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Welcome to the third issue

of 2018 which is our families

and community edition.

After an enjoyable summer of sport and long school holidays

for the kids, this issue we’re looking at what’s happening for

families and communities across our neighbourhoods.

Whether it’s learning new skills or sharing a hobby with

friends, residents are making the most of the community

spirit in the city.

If you have young ones, our One Youth team have lots of

creative opportunities for youngsters, whether this is once

the school day is over or during the holidays. While our

Customer Involvement team are connecting local people to

fantastic projects and groups, from gardening to DIY. Plus,

we have work and business skills advisers who can make

career dreams become a reality.

We hope you enjoy this issue and that you’re inspired to get

involved in activities in your community.

The Inspire team


If, like Helen on page 14, you have

a story you’d like to share, we’d love

to hear it - and so would everyone else!

Send us an email to: @onemcr




Green-fingered neighbours

Residents in Moss Side have been creating beautiful gardens ........................ 4

Aquarius Centre re-opens its doors

The popular community centre in Hulme is back up and running .................... 5

Give your furniture a second home

A former Moss Side boiler house is bringing household items back to life ....... 5

Bringing homes to the city

An update on our latest developments ........................................................ 6

A day in the life of a One Youth Coordinator

Michelle provides opportunities for youngsters aged 5 to 25 ......................... 7

Reaching for the stars

See how the One Youth team engage with young people ............................. 8

Want to make music?

Twelve lucky young people will get the chance to be mentored ..................... 8

Kids just want to have fun in Clayton

Free activities for kids aged 3 to 18 .............................................................. 9

Investing in our communities

Our social accounts show how we have helped improve communities ......... 10

Make getting around easier

Transport for Greater Manchester are aiming to make travel easier ................ 12

Can you hear me from up here?

A project involving residents and the Royal Exchange Theatre ...................... 13

Inspired to share her own story

Read about Rosetta’s interesting and creative life ........................................ 14

Complete our childcare survey to win £25

Your feedback will help parents and carers in the future ............................... 15

Have you ever thought of a work placement?

If you’re looking for a job, a work placement is the perfect start .................... 15

A helping hand with money and debts

Did you know our One Money team can help with your money worries? ....... 16

Manage your account online

A range of services designed to make managing your tenancy easier ............ 18

Having repair work done?

Advice to make repairs go smoothly ......................................................... 20

Get your business off the ground

Realise the dream of becoming your own boss .......................................... 22

Our Catalyst Fund supports small businesses

Following our first ever Catalyst Fund, we’re doing it again! ........................ 23

See how we’re doing

Our aim is to improve in all we do ............................................................ 24

0330 355 1002 73


Green-fingered neighbours

are making the most of the sunshine

Residents of Frank Hatton Court, the Moss Side sheltered scheme, have been enjoying this

year’s long summer by creating beautiful garden spaces that connect their homes.

They first got together after One Manchester support worker,

Anysie, had the idea. She spoke with tenants at their monthly

resident’s meeting and found everybody was keen to get


Michael lives at Frank Hatton Court and has always enjoyed

growing his own vegetables. As an enthusiastic gardener, he

wanted to help his neighbours to get started.

“I’m very friendly and sociable, and my neighbours are all

friendly people. They all know I like my garden, and now

they’ve got to know my ways. I’ve been showing them

some tips that I use in my own garden.

“I’ve got peas growing along the wall, as well as pumpkins,

courgettes and all sorts of vegetables that I use in my cooking.

“One of the ladies grows fantastic herbs and spices that she

cooks up into Indian dishes that she’ll share with us all.”

Michael’s neighbour Andy, spoke about his pleasure in seeing

their small community come together:

“I got involved through going to the monthly meetings and

seeing what Michael was doing with his garden. It made me

realise how much you could actually do. It’s opened up the

scope for so much more and Mike has really shown the way.

He’s a really nice bloke and it’s been great for us all to share

this common goal of improving the garden areas.”

We have lots of gardening projects and activities

taking place across the city. If you would like to get

involved, call 0330 355 1002 or email



Aquarius Centre

re-opens its doors


Give your furniture

a second home

A former boiler house in the heart of Moss Side

has been brought back to life with money

invested from One Manchester.

The space will be used to hold items of furniture which have

been donated. The furniture will be checked and spruced up

so it can be given to tenants who are most in need for their


Julie Blairs from the project explains:

“There is a huge demand from new tenants who just don’t

have anything when moving into their first properties. We

would appreciate donations of good quality items of furniture

such as beds, sofas, wardrobes, tables and chairs – the things

that make a house a home.

