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Summer/Fall 2018



The importance of art

education in an increasingly

tech world







532osuna road



532 refers to the school’s physical address - and the

sense of place felt by all who come here. The 532

staff welcomes you to our school magazine, published

for alumni, parents, students, friends, and the entire

Sandia Prep community. We hope you enjoy the


Our Mission: The joy of learning and living is at

the center of all we do. Sandia Preparatory School

provides remarkable opportunities for intellectual and

personal growth within a challenging and balanced

program. As an extension of our families, Sandia

Prep’s diverse community inspires students to find

their academic focus, talents and creativity.

Our Vision: At Sandia Prep, we will inspire our

students to discover their purposes in the world by:

• Developing essential skills and intellectual

potential through challenging academics;

• Cultivating a socially responsible environment of

innovation and creativity; and

• Engaging as a vibrant community for the

betterment of society.

Our Five A’s: To foster growth toward

human as well as academic excellence,

Sandia Prep seeks to create balance among

the Five A’s:

Academics • Arts • Athletics • Activities • Atmosphere

Sandia Prep’s logo represents our balanced philosophy

and program. Our Five A’s converge to form an

integrated whole with the student at the center,

reflecting the comprehensive, well-rounded education

that Sandia Prep students receive.



What Art Has Taught Me

The range and depth of our arts program

allow our students the opportunity to

participate in all grades and at all levels.

Through participation in a high-quality

arts curriculum, SPS students learn about

themselves while discovering the world

around them.

On the Cover

Prep junior Maria Merritt '20 works on the

final stages of her "Pop Art Portrait" of

Wonder Woman. For this large-scale project,

students stretch and prime their own canvas,

project a famous face onto the surface, and

then dramatically shift the portrait from a

photographic rendering to a stylized version

of the face. The artists then look at typical

color choices for "pop art" and practice

making vibrant, audacious, fully saturated color








Blast-off: New Website Launched


From the Head of School


Alumni Interview: Mandie Harms '04


From the Archives


Student Interview: James Martinek '19


Alumni Recaps


Faculty Interview: Waseem Touma


Smart Giving


What Art Has Taught Me


Athletic Wrap-Up


Noche de Celebración:

A Night of Innovation


SPS Briefs


Congratulations, Class of 2018!

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preparatory program for students in

grades 6 through 12.

Bill Sinfield - Head of School

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Susi Hochrein - Head of Middle School

Scott Jeffries - Dean of Students

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Jenny Davidson - Director of Information


Laura Fitzpatrick - Director of Admission

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Julie Cook

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Go Lions! Celebrating the Five A's of

Sandia Preparatory School. Academics,

Athletics, Arts, Activities, and Atmosphere.

The joy of learning and living is at the

center of all we do. Sandia Preparatory

School provides remarkable opportunities

for intellectual and personal growth

within a challenging and balanced

program. As an extension of our families, T

o provide remarkable opportunities

for personal growth, and to cultivate

each student's passions, talents,

creativity and intellectual development,

Sandia Our Five A's converge to form

an integrated whole, reflecting the

comprehensive, well-rounded education

that Sandia Prep students receive. 10

Things We Believe: Educating is not a

job; it is a calling. Education is about

the students. Their needs always come

first. The measure of our success is how

we treat our most challenged student

on his or her most challenging day.

Prep seeks to create balance among

the Five A's: Academics, Athletics,

Arts, Atmosphere, and Activities.


Sandia Preparatory School


sandiaprep On their first day of school, our newest

Sundevils will find out if they are a Lion or a Unicorn.

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Head of School

The original edition of this article was

published in 2011 when I was the

Headmaster of St. Croix Country Day

School. It was written after our Art

Building burned to the ground, and we

were beginning a campaign to rebuild a

better space. I believe, though, that the

content is relevant, so I have made some

revisions and offer it now to you.

