <strong>Valley</strong> has been RJ’s Sizzlin Steer, featuring<br />

fine family dining at affordable prices in a beautifully,<br />

friendly atmosphere.<br />

The full service steakhouse and bar serves quality steaks,<br />

seafood, smoked meats, salads, and sandwiches for lunch<br />

and dinner, seven days a week. The restaurant offers two<br />

large outdoor patios, twelve large-screen televisions, and is<br />

perfect for private parties.<br />

In the late 1980s, <strong>Temecula</strong> (then known as Rancho,<br />

<strong>California</strong>) was beginning to grow and was in dire need of<br />

restaurants. At the time, Tony and Vangie Fernandes, who<br />

owned Tony’s Spunky Steer in Chino, were looking for a second<br />

location to be operated by their son, Bob, and his wife,<br />

Cindy. The family saw the beautiful <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> as the<br />

perfect opportunity to open their new location.<br />

Bob and Cindy actually camped out with a number to<br />

stake a claim for a hard-to-find new tract home and moved<br />

to <strong>Temecula</strong> to operate the new restaurant, which was called<br />

Tony’s Spunky Steer.<br />

The restaurant was a hit from the very beginning, with<br />

lines of hungry customers waiting for a Stockyard steak dinner<br />

served on a sizzling hot platter with apple dumpling for<br />

dessert. The half-fried chicken dinner served with all the fixins,<br />

including dessert, was available for $2.49.<br />

Bob and Cindy, then in their early twenties, worked hard<br />

to establish the restaurant by providing friendly service and<br />

quality food. Vangie taught her daughter-in-law everything<br />

she knew about bookkeeping, the finances and the restaurant<br />

industry. Bob ran the kitchen and Tony, known for his<br />

‘gift of gab’, loved to sit with his guests for a few minutes and<br />

tell a favorite joke or story. Before long, the restaurant was<br />

one of the most popular in the valley.<br />

Bob and Cindy’s son, Robert, Jr., known as RJ, was born<br />

in 1989. Tragically, Bob was killed in an auto accident only<br />

five days after his son’s birth. With Tony and Vangie’s loving<br />

support, Cindy continued to operate the restaurant.<br />

Little RJ was literally raised in the restaurant and liked to<br />

follow the servers and talk with the customers. It was obvious<br />

he had inherited a ‘gift of gab’ from his father and grandfather.<br />

Cindy purchased the partnership in 2000 and renamed<br />

the restaurant RJ’s Sizzlin Steer in honor of RJ’s father and<br />

grandfather who had worked hard for many years earlier to<br />

establish the restaurants. Cindy remarried in 2001 to Matt<br />

Shoup, who had a beautiful daughter of his own, Hayley.<br />

Together they had a son, Verik, in 2005.<br />



In 2006, Matt and Cindy decided to relocate the restaurant<br />

to Murrieta and build from the ground up, utilizing<br />

Matt’s background in construction. Cindy, Matt, managers,<br />

cooks, servers and many new employees never missed a beat<br />

and the Murrieta location opened at 41401 Kalmia Street in<br />

June 2006. Meanwhile, RJ completed high school and<br />

attended culinary school, tapping into the family heritage. RJ<br />

is passionate about his menu, the community, mentoring<br />

youth, and the future of RJ’s Sizzlin Steer.<br />

RJ’s offers a large menu of mouthwatering selections,<br />

ranging from quality juicy steaks, fresh seafood, burgers,<br />

salads and sandwiches making the restaurant affordable to<br />

those on a budget or those with a more discriminating taste.<br />

RJ’s also serves a seasonal Sunday Brunch, popular Happy<br />

Hour and bar menu. Customers include young and old, families,<br />

business leaders, and city employees. RJ’s is also host to<br />

many wedding rehearsals, showers, anniversaries, and large<br />

parties. RJ’s offers a personalized catering menu to fit any<br />

need or budget.<br />

RJ’s now has more than fifty employees, many of whom<br />

have been with the restaurant for more than twenty years.<br />

After serving the community for over thirty years, RJ’s takes<br />

great pride in being very active in all areas of its hometown.<br />

Ten percent of the restaurant’s income is given back to the<br />

community through fundraiser events, gift card donations,<br />

nonprofit events and feeding the homeless. For ten years, RJ’s<br />

has partnered with Project TOUCH in serving the homeless<br />

community. The restaurant also partners with local churches<br />

to provide meals and gifts during the holidays and supports<br />

young people through school athletic and academic programs.<br />

“It is extremely humbling and gratifying to be a part of the<br />

community for three generations,’ says RJ. “Many customers<br />

dine with us and reminisce about eating at the restaurant when<br />

they were young and now enjoy dining at “RJ’s” with their children<br />

and grandchildren. Others remember their first job experience<br />

working at the restaurant and making lifelong friends.<br />

“RJ’s Sizzlin Steer’s future is about growth and development,”<br />

he continues. “We have a desire to see young people<br />

in our business and communities develop and thrive. We love<br />

to help and assist local businesses and future entrepreneurs.<br />

Our business plan for the future is to tap into all of our<br />

potential for growth, focusing primarily on creating a special<br />

experience for our customers, our staff, and the community.”<br />

To learn more about RJ’s Sizzlin Steer, and to check out<br />

the menu, visit their website at www.rjssizzlinsteer.com.<br />

<br />

Top: Matt and Cindy Shoup with their children R.J., Hayley, and Verik 2008<br />

at the restaurant.<br />

Above: Tony Fernandes with grandson, R.J. (Spunky and Lil Spunky).<br />

Bottom: R.J. on the line in Murrieta 2017.<br />





Rancho <strong>California</strong> Water District (RCWD) is a local,<br />

independent “Special District,” organized on August<br />

16, 1965, operating pursuant to the <strong>California</strong> Water<br />

District Law, Division 13 of the <strong>California</strong> Water Code.<br />

Because a wide range of general and special acts exist<br />

in state law, water special districts are governed by a<br />

large number of distinct statutory authorizations,<br />

which allows the District to provide designated water<br />

services. RCWD’s seven-member governing body, the<br />

board of directors, is directly elected by the voters for<br />

a fixed term of four years and are responsible for setting<br />

policy and decision-making. Legally a “political<br />

subdivision of the state.” RCWD operates in an open<br />

and public environment. The District’s responsible fiscal<br />

management and planning provide the financial means to<br />

ensure reliable water and wastewater system operations.<br />

From its inception in a one-room wooden building to its<br />

present facility, RCWD continues to plan for and meet the everchanging<br />

water needs of a growing and diverse community.<br />

Conserving and managing the area’s unique water resources are<br />

essential to the continued viability of the community. RCWD’s<br />

implementation of an Integrated Resources Plan (IRP), a<br />

roadmap for long-term resource planning, examines all possible<br />

supply-side and demand-side management opportunities<br />

to meet its customers’ needs in an economical and sustainable<br />

manner. The IRP addresses issues such as imported water supply<br />

availability, system capacity constraints, rising imported<br />

water costs, water quality issues and recycled water.<br />

RCWD maintains a complex system with 970 miles of<br />

pipeline and facilities to deliver high-quality water safely and<br />

reliably to 150,000 people. Because some of the water<br />

mains, reservoirs and equipment are over fifty years old,<br />

they require more preventive maintenance and upgrades to<br />

keep the system functioning efficiently and avoid expensive<br />

breaks and repairs.<br />

Over the last few years and in response to our region’s historic<br />

drought and water supply restrictions, RCWD realized<br />

we needed to engage our customers in long-term efficiency<br />

solutions. MyWaterTracker is a digital platform that enables<br />

our customers to visually see and track their water use on a<br />

day-by-day basis and compare this to their individual water<br />

budgets. No longer do our customers have to wait thirty<br />

days to get their bill and try to determine how much water<br />



they have used. Now they can simply log onto the website at<br />

their convenience and see how much water they have used<br />

each day and each hour. They can also compare their use to<br />

the previous month.<br />

RCWD gets its water from three main sources: groundwater,<br />

recycled water, and imported water. Approximately sixtyfive<br />

percent of the District’s water supply is from imported<br />

water from the Colorado River and the <strong>California</strong> Bay Delta<br />

with five percent being recycled water. Recycled water is used<br />

for irrigation of golf courses and large landscape areas.<br />

Recycled water helps save groundwater and imported water<br />

for household use. Approximately thirty percent of the<br />

District’s water supply is groundwater. The <strong>Temecula</strong>-<br />

Murrieta groundwater basin is an important source of supply<br />

and a valuable economic asset to RCWD’s groundwater:<br />

• Partially insulates customers from imported water price<br />

increases;<br />

• Provides high quality water to customers;<br />

• Provides a reliable water source during drought times; and<br />

• Significantly less expensive than imported water.<br />

RCWD is committed to protecting the availability and<br />

quality of its groundwater resources. RCWD is working with<br />

and encouraging other local land use and regulatory agencies<br />

to require use of sewer systems for large commercial and<br />

ancillary (resort, dining, hotel) developments in order to<br />

protect the quality of our groundwater by:<br />

• RCWD continues to monitor the quality and quantity of<br />

the groundwater;<br />

• RCWD approved a Groundwater Protection Policy; and<br />

• RCWD has made significant investments in our groundwater<br />

recharge and well production program, which has<br />

enabled the District to better manage the groundwater basin<br />

RCWD is lucky to have a substantial groundwater supply.<br />

This local source is our most reliable and costs about five<br />

times less than imported water from Northern <strong>California</strong> and<br />

the Colorado River.<br />

Rancho <strong>California</strong> Water District is working for you and<br />

serving the community with pride.<br />



Top: Dan and Dodie Keck.<br />

Below: Dan Keck Sr.<br />


AGENCY, INC.<br />

Serving the insurance needs of <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> businesses<br />

and residents for over 28 years, the Keck Insurance<br />

Agency, Inc., is an independent broker and one-stop<br />

shop, offering a wide variety of insurance, including auto,<br />

home, business, health and life products and services.<br />

Dan and Dodie Keck are a husband-wife team and<br />

second-generation owners of the business, originally in<br />

Orange County and founded by Dan’s father in 1972.<br />

Dan graduated from San Jose State University, where he<br />

played water polo on scholarship. Following college, he<br />

worked a decade for United Parcel Service before returning to<br />

the business he had grown up with as a life agent with Prudential<br />

Insurance. He relocated to <strong>Temecula</strong> in 1989 and, in 1992,<br />

assumed ownership of Keck Insurance. His was one of the first<br />

independent family-owned insurance agencies in town at a time<br />

when <strong>Temecula</strong> had a population of 28,000 and one traffic light.<br />

Dan met his wife, Dodie, in the late 1980s when both<br />

were employed by Prudential. They married in 1992 and she<br />

joined both the Keck family and family business in that same<br />

year. An integral member of the firm ever since, Dodie oversees<br />

the home/auto insurance division, manages the office,<br />

and makes certain that every client’s insurance needs are met<br />

appropriately and satisfactorily.<br />

The expertise of Keck Insurance is drawn from a staff of<br />

well-trained, knowledgeable and personable insurance professionals,<br />

with a combined 83 years of industry experience.<br />

Their qualifications are key to ensuring that every client’s insurance<br />

requirements are not only achieved, but are individually<br />

tailored to them. The agency’s goal is to provide personalized<br />

service and help each client save money on their insurance.<br />

“Our big emphasis is on service,” says Dan. “We provide very<br />

personal service and treat all clients like family.”<br />

Family, faith and community are Dan and Dodie’s highest<br />

priorities and they treat clients with the same caliber of kinship,<br />

care and responsibility.<br />

A coach for children’s local soccer, basketball and Little<br />

League, Dan is personally committed to the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>,<br />

which is both his home and the home base of his family business.<br />

As a past member of the Sunrise Rotary, he played a key<br />

role in the fundraising and construction of Rotary Park.<br />

Dodie also cherishes family and friendships, and when she<br />

is not in the office, she loves to cook and entertain. Her idea<br />

of getting away from it all is to read or work in her garden.<br />

The Kecks have made significant contributions of both<br />

time and money toward a variety of civic causes, including<br />

improvements to the Chaparral High School football stadium,<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Museum, and the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Old<br />

Town Theater. Dan also serves on the Board of Directors of<br />

Habitat for Humanity–Inland <strong>Valley</strong>.<br />

To honor Dan’s father and Keck Insurance founder for his<br />

military service in WWII, the family contributed a brick to<br />

the Veteran’s Memorial located at the <strong>Temecula</strong> Duck Pond<br />

and Veteran Memorial.<br />

As <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> continues to grow and thrive, the Kecks<br />

will continue to insure the community and the future citizens<br />

who will make their homes and enterprises here. Stephen, one<br />

of Dan and Dodie’s three sons, has become part of the family<br />

business while attending San Diego State University. The<br />

Kecks look forward to the day when Keck Insurance Agency<br />

becomes a third-generation family-owned company.<br />



Old Traditions, New Opportunities—this is the staple<br />

that encompasses the fullness of what the City of <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

builds its core values on as its history, culture and vision for<br />

the future continues to shape its focus and direction.<br />

Since its early beginnings, the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> has<br />

always been a place where the combination of mild climate<br />

and beautiful rolling hills have attracted human settlement.<br />

The hillsides were the home of the <strong>Temecula</strong> Indians,<br />

the first residents of the area. Ancestors of the <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

Indians were in this area as early as 900 A.D. The native<br />

people from here to the coast who shared the same language<br />

and culture became commonly known as the<br />

Luiseños, because many of their villages were once under the<br />

influence of Mission San Luis Rey.<br />

Following a host of events throughout the 1800s and<br />

1900s, there was a shift that led to the making of land grants<br />

in the mid-1840s. <strong>Temecula</strong> also became the shipping point<br />

for grain and cattle, which was an important economic transition.<br />

The last years of the 1960s and early 1970s witnessed<br />

the beginnings of dramatic change in the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>.<br />

Engineers, contractors, heavy-equipment operators and real<br />

estate agents became prevalent.<br />

The Kaiser Land Development Company marketed the<br />

valley’s attractions actively. Soon, the area became known as<br />

Rancho <strong>California</strong>. Many land sales were accomplished by<br />

means of limited partnership syndications, which helped to<br />

spread awareness of the area.<br />

One side effect of this high-profile development was a<br />

second tier real estate boom in land suitable for avocado<br />

groves and grape vineyards on the east side of the valley. The<br />

value of this land skyrocketed. The late 1970s then brought<br />

changes that included new restaurants and retail.<br />

By the 1980s the I-15 corridor between Los Angeles<br />

County and San Diego was completed leading to the subdivision<br />

land boom. When Rancho <strong>California</strong> incorporated in<br />

December 1989, the citizens voted to officially name their<br />

city “<strong>Temecula</strong>.”<br />

Today, the City of <strong>Temecula</strong> is a community filled with<br />

booming retail and tourism, and is voted one of the best<br />

cities to raise a family and one of the top safest cities in the<br />

nation. It provides culture, innovation and a regional economic<br />

center for Southwest Riverside County while retaining<br />

its small town feel and character. <strong>Temecula</strong> continues to<br />

value old traditions and expand to new opportunities as it<br />

strives to support quality of life in every aspect.<br />


<br />

Top: <strong>Temecula</strong> Railroad Station in the 1800s.<br />

Below: <strong>Temecula</strong> City Hall today.<br />

.<br />







Healthcare providers, foundations, universities,<br />

and other institutions that contribute to the<br />

quality of life in <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong><br />

<strong>California</strong> State University San Marcos at <strong>Temecula</strong>...............................................................148<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital ...................................................................................................150<br />

Visit <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> ........................................................................................................152<br />

Oak Grove Center .............................................................................................................154<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber of Commerce ................................................................................156<br />

Loma Linda University Medical Center—Murrieta..................................................................157<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Unified School District ...............................................................................158<br />

Habitat for Humanity Inland <strong>Valley</strong>.....................................................................................159<br />

Charity for Charity...........................................................................................................160<br />

Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County ................................................................................161<br />

Murrieta Rotary Club ........................................................................................................162<br />

Options and Oppritunities The Choice Program......................................................................163<br />

Murrieta Counceling Center ...............................................................................................164<br />

Dr. Dave Cutts, DDS .........................................................................................................165<br />






<br />

Top: In 2014, Dr. Roger Schultz, superintendent and president of Mt. San<br />

Jacinto College, and Dr. Karen Haynes, president of <strong>California</strong> State<br />

University San Marcos, signed an agreement to create a 2+2 pathway in<br />

which students can earn an associate degree and a Bachelor of Science in<br />

Business Administration in four years, guaranteed.<br />

Below: Community involvement is at the heart of the CSUSM at <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

experience. In 2016, students and staff celebrated César Chávez Day through<br />

service projects with Habitat for Humanity.<br />

Marine veteran Natalie Morales is determined to earn<br />

her bachelor’s and master’s degrees by using the three years<br />

of education benefits available to her through the Post-9/11<br />

GI Bill. Thanks to innovative programming at <strong>California</strong><br />

State University San Marcos (CSUSM) at <strong>Temecula</strong>, she is<br />

right on schedule.<br />

With guaranteed classes and time to graduation in the<br />

cohort format offered at the <strong>Temecula</strong> campus, Morales<br />

earned her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology: Health<br />

Science Option in May 2017. An internship as part<br />

of the program ignited her interest in public health, and she<br />

is now completing a Master of Public Health on the San<br />

Marcos campus.<br />

“I want to set an example for my daughter and for my<br />

son that you can persevere and accomplish your goals,”<br />

Morales says.<br />

CSUSM at <strong>Temecula</strong> is the only public university in<br />

Southwest Riverside County offering upper-division bachelor’s<br />

degree programs as well as professional development<br />

certificates, personal enrichment programs and customized<br />

training programs for area businesses. The campus provides<br />

local access to a premier education, and the cohort structure<br />

(students who progress as a group) ensures that students get<br />

the classes they need to graduate on schedule.<br />

The CSUSM at <strong>Temecula</strong> campus was established in 2008<br />

at the Paul Goldring Garrett Institute for Higher Learning<br />

and a cohort of forty students comprised the first class of the<br />

Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in the<br />

new facility.<br />

By 2010 the campus had outgrown its original location and<br />

a grand reopening marked the move to its present site, a former<br />

elementary school on Margarita Road. With eight classrooms, a<br />

nursing skills lab, a simulation lab complete with medical mannequins,<br />

a biology lab and a training room for kinesiology,<br />

CSUSM at <strong>Temecula</strong> launched a Bachelor of Science in<br />

Kinesiology: Health Science Option in 2010, a Bachelor of<br />

Science in Business Administration in 2012 and a Bachelor of<br />

Science in Criminology and Justice Studies in 2015.<br />

For Brenda Anguiano, the proximity and the program<br />

structure offered at CSUSM at <strong>Temecula</strong> made it possible for<br />

her to finally complete her twenty-three-year journey toward<br />

a degree. As a <strong>Temecula</strong>-area business owner, she needed a<br />

program that was nearby and that meshed with her schedule.<br />

“I loved that fact that it was two days a week,” says<br />

Anguiano, who earned her Bachelor of Science in Business<br />

Administration in 2016. “And then, five semesters and I<br />

would be done.”<br />

In 2014, CSUSM at <strong>Temecula</strong>, Mt. San Jacinto College<br />

(MSJC) and the city of <strong>Temecula</strong> celebrated the opening of<br />

the <strong>Temecula</strong> Higher Education Center, a joint education<br />

facility dedicated to the study of business. At the ribboncutting<br />

in <strong>Temecula</strong>’s former City Hall, CSUSM at <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

and MSJC announced a 2+2 guaranteed pathway degree in<br />

which students can earn an associate degree at MSJC and a<br />

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at CSUSM at<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> in four years, guaranteed, if they meet all of the<br />

academic requirements.<br />



True to its mission to provide education programs that<br />

uniquely serve the region, CSUSM at <strong>Temecula</strong> launched the<br />

Environmental Leadership Institute in 2011 and the<br />

Environmental Leadership Academy in 2012. The institute<br />

serves as a resource for environmental planning, analysis,<br />

assessments, policy and education for emerging environmental<br />

leaders and practitioners. The academy brings together<br />

community and government leaders, industry professionals<br />

and concerned citizens in a four-month program that gives<br />

participants the tools to develop a deeper understanding of<br />

the environmental issues affecting our quality of life.<br />

“That’s the strength of the academy, that we have representation<br />

across all segments of the industry,” says Matt Rahn,<br />

Environmental Leadership Institute director/research faculty.<br />

“I always felt that a lot of our issues could be more easily<br />

resolved if we sat down with a cup of coffee and talked, rather<br />

than getting our policymakers and lawyers involved.”<br />

Business and professional development programs at<br />

CSUSM at <strong>Temecula</strong> rotate according to the current needs of<br />

the region and have included professional certificates in meeting<br />

and event planning, hospitality, business emergency preparedness<br />

planning, wedding planning and more. Taught by<br />

CSUSM faculty or industry experts, the certificate programs<br />

are short-term and provide skills that are immediately applicable<br />

on the job or necessary to break into a new career.<br />

Staff and students at CSUSM at <strong>Temecula</strong> serve the community<br />

through causes and organizations such as the<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> Education Foundation, area chambers of commerce,<br />

the Economic Development Coalition, Visit<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong>, <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> Growers Association, <strong>Valley</strong><br />

Young Professionals and Habitat for Humanity.<br />

As a satellite campus of CSUSM and a part of the twentythree-campus<br />

<strong>California</strong> State University system, CSUSM at<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> shares an unwavering commitment to student success<br />

and to meeting the lifelong educational needs of the community.<br />

The campus combines the academic strengths of a<br />

large university with the personal interactions possible in a<br />

smaller institution as students from diverse backgrounds work<br />

closely with faculty who are active scholars in their academic<br />

disciplines. In the coming years, CSUSM at <strong>Temecula</strong> will<br />

continue to expand access to an excellent and affordable education,<br />

and to contribute to the ongoing intellectual, civic,<br />

economic and cultural life of Southwest Riverside County.<br />

To learn more, visit the school’s website at<br />

www.csusm.edu/temecula.<br />

<br />

Top: The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at the Margarita<br />

Road campus is a cohort-based, twenty-four-month program. The average<br />

GPA for students in this rigorous degree is 3.468.<br />

Bottom: CSUSM at <strong>Temecula</strong> is the only public university in Southwest<br />

Riverside County offering upper-division bachelor’s degrees. This young<br />

satellite campus for <strong>California</strong> State University San Marcos counts more<br />

than 600 alumni from its four degree programs. Additional offerings include<br />

professional development certificates, personal enrichment programs and<br />

customized training programs for area businesses.<br />





On October 14, 2013, <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital opened<br />

as a center for healing with a soothing environment that<br />

has peaceful scenic views, natural light, and spacious,<br />

comfortable lounges. As the only hospital in <strong>Temecula</strong>, the<br />

facility was a welcome addition to the community. <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

<strong>Valley</strong> Hospital has 300 affiliated physicians, over 700<br />

employees and 170 volunteers, and offers the community<br />

a comprehensive range of services similar to hospitals in<br />

large metropolitan areas.<br />

When <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital was built, it was<br />

designed for future expansion to help accommodate<br />

the area’s continued growth. Its thirty-seven-acre campus<br />

can accommodate additional expansion as community<br />

needs grow. In fact, in April 2017, the hospital<br />

broke ground on a first-floor expansion project for<br />

additional space of over 28,000 square feet, further<br />

expanding the facility’s cardiac, neurosciences and<br />

surgical services.<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital offers many services to<br />

the community:<br />

• Cardiology Services: Along with a wide range of<br />

diagnostic imaging and outpatient services, <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