“Because of health and safety regulations we can only take

soft furnishings with their fire safety labels on.”

After the Aquarius Centre closed a few years

ago, local people were left upset at the loss

of one of their beloved community venues.

If you have any items that you would like to donate,

please contact the One Money team or email

Following a request from keen residents, our Community

Involvement team have recently helped restore the building

to its former use.

The popular community centre in Hulme now offers a job

club, arts and crafts, youth activity sessions and much more.

One delighted resident who is glad to see the centre back

up and running is Sally Casey from the Over-50s group.

“When we set up the Over-50s group, people came from

all over and it wasn’t just about keeping fit. It blossomed

into a social event, especially for people who were lonely or

stuck in their homes. Our oldest member is 86!

“I am delighted to see it open again, I really am, and I would

like to thank One Manchester. They have been very good in

this area and very supportive. There was no way we could

have opened the centre again without them.”

To find out more about activities at the Aquarius

Centre, or to use it for your community group or

project, please contact

0330 355 1002 75


Bringing homes to the city

Many of our new-build developments are well underway across

the city, so here’s an update of where things are up to.

The Whitworths in Openshaw has now sold out, having helped 34 people to take their

first or next step on to the property ladder using Shared Ownership. We are also well on

our way to selling many of our Shared Ownership homes at Kingfisher Gardens in Gorton.

This option makes owning a property easier and more affordable for first-time buyers.

We will be launching our brand new Levenshulme development, Atlas Place, in the

next few months, which will have Shared Ownership and our first Rent to Buy homes.

Kingfisher Gardens

Rainshaw Lane, Gorton

Atlas Place

Chapel Street, Levenshulme

Homes for all ages

South Gate in Openshaw will be a mix of Affordable Rent bungalows and

Shared Ownership houses. The bungalows will be for people living with

dementia. Launching in Spring 2019 on South Street near to Openshaw

Park, the emphasis will be on creating quality homes in a safe setting.

Energy-efficient homes

Stoney Gate in Openshaw will provide 21 two and three-bedroom homes

using Passivhaus standards, which make homes more energy-efficient. These

houses will be some of the most environmentally-friendly in the area, saving the

homeowner money on their household bills every month. These homes will be

available as Rent to Buy. They will be suitable for people struggling to save for a

deposit but would like to buy at a later date. They will be launched in spring 2019.

Developing Gorton

We have also recently received planning permission to develop 26 houses

on the Oasis Community Centre site on Hyde Road in Gorton. As part of

this, we will be supporting the build of a new community centre, which

will provide modern facilities for local groups. More information on this

development will be available in future issues of Inspire Magazine.

The team from John

Southworth Builders

Giving back

to the community

Besides building much-needed

housing for our neighbourhoods,

with each development we

support our communities. We

do this with community projects,

or by using local workers and

businesses. For example, whilst

building Kingfisher Gardens,

our construction company John

Southworth Builders, have

provided so much more than just

building homes.

If you would like to

find out more, take a look

on our website at

and click

‘Help finding a home’.

50 tree guards

for Debdale

Park’s Heroes

Wood project

Used 69%

local labour

on the site

Sourced 71%

of materials


Provided an


and three work




A day in the life of…


One Youth Coordinator, Michelle

Michelle leads our youth work and helps youngsters aged 5 to 25 to access opportunities and

activities which they might not know about.

We asked Michelle to give us a glimpse of the work she is

involved in with local young people.

What services do the One Youth team provide?

“I work with every team in One Manchester and it all depends

what the young people need. If they’re struggling with their

mental health then I’ll talk to the Health and Wellbeing team.

If they’re struggling with money then I’ll talk to the One Money

team to help them find a solution. If people want jobs and

placements, then we’ll link up with the One Future team.

“We have loads of different projects on the go for young

people in different stages of life; for example our programme

for young mums. We work with them to offer tools and tips for

being a young mum, like cooking on a budget and advice on

saving money. They make friends who are in the same situation

that they can share advice with.

“Then, we also have the photography club with five-year olds.

They’ll go into the community gardens and take pictures of

plants and spiders and all sorts. It’s amazing the things they

capture. Seeing the gardens through their eyes shows you

how creative they can be.”

What do young people gain from the service?

“We deliver a programme called ‘Girl Talk’ and ‘Boy Talk’ in

schools. It’s about learning to love yourself, learning how to

understand your feelings, as well as other people’s feelings.

They write down a day in their life and share this information.