Art for Our Sake

Do you recall the first piece of art that you ever created? I

remember mine. I was in Mrs. Boychuck’s kindergarten glass,

and we were making “tear-art.” I don’t know if that is what

it was really called, but it involved tearing pieces of different

colored construction paper and gluing them on a white

background, to make a picture. Most of the kids in my class

were making outdoor scenes of mountains and lakes and

trees. Not me! I made a picture of a bird – a robin redbreast,

to be exact. Admittedly, it was in the minimalist style, and

the bird was flying in a vast white-paper sky. But what made

my picture special was that it was three-dimensional. Yes, I

was way ahead of my time. I had folded a tab on the inside

part of the wing and glued that tab to the body of the bird,

so that the wing (a really beautiful wing) actually flapped.

Genius, right? My teacher was so impressed that she held my

picture up at the front of the class as example of kindergarten


I confess, “The Bird” was the apex of my success as a visual

artist. However, my enthusiasm for attending art class never

diminished. The fact is that the products of my efforts in class

were not nearly as important as the process I learned and

exercised in creating those products.

It is an unfortunate truth that the place of art instruction as

an essential core program in our schools has often been

called into question. This is also true of music, theater, and

athletics. It was especially true during the better part of the

last century, when the function of education was to prepare

young people to find their place in an industrial economy,

that art instruction was viewed as “nice, but not necessary.”

Fortunately, over the past several decades, there has been

a growing body of enlightened research that suggests that

instruction in the arts is an essential part of a healthy school


In his bestselling book, A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink

argues that the schools must give greater attention to

developing the creative, intuitive, conceptual skills of

students in order to prepare them for a new global economy.

Pink contends that while the left-brain aptitudes that

involve logical, linear, and algorithmic thinking continue

to be necessary, they are no longer sufficient. Instead, the

aptitudes characteristic of the right-brain – artistry, empathy,

inventiveness, big-picture thinking – are now the ones that

matter most. A major premise that Pink used to support

his argument is that those left-brain competencies, those

analytical proficiencies, are now being automated and

outsourced, and that our North American economy will

reward those who create, rather than those who memorize.

I’d like to suggest two other imperatives for teaching the arts

in our schools. The first is that when students are engaged

in the study of the arts and the process of creating, they are

at greater liberty to take risks and make mistakes. This is an

essential part of learning. The arts, and I include the visual

arts, theater, and music, are an essential component in a

curriculum that develops in children the confidence to fail.

Finally, exposing children to the creative process, whether this

means enlightening them with the works of the Renaissance

Masters or giving them the chance to make a bird out of torn

pieces of construction paper, is an indispensable component

of any school curriculum that aims to develop mature critical

and creative thinking skills.

Support of the arts programs in schools is vital to the task of

preparing our children for the 21st century.

- Bill Sinfield, Head of School

532Summer/Fall 2018 4


Lift off

Our new website is here.

We've launched our new website for prospective families and are

excited to introduce you to our new look! After much research and

tinkering, our Marketing and Communications team has designed an

online source for prospective families to learn about all of the fantastic

opportunities found at Prep.

5 532Summer/Fall 2018



Arts at Sandia Prep give students an

arena to explore outside textbooks.


Art class is

always a place

of expression

and teachers


students to

explore new



1. Students perform dance routines from

their musical during Grandparents' Day in

the West Gym in 2008.

2. New Mexican photographer Laura

Gilpin captured images of the original

Sandia School in the 1930s, including this

one of students in a dance exercise.


3. In the '90s, Rose Pecos-SunRhodes

'74 and her mother gave art classes using

clay from their pueblo, Jemez, to make

pots. They then came to campus to show

students the traditional way to fire pots.


4. In 2014, Fatima Quraishi '14 poses

with her art project which is currently on

display in the 700 building.

5. Spending time on the lawn has always

been popular so several concerts were

held in the Quad in the late '70s, like this

one, in 1978.

- Susan Walton '72

Archives & Activities Coordinator





2 18



Sandia Prep's 2018 Alumni Weekend festivities were

a success with hundreds of Prep community members

joining us for two days of activities.

A special thank you to Andrea Kennedy '01 for taking photos

of the event-packed weekend.

7 532Summer/Fall 2018



We broke records during

our Noche de Celebración

gala + Shots & Headshots

alumni reception.

With a record number of

alumni in attendance, the live

auction raised nearly twice as

much money as any previous


532Summer/Fall 2018 8



Cast and crew of Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo (Big Top Version) in Mexico City.