<strong>Valley</strong> Hospital offers major specialty services that<br />

include open-heart surgery through a clinical collaboration<br />

with University of <strong>California</strong> San Diego Health. The<br />

hospital is also designated as a STEMI receiving<br />

center and stroke ready hospital by the Riverside<br />

and San Diego County Emergency Medical Services<br />

Agencies, and The Joint Commission has designated<br />

the hospital as an advanced primary stroke center. In<br />

addition to those distinctions, the Chest Pain Center<br />

at <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital is nationally recognized<br />

by the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care for<br />

meeting or exceeding national care standards for acute<br />

cardiac medicine.<br />

• Advanced Primary Stroke Center: <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong><br />

Hospital earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of<br />

Approval ® and has been recognized by the American<br />

Heart Association and the American Stroke Association<br />

for advanced primary stroke center certification for their<br />

commitment to stroke and neurological care. The hospital’s<br />

dedicated stroke program helps to ensure that stroke<br />

patients receive the most appropriate treatment according<br />

to nationally recognized, research-based guidelines based<br />

on the latest scientific evidence, fostering better outcomes<br />

for stroke patients in the surrounding <strong>Temecula</strong> area.<br />

• Emergency Care Services: The emergency department at<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days<br />

a week to provide area residents with the emergency<br />

and urgent medical care they need, when they need it.<br />

A team of emergency medicine physicians, registered<br />

nurses and specially trained staff work in cooperation<br />

with other in-house specialists to provide high-quality<br />

treatment as quickly as possible.<br />

• Intensive Care Services: <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital partners<br />

with UC San Diego Health to provide on-site<br />

Intensive Care physician coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days<br />

a week in the twenty-bed intensive care unit. The critical<br />

care board-certified physicians and experienced nurses<br />

are specially trained to provide high quality care for the<br />

most severely ill patients.<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital offers a comprehensive range<br />

of additional specialty care services that bring quality care<br />

to the community:<br />

• Gastroenterology: Digestive system problems such as<br />

abdominal pain, acid reflux or heartburn, irregular<br />

bowel movements, and indigestion are some of the signs<br />

and symptoms treated by gastroenterologists. Physicians<br />

may use a variety of lab tests, imaging tests and health<br />

screenings to determine a diagnosis and treatment.<br />



• Orthopedics: In addition to bone fractures and breaks, the<br />

hospital offers treatments ranging from total hip and knee<br />

replacements; to spine, foot and hand surgeries; to minimally<br />

invasive lumbar decompressions; and many others.<br />

• Surgical Services: The surgery department’s mission at<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital is to provide medically<br />

advanced, high-quality surgical services for all patients.<br />

The surgical expertise includes management of the<br />

most common ailments and includes minimally invasive<br />

procedures. Inpatient and outpatient surgical services<br />

are available to address a wide range of treatment areas.<br />

• Other Services: <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital also offers<br />

nutritional services through specialized menus and<br />

registered dieticians; palliative care that provides support<br />

during serious illness; and bloodless medicine options<br />

to honor religious beliefs tied to blood transfusions.<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital is dedicated to the community<br />

and passionate about being involved in activities and efforts<br />

for the City of <strong>Temecula</strong> and its surrounding areas.<br />

Some of the activities that <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital<br />

participates in include:<br />

• Heart Walk: Employees, volunteers and families raise<br />

funds for the American Heart Association by recruiting<br />

donors to sponsor them in the annual Heart Walk held<br />

at Lake Skinner, <strong>California</strong>.<br />

• <strong>Temecula</strong> Health and Wellness Fair: Clinical staff<br />

donates their time to provide free health screenings<br />

(blood pressure, lipid panel, and glucose) as well as<br />

providing community education on topics such as<br />

heart health, stroke, and nutrition.<br />

• Women’s Heart Health Event: Clinical staff provides<br />

education on heart disease, heart health, CPR, and<br />

stroke awareness.<br />

• Aphasia Support Group: This stroke support group<br />

provides education at monthly gatherings.<br />

• Rose Again Foundation: Hospital staff collects and donates<br />

gifts for local orphaned and foster children over the holidays.<br />

• Jacob’s House: Employees donate needed items and funds<br />

to provide housing for families who have loved ones in<br />

the hospital and cannot afford other accommodations.<br />

• Support for Underprivileged Patients: Employees donate<br />

items throughout the year to support less-fortunate<br />

patients who come through the hospital.<br />

• TVH Volunteers: The hospital’s robust volunteer program<br />

enables community members to enjoy meaningful<br />

volunteer work within the community.<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital—“your community hospital”—<br />

is a vibrant and active participant in the community<br />

of <strong>Temecula</strong> and its surrounding areas. The hospital is<br />

dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of community<br />

members with a focus on patient centered, family sensitive<br />

care. For information on everything <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital<br />

has to offer, visit www.temeculavalleyhospital.com or call<br />

855-859-5202 to make an appointment.<br />

Disclaimer: Physicians are independent practitioners who are<br />

not employees or agents of <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital. The hospital<br />

shall not be liable for actions or treatments providedby physicians.<br />




<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> welcomes nearly 3-million visitors from<br />

around the world annually. Visit <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> (VTV) is<br />

the region’s official tourism marketing organization and<br />

resource for visitors to <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong>.<br />

VTV owns the official tourism site at visittemeculavalley.com<br />

providing up-to-date visitor information on events, restaurants,<br />

things to do, and lodging. A subdivision of VTV is<br />

Film <strong>Temecula</strong>, a resource, and permitting office for all filming<br />

within the City of <strong>Temecula</strong>.<br />

As a nonprofit organization, VTV promotes <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

<strong>Valley</strong> as a year-round travel destination, located in<br />

the center of <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong>. The business is<br />

primarily funded by an assessment through overnight occupancy<br />

within the City of <strong>Temecula</strong> and <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Country</strong>. In addition, the City of <strong>Temecula</strong> Pechanga<br />

Resort Casino, and tourism members contribute to the<br />

annual budget.<br />

The main tourism attractions marketed through the<br />

organization are <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong>, Old Town<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong>, Pechanga Resort Casino, and large scale<br />

special events and festivals. Visiting can fill several days with<br />

activities like wine tasting, golf, breweries, shopping, dining,<br />



agriculture, hot air balloon flights, horseback riding,<br />

gaming, spa, and much more.<br />

Tourism to <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> brings more than $720-million<br />

in travel spending, which is a fifty-five percent increase since<br />

the inception of VTV in 2004. The tourism industry is a large<br />

part if <strong>Temecula</strong>’s economy it supports nearly 7,500 employees<br />

in the valley, which is a forty-two percent increase since it<br />

began. The destination continues to announce new hotels,<br />

restaurants, wineries, and tourism-related businesses each year.<br />

Travelers can find directions and information about<br />

what there is to see and do at the Visitor Center, located<br />

in Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong> at 28690 Mercedes Street, adjacent<br />

to the parking structure or by visiting the website at<br />

www.visittemeculavalley.com.<br />




<br />

Top: Oak Grove Center’s catering class.<br />

Below: One of four signature events, Rock the Oaks, to raise funds for Oak<br />

Grove Center.<br />

Oak Grove Center is a twenty-four hour nonprofit residential,<br />

educational and treatment center for children and<br />

youth throughout <strong>California</strong> with psychological emotional,<br />

and behavioral problems and special needs. The mission of<br />

Oak Grove Center is to rebuild the lives of at-risk children<br />

and their families through education, healing, restoring relationships,<br />

building character and instilling hope—<br />

Empowering Success*Transforming Lives.<br />

Oak Grove was founded in 1989 by a psychiatrist, psychologist<br />

and educator and evolved into a nonprofit in 1992.<br />

At this time, Oak Grove became more involved in the local<br />

community and began to expand its Board of Directors.<br />

In the early days, the culture of Oak Grove reflected a ‘correctional’<br />

model. This changed over time into a therapeutic,<br />

relationship oriented program, which incorporates advanced<br />

training and a focus on trauma informed care designed to<br />

equip youth with coping skills and strategies to avoid self<br />

harm, engage in problem solving and positive relationships.<br />

Today, Oak Grove has a well-established Work Ability (WAI)<br />

program and culinary internship, which allows the youth identified<br />

with special education needs to gain work experience and<br />

participate in activities that promote independence, including<br />

self-advocacy, independent living, college and career preparation,<br />

and community involvement or leisure activities. Various<br />

internships have been added that also enhance the students<br />

hands-on learning experiences in a variety of fields including<br />

Culinary, Gardening, and Vehicle Maintenance.<br />

“At Oak Grove, we believe in children and their ability to<br />

grow, heal, recover and rise above the challenges they face,”<br />

explains Tammy Wilson, CEO of Oak Grove. “Our mission is<br />

to rebuild the lives of at-risk children and their families<br />

through educating, healing, restoring relationships, building<br />

character and instilling hope. We believe that the work we do<br />

today builds a better tomorrow and that this is accomplished<br />

though outstanding school and therapy programs, a talented<br />

clinical team, and a dedicated staff that is committed to maintaining<br />

a positive, reinforcing and holistic environment<br />

designed to engender change in the lives of children.”<br />

Oak Grove provides a wide range of enrichment programs<br />

including an expansive arts program that focuses on<br />

multiple genres of arts and sports activities. Services include<br />

residential treatment provided for those 8 to 18 and a nonpublic<br />

school that is WASC accredited for children and<br />

youth ages 5 to 21. Oak Grove added an autism program in<br />

2007, which has continued to grow. There is also Partial<br />

Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, Wraparound and<br />

Recovery Programs. Oak Grove Center is licensed as a Short<br />

Term Residential Treatment Program.<br />

Oak Grove’s arts program began in 2005 and grew<br />

from a small music class to a full blown Arts Program<br />

including Visual Arts, Dance, Culinary Arts, Video, Drama,<br />

Martial Arts, Storytelling, Performing Arts and more. The<br />

Arts provide healing opportunities for youth who have faced<br />

abuse and trauma, students gain confidence and self-esteem<br />

is enhanced.<br />

Oak Grove measures success in a variety of ways due to<br />

the population served. Oak Grove ensures that students are<br />



meeting academic expectations through demonstration of<br />

passing classes, attainment of credits, positive attendance,<br />

and improvements in behavior, social skills, and self-advocacy.<br />

Over the last three years, both school programs have<br />

demonstrated high success rates in those areas. These success<br />

rates are especially significant for Oak Grove’s population<br />

as the majority have demonstrated a pattern of failure in<br />

these areas prior to placement to such a degree that more<br />

restrictive level of placement was warranted. Students have<br />

been able to experience success at Oak Grove, which has<br />

resulted in positive transitions back into district programs.<br />

With the help of Oak Grove’s programs, residents and students<br />

leave equipped to perform well in their daily lives.<br />

Oak Grove often has past residents and students return to<br />

visit and tell their own stories of how they were able to succeed<br />

and improve their lives after treatment. We enjoy hearing<br />

the success stories with adults who are now parents and<br />

say “the cycle of abuse stopped with me” as well as others<br />

who are serving in professions, trades, and the military, leading<br />

successful lives.<br />

Oak Grove Center’s main campus is located in Murrieta<br />

and offers all levels of care. Oak Grove also operates a nonpublic<br />

school campus in Perris, Oak Grove at the Ranch, and<br />

provides community-based services in Bermuda Dunes, Oak<br />

Grove and the Desert.<br />

Oak Grove has grown from a staff of fewer than 100 providing<br />

residential treatment and school services for 76 youth<br />

to a staff of 374 providing services to 1,500 youths each year.<br />

Oak Grove is the second largest employer in Murrieta and is<br />

highly involved in the health of the community and its youth<br />

by treating and educating some of the most vulnerable children<br />

who have special needs and/or are at risk.<br />

Oak Grove Center is a member of both the <strong>Temecula</strong> and<br />

Murrieta Chambers of Commerce and key staff members<br />

serve on a number of committees and forums with other<br />

nonprofits and community organizations.<br />

Four signature events each year—Rock the Oaks, Evening<br />

Under the Oaks, Oak Grove Golf Classic-So-Cal Chef Open<br />

and Murrieta Rod Run—help provide funding for the arts,<br />

sports, recreation, culinary and educational, vocational programs<br />

as well as the fund for children without families.<br />

To learn more about the Oak Grove Center, including<br />

how to serve on a committee with one of the signature<br />

events, check the website at www.oakgrovecenter.org.<br />

<br />

Top: Oak Grove science students.<br />

Bottom: Oak Grove’s dance team performs Phantom of the Opera.<br />





<br />

Temcula <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber of Commerce.<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> is one of the most picturesque and historic<br />

communities in <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong>. The history of<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> is rich and varied. Incorporated as a city in 1989,<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> is well known for its historic Old Town, championship<br />

golf courses, a climate perfect for serene and beautiful<br />

hot-air ballooning adventures and includes top-tier<br />

accommodations and dining.<br />

Branded as <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong>, <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

boasts award-winning wineries nestled in 3,000 acres of picturesque<br />

wine country. Our unique micro-climate creates the<br />

ideal environment for growing grapes and producing high<br />

quality wines.<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> offers its residents award-winning schools,<br />

beautiful residential communities, diverse shopping/dining<br />

options, higher educational opportunities, and a vast array<br />

of parks and trails.<br />

In additional to being a great place to live, <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

is a business-friendly community. <strong>Temecula</strong> boasts access<br />

to <strong>California</strong>’s vibrant economic and research sectors, providing<br />

platforms for start-up companies and vast opportunities<br />

for economic development. Rated one of the top twenty<br />

least expensive cities to do business in <strong>California</strong> by the<br />

Kosmont-Rose Institute, <strong>Temecula</strong> remains the ideal city<br />

for relocating, expanding, and developing a new project in<br />

<strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong>.<br />

As the leading business organization in the <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

<strong>Valley</strong>, the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber of Commerce (TVCC)<br />

works tirelessly to promote business development and give<br />

their members direct access to business and community<br />

leaders who share their economic, civic and social concerns.<br />

The TVCC prides themselves on being an advocate for business,<br />

and is dedicated to regional prosperity by informing<br />

members of the latest business trends. The Chamber unites<br />

the efforts of business, industrial and professional individuals<br />

to ensure an enhanced business climate, harnessing the<br />

tremendous potential of the private enterprise system and<br />

enabling its members to accomplish collectively what no one<br />

could do individually.<br />

Founded in 1966, the TVCC has long been an integral<br />

part of development of the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>. In 1990 the<br />

TVCC founded the Economic Development Corporation<br />

and in 1998, founded the Tourism Council. As the business<br />

community continued to grow in <strong>Temecula</strong>, the Chamber<br />

saw the need to help their business members develop<br />

a common voice to speak to local and state government<br />

and formed the Southwest <strong>California</strong> Legislative Council. To<br />

further support a specific, but very important business sector,<br />

the TVCC launched the Southwest <strong>California</strong><br />

Manufacturing Council in 2013. With a vision of advancing<br />

manufacturing success in the region, the Council includes<br />

representation from a diverse and expansive group of the<br />

area’s manufacturing sector.<br />

The mission of the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber of<br />

Commerce is and always has been to promote positive economic<br />

growth while protecting the environment for all businesses<br />

and to support the programs, which preserve and<br />

improve the quality of life for the entire community.<br />



Loma Linda University Medical Center–Murrieta is the<br />

fulfillment of a vision to create a world-class community<br />

hospital to continue the teachings and healing ministry of<br />

Jesus Christ.<br />

In 2010, a Wall Street Journal report identified the<br />

Murrieta–<strong>Temecula</strong> region as one of the most underserved<br />

communities in the nation for healthcare, citing an<br />

alarmingly low hospital bed-to-population ration. The report<br />

bolstered a group of dedicated physicians and community<br />

members to form Physicians Hospital of Murrieta, LLC<br />

(PHM). The group purchased a tract of land between Scott<br />

and Clinton Keith Roads in Murrieta, hired an architect, and<br />

began construction of a new facility.<br />

During the construction, PHM began searching for a regional<br />

healthcare partner and learned that Loma Linda University<br />

Health (LLUH) was looking more closely at the Murrieta–<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> region. The two organizations formed a for profit<br />

joint venture and moved forward under the name of Loma<br />

Linda University Medical Center–Murrieta. LLUH subsequently<br />

purchased the shares from PHM and the new hospital became<br />

part of the Loma Linda University Health System. Later,<br />

LLUMC-Murrieta became a faith-based, nonprofit institution,<br />

fully owned and operated by Loma Linda University Health<br />

The 106-bed hospital, opened in 2011, brings together<br />

the expertise of a teaching hospital with the personal feel of<br />

a community hospital in a calm and healing environment.<br />

Since it opened, LLUMC-Murrieta has served more than<br />

45,000 patients. The main hospital and its adjacent<br />

Professional Office Building work in tandem to meet a wide<br />

spectrum of the inpatient and outpatient healthcare needs of<br />

a fast-growing region of nearly 800,000 people.<br />

Key specialties provided by LLUMC-Murrieta include<br />

cardiovascular services, women’s health, cancer care, orthopedics,<br />

spine care, NICU, wound care, and hyperbaric medicine.<br />

The comprehensive heart program offers adult patients<br />

unmatched expertise from leading cardiac experts with<br />

convenient access. Services include a heart attack receiving<br />

center and certified chest pain center; three state-of-the-art<br />

digital catheterization labs; interventional care for coronary<br />

artery disease, aneurysms and heath failure; treatment for<br />

atrial fibrillation and other heart rhythm disorders; and<br />

cardiac rehabilitation.<br />

Women’s health programs include a diagnostic imaging<br />

center and an all-private family birthing center with 24-hour<br />

family visits and the only hospital-based lactation support<br />

services in the region. A new six-bed, Level II neonatal intensive<br />

care unit is scheduled to open in late 2017.<br />

LLUMC-Murrieta is developing a more comprehensive<br />

range of cancer care services to help patients navigate treatments,<br />

surgery and recovery. The current program has a<br />

Tumor Registry to help patients in developing a better plan<br />

for their unique needs.<br />

The hospital’s total joint replacement program<br />

utilizes the most advanced surgical and nonsurgical<br />

techniques to eliminate or relieve knee,<br />

shoulder, and hip pain.<br />

In the decades to come, Loma Linda University<br />

Medical Center–Murrieta will continue to build on<br />

its vision of innovating excellence in Christ-centered<br />

healthcare by emphasizing the values of teamwork,<br />

wholeness, integrity, compassion, and excellence.<br />








<br />

Top: <strong>Temecula</strong> Chamber of Commerce Students of the Year. We greatly<br />

appreciate our partnership with the local community, Chamber and Sally<br />

Myers for spearheading this twenty-six year program.<br />

Below: Students at Jackson Elementary School work with technology through<br />

the Bring Your Own Device Program.<br />

Profile Provided by Hamel Contractors.<br />

The <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Unified School District<br />

(TVUSD) is located in Riverside County. The<br />

District covers 213 square miles—north to<br />

French <strong>Valley</strong>, south to the Riverside County line,<br />

east to Vail Lake, and, west to the <strong>Temecula</strong> city<br />

limit. The District began operations as a unified<br />

school district in 1989. Currently, there are 17<br />

elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 3 comprehensive high<br />

schools, 1 continuation high school, 1 independent study<br />

high school, 1 virtual school, 2 charter schools, and 1 adult<br />

school in the District for a total of 32 schools. The District<br />

also conducts a childcare program called BASES at<br />

various elementary school sites. The District employs 2,953<br />

certificated and classified employees. The District’s enrollment<br />

is 27,700 students in grades Kindergarten through<br />

twelfth grade.<br />

TVUSD is known as a top performing school district in<br />

Riverside County and <strong>California</strong>. Significant accomplishments<br />

include:<br />

• Highest A-G (college prep courses) completion rate in<br />

Riverside County;<br />

• One of the highest graduation rates in Riverside County;<br />

• Highest in Riverside County for standardized tests;<br />

• Seventy percent of TVUSD graduates attend a two- or<br />

four-year college upon high school graduation;<br />

• High Schools Ranked within the 2018 US News Best<br />

Schools List;<br />

• Four <strong>California</strong> Green Ribbon Schools—Great Oak High<br />

School, Rancho Vista High School, Ysabel Barnett<br />

Elementary, and Paloma Elementary; and<br />

• Eight Gold Ribbon Schools—Crowne Hill Elementary,<br />

Bella Vista Middle School, Gardner Middle School,<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> Middle School, Vail Ranch Middle School,<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> High School, Chaparral High School,<br />

and Great Oak High School.<br />

High-Quality Teaching and Learning for All. Inspiring<br />

Excellence. Impacting the Future. TVUSD’s goal is to prepare<br />

students for college and career. To accomplish this, we continue<br />

to shift instructional practices to meet the needs of our<br />

twenty-first century learners. Our focus involves an emphasis<br />

on critical thinking and collaboration, new textbook adoptions<br />

in English Language Arts and Mathematics, implementation<br />

of Next Generation Science Standards, greater utilization<br />

of technology, and providing students access to courses<br />

of rigor such as AP, Dual Enrollment, and IB. Another important<br />

strand in preparing students for the future is to offer<br />

courses in Career Technical Education (CTE.) These courses<br />

allow us to partner with the local business community, provide<br />

internships, and real-life experience in the workplace.<br />

Currently, TVUSD is developing the following pathways:<br />

• Health Science and Medical Technologies;<br />

• Information and Communication Technologies;<br />

• Arts Media and Entertainment–video media arts, digital<br />

and, production and managerial arts;<br />

• Building and Construction;<br />

• Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation;<br />

• Education, Child Development and Family Services;<br />

• Fashion and Interior Design;<br />

• Engineering and Architecture;<br />

• Retail Sales and Marketing;<br />

• Transportation;<br />

• Business; and<br />

• Manufacturing and Product Design.<br />



The health of a community is defined, in part, by the<br />

strength of the nonprofit community. Philanthropic<br />

organizations provide support to many of the social challenges<br />

we face as a society. They serve as a catalyst for<br />

goodwill and compassion and that, in turn, supports individuals<br />

and families in need and the community at large.<br />

Habitat for Humanity Inland <strong>Valley</strong> (HFHIV) provides<br />

solutions to the affordable housing crisis we face locally<br />

and throughout the world. HFHIV is an ecumenical<br />

Christian organization with the conviction that everyone<br />

should have a decent place to live as a matter of conscience<br />

and action for all.<br />

HFHIV was founded in 1991 with a mission to provide<br />

affordable homeownership opportunities and to<br />

improve living conditions for challenged income families<br />

in Southwest Riverside County. HFHIV serves <strong>Temecula</strong>,<br />

Murrieta, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, and Perris.<br />