They learn things about each other that can open their eyes to

issues that they might be dealing with.

“Young people that have been through the programme

already are training to run the sessions. So, the peer mentors,

who are over 16 gain experience in leading sessions to go on

their CVs. We have loads of young people who want to do this

over the summer.”

What kind of feedback do you get?

“The feedback we get is great! The children all enjoy the

sessions we provide, and they all say they can’t wait to come

back. I went on maternity leave and when I came back it only

took about 45 minutes for the word to spread. The kids were

coming into the office to find out how I was and to see what I’d

got lined up for them.

“I take pride in knowing that the parents trust me and trust

my judgement. If I phone them up and let them know about

an opportunity, then the parents know I’ve got the kid’s best

interests at heart. For me that is really, really important.”

How do you see your role?

“For me, One Manchester isn’t about the staff, it’s about the

community and making sure the children feel like this housing

association is theirs. So, I’ll knock on doors, hand out flyers in

the street and go into schools to let everybody know about the

opportunities. If there’s something going on for the children

that they wouldn’t normally get to do, then I want them to

know about it. I always say that I’ll open the door for the kids,

but it’s up to them to walk through it.”

To find out about what’s

going on for young

people, call Michelle on

07940 758168 or email


0330 355 1002 7


Reaching for the stars

The One Youth team do a fantastic job of engaging with young people in our areas.

We spoke with teenager Amayna about her experiences with the team.

“I’ve known Michelle for four years now and we’ve done lots

together. Things like doing a fashion show where we made our

own clothes, which was fantastic. I’ve also done radio work,

where I experienced being a presenter. She’ll tell us about

opportunities like this and ask us if it’s something we’re interested in.

“I’m very thankful to Michelle for helping me to achieve my biggest

accomplishment in my life so far. I wrote a play about cyber-bullying

and how it can affect people my age. Michelle helped me put

together a cast and we performed it, which was the proudest

moment of my life.”

The future for Amayna looks bright as she sets her sights on

a creative career:

“My dream is to one-day work in film, but there are a lot of

barriers that you have to face as a Muslim woman. Michelle

has helped me at every opportunity and given me so much

confidence to have a go at the things that I’m interested in.”

To find out more about the

activities available, call Michelle

on 07940 758168 or email

Want to make music?

Twelve lucky young people will get the chance to be

mentored by local experts and perform at live gigs!

Once a week, developing musicians aged 16 and over will

work with music leaders, whilst being mentored monthly

and performing in collaboration with Arun.

The first session will start on Friday 12 October

for a gig, followed by a session with Arun on

Saturday 13 October. There will then be

weekly sessions with a range of artists

in Z-arts very own Levi’s Music Lab.

To apply for a place,

email Yemi for an

application pack at

Completed forms must be sent back to

Yemi by Friday 14 September.




Kids just want to have fun in Clayton

Creative & crafty

for kids aged 3 to 11

Free arts and crafts sessions

Is your child aged 3 to 11? Do they like being

creative and letting their imagination flow?

Bring them along to our free arts and craft sessions

to draw, paint and make.

Children under 8 must be with an adult.

When: Every Tuesday, 3.30pm-5.30pm

Where: Clayton Sure Start Children’s Centre,

The Wells Centre, 101 North Road, Clayton, M11 4NE

safe & sound

for bigger kids & teens

Aged 11 to 18 and live near Clayton?

Head along to Clayton’s Youth Club - there’s

loads going on in a fun and safe environment.

• Meet new people & make friends

• Learn new skills & try new activities





When: Every Tuesday, 6pm-8pm

Arts &


Rap lyric


Where: The Scout Hut, Seymour Road South,

Clayton, M11 4PS

Play, paint

& make





a bronze,

silver or gold


Take home



To find out more,

call Michelle on

07940 758168 or email


0330 355 1002 79


Investing in our


Over the

This year, we are pleased to announce that we have published

our first ever social accounts, which show the benefits we have

brought to our communities.

This covers everything from our role in increasing employment

and supporting community projects, to promoting environmental

causes locally.

View the full social accounts online from the end of September at

We have




last 12 months, we have made lots of things happen...

We awarded


in community grants

& investments


of which came from our suppliers

We helped

more than




We provided

employment support

388 one-to-one sessions

213 people supported into

full-time work

134 people attended our

training courses

95 work placements completed

We organised




bringing 3,208 people together

also made sure we supported local businesses...

We understand the best way to support the local

economy is to build partnerships with local businesses.