Graduated from Prep 2004 • Attended Oklahoma City University

Studied Finance and Marketing • Lion or Unicorn? Unicorn


Where are you working, and what is your job title?

I currently work for Cirque du Soleil as a Stage Manager for

the touring production of Corteo.

What are your responsibilities in your position and what

projects are you working on?

As a stage manager, I facilitate the daily functions of our

show. I schedule and run daily trainings and rehearsals for

the artists, I work with other technical departments to ensure

all equipment is working correctly and safely, and I run

deck tracks or call the show from front of house each night

depending on our needs for the day.

What are some of the challenges you face in your work?

The most interesting part of my work is the diversity in our

team. We are a traveling family of over 100 people, each

with a different specialty and each from a different corner

of the world. We work in many languages and approach

situations from a wide variety of perspectives. It doesn’t take

much to stir up confusion, but with concentrated intention,

a little patience, and a lot of respect for one another we

create an awe-inspiring experience for thousands of people

every night.

Where have you worked in the past?

Since starting with Cirque du Soleil in 2011, I have worked

on Viva ELVIS (a show about the life and music of Elvis

Presley), KA (one of the most technologically advanced

theatrical shows in the world), Criss Angel’s BeLIEve and

Mindfreak LIVE, Luzia (a big top production inspired by the

culture and beauty of Mexico), and Corteo (the touching

story of a clown’s funeral) in both the big top and arena

versions. I spent seven months in Dubai, UAE creating

La Perle, a contemporary circus style production to rival

the technology and glamour of Las Vegas with Dragone

(the creator and producer of La Reve in Las Vegas and

Lido in Paris). I have also worked with productions such as

Mannheim Steamroller Christmas and many Albuquerque

theater companies.

What would you tell people who want to pursue a career

in your field of study?

Take advantage of being a student. Find an internship for

every school break (my Senior Experience led to my first

paid gig nearly five years later), and try something outside

your realm of expertise or comfort. The first step to being

pretty good at something is being pretty bad at that thing,

and internships are the best way to try on new skills and

careers. People are always willing to answer questions and

give a little more of their time to students and interns. Take

advantage of that, reach out, learn everything you can, and

then send a handwritten thank you note.

Is it important to have art in school?

Even if a student doesn’t pursue a career in arts, it is

important to expose him or her to art in school. Learning art

forms in an academic setting supports an appreciation of

art encountered in life. Practicing art offers self-expression,

a way to better understand yourself and an opportunity to

approach new and different life stories. Like science, math,

history and language, art allows us to be well-rounded

citizens and more empathetic human beings.


How did your experience at Prep influence who you are

today (personally or professionally)?

Because Prep supports student-led exploration, I was able

to build the skills necessary to create my career path. I

learned how to recognize my own interests, how to develop

and pursue them, and how to find the mentors and support I

need to achieve my goals. I was taught the fundamentals of

independent learning and self-structured success while my

own drive and ambitions were bolstered by the Prep culture.

Did specific teachers, classes, or programs at Prep

influence your career path?

As one can clearly imagine, my career path was influenced

by Tim McNamara and Louis Giannini (back before he taught

full-time at Prep) as they both showed me aspects of the

theater industry beyond performing on stage. Technical

specialties, stage management, and production operations

are very rarely touched in high school programs, but Prep

has done an excellent job reaching beyond the standard and

pushing students to explore any niche that sparks interest.


What are your passions?

My passions are theater, circus arts, youth outreach, and

travel. Conveniently, I have turned these passions into my

career, making every day fulfilling.

What hobbies do you enjoy doing when you’re not


I enjoy reading, needlework, and drawing. Living on tour

makes many of my hobbies unrealistic, but a book, a cross

stich project, and a sketchpad with pencils travel easily in my


• • • • •

532Summer/Fall 2018 10




11 532Summer/Fall 2018

James with his uncle after Prep's

win over Hatch Valley during the

2018 State Soccer Tournament.


Graduates in 2019 • Years at Sandia Prep Six

Interests Theater, Science • Lion or Unicorn? Unicorn


How would you describe yourself as a student?

Consistent, relaxed, aware, participatory, and interested.