HFHIV provides a “Hand up, not a Hand out!”<br />

A Habitat home is a strong foundation for a family, an<br />

opportunity on which they can build a better life. Strong and<br />

stable homes help build strong and stable communities.<br />

Habitat for Humanity furthers the mission to eliminate substandard<br />

housing by building and repairing homes for families,<br />

veterans, and seniors impacted by challenging incomes<br />

and poverty cycles. In addition, HFHIV has two Restore locations<br />

located in <strong>Temecula</strong> and Lake Elsinore that offers<br />

the community affordable home repair materials, volunteer<br />

opportunities, and raises funds and awareness.<br />

“Our homes are foundational to everything!” said<br />

Habitat for Humanity Inland <strong>Valley</strong>’s Executive Director<br />

Tammy Marine. “Our living conditions are directly tied<br />

to health, success and community involvement.<br />

Through shelter, we empower. Everyone deserves a<br />

decent, place to live.”<br />

Habitat for Humanity Inland <strong>Valley</strong> invites companies,<br />

organizations and indivuals to get involved in the movement.<br />

Collaborative partnerships are key to the organization’s<br />

success and provide an immense gain to all who<br />

get involved. Find out how at www.habitativ.org or call us<br />

at (951) 296-3362.<br />



<br />

Top: The Arvizu/Ramos family stands proudly in front of their new home in<br />

Perris during a House Dedication Ceremony in August 2017.<br />

Bottom: A Habitat homeowner gives back by helping to build a new Habitat<br />

family’s home.<br />




Charity for Charity is unique among <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> support<br />

organizations because its focus is on the individual. Each<br />

year, Charity for Charity selects three people—an adult, a<br />

young adult, and a child with either a life threatening illness<br />

or traumatic injury and fulfills their special wishes.<br />

The three individuals selected each year are honored with<br />

the fulfillment of their special wishes at the annual gala, Stars<br />

of the <strong>Valley</strong> event. Among the wishes made real by Charity<br />

for Charity are a family Disney cruise, golf with Ricky Fowler,<br />

the movie premiere of Miracles from Heaven and an afterparty<br />

trip to Paris, a Mediterranean cruise, and attending an<br />

NFL football game as the guest of the team. Other wishes fulfilled<br />

include a ride in a tank at Camp Pendleton, lunch and<br />

sparring with MMA legend Dan Henderson, a new automobile<br />

and an electronic prosthetic hand.<br />

Charity for Charity officials have learned that the lives of<br />

their beneficiaries are incredibly affected by the organization<br />

and its method of support. Recipients say Charity for Charity<br />

gives hope when there is none, and their selection not only<br />

fulfilled their wishes, but changed their lives.<br />

Charity for Charity also encourages the community and its<br />

citizens with scholarships for local high school seniors who<br />

demonstrate a passion for helping others. More than twenty<br />

scholarships have been provided over the past few years.<br />

Purposeful and meaningful community awards are presented<br />

by Charity for Charity at its annual Stars of the <strong>Valley</strong><br />

event, a gala Golden Globes-styled event. These awards<br />

encourage <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> residents to be ‘stand-outs’ for<br />

selfless acts.<br />

Charity for Charity’s primary source of income comes<br />

from the generous supporters of the yearly Stars of the <strong>Valley</strong><br />

event, where wishes are granted and locals are honored for<br />

their contributions to the community. More than 500 guests<br />

will enjoy this year’s event at the Pechanga Resort & Casino.<br />

The organization also raises income throughout the year<br />

by holding smaller fundraising events, including the 10K<br />

day when Charity volunteers drive all over town collecting<br />

contributions of $100 or more from businesses and individuals.<br />

Another popular event is an exclusive Dinner/Concert<br />

at the Poggio Leano Estate.<br />

The percentage of Charity for Charity’s gross revenues<br />

that are spent directly on its missions is 100 percent. All<br />

funds taken in by the organization go back to the mission of<br />

making a significant difference in the lives of those with special<br />

wishes in the community and inspiring others to accomplish<br />

incredible things.<br />

Charity for Charity looks forward to many more years of<br />

‘making a significant difference’ in the lives of others.<br />



The Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County provides academic<br />

support, sports, arts, S.T.E.M., career readiness, and<br />

leadership programs through before and after-school programs<br />

and day camps at its three site locations in <strong>Temecula</strong>, Murrieta,<br />

and Lake Elsinore. The mission of the Boys & Girls Club of<br />

Southwest County is to inspire and enable all young people to<br />

realize their full potential as educated, responsible, caring, and<br />

productive citizens. Every day before and after school, Boys &<br />

Girls Club of Southwest County delivers the nationally tested<br />

and time proven Formula for Impact, a recipe that has ensured<br />

thousands of youth in <strong>Temecula</strong>, Murrieta, and Lake Elsinore<br />

have had the opportunity to fully realize their greatest potential.<br />

The Formula for Impact is as follows—The Youth Who<br />

Need Us Most + Outcome Driven Club Experience=The 3<br />

Priority Outcomes of Academic Success, Good Character &<br />

Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles.<br />

In 1990 a small group of community leaders realized the<br />

need for a safe place for children to go before and after school.<br />

The first Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County was started<br />

at Margarita Middle School in <strong>Temecula</strong>, <strong>California</strong>, offering<br />

after-school programs to middle school children. The Club<br />

expanded to a facility in Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong> in 1994. Three<br />

years later, the Club expanded to Murrieta on the campus of<br />

Shivela Middle School, offering sports clinics after school, and<br />

later in 1998, to a permanent double-wide modular site at the<br />

<strong>California</strong> Oaks Sports Park. Some years later, the Club<br />

expanded to the City of Lake Elsinore, currently located at the<br />

Lakeland Village Community Center. In June of 2006, the<br />

Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians built the 5,500-<br />

square-foot flagship Pechanga Great Oak Clubhouse at Kent<br />

Hintergardt Park in <strong>Temecula</strong>’s beautiful Redhawk community.<br />

Every day, there are thousands of kids and teens across the<br />

cities of <strong>Temecula</strong>, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, and the neighboring<br />

communities, with nowhere to go before or after school. This is<br />

where Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County comes in. At<br />

Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County, <strong>Temecula</strong> kids not only<br />

have a safe, positive place to go, but a place where they will<br />

receive mentorship from a caring, professional adult, and opportunities<br />

they may not receive at home or school. Serving as the<br />

critical puzzle piece, between home and school, Boys & Girls<br />

Club of Southwest County offers Club members life-changing<br />

programs and services, including exposure to once in a lifetime<br />

opportunities such as Lakers Sports Camps, or performing<br />

onstage to a crowd of hundreds, participating at a premiere vocal<br />

talent search event held at Pechanga Resort Casino.<br />



<br />

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<br />

Bottom: Student winner of the Speech Contest is flanked by Judges Dennis<br />

McCarbery, Sandy Rosenstein and Paul Evenson.<br />

This page was dontated by Law Offices of Hitzeman & Evenson, APC.<br />

Rotary brings together a global network of volunteers who<br />

dedicate their time and talent to tackle the world’s most<br />

pressing humanitarian challenges. The Rotary connects 1.2<br />

million members from more than 200 countries and geographical<br />

areas. Their work impacts lives at both the local<br />

and international levels, from helping families in need in<br />

their own communities to working toward a polio-free world.<br />

The Murrieta Rotary Club was formed in 1992 by a gathering<br />

of community-minded people. It was charted through<br />

the <strong>Temecula</strong> Noon Club and has served the community for<br />

over twenty-five years.<br />

Rotary has five avenues of service: Vocational,<br />

Community, International, New Generations (Youth), and<br />

Club Service.<br />

Vocational Service encourages Rotarians to serve others<br />

through their vocations and to practice high ethical standards.<br />

This is accomplished through: scholarships to graduating<br />

seniors in our local schools; a music competition with<br />

cash rewards; vocational service awards program to recognize<br />

professionals in our community who dedicate their<br />

careers to serving others; the Four-Way speech contest; and<br />

the annual Veterans Day Lunch.<br />

Community Service seeks to improve the lives of the people<br />

within our own community. This is accomplished by: the<br />

annual Special Needs Dance for special needs adults; Child<br />

Spree, a back-to-school shopping experience for disadvantaged<br />

children; Thanksgiving dinner where Rotarians partner<br />

with the local high school to feed about 2,000 people<br />

during the holiday; Murrieta Through Time project for preserving<br />

the history of our town; Teacher service grants;<br />

Literacy programs; and the Field of Honor.<br />

The flagship program and main fundraiser for the club,<br />

the Field of Honor places over 2,000 flags in Town Square<br />

Park in honor of our military and first responders in a weeklong<br />

tribute to others who have dedicated themselves to<br />

Service Above Self.<br />

International projects expand Rotary’s humanitarian<br />

reach, and include our Sister Club program with the Rotary<br />

Club of La Paz, Mexico; helping a remote village in<br />

Uganda—Oduoro Village—with a fresh water supply; and<br />

Children’s Health Projects, which sends professionals to<br />

impoverished areas of the world to assist with dental work.<br />

New Generations programs are aimed at students<br />

with whom our future lies. Rotary participates in RYLA—<br />

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards; PRYDE—Personal Rotary<br />

Youth Development Experience; Model UN—a conference<br />

that gives students an inside look at the workings of the<br />

United Nations; and Student of the Month program, which<br />

recognizes students who make amazing strides to overcome<br />

difficulties and better themselves.<br />

Club Service is the running of the club itself, which meets<br />

every Monday (excluding holidays). Some fifty members<br />

attend the meetings filled with fun and good works and are<br />

marked with dedication to our community and our country.<br />

Please feel welcomed to join us at any time.<br />



Through hard work and sheer determination, James Cooley<br />

managed to escape the bleak poverty of his youth to become<br />

a well educated individual, the owner of his own successful<br />

business and a leader who has now dedicated his life to<br />

paving the way for the next generation of achievers.<br />

James was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His mother<br />

sent him at an early age to Graham, Alabama, to live with<br />

relatives. In Alabama, his new home had no indoor bathroom<br />

facilities, no running water, or electricity, but what he received<br />

was unconditional love and compassion during his five-anda-half<br />

years living in Alabama. This was a major lesson<br />

learned that would pave James’ path and direction for his life.<br />

James rejoined his mother and siblings by returning to<br />

Chattanooga, but the family still lived in a drab public housing<br />

project where gunfire was a daily occurrence. However,<br />

the lessons he learned from his stay in Alabama, the encouragement<br />

of his eighth-grade teacher, his “Can Do” attitude to<br />

‘believe in yourself’, inspired James to work for a better life.<br />

Deciding the military was his best option out of poverty,<br />

he joined the U.S. Navy as an enlisted man and worked his<br />

way up to obtain the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer (E-9).<br />

After fifteen years, he was commissioned as a Navy officer.<br />

He served an additional eight years and achieved the rank<br />

of Lieutenant (LT/03E). Along the way, he earned a<br />

Masters degree in Public Administration (MPA) from Central<br />

Michigan University and completed ten additional Masters<br />

Certificate programs including an Executive MBA from the<br />

University of Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business.<br />

After retiring from the Navy, James continued to work<br />

for the Department of Defense in the aerospace industry<br />

and eventually started his own company as a government<br />

contractor. He was always eager to help others improve their<br />

lives. Through the Navy, he produced and hosted forty-seven<br />

television shows titled Cooley’s Fitness Tips. He was the<br />

recipient of one of the Thousand Points of Light awards from<br />

President George H. Bush for helping to create the nation’s<br />

first breakfast tutoring program for underprivileged children.<br />

To provide opportunities for others, James established<br />

the JC Cooley Foundation in 2014. This foundation is a<br />

nonprofit (501C3) called Options & Opportunities: The<br />

Choice Program, which provides leadership training, guidance,<br />

direction, and mentoring to youth and communities.<br />

James’ wife, Michelle, and retired business owner and real<br />

estate executive, Don Dickinson, were instrumental in the<br />

development of the program.<br />

Working with local and nationwide youth through<br />

schools, churches, Boys & Girls Clubs, outreach centers, and<br />

businesses, the JC Cooley Foundation provides seminars<br />

on how to overcome obstacles and become successful.<br />

The JC Cooley Foundation has provided over $25,000 in<br />

scholarships to help students throughout <strong>California</strong> attend<br />

college. A dynamic motivational speaker, James has inspired<br />

thousands through his speaking tours, seminars, and<br />

YouTube presentations. He is in great demand as a speaker<br />

for major corporations, the military, Rotary Clubs, Boys &<br />

Girls Clubs, churches, and many other organizations for his<br />

inspirational speaking and leadership seminars.<br />

James’ vision is to develop his foundation into one of<br />

the top nonprofit organizations and serve the entire globe<br />

by providing training, direction, leadership, and inspiration<br />

for the next generation of leaders.<br />




<br />

Above: James Cooley.<br />




CENTER<br />

<br />

Murrieta Counseling Center is located 29995 Technology Drive, Suite 103.<br />

At an age when most have retired to a life of leisure, Dr.<br />

Ronald Morgan continues his life-long effort to help those<br />

with personal and behavior problems. After more than twenty-five<br />

years as a psychologist in correctional facilities<br />

and twenty-seven years in private practice, Dr. Morgan<br />

established the Murrieta Counseling Center in 2017 and<br />

continues to see patients five days a week and often far into<br />

the night.<br />

Dr. Morgan feels this dedication and desire to help those<br />

with problems was triggered by his father, who was a minister.<br />

After growing up in Kansas, Dr. Morgan earned his B.S.<br />

Degree from Sterling College, followed by a Master’s Degree<br />

from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.<br />

After working as a correctional counselor at a Community<br />

Treatment Center in Kansas City, and a nineteen-month stint<br />

in the U.S. Army, he became a caseworker at the U.S.<br />

Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. This experience<br />

inspired him to work with inmates in the criminal justice system<br />

and he decided to become a psychologist. He returned to<br />

school and earned an Ed.S. Degree from the University of<br />

Colorado in Boulder, followed by an Ed.D degree.<br />

His work in the corrections system continued in 1971 at<br />

the Federal Youth Center in Englewood, Colorado, where he<br />

provided case work for about eighty incarcerated youths.<br />

Dr. Morgan’s career brought him to <strong>California</strong> in 1974<br />

where he became Unit Manager and assisted in opening the<br />

Federal Correctional Institution in Pleasanton. He later<br />

helped provide mental health services for Community Mental<br />

Health in South Lake Tahoe. He completed his fellowship by<br />

working at Orange County Juvenile Court Evaluation and<br />

Guidance Unit and Orangewood Children’s Home. He was a<br />

Psychologist at Heman G. Stark Youth Training Center in<br />

Chino where he conducted a study on “Child Abuse and<br />

Subsequent Involvement in Violent vs. Nonviolent Offenses.”<br />

He has also served as a criminal justice consultant for defense<br />

attorneys and provided alternate sentencing reports for consideration<br />

by state and federal courts.<br />

He opened a private practice in Corona in 1991, providing<br />

psychotherapy. Dr. Morgan has also served as<br />

Mental Health Program Supervisor for the<br />

<strong>California</strong> Department of Corrections and served as<br />

Senior Psychologist, Supervisor, supervising a staff<br />

of Psychologists and Psychiatric Social Workers<br />

providing direct services to individuals on parole.<br />

At age seventy-two, Dr. Morgan has no intention<br />

of slowing down. “My main mission is to<br />

help people feel better,” he explains. “Most of the<br />

people I see are in some sort of distress and I try<br />

to help them be happier.” He works with patients<br />

who have problems with anxiety, anger management,<br />

depression and other problems, including<br />

sex offenders and victims of sexual abuse.<br />

Murrieta Counseling Center is located at<br />

29995 Technology Drive, Suite 103, in Murrieta.<br />



Mature adults who are fifty-plus and want a doctor who<br />

combines advanced training and experience in dentures,<br />

cosmetics and implants, travel from all over <strong>Southern</strong><br />

<strong>California</strong> to see the founder of this one-of-a-kind Adult<br />

Dentistry specialty practice, Dr. Dave Cutts, DDS.<br />

With more than thirty years’ experience, Dr. Cutts is one of<br />

only a handful of dentists with extensive training and experience<br />

in complete mouth reconstruction, which combines<br />

highly advanced cosmetic, denture and surgical/implant skills.<br />

Dr. Cutts has successfully performed more than 8,000 anesthesia<br />

and sedation cases and over 5,000 implants. His purpose<br />

is to treat each patient the way he himself would like to<br />

be treated. To accomplish this, Dr. Cutts listens carefully, provides<br />

a clear simple treatment recommendation, and works<br />

tirelessly to satisfy or surpass expectations for each patient.<br />

“I try to give every patient several different options on<br />

handling their particular problem. There is no “selling” in<br />

our practice—we just lay out the options and do whatever it<br />

is that fits in that person’s life.<br />

“We also make it our daily crusade to be on time! Our<br />

mission is to provide the highest level dental care in an<br />

atmosphere of complete trust,” says Dr. Cutts. “Our goal<br />

with each patient is to listen carefully and once we fully<br />

understand what they want, to provide the right treatment<br />

that fits their needs and life circumstances. And then we<br />

guarantee our work. We call this ‘Peace of Mind Dentistry.’”<br />

Adult services provided by Dr. Cutts and his team are:<br />

• New set of teeth in one day—With the All-on-4 treatment,<br />

Dr. Cutts can get you a new set of gorgeous teeth in one visit.<br />

• Dr. Cutts offers non-removable dentures with dental<br />

implants. No more grandma’s teeth on the nightstand.<br />

You can have a permanent set of teeth.<br />

• Replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth with dental<br />

implants. With a ninety-five percent success rate, it is the<br />

preferred method for tooth replacement.<br />

• Achieve the dazzling, healthy new smile you deserve with—<br />

the results can improve your life professionally and socially.<br />

Dr. Cutts is a graduate of Loma Linda University and volunteered<br />

as a clinical instructor in the school’s Department<br />

of Oral Surgery. He has trained under the leading clinicians<br />

in implants, complex crown and bridge cases and cosmetic<br />

dentistry, and is widely known for his extensive experience<br />

in complex and sedation dentistry. Dr. Cutts also lectures<br />

and mentors other dentists.<br />

All four of Dr Cutts’ daughters work in the front office-<br />

Darcie, Daina, Dannielle, and Demie—and they love working<br />

in their family business!<br />

Dr Cutts and his wife, Debby, were married twenty-six<br />

years ago and discovered <strong>Temecula</strong>—called Rancho<br />

<strong>California</strong> then—on their honeymoon while driving over the<br />

“back way” from La Quinta in the desert, over the mountains<br />

to Del Mar. “We fell in love with the valley immediately as<br />

we drove down old Highway 79 in the softly falling spring<br />

rain, past Galway Downs and the horse country with not a<br />

house in sight until we got close to the freeway! We came<br />

back to visit many times in the following year and knew this<br />

was the place we wanted to raise our family!”<br />

Dr. Cutts has been an active contributor to the development<br />

of the Southwest County communities. He is a speaker<br />

and mentor for regional dental study clubs, helps in sports<br />

coaching, and sponsors social programs that instill moral<br />

values in children. As a former high school science teacher,<br />

he has contributed to numerous school programs, including<br />

personally founding and running the <strong>Temecula</strong> Literacy<br />

Program with Debby.<br />

Dr. Dave Cutts’ Center for Adult Dentistry is located<br />

at 42057 Margarita Road, Suite 101 in <strong>Temecula</strong>, <strong>California</strong><br />

To learn more about the servuces provided by Dr. Cutts,<br />

check the website at www.drcuttsadultdentistry.com or<br />

call 951-852-7869.<br />




<br />

Dr. Dave Cutts, DDS.<br />







Retail and commercial establishments offer the people of <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

<strong>Valley</strong> an impressive variety of choices<br />

Pechanga Resort Casino .....................................................................................................168<br />

Beshay Enterprises............................................................................................................172<br />

LA Masters of Fine Jewelry.................................................................................................176<br />

Jann Gentry Photography ...................................................................................................179<br />

Law Offices of Hitzeman & Evenson, APC.............................................................................180<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Toyota......................................................................................................182<br />

New Day Solar .................................................................................................................184<br />

Rosenstein & Associates.....................................................................................................186<br />

Fabozzi & Miller, APC..................................................................... .................................188<br />

David Neault Associates, Inc. .............................................................................................190<br />

Craig Davis Family Insurance Agency, Inc. ...........................................................................192<br />

SCEGA Gymnastics ...........................................................................................................193<br />

Gershon Bachus Vinters .....................................................................................................194<br />

Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac ...............................................................................................195<br />

JC Resorts .......................................................................................................................196<br />

Rancho <strong>California</strong> Inn .......................................................................................................197<br />

Alliance Propane ..............................................................................................................198<br />

Lammert Inc ....................................................................................................................199<br />




<br />

Top: Now the largest resort/casino on the West Coast, Pechanga Resort<br />

Casino's major expansion added 568 AAA Four Diamond hotel rooms and<br />

suites, a 4.5-acre pool complex, two additional restaurants, a two-level<br />

luxury spa with fitness and yoga studio, and another 68,000 square feet of<br />

meeting and event space including the 40,000-square-foot Pechanga Summit.<br />

Bottom: Lobby Bar & Grill, a <strong>California</strong> bistro and bar serving breakfast,<br />

lunch and dinner.<br />

All the excitement of Las Vegas, plus everything needed<br />

for an ultimate Casino experience, is available right here in<br />

the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> at the Pechanga Resort Casino. Guests<br />

rave about Pechanga, saying it rivals the best in Las Vegas,<br />

Nevada; Macau, China; or Singapore.<br />

At this luxurious resort you will find a casino floor larger<br />

than any in Las Vegas, lavish guest rooms and suites, a toprated<br />

golf course, fabulous food and entertainment, and<br />

meeting and convention space for groups large or small.<br />

Pechanga Resort Casino is a Native American Casino<br />

located on the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indian Reservation<br />

in <strong>Temecula</strong>. The $262 million resort and casino first opened<br />

its doors in June 2002. The resort, designed to highlight the<br />

Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians’ culture, included an<br />

85,000-square-foot casino, a 1,200-seat showroom, and a<br />

14-story hotel with 522 rooms. The resort also included a<br />

38,800-square-foot convention center, 200-seat cabaret<br />

lounge, Eagle’s Nest Lounge and 7 restaurants.<br />

A 100,000-square-foot expansion was opened in<br />

November 2004 adding additional gaming space, a highlimit<br />

gaming area, a food court area, a non-smoking fiftyfour<br />

table poker room, Kelsey’s, a sports-themed restaurant,<br />

and a 14,000-square-foot night club.<br />

Pechanga Resort Casino is the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>’s number<br />

one employer with 4,750 employees, and is the third largest<br />

private employer in Riverside County.<br />

Pechanga has the largest casino floor in <strong>California</strong>, totaling<br />

200,000 square feet—larger than the MGM Grand in<br />

Las Vegas. It features 4,500 Vegas-style slot machines, as<br />

well as a large non-smoking casino floor area with a poker<br />

room, OTB and Bingo. Smoking and nonsmoking<br />

slots/tables fluctuate frequently, an ultra-modern 700-seat<br />

bingo facility and 14,700-square-foot High Limit Gaming<br />

Area with High Limit Salon and private gaming rooms.<br />

Guests may choose from among 4,500 state-of-the-art reels,<br />

video reels, keno and video poker machines while enjoying the<br />

convenience of Pechanga’s easy ticketing system and numerous<br />

redemption kiosks. Winning is always in the air, with more<br />

jackpots and more action for players of all levels.<br />

Whether you are a first timer, a sometimes player, or an<br />

experienced hand, Pechanga’s vast array of table games offers<br />

winning times for all. Pechanga offers more than 150 table<br />

games (not including poker), as well as the most Mystery<br />

Card Roulette and Double-Deck Blackjack tables of any casino<br />

on the West Coast. Plus, Pechanga’s knowledgeable,<br />



friendly staff is always available to help you have the best<br />

time ever.<br />

In March 2018, Pechanga held the grand opening to its<br />

$300 million resort expansion with a construction time of<br />

just over two years. The massive project included an additional<br />

568 hotel rooms and suites; a 25,000-square foot stand<br />

alone luxury spa; a 4.5-acre pool complex; two restaurants;<br />

and another 70,000-square feet of meeting and event space.<br />

Luxury accommodations await you at Pechanga. The<br />

luxuriously appointed rooms and suites in the Casino Tower<br />

and Resort Tower will make your visit to Pechanga one<br />

to remember.<br />

The Casino Tower features mountain, valley or golf<br />

course views. The Four-Diamond, 500-square foot Deluxe<br />

Rooms are equipped with either one <strong>California</strong> King or two<br />

Queen beds. Deluxe rooms also feature custom made Italian<br />

furniture throughout, floor-to-ceiling windows and extra<br />

amenities to make your stay one of total comfort.<br />

Also available in the Casino Tower are Queen rooms, one<br />

and two-bedroom suites and an intimate 430-square foot<br />

studio spa that will become your private hideaway with a spa<br />

tub for two, one queen bed, LCD television, double-chaise,<br />

and iHome docking station. The full bath features an oversized<br />

master tub, glass encased shower, plus his-and-hers<br />

sinks and double vanity.<br />

Pechanga’s new Resort Tower deluxe rooms offer up to<br />

400-square feet of relaxation on another level. Available with<br />

two queen beds or one king bed, all rooms provide top-ofthe-line<br />

amenities, including bath products, Keurig coffee<br />

makers, latest technology and inputs and more. Junior suites<br />

are also available in the Resort Tower.<br />

Floor to ceiling windows on two sides of the Resort Tower’s<br />

corner suites offer some of the most amazing views in<br />

<strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong>. The rolling <strong>Temecula</strong> hills and Journey at<br />

