TW32C03 - Trooper, Australian Light Horse, Beersheba 1917 instruction booklet


Instruction manual from the Tommy's War cavalry range demonstrating how to build this 1/32 resin model kit into a reproduction of an Australian Light Horseman charging during the assault on the town of Beersheba during the Middle Eastern campaign of World War One.

1914-1918 in miniature

Instruction Manual


Trooper, Australian

Light Horse

1914-1918 in miniature


1914-1918 in miniature

A brief introduction to the

Trooper, Australian Light Horse

The Australian Light Horse are a Mounted Infantry regiment formed

in the 19th Century. Troops from the regiment first saw action in the

Boer War where the vast terrain suited the role of mounted


By the outbreak of World War One there were 23 Light Horse

regiments within Australia’s part-time military with 9,000 personnel.

Organised along cavalry lines consisted of 25 officers and 400 men

divided into three squadrons (A, B and C) plus two maxim guns.

During the Gallipoli campaign the ALH served as infantry, famously

at the Battle of the Nek.

Following the allied withdrawal from the Gallipoli peninsular, the 1st,

2nd and 3rd Brigades were reunited with their horses in Egypt and

placed with the New Zealand Mounted Rifle Brigade to form the

Anzac Mounted Division. In 1917 the Brigade was part of a larger

formation under the leadership of Lieutenant General Harry Chauvel

which included British Yeomanry Divisions and the Imperial Camel

Corps under the title Desert Mounted Corps.

On 31st October 1917 as part of the Third Battle of Gaza the British

forces took the town of Beersheba, a strategic consideration due to

its water supply so important to the Desert Mounted Corps, after a

day of fighting the 4th Light Horse Brigade charged the final Turkish

defenders, as Mounted Infantry they were not issued swords, but had

prepared their bayonets. 31 men were killed, 36 wounded and over

70 horses killed, but the town was taken. The battle led to the retreat

of the Ottoman army and on the 7th November Gaza was taken.

This figure depicts a Trooper of the ALH in full charge, with his

bayonet at the ready.


1914-1918 in miniature

Set Up

Before you begin

You will need a few tools, I recommend a scalpel with new

blade, small tweezers, glue (I used super glue) and a glue

applicator. The parts are very small so I wore optivisors for

fixing the parts and I cut the photo etch on a glass board (as

traditional cutting mats tend to bend with the part meaning

that the etch can bend with the cut).


1914-1918 in miniature

Step 1 - Prepare the horse


Once I have fixed the two parts of the horse together I have

drilled into both rear legs using a small pin vice (ensuring that

I did not drill too far and come through the leg). Once this is

complete I have inserted two small pieces of wire. These will

be inserted into the scenic base to give the horse and rider

more stability. 5

1914-1918 in miniature

Step 2 - Fitting the bridle & reins

In 1914 the British army were using a mix of equipment. The

saddle was in the main the 1912 universal pattern saddle. The

bridle and bit were part of the 1902 pattern equipment.

This additional part is shown in the small photo-etch fret

provided with your kit.

I trimmed the two parts

from the sprue with a scalpel

with a new blade. The two

parts were cleaned-up and

placed ready.


1914-1918 in miniature

Step 2.1 - Fitting the bridle & reins

I did trim the part to allow a better fit, see the images of

the actual horse , you can see how the individual parts fit

together - see page 8, fig 1 & 2. 7

1914-1918 in miniature

Step 2.1 - Fitting the bridle & reins

Fig 1

Fig 2


1914-1918 in miniature

Step 2.2 - Fitting the bridle & reins

There are several ways to make the reins, you can use paper

cut to size. I prefer to use Tamiya tape as it forms in to shape

quite easily. Cut on a glass chopping board with a sharp knife

and place in to shape. The string (included in this kit) creates

the tether. 9

1914-1918 in miniature

Step 3 - Fix the equipment

The following images show how the equipment is fixed to

the horse and rider.

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