We held

10 networking


189 businesses


We ran

23 skills


95 people


We offered

one-to-one support for

89 businesses

or potential businesses

We spent

75% of our


annual spend

with suppliers based

in Greater Manchester

Our goal is to improve these

social outcomes, so this year’s

social accounts are just the start.

We will keep you updated on

community events and other social

activities. Look out for details in

future issues of Inspire and

on our website.

0330 355 1002 711


Make getting around easier

More than 5.6 million journeys are made across Greater Manchester’s transport network every

day. Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is responsible for keeping the city moving. They aim

to make travel easier by letting the public know about the transport options available to them.

What’s on offer?

1 Subsidised fares to help older people, children

and disabled people get around.

• The National Concessionary Travel pass is available for those

who qualify for a state pension. This offers free bus journeys in

England and on Greater Manchester’s trams and trains.

• For women born between 6 October 1953 and 5

November 1954, the Women’s Concessionary Travel pass is

available. It offers free travel on public transport in the region

(after 9.30am weekdays and at weekends).

• If you are disabled, you could be eligible for low-cost or free

travel across England.

• Children aged 5 to 16 can apply for an igo pass which allows

them to travel at concessionary fare. There is free travel for

those under five, and a free pass for those under 16 who have

to travel more than three miles to school.

2 TfGM offers support to apprentices and

jobseekers, with public transport passes or

a free bike to help with the commute.

• Apprentices can apply for a free 28-day travel pass

which can be used on bus and tram services.

• For jobseekers there are two offers: a free one-day bus

pass for job interviews. After gaining employment, a free 28-

day travel pass is available and valid on bus and tram services.

Extra discounted travel is available for 12 weeks afterwards.

• Apprentices or jobseekers who have found employment

could get a free refurbished bike and safety equipment to

help them on their way to work.

3 There are lots of FREE cycle training sessions

available to everyone; from taking the first step,

to learning the skills of riding in traffic.

Cycling is a low-cost and practical way of getting to work,

especially where shift-working or location makes using public

transport difficult. Plus, TfGM’s cycling maintenance courses

will also help keep your bike in top condition.

4 For residents in areas where public transport

services are limited, Local Link offers a flexible

transport service for local journeys.

By using shared minibuses, Local Link gets customers from

and to anywhere within each local service area.

5 Walking is a great way to get around Greater

Manchester. It’s free, improves your physical

health and mental wellbeing.

A 25-minute walk every day can add up to seven years to

your life! To encourage walking, TfGM host many events

throughout the year such as the Walking

Festival and Walking Week.

To find out more about any

of the information listed,


or call 0161 244 1000

for advice.



Can you hear me from up here?


A project involving residents living in our tower blocks and the Royal Exchange Theatre has

shone a spotlight on individuals and communities at risk of social isolation.

The work has resulted in a unique performance, and its

premier at the Royal Exchange Theatre in July caught

the attention of the BBC and ITV.

Residents of Hopton Court and Meredith Court performed

a thought-provoking stage performance called ‘Can You Hear

Me from up Here?’, which showcased their creative talents

in a 40-minute show. The theatre performance was the result

of a three-year project called ‘On Top of the World’, which was

developed as a way for tenants to talk about their experiences

of living in tower blocks.

We were delighted to host the cast of the show for a oneoff

performance at our office in Hulme. This gave staff the

opportunity to hear about the thoughts and challenges of

living alone in a tower block.

Over 200 One Manchester residents have been directly

involved in the project so far, and it is expected to impact

many more people in the local community.

Speaking about the project, our Chief Executive Dave Power,


“This performance gives our residents a voice and an

opportunity to express themselves. Not only is it incredibly

brave of them to put themselves in the spotlight and discuss

matters close to their heart, but it allows us to digest everything

our residents are saying.

“Our role is much more than just a landlord. We are always

looking to build partnerships across the city and region

that can tackle problems in a unique and creative way. The

partnership with the Royal Exchange Theatre has done just that

and we’re especially grateful to them for their expertise and

sensitive approach towards our residents.

“The outcome demonstrates that the arts are inclusive and not

exclusive. It’s a brilliant way to bring everyone together and

share something very special.”

Tracie Daly, Royal Exchange Community Programme Leader,


“Over the years I’ve come to know the residents well. I have

seen them become more confident, independent and active.

I’ve watched friendships grow and people become more selfassured.

Residents who wouldn’t have dreamt of getting up

in front of others to act out a dramatic scene have thrilled and

surprised me. What were once just housing blocks now feel

like communities that grow in confidence each day.”