Pechanga golf course or the twinkling lights of the <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

<strong>Valley</strong> can be your views in one of the contemporary 650-<br />

square foot suites. Featuring a 55-inch flat screen television in<br />

the bedroom, 65-inch flat screen in the living room and many<br />

other AAA Four Diamond amenities, you will know you are<br />

staying in approachable, comfortable elegance.<br />

The new Spa Pechanga invites guests to check their stress at<br />

the door of the two-story luxury Featuring seventeen treatment<br />

rooms, full hair, nail and make-up salon, private cabanas, two<br />

hydro therapy pools, and a dedicated outdoor spa pool. The<br />

emphasis is on the utilizing Native healing botanicals.<br />

Dining options galore are available at Pechanga. You can<br />

explore a wide variety of dining options, from fine dining to<br />

casual dining to on-the-go fare. You will also enjoy a variety<br />

of bars and lounges.<br />

Pechanga’s newest dining option is the Lobby Bar & Grill,<br />

serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The <strong>California</strong> style bistro<br />

uses only fresh, sustainable, locally sourced ingredients, all<br />

blended together in a flavorful fusion of American, Mexican<br />

and Asian-inspired fare that pleases the palate and stimulates<br />

the senses. Chef Jose Mendoza has taken the <strong>California</strong> bistro<br />

concept to another level, using items grown in the rich<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> soil to create a menu that is both inspiring<br />

<br />

Top: Pechanga's new Atrium, which bridges the Casino Tower and<br />

new Resort Tower, is the perfect meshing of Native American and<br />

Modern architecture.<br />

Above: Form meets function as the lights and sights of the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong><br />

greet Pechanga guests in the resort's new Atrium.<br />

Left: Pechanga offers guests approachable luxury with subtle elements of the<br />

Tribe's Native heritage woven into architectural and resort experiences.<br />



Above: Whether you are a first-timer, a sometimes player, or an experienced<br />

hand, Pechanga's vast array of table games offers winning times for all.<br />

Top: Spa Pechanga features a newly expanded Fitness Center with cardio<br />

equipment, free weights, exercise machines and fitness classes include yoga<br />

and boot camp.<br />

Right: Pechanga offers AAA Four Diamond hotel rooms and suites with<br />

floor to ceiling windows offering some of the most amazing views in<br />

<strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong>.<br />

and inviting, including numerous vegetarian dishes and handcrafted<br />

cocktails infused with local fruits and herbs.<br />

Also added with Pechanga’s $300 million expansion was<br />

The Coveside Grill. Filled with healthy fare and food perfect<br />

for kid palates. The Coveside Grill satisfies guests’ taste.<br />

For a meal to remember, visit Pechanga’s Great Oak<br />

Steakhouse. This AAA Four Diamond restaurant offers<br />

sumptuous 100 percent prime Black Angus beef and many<br />

other creatively inspired dishes. The Steakhouse has been<br />

recognized by the editors of <strong>Wine</strong> Spectator and <strong>Wine</strong><br />

Enthusiast magazines for its exceptional wine list.<br />

Another popular fine dining option is the Umi Sushi<br />

& Oyster Bar. Umi means ‘sea’ in Japanese and you will<br />

discover sushi, sashimi, onigiri rolls, oysters on the half<br />

shell, seafood platters, specialty cocktails and more in this<br />

amazing, interactive restaurant.<br />

In Paisano’s Restaurant, the “New World, Old World”<br />

atmosphere fuses generational family cooking and Italian<br />

varietals with the best wines from <strong>California</strong>, Oregon and<br />

Washington amidst ambience reminiscent of an Italian village.<br />

It is the perfect place for family, friends, or business.<br />

At Journey’s End, you may enjoy a delicious breakfast or<br />

lunch alongside breathtaking views of Pechanga’s premier<br />

golf course and the surrounding <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>.<br />

The Pechanga Café, open twenty-four hours, is known for<br />

its delectable comfort food. Menu selections range from<br />

lighter fare such as soups and salads, to hearty dinners. Save<br />

room for one of the mouth-watering dessert selections, all<br />

served around the clock.<br />

The adventurous diner will love the Pan-Asian fusion of<br />

authentic dishes and live gaming in Bamboo, an innovative<br />

restaurant incorporating an Asian table pit. You will enjoy<br />

dishes prepared in the national style of Korea, Vietnam, and<br />

China, amid a fast-paced noodle bar featuring exotic native<br />

drinks. At the delicious Blazing Noodles, Pechanga has<br />

struck a perfect balance of authentic Chinese and Thai cuisine<br />

and western dining favorites. You will love the modern,<br />

inviting ambience of this newly remodeled dining room,<br />

open daily for lunch and dinner.<br />

With two levels of bars at Pechanga, you can feel the true<br />

heartbeat of the casino while enjoying daily drink specials,<br />

ample seating and live DJs.<br />

Once solely a sports bar, the new Kelsey’s has re-opened<br />

as an upscale American pub serving high-quality barbeque.<br />

Of course, you can enjoy your favorite games on the bigscreen<br />

televisions. You may enjoy a coffee or glass of wine at<br />



Blends Coffee & <strong>Wine</strong> Bar with plenty of phone and device<br />

chargers, located right off the hotel lobby.<br />

The Round Bar features two levels, multiple flat screens<br />

televisions, comfortable seating and a cool vibe to meet<br />

friends. It is easily found below the towering stained-glass<br />

beacon adorned with oak and eagle art.<br />

At Pechanga’s Temptation Food Walk, guests may enjoy a<br />

wide variety of international dining options to savor with<br />

friends and family or to take on-the-go. In-room dining with<br />

an extensive menu is available twenty-four hours daily.<br />

Live entertainment at Pechanga is world class, presented<br />

in grand and intimate venues where every seat feels like front<br />

row. Tickets for all Pechanga shows, boxing events and comedy<br />

club performances are available from the box office<br />

located next to the theater entrance.<br />

You can take the elevator from the hotel lobby to the top<br />

floor and step out to the Eagle’s Nest Lounge and Nightclub.<br />

Enjoy dance music in an incredible space with sweeping<br />

panoramas of the twinkling city lights and the <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

wine country.<br />

Guests also enjoy the laughs delivered by comedy’s most<br />

hilarious and original voices in The Comedy Club at<br />

Pechanga. The Comedy Club will introduce you to the comedy<br />

circuit’s biggest stars, as well as the up-and-comers.<br />

From rock to pop and jazz to country, as well as the best<br />

in stand-up, the Pechanga Theater ranks among the top<br />

<strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong> performance venues.<br />

Bigger and better performances and events get hosted at<br />

the <strong>Temecula</strong> resort with addition of the Pechanga Summit.<br />

The 40,000-square foot events center.<br />

Whether your plans include a meeting for 50, a wedding<br />

for 100, a banquet for 1,000 or a concert for the ages, the<br />

Pechanga Summit, also gives you everything you need to<br />

bring your event to life.<br />

As the largest casino resort on the west coast, Pechanga<br />

Resort Casino is nestled in <strong>Temecula</strong>’s picturesque <strong>Southern</strong><br />

<strong>California</strong> wine country and offers the ultimate destination<br />

setting as the winner of AAA’s Four Diamond Award every<br />

year since opening in 2002. Visit Pechanga soon and discover<br />

the excitement and pleasures of the best casino in America–<br />

where winning is in the air and anything can happen.<br />

For additional information, to make reservations or get<br />

latest entertainment lineup to Pechanga Resort Casino,<br />

please visit pechanga.com.<br />

<br />

Top: Spa Pechanga, a 25,000-square-foot sanctuary of luxury, wellness and<br />

serenity designed for year-round rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit.<br />

Bottom: Spa Pechanga's numerous amenities, such as steam rooms, saunas,<br />

whirlpools, a fitness facility and outdoor patios, are specifically created to<br />

offer an intimate escape into wellness and tranquility.<br />




A simple belief in hiring great people and serving great<br />

food has propelled Beshay Enterprises to the top of the<br />

restaurant business. Starting twelve years ago with only five<br />

locations, David Beshay is now the owner of hundreds of<br />

franchise restaurants, including Jack in the Box®, Denny’s®<br />

and Corner Bakery Cafe® restaurants.<br />

Beshay’s fantastic business success began in 1991 when<br />

he immigrated to New York from his native country of<br />

Egypt. Although he had studied at a business school in<br />

Egypt, his first job in the U.S. was running a small gas station<br />

in Long Island, New York.<br />

A family friend encouraged Beshay to transfer his<br />

entrepreneurial talents to <strong>California</strong>, where he began his<br />

business career in 1992 as a $4.25 per hour employee<br />

at a Jack in the Box restaurant in Fullerton, <strong>California</strong>. He<br />

loved working for the brand and soon began moving up the<br />

management ladder as a Team Leader, Assistant Manager,<br />

Restaurant Manager, and General Manager. By 1999, Area<br />

Manager Beshay was responsible for the operation of<br />

twenty-two Jack in the Box locations in <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong>.<br />

In 2000, Beshay relocated to <strong>Temecula</strong> and soon became<br />

a Regional Franchise Consultant for the Jack in the Box<br />

brand, where he was responsible for the operation of<br />

150 restaurants.<br />

Beshay took the next step in his career in 2006, when he<br />

became a Jack in the Box franchisee by purchasing five locations<br />

in North County, San Diego. Jack in the Box is a highquality<br />

restaurant company and among the top restaurant<br />

brands,” Beshay says. “We have great quality food and strive<br />

to treat customers and employees right. I knew becoming a<br />

Jack in the Box franchisee was the right move for me.”<br />

Since 2006, Beshay Enterprises has branched out. It operates<br />

multiple Denny’s locations nationwide, and more<br />

recently, developed six fast-casual dining Corner Bakery Cafe<br />

restaurants, which are modeled on the concept of a warm,<br />

neighborhood café that specializes in pastries, breads, breakfast<br />

dishes, gourmet sandwiches, homemade soups, salads<br />

and pasta.<br />



In the immediate <strong>Temecula</strong>/Murrieta area, Beshay operates<br />

nine Jack-in-the-Box restaurants, two Corner Bakery<br />

Cafe restaurants and is in the process of expanding its<br />

Denny’s holdings in French <strong>Valley</strong>. Beshay is proud to have<br />

created thousands of jobs in San Diego County and South<br />

Riverside County, and thousands of others nationwide.<br />

Beshay and his team operate their restaurants on core values<br />

represented by the word FEAST:<br />

• (F) Faith—We trust in God, every member of our team,<br />

and our own capabilities.<br />

• (E) Excellence—We compete against perfection by setting<br />

expectations that are scary.<br />

• (A) Attitude—We embody a mindset and culture that<br />

consistently focuses on taking care of our employees, our<br />

guests, our brand, our company and our communities.<br />

• (S) Support—We stand together, embrace change together,<br />

and cheer for each other.<br />

• (T) Training—We create an environment that attracts and<br />

retains the best and brightest people by providing ongoing<br />

“Best in Class” training, and meaningful development<br />

and succession planning beginning from the moment we<br />

hire a new employee.<br />

Beshay credits his success to his partners and employees,<br />

particularly the efforts of four key individuals in the early<br />

days: Lucy Stanciu, Monica Bartolo and Mike Tasevski and<br />

partners Sam Fong, Le Su and Ben Eramya. “You can’t manage<br />

more than 200 restaurants without having some amazing<br />

people working for you. My hiring philosophy is to start out<br />

with the quality of the individual and their personal drive to<br />

be successful, but what really sets people apart is their passion<br />

for people, the food they serve, and the brand they<br />

belong to. They have to love people and love what they’re<br />

doing,” Beshay says. “You can teach procedure. You can<br />

teach how restaurants are run. You can teach food cost and<br />



labor. But you can’t teach somebody to care for other people.<br />

Our employees must have a passion for serving others.”<br />

In hiring and training staff and management, Beshay is<br />

guided by the Service-Profit Chain. “You hire great people.<br />

You train them well. You create an environment that makes<br />

an exciting and motivating place to work,” he explains. “In<br />

return, they treat each other and our guests with care and<br />

respect, which strengthens our business.”<br />

Beshay says much of the reason for his phenomenal<br />

growth is the support he receives from great cities like<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> and Murrieta. “These are very welcoming<br />

cities,” he says. “I do business throughout the country<br />

in ten different states, and deal with many different municipalities.<br />

Some cities are really difficult to deal within respect<br />

to systems and processes, and delays and fees. South<br />

Riverside County welcomes opportunities, welcomes<br />

growth, and welcomes businesses. I know the people here,<br />

they can move the process along, they’re very pro-business<br />

and pro-growth.”<br />

Beshay believes in giving back and supporting the communities<br />

where he does business. He and his employees support<br />

a number of local organizations such as Boys and Girls<br />

Clubs of South Riverside County; Relay for Life Murrieta;<br />

American Heart Association; No Kid Hungry; which ensures<br />

every child gets the food needed to thrive, and Student of the<br />

Month program in South Riverside County, which provides<br />

scholarships for local students.<br />

Beshay Enterprises is in the process of building a new corporate<br />

headquarters in Murrieta. The 20,000-square-foot<br />

building is scheduled to open in the spring of 2018 and will<br />

add several new employees from the local community.<br />

Looking to the future, Beshay hopes to continue developing<br />

quality restaurants throughout the country and is looking<br />

for quality acquisitions that fit the company’s plan for growth.<br />







<br />

La Masters custom 14 karat white gold hummingbird and flower diamond<br />

engagement ring.<br />


La Masters of Fine Jewelry first opened its doors September<br />

1988 in the Tower Plaza. Located in a small store behind the<br />

plaza’s gazebo, La Masters established itself as a part of the local<br />

community through active involvement in many causes and<br />

needs of the growing community. Their thirty-year mission has<br />

been to create and maintain satisfied enthusiastic customers by<br />

providing quality products and extraordinary customer service,<br />

while also serving as a community leader that gives back to<br />

the community in a responsible and generous manner.<br />

La Masters of Fine Jewelry joined the community in its<br />

early stages before <strong>Temecula</strong> established cityhood. During<br />

this time, the La Masters team was heavily involved in the<br />

cityhood campaign, <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber of Commerce<br />

and establishing a nonprofit organization dedicated to building<br />

the first Children’s Recreation Center in <strong>Temecula</strong>, the<br />

CRC Foundation. The CRC Foundation accomplished their<br />

primary mission of building the CRC and the skate park in<br />

Ronald Reagan Park, while raising more than $500,000 for<br />

parks and recreation facilities during its nine-year mission.<br />

Innovative marketing and the ability to manufacture<br />

jewelry on the premises were hallmarks for La Masters.<br />

Having Second-generation master jewelers on staff, custom<br />

jewelry and jewelry repairs helped the company expand in<br />

product and services. By the mid-1990s, La Masters moved<br />

from their small footprint store and closer to customer parking<br />

within the Tower Plaza.<br />

La Masters of Fine Jewelry became known for unique promotions<br />

that often broke the jewelry mold. Antique treasure<br />

exhibits, big screen television giveaways, limousine service<br />

and hot air balloons all caught the public’s attention. Holiday<br />

Lights and Festive Sights was an early Christmas promotion<br />

that included a mini-Santa arrival at the shopping center.<br />



This “procession” became a parade before the promotion was<br />

complete. Many residents remember it as the first Christmas<br />

parade that proceeded through the Del Taco Drive-Thru.<br />

Another promotion proclaimed that if “You Can Find the<br />

Same Jewelry for a Lower Prize, We Will Eat a Snail.” To support<br />

this claim, a terrarium of snails was kept in the store.<br />

Snails, however, do like to eat. One morning the crew<br />

opened the store to find the snails gone. A partially-consumed<br />

business card and dollar bill had been left on the<br />

counter near the terrarium by the escapees.<br />

By 1999, La Masters built the La Masters Plaza on Ynez<br />

Road, providing closer parking access for their customers<br />

and increased inventory space. A family-owned and operated<br />

business, La Masters of Fine Jewelry provides custom fine<br />

jewelry as well as the finest designer jewelry lines of Tacori,<br />

Gabriel Bridal and Fire & Ice Diamonds.<br />

Now owned and operated by third-generation jewelers,<br />

jewelry repair and manufacturing is still done on the premises.<br />

Embracing new technology, La Masters utilizes a 3D<br />

Printer, Laser Welder, CNC (Computer Numerical Control)<br />

Mill, and CNC Engraving system to fulfill customer needs.<br />

These state-of-the-art systems are rare in any jewelry store,<br />

and enable La Masters to provide one-stop shopping for<br />

custom jewelry design, creation and jewelry repair while<br />

reducing the turnaround time for the customer. La Masters<br />

continues to integrate family traditions of crafting fine jewelry,<br />

providing outstanding customer service, and utilizing<br />

advanced technology. It is these values that have helped La<br />

Masters Jewelry continue to grow with the community.<br />

With a thirty-year history of providing superior quality<br />

jewelry, excellence in customer service and satisfaction, and<br />

a commitment to supporting the local community, La<br />

Masters of Fine Jewelry is proud to have won three “Business<br />

of the Year” awards from the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber of<br />

Commerce; 1991, 2005 and 2013.<br />

La Masters of Fine Jewelry’s unique design skills and<br />

technical abilities spawned a new branch for the company;<br />

custom-designed cause-related jewelry. Created from an<br />

organization’s icon or logo, this custom-line enables nonprofits<br />

to raise funds and awareness for their cause.<br />

<br />

Custom Design process photographs from CAD system of the La Masters<br />

custom hummingbird and flower diamond ring.<br />



Above: La Masters JFYC original, created for Our Nicholas Foundation.<br />


Right: This beautiful design represents the logo of Charity for Charity; a LA<br />

Masters JFYC original.<br />


Jewelry for Your Cause (JFYC) was created to support that<br />

one “cause” and special charity that finds a place in your<br />

heart and your budget. La Masters of Fine Jewelry was<br />

inspired by a young family that was struggling to pay for<br />

their child’s medical care. The child had been diagnosed with<br />

an extremely rare disease that proved too expensive for any<br />

family to afford, let alone this young family. Enter Jewelry for<br />

Your Cause, a custom designed piece of jewelry represented<br />

the “cause” with its logo, molded and cast into a unique line<br />

of bracelets and pendants.<br />

La Masters of Fine Jewelry designs the original piece<br />

utilizing each charity’s logo or iconic emblem. The charity<br />

has control over the final product. Some are cast in<br />

gold, some silver with gold plating, and some are embellished<br />

with diamonds. The extent of the design is up to<br />

the charity.<br />

Once the finished product design is approved, La Masters<br />

manufactures the desired inventory for the charity, selling<br />

the items to the charity at wholesale and allowing them to<br />

determine the profit.<br />

Almost weekly, La Masters of Fine Jewelry is approached<br />

to make donations and sponsor charitable organizations. By<br />

creating a unique jewelry line for the individual charities,<br />

Jewelry for Your Cause accomplishes several goals:<br />

• Fundraising for nonprofits and charities;<br />

• La Masters’ donation and support of nonprofits and<br />

charities; and,<br />

• Branding and marketing of the Charity/Cause/Fundraiser<br />

that engages individual supporters.<br />

The following nonprofits and charities have Jewelry for<br />

Your Cause Product lines: American Heart Association, Boys<br />

and Girls Club, Charity for Charity, Jacob’s House, Komen<br />

for the Cure, Our Nicholas Foundation, Reality Rally,<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Balloon & <strong>Wine</strong> Festival, and Women’s<br />

Network Foundation.<br />



As a photographer, I’ve taken hundreds of thousands of<br />

photos over the years from small weddings to art hanging in<br />

corporate settings; from pet pictures to celebrity portraits,<br />

models, mothers, families and so on. However, the photos I<br />

love most are the ones that tell a story, ones that you can get<br />

lost in, pretend about, feel something with.<br />

I’ve reached the stage in my career where I have the luxury<br />

of taking on the projects I want to and not worrying<br />

about the rest. The ability to help with this book about<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> was just the sort of thing that piqued my<br />

creative interest and that led me to happily wandering about<br />

shooting for the good of the project.<br />



As a professional photographer and writer, this was the golden<br />

opportunity to make an impact and help the region I care so<br />

much about. I hope that you enjoy the work presented here by<br />

me and my contemporaries. There are so many really talented<br />

photographers in this area that they had to be included.<br />

Now as I travel and visit other interesting places, I still<br />

take photos, still climb into my camera and my trade to tell<br />

a story; but I will always come home, always have a fondness<br />

for <strong>California</strong> and always love <strong>Temecula</strong> best!<br />




& EVENSON, APC<br />

<br />

Top: (left to right) Donald W. Hitzeman; Paul N. Evenson.<br />

Below: (left to right) Donald W. Hitzeman; Donald W. Murray; and Paul<br />

N. Evenson.<br />

The Law Offices of Hitzeman & Evenson, APC is not just<br />

another local law firm. It is vested in the community it serves.<br />

The attorneys and staff of Hitzeman & Evenson are practicing<br />

in the communities where they live, raise their families and<br />

are involved in their community. H&E Law is a full-service<br />

business law and estate planning firm, focusing on business<br />

transactional matters and litigation services, trusts, wills and<br />

estate planning and trust administration. The firm strives to<br />

meet its mission statement, which embodies its core values:<br />

“Because Competence and Integrity Matter.”<br />

Hitzeman & Evenson was founded in 2015 by Donald W.<br />

Hitzeman and Paul N. Evenson. Don is proud to have been<br />

a resident of the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> since 1992 and has advised<br />

and represented <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> businesses and residents<br />

since 2004. Paul has lived in the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> and provided<br />

legal services to the business community since 2011.<br />

The two formed their law firm in order to continue providing<br />

high quality, competent, cost efficient and timely legal<br />

services to businesses and residents throughout the<br />

Southwest Riverside County region, including <strong>Temecula</strong>,<br />

Murrieta, Wildomar, Menifee and Lake Elsinore.<br />

While most of the firm’s clients are located in the<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> and surrounding Southwest Riverside<br />

County, Hitzeman & Evenson have assisted clients throughout<br />

the State of <strong>California</strong>, the United States and internationally,<br />

including both Europe and Asia, and have successfully<br />

represented clients in both state and federal courts.<br />

Services provided by the firm include business formations<br />

and transactional matters, mergers and acquisitions, business<br />

litigation, employment law, trusts and estate planning<br />

and trust administration. The attorneys analyze their clients’<br />

legal needs, and strive to advise their clients on how to avoid<br />

future legal disputes while best protecting their interests.<br />

When legal disputes inevitably arise, H&E Law’s skilled litigators<br />

assist their clients with resolving legal disputes. They<br />

are also efficient and proficient drafters and negotiators of<br />

contracts and other transactional and estate planning documents,<br />

each designed to meet the client’s specific legal needs<br />

in order to achieve the goals of their clients.<br />

H&E Law has continued to grow by building strong<br />

working relationships with a trusted network of other legal<br />

specialists, accountants, financial advisors and other related<br />

professionals throughout <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong>.<br />