Why did you decide to pursue the theater arts while at

Sandia Prep?

Theater, I had known, was a perfect way to express oneself

as something they are not and have fun with it. That was

mostly what drew me to theater.

Have any specific teachers, classes, or programs at Prep

influenced you?

Mr. Kelly, Mr. Polansky, and Mrs. James, because of their

incredible teaching styles, have taught me more to the

beauty of learning and wisdom than just the grades that

come out of it.

What do you plan to study in college? Why?

I would like to study something in the field of biochemisty or

molecular biology. Either that or computers. I love both of

those areas.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

In five years, I will be somewhere completely different

than where I imagine myself in five years. That is part of

the excitement for me – the anticipation of the ways I will

change and grow during my time in college, and what new

paths that will open for me in life.

What would your dream job be? Why?

As of now, my dream job would be bioengineering safe,

reliable, and most important HARMLESS fuels for our world.

Do you have a favorite Prep memory (so far)?

One outstanding memory I have was the thrill and relief of

guessing my unknown bacteria culture correctly on my last

attempt in Mr. Polansky’s Bio 2 class.

Is it important to have art (performing and visual) in

school? If so, why?

Without a doubt! Art is yet another piece that helps shape

the puzzle of someone’s being. Without art, we are merely

books, strewn with information and no way to interpret it

or think of it in a different manner. Art is an outlet for the

human soul, an outlet of self-expression and creativity.

How has art shaped who are you today?

Art, unfortunately, is not seen as a necessary part of an

individual nearly as much as it should be. Fortunately, Prep

realizes this, making some sort of art mandatory freshman

year. For me, this has widened my horizons beyond a

classroom school setting and into the vast world of art – for

me, music.

With college quickly approaching, how has Sandia Prep

prepared you for life after college?

Papers. Oh my god, papers. I know papers will be a constant

task in college and the continuous writing requirements at

Prep have given me a good taste of how that will be.


Which colleges are you considering right now?

I am considering Oberlin, Kenyon, Dickinson, Johns Hopkins,

Vanderbilt, and UNM.

James's "normal state" while waiting to see

The Nutcracker at Popejoy Theater, an annual

tradition for his family.


What hobbies do you enjoy when you have free time?

Gaming, tennis, soccer, singing, fiddling around on the

piano, reading a GOOD book, and spending time with

friends and family.

What are your passions?

Camping, sports, learning, winning a game of poker, and


• • • • •

532Summer/Fall 2018 12




13 532Summer/Fall 2018

Mr. Touma works on the pottery

wheel with his son, Ocean.


Prep Position Visual Arts Dept Chair • Years at Prep Six

Education Kansas City Art Institute - Ceramics;

University of Kentucky - Ceramics/Sculpture

Lion or Unicorn? Unicorn


What are some of the day-to-day challenges you face as

a teacher?

Teaching a subject that involves learning characteristics of

a new material, such as clay, can be very challenging for

students. I strive to help them when it gets frustrating, and

praise them when they are invested in what they do and

proud of what they make. Our students at Prep face some

challenging moments throughout the year, so even though

my projects can be difficult at times, I want to make sure

they are enjoying themselves in their creative exploration.

This is my day-to-day challenge. Keeping them confident,

positive, and engaged in what they are making, while they

work with a material than can be somewhat unpredictable,

but incredibly rewarding at the same time.

Was there a particular event that, or person who,

sparked your interest in your chosen career path?

I always enjoyed art in high school, but never really took

it seriously. It was what I was drawn to probably because I

didn’t really like any other subject. (Funny because now I’m

a teacher encouraging students to do their best at every

subject or challenge they encounter.) We did not have

ceramics at my high school, so when I went to college, one

of our first ceramic projects was to go to the local river and

dig out clay from the riverbed. It was hard and cumbersome,

and I remember thinking ‘what am I doing?’ Once we

dried it, cleaned it, and rehydrated it, I made a vessel on

the wheel using that clay I dug from the riverbed, and was

hooked ever since!

them, fix them, and move on to something better is a life

lesson they receive in the art room.

If you could enroll at Sandia Prep, what classes would

you take?