To find out more about this wonderful

project, email

0330 355 1002 13



Inspired to share her own story

In our last magazine we shared the story of Helen, who has been brightening

up Will Griffiths Court by running art classes for fellow residents.

Rosetta Ceesay, a resident of Patrick Roddy Court, was

inspired to share her own story with us after reading

about Helen’s interesting life.

“When we got the magazine delivered, the first thing I noticed

was the painting on the front cover. It was impressive to see the

skills that Helen was sharing with the residents at the scheme in

Moss Side.

“I’m an artist too, you see, and some of my own paintings are

up on the walls of the sheltered schemes across Manchester.

In my life I’ve worked as an art therapist for many years

working with terminally ill children, as well as in Africa.”

Rosetta’s life around the world has been the basis of her

creative talents:

“I’ve done a lot of travelling throughout my life. Whilst

living in Australia, I had a gallery where I would paint using

aboriginal styles. When I moved back to the UK, I ran

art galleries over here that exhibited work of African

descent which is my interest.

“I ran that gallery for a number of years, but after an accident

that meant I could no longer cope with going up four flights

of stairs, I had to find somewhere else to live. That’s how

I ended up in Patrick Roddy Court.”

Rosetta has spent part of her life working in Gambia, Africa.

Whilst setting-up a children’s charity in the village of Batti in

2003, she met her husband. Being based in Gambia meant

she could share her artistic skills with the community.

“When I went to Batti I wanted to pass on my love of crochet

and knitting with some of the younger people. I thought,

‘if I can get some of the young girls interested in this then

maybe they can make a bit of money doing it’.

“They worked on crocheting blankets for some of the older

members of the community to rest on. The girls that I taught

are now teaching others in the village. Last time I was there

we had 23 people all coming together to knit hats and earn

some money from their products.”

Since returning to England, Rosetta hasn’t lost her connection

with the African country:

“People who’ve heard about my projects over there have

been very kind to donate big bags of yarn that the people

can use. Next time I go there at Christmas I want to go into

one of the local schools and help to teach the young people

English and art skills. We’ve also got gardening projects setup

too, and we’ve planted 210 trees to try and help the soil

erosion problem.

“My father-in-law lives in Batti and is 105 years old. He is

incredibly active and an inspiration to me. If I can get people

motivated to keep doing the things they get enjoyment from

by volunteering and helping in the community, then for me

that is life.”

If you would like to share

your inspirational story

you can email it to



Are you a parent or carer

of children under 18?

Complete our

simple survey

& you could

WIN £25


Have you ever

thought of trying a

work placement?






We understand that the cost of childcare is often an

issue when you are looking for a job, particularly

during the school holidays. The results of our survey

will be used to make recommendations for how

One Manchester can help people find and use

childcare services in the future.

We are particularly looking for the following groups to

take part:

• Larger families with three or more


• Families with a child or children aged


• Single parent and carer families

• Families who get free school meals

To say thank you for completing

our quick five-minute survey,

you will be entered into a draw

to win a £25 ASDA voucher.

Simply fill in the survey online at

One Manchester work placement Yusuuf

If you’re looking for a job, you’ll find a

work placement is the perfect starting point.

Come along to our information sessions:

Every Wednesday at 10.30am

One Manchester, Hyde Road (side of Tesco),

Gorton, M18 8LD

Our supported work placements include:



Health & Social Care



Why do a work




Customer Service

Project Assistant


Boost your skills and confidence

Gain up-to-date experience

Achieve a qualification

Receive a reference on completion

Support to help you find work


Lorraine now on


230 1057

to reserve your place

at the next open


0330 355 1002 15



A helping hand with money and debts

We all have to deal with money issues at some point in our lives. Did you know that our

One Money team are trained debt and money advisers who can help?

We asked Rebecca from the One Money team to tell us more.

What can the One Money team help with?

“We can give advice on debts, benefits and budgeting. Our

advisers talk tenants through a range of debt solutions to find the

best one to suit their personal situation. We advise on the benefits

clients may be entitled to, can help them apply for benefits and

with appeals if they are refused. We also help with budgeting; so

will look at what money is coming in and going out and the best

way to manage it.”

Is an appointment needed?

“We advise people to call the office and make an appointment.

This way we can give a suitable appointment to deal with

their query thoroughly. We will always try to offer a tenant an

appointment at a venue closest to them.”

What information do you ask for?

“We only ask for information related to the enquiry.

This is usually your name, address, date of birth,

contact details, income and outgoings, and any

disabilities or health conditions. Sometimes we will

need to complete an income and outgoings form;

especially when dealing with debts.”