The firm maintains offices in both <strong>Temecula</strong> and Menifee,<br />

to better serve our region.<br />

Don has been licensed to practice law in <strong>California</strong> since<br />

1983, and is also admitted to practice in the United States<br />

District Court for the Central and <strong>Southern</strong> Districts of<br />

<strong>California</strong>, the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed<br />

Forces, the United States Army Court of Military Review, the<br />

United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and the<br />

United States Tax Court.<br />

As an experienced litigator, Don provides his clients with<br />

sound and well-reasoned advice related to all aspects of<br />

business and employment law, knowing how contract issues<br />

will likely play out in court, mediation or arbitration. His<br />

advice helps his clients navigate operational business decisions,<br />

including contract development and fulfillment,<br />

employee discipline and termination, human resources documentation<br />

and policy planning and enforcement.<br />

In his civil appellate practice, Don has briefed and argued<br />

many cases before the <strong>California</strong> appellate courts. Several of<br />

these cases resulted in published opinions of the <strong>California</strong><br />



Courts of Appeal. He also published articles in The Army<br />

Lawyer, during his tenure in the U.S. Army JAG Corps, and<br />

the Whittier Law Review.<br />

Paul has been licensed to practice law in <strong>California</strong> since<br />

2008, and is licensed before the United States District Court<br />

for the Central, <strong>Southern</strong> and Eastern Districts of <strong>California</strong><br />

and the United States Tax Court. He has represented clients<br />

in a variety of business related matters, including negotiating<br />

and drafting contracts, employment disputes, representing<br />

both plaintiffs and defendants in business litigation matters,<br />

formation of business entities and estate planning.<br />

Hitzeman & Evenson is actively involved in the <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

Chamber of Commerce, Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of<br />

Commerce, Menifee Chamber of Commerce, and the Economic<br />

Development Coalition of Southwest <strong>California</strong>. Don is a Board<br />

Member and officer of the Economic Development Coalition, a<br />

member of the Board of Governors of <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital<br />

and a Director of the Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of<br />

Commerce. Paul serves as a Director of the Menifee Chamber of<br />

Commerce. The firm is honored to sponsor various business<br />

and nonprofit events in the community and is a proud charter<br />

sponsor of the Murrieta Rotary Club Field of Honor. Hitzeman<br />

& Evenson has provided monetary sponsorships and legal services<br />

to area charities in the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> and Southwest<br />

<strong>California</strong> region, at either no cost or a reduced cost.<br />

Don is also a member of the Murrieta-<strong>Temecula</strong> Group, a<br />

collaborative of proven community leaders dedicated to the<br />

social well-being of the Murrieta and <strong>Temecula</strong> area. As<br />

a member of the Governing Board of <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong><br />

Hospital, Don helps to oversee patient safety and quality<br />

of services provided to patients and representing the<br />

hospital within the community.<br />

H&E Law’s goal is to deliver competent legal advice<br />

that is complete, timely and professional, “Because<br />

Competence and Integrity Matter” and looks forward to<br />

continuing to grow as the Inland Empire, and particularly<br />

Southwest <strong>California</strong>, continue to grow.<br />

For more information about Hitzeman & Evenson, APC,<br />

please visit their website at www.hitzevenlaw.com.<br />

<br />

Top: Donald W. Hitzeman; Paul N. Evenson.<br />

Bottom:(left to right) Back row Renee Elek; Vanessa Nguyen; Hannah<br />

Hitzeman; and Christy Hite. Front row: Donald W. Hitzeman and Paul<br />

N. Evenson.<br />




<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Toyota has become one of the largest<br />

volume Toyota dealerships in the nation by building a<br />

company culture that empowers each employee to focus on<br />

customer satisfaction.<br />

Located at 26631 Ynez Road, TV Toyota offers the<br />

popular line-up of Toyota cars, trucks, and sports utilities<br />

but it is the dealership’s close attention to each detail of<br />

the purchase and follow-up service that sets it above other<br />

franchises. The company calls this approach the ‘TV Way’—<br />

a list of twenty basic company beliefs are discussed<br />

with employees daily and emphasized throughout the year.<br />

President and General Manager Tom Rudnai describes<br />

the ‘TV Way’ as “The company’s DNA.” Like professional<br />

sports teams, TV Toyota uses a playbook that includes the<br />

company Mission Statement, followed by twenty quick<br />

and to-the-point words of wisdom relating to customer<br />

service and teamwork.<br />

Other topics include such<br />

items as the ‘ten-foot’<br />

rule. Rudnai explains that<br />

this concept means,<br />

“Everything within ten<br />

feet of an employee,<br />

the employee owns.<br />

That means straightening<br />

chairs, picking up trash<br />

and acknowledging every<br />

guest and team member,<br />

it’s about pride of ownership<br />

and doing the little<br />

things well.” Each department<br />

manager begins the<br />

work day by discussing<br />

one of these subjects with<br />

the team.<br />

Rudnai came to <strong>California</strong> in 1981 to attend San Diego<br />

State and become a marine biologist. Those plans changed<br />

after he became a salesperson at a dealership in San Diego<br />

and learned there was good money to be made in the auto<br />

business. Rudnai moved to Los Angeles and worked his<br />

way up the ranks at various dealerships. He joined the<br />

Penske Automotive Group in 1992 and eventually became<br />

the president of Longo Toyota/Scion/Lexus. Longo Toyota is<br />

the largest dealership in the world.<br />

In 2014, Rudnai partnered with R. J. Romero of the<br />

OREMOR Automotive Group to purchase the Toyota<br />

dealership in <strong>Temecula</strong>. OREMOR, a family owned and operated<br />

group of award-winning dealerships, operates stores<br />

throughout <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong>.<br />

Rudnai’s first priority was to change the culture of the<br />

dealership, using the motto, “New Ownership. New Attitude.<br />

Come experience the difference.” Each employee was<br />

provided a job description clearly outlining their role<br />

and responsibilities and enrolled in Toyota University, a<br />

continual training program that includes both online<br />

and in-class requirements. A top sales training company<br />

works with the sales staff to help them focus on how<br />

to listen and communicate effectively with guests and<br />

co-workers.<br />

The new ownership has resulted in a sales increase of<br />

more than seventy-eight percent and a sixty-five percent<br />

increase in service and parts business. Employment has<br />

increased over fifty percent and now stands at 215. The<br />

sales tax revenue created by the dealership is up more than<br />

100 percent.<br />

The new owners have also invested heavily in a new<br />

state-of-the-art facility.<br />

These impressive numbers have earned TV Toyota several<br />

top awards within the Toyota organization, including the<br />

President’s Award, given only to the top dealerships with top<br />



level sales, service and customer satisfaction. The dealership<br />

has also qualified for the President’s Cabinet (given only to<br />

12 out of the 1,232 Toyota dealers in the nation—top one<br />

percent), Board of Governors (top 60 volume dealers in<br />

the nation), Circle of Excellence (top 30 dealerships in<br />

the nation with Toyota Financial Services) and received<br />

top awards for Service Excellence, Parts Excellence and<br />

Customer Service Excellence.<br />

To reward team members for their accomplishments,<br />

the dealership has a monthly BBQ where Rudnai and his<br />

management team cook and serve all the employees, as well<br />

as a special awards dinner when objectives are met, which<br />

is nearly 100 percent of the time. Employees and their<br />

guests have enjoyed dinner cruises at sunset, as well as<br />

visits to local wineries and racing venues. An Employee of<br />

the Month program recognizes an individual who has<br />

provided exemplary service and awards the recipient<br />

with gift cards. Employee suggestion boxes are located<br />

throughout the dealership and many of the employee<br />

suggestions have been implemented. The dealership also<br />

sponsors a softball team that plays other businesses in<br />

the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> and is strongly supported by other<br />

employees to watch them play and cheer them on.<br />

TV Toyota was recently named a Top Workplace in<br />

Riverside County by the Press Enterprise along with being<br />

nominated as a top business by the <strong>Temecula</strong> Chamber<br />

of Commerce.<br />

TV Toyota and its employees are deeply involved in<br />

the community and participate in numerous civic and<br />

charitable events. The dealership is a member of the<br />

Chamber of Commerce, continuing a record of twenty-five<br />

years of service begun by the previous owners. TV Toyota is<br />

the title sponsor of the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Fair and is active<br />

with Oak Grove and Boys and Girls Clubs. In addition,<br />

TV Toyota teams participate in the Walk for the Cure,<br />

Paws for the Cure, Run through the Vineyards, and several<br />

other activities.<br />

TV Toyota has contributed large sums of money to<br />

such organizations as Habitat for Humanity, PennyPickles<br />

Museum, Charity for Charity, American Legion, YMCA,<br />

Riverside Fire Fighters, Hospice of the <strong>Valley</strong> and dozens<br />

of others. They also have a very successful internship<br />

program with local high schools resulting in several hires<br />

after graduation. Participating in community events and<br />

supporting their programs is TV Toyota’s way of showing<br />

that family/community comes first and is a core concept of<br />

the ‘TV Way’ and its mission statement.<br />

The dealership is a strong supporter of programs for<br />

the Marines at Camp Pendleton and many employees have<br />

been hired through the dealership’s Hire a Hero program,<br />

aimed at providing jobs for veterans.<br />

“It’s all about community, long-term relationships,<br />

and taking care of our guests,” says Rudnai. “We believe<br />

that if we take care of our guests and our team members,<br />

the business will take care of itself.”<br />




<br />

Above: Mary and Scott Carlson in 2012.<br />

As pioneers in the bourgeoning solar power industry, the<br />

Carlson family of <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> considers their business<br />

a mission to provide high quality, low cost solar electric<br />

systems to their customers. They feel by installing quality<br />

solar technologies, they are enabling their customers to live<br />

comfortably with a lower ecological footprint.<br />

A true pioneer in the industry, Scott Carlson learned to<br />

install solar systems with battery back-up while working<br />

for the University of <strong>California</strong> Riverside in 1988. Scott,<br />

a graduate of San Diego State University where he focused<br />

on urban development, was one of the few solar installers<br />

in <strong>California</strong> at that time and, as a hobby, he helped<br />

homeowners install their solar systems.<br />

“Since some remote research buildings at UCR had no<br />

electricity, Scott learned how to create power for these<br />

facilities with solar modules, batteries, inverters and charge<br />

controllers,” explains Scott’s wife, Mary.<br />

As interest in the use of solar increased, Scott and Mary<br />

started Carlson Solar in 1997 and installed some of the<br />

first solar electric systems in San Diego, Riverside, and<br />

San Bernardino counties.<br />

“Solar modules were extremely expensive in the early<br />

days, with prices of $4.50 per watt,” Mary recalls.<br />

“Solar modules were only seventy-five watts, so Scott had to<br />

install quite a few solar panels to get the power needed.<br />

Now, solar modules are 330 watts each and the cost is<br />

down to below a dollar per watt.”<br />

Building on Scott’s expertise, Carlson Solar installed<br />

more than 1,000 solar electric residential and commercial<br />

photovoltaic systems and the company grew to be one of<br />

the most respected and leading solar electrical installation<br />

companies in <strong>California</strong>.<br />

Eager to spread the word about the benefits of solar<br />

power, Scott conducted numerous classes throughout the<br />

region. Many of the solar inspectors currently evaluating<br />

systems learned their trade from one of Scott’s many classes.<br />

Because of his overall knowledge of solar systems, Scott<br />

was asked over the years to Beta test several new solar<br />

technologies for manufacturers.<br />

With only a dozen employees, Carlson Solar became<br />

the sixth largest solar electric company in <strong>California</strong> and<br />

was considered one of the most cost effective, according<br />

to <strong>California</strong> Energy Commission statistics.<br />

In January 2008, Carlson Solar merged with Gaiam<br />

Real Goods, making it one of the largest residential<br />

solar installation companies in <strong>California</strong>. Scott became<br />

executive vice president of Real Goods Solar, as well as<br />

the main contractor.<br />



He decided to retire after a few years, but it did not take<br />

long for Scott and Mary to realize the solar industry was not<br />

just a business but a way of life. With a passion surpassed<br />

by none, they opened New Day Solar. This business allows<br />

Scott and Mary to share their passion for the industry and<br />

put their stamp on helping the environment. In addition,<br />

it allows their customers to reap the benefits of their<br />

knowledge, dedication, focus on customer service, and the<br />

‘family feel’ they provide.<br />

The company now has twenty-five employees, and has<br />

installed more than 3,000 systems.<br />

The establishment of New Day Solar also paved the way<br />

for their son, Brandon, to join the business. Brandon was<br />

Scott’s protégé while growing up and after graduating with a<br />

BA from CSUSB and receiving his teaching credentials from<br />

CSULB, Brandon began to focus full-time on sustainability<br />

and energy efficiency. He served as vice chair of the City of<br />

Burbank’s Sustainability Commission before stepping down<br />

to help his parents create New Day Solar.<br />

Like his father before him, Brandon has earned his<br />

electrical contractor license and works full-time with<br />

Scott and Mary. He also sits on a variety of boards and<br />

commissions throughout <strong>California</strong> to improve codes,<br />

standards, and legislation for green technologies. He spends<br />

much of his spare time educating and working alongside<br />

industry contractors, city officials and inspectors on<br />

understanding code requirements.<br />

With the expertise provided by New Day Solar—as<br />

well as a thirty percent federal tax credit—solar electricity<br />

has become much more affordable. Solar not only helps<br />

conserve the environment, but it saves money as well.<br />

Solar electricity is not just a luxury but has finally become<br />

affordable for the average homeowner.<br />

Scott, Mary and Brandon have made their company<br />

successful by providing customers with legendary customer<br />

service, fair pricing and industry<br />

leading expertise. Quality, honesty,<br />

and integrity are their core values<br />

and New Day Solar’s business is<br />

based on these principles. Their<br />

customer satisfaction ratings prove<br />

that New Day Solar is a company<br />

that treats its customers like family<br />

and will go above and beyond<br />

all expectations.<br />

For the Carlsons, it is not about<br />

making a large profit or becoming<br />

a huge corporation; it is about<br />

getting solar to the masses and<br />

helping everyone see the potential<br />

Scott first saw thirty years ago.<br />

Whether you have a few questions or have decided that<br />

a solar system is right for you, the team at New Day Solar<br />

is here to help! Call us for a free site visit at (855)444-6329<br />

or visit us at www.newdaysolar.com.<br />





<br />

Robert B. Rosenstein, president and founder.<br />


In the heart of Old Town, right next to City Hall, is a brick<br />

building with a copper dome known throughout the city as the<br />

“Penny Dome.” It houses one of <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>’s premiere law<br />

firms, Rosenstein & Associates. The law firm has served<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> for over twenty-five years, and the firm’s attorneys<br />

have a combined experience of over sixty years.<br />

Rosenstein & Associates prides itself in being one of the<br />

most respected law firms in <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>. The law firm<br />

was formed by Robert B. Rosenstein, president and founder.<br />

When the firm opened, <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> area was much<br />

smaller and the firm was opened on the principle that the<br />

law firm could, “Provide all of the Legal Services of a big city,<br />

right here in <strong>Temecula</strong>.”<br />

Since Rosenstein & Associates opened its doors in<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong>, it has served its clients with the highest degree of<br />

integrity, skill and dedication. Rosenstein & Associates serves<br />

clients from small start-ups to those operating large businesses.<br />

Rosenstein explains that Rosenstein & Associates provides<br />

what he refers to as “cradle to grave” services to its clients.<br />

The firm assists clients in their initial formation stage, advising<br />

as to ongoing operations (including all transactional matters,<br />

such as contracts, lease review and business planning),<br />

protecting their image by providing trademark assistance,<br />

handling litigation matters, tax related matters, assisting<br />

clients in seeking funding (including assistance with an initial<br />

public offering) and if necessary, filing for reorganization<br />

under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. The<br />

firm also assists individuals with litigation matters and Estate<br />

Planning matters including wills and trusts.<br />

Rosenstein & Associates currently employs three attorneys,<br />

a paralegal and a full support staff. While Rosenstein &<br />

Associates concentrates its business in <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>, it<br />

provides assistance to clients throughout the <strong>Southern</strong><br />

<strong>California</strong> area, and has provided assistance to clients, not<br />

only in the United States, but also worldwide.<br />

While Rosenstein & Associates is dedicated to providing the<br />

highest level of professional legal services to the community, the<br />

attorneys and staff are also dedicated to giving back to the community.<br />

Members of the firm provide services to the community<br />

and belong to many organizations. Rosenstein & Associates’<br />

dedicated staff has worked with the City of <strong>Temecula</strong> in providing<br />

technical advice and hands-on assistance to the Legal<br />

Scholars Program, and has worked with such organizations as<br />

the Rotary, Boys and Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, NAMI,<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> Theater Foundation, People Helping People, and JDS<br />

Creative Academy. Rosenstein & Associates is also a sponsor of<br />

many other community and charitable events.<br />

Rosenstein & Associates is committed to working<br />

in the business community to help <strong>Temecula</strong> and the entire<br />



valley grow. Rosenstein & Associates has been a proud member<br />

of the <strong>Temecula</strong> Chamber of Commerce for more than<br />

twenty years, and belongs to the Chambers of Commerce of<br />

Murrieta and Menifee. In addition, Rosenstein & Associates is<br />

a Corporate Member of the Economic Development Coalition.<br />

Rosenstein, a graduate of the Southwestern Law School, is<br />

the principal attorney and president of Rosenstein &<br />

Associates. He has practiced law since 1979 and, prior to that<br />

time, was an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and had his own<br />

bookkeeping business. He is involved in serving not only the<br />

business community, but also the entire community. As is<br />

often said, “When you need something done, look for someone<br />

who knows what they are doing, and ask them to become<br />

involved.” Rosenstein is currently serving, and has served six<br />

years, on the Board of Directors of the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong><br />

Chamber of Commerce. He is also an elected member of the<br />

Economic Development Coalition Board of Directors, serves<br />

on the Board of Directors and is the treasurer of Temple Beth<br />

Sholom, a member of MTG, and has served on the Board of<br />

Directors of the <strong>Temecula</strong> Theater Foundation and JDS<br />

Creative Academy. Rosenstein has also served on the Dean’s<br />

Advisory Counsel for Cal State San Marcos.<br />

Professionally, Rosenstein is a member of various legal<br />

organizations, including the Riverside County Bar<br />

Association, the Southwest Riverside Bar Association, the<br />

Inland Bankruptcy Forum and the American Bar Association,<br />

where he has served on several committees, including the<br />

Committees of Taxation, Sole Practice and Corporations. He<br />

served as the vice chairman of the Small and Emerging<br />

Business section of the American Bar Association, and during<br />

this time, he helped develop the outline and reviewed the<br />

book, Legal Guide for Small Business.<br />

Rosenstein is married to Rabbi Sandy Rosenstein, and as<br />

a husband and father of five, he knows the value of hard<br />

work and dedication.<br />

Ethics and professionalism are the key principles<br />

upon which Rosenstein & Associates was founded. At<br />

Rosenstein & Associates the goal is to develop a long<br />

term relationship with its clients and to understand<br />

their needs. The firm offers an initial consultation<br />

for the client and attorney to meet each other to determine<br />

if a relationship can be established. The firm is located<br />

at 28600 Mercedes Street in <strong>Temecula</strong> and on the Internet<br />

at www.thetemeculalawfirm.com.<br />

<br />

Bottom, Left: The staff of Rosenstein & Associates.<br />


Bottom, Right: Rosenstein & Associates is located at 28600 Mercedes Street<br />

in <strong>Temecula</strong>.<br />




<br />

Top: Fabozzi & Miller, APC. August 2017.<br />

Bottom: The Attorneys of Fabozzi & Miller, APC.<br />

The law firm of Fabozzi & Miller, APC, was organized<br />

nearly twenty years ago with one attorney, one law clerk and<br />

a single paralegal, all housed in a cramped 400-square-foot<br />

office. The firm has grown to become one of the oldest and<br />

largest law firms in the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>, providing clients<br />

with legal representation centric to issues crucial to both<br />

individuals and business owners.<br />

The boutique law firm assists clients with matters concerning<br />

real property (both transactional and litigation), contract<br />

law, creditor’s rights (State and Federal Courts), employment<br />

law (solely to protect the employer), select family law, estate<br />

planning (wills and trusts), and probate. The firm represents<br />

local businesses of all sizes, individuals, real estate developers,<br />

creditors and community and national banks.<br />

The firm’s goal is to provide its clients with seasoned and<br />

thorough legal representation while being mindful of each<br />

client’s budget. “We work with clients to solve their legal<br />

issues,” explains Managing Partner Edward J. Miller. “Our<br />

firm boasts a family atmosphere with a professional quality<br />

of work. We strive to get to know each of our clients on a<br />

personal level so our service goes beyond their expectations.<br />

Every client is important and is more than a number. We<br />

strive to provide work product that assists our clients in<br />

attaining their goals, while always keeping in mind our commitment<br />

to provide personal service, high quality legal<br />

advice, superior work product, and cost effective solutions.”<br />

Founding Partner Dennis F. Fabozzi began practicing law in<br />

Orange County in 1978, where he started and successfully<br />

managed three law firms. In 2000, he moved his practice to<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong>. Miller began working for the firm as a law student in<br />

2003, prior to becoming licensed. Miller became an Associate<br />

Attorney with the firm in 2006. Fabozzi and Miller became<br />

partners in 2014 and Miller became managing partner in 2017.<br />

Fabozzi passed tragically just as he was starting his retirement.<br />



From the firm’s beginning, Fabozzi ingrained a work ethic<br />

typically found in the largest firms in Orange County or San<br />

Diego. From its first small office, Fabozzi & Miller has expanded<br />

to 4,000 square feet of space, occupying most of the second<br />

floor of a building at 41911 Fifth Street. The firm now employs<br />

five attorneys, three certified paralegals, and several support<br />

staff. Throughout its growth, the firm has continued to carry<br />

on its founder’s high professional standards and work ethic.<br />

Fabozzi & Miller is recognized as a professional, ethical and<br />

extremely competent law firm by its peers and clients. The firm<br />

is AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell, the nation’s oldest source<br />

for dependable information about members of the legal community.<br />

The AV rating signifies the highest level of professional<br />

excellence, skill and integrity. Miller has been awarded the ‘AV<br />

Preeminent’ rating by Martindale-Hubbell, an honor held by<br />

fewer than eight percent of all lawyers nationally.<br />

Fabozzi & Miller, APC, has been nominated on multiple<br />

occasions for the Business of the Year Award presented annually<br />

by the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber of Commerce, most<br />

recently in 2016 and 2017. Miller was nominated as ‘Citizen<br />

of the Year’ by the Chamber in 2016.<br />

All Fabozzi & Miller attorneys are members of the<br />

Riverside County, Southwest Riverside County and <strong>California</strong><br />

Bar Associations and the firm’s paralegals are certified and<br />

members of the National Association of Legal Assistants. The<br />

firm encourages and supports its attorneys to be active in legal<br />

and professional associations. Its attorneys are members of the<br />

Southwest Inns of Court, an association of lawyers and judges<br />

carefully selected from all levels and backgrounds who share<br />

a passion for professional excellence and who strive to bring a<br />

higher ethical standard to the legal community. The attorneys<br />

have also served on the Board of Directors of the Southwest<br />

Riverside County Bar Association, an association of lawyers<br />

and legal professionals who meet monthly to share ideas and<br />

keep up-to-date on current and new legal developments.<br />

Fabozzi & Miller supports its local community. All<br />

Fabozzi & Miller employees live in the Murrieta-<strong>Temecula</strong><br />

<strong>Valley</strong> and are invested in their communities. Their families<br />

have grown up in the <strong>Valley</strong> and have become part of sports<br />

teams, youth organizations, church groups, and such organizations<br />

as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Fabozzi & Miller<br />

believes that family time is important. Employees are<br />

encouraged to be involved with their families and to volunteer<br />

for community activities.<br />

Miller is the current Chairman of the Board and provides pro<br />

bono legal services to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southwest<br />