Well, besides all the art classes, like painting and drawing,

and photography, I would love to take one of Brian

Tregembo’s English classes because he likes Banksy which

means he has good taste, learn about American History

with Stacy Moses because she knows everything about it.

Biology with Polansky (call me crazy), and math with Pat

Kelly because I heard he is a good juggler. I would do a P.E./

baseball class with Paul Huitt because he is one of the best

coaches in the state, improve my soccer skills with Tommy

Smith as we both have a connection to the Queen, and learn

to dance with Louie and Courtney Giannini. Honestly, I have

so much respect and admiration for all my colleagues, and

know they are highly skilled, experienced, and passionate

about what they do. I could learn something from each and

every one of them. Another reason why I love being part of

Prep - the people I get to work with inspire me to be the

best person I can be.

What’s something you taught Sandia Prep students that

you would like them to hold onto when they move on

into upper school, college, and beyond?

Perseverance is the one thing I would like my students to

take with them on their future endeavors, and I think they do

that already at Prep. The experience of challenge, struggle,

and accomplishment, whether it be in the art room or any

other aspect of their lives, is a true life lesson.

Why is it important to have art in schools?

There are so many important factors to our growth as human

beings that can be found in the art room on a daily basis.

Obviously creativity and artistic expression is fundamental

to the way we comprehend and share our thoughts, ideas,

and feelings to the world. Art programs also teach fine

motor skills like playing an instrument, holding a paint brush,

sculpting clay (of course), building stage sets, and framing

and matting photographs to name just a few. We watch

students' self confidence grow, and help them persevere

through long, complicated projects. Of course critical

thinking and individual decision making is an integral part of

any art program. Students learn the importance of focusing

on the little details, and how those details can show you so

much more to the things we see all the time. It is wonderful

to see collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and ideas

in the art room, and finally, art in schools teaches students

about accountability. They are personally responsible for

the contribution and effort they put into whatever they do.

Mistakes and failures are a part of life, but learning to accept


Are you an Albuquerque native? If not, where are you

from originally?

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, and came over to

the U.S on a student exchange program in college. I loved

it so much that I decided to stay here and make the most of

the opportunities I was given.

Have we forgotten to ask you about anything? What else

would you like people to know?

I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my story with

you, and thankful to the Sandia Prep community for giving

me a chance to share what I love to do in this world. I know

from experience that life has an amazing way of sending us

on paths with obstacles and encounters we would have not

expected, so my mantra for the world and myself is - ‘Keep

making stuff, and work hard at what you love to do!’

• • • • •


Photo by Treyjan Felipe '17

15 532Summer/Fall 2018

Photo by Frankie Aragon '18


What ART

has taught me

No education is complete that does

not appeal to the heart and soul.

Sandia Prep's comprehensive arts

program is designed to encourage each

student to explore and develop his or

her own artistic interests and abilities.

532Summer/Fall 2018 16

The range and depth of our arts

program allows our students the

opportunity to participate in all

grades and at all levels. Through

participation in a high-quality GIVING arts

curriculum, SPS students learn

about themselves while discovering

the world around them.

We asked our students

and teachers:

What has art taught you?


Jazz Band



Ceramics & Sculpture




Graphic Design

Digital Film


Tech Theater

Dance Company

""Respect for education."

- Nick Coyte, Class of 2019

"That mess ups can be the best

thing ever!"

- Emma Jensen, Class of 2024

"Theater arts and dance have taught

me that to be successful in life you need

to know the importance of teamwork,

discipline, and dedication."

- Mr. Louis Giannini, Performing Arts Teacher


Ciera Gonzales '20


"Art has taught me to have a singular focus where

everything else falls away and I am fully present with

my work."

- Ms. Mary Nakigan, Visual Arts Teacher

" Art is a way to see people's feelings, and it

allows us to express ourselves with something

other than words."

- Savannah Ortiz, Class of 2021

"It has taught me more about myself than

anything else."

- Juliana Tourville, Class of 2019


"Art has taught me that the need to

express moments of beauty, pain, joy,

sorrow, horror--the gamut of sensations

--is universal and cannot be repressed."