Do you share this information with


“All client information is kept private and confidential.

We will only ever share personal information with

agencies that the client has agreed to, and we will

always ask before doing so. These agencies will be

relevant to the client’s situation and we would not

share details with anyone else.”

What are the most common queries?

“We have a lot of questions about benefit claims and

problems, rent arrears and Council Tax arrears, and all

kinds of debt problems. We can help with all of these

as well as energy and money saving tips.”

How can tenants

contact the team?

“You can contact the team by ringing our

contact centre and asking to speak to a

member of the One Money team. If they are

not put through first time, we will be notified

and will call back as soon as possible.

The team have an email address,

and also run drop-in sessions.”




don’t get stung

by benefit changes

Can you recommend any websites

for money and debt advice?

“Yes, visit the One Money section on our website:

Here you can find plenty of useful tips and

information. There are also links to other websites

for more information and advice.”

Universal Credit Full Service has

rolled out across Manchester.

If you have a change in circumstance and

receive a benefit that Universal Credit is

replacing, you will probably have to make

a claim for Universal Credit online. There are

lots of places you can use a computer or get help

to make your online claim, such as your local Jobcentre, library

or community outreach venue. Our website shows you where

you can go. Search for ‘Universal Credit how to apply’, then

expand the page to see a map showing the places that you can

use a computer for free. There is also lots of extra information

about Universal Credit on our website.

Council Tax Support

Please remember, Council Tax Support is not included in

Universal Credit. You will need to apply for this separately

with Manchester City Council.

Appointments & drop-ins *

Anson Community Grocer

38 Meldon Road, Rusholme, M13 0TR

Monday, 9:30am-12.30pm

Gorton Library

Garratt Way, Gorton, M18 8HE

Monday, 10am-1pm & 2pm-4pm

Newbank & Coverdale Community Grocer

Cornbrook House, 217 Stockport Road, Ardwick, M12 4DY

Thursday, 9.30am–12.30pm

The Wells Centre

101 North Road, Clayton, M11 4NE

Tuesday, 10am-12.30pm

Gorton Community Grocer

Gorton Community Centre,

543 Abbey Hey Lane, Gorton, M18 8PF

Friday, 9.30am–12pm

Aquarius Centre (appointment only)

21 Eden Close, Hulme, M15 6AX

Monday to Friday, 10.30am-2.30pm

How to make a claim

When you make your claim for Universal Credit, you will need

your rent charge and your landlord’s details. Any One Manchester

tenants can confirm these details by contacting the Income team.

After making your claim, it’s important to let us know so we can

update your account and discuss arrangements for any relevant


The One Money and Income teams can offer

appointments at lots of locations across the city.

Call 0330 355 1002 or email:

Income team (rent enquiries):

One Money team (money, debt and benefits advice):

*Subject to change

0330 355 1002 17



Manage your account online

Visit for a range of services designed

to make managing your tenancy online easier.

Register today to make the most of our

online services including making payments,

booking repairs and your account settings


Simply register your email address and create

a password. In order to create an account,

make sure you’ve got your National Insurance

Number and tenancy number handy. Your

tenancy number can be found on your rent

statement or by calling 0330 355 1002.

You can now

book repair





Make a payment

To make a payment, select the address

you would like to make a payment to,

enter the amount and click confirm.

You will then be directed to One

Manchester’s payment partner for

further details.

Don’t worry,

our payments

are secure

Book a repair

Click on ‘Book a repair’, give a reason

for the request and any other details.

Once you’ve submitted the information,

you’ll be given a selection of time slots

to choose from - it’s that easy! We’ll even

text you confirming your appointment.

Please note: You won’t be able to book

emergency appointments online.

You’ll need to call our Contact Centre.

Your account settings

Click on ‘My Account’ to view your recent

payments, your current balance and all the

latest news and events in your area.

You can also choose the topics you want us to contact

you about. Keeping your details up to date allows us to

send information that is relevant to you.


help & tips



Vist our website today for

more of our online services

Talk to us

Help finding

a home

0330 355 1002 19



Safe as houses

During the warmer months, keeping your property as safe and secure as possible

can sometimes take a back seat. Greater Manchester Police has some advice:

1 Don’t leave keys on view - letterboxes and cat-flaps can make them easy to reach.

2 Window locks that pull the window into the frame with a key are usually stronger.

3 Keep the door key with you or at the side of your bed.

4 Check your insurance policy to see the level of security required on your home.

5 If sat outside on a warm day, lock any doors or windows that are out of view.

6 Don’t rely on a dog to protect your house - having a pet should

not stop you investing in a burglar alarm.