Riverside County, and the firm and its staff organize and sponsor<br />

the club’s annual fundraising event, ‘Our Kids Rock.’<br />

Miller and the firm’s Associate Attorneys participate in the<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> Law Resource Center’s Free Legal Clinic offered at the<br />

Ronald H. Roberts <strong>Temecula</strong> Public Library. Associate Attorney<br />

Ashley Wedding is involved with the Professional Women’s<br />

Roundtable, a nonprofit women’s organization dedicated to<br />

helping women succeed through mentoring by example, powerful<br />

speakers, educational workshops and networking.<br />

The goal for the future of Fabozzi & Miller, APC is to continue<br />

to grow at a reasonable pace, while keeping aligned<br />

with the original goals of the founding partner—an environment<br />

that puts the client first.<br />

<br />

Above: Managing Partner Edward J. Miller.<br />

Bottom: Boys and Girls Clubs of Southwest Riverside County Board of<br />

Directors 2018. Edward J. Miller, Chairman of the Board.<br />





<br />

Lorimar Vineyards and <strong>Wine</strong>ry.<br />

In 2016, David Neault Associates, Inc. (DNA) celebrated<br />

their twenty-fifth anniversary. Since 1991, they have been<br />

working collaboratively with their clients, other design professionals<br />

and governing agencies to create unique outdoor<br />

living spaces designed to make landscape architectural statements<br />

that will stand the test of time.<br />

The firm traces its beginning to the economic recession<br />

triggered by the collapse of thousands of savings and loan<br />

associations in the early 1990s. At the time, David Neault was<br />

working for a land development/homebuilder that was developing<br />

Redhawk, a master planned community in what is now<br />

the City of <strong>Temecula</strong>. Neault explains that his employer was<br />

forced to scale back his operation because of the recession and<br />

offered him free rent and twenty hours of work a week if he<br />

wanted to start his own landscape and planning firm. DNA<br />

incorporated in April 1999. The firm is still located in the<br />

same building and the office where Neault was given free rent<br />

is now a storage and print room in their larger office.<br />

“Our focus has always been to provide our clients with a<br />

creative, yet pragmatic approach that combines vision, imagination,<br />

attention to detail, and an understanding of the<br />

overall project goals,” explains Neault. “We strive to provide<br />

a landscape architectural solution that creates an inspiring<br />

‘sense of place.’ A place that invites people to create their<br />

own life long memories within the beauty of their surroundings<br />

and the comfort of the natural environment.”<br />

Always in search of excellence, DNA strongly believes that<br />

collaboration of dedicated professionals will result in a much<br />

richer experience and a more inspired design.<br />

DNA’s portfolio of work includes residential masterplanned<br />

communities, golf courses, hotels and resorts,<br />

theme parks, commercial/industrial and retail centers,<br />

Veterans Memorials, hospitals, university campuses, public<br />

parks, design guidelines and more. The firm’s projects in the<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> include Redhawk, Harveston, Fletcher<br />

Jones Mercedes-Benz, Lorimar <strong>Wine</strong>ry, Robert Renzoni<br />

Vineyards, Peltzer Family Cellars, Europa Village Tasting<br />

Room and Estates, Highgate Senior Living, Margarita<br />

Community Park and many others.<br />

“One of the things I am most proud of is the lasting<br />

impression we make on the fabrics of the cities and counties<br />

we work in; especially with the master planned communities,”<br />

Neault says. “Redhawk and Harveston are two of<br />

the premiere communities in <strong>Temecula</strong> and we had the<br />

privilege of working on these two from the very beginning of<br />

the planning process. We designed parks, parkways, water<br />

features, entry monuments, trails and other landscape<br />

features that people use, observe and enjoy on a daily basis.<br />

Memories are created in these areas that last a lifetime for<br />

many of the residents.”<br />

Neault adds that, “Invariably when I visit a home in<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong>, there is a picture on the wall or on a mantle<br />



of some significant family or personal event, like a<br />

wedding, a prom, or graduation with the waterfall at<br />

Redhawk in the background. This is the highest complement<br />

and reward for our work. Seeing families playing in a<br />

park we designed or walking/jogging on tree-lined trails,<br />

or driving down tree-lined streets with beautiful landscapes;<br />

all evoke the emotions of pride and satisfaction in what<br />

we do.”<br />

DNA has six employees. Peggy Newman has been with<br />

the firm since 1999 when it was incorporated and now<br />

serves as operations manager. “Peggy has been invaluable<br />

with her strong organization skills, incredible people skills<br />

and her abiding faith,” Neault comments.<br />

Suzanne Palmer, RLA, a principal in the firm, has been<br />

with DNA since 2001 and is described as, “A landscape<br />

architects’ landscape architect.” Palmer played a big role in<br />

the success of Harveston, considered by many as the crown<br />

jewel of the master planned communities in the city. Her<br />

strong technical background and personal skills helped us<br />

land a consultant’s position with Eastern Municipal Water<br />

District, which was critical for our firm surviving the most<br />

recent recession.<br />

Bryan Love, RLA, also joined the David Neault Associates<br />

team in January of 2005 and was recently made a partner. He<br />

is a key driver of the firm’s profitability and has an outstanding<br />

reputation with clients for his design, technical knowledge<br />

and great customer service.<br />

Shane Preston, who joined the team in October of 2005,<br />

has continued to lead the firm to new heights of design and<br />

graphic communication skills. “He is one of a few people I<br />

know who truly can work from both the left and right sides<br />

of their brains,” Neault says.<br />

William LaForge, a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona in<br />

Landscape Architecture and accomplished photographer,<br />

joined the firm in June of 2014 after two years of part<br />

time consulting work. Wil was a great addition to the team<br />

as he brought strong AutoCad skills, artistic talent and an<br />

easy going attitude.<br />

DNA believes in giving back to the community that they<br />

work and live in, providing pro-bono services for Habitat for<br />

Humanity Inland <strong>Valley</strong> Board, Home Aid Inland <strong>Valley</strong> and<br />

Orange County, Rancho Damacitas, and Project Touch.<br />

David is a Rotarian and serves on the Board of Directors for<br />

Habitat for Humanity Inland <strong>Valley</strong>.<br />

<br />

Top: Redhawk- master planned community.<br />

Bottom: Harveston- master planned community.<br />






Craig Davis Family Insurance Agency, Inc., is proud to<br />

represent Farmers Insurance, specializing in auto, home,<br />

life, and business insurance. Farmers Insurance was<br />

founded in Los Angeles in 1928 by John C. Tyler and<br />

Thomas E. Leavey, who shared a dream of providing a<br />

quality insurance product at a reasonable price. Farmers<br />

is proud to serve in excess of 10 million households with<br />

more than 19 million individual policies through the efforts<br />

of more than 48,000 exclusive and independent agents and<br />

nearly 21,000 employees.<br />

Craig and Kathy Davis met while working in the<br />

mailroom at the Farmers Regional Office in Carlsbad,<br />

<strong>California</strong>, in 1987. Craig rapidly climbed the ladder in<br />

the regional office and was appointed an agent near the end<br />

of 1990. He worked and trained in the Carlsbad District<br />

Office for a year before locating permanently to Escondido<br />

in 1991. The agency continued its growth and near the end<br />

of 1995, Kathy joined the business full-time. She had been<br />

working in the regional office with the homeowner division<br />

and added a new dimension to the agency from the start.<br />

The Davis Family Agency had two offices for nearly<br />

twenty years. The main office was located in downtown<br />

Escondido, and a satellite office was opened on the south<br />

end of Old Town Front Street in <strong>Temecula</strong>. However,<br />

Craig and Kathy decided to make an important change<br />

in 2008 when <strong>Temecula</strong> became the main office and<br />

Escondido was switched to a part-time satellite office.<br />

Deeply committed to community service, Craig<br />

is a longtime member of the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong><br />

Chamber of Commerce and Murrieta Chamber of<br />

Commerce. In 2016, Craig Davis Family Insurance<br />

Agency was recognized as the small business of<br />

the year by the <strong>Temecula</strong> Chamber. Craig serves on<br />

the executive board for the Rotary Club of <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

and was recognized as humanitarian of the year<br />

in 2014-2015 and 2015-2016. Kathy currently<br />

serves on the advisory board for Michelle’s Place,<br />

a local Breast Cancer Resource Center in <strong>Temecula</strong>.<br />

In the early days, Craig spent the majority of<br />

his free time coaching his son and daughter in<br />

youth sports, and Kathy served as the team<br />

mom. From soccer in the early days to little<br />

league/travel baseball and recreational/travel<br />

basketball, to becoming spectators in the stands<br />

watching their son play college baseball at<br />

UC Irvine, Craig and Kathy were always busy supporting<br />

their kids. The agency has an entire wall dedicated to the<br />

youth sports that Craig has coached throughout the years.<br />

These days Craig and Kathy spend their free time volunteering<br />

in the community, traveling, attending sporting<br />

events, camping in their RV, hanging out with friends,<br />

and just relaxing at home…until the grandchildren arrive.<br />



<strong>Temecula</strong> was still a small, yet growing community with<br />

many young families when Kathy Strate and Marci Hauser<br />

opened SCEGA Gymnastics in 1989. SCEGA stands for<br />

<strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong> Elite Gymnastics Academy.<br />

SCEGA offers gymnastics programs of all levels for girls<br />

and boys between the ages of sixteen months and eighteen<br />

years of age. This state-of-the-art 18,000-square-foot facility<br />

houses the latest equipment for both recreational as well as<br />

competitive gymnastics. Huge foam pits provide both safety<br />

and fun for all gymnasts and a “treehouse” offers fun activities<br />

such as mini trampolines, a slide, ropes to climb and<br />

swing, and a secret tunnel.<br />

When it first opened, SCEGA gymnastics was relatively<br />

unknown in the gymnastics world. Through the hiring of<br />

experienced coaches, both recreationally and competitively,<br />

and the perseverance of the owners of getting the SCEGA<br />

name out there, the program grew quickly. Through the<br />

hard work of the owners, coaches and gymnasts, they rose to<br />

the top of the gymnastics scene within a few years. As<br />

the business grew, Kathy Washington was hired as office<br />

manager and remains a key player today in the development<br />

of the business.<br />

In 1995, Hauser decided to turn her attention to coaching,<br />

so Kathy Bader and her husband, Dave, joined Strate as<br />

partners in the business. Bader brought new and fresh ideas<br />

to the program and worked to increase membership as well<br />

as managing staff development. Two former head coaches of<br />

SCEGA gymnastics, Tim Garrison and Meredith Paulicivic,<br />

are now head coaches at NCAA Division I universities.<br />

SCEGA now serves more than 1,400 students each week<br />

and, to-date, has more than fifty gymnasts that have or are<br />

currently competing in colleges with over ninety percent of<br />

them earning full athletic scholarships. SCEGA has become<br />

home to numerous State, Regional and National<br />

Championships and has trained more than twenty national<br />

team members for USA Gymnastics.<br />

SCEGA’s Rachel Tidd represented the<br />

USA at the 2001 World Championships in<br />

Belgium where the team earned a bronze<br />

medal. Sophina DeJesus represented the<br />

USA in Japan in 2009, where she took<br />

gold in the floor exercise. In 2017, SCEGA<br />

was named the top program in Region I,<br />

which includes all programs in <strong>California</strong>,<br />

Arizona, Nevada and Utah.<br />

SCEGA is very involved in the<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> community by participating<br />

each year in the Race for the Cure for<br />

breast cancer and supporting Charity for<br />

Charity, a local charity organization.<br />

SCEGA also ‘goes gold’ each September in<br />

support of increased funding for childhood<br />

cancer awareness.<br />


<br />

Bottom, left: SCEGA Gymnastics currently has two locations, 27532<br />

Commerce Center in <strong>Temecula</strong> and 36580 Penfield Lane in Winchester..<br />

Below: Jillian Hoffman, Junior Olympic Level 10 National Champion Bars,<br />

Floor, and all around.<br />





<br />

Top: GBV <strong>Wine</strong> Clique membership includes the ultimate wine experience<br />

with discounts, early release, and access to VIP areas and events.<br />

One of <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong>’s best kept secrets is Gershon<br />

Bachus Vintners (GBV) where Tuscany meets <strong>Temecula</strong>. This<br />

family-owned winery offers a fine wine selection with many<br />

varietals, featuring mostly reds wines and blends and a fine<br />

estate white wine and three dessert wines.<br />

In addition to wine tastings, GBV hosts numerous weekend<br />

weddings or corporate events each year in a beautiful setting<br />

with spectacular views of <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> from every vantage<br />

point. Their new pond and waterfall adds so much energy to<br />

the already magnificent ceremony area.<br />

GBV began in 2005 when Kenneth and Christina Falik<br />

were looking for property in the Deportola Road section,<br />

which had only two wineries at the time. “We originally<br />

planned the property to be a vacation home,” explains<br />

Christina. “When we began construction and planted the<br />

vineyard in 2005-2006, we decided to join the ranks of<br />

other family-owned wineries. We branded the winery as<br />

Gershon Bachus Vintners, named after Kenny’s grandfather.<br />

Our wine education came with great determination through<br />

the osmosis of wine country.”<br />

The vineyard’s namesake, Gershon Bachus, immigrated to<br />

the United States from Europe in 1922 with his wife and two<br />

daughters. He had a zest for life and agriculture and like many<br />

transplanted Europeans, he made wine for his friends and family.<br />

However, he never achieved his dream of owning his own<br />

<strong>California</strong> vineyard. His grandson, Ken, and Christina have<br />

made his dream come alive with Gershon Bachus Vintners.<br />

“We began research and development in 2005, while our<br />

structure was being built, but did not get underway until<br />

2007,” says Christina. “In the early years, we were open to<br />

the public by invitation only and presented our wines maybe<br />

once a month. As our coffers began to hold aged wine, we<br />

allowed patrons in once or twice a week. Our first events<br />

were held in 2007. FOX LA declared us the number one<br />

wedding venue the following year.”<br />

Production at GBV grew from 500 cases to more than 2,900<br />

cases a year over the course of twelve years and they continue<br />

to serve only aged wines in the tasting room. A new barrel room<br />

will complete the production area located behind the waterfall.<br />

An authority on <strong>California</strong> wine making, Michael Tingley,<br />

helped lay the foundation for the respected winery GBV has<br />

become. Over the years, Tingley has been responsible for<br />

production of wines that have received many gold medals at<br />

various wine competitions. Dakota Denton, winemaker and<br />

general manager, is a <strong>Temecula</strong> native who brings a wealth of<br />

knowledge about the grapes that thrive in the region.<br />

GBV now operates with a total of six people in the winery.<br />

Each expert wine educator is cross-trained to represent<br />

Gershon Bachus in the tasting room, outside tastings and<br />

on-site events.<br />

Ken and Christina like to say that their life’s philosophy is<br />

not complicated. “Live well. Love much. Laugh Often. And<br />

always remember that life’s too short to drink bad wine.”<br />

Gershon Bachus Vintners winery and tasting room is located<br />

at 37750 Deportola Road in <strong>Temecula</strong>; marketing offices<br />

and warehouse are located in Lake Elsinore. To learn more<br />

about GBV, check the website at www.gershonbachus.com or<br />

call 877-458-8428.<br />



In a highly competitive business where everyone claims<br />

to offer ‘the best deal’, Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac and<br />

Paradise Buick GMC have become premier dealerships in<br />

<strong>California</strong> by emphasizing community involvement.<br />

It all started with a deeply ingrained belief in giving back<br />

to the community reflected by the philosophy of Terry<br />

Gilmore, who organized Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac twentyfive<br />

years ago and Paradise Buick GMC three years ago. Since<br />

then, the dealerships have contributed almost $5 million<br />

to such organizations as Boys and Girls Clubs, veteran’s<br />

projects, and many other charitable activities. The dealership’s<br />

employees are encouraged to be involved in community<br />

activism and each year an employee is honored for<br />

exemplary community service with the Paradise Making a<br />

Difference Award.<br />

“Being involved requires a commitment of time,” Gilmore<br />

says. “We want to be involved personally and not just write<br />

a check.”<br />

In 1983, Gilmore, with his wife Cindy, moved to Ventura to<br />

begin his work for Bob and Nancy Gregory at Paradise<br />

Chevrolet, where he became general manager. He and Gregory<br />

became partners in 1992 and were awarded the new Chevrolet<br />

dealership in <strong>Temecula</strong>. Gilmore became the sole owner twenty<br />

years later but now has a partner of his own, Todd Tracy, who<br />

is general manager of Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac. Gilmore<br />

opened Paradise Buick GMC in 2014. He named his longtime<br />

employee, Stacey Richards as general manager of the new dealership.<br />

Richards, who worked for the original Paradise dealership<br />

since their opening, served in many capacities. Starting as<br />

a shuttle driver and moving rapidly through the departments,<br />

Richards eventually became the finance manager, which made<br />

her the perfect choice with her knowledge of the Paradise practices<br />

and her commitment to the family business.<br />

Now with two locations, both on Ynez Road in the<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Auto Mall, Gilmore attributes much of the<br />

success of Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac and Paradise Buick<br />

GMC to the loyalty and longevity of their employees. “We<br />

have two great teams and we just don’t have much turnover,”<br />

he says. “Our parts manager has been with us from day one<br />

and the original service manager retired two years ago. Just<br />

recently my daughter graduated from college and started<br />

working at the dealership.”<br />

Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac is consistently among the top<br />

dealerships in its region and has won numerous awards,<br />

including the Chevrolet Dealer of the Year Award for the<br />

entire United States. The dealership has been in the top five<br />

in customer satisfaction for the last ten years.<br />

While Paradise Buick GMC is still in its infancy, they have<br />

been the fastest growing Buick GMC dealership in <strong>California</strong><br />

since opening in 2014.<br />

Gilmore plans to open an expanded Commercial Sales &<br />

Service dealership just down the street next year and is looking<br />

forward to a bright future for Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac<br />

and Paradise Buick GMC.<br />




Bottom, Left: Paradise Buick is located at 27420 Ynez Road, <strong>Temecula</strong>,<br />

<strong>California</strong> 92591.<br />

Bottom, Right: Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac is located at 27360 Ynez Road,<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>California</strong> 92591.<br />




<br />

Top: Stone House.<br />

Bottom: Stone House built in the late 1800s was originally a bunk house for<br />

local quarry workers.<br />

Located in the heart of <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong><br />

and tucked away on the grounds of the <strong>Temecula</strong> Creek Inn<br />

stands a 140-year old building made of granite and stone,<br />

which is surrounded by century-old oak trees.<br />

The history of the historic Stone House began in the late<br />

1800s during the time that the hills were being quarried for<br />

granite. The Stone House was used as a mess hall for the<br />

hard-working quarrymen. The workers were able to retreat<br />

from the sun to find comfort within its cool walls.<br />

Years later, after the hills had seen the last quarryman, a<br />

gentleman by the name of Conivar purchased the Stone<br />

House and used it as a workshop and exhibit. He built biblical<br />

sand sculptures and called it Bibleland. He was a successful<br />

businessman due to the main road running right past<br />

his property and the growth in population. But as in any<br />

town, with growth comes traffic and it had<br />

become necessary to build a freeway. Highway<br />

15, after its completion, cut off all access to<br />

his business, so he decided to sell and move<br />

to Yucaipa.<br />

In 1970, another gentleman by the name of<br />

Hearsh bought the property, which by now<br />

had a golf course surrounding the Stone<br />

House, and a small hotel and restaurant.<br />

Hearsh decided to build a second floor to the<br />

Stone House, and used it to house the property<br />

mechanic.<br />

Presently, the historic Stone House hosts<br />

special events both indoors and out on its spacious<br />

lawn, including romantic weddings,<br />

company picnics, and birthday and anniversary<br />

parties. Even after 140 years of history<br />

and experience, the historic Stone House still<br />

manages to intrigue and fascinate onlookers.<br />



Visitors to the Inn may choose from<br />

beautifully appointed accommodations,<br />

which includes king, deluxe<br />

king, and two queen rooms.<br />

All rooms are spacious and offer<br />

microwave, fridge, hairdryer, iron and<br />

ironing board, in-room coffee, thirtynine<br />

inch flat-screen television, and<br />

pillow-top beds. All rooms are also<br />

appointed with writing desks. The<br />

king and two queen bedrooms come<br />

with a chair and ottoman. Deluxe king<br />

rooms are larger than the king rooms and come with a<br />

loveseat sofa. All rooms are non-smoking.<br />

The Inn features an outdoor pool and parking is available<br />

to registered guests at no charge.<br />

Rancho <strong>California</strong> Inn is located at 41873 Moreno Road,<br />

off the I-15 Freeway, and right behind the <strong>Temecula</strong> History<br />

Museum of Art.<br />

To learn more about Rancho <strong>California</strong> Inn—or to make<br />

reservations—visit www.ranchocaliforniainn.com.<br />


You will enjoy your visit to the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> even<br />

more when you stay at Rancho <strong>California</strong> Inn. Located in the<br />

heart of the city, Rancho <strong>California</strong> Inn is convenient to the<br />

<strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong> and only a few blocks<br />

from Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong>, where you will find great shopping,<br />

dining, and entertainment.<br />

The Inn is only five miles from the local wineries.<br />

Pechanga Casino is only five miles away and Lake Skinner,<br />

offering picnicking, camping, boating, and fishing, is ten<br />

miles away. Several golf courses, movie theaters, and the<br />

Promenade Mall are located nearby.<br />




<br />

Top: Mike Mowad (left) and Brad Allinson (right) long-time friends and<br />

founders/owners of Alliance Propane.<br />

Below: Alliance Propane bobtail fleet.<br />

To know passion and commitment is to know<br />

the Alliance story!<br />

With so many beautiful country homes reliant<br />

on propane, the only options available back in<br />

the year 2000 were the large, national, corporate<br />

providers. It was at that time two <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

<strong>Valley</strong> residents and longtime friends, Brad<br />

Allinson and Mike Mowad, made a decision to<br />

fill a void in the local propane service.<br />

The men started their small family business with<br />

two goals always at the forefront—a passion to do<br />

things the right way and a commitment to put their<br />

customers first. “Let’s provide the best value along<br />

with the highest level of safety and service. After all,<br />

our customers make up our own community, so<br />

why not treat them the way we would like to be<br />

treated?” This attitude has earned the confidence of<br />

their ever-growing residential, commercial, and<br />

agricultural customer base. Alliance Propane is now<br />

considered to be the fastest-growing propane<br />

provider in <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong>.<br />

Through the years, Mike and Brad have instilled this same<br />

ideal in their whole team. The technicians and fuel drivers take<br />

pride in servicing the same neighborhoods in which they live.<br />

The office staff is always ready to address any questions or concerns<br />

customers may have. The Alliance Propane family of<br />

employees consists of loyal and dedicated men and women,<br />

most of whom have worked for the company eight to ten years.<br />

A few have left their jobs, only to happily return to the fold.<br />

Some have previously worked in the corporate propane world<br />

and heartily agree there is a huge advantage to choosing a local<br />

independent company.<br />

The same passion and commitment that grew a humble<br />

family business into a prosperous company does not stop at<br />

its doors. Grateful for the support of the local communities<br />

responsible for its continued success, Alliance Propane rarely<br />

misses an opportunity to give back. Volunteer time and<br />

financial support have been invested in local sports programs,<br />

college scholarships, numerous fundraisers and community<br />

events, and charities such as Habitat for Humanity.<br />

Alliance has proudly participated in multiple Homes for the<br />

Troops projects. The company is also involved with various<br />

Chamber of Commerce activities in Canyon Lake, Wildomar,<br />

Lake Elsinore, Murrieta, <strong>Temecula</strong>, and <strong>Valley</strong> Center.<br />