- Ms. Lynn McColl, Visual Arts Teacher

532Summer/Fall 2018 18


of innovation

Last spring, more than 400 guests gathered at Hotel Albuquerque for Sandia Prep’s

most important fundraiser of the year – Noche de Celebración. The gala included an

alumni reception, silent and live auctions, student demonstrations in engineering, and

dancing. The event raised $160,120 to support innovation in our academic program.



Shots and Headshots Sponsor

Bobak Khodaie ’04 and

Michael Eaton ‘11



Presenting Sponsor

Goodrich Roofing

Innovator Sponsors

BBVA Compass

POMS & Associates

Cambro Construction, Inc.

Sandia Office Supply

Printing Sponsor

Captiva Group

Wine Sponsor

Billy’s Long Bar

Live Auction Sponsor

All World Travel

Silent Auction Sponsor

Grosjean Insurance Agency, Inc.

Imagineer Sponsor

Insight Lighting

Wine + Spirits Pull Sponsor

Merrill Lynch The Stevens Group

Uber Sponsor

Bill & Brenda Sinfield

Innovation Studio Sponsor

NM Gas Company

Noche de Celebración Co-Chairs

April Camilli Marker ‘93

Brenda Sinfield

Noche Planning Committee

Julie Cook

Melissa Besante Dineen ‘97

April Camilli Marker ‘93

Tim Hebenstreit ‘09

Sara Mannal

Karl Nelson ‘09

Brenda Sinfield

Noche Auction Acquisition Committee

Faith Begay-Holtrop

Melissa Besante Dineen ‘97

April Camilli Marker ‘93

Julie Cook

Susan Epstein

DeAnna Hanosh

Jennifer Hubbard

Sara Mannal

Lynne Mauney

Nicky Ovitt

Vicky Rojo

Cristie Sandoval ‘90

Brenda Sinfield

Young Alumni Committee

Lauren Amagai ‘08

Maddie Barker ‘09

Melissa Besante Dineen ’97

Kyle Cowan ‘07

Michael Eaton ‘11

Tim Hebenstreit ‘09

Ansel Lane ‘11

Matt Loehman ‘03

Mary Michael ‘12

Karl Nelson ‘09

Jenny Pitchford ‘01

Brandon Saylor ‘03

Jackie Snow ‘03

Special Thanks

Allen Arsenault

Ashley Dzogola

Alexis Magana-Jaggli

Melissa Stroud

532Summer/Fall 2018 20


Tennis Courts Expansion & Remodel

Sandia Prep has announced the planned renovation its 17-year-old tennis facility

that will include resurfacing four existing courts, building two new courts, a

bathroom facility, water fountains, and a walkway for spectators.

A campaign is underway to raise $250,000 in cash

and in-kind donations to renovate Prep's tennis


Naming opportunities are available for the facility,

tennis courts, and walkway. Additional gift levels

and donor recognition options are available, and

some naming opportunities may be pledged and

paid over five years.

To pledge your support or find out more about

the project, contact Director of Development Julie

Cook at 505.338.3022 or



500 youth campers attend

SummerPrep, a day camp for

kids ages 4 - 17

70 middle school and high

school students participate in

the Sandia Prep competitive

tennis program

Host site for boys and girls

regular season and district

tennis matches

Community tennis clinics and

tournaments upon request

21 532Summer/Fall 2018

Generous Donor Makes

Theater Renovation Possible

Sandia Prep’s nearly 30-year-old theater is

undergoing a significant facelift this fall thanks to a

generous donation from the Frank and Dolores Hines

Endowment Fund.

Albuquerque philanthropist Dee Hines has contributed $105,000

to make some significant upgrades to Sandia Prep's 330-seat

theater. The renovation will include new seats, carpet, a new

lighting and sound board and room, and a fresh coat of paint on

the theater walls.

“As a former teacher, I have had a lifelong love of education, and

this project is a perfect way for me to combine that passion with

my lifelong love of the theater,” explained Dee. “I also wanted to

make a gift during my lifetime so I can watch students enjoy the

benefits from the remodeled theater.”

The project is expected to be completed in October 2018.

10th Anniversary

sandia prep




September 28


Sandia Golf Club at

Sandia Resort & Casino

To purchase a hole

sponsorship, call


Thank you, Sponsors

Ms. Dee Hines

April Camilli Marker ’93

Our sound and light booth

renovations are already underway.