7 Consider joining a Home Watch group.

8 Always close, but don’t lock, internal doors at night.

They hold fire at bay and give you valuable time

in the event of a fire.

9 Keep your keys close to make sure you’re

not delayed in an emergency, and

fit a smoke alarm to give an

early fire warning.

Good security

is designed to stop

burglars getting

in, not people

getting out.

Having repair work done?

So that our repairs operatives carry out their

work in a safe and secure environment,

we ask that you follow these requirements.

If you’re not at home for a pre-arranged

appointment, you may be charged a missed

appointment fee.

You must be in your home for your allocated

appointment slot.

Do not leave your home whilst the operative is there.

We will knock on your door or ring the doorbell so

please make sure you have no loud noises such as

music or TVs playing.

We will not enter your property if anyone under the age

of 16 is there alone or unsupervised.

Pets must be secured so that operatives can carry out

the work in safety.

Repairs could take several days so you must be

available for multiple appointments if necessary.

No smoking whilst the operative is at the property.

For gas-related work

• Make sure the appliance(s) and gas

meter can be reached easily

• If you have a card meter there needs

to be credit on it for the repair to be

carried out

• You will need the manufacturer’s

instructions for any of your own gas

appliances e.g. gas fire, cooker




Think before

you FLUsh!

If water doesn’t drain easily or pipes

are beginning to smell, you might

need to think about what you’re

flushing down them.

Cleaning drains and sewers is not a pleasant task,

and the cause of many blockages are often

familiar items that don’t belong down there.

The main culprits include:

• Wet wipes

• Cotton wool

• Nappies

• Cotton buds

• Sanitary towels

• Fat

Not only are these things bad for your property’s

pipe work, but they’re a massive problem for

the environment.

As these items don’t dissolve, they begin to

gather together in the sewer causing a backlog.

If this rubbish makes it through the sewer

network, then it’s our rivers and seas and all that

live in them that suffer.

By thinking about what your flush down the toilet

or pour down the sink, you will save on the cost

of repairs and be looking after the natural world.

For more information visit

and search ‘Flush’.

If you are thinking

of leaving us...

When you end your tenancy, there are a few

things to remember to make it as smooth and

stress-free as possible.

Give us four weeks’ notice

We must receive four weeks’ notice in writing. If we don’t receive this

notice, you may be charged four weeks’ rent after leaving.

Leave it empty and in good condition

When you return your keys, the property needs to be completely

empty of furniture. This includes curtains, carpets and any other floor

coverings you have fitted, unless agreed with us. The garden must be

clean and tidy, and the bins should be empty.

If you leave any items in the property you will be charged

for their removal.

Put it back to standard

We need to make sure properties meet a certain standard, so all

alterations must be put back to how they were when you moved in

e.g. internal doors with glass panels need to be removed. To avoid

additional costs, follow these guidelines:

• Return all keys to the matching locks

at the property.

• Any items left in the property should be

agreed with us during your notice period.

• Remove all furniture, belongings, fixtures

and fittings before leaving the property,

unless agreed with us.

• Remove all floor coverings such as vinyl,

carpets and laminate, including all carpet

grippers, underlay and any associated

trim, unless agreed with us before you


• Fridges left in the property are charged

individually for removal because of the

rules on disposing of them.

You can contact Manchester City Council to arrange removal of

unwanted furniture. This should be arranged at least 14 days before

you vacate the property. Alternatively, you could donate these to charity.

Make sure you do a final check

Please thoroughly check your home before you return the keys as we

will dispose of anything you leave.

If you do not leave your home in good condition you will be

charged the cost to put it right.

0330 355 1002 721


Get your business off the ground

If you’re looking to start your own business, we can help you to develop business skills to

realise your dream of becoming your own boss.

We run lots of different free workshops so you know what to

prepare for. Our recent workshop at The Place on Platt Lane in

Fallowfield focused on market stall and online trading.

Running for eight weeks, attendees picked up the knowledge

and skills to run their market business successfully. At the end of

the course, participants could apply for a grant of up to £500

to help their business idea move forward.

Gala Mohamed had recently started her own cake-making

business, and found out about the workshop by reading

Inspire Magazine:

“I found out about the retail workshop just by chance. I had

received the magazine through my letterbox, and I looked

through it and found this course. Before this I was really

struggling to find a direction to take my business in. I spoke

to Wayne (our enterprise adviser) and he directed me to this


“The business had really only started as a hobby. I was making

cakes for my kids’ parties and for family birthdays. I noticed that

there was a market for the cakes and so I decided to turn it into

a business.