To learn more about Alliance Propane and the services it<br />

provides, visit their website at www.alliancepropanelp.com.<br />

If you would like to speak with either Brad or Mike directly,<br />

they welcome your call at 951.676.1916 during regular<br />

business hours.<br />



Since its origins in 1973, as a small regional publishing<br />

company based in San Antonio, Texas, Lammert Inc. has<br />

been in the business of helping its customers tell their stories<br />

in the most compelling and powerful ways possible. Working<br />

with a wide variety of clients—from corporations to civic<br />

organizations to individuals and families, Lammert Inc.<br />

emerged as a force in the publishing industry.<br />

The company initially produced specialty publications, such<br />

as an office building directory for the North San Antonio<br />

Chamber of Commerce, and a pictorial roster for the San<br />

Antonio Bar Association. Over the last four decades, Lammert<br />

published hundreds of directories, maps, and magazines for<br />

chambers of commerce and civic groups across the country.<br />

In the mid-1990s, Lammert created a new division,<br />

Historical Publishing Network (HPN), and focused on producing<br />

hardcover coffee table-style history and cityscape books.<br />

The first of these was Fire and Gold: The San Francisco Story. In<br />

the ensuing years, Lammert perfected the sponsored-book<br />

model of publishing.<br />

Conceived around the idea of an ultra-high quality hardcover<br />

chronicle of a city or county’s past, these exceptional books were<br />

also designed to raise funds for a sponsoring organization—typically<br />

a chamber of commerce or a historical preservation group.<br />

They utilized a unique advertising mechanism, known as company<br />

profiles—business and institutional histories, which were<br />

purchased by organizations wishing to tell their individual stories,<br />

and placed in special sections of the books.<br />

As of 2018, Lammert had published more than 140 titles<br />

using the sponsored-book model, while raising hundreds of<br />

thousands of dollars for its many sponsoring groups.<br />

Having carved out its position in the market for turnkey<br />

design, production, and marketing of photography-rich coffee<br />

table books through HPN, in 2018 Lammert Inc. signaled a<br />

new focus with the launch of its new division, HPN Custom<br />

Media & Publishing (HPN-CMP).<br />

HPN-CMP remains a one-stop source for custom media,<br />

including turnkey book design, writing, editing, and<br />

production, as well as offering an enhanced range of<br />

customized services, including print, digital, and photo and<br />

video media solutions, as well as related website design and<br />

events management services.<br />

Employees, customers, partners, and shareholders all value<br />

a credible story which unites the organization’s past to its present<br />

and to its future, enhancing its community standing and<br />

brand reputation, or celebrates a significant anniversary, milestone,<br />

or similar event.<br />

The unique mix of talents and expertise brought to bear in<br />

a HPN project culminates in a remarkable creation—a<br />

breathtaking, photo-rich, coffee table book.<br />

The book may be complemented by a dedicated website,<br />

digital “flip-book,” and/or by related events to commemorate a<br />

historical milestone, introduce or promote a product or brand,<br />

or to present an organization’s annual report with more<br />

impressive visuals. As a gift to associates, partners, current and<br />

prospective employees, clients, and civic officials, the book<br />

serves as a powerful marketing tool.<br />

For more information, or to inquire about producing your<br />

own publication, please visit www.hpncustommedia.com.<br />


DBA<br />

HPNBOOKS &<br />








Service providers, real estate developers, utilities, construction<br />

companies, and manufacturers<br />

provide the economic foundation of the city<br />

Truax Family of Companies ................................................................................................202<br />

Connelly Mansell Incorporated .......................................................................................204<br />

ed2go........................................................................................................................206<br />

Watermark Associates........................................................................................................207<br />

Hamel Contracting, Inc......................................................................................................208<br />

Hamel Concrete, Inc, and Hamel School Outfitters .................................................................209<br />

Workman Constructors ......................................................................................................210<br />

Southwest Riverside County Association of REALTORS ® , Inc. ...................................................212<br />

Utility Design Services, Inc. ...............................................................................................214<br />

Brande Roderick ..........................................................................................................216<br />

Flowserve Corporation..................................................................................................217<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Communications, Inc. .................................................................................218<br />





<br />

Top: AJ and Bernard L. Truax II.<br />

Below: The Truax Building is located at 41923 Second Street in <strong>Temecula</strong>.<br />

Legacy is about people, and it is people that make the<br />

story of Truax special and memorable. When Bernie Truax<br />

started the Truax Family of Companies, it was not to merely<br />

build buildings: it was to build community; places to live,<br />

work and play. Bernie is part of the community, active in<br />

leadership roles for the arts, the symphony, education and<br />

alcohol and drug recovery. His passion for the community<br />

was recognized by the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber of<br />

Commerce, naming him the 2016 Citizen of the Year by the<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber. He was also named the 2016 Boy<br />

Scouts Distinguished Citizen of the Year.<br />

The core values of the founder are instilled in everyone at<br />

Truax—“We live each day with courage; We take pride in our<br />

work; We always finish what we start; We do what has to be<br />

done; We are tough, but fair; When we make a promise, we<br />

keep it; We talk less and say more; We remember that some<br />

things aren’t for sale; We Know where to draw the line.”<br />

With more than forty-five years of commercial construction<br />

experience, including being part of the team that developed<br />

the World Trade Center and Sears Tower, Bernie’s<br />

vision for landmark projects is to ensure they would serve<br />

the people that would use them and do so with architecture<br />

that is not only functional, but truly beautiful. Truax projects<br />

begin as part of Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong>’s historic landscape.<br />

They do more than just fit in; they are part of the vision of<br />

how Old Town should have always been, incorporating<br />

state-of-the-art technology, impeccable finishes and attention<br />

to detail. Bernie’s work ethic and commitment to doing<br />

business the right way, has enabled the Truax Family of<br />

Companies to grow, prosper and give back to the communities<br />

they serve.<br />

That vision continues today. It is a vision they share with<br />

their neighbors—one which honors our historic Western<br />

past and embraces our vibrant and promising future. The<br />

next phase of Truax projects will enhance the lives of those<br />

who choose to live, work and play in Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong>.<br />



Left: <strong>Temecula</strong> Marketplace upon completion will be a mixture of retail and<br />

service/commercial space.<br />

Bottom: The Truax Hotel, upon completion, will be a luxury boutique hotel in<br />

Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong>.<br />


LEY<br />




Connelly Mansell, Incorporated (CMI), is a full service,<br />

Commercial General Contractor, Construction Management<br />

and Development Company. Established in 2007, CMI has<br />

been providing commercial construction related services<br />

throughout <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong>. Founded by Craig Connelly<br />

and Brian Mansell, this partnership has resulted in a brand<br />

that is recognized, respected and sought out. Built by CMI is<br />

more than a statement: it is a guarantee of quality.<br />





Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong> ed2go office.<br />

ED2GO<br />

Craig Power began to use emerging Internet technology to<br />

communicate with students as an instructor at MiraCosta<br />

College in the mid-1990s. It did not take long before Power<br />

discovered that the Internet had the potential to revolutionize<br />

education by allowing him to offer classes for students in any<br />

location at any time. Power was soon joined by Jules Ruggles<br />

in his efforts to provide online education and working out of<br />

Power’s garage in <strong>Temecula</strong>, they founded ed2go in 1997.<br />

Relying on Power’s education background and Ruggles’<br />

business experience, the founders worked with industry<br />

experts to build courses and programs that could be completed<br />

online, at the users’ convenience. This concept made<br />

ed2go one of the pioneers in online education.<br />

Today, ed2go operates under its parent company, Cengage<br />

Learning, one of the largest education and technology companies<br />

in the world. ed2go partners with more than 2,000<br />

colleges and universities, corporations, nonprofits, and<br />

workforce boards throughout the country to deliver relevant<br />

online offerings that help develop in-demand skills as well as<br />

empower and enrich people’s lives.<br />

ed2go covers a wide variety of categories in over 600 highquality<br />

online classes and programs, all taught by industry<br />

experts. These programs provide specific knowledge that<br />

helps students advance personal and professional development.<br />

Disciplines include business, information technology,<br />

software application, health and fitness, language, construction<br />

and trades, teaching, writing and others. In addition, a<br />

fully accredited online high school is available with curriculum<br />

that is designed to reengage adult learners by combining<br />

a fundamental high school education with job training.<br />

Students of Career Online High School graduate well prepared<br />

for the workforce or ready to pursue college degrees.<br />

As ed2go grew, it moved out of Power’s home into a headquarters<br />

on Front Street, just south of Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong>,<br />

<strong>California</strong>. After another move to the north end of <strong>Temecula</strong>,<br />

ed2go moved back to the heart of the city to be part of the<br />

revitalization of Old Town <strong>Temecula</strong> as the first tenant of the<br />

recently developed Truax Building.<br />

From a lean, but agile ten employees in 2000, ed2go has<br />

grown to currently more than 100 people, most of whom<br />

work out of the <strong>Temecula</strong> office. The company tries to promote<br />

from within and several employees have held a number<br />

of positions as the company has grown. Many employees<br />

have been with the company more than ten years, including<br />

a handful from the original ten.<br />

ed2go and its employees have been involved in a number<br />

of charitable events including those to benefit <strong>California</strong> Family<br />

Life Center, Feeding America, St. Jude Children’s Research<br />

Hospital, Down Syndrome Association of San Diego, and<br />

Joining Forces, whose mission is to provide job training for military<br />

families and support through educational scholarships.<br />

ed2go is proud to have started in <strong>Temecula</strong> and even<br />

with continued growth and expansion of their market to all<br />

fifty states and sixteen countries, it still remains committed<br />

to the same <strong>Temecula</strong>, <strong>California</strong>, community in which it<br />

was founded.<br />



“It’s not about reinventing the wheel… it’s about fine tuning<br />

the gears.” www.watermarkassociates.com.<br />





INC.<br />

Top: William M. Lowman Concert Hall.<br />

Bottom: Circle City Center.<br />

Hamel Contracting, Inc., was founded on October 22,<br />

2008, at a time when many general contractors and construction-related<br />

businesses were closing their doors. In fact,<br />

Grant Hamel boldly began his company at a time when most<br />

businesses, even outside of the construction industry, struggled<br />

to keep afloat in the collapsing economy. As a thirty-year<br />

veteran of construction, Hamel did not let the overwhelming<br />

negativity of his environment deter him from his dream.<br />

Instead, he built his dream on the foundation of a value he<br />

continues to instill in his company today—there is only one<br />

way worth doing things, and that is the right way.<br />

At the beginning, the right way meant starting with<br />

humility, employing a small staff, maintaining low overhead<br />

costs, and building-up the integrity of Hamel Contracting’s<br />

reputation and work ethic. During the first few years, the<br />

declining industry meant that any public works projects<br />

were bid aggressively by a pool of local general contractors<br />

looking to keep their doors open. Despite the competition,<br />

Hamel, with his previous experience in the hard-bid world,<br />

found success. Not only was he adept at reading plans, evaluating<br />

costs, and building relationships with subcontractors,<br />

but he understood and accepted the limitations of his growing<br />

company. He never took on more than he could handle<br />

and quickly developed a reputation for quality construction<br />

and consideration of clients. Even at a time when business<br />

owners were desperate for work, Hamel only pursued projects<br />

he could ensure were completed the right way.<br />

Fast forward nine years from the company’s first day,<br />

and Hamel has grown the humble contracting company’s<br />

portfolio into something worthy of being called a small<br />

empire. Hamel Contracting has constructed public libraries,<br />

community centers, public schools, private schools, park<br />

and recreational facilities, athletic facilities, animal shelters,<br />

a church, and more.<br />

With a cumulative staff of seventy-five talented individuals<br />

within the Hamel Group of Compaines (including Hamel<br />

Concrete, founded in 2016, Hamel School Outfitters, founded<br />

in 2017, and Hamel Contracting), Hamel has no need to<br />

shy away from multimillion dollar contract builds. Yet, in<br />

light of the company’s success and overcoming the obstacle<br />

of beginning during a recession, Hamel has not lost sight of<br />

the fact that there will, again, be difficult economic times<br />

ahead. For these, Hamel plans on sticking by the same business<br />

principles that first launched Hamel Contracting:<br />

remaining humble, employing a manageable staff size,<br />

maintaining low overhead costs, and most importantly,<br />



continuing to take on each project, challenge, success, and<br />

failure, the right way.<br />

After a long history of successful collaboration, Grant<br />

Hamel, founder of Hamel Contracting, and Jeff Hale, a frontrunner<br />

of structural concrete construction, capitalized on<br />

their strong partnership to create a new corporate entity,<br />

Hamel Concrete. This new company has allowed Grant<br />

Hamel to expand his services and provide complete client<br />

care and satisfaction in most stages of the build.<br />

In addition to Hamel’s thirty-plus years of experience,<br />

Hale is an accomplished business man in his own right,<br />

bringing thirty years of experience specializing in structural<br />

concrete services, such as building foundations and cast-inplace<br />

concrete, walls, and decks. Instilling their strengths<br />

and individualized experience into the company, Hamel<br />

and Hale have cemented Hamel Concrete as a reputable<br />

public works concrete contractor. Founded on February 28,<br />

2016, Hamel Concrete has overseen the construction<br />

of a wide range of public projects and institutions, including<br />

K-12 educational facilities, civil projects, stadiums, and<br />

operational centers.<br />

With more than forty skilled field laborers, foreman, and<br />

office staff, Hamel Concrete has created a foundation for success.<br />

As an Inland Empire business, Hamel Concrete has<br />

been fortunate to see growth and investment in the public<br />

works sector, as an increase in public projects has allowed<br />

the company to give back to the community through a<br />

wealth of career opportunities. Hamel Concrete is committed<br />

to the quality construction of its projects, the consistent<br />

provision of excellent service to its clients, and the highest<br />

level of integrity and professional conduct in its day-to-day<br />

operations. Hamel Concrete values its team and fosters<br />

excellence by pledging to promote and recognize talent. As a<br />

company, they simply strive to achieve, to be, and to provide<br />

the best by always doing it right the first time.<br />

Founded in 2017, Hamel School Outfitters, Inc. is also a<br />

proud member of the Hamel Group of Companies.<br />

“During our years in school construction, it became<br />

clear to us that there was a need to streamline the process<br />

of furnishing, equipping, and modernizing school campuses,”<br />

says Hamel. “There were gaps in the acquisition process<br />

and delays in implementation caused by working with<br />

multiple vendors.”<br />

Hamel School Outfitters brings a fresh, streamlined,<br />

and green approach to educational environments, while creating<br />

collaborative spaces for a twenty-first century curriculum.<br />

Whether there is a need to modernize basic classroom<br />

furnishings, such as desks or chairs, or to construct innovative<br />

new performing arts facility, Hamel School Outfitters is<br />

the one-stop shop that provides full-service and support<br />

from conception to completion. Hamel School Outfitters<br />

offers the unique ability to work independently or with<br />

its parent company, to provide a comprehensive<br />

furniture/equipment solution for any educational facility or<br />

office space. They have hand-selected their vendors, curating<br />

a catalogue of quality, environmentally friendly furnishings<br />

for every budget. Hamel School Outfitters can outfit performing<br />

arts theaters, science labs, early-childhood learning<br />

centers, computer-science classrooms, professional office<br />

spaces, and much more. Hamel Group of Companies’ comprehensive<br />

services are revolutionizing the public-works<br />

industry and making Grant Hamel’s Inland Empire<br />

business dreams a reality by offering competitive pricing,<br />

streamlined management, and reliable quality. In all stages of<br />

construction, from furnishings, concrete, and contracting,<br />

Hamel sees potential to make the industry better. As Hamel<br />

looks towards the future of his growing businesses, he<br />

knows only one thing for certain: that every venture, project,<br />

and obstacle he takes on will continue to be managed the<br />

right way.<br />


<br />


Above: Sycamore Academy.<br />

Below: Cathedral High School.<br />









Over the last ten years, Workman Constructors, Inc., has<br />

grown from a focused few to a strong nucleus of ten capable<br />

and knowledgeable managing team members supported by a<br />

network of honest and professional subcontractors. Workman’s<br />

large customer base includes local and out-of-state business<br />

enterprises, building owners, developers, commercial real<br />

estate firms and property management companies.<br />

Recent projects include new design build commercial construction,<br />

tenant improvements for national retailers such as<br />

SEE Eyewear and Flip Flop Shops, accredited Ambulatory<br />

Surgery Centers (Medicare, AAAASF, and AAAHC), general<br />

medical office, specialty medical office, urgent care medical,<br />

general dental office, specialty dental office, industrial<br />

improvements, restaurant and bar construction.<br />

Workman Constructors has completed projects in just about<br />

every area of <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong> and focuses most of their<br />

business in the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>, including <strong>Temecula</strong>, Murrieta,<br />

Menifee, Wildomar, and surrounding communities.<br />

After becoming a parent at a young age, Dan Workman<br />

worked in different construction trades, but soon realized<br />

there was more that he wanted to achieve for himself and his<br />

family. Dan enlisted in the U.S. Navy and spent the next five<br />

years working with aircraft in China Lake and San Diego and<br />

serving in the Gulf War. After discharge, he attended Ventura<br />

Community College and subsequently graduated from<br />

<strong>California</strong> State University Northridge. During his five years<br />

in college, he became a member of the National Honor<br />

Society and an Honor’s Graduate with a degree in Psychology.<br />

After graduation, Dan spent the next few years working<br />

Research and Development and in finance. In 2002 the decision<br />

was made to make a change and start his own business<br />

in development and construction. He moved from Ventura<br />

County to Menifee, which was a hot bed of construction<br />

activity at the time. “I was soon purchasing property and<br />

building single-family homes and selling them,” Dan recalls.<br />

“The next five years were a filled with activity and growth.<br />

The construction and development market was a whirlwind<br />

of activity and possibility and it was one of the greatest times<br />

in <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong> history to be building and developing<br />

in the residential real estate market.”<br />

The period from 2002 to 2007 was a time of incredible<br />

economic activity, with the company growing from the construction<br />

of one residential project in the second half of<br />

2002 to more than twenty residential projects in 2007. This<br />

was followed by the ‘great recession’ that brought an abrupt<br />

slow down. “No one anticipated the recession would affect<br />

our business to such a large degree,” Dan says. “It was a<br />

tough time in the market, but also a time to reflect on the<br />

past, consider the present and plan for the future.”<br />

It was during this period Dan decided to create more<br />

diversity in the services offered by his company and move<br />

into commercial construction as well as residential.<br />

“The move into commercial construction proved to be<br />

key to our growth and development and from 2008 to 2010<br />

we were able to sustain through the deepest part of the recession<br />

while building a foundation that would support and<br />

create a springboard for the future.”<br />



During this time the company operated under the name<br />

Workman & Associates General Contracting &<br />

Development, which was a mouthful, so in 2009 a decision<br />

was made to change the name to something more palatable.<br />

The business name was changed from Workman &<br />

Associates General Contracting & Development to simply<br />

Workman Constructors, a change that was directly related to<br />

the desire to create a new focus for the firm. Since 2009,<br />

Workman Constructors team has grown four times over and<br />

has become a multimillion dollar company.<br />

Dan says his proudest accomplishment has been the ability<br />

to create long term relationships and a solid and substantial<br />

business during one of the worst economic times in<br />

recent history. “This was done through honesty, integrity,<br />

hard work, communication and an unrelenting desire to do<br />

the right thing for every client. Without the desire to ensure<br />

that each client was taken care of and each project was completed<br />

with quality and attention to detail, I don’t think we<br />

could have grown during the recession.”<br />

In 2015, a new emergency restoration division, Workman<br />

Restoration, was created. “The creation of this division was<br />

the direct result of our existing clients needing a better and<br />

more focused service when they ran into emergency flood or<br />

fire situations” Dan says. “Too many of the emergency service<br />

companies that showed up at our client’s doors did not<br />

understand construction and often created situations that<br />

made the rebuilding of their space costlier with regard to<br />

material replacement and time. And in the commercial<br />

development business, time is too valuable to waste.”<br />

Workman Constructors is deeply involved with the<br />

American Heart Association and has been a contributor and<br />

sponsor for the Southwest Riverside County Heart Walk the<br />

past few years. In addition to serving as part of the Executive<br />

Leadership Team, the company and its employees also make<br />

donations and contributions to local schools and material<br />

resource centers.<br />

Workman Constructors is currently building a new<br />

two-acre construction facility that will house and maintain<br />

its inventory. Future plans include providing the resources<br />

necessary to continue the company’s rapid growth year<br />

after year. The team at Workman Constructors is committed<br />

to innovation and technology and will leverage new products<br />

and services to help create an even better experience for<br />

their clients.<br />


LEY<br />




REALTORS ® , INC.<br />

Charter for the Rancho-<strong>Temecula</strong>-Murrieta Board of REALTORS ® .<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> was still a small, but growing, town when the<br />

