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February 2018 FORUM

February 2018

February 2018 The American Society of São Paulo Honoring the Givers by Marlene Rubeiz, AmSoc Member Each year, select members of the American Society meet behind closed doors, as part of a special committee. Their purpose is to choose one member of our community who has gone far and beyond, unselfishly contributing time and effort for the good of the entire São Paulo community. We then present this person with the Eric Poliak Award for Community Service. Established in 1984 to honor the memory of Eric Poliak, past president and leader of the community, this award is the highest honor given by our organization for an American in São Paulo. There are many who dedicate themselves to our organization, the charities which we support, and the general the FORUM monthly newsletter community-in-need around us here in Brazil. But there is usually one person that stands out among the rest. We start the award process by asking the general membership to nominate a person whom they feel has been outstanding in the community. We typically have around six to eight nominations. A committee composed of past winners of the award, as well as other leaders of AmSoc, meet to examine these nominations. This is not an easy task! The decision is kept in strict secrecy until the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which will be held on Thursday, April 12 th this year. During continued on page 5 SAVE THE DATE Feb 03 Youth Sports Registration Feb 04 Super Bowl Party Mar 14 Happy Hour Mar 17 St. Patrick's Day Party Apr 12 Annual General Meeting May 04 Annual Gala Every Gift Counts! by Amy Brammer, CAC Chairperson Thank you all for your generous donations of milk during December and January! Also, thank you for the wonderful towels donated at the AmSoc Holiday Party. Four of our organizations took home some muchneeded and appreciated gifts of milk and towels in December. The next big event for the Community Action Committee is Children’s Field Day! It will be held on April 14 th at the US Consulate. We invite 150 children from our charity organizations and have a day of swimming, sports/games, crafts, and food! However, we need your help in creating this wonderful day. We need sponsors for the children at R$40/ child, and volunteers to help with the day! Watch your e-mail and AmSoc’s Facebook for sponsorship information! § Richard Wegman (right) receiving the Eric Poliak Award at the 2017 Annual General Meeting Cover image: Ponte Estaiada Courtesy of: Ike D. Leo

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