532Summer/Fall 2018 22


Athletic highlights

from our Sundevils

during the 2017 -

2018 season.

'17 Fall Sports


• Finished 22-2

• District 5-4A Regular Season and

District Champions

• 4A New Mexico State Champions

• Ranked #12 Nationally by National

Association of Private Schools

• Cat Kelly '18 named Gatorade New

Mexico Volleyball Player of the Year,

MaxPreps All-American, National

Association of Private Schools All-

American, and Metro Volleyball

Player of the Year 4A/5A

Boys Cross Country

• Finished 2nd in District 5-4A

• 8th in State 4A

• Epherem Zerai '19 named

District Individual Champion

Girls Soccer

• Finished 16-7

• New Mexico State Champions

• District 5-4A Runner-up

• Skyler Gee '20 Player of the Year


Boys Soccer

• Finished 12-8-3

• District 5-4A Champions

• State Runner-up

Middle School Boys Soccer

• Runner-up for the APIAL


'17 - '18 Winter Sports

Girls Basketball

• Finished 7-20

• 4th place in District 5-4A

Middle School Girls Basketball

• 4th place in District 5-4A

Boys Basketball

• Finished 13-15

• 2nd place in District 5-4A

'18 Spring Sports


• Finished 9-15

• 4th place in District

• Skylar Nicholson '18 set the career

homerun mark at 9


• Finished 8-18

• 4th place in District

Girls Tennis

• Finished 4-4

• District Runner-Up

• Finished 7th in A-4A State


Boys Tennis

• Finished 1-8

Boys Track

• Epherem Zerai '19 - 3rd place in

1600 & 3200 meter run

• Josh Bennett '21 - 6th place in long


• Levi Shije '18 - 4th place in 1600

meter run, 5th place in 3200 meter


• Anthony Onsae '19 - 5th place in

800 meter run

Girls Track

• 2nd Place District 4-5A

• 3rd place 4A track meet

• 1600 meter Medley Relay State


• 1600 meter Relay State Champions

• Sevilla Duran '20 - 100 & 300 meter

hurdles State Champion

• Maria Merritt '20 - 3rd place 300

meter hurdles

• Jayne Clifton Fife '19 - 6th place

triple jump

• Sydney Pyles '20 - 2nd place pole


• Sevilla Duran '20 - 3rd place 200

meter dash

Girls Middle School Track

• APIAL Track Champions

23 532Summer/Fall 2018


Sandia Prep is named an

early leader in Harvard's

Making Caring Common

Project. The campaign

is committed to helping

"raise children who are

caring, responsible to

their communities, and

committed to justice."

Long-time Prep science

teacher Mr. Ernie

Polansky was recognized

as a top educator

in Albuquerque the

Magazine's "Above

and Beyond Teacher


A once-in-a-lifetime

experience for many

Sandia Prep community

members: Harrison "Jack"

Schmitt, a retired NASA

astronaut and one of only

12 people to have walked

on the moon, spoke at

Prep about his incredible

experience as a member of

the Apollo 17 mission.

The school worked with

local artist Jade Leyva

to create a school-wide

community seed mural.

The collaborative art piece

is now proudly displayed

in the 700 building.

The Digital Media &

Communications Department

introduced "Access Prep," a

broadcasting class reporting

on the latest happenings

around campus.

One of five 2017 National

Youth Poets, Camila

Sanmiguel, presented

her writing and shared an

activity to help students

develop their poetic voice.

Students welcomed a

delegation from Central

and South America who

are researching how New

Mexico promotes access

to better education and

development opportunities

to Native Americans

and the African diaspora


Our Students Relations

Group (SRG) "adopted"

families through

CLNKids and fulfilled

those families' wish lists

for the holidays.

Middle school girls took

part in "Introduce a Girl

to Engineering Day"

featuring guest speakers

and structural engineering


The newest Odyssey

Scholars were announced

at an all-school assembly

(l-r Alexandra Baldwin

'20, Evan Custer '20, and

Isabella Bizzell '20).

532Summer/Fall 2018 24

25 532Summer/Fall 2018



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