National Association of REALTORS® granted a charter to<br />

what was then called the Rancho-<strong>Temecula</strong>-Murrieta Board<br />

of REALTORS® on November 16, 1977. The organization<br />

had only 110 members at the time, but 40 years later, the<br />

organization–now known as the Southwest Riverside County<br />

Association of REALTORS® (SRCAR)–has grown to 4,300<br />

members with 3 offices and a staff of 17.<br />

SRCAR’s founding brokers included Henry Quigley,<br />

Stanley G. Bach, James C. Gunn, Ray Wolff, Jeanne<br />

Hamilton, Lorene Schipper, James N. Senechal, and Marilyn<br />

Pegg. Lisa F. Woodrow served as executive vice president.<br />

Vacant land on which to build made up many of the<br />

real estate listings in the early days. The listings were recorded<br />

on paper in booklets that were distributed and updated<br />

about every two weeks. The Real Estate Purchase Agreement<br />

(RPA) was one page and handwritten with a carbon copy for<br />

the client.<br />

From its beginnings, SRCAR has been committed to supporting<br />

the consumers’ needs for realtors’ services and to<br />

promote the American dream of homeownership. SRCAR’s<br />

purpose is to enhance the ability of its members to conduct<br />

their business successfully, ethically, and professionally. The<br />

association supports the preservation of the right to own,<br />

transfer and use real property through legislative advocacy<br />

and community involvement.<br />

In December 2000, the 150 members of the Lake Elsinore<br />

<strong>Valley</strong> Canyon Lake Association of REALTORS ® merged with<br />

SRCAR, bringing total membership to 825. The membership<br />

jumped to more than 3,600 in December 2013 when the<br />

Hemet San Jacinto Association of REALTORS® voted to<br />

merge with SRCAR. The growth since 2000 has earned<br />

SRCAR two seats on the board of the National Association of<br />

REALTORS®, giving the local association a strong voice at<br />

the national level.<br />

A major emphasis for SRCAR is its advocacy of local, state,<br />

and national issues that impact the real estate industry and<br />

real estate brokers in particular. In pursuit of the American<br />

Dream of Homeownership, Time magazine recently stated<br />

of the National Association of REALTORS®, “These groups<br />

are powers in Washington. Their 1.2 million members can do<br />

a lot of lobbying.” That advocacy on behalf of homeowners<br />

and private property rights includes protection of the<br />

Mortgage Interest Deduction, extension of the National Flood<br />

Insurance Program (critical after the 2017 spate of flood<br />

and hurricane disasters), implementing programs to assist<br />



first-time homebuyers, and working with the FHA, Fannie<br />

Mae and Freddie Mac to expand opportunities for all qualified<br />

homebuyers. Those efforts will be particularly important<br />

during the upcoming tax discussions in D.C.<br />

Our passion for advocacy is no less at the local level where<br />

SRCAR has taken the lead in numerous efforts over the years<br />

on issues from sign ordinances to land use and zoning measures<br />

that impact our residents. SRCAR was instrumental in<br />

working with the District Attorney’s office to establish the Real<br />

Estate Fraud Advisory Team at a time when local residents,<br />

already impacted by a collapsing housing market, were beset<br />

by a variety of scam artists’ intent on victimizing them yet<br />

again. That effort is ongoing and has resulted in numerous<br />

successful arrests and prosecutions over the years. As a result<br />

of these REALTOR® efforts, Riverside County is no longer the<br />

haven or target for fraudulent housing activity it once was.<br />

The organization’s efforts have been recognized by its<br />

selection as Medium Business of the Year by the Murrieta<br />

Chamber of Commerce in 2014, and the Sterling Business of<br />

the Year award in 2015 from the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber<br />

of Commerce.<br />

In 2010, SRCAR purchased its first building at 26529<br />

Jefferson Avenue in Murrieta and opened a satellite office in<br />

Menifee. In 2014, SRCAR purchased a second building<br />

located in Hemet at 2355 East Florida Street.<br />

SRCAR operates with an experienced and capable staff of<br />

seventeen, headed by Chief Executive Officer Connie Lynch<br />

and Executive Vice President Sylvia Lemus. The staff includes<br />

two Government Affairs Directors, Gene Wunderlich and<br />

Walter Wilson; Director of Operations, Daniel Brincat;<br />

Director of Marketing, Diane Stumpp; Digital & Print<br />

Producer, Patrick Balisi; Marketing Administrator, Jessica<br />

Falcon; MLS Administrator, Melissa Zwick; Broker<br />

Compliance, Michelle Medley; Member Services, Denise<br />

Hinton and Lizzy Montes; Supra Department, Amanda<br />

Gutierrez; Senior Accounting Manager, Joseph Chitay;<br />

Accounting/Billing, Julie Chadwick and Gilbert Rodriguez;<br />

and Human Resources, Maggie Underwood.<br />

In addition to supporting and promoting the professional<br />

concerns of its members, a major focus of SRCAR is its commitment<br />

to a number of annual service projects. SRCAR<br />

strives to be a part of the fabric of the community year-round<br />

through such efforts as canned-food drives, warm coat<br />

drives, raising money for area nonprofits that help the<br />

underserved, and U.S. Veterans. For the sick, the poor, and<br />

the hungry, SRCAR members are there in full force.<br />

One of SRCAR’s most popular events is the annual Chili Cook<br />

Off to raise money for local nonprofits. Having just completed<br />

the fourth Annual Chili Cook Off for Charity, collectively over<br />

$45,000 has been donated to fourteen local charities. In addition,<br />

for thirty years now, SRCAR® Scholarship Foundation has<br />

awarded $500 scholarships to qualifying local high school seniors.<br />

Effective with the 2018 graduation class, that award<br />

amount has increased from $500 to $1,000 per student. On any<br />

given year, up to twenty-four scholarships are presented to students<br />

who are furthering their education. Other fundraisers<br />

hosted annually are the SRCAR® Golf Tournament, benefiting<br />

the Housing Affordability Fund, which is a <strong>California</strong> initiative<br />

to assist first-time buyers into a home; the Texas Hold’em<br />

Charity Event and also the Bowling for Scholarships event. As<br />

you can see, we work hard and we play hard at SRCAR®.<br />

Another recent project we have added is the SRCAR® BINGO,<br />

which has become increasingly popular with our members.<br />

As the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> continues to grow, the Southwest<br />

Riverside County Association of REALTORS® will continue<br />

to develop programs and services that enhance its members’<br />

ability to conduct business with integrity and competency,<br />

providing its members professional development, networking<br />

opportunities, educational programs, and research on<br />

trends, innovations and strong legislative representation.<br />

<br />

You can visit SRCAR at any of the following locations: 26529 Jefferson<br />

Avenue, Murrieta, <strong>California</strong> 92562; 2355 E. Florida Avenue, Hemet,<br />

<strong>California</strong> 92544; 27070 Sun City Blvd., Menifee, <strong>California</strong> 92586.<br />

You can also visit them at www.srcar.org or you can give them a call<br />

at (951) 894-2571.<br />





Top: Owners, Frank Magdaleno, CEO and John James, COO.<br />

Bottom: Administration staff, left to right, Front row: Gina Magdaleno,<br />

CFO and Rachael Johnson, HR Coordinator. Back row: Tracy Pipher,<br />

Staff Accountant, Lety Raya, Administrative Assistant, Pat Dorado,<br />

Accounting Clerk.<br />

Opportunity sometimes knocks when you are least<br />

expecting it. Neither Frank Magdaleno nor John James had<br />

any intention of starting a new business when they met for<br />

the first time at a proposed cell site. Frank was responsible<br />

for the design and construction of the site and John represented<br />

the local power utility provider as a planner. The two<br />

hit it off from the start and Frank was impressed with the<br />

quality of John’s work.<br />

“I remember thinking that if I could group several cell<br />

sites under my direction, I’d want John to provide the<br />

designs,” Frank recalls. “When I mentioned this to John he<br />

replied, ‘You got it, let’s make it happen.’”<br />

A few months later, Frank got a call from a friend from the<br />

Bay area saying a new wireless company was looking to<br />

deploy a full network in the Los Angeles area and wondering<br />

if he wanted to join as an employee responsible for power<br />

and telephone utility design and coordination.<br />

Remembering the good working relationship with John,<br />

Frank suggested that they provide the service to the carrier as<br />

a company, instead of an employee. With Frank’s wireless telecom<br />

network experience and John’s power utility knowledge<br />

the two were successful in arranging a meeting with the company<br />

planning to deploy the Los Angeles network.<br />

“We made our pitch as if we had existing assets and personnel<br />

to tackle such a fast paced, highly visible deployment<br />

throughout a vast region and somehow we came away with<br />

a signed contract to start with a large existing backlog of<br />

work, as well as making as many as five different site visits<br />

per day moving forward,” Frank explains.<br />

John and Frank remember walking away from the meeting<br />

wondering how they were “going to pull this off.” Utility<br />

Network Solutions, Inc., was organized and with a lot of late<br />

nights and hard work, the new company very quickly earned<br />

a reputation for quality and promptness in meeting a<br />

demanding schedule.<br />

The solid work performed by Utility Network Solutions<br />

(UNS) in planning and processing a large volume of technical<br />

designs with high accuracy was eventually noticed by the local<br />

utility, which was looking for new applicants to provide services,<br />

and Frank and John were asked if they were interested in<br />



submitting an application for a new RFP (request for proposal.)<br />

“We thought, ‘Why not, how hard could it be?’ not knowing<br />

that only two companies would be selected at the end of a<br />

long and arduous process,” Frank says. This time, they formed<br />

Utility Design Services, Inc., to better align the resources for<br />

this type of work. The UDS efforts were successful and the<br />

company was one of those selected.<br />

In less than twelve years, UDS, along with sister companies,<br />

UDS Planning, Inc. and Utility Network Solutions, Inc.,<br />

have grown to become one of the largest and most successful<br />

organizations of its type in the area.<br />

The primary focus of UDS is in the survey, design<br />

and drafting of transmission and distribution systems. The<br />

UDS planning team has many years of experience in pole<br />

engineering, utilizing the latest technologies in providing<br />

solutions to pole loading and design. UNS provides design<br />

services to the wireless telecom industry. The management<br />

team is experienced in the <strong>Southern</strong> <strong>California</strong> utility markets<br />

and its multidisciplined capabilities include its Chief<br />

Financial Officer Gina Magdaleno, whose department has<br />

earned accolades for its accuracy from the regional utility<br />

providers. This, combined with the technical staff, create a<br />

winning team of professionals dedicated to providing the<br />

best service with the highest integrity for its clients.<br />

Services provided by UDS include power utility drafting,<br />

survey, locating, potholing, PLS CADD, and wireless telecom<br />

drafting, provided by UDS Planning and UNS respectively.<br />

Among the many projects completed by UDS are: underground<br />

mapping using ground penetration radar (GPR) to<br />

locate a large portion of previously unknown infrastructure<br />

at a local nuclear plant; and surveying the entire downtown<br />

area of Santa Barbara.<br />

The company that started with only two employees—<br />

Frank and John—now has forty full-time employees<br />

and is continuing to grow. Based in <strong>Temecula</strong> since its<br />

inception, the company is currently located at 41965<br />

Remington Avenue, Suite 100.<br />

Frank and John feel that with success comes responsibility<br />

and that it’s their duty to give back to the community. By<br />

volunteering with, and supporting several organizations<br />

locally and nationally, UDS is able to fulfill this role by supporting<br />

the Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County, Jacob’s<br />

House, Riverside City Mission, Operation Smile, Locks for<br />

Love, MADD, St. Jude, and Jacob’s Gift.<br />

For more information about Utility Design Services,<br />

check the website at www.utilityds.com.<br />

<br />

Top: Department leads of UDS, left to right: Gonzalo Alvarez, OS Lead;<br />

Rig Cordero, Senior Field Supervisor; Jason Hansen, General Manager;<br />

Hector Zubieta, Operations Manager; and Sonia Altamirano, CAD<br />

Drafting Lead.<br />

Bottom: UDS workers on site, left to right: Rig Cordero, Senior Field<br />

Supervisor; Brad Taylor, Senior Survey Tech III; and Andrew Magdaleno,<br />

Survey Tech II.<br />


LEY<br />





<br />

Below: Brande with sons, Kannon and Keaton with the family pet, Louie.<br />

Real estate has always been a passion of Brande Roderick<br />

that she pursued since a young girl. Growing up in the<br />

Northern <strong>California</strong> <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong>, Brande was always helping<br />

her family tackle remodeling projects head on. Whether<br />

it was working on a fixer upper, or hanging drywall in a bedroom,<br />

she loved every minute of it and knew instantly that<br />

she wished to pursue something further in that realm.<br />

When Brande was sixteen, she was already taking her first<br />

real estate course, and by the time she was eighteen, she was<br />

ready to start selling real estate. Brande worked with a top<br />

selling brokerage, and every day felt her sales experience<br />

consistently grow and improve. But being an eighteen-yearold<br />

in such an important industry became a challenge, and<br />

Brande decided to take a break from real estate to move to<br />

Hollywood and pursue her other childhood dream, a career<br />

in acting. Very successful in a career in acting as well, she is<br />

proud to have been in several successful films such as Starsky<br />

& Hutch with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson and The Nanny<br />

Diaries with Scarlett Johansson. As well as television shows<br />

like Baywatch and Celebrity Apprentice with President Trump,<br />

which also led to the publishing of her first book, Bounce<br />

Don’t Break Brande’s Guide to Life, Love, and Success, but her<br />

passion for real estate always remained.<br />

Brande settled with her family in La Jolla and happened to<br />

stumbled upon the town of <strong>Temecula</strong> and fell completely in<br />

love. It felt like home to Brande and it reminded her of her<br />

childhood setting. She knew this was where she belonged and<br />

where to raise her two sons. Having a vineyard and living in<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong> has always been a dream of Brande and now<br />

she is living that dream. Brande is passionate about the school<br />

system, the people, and everything else that makes <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

so unique and remarkable. It also allowed her to combine life<br />

experience and childhood dreams, by reigniting her passion in<br />

real estate and allowing her to once again become a realtor.<br />

“I know what it is like to want to pursue your dreams and<br />

my job as a realtor is to help you fulfill yours. I cannot wait<br />

for us to embark on this journey together! Please reach out<br />

to me for any of your real estate needs. Hope to see you<br />

around the neighborhood,” says Brande. Please contact at<br />

www.yourcelebrityrealtor.com; brande@yourcelebrityrealtor.com<br />

or call 951-205-0098.<br />




With more than 18,000 employees worldwide and 245 locations<br />

in 55 countries, Flowserve is the leading manufacturer<br />

and provider of comprehensive flow management solutions and<br />

aftermarket services. Flowserve’s primary products include<br />

pumps, seals, and valves that move, control and protect the<br />

flow of materials in critical industries around the world, including<br />

power, oil and gas, chemical, water and general industry.<br />

Globally, Flowserve Seal operations include five regionalized<br />

manufacturing facilities and a worldwide network of<br />

localized Quick Response Centers to provide single source<br />

solutions for the improvement of rotating equipment reliability<br />

and performance. In <strong>Temecula</strong>, Flowserve employs<br />

eighty-five people in a 36,000-square-foot state-of-the-art<br />

facility at 27455 Tierra Alta Way.<br />

Flowserve’s presence in the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> began in<br />

1973 when Borg Warner established the Seal Group<br />

Engineering and Manufacturing plant on Front Street. Prior<br />

to the move, the Seal Group was located in Vernon,<br />

<strong>California</strong>, as part of the large Byron Jackson Pump manufacturing<br />

facility. Soon after the move, the <strong>Temecula</strong> facility<br />

became the business unit headquarters for the Borg Warner<br />

Mechanical Seal Division. In 1987 the company name<br />

changed to BW/IP Seal Division and in 1992, the company<br />

moved to a newly constructed building at its current location.<br />

BW/IP merged with Durco in 1997 to become<br />

Flowserve Corporation.<br />

The primary functions of Flowserve’s <strong>Temecula</strong> operation are<br />

manufacturing of metal bellows, product testing, and research<br />

and development for mechanical seals, along with engineering<br />

and technical support to a global customer base. Flowserve is<br />

the second largest mechanical seal manufacturer in the world.<br />

Over the years, the facility has been recognized as an<br />

innovation center and has developed products and processes<br />

that set the standard for the seal industry. Flowserve’s Seal<br />

Test Lab in <strong>Temecula</strong> is the most capable mechanical seal test<br />

lab in the world. It is utilized to develop new technology and<br />

products for a variety of markets, including oil and gas,<br />

nuclear power, concentrated solar power, and aerospace.<br />

The manufacturing operation has a wide range of capabilities,<br />

including machining of metal and ceramics, precision<br />

welding of metal bellows, and the use of lasers to create hydrodynamic<br />

features on seal faces. These specialized processes<br />

have been developed at the facility and position Flowserve<br />

Seals as a technology leader in the mechanical seal industry.<br />

Employees at the Flowserve <strong>Temecula</strong> facility are very<br />

involved in community and charitable activities, including the<br />

March of Dimes, Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, Red Cross<br />

Blood Drives, United Way Fundraising, and Toys for Tots.<br />





While serving as an operator for Pacific Telephone in the<br />

1970s, Wendy Lesovsky realized that outside maintenance<br />

workers were earning much higher salaries. So, the ambitious<br />

single mother applied for a transfer and, after two<br />

years, became the second female telephone pole climber in<br />

<strong>California</strong>! She stayed with Pacific Telephone for fourteen<br />

and a half years.<br />

After moving to <strong>Temecula</strong> in 1985, Lesovsky took a position<br />

as a technical support representative with a local manufacturer<br />

of 911 equipment. In 1989 she launched <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

<strong>Valley</strong> Communications (TVC) from her home office.<br />

At first, she performed 100 percent of all of the duties and<br />

work herself. Her typical day might involve communicating<br />

with customers, installing cables, telephone systems, maintaining<br />

equipment, typing up invoices and all the paperwork<br />

involved with owning your own business.<br />

As the business grew, necessary employees were added<br />

and the company incorporated in 1999. Now in 2018, TVC<br />

employs ten people and has handled installations throughout<br />

the United States. The reins of the company have been<br />

handed to her son, Shane, who joined the company full time<br />

in 1994. Shane has continued the family tradition of dedicated<br />

service in the telecommunications arena.<br />

Beginning with phones and paging equipment, TVC gradually<br />

expanded the business to match technological<br />

advances and customer demand, adding network cabling,<br />

network and Wi-Fi equipment, VoIP, and CCTV to their<br />

offerings along the way.<br />

TVC has been an authorized Samsung dealer since 1991<br />

and partners with several other nationally recognized<br />

brands. However, the central focus of the company is not<br />

simply to sell equipment; TVC is a service company providing<br />

installation and hands-on instruction to help customers<br />

understand how to use new technology to their full benefit.<br />

For this reason, ongoing training is always a high priority.<br />

In a world of rapidly evolving technology, it is not<br />

uncommon for a business to discover that the company who<br />

supplied their equipment just a few years ago is now extinct.<br />

TVC has seen several telecommunication interconnect companies<br />

come and go. To help companies, TVC offers a no<br />

obligation technology audit to see if your current equipment<br />

and services are the best solution to meet your requirements<br />

and budget.<br />

As a member of Rotary and several Chambers of<br />

Commerce, TVC makes helping the community a central<br />

part of its business philosophy. Lesovsky and team believe<br />

that ethically serving customers comes first, prioritizing<br />

honesty and work ethic over “making a sale.”<br />

TVC strives to offer their customers the best value in providing<br />

for their Business Technology needs through selling<br />

high quality innovative product solutions at a fair price and<br />

providing top quality, professional service in their installations<br />

and repairs. Long-time customers know that if their<br />

current equipment can handle their stated needs, the honest<br />

technicians at TVC will tell them so. This integrity has<br />

earned the company a solid reputation and years of customer<br />

loyalty in the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> and beyond.<br />




Alliance Propane ..........................................................198<br />

Beshay Enterprises.........................................................172<br />

Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County........................161<br />

Brande Roderick............................................................216<br />

<strong>California</strong> State University-San Marcos ..........................148<br />

Charity for Charity........................................................160<br />

City of <strong>Temecula</strong> ...........................................................145<br />

Connelly Mansell, Inc....................................................204<br />

Craig Davis Family Insurance Agency, Inc. ....................192<br />

David Neault Associates, Inc. ........................................190<br />

Dr. Cutts Center for Adult Dentistry..............................165<br />

ed2go............................................................................206<br />

Europa Village...............................................................138<br />

Fabozzi & Miller, APC...................................................188<br />

Flowserve......................................................................217<br />

Gershon Bachus Vintners ..............................................194<br />

Habitat for Humanity Inland <strong>Valley</strong> ...............................159<br />

Hamel Concrete ............................................................209<br />

Hamel Contracting, Inc. ................................................208<br />

Hitzeman & Evenson Law.............................................180<br />

Jann Gentry Photographer.............................................179<br />

JC Cooley Foundation ...................................................163<br />

JC Resorts .....................................................................196<br />

Keck Insurance Agency, Inc...........................................144<br />

LA Masters of Fine Jewelry ............................................176<br />

Loma Linda University Medical Center Murrieta............157<br />

La Pointe Wealth Management ......................................132<br />

Lammert Inc..................................................................199<br />

Murrieta Rotary Club ....................................................162<br />

Murrieta Counseling Center ..........................................164<br />

New Day Solar ..............................................................184<br />

Oak Grove Center .........................................................154<br />

Paradise Chevrolet.........................................................195<br />

Pechanga Resort Casino.................................................168<br />

Rancho <strong>California</strong> Inn ...................................................197<br />

Rancho <strong>California</strong> Water District ...................................142<br />

Rancon Group, Inc........................................................136<br />

RJ's Sizzlin Steer............................................................140<br />

Rosenstein & Associates ................................................186<br />

SCEGA Gymnastics .......................................................193<br />

SRCAR ..........................................................................212<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber of Commerce........................156<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Communications, Inc...........................218<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Hospital...............................................150<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Toyota..................................................182<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Unified School District.........................158<br />

Truax Family of Companies...........................................202<br />

Watermark Associates....................................................207<br />

Utility Design Services, Inc............................................214<br />

Visit <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>.....................................................152<br />

Workman Constructors, Inc. .........................................210<br />





J ANN<br />

G ENTRY<br />

Jann Gentry is a professional photographer and writer based in southern <strong>California</strong>. A long-time resident of the <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

<strong>Valley</strong>, Jann has been a member for the board of directors for the <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Chamber of Commerce, for the Economic<br />

Development Coalition, for Oak Grove School, for the Rotary Club of Murrieta and for her church. Now living on acreage in<br />

nearby Fallbrook, Jann and her husband, Bernie, care for their dozens of fruit trees (including preserving the produce), their<br />

massive vegetable garden, the ducks and other wildlife that are attracted to the pond there, and take care of her parents who<br />

live on the property as well.<br />

“I have a tremendous fondness for <strong>Temecula</strong>, Murrieta and the surrounding area,” she said. “I’ve watched it grow from a<br />

sleepy little town to hundreds of thousands of people who also want to live in one of the most fabulous places on Earth. I’m<br />

grateful for the chance to help promote this beautiful valley and all that it has to offer.”<br />

Jann and Bernie have four grown children, a dog and two cats (plus one that lives under the porch, aptly named “porch cat”).<br />

Bernie is a retired naval officer who currently works in San Diego and together they are planning down the road for retirement<br />

when they can travel and make jelly from all their grapes and salsa from all those tomatoes.<br />





J IMMY<br />

F U<br />

I am a <strong>Temecula</strong>-based photographer focused on Commercial and Landscape photography. My specialty is creating for local<br />

businesses a colorful and social media-friendly photography that promotes their products. I love providing online content<br />

through my photography and playing a part in marketing these businesses; it makes me feel like I am making an impact for others.<br />

My other passion is capturing the beauty of our world, and sharing it with people who can appreciate God’s work.<br />

I chose photography as much as photography chose me. I was blessed to have an impactful career in medical sales for twenty-five<br />

years, but never loved it. In 2016, I decided to pursue my passion in life (life is too short to not love what you do!) and<br />

to do what I was born to do. Photography is how I express myself, and I love it with my heart and soul-from planning the shoot,<br />

to capturing the shot, to editing the photo, and finally to sharing it online and on a wall—I truly love all facets of creating art<br />

in photography. And now I get to do it for others and for the city I’ve grown to love and adore.<br />

<strong>Temecula</strong> is the best “small” big city, and has been home for my family since 2006, when we moved here from Glendale. We<br />

didn’t witness the initial transformation that the city made from small town to medium-sized city, but we sure are now experiencing<br />

the fantastic growth that <strong>Temecula</strong> is having in the region. We have the best blend of history and industry in a city less<br />

than 120,000 in population. There is so much beauty here, from the rustic flavors of Old Town, to the unending vineyards and<br />

hot air balloon launches of <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Country</strong>, to the bustling energy of the Promenade Mall, and everything in between 79-North<br />

and 79-South. For a city that is covered by just three freeway exits, there is quite a lot to offer residents, tourists, businesses,<br />

and this photographer!<br />

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share some of my vision in this book, and hope to see you around town, or online:<br />

www.jimmyfu-tography.com.<br />




Annette Brown, co-owner of Marketing a la carte, has lived in <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

<strong>Valley</strong> since 1992. Along with her husband, while raising three children, she<br />

founded and published Neighbors newspaper, which they sold after five years. Annette has been in marketing and public relations<br />

since 1988 in Los Angeles and Riverside County. She currently works as the Director of Public Relations for Visit <strong>Temecula</strong><br />

<strong>Valley</strong>, and has enjoyed promoting and representing the region since 2011. In addition, as a fellow entrepreneur, she finds much<br />

fulfillment in using her marketing skills to help local businesses grow and thrive through Marketing a la carte.<br />

Additional Photo Credits:<br />

Visit <strong>Temecula</strong> <strong>Valley</strong><br />

Rebecca Marshall Farnbach<br />

Chip Morton Photography<br />







224<br />

<br />



ISBN: 978-1-944891-55-8

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