“I wanted to find out about things like the legal requirements

for starting a business and the course was so useful. Before I

came here I had no idea where to go or what to do.

“The grant that I received at the end of the course was a huge

help to the business. It allowed me to buy the equipment I

needed and has really put me ahead of the competition.”

Helen Birch also attended the course and found it was a huge

help in her busy life:

“I have so many different projects on the go, and multitasking

means that I’ve never used a diary so much in my life. I have to

write a list of all my tasks. Having the time during the week to

come down to The Place allowed me to focus purely on my

business which was great.

“It was a very professional setting but still relaxed enough that

you could always ask any questions that you needed to. It gave

us loads of opportunities to consider different possibilities for

our business, and it was good fun.”

If you would like to find out

more about our business

workshops, phone Wayne on

0161 274 2150 or email



Another year of supporting

small businesses


At our first ever Catalyst Fund earlier in the year, 10 worthy

local businesses were awarded a total of £40,000 of funding

and we’re doing it again!

The success of the Catalyst Fund gave

business owners the chance to present

their ideas and convince the judging

panel that they would make a positive

difference to the community.

By coming to the next event you can

find out more about funding and

ask questions to members of One

Manchester’s business team.

This year’s Catalyst Fund

will be launched:

Tuesday 2 October, 4pm to 7pm

at Z-arts, 335 Stretford Road,

Hulme, M15 5ZA

If you run a business locally and

would like to apply for funding

from One Manchester, visit


Would you like to start your own retail business,

or have you already set-up?

Your business could follow in the footsteps of huge retailers like Marks

& Spencer, Tesco and Matalan, who all started life on a market stall.

We’re working with Prosper Associates to offer free training so you

can become a new market stall trader or trade online. There is also

a fantastic opportunity to access a small start-up grant too, based

on eligibility and completion of the whole programme. This training

workshop is for new retail businesses, or existing traders with no more

than 30 months in business.

What you will get

New Ad to be supplied by LC to go on this spread!

• Vital skills needed as a market or online retailer

• Real-life ideas and action points

• To learn the rules and regulations of running a business

• All equipment and materials provided

one youth one home one life one money

The training workshop will begin on

Monday 17 September at The Place at

Platt Lane, Fallowfield, M14 7FB



one future

Don’t miss out - book your place!

one venture

Call Wayne on 0161 274 2150 or email

0330 355 1002 23


Your quick guide to how well we did

April to June 2018

Below are the top 10 performance indicators selected as the most important by members

of our Scrutiny Panel, a group of customers and members of the wider community whose

role is to challenge us to be the best we can and to help us to continuously improve.


Amount of rent we have collected so far this year

This includes payments made for rents as well as arrears, which is

why the result can sometimes be higher than 100%


100.5% 101.20%

% of homes available to new tenants so far this year

A similar number of properties became vacant during this threemonth

period, which resulted in 110 new lettings compared with 118

the same time last year.

Average number of bids for each property

advertised on Manchester Move

Demand for our properties continues to increase and reflects the

need for more housing in the city.

Time to re-let properties once tenancy has ended

It took us a little longer to get our properties ready to relet during

this period due in part to the number of major works and internal

refurbishments that were needed.

0.98% 2.50% 1.03%

142 90 246

18.93 days 16.00 days 20.58 days

Calls answered within 20 seconds

A number of factors have led to slightly increased call times, as has

the replacement of several staff members.


80% 59.20%

Number of formal stage 1 complaints received

The number of complaints received matches the equivalent point

last year. Each case is taken seriously and used to help us improve

our services.



applicable 8

Emergency repairs completed within 24 hours

Steady improvements have been made, but results suggest targets are

not consistently being met. A review is underway to identify the specific

issues affecting 39 of 1,505 emergencies that reportedly missed target.

Repair appointments missed due to access

Too many repair appointments continue to be missed due to issues

gaining access to the property. However, this number continues to

fall as a result of various improvements to our processes.

Properties with a valid Gas Safety Certificate

Six of our 10,848 properties were without a valid Gas Safety

Certificate at the end of June due to access issues.

90.35% 100% 97.40%

14.33% 6.00% 9.20%

99.99% 100% 99.94%

Properties sold through Right to Buy or Acquire

We have sold a similar number of properties to the same point last

year and aim to build 1,000 new properties by 2020 - double the

original target.





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